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BFP Stories

Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives


Intrauterine insemination, the infertility treatment in which sperm are placed directly in the uterus at the time of ovulation, is certainly one way to get your BFP. If you're undergoing (or considering) IUI, then this is the page for you!

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Secondary Infertility; 38 and Overweight

I have deliberated whether to write, as things are so fragile and new, but decided to share my story with the intent to bring hope to others. I am 38; DH is 41 - we conceived our first child 5 years ago without effort. Assuming #2 would be as easy, we decided to wait and well, when we were ready to try or bodies weren't :(

I spent 1 year "on my own" trying, then sought the help of a specialist who turned me a way as I was overweight (I am size 18); so I cried, tried to lose weight, and well, nothing. Found a new Dr, who welcome with open arms.

There was no official reason for our issues. DH was fine, I was fine. We did 5 rounds of Clomid - nothing. Then Clomid with IUI - Nothing. My insurance didn't cover IVF and truthfully I was very nervous to go there. We had one last attempt at IUI - and we started looking into adoption.

This time, we did the Gonal pen and trigger shot. The day of IUI, was a Sunday, and we used the "on call" Dr, who said DH counts were low and not to count on this working. Needless to say, I was devastated.

We DB for the next few days; all the time feeling very sad and hopeless. On about 11 DPO, I was convinced AF was coming. Horrible cramps. I called my Dr to advise we were out.

The only thing different this month as in past, we my boobs - HURT so bad (but I thought was from all the meds)

Sure enough, on 13 DPO we got a faint BFP. We were in shock - denial almost. We are now 7wks (saw heart beat yesterday) and graduated to OBGYN.

The strangest things were the cramps - how horrible and the soreness above.

We have a very strong faith in God and prayed every day. We believe this is a gift from God and hope our little bean sticks with us.

Don't lose faith - there is hope!! God Bless & baby dust to all. 

BFP After 3 Years - IUI #2

After trying for almost 3 years, I am so glad to be able to submit my TWW symptoms! Our second IUI with Femera and trigger was a success :)

1 - 4 dpiui = no real symptoms yet
5 dpiui = starting noticing body acne, which I've never had in all my 30 years
6 - 8 dpiui = very vivid dreams
10 dpiui = face starts breaking out, also rather unusual for me
11 dpiui = tiny bit of spotting
12 dpiui = lower abdomen feels tight and heavy, a lot like ovulation
13 dpiui = took a test at 10PM and it was a BFP!
14 dpiui = confirmed with digi and bloodwork!!

Since then the nausea and cramping has increased, but not too bad. I love every ache and pain and can't wait to go for our first scan. Never give up, even if you've been trying a long time!! 


Let me begin by saying I have been stalking this sight for a little over a year. I tried to conceive on my own for about 9 months and then turned to a fertility doctor for help. This was my second round of IUI (with progesterone- I think that was the trick!) and just received a positive pregnancy test 9dpo (and about 5 more that I could not stop taking since I actually saw the word PREGNANT). I thought that word would never come!

The reason why I feel like I must post to everyone is because I had NO SYMPTOMS at all!! I would sit on the computer everyday and research every symptom possible. Each month I thought I was pregnant but was just disappointed to see a BFN. This month was a total surprise- not one sign, if anything I felt better than usual. I am still in disbelief. I would convince myself I had sore breasts, cramps, back ache, runny nose, etc. I was also looking for implantation signs and blood every time I wiped (tmi...I know).

I would read other posts how some women did not have any symptoms and I felt that was hard to believe but now I am living proof. So...if I have any advice... it can really happen and you may not feel one thing! Trust me! We are still in shock!

Babydust to everyone, I know it is a difficult journey. 

BFP via IUI after 23 Months of TTC

Hi ladies, I can't believe it is finally my turn to post here. I had 2 24 week losses 5 and 6 years ago due to incompetent cervix. I got a permanent cerclage placed, called a transabdominal cerclage and have been trying to conceive since May 2010. After 5 rounds of Clomid, 6 rounds of Femara, and 2 rounds of injections and IUI my BFP came.

1-3 DPO - no symptoms
4 DPO - All over body aches, lower abdomen/cervical twinges, afternoon headache
5 DPO - Metallic Taste in mouth, shoulder aches, afternoon headache
6 DPO - Afternoon Headache
7 DPO - Afternoon Headache
8 DPO - Thirsty, twinges in lower abdomen, shoulder aches
9 DPO - Tired - Negative HPT
10 DPO - Tired, evening headache, positive HPT on MOTHERS DAY
11 DPO - Another +HPT, tired, thirsty

Here's to a sticky bean and a long boring 36 weeks! 

