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BFP Stories

Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives


Intrauterine insemination, the infertility treatment in which sperm are placed directly in the uterus at the time of ovulation, is certainly one way to get your BFP. If you're undergoing (or considering) IUI, then this is the page for you!

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BFP* iui first time

Same sex relationship 13yrs, highschool sweethearts. Graduated college ready for a family so we went right to a reproductive specialist. No major issues with fertility just no male partner. We used a sperm bank and they did our iui. During my cycle we used clomid... trigger shot(thigh) and iui 36hrs after trigger shot. No other meds. I was pregnant on our first try. So it's very much possible. 1dpiui bloated ovary pain 2dpiui bloated ovary pain 3dpiui ovary twinges dizzy 4dpiui ovary pain, dizzy when I initially stand up 5dpiui uterus and ovary pain 6dpiui gassy/burning in stomach and sharp/pulling sensation in groin 7dpiui nausea and light cramps 8dpiui nausea on/off entire day started at 11a, fatigue on/off, slightly soar breast/nipple, two vivid dreams that night 9dpiui very sharp ovary pain on right, nausea, fatigue, tested at 1107p BFP 11dpiui blood test BFP 13dpiui doubling HCG numbers remained BFP She came 3 day early 6lbs 3oz Blessings and pregnancy dust to you all.

Exactly 12 Months of Trying, 1st IUI w/ Femara, Low Count, Success!

Here's my story to help others still in the process. It'll happen, just keep doing what you're doing. Husband and I both are 31. Got off BC February of last year. Like many others I naively thought we'd conceive right away. In my excitement, I blabbed about it to everyone which later backfired as I kept being asked. Pro tip: Keep it to yourself if you can! For the first three months off BC I didn't get my period which was very unnerving. Finally got it, after some acupuncture and vitex, and kept trying. Started temping- never got a clear chart. Gave up on temping. Tried ovulation tests which were hit or miss. More acupuncture. More BFNs. Cycles erratic. I exercise regularly, drink infrequently and in moderation, and started taking supplements like bee pollen, spirulina, B12, Vitamin D, baby aspirin. Friends got pregnant by blinking, had babies, talked breastfeeding and whatever, while I carried on living that BFN life. In November I went to a specialist, was told I have mild PCOS i.e. I don't ovulate every month. Husband's count perfect. Started monitoring. Then December took Clomid which made me crazy and found out made my lining very thin. January Femara, BFN. Then February we decided to go forward with IUI with Femara because why not? Insurance covered it. Trigger shot the day before then the morning of IUI my husband's count was at 2.9 million which the doctor told us was very low. They did it anyways, offering for us to go for second IUI at their other location an hour away the next day if we wanted to. We decided against it (didn't want to make it more stressful than necessary.) Evening of IUI I had a beer at a friend's birthday and then we had sex that night and again the next afternoon. Doc had me take estradriol to support lining. Because of the low count I was pretty sure it was a no go this month. On top of that I had practically no symptoms (while other months I was CONVINCED we had conceived because I'd be feeling everything: sore breasts, tingling nipples, bloating, pulling, etc.) All I felt this month was like my period was about to start the entire week before the day it was due and I was PMSy af. So: DPO 1-7 nothing but some creamy CM DPO 8 - very faint blood after sex. Mild cramping. DPO 9 - Got anxious, took test, BFN. Mild period-like cramping. DPO 10 - PMS, crabby, barely tinted CM, little watery CM DPO 12 - PMS, slight sharpness behind bellybutton, wet but no spotting (CD27, day before period due.) DPO 13 - PMS cramps. Sex, no spotting. Period due. DPO 14 - Dark blown/black blood, not full flow. Figured it was my period, used tampon. Disappointed, drank a glass of wine with dinner, a beer later on in the evening. Later in the night realized something was up when tampon was practically clear. Hello implantation bleeding? DPO 15 - Took cheapie wondfo test first AM urine. Couldn't believe I was seeing a second line for the first time ever. BFP! Took two more cheapies later in the day, both positive. DPO 16 - And another, BFP. DPO 17 - FRER two lines right away. DPO 18 - Blood test at doctor's office. Confirmed! Relieved and hoping the next part goes smoothly. We haven't told anyone yet as we're both still stunned. Also gonna work on the whole keeping it to myself thing for a while until we learn a little more about how this pregnancy is going. But thanks for letting me at least share here, anonymously, with all of you! I know it's tough and can be a real mind-fuck with each passing month. Just remember you're a person first with interests, good qualities, and other attainable goals and that (hopefully) you and your partner like each other for reasons other than just becoming parents together. Good luck out there.

