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BFP Stories

Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives


Intrauterine insemination, the infertility treatment in which sperm are placed directly in the uterus at the time of ovulation, is certainly one way to get your BFP. If you're undergoing (or considering) IUI, then this is the page for you!

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2 Years of Infertility

Clomid and IUI

Decided this month to completely stay off the Internet. Went on vacation day after IUI and felt completely relaxed. Prayed as often as I thought about it.

Always looked waaaay too much into symptoms. These past 14 days I felt a little tired (but it was really hot out), my boobs felt a little sore (but was wearing a new bra). I defiantly did notice some mild cramping 13 to 14 dpo. Couldn't be happier. God is good. Giving all those couples out there the hope that I tried to hold on to month after month.

10 dpo BFP!

I used this board all the time when we were trying so I felt it was only right to give back and share my story! My partner and I tried IUI twice with donor sperm unsuccessfully and then found a known donor and switched to at home inseminations with a BFP on the 3rd try. I was getting discouraged but the best thing was reading success stories of other women and knowing it was possible. Don't give up hope!

Here is my story & my symptoms:

-Had lots of creamy CM leading up to ovulation and only scant amounts of egg white right around the time I got a smiley face on OPK the night of CD13.
- Inseminated at 9 am on CD14 using syringe and Instead cup.
- Temp dropped CD14 and rose gradually the next day and fully on CD16.
- 1-7DPO no symptoms except for some creamy cm
- 7DPO temperate dropped that morning to my cover line, got discouraged.
- Night of 7 DPO I feel a sharp-ish pain in my lower abdomen, almost on my cervical bone, it doesn't last long.
- 8 DPO, temp shoots way up, past where it was prior to dip - excited again!
- 9 DPO start having digestive issues, queasy and diarrhea (sorry TMI), think I have a stomach bug.
- 10 DPO stomach issues continue and I feel like I can smell EVERYTHING. I notice that my mascara has a smell....that's when I decide to buy a test.
- 10 DPO pm - POAS - immediately two beautiful pink lines appear - BFP!!
- 11 DPO am - POAS - line is there and stronger
- 12 DPO - POAS (I wanted to be 1000% sure) - Still preggo!

Still feeling queasy and occasional cramping with some boob pain but not much. I've had more "symptoms" in bfn cycles than I did this time but some things just stuck out as strange.

Good luck to all!!

BFP on First IUI!!!!

My partner and I decided earlier this year to start TTC, we went through all the fertility testing, counseling, and selected a donor. On June 18 we were inseminated for the first time with what we like to call "ninja sperm" and on DPO 12 we got our first BFP!!! We are still in shock that it took on the first try hoping little bean sticks!! Here are our symptoms.

DPO 1 Nothing
DPO 2 Lots of bloating
DPO 3 Face started to break out, very tired, bloated and gassy and EWCM. Kinda Munchy
DPO 4 CM started to change was more creamier bloating seems to be sticking around and constipation has started, still tired. Starting to become achy.
DPO 5 Woke up to pain on right side of lower abdomen, tired and felt nausea on way home
DPO 6 Dizzy, yellowish CM, some pink on TP still feeling "weird " in lower abdomen
DPO 7 back hurts a lot today and cramping feels more like AF thinking I was out of the game
DPO 8 Feeling off most of day, heart burn, dizzy, cramping, took a HPT possible BFP turned out to be an evap Line.
DPO 9 Dizzy, heartburn, cramps, anxiety about thinking AF is on her way, very emotional
DPO 10 Lower back pain in pelvis, AF pain?
DPO 11 Left boob is super sore to touch seems to be swollen, cramps are persistent, heart burn and suddenly super hyper. Took HPT slight pink line
DPO 12 Slight pink line is still there with second test, dizzy, light headed and bbs very tender
DPO 13 BFP!! Three days in a row and that line is getting darker!!!

We are still in shock; our blood test is in two days we are super happy!! Good luck to everyone trying!! Sending everyone "Baby Dust"

Pregnant After Ectopic (and One Fallopian Tube)!

My partner and I have been using donor sperm to do IUI's since last June. We went 3 rounds no meds, 3 rounds Clomid. Then we took a break, changed donors, 2 rounds fermara (letrizole). Each time I was producing eggs from both sides, sometimes 2-3. I got pregnant in Feb, but started spotting (barely) at 7 weeks, just before 1st ultrasound. At the ER they discovered I had an ectopic pregnancy partially in my ovary and partially in the fallopian tube. So I had surgery that saved the ovary but took the tube. Fast forward 2 periods (the dr said your fertility is inexplicably 'up' after this kind of thing but I was sure she was full of it!) and here I am, pregnant on the first try out. I did take fermara again and did an ultrasound to make sure I was ovulating from the side with the tube.

