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BFP Stories

Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives


Intrauterine insemination, the infertility treatment in which sperm are placed directly in the uterus at the time of ovulation, is certainly one way to get your BFP. If you're undergoing (or considering) IUI, then this is the page for you!

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BFP with 2nd IUI! TTC 30 Months!

Hi Ladies,
DH and I have been TTC for 30 months. We did the first IUI with 50MG of Clomid and Ovidrel trigger. It didn’t work. We did our 2nd IUI with 50mg Clomid and Ovidrel tirgger and it worked!!! For some reason I decided to take a test in the middle of the afternoon 11DPIUI and I got a very faint positive. Took a test the next morning and it was much darker! We're so excited and still shocked! I haven't had any real symptoms except for bloating and gassiness, which is all normal in the 2WW. Don't give up hope, it will happen for you!

BFP Second IUI + Clomid Cycle... TTC 20 Months!!!

Hi Ladies!
This website helped me keep hope during our long journey to becoming pregnant so I wanted to share my story. Here's a little background: I ovulate regularly and had no signs of infertility as I have always had regular cycles. My husband's semen analysis was above average in all categories except morphology, and that was 5% (krueger) with 4% being normal, which I would call borderline normal. Our RE wasn't concerned.

I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's hypothyroidism in early January following my cycle day 3 bloodwork at the one-year ttc mark. My tsh was 10.6 but when rechecked 2 weeks later at the endocrinologist's office, it was 3.7. I started Synthroid in late January and am now on 88 mcg (started at 37.5). I hoped fixing my thyroid would fix our infertility, but by late June, we still hadn't conceived so we saw a fertility specialist. He was adamant that my thyroid wasn't the problem because I was ovulating every month, even with a TSH of 10.6. My TSH is now on the low end around .5, but my endocrinologist is happy with that and prefers women ttc to be under 1. My Free T4 and Free T3 are perfect in the upper third of their ranges (for those of you with thyroid issues!)

I took 100 mg of Clomid days 5-9 and on day 12, I had 4 follies (3 on left 20, 22, and 24 and a 17 on right). I was nervous about so many but the doctor assured me that my chance of high order multiples was 1 in 1000 and with one failed IUI under our belt, we moved forward. Last month on the same Clomid dose, I had 2 follies. This month we decided to add the HCG trigger shot (10,000iu). We did that on day 13 at 7:30 am and then did the IUI on day 14 at 11:30) so about 28 hours post trigger.

At 12 dpo, I decided to test because we had an IVF consult scheduled for the following day. I saw the faintest of faintest lines, but was concerned it might still be the trigger even though it should have been out of my system by then. By 13 dpo, the second line was a lot darker but still light. I went in for a beta and my level came back at 30. The nurse said I should be optimistic but with a little caution. They like to see that number at 50 or higher, but I did come in one day sooner than most of their patients. Well, by 15 dpo, it tripled to 90! I had my final beta yesterday and it came in at 946! On a side note, the doctor is pretty sure there is only one in there since the numbers started off lower. I have my first ultrasound on 9/25, one day before my birthday!

As for the symptoms, I really didn't have many. There has been so many months that I thought I was pregnant based on symptoms that I stopped overanalyzing! I did have breast tenderness from ovulation on but this is not the first time that has happened. They are still tender now. I also usually get a warning migraine that my period is coming and I didn't get that this month.

I feel so blessed and thankful. For those of you who have been trying for a while, keep the faith and know that when you do finally reach this point, it will be so worth the wait :) Best of luck to all of you and keep sharing your stories!!

BFP with Donor IUI

I finally got my BFP and thought I would share! Here is a little background; Me and DH decided to start trying to start a family just shy of our 1 year wedding anniversary. The first 6 months we tried the whole "not trying" route. Didn't work. So I started using OPKs for another 6 months. Still didn't work. I made an appointment with my OB/GYN at 15 months of trying unsuccessfully. I was sure something was wrong with me. All of my labs and ultrasound came back normal. Then came the results of DH's SA...only 2 sperm in there!!!! After consulting with an RE, we decided to use a donor rather than spend thousands of dollars on IVF/TESE/ICSI. This was my second cycle doing an IUI and I took Clomid. Here are the symptoms....

