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BFP Stories

Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives


Intrauterine insemination, the infertility treatment in which sperm are placed directly in the uterus at the time of ovulation, is certainly one way to get your BFP. If you're undergoing (or considering) IUI, then this is the page for you!

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2nd Try - Clomid 100mg + IUI + Acupuncture

I am so happy to share my BFP story here after stalking the site for a long time! I was diagnosed with PCOS shortly after going off the pill in early June 2012 and was immediately referred to an RE since your options with PCOS tend to be either getting back on birth control or taking Clomid to get pregnant. After months of testing I started my first cycle in October, but it was only 50mg of Clomid and my follies never got bigger than 13mm. My second round started off with 50mg, then a step up to 100mg when it was determined I wasn't responding enough and finally an IUI (no trigger shot). It was a Friday when I got my IUI and I worked from home that day and went for acupuncture afterwards. I'm so glad I bought a 50 pack of Wondfo's since last month I spent so much $ on stupid tests during my first TTC cycle, all BFN's. I started testing this month at 7dpo and saw my first faint line on 8dpo, although I don't know how long it took to appear so it wasn't until 9dpo with a darker line that appeared in the first 3 minutes that I knew it was a real line. I continued with the Wondfo's 10 and 11 dpo (today) and got a clear positive on a FRER this morning! I'm cautiously optimistic right now since it's still really early, but the good news is I now know that I can get pregnant! Here are my symptoms by DPO: 1-2: Nothing 3: Extreme fatigue (although this probably wasn't a preg symptom) 4-5: Nothing of note 6: Stuffy nose and vivid dreams 7: Stuffy nose getting worse, vivid dreams, BFN on Wondfo 8: Stuffy nose bad, vivid dreams and faint BFP on Wondfo that may have appeared after 10 mins 9: Stuffy nose, vivid dreams, light cramping on right side and faint BFP on Wondfo that appeared in 3 minutes 10: Stuffy nose, vivid dreams, light cramping on right side and clear BFP on Wondfo that appeared in 3 minutes 11: Stuffy nose (will this ever go away??), vivid dreams, light cramping on right side and clear BFP on wondfo that appeared at 1.5 minutes and clear BFP on FRER that appeared almost instantly Looking back, I must have implanted on 6DPO and that's also when my symptoms started. A note about Wondfo's that might be helpful to others: It takes about 2-3 minutes for the test line to appear and it has gotten darker every day for me using FMU. The FRER is pretty dark considering I'm only 11DPO and showed up quicker than the Wondfo line did. So I'm assuming if I had tested with a FRER on 8DPO I would have gotten at least a faint BFP.
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Six Years!!

My husband has non-obstructive azoospermia. We were pretty much told out options were to adopt or use a donor. So we opted for a donor. Last year I did one IUI non-medicated in April, bfn. Then in May I did another IUI, but this time I had received the hcg trigger shot. I tested out my shot and got a very faint positive. Turned out to be a chemical. We took a break and looked heavily into adoption because my last IUI was a terrible experience and then a chemical on top of it. In August of this year we had planned to start trying again, but with a new doctor. Went through a whole bunch of tests, everything was normal on my end and we were told that they wanted to do non-medicated back to back IUIs. I felt like I was losing my mind with all my symptoms. CD16- Positive Wondfo OPK- Negative digital, but I called the doctor anyways because if I didn't have the digital I would have called. CD17- Positive Wondfo OPK- First IUI @ 9 am. Didn't know the number of sperm. Cramps (FF says I Oed) CD18- Positive Wondfo OPK- Second IUI @ 9 am and the sperm was 15 million. Cramps ( says I Oed) 1 dpiui - Cramping, but has this energy type feeling in my uterus. Backache, gassy and my breasts started to swell up a bit. 2 dpiui- Cramps, tired, runny nose, thirsty and breasts were the same as yesterday, gassy, creamy cm. 3 dpiui- Cramps, bloating pretty badly, runny nose, gassy, creamy cm, full breasts and I got a very intense dizzy spell. I also was having trouble staying away and everything thought it was from thanksgiving dinner. 4 dpiui- Bloated, full breasts, tired, cranky, runny nose, gassy, and pinching on my right side, creamy cm. 5 dpiui- Bloated, breasts much fuller today, runny nose, creamy cm, gassy. 6 dpiui- Runny nose, creamy cm, gassy, metallic taste in my mouth and poking near my belly button. 7 dpiui- BFN, gassy, breasts still full and the sides were starting to hurt, bloated, metallic taste with nausea, tired and cramping on both sides. 8 dpiui- BFN, gassy, tired, crying fits, cramping, bloated, headache and some nausea. 9 dpiui- BFN, crampy, twinges, huge temp dip, I kept feeling like a gurgling in my uterus (I only ever got it during af), foggy, bloated, tired and I have a headache. 10 dpiui- BFP!! Temp shot up a whole degree from 97.5 to 98.5! Felt like af was coming, super tired, full breasts and gurgling again. 11 dpiui- Blood test was positive with a 51! I stopped recording my symptoms out of excitement. 14 dpiui- Blood test again with a 280.4!