Positive doing our 5th iui!

I actually have a bfp story of my own finally! My wife and I have been trying since July to get pregnant by iui. We are both 25 and mutually agreed that I would go first in trying to get pregnant because she has rheumatoid arthritis so she would have to be off her medication for at least a year and then not get to take anything for her pain while pregnant. We have gone through 5 iui's- the first was natural, second was a miscarriage with letrizole only, third only took letrizole but no luck, fourth time I got put on letrizole and menopur (made me produce a lot of follicles but still went along with it) and the fifth time I was on letrizole and Follistim. I had 2 follicles (18mm and 19mm). We also had the same donor through the whole process. Each time we tried again we tried to do something different. When we started our fifth cycle we decided if this didn't work then we were going to take a break and try Ivf because the dr recommended it. With this cycle I tried to be as relaxed as possible to not even think about maybe I am or am not pregnant. I had a few glasses of wine at our date night with friends at my favorite steak house. I had read about women eating pineapple cores for 6 days or so to help with implantation. I decided to give it a try even though my wife thought I was crazy, but eventually she got crazy too making sure I had pineapple sliced and ready for me. I ate it for the whole two week wait just because I love pineapple. I also started taking different vitamins before this cycle. I was always on prenatal vitamins but our good friend told us about ID life and the vitamins being super pure with no fillers like some you buy at the store, plus less than half the price than my prenatals the dr prescribed me, and that some of his friends that had been trying for years to conceive got pregnant after starting ID life. So I was like I'll give it a try. I took a health assessment which does ask if your trying to conceive and about your diet and health in general. Then I had our friend who is a dr look over and make sure I was taking everything needed while trying to conceive. I had to take two trigger shots again this round. The first was before our iui the second was 6 days after to help with implantation. So basically that meant I could take a home pregnancy test. Ugh it was killin me. But I couldn't resist and I wanted to watch myself test out. So at 11 dpiui I started with my cheapies. I got a super faint line. So we continued for another day and noticed the line get darker. We decided to go buy better one and I'm glad we did because we got to watch the line get darker everyday. It was a great feeling but we still were nervous because this happened with our miscarriage. So after our two week wait was up which always feels like forever we went to the dr which was on 16 dpiui because of my work schedule I couldn't go when the dr wanted which was only one day sooner. We waited for our phone call at the hospital visiting my cousins baby. Man did baby fever get super crazy when holding a newborn. We were on our way home and they called and said congratulations your pregnant! Your Hcg is 462 and progesterone was 80. They said come back in 3 days and we think you'll be above 1,000. Well today was our blood work again and my Hcg was 1235. Yay! We got to schedule our first ultrasound:))) the only symptom I have had so far has been heartburn and I didn't have any implantation spotting just some small random cramps that lasted like 3 seconds. It's a rough journey but it's so worth it to keep going. I lived on this site for the past 8 months and it really helped to read other women's stories about trying to conceive.

IUI success

I promised Myself I would come back and post when I got my BFP - we had an IUI due to unknown issues and during procedure found my cervix was tilted which I am thinking was part of issues getting Prego/ the swimmers had a bigger challenge than most. We used clomid and then a trigger shot. I had ZERO symptoms. I say this bc month after month I would symptom spot and was always disappointed. I did not have EWCM this month, in fact I had a tiny amount of discharge daily after procedure which I assumed was from meds- just barely enough to notice it. I didn't have sore boobs, I wasn't crazy emotional- I didn't feel sick; maybe just a little tired but I was also busy so I didn't think anything of it. So here is to hoping for a successful pregnancy and a healthy baby

Still in shock!

I had to share my news since I was always scrolling through these stories looking for hope! After 16 months of TTC and 1 failed IUI. I just got my first ever BFP from my 2nd IUI with Letrozole. This was my first month since we started trying to conceive that I stopped basal temping after confirming ovulation. It really helped me to not over analyze everything! I didn't even Google IUI stuff this time around! And it really helped take the stress off. Anyways, on 14dpiui I woke up with a couple bright pink spots when I wiped and thought FOR SURE I was getting my period so I cried and cried. Then I had a little brown spotting throughout the day but my full on period never came! I thought for sure I'd wake up the next morning with cramps and the whole shabang but nothing but a tiny tiny amount of brown discharge. I really didn't want to take a test though because I was so afraid and really thought my period was coming! But yesterday morning, 16dpiui, when I woke up with still no period, I took my first test and got my BFP! I couldn't believe it! And today is my birthday! So it was a great early birthday present! I went in for blood work today so I'm hoping everything looks good and it sticks! For those of you who have been trying for what seems like an eternity, don't lose hope. It will happen!