Clomid CD 5-9
Positive OPK on CD 16
IUI 22.5 hours after positive OPK

1-3 DPO - Nothing
4-5 DPO - Thick abundant white CM and was really um...horny lol
6 DPO - Nothing
7-Now DPO - Burp after everything; eating, drinking, sleeping, breathing...
7 DPO - Brief cramping (Implantation maybe?)
8-Now DPO - More burping, getting tired earlier and earlier every night
13-Now DPO - Nips are super sore and hard
14 DPO - Weak blood positive 4 mIu
16 DPO - BFP on HPT

My pregnancy symptoms are pretty much Burping, Fatigue and Sore Nips. Due to my low hCg, we aren't so sure this will be a viable pregnancy, but we are getting somewhere!

2nd IUI and First BFP!!!!!!!

I am still in shock this actually worked! I am 32 and DH is 33. We've been trying for a year and a half and have unexplained infertility. We ran through all of the tests and everything looked good but still no positives. I have a very regular cycle and everything is good with DH. This was our second round of IUI with Clomid, gonal f and trigger.

My symptoms this time were exactly the same as our unsuccessful round!! The prometrium (I started the day after iui) produced all of the same side effects as actual pregnancy including bigger breasts and sore nips, lower back pain, gas, and slight cramping. I had absolutely no idea that I would get a BFP. I waited until the blood test 16 DPO and the doctor said it came out at a 443 which is strong. I ran home to take HPT and it was instantly positive!!!

Good Luck to you all and I hope this gives you hope like all of the past posts have for me :)

BFP with Clomid, IUI, Progesterone Suppositories and Male Factor - 7 Cycles TTC

I can't believe I finally get to share my BFP story. This website has been a huge source of support for me over the past 6 months while TTC, so I pray that my story gives someone else hope.

Me: 28 - irregular cycles, short luteal phase, blood clotting factor, small uterine fibroid, low AMH (1.2)
DH: 29 - high count and great motility but poor morphology

