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BFP Stories

Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives


Intrauterine insemination, the infertility treatment in which sperm are placed directly in the uterus at the time of ovulation, is certainly one way to get your BFP. If you're undergoing (or considering) IUI, then this is the page for you!

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IUI#2 All things are possible with God

Hello All,
Iam so thrilled and excited to announce I'm Pregnant.... (First time ever I'm got positive pregnancy test in 4years). I would like to Thank God for this special blessing in my life after 4years and I have been visiting this site almost 1 year now and it's gives so much hope to read the BFP stories.
I hope my story helps someone who is going through the same thing.
I and my Husband are married and TTC for 4years now and I was diagnosed with severe Pcos and Hypothyriod. I never had a period on my own I always have to take medication to jump start my periods. We are basically from India moved to USA a year and half ago for my hubby's work and back in India tired few things like clomid and femara and injectables nothing worked and Hubby's sperm analysis looked great and for me we got the follicular study done which showed my follicles are not growing to definite size and HSG done both tubes were clear. After moving to United States,I started workout and I lost around 15lbs and then we planned to start over the treatment and visited OBGYN and she did all the blood work which look good, however without wasting much time she referred us to fertility specialist and there doc gave us option of IUI and lucky charm second IUI worked for us and I also believe that losing weight had contributed much to my health issues to come under control.

Here are my symptoms

AF- 24th April

CD 3-7 Clomid - 26th April to 30th April

CD 15 First Ultrasound May 8th (2 follicles Right side 17mm and left side 14mm)

CD 17 HCG Shot - 10th May 9:30pm

CD 19 IUI - 12th May 9:30am (Husband's SC: 18millions)

CD 20-22 -1DPIUI - 3DPIUI - No Symptoms

CD 23-25 -4DPIUI - 6DPIUI - Sharp pains in left and right ovaries

CD 26-30 - 7DPIUI -11DPIUI - Light Cramping

CD 31 - 12DPIUI - spotting(Probably Implantation)

CD 32 - 13DPIUI - slight Breast tenderness,tested with Internet cheapie (not with morning urine) faint positive

CD 33 - 14DPIUI - slight Breast tenderness, tested with digital early morning and it said PREGNANT :)
( it was completely unbelievable and I was into happy tears)

CD 33 - 14DPIUI-Beta#1 - 94

CD 36 - 17DPIUI-Beta#2 - 267

Things I did different this time around
- after IUI I continued to laid on my back for 15 mins
- Hubby gave sample at the clinic (not like last time from home )
- hubby took fertilaid for men for just 10days ( just to boost up the count)
- excerised daily even after IUI (yoga and aerobics) Last time I just was relaxing the whole 2weeks

My first IUI failed but bingo Iam pregnant with second IUI and so grateful to God as I lost all hopes and devastated when my first IUI failed I thought this is never going to happen. But I believed and had faith on God,I just told God May your will be done in my life and left everything to God and boom!!the second IUI worked for us.. I just pray that this little baby bean sticks and to have healthy pregnancy. Please don't lose hope( I know it is very difficult if someone say this) but miracles do happen. I pray for those all who are struggling to get pregnant Baby dust to all. God bless you all

Very early pregnancy signs -IUI

I am infertile. DH and I have been TTC for 3 years. Multiple IUI's cancelled due to no or poor response. We switched RE's, who out is on low dose Femara (5mg) CD 3-7 and Bravelle (75iu) CD 7-11. We had our IUI on Monday, June 1st. I just knew this was going to work. Got my BFP today!!

I had VERY early symptoms/signs:

3DPIUI - AF type cramping
6DPIUI - Nausea would come in waves. This is still ongoing. Not morning sickness bad, more like taking vitamins on an empty stomach.
8DPIUI - Couts of extreme fatigue followed by severe hot flashes to the face lasting 30 minutes. These are ongoing still, a couple times a day.
11DPIUI - my right nipple was sore and hard crawling into bed. That was strange enough to to pique my interest.
12DPIUI - Had a dental cleaning. Gums bled like crazy. Severe AF type cramps started. No spotting or bleeding. Depression. Sure my cycle was coming.

Tested anyway. BFP!!

Sometimes those early symptoms are NOT in your head!