2 pieces of valuable info:
- Turns you can be an 'early ovulator'. While most women test positive on an ovulation test and release eggs 24-36 hours later, I released more like 6-8 hours later.
- Both times I got pregnant, before insemination, if I had a drink, I only drank Woodchuck Hard Cider. Random, but all the other beers/ciders have gluten, which I heard increases prolactin, discouraging pregnancy.

Day of IUI: crampy on left at night
1dpo: crampy on left, tired early
2dpo: nose stuffed on one side in morning, excessive CM
3dpo: nose stuffed again, metallic taste in mouth, woke up feeling hung-over (but didn't drink), heartburn, pee smells like a man's
4dpo: hot at night, mild heartburn, creamy CM, twinges in abdomen? Barely noticeable, probably imagining.
5dpo: heartburn, twinges (I won't call them cramps - Period cramps are way worse than this)
6dpo: heartburn, ache in right leg, pee smells again, gassy
7dpo: woke feeling like I was getting sick, twinges, veiny boobs? vivid dreams
8dpo: dizzy twice, watery CM, dreams. IMPORTANT - I had been tracking my temp for months and instead of hitting a peak and heading down to 'period time' like usual, it stayed up. Also want all the food I see on TV :) Got over-eager and took a test, negative.
9dpo: twinges, lots of peeing, dreams, still want food I see on TV. Temp still up
10dpo: BFP!!! Soooooo faint though. My partner called it a 'bullsh*t line' :)
11dpo: Another BFP! Slightly nauseous mid-morning until I ate, a little crampy, pretty happy.
12dpo: Scary temperature dip but then back up.

Love to all :)

TTC Success Male Factor, IUI CLomid

I used this site every day for almost two years. It took my husband and I almost two years to conceive our first child. When we started I was 27, husband was 29. After many tests (all "normal" for me, low motility for hubby (think from 0 to 5 on a movement scale sperm was rated a 1), 6 rounds of Clomid, and three IUIs we finally have our baby on the way! I am now 19 weeks pregnant. I did not have any symptoms during the two-week wait. On the day my period was scheduled to arrive, I actually felt like I was going to get my period – same cramps and bloated feeling. I experienced all the same signs and signals leading up to aunt flow- and believe me I was looking for signs. I also charted for a year and a half and this chart was no different than my normal charts. No triphastic graph or anything. I got to know my body pretty well over the two years of trying. There were no signs. We were shocked and thrilled when we took the pregnancy test and it finally said positive. I told myself I need to post that, to give hope to all you ladies out there like me that do not have any signs during the two week wait. Don't count yourself out! :)

Also, for those who do chart… do yourself a favor and stop taking your temperature the second you get your positive on that stick!! My temps went up and down for a few weeks… with no rhyme or reason. All the information did was stress me out about impending miscarriage with every low dip. I stopped taking my temperature on the advice of another charting friend. :)

***I also want to mention that I prayed every day that God would give us a child. Two of my favorite prayers: Prayer to Saint Anne and Prayer to Saint Gerard. God blessed us with this pregnancy and I continue to pray for our baby's health every day. My husband and I are so grateful for this blessing. He is listening to all of us. ****

BFP with Endometriosis/Varicocele and 4th Clomid IUI

After years of trying to conceive I can't believe I am finally posting my BFP. It is so surreal that I am almost nervous about being excited. After being diagnosed with endometriosis and TTC for 6 years we were growing frustrated. Finally last summer my husband agreed to have a semen analysis, and he had a low sperm count with poor morphology. He had an ultrasound of his testicles which revealed a varicocele and he had surgery in Sept. We hoped that this would correct the problem however months go by and still no pregnancy. In Feb we started Clomid IUI and month after month no pregnancy. Since my insurance does not cover invitro, my RE went ahead with our 4th Clomid IUI. Other alternative treatments were acupuncture, hubby started to take FertilAid and his counts and motility and volume significantly increased. What I did different with this IUI was that I had the IUI on the same day of my surge where the other three were the day after. I felt like I had nothing to lose at this point.