Our story: Me and DH started TTC at the end of February. I went off BCP after 10 years in October when my doctor discovered I had a blood clotting factor (high beta2glycoprotein and high anti-cardiolipin) which was found due to blood work completely unrelated to TTC. When I went off the pill my periods were CRAZY. They ranged from 19-26 days, and based on OPK's and temping I had a luteal phase that ranged from 4-9 days only! I was also a chronic spotter (anywhere from 2-5 days pre AF). The first few months DH and I tried naturally but I knew something was wrong, so my doctor did blood work bc of my crazy cycles and I am so glad she did bc they found low progesterone (could not confirm I was ovulating) and also low AMH for my age. My doctor said bc of the AMH we should be aggressive with treatment and she started me on Clomid right away. DH also got tested at this time and found that he had super sperm (count and motility) but morphology was low - only 6% normal strict kruger. At first the nurse thought this might not be an issue since his count was so high, but said we should try 3-4 IUI's only and then move on to IVF after that due to my low AMH, and because if it hasn't worked by then it probably wasn't going to work. First round of just Clomid failed, so the second round was Clomid + trigger+ IUI. I was feeling really optimistic that this would work, but a week after the IUI my doctor called me to tell me that the strict kruger test for the IUI sample came back and it was worse than last time - this time only 3% normal. He told me without hesitation that he didn't think IUI was going to work for us, despite DH's high count, and that we should move directly to IVF, or at least start consultations. That cycle did fail, so, we started consulting with different clinics and were all set to go have a complete work up done at CCRM while we waited to find out if our second Clomid + trigger + IUI worked. DH and I had both been doing acupuncture during this time and DH was on some high level anti-oxidants (seemed to help a bit) and my nurse also added progesterone supplements for this cycle because of my short luteal phase. This cycle was perfectly timed and I just had a good feeling about it - 2 follicles over 20 at time of trigger, DH's morphology was a little better than last time, and I started progesterone from 2DPIUI. Well, it did the trick!! I really think the progesterone was our saving grace because previous cycles I would start spotting usually 6DPO, which is just not enough time. I tested on CD13 and had a strong light that showed up almost right away. DH and I are so ecstatic and can't believe this is happening to us just a month after our doctor called to say IVF was our only hope. I had so many doubts thinking something was terribly wrong with me or DH and that maybe this would never happen for us, and just when I feel we had almost hit rock bottom we get our very first BFP! Stay positive ladies, even though it is SO hard!! As far as my symptoms, it's really hard to say bc this was my first month on progesterone suppositories so I really don't know what is from the pregnancy and what is from the progesterone. Starting about 3DPO I had mild cramping on and off, I generally felt warm this month almost like I was running a low grade fever, and felt more tired than usual. I had a tiny bit of brown spotting on 9DPO, but the day before I had a transvaginal ultrasound at an IVF consultation, so I don't know if maybe that's what caused the spotting. Have had no other spotting since which was a huge clue, but again, thought it was bc of the progesterone and did no necessarily mean I was pregnant. I also had crazy vivid dreams almost every night in the TWW, including a dream the night before I tested that I took an HPT and it was positive. Anyway, I am so excited and just waiting to get my beta results and start my Lovenox for the blood clotting tomorrow. Praying for a sticky bean and a healthy nine months, and praying for all you ladies out there waiting for your BFP!

No Symptoms

I was so sure this didn't work!!! We have 2% morphology. We have had a lot of various procedures since 2004. I was shocked when they said the beta was 50.9 at 12DPO. The progesterone is a little low 13.9 and we have been on supplements 3x daily since IUI.

I didn't have any symptoms that were any different that any other cycle, actually had less. I still don't have any since getting positive beta. So just because you don't have symptoms, doesn't mean a thing!!! Stay positive and sending loads of baby dust and sticky vibes!!