BFP - First IUI Cycle

While I am obese, I don't have PCOS and I do not have infertility issues. I'm a lesbian with a female spouse. So I don't have a story of having to try for months or years, of which my heart goes out to women who struggle with getting pregnant. I'm 33 and a half years old and my wife is 24. I get to go first because I'm older. :) So, we went in to see the fertility specialist on October 1, 2012 and we started our testing cycle right away. My next menstrual cycle started October 29th, and that is when we started the official cycle. Our fertility specialist did two IUIs in a row on Nov 12 & 13. Day 1-3pIUI: Light cramping Day 4-9pIUI: Burping, a lot (unusual for me). Egg-ish CM. Day 11pIUI: Had a gallstone attack late in the middle of the night. Not much I could do but ride it out. Day 12pIUI: Discovered Crinone build-up for the first time. Freaked right out until I read on the internet that its normal. There was a spot of blood as well in my CM. Seemed like late implantation if that's what it was, but I'll go with it. Back pain. Day 13pIUI: Nothing unusual except really watery CM. Day 14pIUI: BFN with First Response. Expecting AF today. Cramping like she's coming. Back pain. Day 15pIUI: No AF. BFN (First Response) still. Still have major cramps like I'm in the middle of AF. Back pain. Day 16pIUI: Still no AF. Very FAINT BFP with CVS store brand HPT. Got excited, but wife was at a wedding at that moment so I may have emailed a photo of it to about 4 people asking to help me confirm the line. Called Doc. Took my blood. Beta: 15.7. That's low. But still. YAY!! Day 17pIUI: BFP on CVS HPT still, although still faint line. Cramps still, like AF is here in full force but no bleeding. Wife is back from wedding. Slept all day. Back pain. Day 18pIUI: AF-like cramps are gone today. Just tired. Slept most of the day. Took a First Response test again, faint line. Took a target brand HTP. Not pregnant according to that one. Heh. Okay. Day 19pIUI: Beta 41. Progesterone extremely low. Doubling up on Crinone now. Light cramping in left side of uterus. Back pain. A lot more CM than usual the entire two weeks before. Seems to be helping me get rid of the Crinone build-up and I'm okay with that. Took another Target test just for fun. Finally registering as pregnant. Day 20pIUI: Light Cramping persists, more concentrated on the left side of uterus. Nothing to write home about though. Extremely tired. Back pain. More CM. So, the pregnancy is progressing, but the numbers of hCG and progesterone are low. Don't know what's going to happen but I have a third Beta test tomorrow to make sure its doubling. Should be around 90-100 tomorrow. Wife and I are cautiously excited. Can't believe it took on the first IUI, although since my grandmother had 22 children and I was the product of a first-timer, I guess I can. The only symptom I am not having that most women seem to have is tender breasts.
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Third Try is A Charm! Clomid + IUI

I honestly thought this day would never come! My husband and I have been actively TTC since June. My periods were all over the place and I knew something was wrong. I went to see a fertility specialist and she gave me a list of all tests. All of my bloodwork and husbands SA came back perfect. It was just my periods were out of whack. She diagnosed me with a possible PCOS and started me on Clomid 50mg days 5-9 with IUI. First and second IUI did not take. Third try everything went perfect! Husbands SA was perfect and I had two follies measuring 19 and 20mm the day before the I had a good feeling. Two weeks later I can finally say that I am pregnant! I had less symptoms this month than I had with any other month! It will happen for all of you! Just be patient, stay relaxed and pray! CD 16: IUI 1-2DPO: Cramps from the IUI 3-7DPO: Nothing really. Light backaches. 8 & 9DPO: faint BFP on internet cheapie. Cramping & some nausea. BB's pain. 10DPO: Moody and nausea again. BFP on Early Response FMU. BB's pain. 11DPO: stomach twinges, nauseous.... BFP on Digital- PREGNANT! BB's are sore. I go to the doctor on Thursday 15DPO for bloodwork. Hoping for a sticky bean!!! Good luck to all you ladies TTC! Stay relaxed and baby dust to you all!