For all of us TTC who have been told "just relax!"

This post is dedicated to all of us who have wanted to punch someone in the face when they told us to "just relax" and we would get pregnant. I literally had everything go wrong, had a super stressful month, and got my BFP. My hubby and I have been trying since 2011. That's five long years if you are counting at home. Two years of trying (my hubby travels a lot for work, we gave it extra time), an unexplained infertility diagnosis, two more years of "not trying" and "just relaxing" and three medicated IUI's. Our first IUI resulted in a chemical pregnancy. I was so traumatized that I waited a year before trying one again. Our second IUI I got massages, took things easy, went to see a Chiropractor, and did yoga daily. BFN. This last month on the day I was supposed to go into my RE's for my day three ultrasound I felt like I had been runover by a truck. Was this allergies or a cold? MY RE told me to come in anyway. I live in Central Texas and have been braving a bout of Cedar Fever (think a Cold that lasts for several weeks until Cedar Pollen levels go down). I lost my voice, had fatigue, coughing, phlegm, you name it. To make things better, in 11 years of being a real estate agent, I had my busiest January EVER. I was working 7 days a week, handling lots of clients, and FLIPPING STRESSED. Between the work, fertility drugs, and cedar fever alone I became very unpleasant for my hubby to be around. THEN, my husband gets a call about an entire work project being shutdown. This results in him leaving his job and starting a new business just about a year ahead of schedule and one week before our IUI. I'm covering as much as I can with my job, I feel like crap, and now the breadwinner of our family has just started a brand new business. Awesome. We were so busy and I was just trying to SURVIVE. I didn't even have much time to worry about our fertility treatment this month. I was the girl in her RE's office working on my laptop before my appointment. After our IUI, I ate lunch and was back to work with meeting clients immediately. I didn't really have a choice. I was on Clomid, Gonal-F, and had a trigger shot. This was the first time we used a fresh sample for hubby and his counts were lower than they had been in the past. I don't remember motility, but his counts were about 13 million. I had two follicles mature and a small one that was a maybe. I had no symptoms that were different from my normal cycle until last week. With our chemical pregnancy I noticed a few days before our BFP, I would wake up every night between 1-3 AM. I started doing this again. However, when I get stressed and busy with my job I tend not to sleep very well. I wasn't sure if I wasn't sleeping due to stress or hormones. I also noticed no spotting. I typically can spot anywhere from 3-7 days before my period starts. Even when I had my chemical. To this day (15DPIUI) I have had no spotting whatsoever, except for right after our IUI. I did have some cramping on and off during the 2WW which isn't abnormal for me. Part of the problem with being on fertility drugs is that you don't know what is the drugs and what are early pregnancy symptoms. I finally broke down and tested 12DPIUI because my boobs were hurting more than normal (but they normally are full and achy at this point in my cycle). To my surprise, it was a BFP. I had my betas today and it came back at 156. We go back for more blood tests on Wednesday to see if numbers are rising. I'm cautiously optimistic. We've never gotten this far before!! So yeah, you can be stressed as hell and still get a BFP.
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BFP 3rd IUI - Donor Sperm