PCOS, DH low Morph. Femara+Trigger+TI & IUI= BFP!!!

Hello Ladies! Finally posting my BFP story! It's been such a long journey and all women suffering from infertility are some crazy strong women!
I was diagnosed with PCOS as a teen (Me 31 DH 39) so I knew it would be hard to get pg when the time came. 5 Years ago we decided to try and after 4-5 rounds of clomid we ended up with a BFP and had our DD. Since having her we were NTNP for years before we decided to REALLY try again. This time I was referred to an RE and this journey began! Ugh how exhausting it is to be infertile! I did a couple rounds of clomid that I didn't respond to until he switched me to femara. After 5 medicated cycles we finally got it! Thank you science, thank you to my doctors and nurses for all the hard work! :) Here's how this cycle went:

CD 3 started Femara 7.5mg for 8 days (instead of 5 like my previous two femara cycles) so days 3-10. At my mid cycle u/s I had 3 good sized follicles (yay!) which is what my RE wanted from adding the extra days. I triggered on sat May 23rd and ovulated the morning of May 25th. We had our iui scheduled that morning. Here's my DPO:

We Bd CD 11- CD 15 (day of trigger) skipped CD 16, BD CD 17 day of IUI.
Ovulation Day! IUI - Pretty bad O pains, it was worse than the last two cycles.

1DPO - very uncomfortable from O, a bit crampy. No sensitive nips like I always get after O which I thought was strange.
2DPO - 5DPO Not much, maybe a little bloated and gassy.
6DPO - Trigger was pretty much out of my system already so I could trust my symptoms. I woke up feeling hungover! I had a headache all day, dizzy and fuzzy headed. My ears felt like they were going to pop. Maybe a little bit of nausea, gassy
7DPO - Holy Nausea Bat man! I had a quick wave of it as I was driving to work. Hmmmm.. I Got full quick after eating anything.
8DPO - Tired, bloated and gassy all day! Like I couldn't control my gas haha! oops!
9DPO - Finally My bbs are feeling something! I hadn't felt a thing until today, my right nip started to hurt like it usually does after O. Oh my!Sleepy, took a nap today, I never nap!
10DPO - Been having vivid dreams, I didn't think much of that since I usually dream. But these were different and constant. Feeling really full after eating and bloated.
11DPO - Bloated, gassy, Tender bbs and nips still.
12DPO - I was sure AF was on her way. Bbs are killing me! nips on fire! I was getting red dry skin on my chin which usually mean AF is close by. Annoying stabbing pains on my left side and some pulling. tugging behind bellybutton? Sleepy and heartburn.
Went out had a few drinks, I was sure AF was coming. Had an outburst at DH bc I was sure this cycle failed.
13DPO - BBS still hurt, cramps, pulls and twinges and super tired. Took a test in the morning bc what the hell!? lol And I was shocked to see a super duper faint positive! WHAT?! Dang Wal-mart cheapies.
14DPO - BFP with FRER!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!

Sorry This was so long! lol! I have waited a long time to post it! ;) I got my first beta (75) and I go back on Friday for another before I'm released to an OB. I'm so so so happy and wish nothing but the best for the rest of you ladies. Especially those dealing with infertility, it can be so difficult and frustrating. FYI I didn't relax at all this cycle, i was actually pretty stressed out. I didn't lay around all day after my iui, i went out and did some furniture shopping lol. I was on this site the entire TWW reading every story I could! I really didn't think the first IUI would work but it did!!! DH had a count of 10Mil and I had at least two mature follies rupture (maybe even 3!) Also I did use Pre-seed, Soft cups and I ate pineapple DPO 1-6. I'm wishing the best for all you ladies still waiting for your bfp and send you lots of love and baby dust!!!!

BFP 4th IUI!!!