BFP 14DPO w/ IUI #2-Finally!

Wow.... cannot believe I am finally getting to post here. It's 6:00am and I just got my BFP and you guys are the first to know (tried to wake DH but he is dead asleep--ugh!). Anyway, I am 30, DH is 31, both healthy, married Sept 2011, NTNP Oct-Dec 2011, seriously TTC#! since Jan 2012. After no luck and not one BFP, we started seeing a fertility specialist in early Sept, had a bunch of tests, and were diagnosed w/ "unexplained infertility." The plan was to do 3 cycles of Clomid w/ Ovidrel trigger shot and IUI, and then move on to IVF. IUI #1 in Oct--DH had a flukey low sperm count that cycle for some unknown reason and it ended in a BFN. In Nov we did IUI #2, sperm counts were normal, I had 3-4 great looking follicles, but still was not expecting this to work....and it did! Took Clomid CD 3-7 Nov 15th-Triggered with Ovidrel. BD'ed that night. Nov 17th-IUI w/ 12.8 million sperm 1-6dpiui-No symptoms, feel pretty normal 7dpiui-10dpiui-Breasts start to become tender, but this is completely normal for me. Have a dream that I got a BFP. Never dreamed that before. 11dpiui-start to feel very bloated and gassy, like there was gas throughout my whole intestinal system, abdomen kind of tender to the touch, "heavy" feeling is lower abdomen, constipated. Trying not to read into it, but this is unusual for me. Scant creamy CM. 12dpiui-tired and slightly irritable, still bloated/constipated, have dinner with my mother and we are both convinced AF is right around the corner. But I have no cramps and no spotting (AF due the next day and I typically have some spotting the day before). Scant creamy CM. 13dpiui-AF due today. Wake up with same bloated feeling as past few days, no cramps, no sign of AF all day (and Im checking a lot!). CM still just scant and creamy. I am starting to get slightly excited. Tell myself if no sign of AF next morning, I will test w/ FMU. 14dpiui (today)-Wake up a little before 5am felling some gas pains. Can't decide if they're AF kind of cramps yet....and nothing compared to when I got AF last month. Have to go to the bathroom, but scared to test. Finally get up and grab my box of FRER's and head to the bathroom. POAS and scared to look. but I do, and the line came up immediately, become stronger after a few minutes. OMG. Took an EPT digital a little while later, and it was also positive. Go in for my beta later this morning! SO excited, can't even believe this finally happened. Its been a looong 13 months, and this website has really been amazing support system. Praying for a healthy sticky bean! Good Luck to all of you!!! [IMG][/IMG]

BFP After Trying For 18 Months

Me: 30 Husband: 31 We have been trying since June 2011 and diagnosed with unexplained infertility. We got pregnant in Nov. 2011 but miscarried at 6 weeks :( We started going to the reproductive endocrinologist in May 2012 after 12 very frustrating months. The doctor ran many tests and everything came back normal. By the end of July, we were still not pregnant, so we decided to start Clomid in August. We started on 50 mg on days 5-9 and did blood work and ultrasounds around my ovulation. We also did a sperm wash and IUI to increase our chances. My blood work never showed a LH surge, so I had to self administer the ovidrel shot to trigger ovulation. In September, the doctor increased the dosage to 100 mg to give me more of a chance to produce more eggs. My lining was thinner, but I had 3 great eggs and my husband's count was strong...ovidrel again with IUI. In October, we stayed on 100 mg of Clomid and repeated the same routine of BW, US, ovidrel, and IUI. We had gotten so tired of all the medications and doctor appointments, so we decided to stop all meds in November. I got my period on October 24, and got a second period on Nov. 4. The doctors couldn't figure out if it was another cycle or just random, so we kept trying on our own! This morning, I tested because I had 14 days of high temperatures.... and BFP!!!!! We're overjoyed and we just hope that our story provides some hope to those who find themselves losing faith. It will happen!! Symptoms: DPO 10-13 Headache and very tired DPO 14 BFP!!!!!