As most of us do I stalked this site the last 6 months looking for a glimmer of hope or a match to any of my symptoms during the 2ww praying for a positive pregnancy. This month on Jan 15th I finally got my BFP! Here is a little background on our situation: I am 33, my husband is 37 and a diabetic who wears an insulin pump. We tried on our own for a couple years and finally this past June decided it wasn't working (and I wasn't getting any younger!) so we sought the help of a fertility specialist. After going through all the rounds of testing we got the news that my husband's SA came back with 14,000 sperm (yes 14K not 14million!) and of those there was only 8% motility. We were dead in the water, both physically and emotionally. Our fertility specialist informed us our only chances at a child would be IVF with my husband sperm OR IUI with donor sperm. At first he was adamantly against the idea of a donor so we opted for him to take Clomid to increase his counts. Two months passed and when it was time for him to do another SA he decided he didn't want to risk the chance of possibly passing on the diabetes, as his father and grandmother both had it as well. He didn't want to put our future child through the trauma of dealing with the disease that he feels robs him of so many luxuries in life, including carbs! It was an extremely selfless decision on his part and we worked through the scenario weekly with each other- some days talking, other days yelling and fighting, until we both came around to the idea. Once we were on the same page and as our last step we went to a counselor to gain the sign off needed to begin the process through our fertility doctor. Finally we were back on track to having a child! After doing all the research we picked our donor and had our 1st IUI in October- (Femara cd 3-7) 2ww - BFN! November came and using the CB Digital opk we missed our ovulation, I was devastated, but we told ourselves we must have missed it for a reason. December -IUI #2 (Femara again cd 3-7)- This round I tracked all my symptoms. I had the cramping, nausea after day 10, fatigue, aching breasts, diarrhea, and bloating. I was positive during this 2ww that I was pregnant. Day 14 - BFN! Seriously?! Ugh! AF didn't start till Day 19, what a tease. (Btw the day we got our BFN we found out my Father in law needed a quadruple bypass and 3 days later my husband was hospitalized for an infection - we all spent the week of Christmas in the hospital, FUN!!) Which brings us to Christmas Day(cd3), we were out of the hospital and went out of town. That evening we realized I had forgotten my Femara at home and would need to drive back the next morning so I could begin taking it a day late. At this point I just want 2015 to be over! (Femara cd 4-8), New Years Eve, yay a new year!! New Years Day- LH surge - IUI #3 scheduled for Jan 2nd (thank GOD this happened in 2016!) I decided this round I wasn't going to track anything and get my hopes up again. I did notice low back pain the night of Day 10 into Day 11 but with no spotting. I did my best to ignore it, which wasn't hard since by day 11/12 I was fully cramping and sure AF was coming in a couple days. No other symptoms AT ALL, no sore boobs, no bloating, no cm, and instead of feeling fatigued I felt like I was jittery when I would wake up. Day 13- My husband has left for work and sent me a text to ask if I had tested yet (I knew he had forgotten it was a day early and we shouldn't test until the following day, but at this point I just wanted to get it over with and have a glass of wine). I test with FMU expecting nothing and glance over as I'm flushing, what?!!? OMG I swear there is the faintest of faint lines...barely! I send the pic to my husband and he can't see it, he says to wait and we will test again tomorrow.... Tomorrow? That ship has sailed, I'm on my way to the store for a ClearBlue digi! Test with CB - BFN, I'm depressed, but still hopeful with my faint faint lined Early Response knockoff. I call the doc, admit I cheated a day early, and go for the blood test... Hcg- 17, Progesterone - 40. Yay I'm just barely pregnant on Day 13!! :D (btw I tested again with CB digital on Day 15 and still got BFN so I no longer trust CB since they failed me on OPK as well) Here were my numbers: Day 13- Hcg 17, Progesterone 40 Day 16- Hcg 203, Progesterone 43 Day 23- Hcg 2970, Progesterone 37 Still praying daily for a sticky baby! This site really helped keep me positive during those dreaded 2ww's. I thank everyone who contributes to this site and pray for all the women who read daily as I did, Baby Dust to ALL!!

I'm WHAT???? (36 with Endometriosis, be damned!)

(after trying for 5+ years, almost a full year with fertility doctor, and endometriosis pain from hell just about every month) This was the one month I didn't chart all of my symptoms, because I was supposed to be doing IVF. While starting the IVF process of taking BCP to regulate, insurance decided to rescind their approval due to some policy changes. Frustrating to have to wait another month, to say the least, but once I got my period the IUI process began yet again. There were 3x injections daily for a while again. I had a few good follicles over 19 in size, but since it was so similar to the last IUI cycle, I was careful not to get my hopes up. Ovidrel, 1st IUI next day, 2nd IUI day after... old hat. My breasts were sore over a week before my period was due, but my PMS is ruthless so it didn't really stand out. I also got reflux and indigestion a bit but, again, this is not very unusual. Especially when it's cold outside (for some reason, it exacerbates my IBS). I guess when I noticed that my already large breasts felt kind of "in the way" and bigger, I should have suspected something. I don't know if the extra twinges I felt in my abdomen were a sign, or just more IBS stuff either. But today, I had my blood test. I got the call from my doctor's office at 2:42pm saying, "Congratulations! We're all so happy for you! And your numbers look really good. They're 182. We just need you to come back in on Friday for the repeat..." I had no clue what to say, and I was right in the middle of work. I just blurted out "I don't even know how to react right now. I'm probably going to sneak into the bathroom to cry" which was met with giggles. Those nurses knew how frustrating this all was. Sure enough, I did just that right before I called my husband. We're excited and nervous at the same time. Cross your fingers that my numbers jump up by Friday!!! (And to anyone reading this and thinking "will that ever be me?", I send positive vibes that 2016 is your year too. I sure as hell didn't think it was going to happen!)