I can't believe I finally get to write my story eeeee!!! So exciting and so surreal! :) I'm 31 with Ovid and my dh is 29 with very mild mfi. So I did 6 medicated rounds (2 with Clomid - no response), (3 with femara 2.5mg, then 5mg, then 7.5mg - ovulated each time but with only one follicle). And finally I switched to injectables which is what brought my BFP!!! (100iu of puregon otherwise known as follistim days 3-6, then day 7 i did 75iu since I had over 8 follicles, then day 8 i coasted since I was over-stimulating with over 15 follicles!!! Day 9 i started surging on my own so I triggered around 3pm and had my iui 19 hours later at 10am with 4 potential follies in the running at 15mm, 16mm, 16mm and 17mm. 3 days later the ultrasound showed that 2 follicles had ruptured :) Here are my 2ww symptoms. Mind you around day 3-6 piui I had very bad sharp pains and bloating from all the follicles/cysts, but it went away. So I truly believe that this 4th iui worked because it was the only one where I had more than one follicle (2 released eggs) :) Dh has mild mfi since his count is a bit low, but the funny thing is that this bfp cycle is the one where he had the lowest posh wash sperm count of only 8.5million versus the other rounds of 12 mill, 12 mill, and 20mill!!!! Amazing how things work out :) Thats why I give credit to having more than one follicle this round!

1dpiui- abdominal tenderness,sore nips,gassy
2dpiui -abdominal tenderness, gassy, sore nips
3dpiui- abdominal tenderness, a bit bloated, smelly gas! ,sore nips
4dpiui- very bloated, sharp pains, tender boobs
5dpiui- very bloated, sharp pains, tender boobs
6dpiui- tender boobs, feeling good
7dpiui- tender boobs, feeling good
8dpiui- tender boobs, feeling good
9dpiui- tender boobs, left ovary pain
10dpiui- tender boobs, diarrhea, Super faint line on free. Tender boobs.
11dpiui- possible bfp line getting darker on frer. Sore left ovary and backache when I woke up, but went away after about 30 minutes.
12dpiui- beta - positive! I'm PREGNANT!!! I will get my 2nd beta on 16dpiui to confirm that my hcg is rising :)

Couldn't believe it!

I've been actively trying to conceive since September 2013. I have PCOS and I started with clomid and timed intercourse. Then I did clomid and IUI's. Finally I tried Femara and IUI and of the five IUI's I had, this last one was the worst. I did lose 40 lbs in 7 months which helped with a number of things. Things that went wrong during my last IUI:

1. Positive OPK a day early. I ovulated early so we could only see the collapsing follicles on u/s. No idea on size or how many I made.
2. The u/s was painful because they had a hard time seeing my left ovary and were really pushing around in there.
2. After wash, I stripped down and prepped for insemination. Results of sperm wash given to me at that time I was on the table. DH sperm results were the worst with only 20% of the 6 million sperm post-wash being designated "A" quality. Last cycle we had 340 million. I was crying on the table and asking if I should even bother. Nurses told me I might as well. Cried through the procedure from frustration. I told the nurses how tired I was.
3. Then I was very sensitive and they had a hard time inserting the speculum and had to use the largest one. Felt everything.

I left that day thinking, "Eff, this!" I just knew I WASNT getting pregnant after that debacle. I traveled, consumed alcohol, ate cake and braced myself for the next cycle.

Then 15 DPO my breasts got tender and I thought, "Here we go, AF is coming..." Then 16 DPO my nips were super sensitive. I thought, "It can't be." Had a glass of Prosecco and some oysters for lunch and didn't think of it again.

That night I was feeling more tender and so I was decided to test and get it out of the way. I swear when I saw a faint line indicating BFP, I called my husband over and asked him if he saw what I saw. Had a Beta the next day and confirmed BFP. Neither of us could explain it or believed it!

I am now 21 DPO and my HCG numbers are doubling properly (16 DPO: 358; 18DPO:684; 20 DPO: 1081). I have to say even now it is hard for me to feel like something bad isn't going to happen. How could such a mess turn out right? I am staying optimistic and living for today. I'm hoping for a sticky baby. I have my first u/s on June 15, 2015 at 6w3d and hope all is well.

Pregnancy after infertility can be hard because it feels like a live birth is the true success. Stay strong and hope for the best.

This is my first and I hope it all works out - wish me well. In the meantime, good luck to you all!

My Route to Motherhood

Hello, ladies!

I hope my story will encourage you to keep trying to have your baby. It may not happen on your schedule, but the Lord has His perfect timing and His perfect way to bring about His ideal family for you and your husband.

