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BFP Stories

Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives


Intrauterine insemination, the infertility treatment in which sperm are placed directly in the uterus at the time of ovulation, is certainly one way to get your BFP. If you're undergoing (or considering) IUI, then this is the page for you!

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BFP with Clomid and Double IUIs

Sorry I took so long to reply back w my 2WW symptoms! My baby is 7 months old today, so these symptoms were in 2007.) Thanks again for your wonderful site! I have a good friend who is TTC and I refered her to your site. She's so happy! I'm going to be TTC again, soon, so I'll be on your site soon, as well! Anyway, here's my story:

(March 23rd) CD3-7 - Clomid - 100 mg

CD12 - HCG injection

CD13 - IUI # 1, R ovary cramp, ^cm, nap!

CD14 - IUI # 2, sniffles/runny nose, tired, burst into tears over Hawaii photo (my family is Hawaiian), sharp pains R BB's on side

(April 4th) CD15/IDPO - sharp cramps in lower R abdomen & R leg

2DPO - sharp L back pain, canker sore

5DPO - stuffy/runny nose, itchy throat, all day

6DPO - starving by 11am

7DPO - starving by 11am, back pain, sharp pain in lower R abd, vivid dreams

8DPO - sore nips, starving by 11am, sharp pain in lower L abd, diarrhia

9DPO - slight nausea, stuffy nose, dreams, starving, tingly/itchy nips

10DPO - dreams, tingly nips, twinges on R side abd (lower and upper)

11DPO - dreams, lower back ache, bleeding gums, pulling from side abd to uterus

12DPO - slightly sore BBs/nips, dreams, bleeding gums, period-like cramps (in PM)

13DPO - sore BBs/nips, dreams, slight nausea, very faint BFP on HPT

(April 17th) 14DPO - Blood test - BFP! HCG=130, Progesterone=30

Thanks again!

BFP with first Clomid/IUI cycle

This month was our first IUI/Clomid cycle for male factor (6-7% morphology). We have been ttc our first baby for 12 months. I am 30, dh is 31.

My Clomid experience was very unusual as I felt terrific while taking it on cd 5-9 but horrible for a few days afterwards. I lost several clumps of hair and had very depressing thoughts. I had cramps, especially from my left ovary, from the first day I started Clomid, through the IUI, finally stopping on 4 dpiui.

This cycle was clearly different, as I hardly had any symptoms compared to what I normally get...

cd 5-O = cramps started
cd 13-13 = detect LH surge through OPK
cd 15 = IUI
1-4 dpiui = cramping, esp from the left ovary
5-7 dpiui = very odd and real dreams, very fatigued, somewhat irritable, lots of CM, constipated, dizzy when I turn my head quickly
8dpiui = tons of energy, happy, CM continues
9dpiui = very faint BFP on Equate brand HPT (only reason I tested this early was because I was getting on a plane and needed to know if I could take motion sickness meds)
no energy, irritable, pulling cramps, one very strong vaginal cramp that went down leg, bb's starting to ache - not as much as a usual cycle, dizzy at times
10dpiui = another faint BFP on Equate, went to buy Clearblue Easy brand and still a BFP, lots of CM
11dpiui = darker BFP on Clearblue

We have been using preseed, dh sat on cold packs and took multivitamin, bd every two days throughout cycle

What we did differently this cycle: went completely vegan (found out animal products contain so many hormones that it is bad for us and baby, we have just decided to raise the baby vegan), added IUI and Clomid.


EARLY PREGNANCY SYMPTOMS W/PCOS My husband & I have been trying to conceive for about 1 year & have exercised more pointed efforts for about 7 months. This BFP was both a surprise & a blessing! Thank you Lord! We went to see an RE for the first time b/c 3 cycles of clomid failed. We wanted to switch to femara & escalate our efforts to make it happen this time. She told me I have a mild case of PCOS w/a very light resistance to insulin. So she put me on metformin & said I'd need to diet (low carb, low sugar), exercise (abt 3 x a week) & take the meds – all 3, not 1 or 2 – if I wanted to get pg. I also met w/a dietician that my RE recommended to help ensure I adopted a proper pcos compatible diet. I'm not one for exercising so that was a huge adjustment. The dietician helped me understand it by explaining that not only does exercise help w/weight loss, but it also aids the medication's effectiveness. I committed to the tri-fold plan & here is my story. Hopefully someone will be blessed by them as much as I have been blessed by reading others. 1 day before ovulation - took hcg novarel shot today, which i believe means i ovulate in 12-48 hours.