Natural IUI

Hey ladies! As most of us say, this website helped us during the lengthy two week wait so I wanted to post my symptoms. We've done one other IUI that didn't work and this was the second one - confirmed BFP this morning! You have no idea how excited we are!! Baby dust to you all! We managed to find a midwife to come to our home and do the insemination. The whole timing thing was exhausting. SO MANY negative OPK's. Then finally a smiley face! I am convinced the first IUI did not take because we did it about 24hrs after the positive OPK instead of the recommended 36hrs. So second round we did the 36hrs and I laid in bed for 90 minutes. 1-7 DPO: Not much symptoms except after the IUI I am usually sore in my lower pelvic area. Just like a bruise but on the inside of your body. 7 DPO: I'd say I definitely started to have the PMS symptoms - very tender and sore breasts (mostly on the outer sides), moody. 8-9 DPO: Same PMS symptoms wet CM but not much for color, etc. Had a couple hot flashes. Very tender and sore breasts. Decided to take a test even though I felt it was too early.. sure enough BFN (ClearBlue Digital) 10 DPO: A slight cramping or heaviness started early AM and most of the day at work. Also a pulling/twinge filling on the lower right side. Kept running to the bathroom to see if there was blood but nothing! AF is due any time so thought for sure she was coming. Took another pregnancy test after work and tried EPT this time to see if the lines would give me some hope... it was very very faint but I swear it was a positive. Still a slight cramping or heaviness all the way till bed time. Very tender and sore breasts. 11 DPO: Woke up at 1AM STARVING which never happens (I even had a big meal before bed) and I was have some cramping still and was gassy (could have been the beans at dinner though). Had a hard time sleeping and all I could think about was how odd it was having the little cramping for 24hrs but no blood? That has never happened before with previous AF's so at 6AM I took another pregnancy test... it took maybe 10secs and it was BFP!!!! (Another ClearBlue Digital). All the times I took the ClearBlue it would take the full 3min to give me a BFN but this time it happened so fast there was definitely no coincidence! I was reading about the cramping and it could definitely be implantation.. (no blood). Even getting PAP Smears would give me this heaviness/bruised feeling so I think I am just sensitive to the implantation. ALSO, I read that the placenta burrows into your uterus as well to provide the oxygen and blood supply to the baby so maybe that is starting? Not sure but either way... praying for a healthy baby to start off 2016!

BFP after vas reversal and iui

SO here it is! My bfp story! WHat! I'm going to be honest and say that I didn't see this happening. I was at my breaking point. I was sick of the meltdowns every month and sick of people looking at me like they are sad for me. I will never forget how hard infertility is. my husband had his reversal feb of 2014. We conceived oct of 2015! It took time to be able to have the money for the surgery. Of course, insurance wont cover anything to do with conceiving but will pay 100% on birth control! Ugh! Ok here is how this cycle went... C3-C7 I took femera and my prenatal vitamin before bed. p.s Femera was great for me! Clomid was bad! I did 5 months of Clomid (3- 50mg and 2-100mg) I lost my mind. It works for people and my body did what it was suppose to but I was losing my mind. Cd 12- Ultrasound of follicles one was 18mm and one was 26mm! I triggered shot that night. cd13- My first iui was done at noon! DH sperm was 8.6 total motile sperm. I believe they said they want it to be b/w 5-10. It didn't hurt at all! Everything went good. I did though ask the tech if there was enough sperm in the cup and embarrassed my poor DH. Geeze, there was nothing I wouldn't do to make this happen while still in the back of my head i had all the doubt in the world. cd 24- = :( :(. I was silly to do this but I told myself that it will be ok (So I thought I did) Took at prego test that afternoon and BPN! I lost my s**t! I have to say that ranked top 3 meltdowns. Cd 27- This day would make me 14 DPO but I didn't take a test. I was over it this month and decided I was going to wait till after the first of the year to even think about trying again after that meltdown I had. Cd 28- I woke up, no period, no symptoms of nothing, and decided to use morning pee bc I didn't do that on that Tuesday. I got in the shower and didn't think nothing else about that test. 20 mins later is when I went and checked it, 2 Lines! BFP! I yelled for my dh to hurry in there. Our faces were in shocked. It was a cheepy test and my expensive test froze up and didn't work. I went and bought another one and another BFP! Now that I am one week away from being in my second trimester I look back at what infertility done to me and how it tore my dh apart to. I wish couples didn't have to go through this. I still look at my bfp test that i have in a picture and think about how much i just needed to see that. People would tell me just stop pushing it so hard and it will happen., I dont believe that still to this day. I feel like God knew when it was going to be our turn but I needed to meet certain people ( fertility clinic) to get us where we are today. Its going to happen for you like it finally has for us! Baby dust!
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