Here is my story:

About three years into our marriage, my husband and I decided that we'd like to start our family. We didn't go gung-ho at first. We simply stopped using any contraceptives, and if we get pregnant - great. We didn't think it would be too difficult, so we didn't put any effort into it.

We got our first ever BFP a few months later after coming home from a Las Vegas vacation. We were happily surprised and very excited. We told both sets of parents right away, and they were beyond thrilled. Both our parents had wanted grandkids from us from Day 1.

Unfortunately, this pregnancy ended in a miscarriage around the 6th week. My husband and I were devastated... but I think it hit me harder. Knowing that I was carrying a life in me for those precious two weeks that I knew I was pregnant was the ultimate high for me. To have my Baby Boo (our name for our little one) taken away so abruptly was the worst pain I’ve ever experienced. It was only by God’s grace and my loving husband’s support that I got through that dark period of my life.

One of the hardest parts of the miscarriage was having to tell our parents and siblings that we were no longer expecting. It's one thing to have to go through heartache yourself, but it's quite another to have to break someone else's heart. We collectively were crushed.

My obsession with trying to conceive started right after the miscarriage. I wanted to get pregnant the very next month! But, of course, it didn't happen. I know some girls are lucky that way, but it simply wasn't our timing. My husband and I then went crazy with TTC. We charted, did the deed every chance we could, took loads of supplements, and I devoured the Internet on all things TTC related. All the shows I watched on TV were about pregnancy and babies: One Born Every Minute, 16 & Pregnant, Teen Mom, etc. All the YouTube videos I viewed and books I read were about the same things. I didn't give myself a break.

Two of the most difficult days my husband and I faced that year were: 1) our baby's would-be due date, and 2) the one-year anniversary of when we found out we were pregnant. Those two days rocked my world, and I had to ask my husband for a little outing. So he drove me 25 miles to a beach city and we just spent the day there. It felt like a mini vacation, which helped a bit. Unfortunately, no matter where I went, I would see pregnant women, babies and little kids EVERYWHERE. I was going crazy with envy. (Can any of you relate???)

So a year had passed since the miscarriage, and still no BFP. I finally asked my husband if he would consider taking alternative methods like IUI and down the line, if that didn't work, IVF. He said yes, and thankfully, his medical insurance covered almost all of our treatments.

We started the IUI process in April 2014. That first round, I took 50 mg Clomid and 2 mg Estrace. I was a nervous wreck. The whole process was very overwhelming, not only emotionally but logistically, too.

When I got the negative pregnancy result that month via a blood test, I was devastated. My disappointment was almost to the same magnitude as the miscarriage. That negative pregnancy test was my last straw. I finally told myself that I couldn’t do this anymore… to keep obsessing with TTC. I just couldn’t go on living like this where my whole life was consumed with wanting to get pregnant. I FINALLY had reached the end of myself. That was when I told the Lord that it’s okay if I never get pregnant because I’m finally content. I told the Lord that I would still like to be a mother, and most likely that would happen via foster parenting or adoption. I had let go and let God take control.

For my second round of IUI, my nurse practitioner increased the Clomid dose to 100 mg while everything else remained the same. I, however, was changed. This time, instead of worrying over every little TTC-thing, I literally didn’t give any of it a second thought. I had finally surrendered. I focused my attention on everything else BUT trying to get pregnant. And guess what??? My BFP came on that second round!!!!!!!!!

BFP 11dpo – 1st IUI worked!

Hi everyone! I read this forum several times before we started our first IUI cycle, as well as my entire TTW. I am very happy to be able to share my story but also cautiously optimistic, as I am only 5 weeks.

My husband and I started TTC exactly a year ago. At one point I thought it was beginning to take over my life. I was diagnosed with PCOS and have always had irregular cycles. For the first 6 months of trying I was given medication to have my cycle start, peed on every ovulation predictor stick I could fine and chartered my basal body temperature. Still nothing.

We finally decided to see a Fertility Specialist. Though rounds of testing, blood work and ultrasounds, it was determined that I had a blocked left Fallopian tube. I had a procedure done to try and open my tube but it was unsuccessful. However, scarring was found on my uterine wall, and removed. My doctor explained that PCOS and the blocked left tube would make it almost impossible for us to conceive naturally and that we should try 2-3 cycles of IUI and then move on to IVF if those were unsuccessful.