BFP with Injectibles/IUI

I have been TTC for 2 1/2 yrs. Started Clomid and IUI in 2005 with no luck. On to injectables in 2006. This was my 5th cycle with injectables

I had IUI.
This was a strange cycle for me. I started spotting on CD 10 and 11, I though the cycle was a loss. My bbs started being sore on CD 16 and on CD 19 (the day of my IUI) I had a tight feeling and mild cramps all day
7dpiui - Had slight _cramps_ and bb's still hurting, BFN
8dpiui - I was spotting, had to use tampon was sure AF was around the corner
9dpiui - Red and pink spotting over, turned to icky brown stuff
10dpiui - Brown spotting over. Craving tomatoes like they are going out of style
11dpiui - BFP during afternoon test, another one 20 min later
12dpiui - Called Dr.. and was sent in to hospital for blood test, came back at 119 HCG, had craps all day for 14dpiui - To hospital for 2nd blood test, 345 HCG this time, more than double!
The only things we did different this month was to use Instead cups, eat ice cream every day (I read that full fat dairy helps to increase fertility, at this point I would try anything), and we started using over the counter progesterone cream every day after the IUI.
Thanks and all you TTC women are in my prayers

BFP with Double IUI/Male Factor/PCOS

I have been hesitant about announcing this, b/c I am afraid of jinxing myself!!

After a year of infertility (PCOS and MFI after VR) we are pregnant! Tuesday my beta was 22 and the p4 was 14.7, then Thursday it went to 50 with a p4 of 21.3. We are in shock!!! We went through 4 cycles of IUI to get here!! This cycle we did a double insemination. The first IUI this cycle dhs total motile count was 1.2 million, and day 2 it was 6.8 million with a motility grade of 2!!! I had 1 or 2 follies. Although I have 2 pos betas, and increasing p4 and I have m/s I still think it must be a joke!!! I just had beta #3 drawn and I should get those results in a few hours.

Have hope ladies, I wasn't all to sure this day would ever come and now we have been blessed!!!!

BFP with IUI/Pergonal/HCG/Progesterone

I was crampy the first 10 days post IUI and my bbs killed! Then, after 10dpiu, NOTHING. My bbs were not sore at all and no twinges or cramps, no symptoms at all. I also had no spotting which I always do pre-AF, but was on progesterone so that usually stops it pregnant or not. The ONLY weird sign I had was at 11 or 12 dpiu (until now) I would wake up in the middle of the night with major hunger pains- I just felt starved. I remained hungry all the time from 4 weeks until 6 weeks, with no other symptoms, then m/s (dizziness/nausea and hunger pains all the same time started occuring ). AND, my bbs started hurting. Since about 5 weeks, I've had a TON of very dark yellow CM. I have just started to have to pee all the time (at 8 weeks).

Good luck to everyone!

Three failed Clomid rounds 50mg
Four failed months of acupuncture/herbs
Lap-Stage II Endo removed/HSG=CLEAR

BFP with Clomid/IUI, after Miscarriage

After conceiving easily this past summer, but then sadly miscarrying at 10 weeks in October, my husband and I struggled to get pregnant a second time. After a few months of trying I went an RE who put me on Clomid. It worked the first time!

I was on my frist round of Clomid (100 mg day 3 & 4 and 50 Mg days 5- 7) and had an IUI on 15 DPO (because my cm was too thick), the day I Ovulated.

I am delighted to finally be able to share my symptoms with you after spending many months reading everybody else's!