BFP Symptoms

After IVF was cancelled due to only 2 follicles, this cycle was converted to our fourth IUI in 2 years.
I was convinced it was a bust, even made an appt with a new RE for the following week! I had no
symptoms, even though I've been on prog suppositories.

Today was 14 dpo and beta day, I woke up at 430 am and couldn't sleep, had a nervous, rumbly
stomach all day. Still don't know if it was nerves or the pregnancy, but I got a + beta of 350!

Just to prove to all you gals who think that no symptoms = no pregnancy, it can happen!! 

BFP at 12DPO (11DPIUI) With Clomid, Trigger, Progesterone

I am so humbled and grateful that I get to write this tonight. My partner and I (female, we're a
lesbian couple) have been TTC for 4 cycles with anonymous donor sperm via IUI, and I just got 2
BFPs tonight on FRER! We are over the moon, and so thankful! I kept very close track of my
symptoms this month and want to share them because this site was so helpful to me during
my TWWs.

This was the first "intervention" cycle. Due to the cost and the fact that we had had to take 10
months off from trying between cycles 2 & 3 due to my partner's health issues, RE recommended
Clomid 100mg days 3-7, the estrodial patch days 8-12, Ovidrel trigger on day 12, and the Crinone
(progesterone) gel days 2-14DPO. At my day 12 US, I had *FOUR* mature follicles, so there is def
an increased chance of twins or even higher level multiples...ack! FYI my CM was creamy and/or
EW throughout the entire 2ww, but I was taking the vaginal gel so didn't really count it as
a symptom.

Anyway, here are my symptoms:

2DPO--Vivid dreams at night, really tired, increased appetite. I felt like I was always hungry,
wondered if it is side effect of all the meds I'm on this month...mild loose stool, feeling happy
and hopeful.

3-4DPO--Vivid dreams continued, broke out in acne on my chin, got SUUUPER bloated on day 4,
so much so that I had to unbutton my pants at work(!), mild passing cramps. Major gas, itchy dry
eyes and stuffy nose.

5-7DPO: vivid dreams, itchy eyes, bloating continue, a little less gas, passing "pinch-like" pains,
still tired and suddenly constipated (VERY unusual for me), developed a weird sore throat, dry
mouth, felt thirsty a lot

8DPO: Still bloated, constipated, some quick "waves" of nausea, but biggest symptom was that I
had an epic crying tantrum/meltdown on my wife and literally felt like I could not stop crying like
a toddler, even when we were laughing about it I had tears streaming down my face. It lasted like a
hour. SO not normal for me.

9DPO: thirst continues, some periods of light-headedness and "waves" of nausea, was borderline
retarded at the grocery store, including wandering aisles forgetting what I was looking for,
dropping things, bought a bunch of stuff I never normally buy, forgot things. It was the first
moment my wife thought for sure we are pregnant. My breasts also seemed swollen and tender.

10DPO: Holy breasts, batman--I can barely fit in my bra! Breasts are increasingly tender
throughout the day. I also started smelling everything intensely--was marching around the house
trying to identify smells my wife couldn't smell, made her take out the garbage even though there
was almost nothing in it. Biggest weirdo thing of the day was that I was driving home around 10
pm and suddenly had the most desperate, insane craving of my life: for a juicy burger, which is
something I almost never eat! I drove way out of my way to the only place open and ate the thing
so fast that I almost choked and then felt sick.

11DPO: breasts still swollen and tender, spacey, intense sense of smell, and dropping things all
day long. I have super vivid dreams during a nap.

12DPO: Swollen breasts, forgetful, intense sense of smell, thirsty, and all night long last PM I was
kept awake by a weird ache/tightness all the way across my abdomen, like nothing I've even felt
before. Could NOT sleep. This afternoon I went to my fertility acupuncturist (who I've been seeing
for about 6 weeks) and told her my symptoms, and she felt pretty good about my chances. Had a
nice long session with her, then drove home and was hit with another ridiculous burger craving!
Saliva was literally pooling in my mouth...I went and got a big juicy burger (ate it more slowly this
time ;) and came home and told DW that I thought we should test. She agreed, and we got a BFP!
The line was fairly dark and appeared quickly. We took a second about an hour later, which was a
little fainter but still BFP!


Mainly, we took meds. I had completed fertility testing and everything looked great, but our RE still
recommended their "CEP" protocol (Clomid, Estrodial,Progesterone) because of how long we waited
and our budget. I have always been 28-29 day cycles, O monthly on CD13 or 14, like clockwork,
but they just wanted to "up the ante." I guess it helped!

The other main addition was the acupuncture, in which I am a big believer. I had been to
acupuncture many times in the past for other health issues/injuries with spectacular results, so it
was a natural addition when the RE recommended it.

Third Time Lucky...13 dpo (12 Post IUI.)

