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BFP Stories

Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives


Intrauterine insemination, the infertility treatment in which sperm are placed directly in the uterus at the time of ovulation, is certainly one way to get your BFP. If you're undergoing (or considering) IUI, then this is the page for you!

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Like so many of you women, I have impatiently waited to be able to post my story to you all so you can have hope of getting a BFP as well! Here is my story. I already have 3 children (ages 16, 15, & 11) but my husband does not have any of his own so I really wanted to be able to give him a child. My husband & I have been ttc for 3+ years, after multiple tests on both of us, we were told that nothing was wrong. After so much frustration we decided to go to the fertility clinic in hopes of getting some help.

I took 2 rounds of clomid 100mg for 2 months in a row with no success. We then decided to try clomid 100mg along with IUI. I started my period on Feb. 17, took clomid on days 3-7 (Feb. 19-23), started the OPK tests on Feb. 27, got a positive on March 3, & IUI was March 4. Here are my symptoms:

1dpiui - No symptoms
2 dpiui - Mild cramps (I had cramps everyday during my tww)
3dpiui - Vivid dreams
4dpiui - Tender bbs (everyday from today), extreme fatigue
5dpiui - Watery CM
6dpiui - Tingly bbs, more watery CM, gassy, & got carsick on an 8 hr. road trip (that never happens)
7dpiui - Watery CM, gassy, & random itch in lower abdomen (had this with my other pregnancies, thinking I must be!!!)
8dpiui - Dizzy when turn head quickly, nauseous, loose stool, twinges of heartburn, sensitive nips, couldn't finish my usual breakfast (didn't like the taste), heightened sense of smell, vomited once in the morning, no CM. Today was a bad day!
9dpiui - I feel really good today compared to yesterday! Very mild cramps, nips & bbs are now SORE, increased heartburn, sense of smell is more intense. That night I didn't get much sleep due to my bbs hurting so bad & increased heartburn.
10dpiui - Got a faint positive on HPT! Decided to go have a blood test done, while waiting for the results my symptoms were bbs still very sore, heartburn, feeling nauseous more frequently, & still cramping but it's not terrible. Blood test results were BFP!!

We never thought this would happen but all the doctor visits, money spent,& waiting have been well worth it! My husband is extremely happy & now can't wait for the 9 months to go by quickly! I wish you ladies all the luck in the world!

BFP after IUI

DX: Unexplained Infertility. TTC for 17months

Went in for IUI 2/18 at 8:00am

Cramps, slight pain in right side. Had a INSANE dream that someone was trying to rob me and then wanted to kill me.

No real signs, trying to stay positive.

Slight sensitive nips. Minor acne on right cheek, extremely tired

Woke up at 1am, mouth so dry couldn’t swallow. Feel I’m getting sick, but hubby is sick. So symptom or caught hubby’s bug?

Tired, coughing. Lil scratchy throat. Acne, Really tired. (From being sick or preggo). Guess we’ll see

Tired, coughing, fatigue. Side twitches on my left side

Cramping on right side

Bloated feeling – like AF gonna start

Sneezing all day. Woke up at 4am to pee. Tested BFN (cheapy HPT), Pimple on my cheek.

10 DP – IUI
Noting abnormal. Tiny lil cramping on right side

11 DP – IUI
Cramping on right side. Very bloated feeling. AF?? Went to Target and ripped open a box of crackers w/cheese cause I was starving! Craving Hot dogs (turkey) and milk. Is this all in my head?

12 DP – IUI

BFP After Two Years With PCOS, Low Motility/Morphology, on Metformin and Clomid, plus Ovidrel Trigger Shot and IUI

My Husband and I have been trying for two years. I was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, and he was told his Motility/Morphology weren't great. We did acupuncture together for four months, and took MOUNTAINS of vitamins and herbs. I've been on Metformin for PCOS for the entire two years, but we still hadn't had any success. When we were finally ready to take the next step, we did three cycles of Metformin plus Clomid and timed Intercourse. Still no luck. We finally moved onto IUI. The first cycle, I had every pregnancy symptom in the book, but did not end up being pregnant. The second cycle, I had almost no symptoms whatsoever, but my day 11 Blood Test level was 46! I went back on day 13 for another, and the Beta level was 118! I'm Pregnant! This morning, I finally got a BFP on a digital test, so I'm starting to believe it. : )

Timed Intercourse and Ovidrel Trigger Shot on Cycle Day 14
IUI on Cycle Day 16
4DPO - Odd, period like cramps, with slightly different feel today
5DPO - More cramps, gas
9DPO - Mild nausea from about 4:00pm until bedtime. Noticed I had been out of breath after climbing the stairs today and maybe three days prior. Not normal.
11DPO - Very odd, but I noticed that my nether region had been "beating" for days. This happens to me once in awhile, but never multiple times a day. It feels like I can feel a heartbeat in my vaginal area. Has anyone else experienced this?? Doctor called with a Positive Blood Test Result! Beta Level 46!
12 DPO - Minor stomach upset
13 DPO - Another Positive Blood Test! Beta Level 118! Medium stomach upset, and it gurgled all day. Some odd cramping too.
14 DPO - Positive Digital Test! Woot! (A girl waits her whole life for one of those!) ; )

No sore breasts, very little nausea, no exhaustion. I was sure I wasn't pregnant before my first Blood Test, and I am! : D 4 weeks, 1 day today.