4 DPO/DPIUI - sharp, stabbing pain in left side, sizeable amount of CM
5 DPO/IUI - sharp stabbing pains in left and right side, sizeable amount of CM
6 DPO/IUI - stabbing pains continued alternately on both sides, they were like sharp cramps, still a lot of CM
7 DPO/IUI - temp shot from about 97.8 - 98.6, still sharp pains, especially when I moved a lot for example: bending over to put my shoes on, still more CM than usual, temp staying around 98.6
8 DPO/IUI - still had the pains, but now they were dull and crampy and not as often, still a decent amount of CM, it was kind of thick and chunky with a yellowish tint, temp still lingering around 98.6
9 DPO/IUI - still had the pains, but fewer of them, still had decent amount of CM, temp still around 98.6
10 DPO/IUI Lingering pains, fewer and farther between, temp still at 98.6, less CM, but still obviously there... broke down and took a test - BFN, could not have been more negative
11 DPO/IUI Woke up with terrible headache behind my right eye. It lasted all day, I never get headaches, so I thought maybe perhaps this is a sign, still had the cramps but now they were dull, temp still at 98.6
12 DPO/IUI tested again, again BFN, temp still right around 98.6, not as much cm, felt like I was getting my period, crampy and crying all day
13 DPO/IUI Woke up and temped 98.6... BFP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It wasn't super dark but it was a shade darker than faint. It was definitely there, not as much cm today, very tired, not very crampy, so happy that no matter how much pain I had I wouldn't have been able to feel it
14 DPO/IUI Super bright BFP this morning, temp still at 98.6, went to dr who confirmed it - HCG 160, Progesterone: 26. The nurse said those numbers are wonderful!!!

I say a prayer everynight that this pregnancy ends on a happier note than the last and I spread baby dust and best wishes to you all!

BFP with Clomid/IUI - 38 yrs old

I have been TTC for 2 1/2 yrs. Started Clomid and IUI in 2004

I had IUI 03-08-2006.

The 2WW was so long for me. I felt though that things were going to be good this time around. Other than the fact that I prayed all the time, I knew that God was in it and this was my 3rd IUI. I just felt ready and positive. I had sore bb's from 10dpiui and it just got worse.
11dpiu - I felt like I was counting every minute.Had slight cramps and bb's still hurting
12dpiui - I told myself I had to relax and wait it out.Of course, I did not. Got BFN
13dpiui - I finally could not wait anymore and decided to test. Got a very faint line and I said nothing to my husband as I wanted to be sure.
14dpiui - I finally decided to test again and immediately called my doctor. First thing I told him was that my boobs are major sore and I feel this is it.
I am now 17dpiui and yes it's still hurting but I am too excited to let sore bb's get me down.
I have an ultrasound scheduled for April 5.
Thank you for the positive info and I want to wish everybody well and hope that they all stay positive and pray and ask God for that little miracle to happen.
Blesings and baby dust to all.
From a very excited 38yr old!

BFP with Clomid/HCG Trigger/IUI

I finally am willing to make the big announcement - I'm pregnant! Yesterday would have been my 23 month anniversary of ttc. I got my beta numbers from yesterday back at 275! Can you tell I'm excited?

There are a couple of things everyone always wants to know when someone announces a pregnancy: What did you differently and What were/are your symptoms?

What we did differently

-We did a Clomid/Repronex cycle
-hCG shot
-IUI (#2 - our first IUI was w/ just Clomid)
-added yams to my diet
-added avocado to DH's diet
-completely stopped eating sugar
-drank decaf green tea instead of the full-caff white tea for CM
-used pre-seed (we've done this for several months)
-did NOT use Instead cups (we'd done that for about nine months)
-HSG was done on April 13, so still w/in the 3 mos of increased fertility post HSG
-BDed a LOT. Even when we were sure we were past O date, we continued to BD
-used fertility monitor instead of OPKs


Honestly, I've had so many terrible s/e from Clomid, I can't tell you which symptoms I had/have were Clomid or Repronex related and which weren't, but here's a list:

-very thirsty
-frequent urination
-very bad AF type cramps
-lower back pain
-oily skin
-pimples on my shoulders and bumps on my upper arms (never had this happen before)
-smell of coffee, which I love, makes me sick
-smell of chocolate, which I love, makes me sick
-craving salty foods (I hate salty foods normally)

BFP Symptoms - Clomid/IUI

I just received a BFP through my first IUI + Clomid and was monitored very carefully by my doctor. I had ultrasounds and bloodwork 3X per week to monitor for OHSS and to count the number of follicles to avoid insemination with too many eggs (reduced chance of high-order multiples).

My early pg symptoms:
1 - 6 dpiui - nothing
7 dpiui - constipation, this continues
8 dpiui - nothing, tested BFN
9 dpiui - felt a funny cramp in my right side, almost a 'poking' feeling but kind of painful. Had the same poking feeling again later the same day.
10 dpiui - sore bb's (I don't ususally get this before AF)
11 dpiui - more sore bb's, AF cramps, was convinced AF was starting, woke up 2X in the night to pee
12 dpiui - tested with FMU, definite BFP on FRER HPT. Beta in 2 days