BFP with Donor IUI

Wanted to share my BFP with all the women out there TTC with Donor IUI to give all of you hope. My partner and I have been TTC since July, but we've been together 14 years. We did two unsuccessful home ICI and two IUI at RE office, All natural, no meds. used OPK. I'm 33, no known fertility issues, female partner is 38. Here is my course: CD 12: Negative LH at 5am but + at 9am. ( but I tested again because it seems my surge is later during morning, despite RE instructions of testing once daily in am, I believe my previous IUI was done too late) CD13: IUI at 830am. 13 million with 100% motility (from xytex) 1-6DPO: Nothing 7DPO: lower back/pelvis pain at night, restless sleep. 8DPO: scant brown discharge, slight uterine cramping 9DPO: discharge stopped. 7-11DPO: restless sleep, increased urination 11DPO-12DPO: sore (.)(.), feels like I pulled a muscle. 12DPO: BFP at 430pm!!!!! biggest clue for me, was implantation bleeding 8DPO and the fact that I did not spot before af. AF due 11/25 and I usually spot 3-4 days prior to AF each cycle. So it can happen! LOTS OF PRAYERS EVERYDAY! Good Luck to all of you. Sticky prayers.....

Pregnant w/ Twins! :)

I found this fantastic site at the start of my two week wait and actually read every single passage listed on here during my own TWW. I am thrilled to share my story, in hopes it will help some of you... History/Background: My husband and I got married in our 30's in 2008, so we decided to try for a family right away as we both were ready. My journey has been long and difficult over the past 4 years of TTC. Through it all, several months were cancelled due to cysts on my ovaries... -- 2009 Clomid for 5 Cycles -- 2009 HSG Test -- 2010 IUIs - 3 Failed Cycles -- 2010 Surgery: Laparoscopy to Confirm & Remove Endometriosis -- 2011 Surgery: Hysteroscopy to Remove Uterine Polyps -- 2011 Several Genetic Tests Completed -- 2012 HSG Test -- 2012 Cysts - 4 Cancelled Cycles, then put on BCP -- 2012 Surgery: Hysteroscopy to Remove Uterine Polyps Details for Month/Cycle: My last cycle started on 10/22 and we began our injections a few days later. [Follistim & Menopur] On 10/31 I was ready for my IUI and had 4 follicles at full size. My hubby had a count of over 75M w/ a 90% Mobility after the "washing". TWW: I was keeping a log of my injections and meds, so I tracked my symptoms during my two weeks. 1dpIUI: Cramps, laid down all day w/ my legs elevated, my abdomen felt "very full" 2dpIUI: Cramps, laid down most of the day, very gassy and bloated, still had the "full feeling" 3dpIUI: Back to normal routine, still bloated and full, started Crinone 8% Gel Daily 4dpIUI: Still bloated, a few cramps off and on, very teary/emotional, also constipated [literally little turd-lets for the rest of the week] 5dpIUI: Still bloated, a few more cramps off and on, constipated, had a more to eat today - very hungry, tender breasts/nipples 6dpIUI: Same as day 5 7dpIUI: More Bloated, cramps, and seriously constipated 8dpIUI: Vivid dream - got a BFP, started urinating in the middle of the night, tender breasts/nipples, sensitive to smells today 9dpIUI: Up to urinate at night, a few cramps, very gassy and bloated [like 4mths pregnant], also a few spots on pantie liner that were light red [implantation] 10dpIUI: Up to urinate at night, painfully bloated and gassy [tried prune juice and suppository for relief], tender nipples only 11dpIUI: Very vivid dream - pregnant w/ belly!, areolas look larger today, slight relief to constipation and bloating 12dpIUI: Up to urinate at night, a few cramps, and tired in the afternoon at work 13dpIUI: Up to urinate at night, a few cramps, some slight brown spotting today [Took a $Tree Test, Very Faint Positive] 14dpIUI: Up to urinate at night, a few cramps, some slight brown spotting - BETA TEST DAY Results: 1st Beta on 11/14 - 291.9 & Progesterone >40 2nd Beta on 11/16 - 656.3 & Progesterone >40 3rd Beta on 11/21 - 7248.0 & Progesterone >40 Ultrasound at 5wks - Confirms TWINS! Things I did differently this time than in past cycles: 1. Acupuncture for Fertility - I highly recommend, worth the money! [Weekly] 2. Also took some Yoga classes and listened to the Spa Station on Pandora to stay relaxed. 3. Gave up coffee ENTIRELY - this is a biggie for me as I am a VIP Starbucks card holder. :) 4. Joined the Fertile Friends at my clinic, it matched me with someone at the same stage of treatment - THIS WAS HUGE. Very helpful to have someone to talk to and text after apts, freak outs over my injections etc! 5. Asked the hubby to come with me to all Apts/Tests. This was a great support and we both felt apart of each step. 6. Took Fish Oil and Baby Aspirin with my PreNatal Vitamin - - Daily. 7. Made sure I had 62oz of Water Daily 8. Tried to get 8-10 hours of sleep Daily 9. Requested the same nurse for each visit - this was a comfort and she knew every detail. If it's possible, it is worth the extra wait. 10. Rubbed my belly and spoke to it as if I was pregnant - keeping a positive outlook and mindset can be so hard but really critical! Ladies - I really never thought this day would come, and while I must admit I am still a little anxious to get to that 12wk mark....we are just over the moon EXCITED!! I am beginning to feel like we received an "extra" gift after waiting so long. I welcome the big belly and morning sickness with open arms!!! Your day will come, just believe it in your heart...