My Best Friend knows, because she knew most details of our IUI process. We're going to see my Mom and Stepdad this weekend, and may tell ONLY them. Otherwise, we'll try to keep our mouths shut until Week 12!

I have my first Ultrasound on March 2nd, at Six Weeks, and should be due around October 24th! : ) Crossing everything I can cross and praying for a safe arrival!

Wishing you all much luck and much love!

BFP with IUI

I got my BFP officially yesterday TTC #2 after miscarriage with twins in June last year. We have one beautiful son, but feel as though our family isn't complete.

CD-13 : went to doc and was ready to O - Took HCG at 7:30 pm
CD-14 : went to doc for 1st IUI @ 11:00 am (55 million!)nausea, sore nips, tired, spotting, angry
CD-15 : went in for 2nd IUI @ 10:30 am (75 million!) pretty sure this was O day. sore sides, no EWCM (unusual for me on O day), nausea, bloated, spotting, tired, loose BM, angry
1DPO- sore nips, loose BM, feeling hot, pains in left ovary (ovulated from that one) and down leg in pm, sleepy, nausea, very hungry
2DPO- very sore nips, didn't sleep well/ restless, creamy cm, wanted to clean, tired, bitter taste in mouth, starving by dinner, lower backache, one nostril was clogged in the morning, weird dreams at night
3DPO-sore nips, one nostril clogged in am, weird dreams, creamy cm, heartburn, stabbing pains in left ovary, craving tomatoes really bad
4DPO-stuffy nostril in am still, weird dreams, no cm, sore nips, so tired- took nap for 2hrs, loose BM still, cramps before bed
5DPO- didn't sleep well, weird dreams, sore nips fading slowly, clogged nostril in am, loose BM, bloated, crampy and full uterus, creamy cm, bitter taste on tongue, heartburn before lunch, hungry, pains in left ovary again
6DPO- slept horrible again, peed 3 times at night, crampy, sore nips still fading, stuffy nostril in am, little creamy cm, bitter taste still there no matter what I eat or drink, hot flashes on and off, bloated, lower backache in pm, exhausted
7DPO-slept horrible again, peed only 1 time at night, weird dreams, sore nips still there but barely, stuffy nostril in am, pelvis feels really full- can't put pressure on it, loose BM, sharp pains in uterus, creamy cm, crampy, took preg test--VERY faint line...thought it was evap line though hubby said he could see pink too
8DPO- stuffy nose again in am, bitter taste, nausea, slept crappy again, cramps, hungry, irritable, hot flashes on and off, sore nips, so tired by noon went to bed by 9pm, loose BM, really thirst,--- took another test--same line I saw yesterday no darker
9DPO- stuffy nose in am, slept horrible, nap for 2hrs and still exhausted, bad dreams during nap, crampy, no cm, dizzy, loose Bm, craving rice, bitter taste still there, thirsty, bloated, peed 3 times at night----took another test---line still the same no darker, starting to wonder if I'm crazy or it's an evap :(
10 DPO- tested right when I got up...I just felt like it would be +..BFP!!!!!! definitely darker!!! symptoms- dark nipples, bitter taste, weird dreams, didn't sleep well, no stuffy nose today in am, thirsty, hungry, sensitive nips

My first clue to being pregnant was the stuffy nose only in the am. I do that every time I'm pregnant and I just knew. After that it was the sleeplessness, I don't sleep well when pregnant either. Pray for a sticky bean!!! I hope this helps! Baby dust to all!!!


Hi, I just want to say I love this website and have used it so much during my TTC journey which started in 2006. I am now pregnant with my third child (2nd pregnancy) and wanted to share my symptoms. Last pregnancy I was too superstitious to write them down, but this time I took the risk and I want to share with you all!!

Due to male factor infertility I need IUI with donor, but do so with a natural cycle. No drugs, triggers, etc.. This month I got darker OPK's than I did with my last ovulation (which happened to equal a pregnancy), so I was hoping that was a good sign!