BFP on 5th IUI with DS

I want to thank every person who has posted their successes on this site. You helped me get through the insanity-producing 2WW, and helped me feel less alone. Plus I learned a lot! With so much happiness (and a lot of worry still), it's my lucky turn now to share my story with all of you. Quick intro: I'm 35 (almost 36) and have no previous pregnancies. This was my fifth IUI using donor sperm, but my first cycle using meds (Clomid on days 4-8 and Ovidrel trigger shot).
CD8-10: Mild Clomid side effects. Bloating, sore ovaries, nausea. Our 17 year old cat died, which was so sad and I wondered if my emotions about her would interfere with conception. OPT negative CD10.
CD11: Clearblue Easy digital (smiley face) OPT was positive. Surprising b/c I usually do not surge before day 14. When I pulled the disposable part out of the reusable part of the kit, the second line actually did not look equal to the first to me, but it's digital so I figured I was wrong.
CD12: Scheduled for IUI but I was worried because I did another OPT this morning and it was negative. Usually I detect the surge 2 days in a row. I felt crazy but decided to tell them my concerns at the dr.'s office before they started thawing the DS. Dr. agreed to test blood for LH surge and do IUI later in the day if I was surging. Thank goodness I brought it up because lo and behold, I was NOT surging yet; Clearblue OPT was false positive!
CD13: More blood work and ultrasound - 2 good follicles, both on the left, but I can't remember the size. Blood work showed LH surge was coming; Dr. had me take the ovidrel shot.
CD14: LH surge in the morning. IUI. Very tired and bloated, with some cramps and nausea.
1-3 dpiui: Depressed, horribly bloated, constipated, pain in abdomen that actually made me cry a little, mostly because I didn't know when it would end. I always bloat after O but this is something new, I'm assuming from the Clomid. It felt like a loaf of bread was rising in my gut (but not in a cute "bun in the oven" kind of way at all, more like an "I'm going to explode" kind of way).
4-5dpiui: Mildly bloated. Light cramps in what feels like ovaries. Breasts a little tender. Scant CM. All typical for me at this stage of the cycle except for the ovaries, which I think was due to the Clomid.
6dpiui: Added veiny breasts to symptoms (again typical at this stage for me) and - though I knew it was probably in my head - I thought my areolas looked bigger.
7dpiui: Noticed an absence of one of my biggest PMS indicators - a UTI sort of discomfort when I pee that I get every month, for at least a week before my period, without fail. This is one of the only things I was feeling (not feeling) throughout this cycle that's quite different from a normal cycle. I'm still not sure whether this was because of pregnancy or Clomid. Light cramps. Multiple BMs today which usually means my period is coming. Feel hopeless. Vivid, fantastical dreams, including one in which I took a positive HPT that conveniently also tested the sex of the baby: a boy. :) Was sad to wake up and realize it wasn't true.
8 dpiui: Sore breasts, some UTI feelings but very mild for me, nauseous, anxious. Significant amount of pinkish CM. Passing mild cramps.
9dpiui: Sore veiny breasts, loose stool, very PMS-esque cramps that went down my legs, munchies. Low energy/irritable. All typical.
10 dpui: Similar symptoms continue. Became so obsessed with symptoms that I had to take a HPT so either way I could try to get my mind off it. Clearblue Easy Digital said "not pregnant." Glass of wine.
11 dpiui: Decided to do OPT because I think I read somewhere that it would also turn positive if pregnant (? which I don't really understand). Also a BFN. Cont full/tender breasts, cramps getting stronger with more downward pressure, near-convincing me that my period was around the corner. Somehow the cramps seemed a little different than usual - like a little more like things were widening or something rather than contracting - but figured it was in my head. I craved mustard.
12 dpiui: Expected period today, along with diarrhea which is the hallmark of my period. But instead I felt constipated. I was wondering but I still thought the Clomid may have changed my cycle. Nips a little tingly/itchy. Period-like cramps mixed with different cramps and slight UTI feelings; I felt almost no hope. But no period by the end of the day ...
13 dpiui: Woke at 5:30 AM to pee (early for me, I usually sleep through until 7 without having to pee) and OMG Clearblue digital says "pregnant"!!! This is the purest feeling of elation that I have had in a very, very long time. Also feels too good to be true.

BFP with PCOS on Femara

As with everyone here, I've been stalking this site for the past 12 months! Finally am able to post my own story!
A little background info, DH and I started TTC July 2011, when I was 27 and he was 29, and after 3 months of no period (and all BFNs), I went to the doctor and was diagnosed with PCOS. I started on Clomid and went to see an RE. After several cycles of Clomid (where I ovulated, had 3 BFPs that turned out to be chemicals), we switched to Femara, and as far as I'm concerned, it's a miracle drug! This was my second cycle on it! I was also on metformin 1500mg, PNV, baby aspirin and lovenox daily (because of the recurrent chemicals) and crinone twice daily, and this was my first cycle doing acupuncture as well. I also switched from skim milk to whole milk, and stopped charting once ovulation was confirmed to try and not focus on it so much (not that that worked, but at least I tried! lol).

I o'd on cd 14 (which NEVER happened on Clomid-always cd 19 or later) and we bd on cd 12, had IUI on cd 14 and bd again cd 15.

As far as my symptoms I really didn't have much, starting about 12dpo I had sore boobs, which is totally normal for me. I didn't test at all until the morning I was going in for my blood test (14dpo), and I took a Clearblue digital, full expecting it to say "not pregnant", I left to go make the bed and came back and it said pregnant! I couldn't believe it and just managed to catch DH before he left for work to show it! We're still in shock! My hcg on 14 dpo was 146, three days later it was 679, and a week later it was 15,152! Today I had an u/s at 6w3d and we saw a teensy tiny little heartbeat!