BFP With IUI at Home, 3rd Try!

Like many others, I swore that once I got my BFP I would post on this site since reading all these amazing stories helped me through the hard times. Background: I'm 28 and my partner, Megan, is 27. We have been TTC for 3 months using frozen donor sperm. This was my 4th month on clomid. The first cycle was to see how it affected my temps and symptoms (sort of a test run). 2nd cycle we used 2 vials (at 18hrs after +opk and again 12 hours later) and inseminated into the vagina (many people refer to this as ICI but technically it isn't correct to call it that since it isn't inserted into the cervix) - BFN. 3rd cycle we decided to do IUI at home. My partner is a nurse and she felt comfortable doing the procedure and we wanted to increase our chances as much as possible. We triggered and did IUI 36 hours later. Just to make sure nobody reads this and tries this at home - make SURE you do your research on the procedure at home-- you have to use washed sperm, inseminate in a sterile field, have sterile materials, etc. It just made sense for us to do it this way financially since insurance doesn't cover fertility. We tested out the trigger and at 9dpo our line was almost completely gone. Then at 10dpo it got darker, 11dpo about the same, 12dpo slightly lighter. So we went to the doctor for a Beta which came back at a 4. My OBGYN informed us that we had had a chemical pregnancy. We were DEVASTATED! We decided to try ONE MORE TIME and then take a break! Not only for financial reasons (it's super expensive for us each try) but also because we needed an emotional break. 4th cycle: The IUI didn't go as smoothly as it did in the 3rd cycle. Our trigger did not arrive on time because of Hurricane Sandy so we based our IUI off of +opk. I knew I Od at least 36 hours after +opk so we timed it for 38 hours after. The catheter did not go in as smoothly as before and my OS was not as open as it was in the 3rd cycle so we were scared we had missed the window. We agreed not to talk about it and just let go and let God. We knew that if it didn't work this time, there was a reason that God didn't want us to be pregnant and we had to just accept that. We also decided we weren't going to test until 12dpo so we wouldn't have to experience the awful feeling of a chemical pregnancy again. We didn't make it though - we tested at 10dpo and the darkest line we've seen showed up within 1 minute. We couldn't believe it! A REAL BFP!!! We didn't get our hopes up though and wanted to make sure we kept testing and kept seeing it get darker before we really could "believe" it. Well 11dpo was darker and at 13dpo we did a digital and it said PREGNANT! We are in shock! We are so excited and feel so blessed. For those who have tried IUI a few times to no avail, DON'T GIVE UP! We are proof it can work! Symptoms: 1dpo - cramping from IUI 2-4dpo - extremely tired but I don't think this was related 5-6dpo - nothing out of the ordinary 7dpo - a sharp pain in the top of my leg near my groin (similar to round ligament pain) like nothing I had experienced. Think this might have been implantation. Migraine before bed. This also happened in cycle 3 so I was hoping it was related! 8-10dpo - pressure in lower abdomen, increased as the day progressed. Felt like something was in there. face broke out - doesn't happen often. 11-13dpo - pressure subsided some but still there. got a bit nauseated morning of 12dpo 13dpo - EXTREME sore throat came out of nowhere!! 14dpo - throat still sore, probably going to the doctor! Still in shock! I don't know when I'll actually stop worrying that I'll miscarry. Hopefully it will sink in sometime over the next few weeks! Going in for an ultrasound in 2 weeks so maybe hearing that will make it "real"! Hang in there ladies! Your time will come!