O day - IUI Felt myself ovulate (thinking I O'd on both sides too). No cramping afterwards with last DC's IUI
1DPO-2DPO- Ovaries felt sore
3DPO-4DPO- Crampy off and on, tired
5DPO- Realized I was peeing a lot when I wasn't drinking anymore than I normally do, so tired I had to take what I call my "pregnancy power nap." I thought that was weird cause I normally don't nap if I'm not preggo.. Starting to have the strong feeling that I'm pregnant
6DPO- Still peeing a lot, took another nap, slightly sore breasts (reminded me of my last pregnancy). Got really emotional and teary at church, which is so strange cause I never cry and I never get emotional! Not even in my last pregnancy!! It really hits me now that I am defiantly pregnant.
9DPO-Took another nap, feeling gassy
10DPO- Took a test on FMU and BFN! Or was it?? A few hours later I dug it out of the trash and could totally see the most faintest line. Well, since we know a test read out of the 10 min window is not valid, I will go with BFN. I'm thinking it was actually a super faint pos though. When I saw the BFN I was so upset! I was super depressed all day, and had a good cry over it. Really thinking I must be crazy and these symptoms are all in my head.
11DPO- Weird stomach ache, felt like gas bubbles trapped inside and I kept burping all day which is not like me at all. Seemed like my CM was drying up so I'm really thinking I'm not preggo.
12DPO- No CM in am. Super sure I'm out for the month. Then around 10am, the faucet turns on and I have lots of creamy CM! Hurray!! Now I'm thinking I'm defiantly preggo :) I hold my urine from 8am til 4:30 pm and take a $tree test and a faint BFP!!!! Run to Wal-Mart and get a Clear Blue digital and it reads "Pregnant"!!!!

2 Months of IUI and Chlomid...FINALLY BFP!!

My DH and I have been trying for over a year and went through our second round with IUI this month, I went to take a blood/pregnancy test yesterday and the doc called back around 1:30pm, I just let it go to voicemail, and somehow managed to get through the day so DH and I could listen to it when I got home. All I remember is her saying CONGRATULATIONS. I am over the moon excited, and it still doesn't feel real. It was such a long road, but worth every tear along the way!!

I really didn't have any symptoms besides cramping/pressure which made me think I was going to get my period any day. I did have a little more CM than usual for the past 2 weeks, and I was extremely thirsty.

This year has been the most emotional for me, and never did I think that I would actually get pregnant. Hearing everyone around me getting pregnant was hard to swallow, but don't give up and have faith, it will happen!! Baby dust to everyone!!

After 6 Years With Prayer and IUI

These are my symptoms

1dpiui: cramps
2dpiui:cramps all day
3DPiui: headache, body aching, slight cramp, gassy
4DPiui: cramps in my lower abdomen like AF, back pains and throw up once
5dpiui: No pain heartburn and boobs sore like safety pins poking me in the nipples, pee 10 times that day
6dpiui: Side hurts and a lot of cm
7dpiui: A lot of CM, nipples sore, sharp sudden pain on and off ...
8dpiui: no pain but feeling a bit weird took a pregnancy test from the dollar store BFN later that night around midnight .
9dpiui : took another test from rite aid, the digital and yes I got my BFP

Thank you god after 6 years of trying 2012 !!!!!


Hi everyone! I read this site over and over during my two week wait. Here were my symptoms:

2dpo thru 5 dpo, strange sensations and feelings that I was pregnant with no real symptoms.
6dpo in bed ALL DAY with nausea and a killer headache ( I did have a glass of wine the night before, but it has never done that to me. Didn't really have much else to drink for two weeks even though doc said one here and there was fine.
7 and 8 dpo very tired and very very sore bbs. Nipples were especially sensitive, which is new for me.
Day 9 smells bother me. I smelled everything! The grocery store made me sick! I also bought a ton of junk food and a lot of meat, which I never do!
Day 10 everything still smells. Bbs were getting worse and noticed blue veins in them that weren't there before. Also the nips seemed bigger.
Day 11. Smelled worse than ever. Fresh air helped nausea. 6 pm on a whim I decided to test and BFP!!! I freaked out and googled false positives until I felt convinced. Went to my partner's work to tell her, got acupuncture and decided I should do a second test BFN!!! Freaked out again and called my friend who is an MD. Also realized I used the same urine cup as my OPK! read about how that can cause false positives, so I was convinced I wasn't . A friend called and said she did the same thing and she's 7 weeks along. Tested this morning with first response early and BFP!!! same brand.

So I'm only 12 dpo with two positive tests and ALL THE SIGNS.

Good luck to you all! Try not to worry. This was my third try and looking back I can see how this is the perfect time. Also: due date is MY BIRTHDAY!!!!


I like many others have gone to this website daily to check other BFP stories and I can finally add mine!!!