I have had no symptoms, the only indicator for me was an implantation dip 7 dpo, and my temps have remained elevated and I am 4 days late. I tested 12dpo with the most faint line and today at 13 dpo with a different brand there is a positive. My beta had been scheduled after IUI for 6/25. I can't wait and was to eager and excited to wait to post.

Don't lose hope and faith, I was starting to become so discouraged and full of despair. I will happen if you try, hope, and pray hard enough.

Baby dust to all!!!!!!

BFP After 5th IUI

I posted here in March 2012 with a BFP that sadly ended in an early miscarriage at 5 weeks. I learned from that experience that eggies that implant late (11 or 12 dpo or later) usually end up miscarrying. (I implanted at 12 dpo)

DH and I have been undergoing fertility treatment since May 2007. We have 2 beautiful children that were both conceived via unmedicated IUI's. (Ages 3 and 2) Both kids were conceived on our first IUI each time (lucky us!) This time around was much harder. I hit the big 3-0 this year and my fertility took a nose dive! First IUI this time around resulted in a chemical pregnancy, 2nd IUI resulted in a miscarriage at 5 weeks, 3rd and 4th IUI's were BFN, and just as I had resigned myself to never having another child, I got a BFP at 12 dpo from my 5th IUI. Here are my symptoms: (just an FYI, I took Femara 2.5 mg for my 4th and 5th IUI's and had 2 eggs for my 5th IUI)

1-2 dpo: tons of EWCM (still!) and still having O pains
3-5 dpo: still tons of EWCM, lots of vivid dreams
6 dpo: EWCM finally lets up. Cramping in right ovary (I ovulated on the right side this time) had an ultrasound at my fertility clinic, found a corpus luteum cyst but doc says not to worry, will go away on it's own. Also felt implantation cramping later in the evening on 6 dpo
7 dpo: sooo tired, bb's tingly and sensitive, starting to get forgetful and clumsy, headache
8 dpo: headache, bb's still tingly, swiped Costco card at Costco thinking it was debit card and couldn't figure out why transaction wouldn't go thru, duh!
9 dpo: faint pink streak when wiping after going to the bathroom, still tired, really moody, tingly bb's
10 dpo: another pink streak when wiping after going to the bathroom, tired, moody/emotional, tingly bb's, no spotting after sex (odd because I usually spot this close to my period arriving)
11 dpo: super forgetful today, clumsy, emotional, had dream I was pregnant (got pos result on hpt in dream)
12 dpo: COMPELLED to do HPT. Told self was not going to do HPT until at least
13 dpo but it was like some supernatural force was ripping open that hpt package and making me pee on that stick! Very faint BFP!!! Had bloodwork run at fertility clinic, HCG at 23! Pregnant!

I always check my cervical position when I get to around 10 dpo as my cervix always goes high and firm when I'm pregnant. This time it was high, but not as firm and a little open, which made me think I wasn't pregnant. In retrospect, pushing out 2 kids 12 months apart who each weighed 8 and 9 lbs respectively has more than likely stretched my cervix to the point of no return. Oh well :)

Pregnant After 27 Months of TTC and 2nd Round of Clomid and IUI

Hi Ladies,

I used this site to get through what seemed like a very long 2 1/2 years of trying to conceive. I wanted to share my story to encourage those in similar situations to take a deep breath and keep on trying!! Never give up hope.

We were on our second round of Clomid and IUI and were told by the doctors I likely had/have endometriosis and that if our third round of Clomid and IUI were unsuccessful, I would under the laser laparoscopy procedure to see what was going on down there.

I was 5 days before my expected and very regular 27 day cycle period, and like most of you out there was pretty much addicted to peeing on a stick every month.... (I wonder how much $$ I spent over the last 2 1/2 years...LOL). I use the Clear Blue Digital Tests so there is no mistaking and no "is there a line, is there not a line" debates within my brain. Just as I had suspected, NOT PREGNANT showed up pretty much right away, so the test goes into the trash and I accept the fact that another round of Clomid and IUI are around the corner.

At this point, I felt EXACTLY like I was getting my period. I mean, there was not one single thing that would have led me to believe otherwise. But never the less.... just in case.... the next morning, 4 days before my expected period, I took another digital test. Left it on the counter, had my coffee, let the dogs out, ate breakfast. When I came back in to take a shower, I grabbed the test, threw it into the trash and saw PREGNANT 1-2 WEEKS. I swear I stared at it in silence for about 3 minutes before asking my dogs if they saw what I saw.... LOL! I took 7 more digital tests that day and all were PREGNANT 1-2 WEEKS. My compulsive testing continued until those tests read PREGNANT 3+ WEEKS.