We started our first medicated IUI cycle toward the end of April 2015 (Gonal-F, Ovidrel and progesterone). My body responded well to Gonal-F. However, after 2 weeks of medication, I had 2 large follicles on my left side, which we could not use since my left tube was blocked. My doctor decided to have me stay on Gonal-F for a few more days to continue stimulating my right side to grow. After 16 days of injections total, I had 3 mature follicles on my right side and I was ready for the trigger shot. My IUIs were scheduled for the next 2 days.

The night after my first IUI my husband and I decided to do the dead as well, we figured it couldn’t hurt. I also tried the old pineapple trick from 1-6dpo because again, it couldn’t hurt! I also started the progesterone vaginal suppositories 3 days after my second IUI and am still taking them.

The only symptoms I had after my IUI were gas, bloating and sore nipples.

8dpo I noticed I was spotting that morning. I felt completely discouraged and thought it was the start of AF. I continued checking the rest of the day and the next day, and nothing. No more spotting. I prayed it was implantation bleeding, but knew I couldn’t cheat and test early. My Beta was scheduled for another 9 days.

I cheated. I took my first pregnancy test 11pdo and had a really faint line. I wasn’t sure if it was still the trigger, so I decided to test again the next day. The line got darker, but still faint. The 3rd day of home testing, I took a digital test and it said “pregnant”. There was no mistaking that. My doctor allowed me to come in early for my Beta.

Beta#1 13dpo: 254
Beta #2 17dpo: 1427
Beta #3: 19dpo: 2574

Other than the one day of spotting, I didn’t have many signs or symptoms other than fatigue, backaches and cramping.

My husband and I are ecstatic to have our very first BFP but again, also cautiously optimistic.

I wish nothing but positivity and the best of luck to everyone out there waiting for their BFP! Have faith ladies. It can work!

BFP with IUI #5-Femara/Ovidrel

This was my last cycle on oral meds before moving onto all injectables, and we had met with the doctor about IVF and were considering it for August or September. So this is such a blessing!

This cycle was Femara 5mg CD 3-7 and Ovidrel 250 trigger shot, with IUI 24 hours later because I had a positive OPK at home (its normally 36 hours after) They originally thought the Femara didn't work this cycle because nothing was really growing as fast as it normally does, but I really think my body was acting more naturally based on my diet and exercise. Each previous cycle I had 1-2 follicles and my DH had great SA counts, but this just took this time! I had an HSG 2 months ago.

What I did different this cycle: I have PCOS, so after doing some research on diets, I discovered a LCHF (low carb, high fat diet) and have been following it for about 6 weeks now. So that means no sugar, no processed carbs, very limited fruit. Basically proteins, veggies (except potatoes and carrots) and full fat dairy (with no added sugar) I also did pilates on the reformer machine for 2 hours each week. I lost about 9 pounds in those 6 weeks, and I didn't count calories at all! In fact I feel like I ate a ton. If you have PCOS-try the diet!! It helps to regulate your insulin levels, etc.

1DPO/IUI cramping, EWCM

2DPO/IUI cramping, EWCM

3DPO/IUI mild cramping, no CM

4DPO/IUI nothing

5DPO/IUI nothing

6DPO/IUI watery cm-almost like I pee'd my pants

7DPO/IUI water cm

8DPO/IUI cramping

9DPO/IUI mild twinges/cramps

10DPO/IUI faint BFP on FRER & Wondfo (I had already tested out the trigger)

11DPO/IUI BFP on FRER, CB digi, and Wondfo, Beta 50.4

12DPO mild cramps, hungry

13DPO a little nausea in the am at work before eating, hungry, mild cramps, Beta is 172.2!

14DPO tired, hungry, mild cramps, nausea at bedtime

15DPO tired, hungry Beta is 406.4!

Good luck to all you other ladies out there!! God is good!

Blood test tomorrow - thinking positive thoughts!