About 2 days after I got my bfp I started having to pee all the time (esp at night), have had some cramping, and some serious constipation (which is unusual for me). I've also been completely exhausted. About a week ago my sore boobs just disappeared, which had really freaked me out, but apparently all's good anyways.

Praying that this baby sticks!!! I'm terrified that something will happen, but seeing the heartbeat today was really reassuring. Baby dust to everyone and try to keep up hope, I know how hard it is, these past 12 months I simply couldn't imagine ever getting this bfp and here it is!

BFP on First Round of Injectables (With Only One Mature Follicle!)

I will start my post like everyone else: I have been lurking for months and have never posted on a board in my life, but I swore I would when I got a BFP! All of the stories on this website were invaluable in this frustrating and scary infertility process. I finally got my official BFP at 13 DPO, in my fourth IUI cycle (the first IUI using injectables). Before getting into my BFP cycle, here’s a little history—it was so helpful reading about similar cases when I was constantly googling around for “people like me” who had succeeded. I am 33, as is DH. I am healthy and in good shape. I have always had irregular cycles, definitely not true PCOS according to all indicators, but somewhere on the PCOS/hypothalamic amenorrhea spectrum (likely caused by the 30 miles a week I was running!) I went off BCP in May 2011. I didn’t get my period until July 2011 (65-day cycle). I then started acupuncture once a week. In August 2011, we didn’t start trying, but we weren’t preventing; unfortunately, we totally missed the next time I ovulated in late August (a 56-day cycle). We then started getting more serious with OPK’s, etc. in October so that we didn’t miss another one of my rare ovulations (I highly recommend Clear Blue digital OPK, the 20-pack for $30 on Amazon). I didn’t ovulate again until late November, and we timed it perfectly, but BFN. I then went to my OB/GYN in January 2012 for two monitored Clomid/timed intercourse cycles, before moving on to an RE in March 2012 and getting more serious. Below is a (long) summary of my 7 cycles of trying, with more specific details about the final cycle that worked.

Clomid/timed intercourse round 1: lowest dose of Clomid (50 mg) for 5 days, started mid-cycle with no withdrawal bleed first. Triggered a mature 20mm follicle on “day 10” with 6mm lining on trigger day. Timed intercourse (with Pre-Seed) day of trigger and next day: BFN.

Clomid/timed intercourse (disastrous) round 2: started 50mg of Clomid on CD2 for 5 days. No mature follicles at CD9 scan, so 100mg for 3 days; still nothing ready, so 150mg for 3 days. Finally ready to trigger an 18mm follicle (also had a 16mm) on CD 27! Lining killed by so much Clomid, only 3.8mm at trigger. Timed intercourse day of trigger and day after: BFN.

March 2012, on to the RE for all the testing! Discovered TSH level of 3 (needs to be under 2.5). Started 25mg of Levothyroxine every day to get thyroid under control (thereafter TSH was around 1-1.5 at the start of every subsequent cycle). Good day 3 FSH numbers (usually in the 5’s and 6’s on CD2 or 3). DH’s numbers all good except morphology, which was only 3% (4% is the lowest range of normal). Tubes clear in HSG, but discovered that I have an arcuate uterus (confirmed by MRI). Told arcuate (heart-shaped) is a normal variant. Of course, I worried about my uterus and DH’s morphology, despite RE saying not to worry!

First Femara/IUI cycle in April 2012: 5mg of Femara. 2 mature follicles (they were 27mm and 24mm right before my IUI) that ovulated on their own on CD14 or 15 without a trigger shot. 9mm lining on the day of IUI (no word if triple striped). Back-to-back IUI’s on the morning OPK turned positive (CD14) and morning after (CD15). 20m post-wash sperm count for first IUI and 10m post-wash for second IUI: BFN! As with all the IUI’s below, we also BD’ed the night of the IUI and the morning after.