BFP After 2 Years, Just Found Out it is Twins

I promised myself if I ever got a BFP I’d post our story. I’ve read numerous posts on this site and they always gave me a feeling of hope. So here’s our story with as many details as I can remember. Me: 32 years old and diagnosis of anovulation and endometriosis. DH: 38 years old and diagnosis of low sperm count (which is now in the normal range after med changes and surgery) He is Type 1 diabetic and has a host of other medical issues including thyroid issues. All diagnosed in his 30s. Our Story: We’ve been married for 8 years. We were told that conceiving might be difficult since DH had so many medical things come up – and this was before I even knew I had anything wrong. I wasn’t sure if I really wanted kids so we went about living our lives enjoying every moment. Decided to go off the pill to give body a break and see what happens…. 4 years pass by and figure that it isn’t meant to be. Then I got to thinking one day (shortly before I was to leave for a ladies night of fun) that I was probably late. Take a 2 year old test on a whim and sure enough – a BFP!!! I couldn’t believe it, had to buy more tests to be sure. All natural little miracle – and we never expected it! After a very rough pregnancy with preeclampsia and early induction we have a healthy 2 year old 7 month little boy who is the joy of our lives. Right away, after his arrival I knew I wanted more, so we started down our journey for baby #2. We knew it might take a while and we tried for 6 months with no results – was charting and realized after some labs I wasn’t consistently ovulating. Sent husband in for sperm analysis and learned his sperm was really low - less than 3 million. Doctors made some changes with his meds and counts increased and I started Clomid. After 3 months, got a BFP but it ended in miscarriage at 6 weeks. Keep moving forward and completed another 5 months of Clomid and nothing then 1 month of Femera and then we were told to move to IUI. Did 4 IUIs with Folistim 100mg and it worked on our 4th try. Interestingly, we were ready to move to IVF and I was in progress of getting everything lined up. Because of the wait we figured we’d fit in one more IUI. I wasn’t expecting anything – I was so used to disappointments and kind of had it in my head IVF would be our ticket. I had spent quite a bit of time conversing with God over this “journey” and finally told him, “I know this won’t happen until you feel it’s the right time.” I shared our plan with him and asked again for his blessing. 1 more IUI and then IVF and then we’ll be at peace with what happens. Went in for my IUI. So – things I did different for the month of our BFP – exercised like crazy – I do this anyway but was training to run the Tough Mudder with my sister. I was trying like crazy to get rid of the 15lbs I’ve gained from all of this. I honestly made no positive changes (drank more, slept less, pushed myself more physically, ate worse, crazy stress at work, lots of chaos) except for the fact that started some supplements I read about on a natural fertility site my mom sent me. I was coming down with a terrible cold anyway – so I figured some extra vitamins might help. I started these about a week prior to ovulation and here’s what I took: Folic acid 400mcg, Zinc 30mg, Selenium 100mcg, Fish oil 1000mg, Vitamin B6 up to 50mg, Vitamin B12 up to 50mcg, Vitamin E 200mg, Vitamin C 1000mg, Manganese 5mg. I was taking a prenatal vitamin anyway as well as Fish Oil but the others were new. Here’s the interesting thing. I normally had 1-2 follicles each cycle on Folistim but when I went in I had 5 follicles that were developing strong. I was so surprised! In order to not cancel the cycle they triggered me a day early to bring the number of viable follicles down to 3. I’ve know my body so well after all of this I always know I’m not pregnant at least a week before I get my period. I have extremely rough cycles and terrible PMS symptoms that typically start about 7 dpo. I’m usually lining up the next month of treatment well in advance because I just know no luck and I feel miserable until I get my period. So here’s what was different this month: Day of IUI: Super crampy – much worse than other cycles. Figured it was because I had that extra egg. I prayed I’d feel better in the morning and went to bed early. Day 1 post IUI: Woke up feeling good Day 2 post IUI: No symptoms that were unusual (sore boobs and tired but that was normal) Day 3 post IUI: No symptoms that were unusual (sore boobs and tired but that was normal) Day 4 post IUI: No symptoms that were unusual (sore boobs and tired but that was normal) Day 5 post IUI: Super nauseous more than usual (something I always get with my PMS), and very crampy – just like PMS cramps but at least 4 days earlier than they always kick in. I thought maybe my body was off since they triggered me early but felt miserable most of the day.