My husband (31) & I (30) have been trying to conceive for over a year after having a miscarriage in Feb 2014 at 15/16 weeks. Had HSG in November, where they found that one of my tubes was clogged but they were able to clear it with the dye. Got pregnant that cycle only to find out that it was a chemical pregnancy at almost 6 weeks. Started seeing a fertility doctor in Feb 2015. My husband & I did all the testing - my progesterone was a little low, but otherwise everything looked great for me. His motility was a little low, but not bad. Started on 50mg of Clomid days 3-7, trigger shot on day 15 after u/s on day 13 showed 3 follices (19.4, 16.6, 15.1 + some smaller ones), IUI on day 16, & BD on day 17. His numbers had increased greatly on the day of the IUI after being put on vitamins. I got my blood results for progesterone Monday & it was a little over 20. I go in tomorrow, May 18 for my blood test to see if we are officially pregnant. I've been testing every day for the last week & saw the line go from very faint to pretty much gone (trigger shot leaving my system), then about 4 days ago the line started to get darker & darker. Trying not to get my hopes up too much, but feeling pretty excited that it seems to have worked! Fingers & toes crossed that the tests tomorrow confirm the strips I've been using! Been feeling incredibly tired & moody, sore nipples just started a couple days ago, & have had twinges in the abdomen area off and on for the last 2 weeks, mostly in the first week though.

Hope I can sleep tonight!

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3.5 years TTC and BFP with 100mg Clomid and IUI

After over 3 years scanning these lists, it feels surreal to finally be adding my BFP to the story. More than anything, I have learned that every path to pregnancy is different and you truly never know what will work for your body.

To be honest, there were very few symptoms that I noticed early on. I took 100 mg of clomid and had 3 follicles on the right, 2 on the left. I had thought I had problems with the left because I only ever (through devoted ultrasounds/tracking over 3.5 years) ovulate on the left. I had a potential blocked left fallopian tube that I had cleared 6 months before this BFP by surgery.

The 3 follicles on the right didn't mature and by day 14 were not large enough to be viable. On the left side, I had a 29mm and 21mm. My doctor asked if we wanted to go ahead with the IUI even though it was the left again and we said yes. My husband's sperm sample was generally strong/normal with 97% forward motile forms but only 5% normal morphology. Count was average. We did the IUI on day 14 at around 10am without a trigger shot (my doctor thinks trigger shots are detrimental - long story) and then BD'ed that afternoon. That night, I had severe ovulation pain while at a concert. I knew I was ovulating due to the pain but wasn't hopeful as my left side never seems to work. We were planning to move to IVF in coming months if this didn't work as my doctor wasn't sure I could get pregnant due to the left side always dominating and the right being PCOS.

About 10-11 days later (dpo), after I'd also flown from Asia to the US (so all that stuff about not being stressed/traveling is BS!) I started experiencing mild cramping off and on. It wasn't quite as severe or back-oriented as normal menstrual cramps so I wondered if it was implantation but I didn't have any implantation bleeding or other signs. I was quite emotional (crying easily) but also have those same symptoms during PMS, so really wasn't thinking this was anything unusual.

14 dpo, I actually started, for the first time in 3 years, feeling a little bit hopeful. I decided to take a pregnancy test (I didn't even have one on hand because I'd given up on getting pregnant). Lo and behold, there was the first positive we'd ever experienced. I was absolutely shocked.

Here's what I did different this month, although I honestly think this had nothing to do with it and we just got very lucky with the 2 eggs via clomid and the well-timed IUI:

- I did a strange Chinese massage around day 8-10 of my cycle during which they literally lit my stomach on fire (above a wet towel) and massaged my abdomen. I thought it was worth trying.
- I did fertility hypnotherapy once in the middle of my cycle. I've never done this before.
- As always, I was taking a strong women's daily vitamin and vitex (I've been taking vitex for 3 years). I also regularly took probiotics.

While I think the alternative therapies are great, I do not attribute my pregnancy to them. I attribute my pregnancy to a great fertility doctor who took everything month by month (i.e., the surgery to clear a blocked tube, ultrasounds, clomid, IUI, etc.). I truly didn't think pregnancy was possible for me. We were even in the process (2 years in) of adopting and may now have to put that on hold. I hope my story brings hope to readers here and also shows that a path to parenthood is possible. I was in a place where I was comfortable to live a life with only adopted children and I think that was a helpful mindset to have when approaching the stressors of fertility treatments but I know everyone's paths are different. I wish you all the best of luck on what is such a challenging, emotional journey. I am now 10 weeks pregnant and grateful for each day.

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