Second Femara/IUI cycle in May 2012: 7.5mg of Femara. 2 mature follicles (20mm and 22mm right before my IUI) that ovulated on CD 16 on their own without a trigger shot. 6.5mm lining on the day of IUI (triple striped). One IUI day after OPK turned positive. A measly 3.9m sperm post-wash: BFN (obviously). *Here I learned that I should not BD every other day from CD10 until the day of the IUI (not sure why I decided to do so). I had depleted DH!*

At this point, I started incorporating my “eastern medicine tricks” into the routine. I changed acupuncturists and started going 2x a week (prior acupuncturist was kind of negative about western treatments and my chances b/c of my thinner lining. Goodbye, negativity!) Also started fertility yoga 1 time a week and doing the yoga “legs up against the wall” every night for 15 minutes (trying to direct blood flow to uterus for thicker lining). Occasionally had red raspberry leaf tea in follicular phase and ate a lot of strawberries for my lining (acupuncturist’s advice). I did more elliptical than my 3-mile jogs.

BFP- Over 35, Overweight & Artificial Insemination

I've been trolling this site off an on over the years. I promised myself if I ever got that BFP, I would share.
I am 38, about 100 pounds overweight (which I am working on successfully), but otherwise have no health problems. My periods have always been 100% regular, usually 29-34 days, but for the past year or so, they have been consistently 27-28 days. From charting, I believe that I also have a short LP-- my doctor looked at my charts in January and believed I was ovulating and he wasn’t completely convinced I had a LP defect.
My husband is unable to have children and we have been worked with donors off and on over the last 6 years or so. Our last attempt was once in 2007.
Unfortunately it’s very hard to find donors without the expense of going to a sperm bank (something we tried in 2005 and 2006 with no success). In October 2011, we approached an acquaintance about being a donor and we tried for 3 months with no luck. We were very blessed to locate someone else & tried in March & April of this year--nothing. I got so down about it because I would swear I was having symptoms. We took May & June off because these two months were very hectic for us and meeting our donor entails about an hour of driving (usually in rush hour traffic) for each time we decide to inseminate. We inseminated only once this time-July 18th. I hadn’t done any OPKs or temping. I relied on my CM and my husband looking at my cervix to see how open it was.
Since I am not sure when I ovulated, I am just assuming the 18th. I had a lot of symptoms this time:
July 28th (10 DPO): this is when the nausea started for me. I was dizzy, shaky & nauseous literally from morning until late afternoon. This exact pattern continued for me everyday until yesterday (16 DPO), when I started feeling better. Even so, during the day at work, I struggle to eat a protein bar in the morning and a pb&j sandwich in the afternoon. Then when I come home, I feel better and I am ravenous.
DPOs 13/14-very fatigued. I usually spend time of my computer after work-those days I literally spent on the couch reading or napping.
DPO 13-had an orgasm with severe cramping afterward. Figured AF was coming for sure, but when I looked it up the next day, it said this could happen with early pregnancy.
Tested with internet cheapie HPT DPO 15 in the morning-looks like a faint positive. Tested again with same thing in evening-same faint positive. Also decided to do a digital OPK--came up with a big smiley face (OPKs will turn positive when you are pregnant as well). We are excited but still need to see something more concrete.
DPO 16 in the evening, test with Walgreens digital HPT--came up PREGNANT!

Other symptoms I had here and there was pinching in abdomen, cloudy/odd smelling pee, racing heartbeat, sensation on skin (especially armpits) like a sunburn. Pronounced backache.
Symptoms I didn’t have that surprised me a bit were: no implantation bleeding/spotting whatsoever; no enlarged or painful breasts (they are just now getting slightly tender) and no bloating-- just now starting to feel a little heaviness in my uterus.
According to the pregnancy calculators I've seen, I am due 04/09/13. Praying for the sticky dust and baby dust for all of you ladies out there!