Thought I'd post and give back to the site and you all for keeping the hope alive! :-)

I'm 39 and have been TTC again for the last 3 months. We used an anonymous donor and IUI as
my partner is female also. We have a two year old boy through IUI and were lucky enough to have a
BFP with him on the first try. Anyway, here were my "symptoms" or lack thereof for the most part!
So much so that I thought this cycle was a bust too.

1dpiui-8: nothing much. Some restless legs at night which I sometimes get anyway, as well as
some heartburn which also is pretty normal for me. (Last cycle I had a lot of AF type cramps from
iui - AF.) 8dpiui-now: AF type cramps on and off - mainly at night. 'Swollen' sensation in uterus -
that's the best way I can describe it. A minimal amount of side breast tenderness - barely
noticeable - and some very vague nausea yesterday and today.

Just wanted to give you ladies out there experiencing no symptoms some small hope that it may
still happen. Last time I knew I was PG because I was up around day 12 peeing at night which is very
unusual for me. I also had a day or so of brownish implantation bleeding which I have yet to have
this time. I POAS yesterday and thought it was a BFN and glanced at it again more than 10 minutes
later and there was a faint line. Figured it was an evap line but hoped not as it was pink and as thick
as the control. Tested again today and it showed up within 5 minutes. Faint but there so I hope I'm
not jumping the gun but, it is still early days. :-)

Good luck to you all and thanks for your encouraging posts. 

Got My BFP Finally! 7 Months TTC 2 IUI

Wow I cannot believe I am even able to write this out! I have been reading this every month since
September, and am so proud to say I can finally give you all my story!

April 2nd - Acupuncture
April 3rd - IUI - Acupuncture that evening
1 dpiui - Acupuncture in Evening
2 - 5 dpiui - no symptoms ( actually made me fell weird to not hae cramping or anything)
6 dpiui - Brief Pinching in lower left side of uterus ( I always heard about this symptom so I was
kinda excited that I felt it)
7 dpiui - brief stabbing sensation lower left side of uterus
8-10 dpiui - no symptoms (again this is strange as I had symptoms during these days in all my
failed cycles... was waiting on the AF cramps)
11-13 dpiui - slight cramping. Woke up one morning with a really strong cramp. Different then
normal mild AF symptoms. But assumed that I wasn't pregnant.
14 dpiui - woke up early couldn't fall back asleep, went to test and got a BFP! Couldn't believe
my eyes. Went in for beta its at 35.9, so not the highest number but I'm staying positive!
15 dpiui - again woke up early couldn't really get back to sleep. Still cramping which makes me a
little nervous.

Going back for second round of beta tomorrow. Praying that this little bean sticks!! 

BFP with 2nd IUI

DH and I have unexplained fertility, both 29 yrs old, trying for 2 years.

I had my 2nd IUI on April 2nd, and just got a BFP this morning! I really didn't think that it would
work this time because I have been feeling period cramps! My symptoms: EVERYTHING I experience
when I get my period. I felt exactly the same. No different!

I want to tell you all that it will happen! I hope your baby wishes come true as they did for me:) 

BFP After 24 Mths W/ PCOS And 1st IUI

I've been stalking this site for a long time and I'm thrilled that I finally get to submit mine early symptoms.

DPO 1-5 Gas, mild twinges in my uterus, oily skin, very light cramping probable wouldn't have notice the cramps had I not been ttc.
DPO 6-10 Very full breast, tired, pulling or tugging sensation on the right side if uterus.
DPO 11 took a HPT and saw an extremely faint line, I had to hold it at different angles in the light just to see it. I thought it was just me so I waited until my DH got home since he has hawk eyes and he was able to see a faint line as well. I was so afraid to get excited because I have heard of evaporating lines on HPT.
DPO 12 Breast still very full and now becoming sore, light cramping, and tired. Took another HPT test and still saw a faint line however, this one was slightly darker so I thought that I should try a digital test. Sadly when I took the digital test it said Not Pregnant. I didn't lose hope because I've heard that test sensitivity differ depending on the brand.
DPO 13 Breast are sore especially on the sides, nipples also becoming sore, gas, tired, and cramps are becoming more like AF cramps. Took another HPT line is definitely darker at this point so I thought it would be a good idea to try a digital test and I was sooooooo Thrilled when the word Pregnant appeared.
DPO 14 Went in to doctors office for blood work and it confirmed my pregnancy Beta 90
DPO 17 Beta still rising 359 YAY!!!!!! I pray that I have a very healthy pregnancy and a very healthy beautiful baby.
DPO 19 Beta Still rising 704 YAY!!!!!!! Thank You Lord !!!!!!!

Don't give up and much, much baby dust to all TTC's I know how much it meant for me to read everyone's success stories.