A little history...married for close to 6 years, we have tried many other times but never with help. I have PCOS and do not ovulate on my own. We have been trying now for 6 months with the help of meds (Clomid for 3 months, Femara for two) and procedures. Had a HSG in November, and this month was the second IUI....

This month...used Preseed with any BD around O time, and took Femara cycle days 3-7.

CD 14-Ultrasound-about 20mm follicle! BD that night with preseed
CD 15-BD with preseed
CD 16-+OPK
CD17-O-IUI (count was over 100 million this month-3 times as much last month)!
1DPO- BD with preseed
4DPO-cramping while at the movie theater
5-9DPO-on and off cramping, horrible acne break outs (I just attributed this to my PCOS and being off the pill since July
10DPO-couldn't sleep so I get up early and take a test BFN, bummed even though I know its early, sharp pain/cramp in my right side (the side I ovulated on this month) while at work.
11DPO-lots of cramping, I'm sure AF is coming and I'm totally bummed. Thought I was full on PMS because I cried at work.
12DPO-woke up in the AM and thought my boobs felt different so I decided to test (CVS store brand), about to toss the test after 3-4 minutes when I see a faint line indicating positive!!! I yell to my husband and tell him we had to run to the store and buy more brands. Tested on EPT, and First Response all faint positives. Headache later that month.
13DPO-darker positive this morning still not as dark as I'd like, headache throughout the day and very sensitive to smells!
14PO-BFP on Clearblue Digital--The word "pregnant" is a wonderful thing!! BBs are a little tender, headache.

Blood work is on 16PO, so I hope all is well. I have probably taken well over 50 pregnancy tests in the past 5 years and I just can't believe that I finally have a positive one!

Baby dust to all of you!! I fully believe in prayer and had many ppl. praying for us! Keep trying it will happen, look at the other amazing success stories on here! Thank you to all of you for supporting me by being to able to read your posts!!

BFP after 9 years of infertility from endometriosis

I'm very excited to finally post here because I have been reading symptoms for years! I have never had a BFP before now so I'm really excited to post! DH and I have been TTC for 9 years, after 4 years of no success on our own, I finally went to seek help from a Endocrinologist.  She put me on Clomid and IUIs, which all failed.  Next she said I should do IVF.  IVF is so expensive, so I flew to Europe to do it. The whole experience was fantastic, but unfortunately the IVF didn't take.  That was a year ago this month.  Coming home with no baby was devastating, especially after that expense.  I quit going to the gym, and bought a clear blue easy fertility monitor and tried on my own again for a few months.  I have been suffering from endo pain since my teens, but never was treated for it because I was scared of surgery.  Finally I gave up and had the surgery done last month.  The dr found that my ovary had an endometrioma, but my ovary was also fused to my pelvic wall.  She did not unfuse it in fear that it would damage my ovary.  My other organs were fused together too, because I had stage 2/3 endometriosis!!  I had no idea it was that bad.  It was so bad that my gallbladder was fused to my Liver. Anyhow, I recovered quickly, and my next cycle I went in for an IUI.  IT WORKED.

3DP IUI - I felt nauseous, so badly that I felt like I was having AF! I know this was too early for implantation, but it was to be noted
6DP IUI - Thanksgiving day. I had a small glass of wine, but Nausea and jabbing pains on my left and then right side near my ovaries made me stop. Strange sensation!
7DP IUI - Felt nausea while preparing for a housewarming party at my home. It almost knocked me down, it was that strong.
8DP IUI - Soreness in breasts, jabbing pains in my uterus, not so much a pain, but more of a poke, as if someone just put their finger on my belly and poked me.  I got these pokes and stretching pains til I tested BFP, and they still continue
9DP IUI - My pee smelled weird. Breasts sore in the armpits, and they itched!! right near the nip on only my right breast
10DP IUI - Got a metallic taste in my mouth. so strange! Breasts continue to hurt on and off, but it doesnt always hurt when I touch them. Just when I'm lying still they start to ache on their own.
11DP IUI - I started to get a cough, which turned into a sore throat that night.
12 DP IUI - I woke up with a full blown fever and flu like symptoms. I knew I had to call the dr to get treatment because I had to fly for work the next Monday.  Told the dr I might be pregnant, and she gave me a ZPACK which is safe to take when pregnant.  When picking up my prescription, got a Clearblue Digital test.

When I took the test, I came out to wait with DH.  When the timer was up, I couldn't bear to read another negative test after 9 years. I made him go look.... his reaction was: "oh my god"  and I broke down in tears.

13 DP IUI - Brown spotting with wiping only, and never again!!

It's possible! I'm proof!  DH was borderline with his quality of swimmers, and I had moderate Endometriosis.  We conceived!