I am now 13 weeks pregnant, my husband and I heard the heart beat of our little one just the other day. We pray every night and thank the man upstairs for blessing us with such a wonderful gift, and we pray this baby will be healthy and happy!

:) BFP on 3rd Clomid+IUI Cycle YAY

Dear ladies,

It's been a pleasure reading all your success stories over the past year, and I am very excited to be able to post my experience with the 2ww. Shortly, my DH and I (both 35 yo) have been trying TTC on our own for 2 years, and then went to an RE for help. Since we were dx u n e x p l a i n e d the doctor suggested 3 months of 100mg of Clomid + IUI. After the three months we would meet again and discus other options.
The first two months nothing happened even though I developed several mature follicles, and my DH's samples were perfect. At the beginning on the third assisted cycle we decided it would be our last. I also had to go out of country for 10 days, and was not even monitored, but the day after I got back I had my last IUI (two days after a positive OPK). 14dpiui I did an HCG blood test and a day later (yesterday) I got a call from the clinic. :) The test was positive (HCG=40) and I had to listen to the voice mail several times before I started believing it was true! And then I cried.... :)

1-6dpiui nothing, but I noticed normal cm (Clomid usually makes it disappear), vivid dreams
7dpiui some cramping in the uterine area, vivid dreams
8-12dpiui fatigue; I even had to take a nap to get rested, vivid dreams
13-14dpiui bloated, fatigue, cramping, vivid dreams
14dpiui BFP :)
15dpiui bloated, fatigue, cramping, vivid dreams
16dpiui Woke up at 4:30 and could not go back to sleep :) Temp still up (36.9C); Feeling good.

Was this any different from my other 2ww's?
A few things a little different I noticed were:
- more vivid dreams than ever
- fatigue
- no spotting 13-15dpiui (I usually spot before AF)

Thank you for reading my story. I hope yours is a happy one too! :)
Good luck and have a wonderful life!!!

BFP After 5 months on Clomid = Over the Moon

My periods have been irregular since I went off of Depo-Provera almost 2 years ago, so I knew TTC would be a challenge. Last fall, I decided to try to regulate my cycle naturally with Vitex , acupuncture and Provera to bring on a period. It helped some, but not enough. So in Dec 2011 we decided to try Clomid. Now after 5 frustrating months of Clomid, low progesterone and wacky unpredictable cycles, I finally have my BFP. It was to be our final month trying at home (My partner and I have been inseminating with fresh sperm at home. We are lesbians.)
I had an appointment scheduled with an RE to start the IUI process. I have never been happier to cancel a DR's appointment.

This month -OPK's- I had acupuncture before and after ovulation (I highly recommend this. It is not magic but it relaxes you and definitely helped bring on ovulation), used a small dose of Pre-Seed some days, took 100mg Clomid days 3-7, Fertile CM, B6, baby aspirin and 200mg prometrium vaginally starting 3DPO and on. I also took Mucinex on my fertile days.

This month felt different from the beginning. The first thing I noticed was that my nipples did not get sore after ovulation like they usually do but my breasts were tender the ENTIRE time deep aching pains. I was also incredibly thirsty for most of the 2ww.

Here are the rest of my symptoms:

CD 14- watery cm, o pain -home insemination
CD15- positive OPK =ovulation day-Pre-Seed-home insemination-watery cm, o pain, vivid dreams

DPO1 – home insemination – Pre-Seed
DPO2 - diarrhea, vivid dreams
DPO3 - backache, bloated, diarrhea, gassy- acupuncture
DPO4 - backache, constipated
DPO5 - backache, lightheaded
DPO6 - left side pain, backache
DPO7 - mild cramps,backache,vivid dreams,small temp dip
DPO8 - same + temp spike dpo9 - same + lightheaded
DPO10 – same + fatigue, mild nausea
DPO11 - felt good early in the day went for 3 mile hike but later lightheaded, diarrhea, nausea felt just plain crappy decide to test see faint line almost right away on internet cheapie
DPO12 - BFP with FMU on FRER- constipated, mild cramping and pressure, starving- pregnant on EPT digital
DPO13 – constipation, mild cramping and pressure, lightheaded, sensitive nose and exhausted

I am overjoyed it has been a long 5 months I can't believe its real.

BFP's and babydust to all and to the ladies having a tough time don't give up it will be worth the wait.