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BFP Stories

Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives


Intrauterine insemination, the infertility treatment in which sperm are placed directly in the uterus at the time of ovulation, is certainly one way to get your BFP. If you're undergoing (or considering) IUI, then this is the page for you!

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BFP after IUI, first try worked!

Hi all! I'm writing this partly because I stalked these forums for almost two years while TTC, and partly to help myself believe that this is really happening! I'm 4W5D today, and so far everything is progressing normally. Here's my story: My husband and I started TTC in February 2013. At that time I was 32 and he was 35. I'd had an IUD (Mirena) for 8 years, and even though I didn't have periods at all during that time my period came back really quickly after it was removed. My periods were (and remained) incredibly light, BUT they were super regular. Per the internet, the regularity was the important factor, so we kept trying. I tracked my temps and other fertility signs and also used OPKs during that time, and my husband and I were doing a good job with timing. But after 6 months of BFNs I made an appointment with my OB. She did a blood workup but nothing came up. My husband's tests also came back normal (count on the lower end of normal but good motility). After 6 MORE months of trying we were finally eligible to see an RE (we had health insurance in NC at the time, so we had to wait for an "official" diagnosis of infertility before any diagnostic work would be covered). The RE did more bloodwork and noticed that my TSH levels were slightly elevated, so she put me on synthroid. I also had an HSG done to be sure my tubes were open, etc., and that went great. Within two months my thyroid hormone levels were normal, and since that was the only possible explanation for our infertility we figured we'd try for a couple more months to get pregnant naturally. But nope, no BFPs, periods kept coming every 28 days. My RE wanted to try IUI, but unfortunately we were moving from NC to NY and had to put our fertility treatments on hold. Finally, after finding a doctor in New York and getting the timing right, we did our first round of clomid-assisted IUI last month. I did 5 days of clomid, and when I went in for my ultrasound on October 12th there were four mature follicles! My RE's office administered the trigger shot and we came back 24 hours later (October 13th) for the procedure. My husband's numbers were lower than average this time (~10mil), although motility was good. Still, because the count was low my doctor warned me that it might not take, and reminded me that "it's a process". We were pretty disappointed, but life goes on. Well, 6 days after the IUI (October 19th) I started to feel my first symptoms. That night, as I lay in bed trying to fall asleep, I had some mild cramps. Like menstrual cramps, but I never have cramps normally (in addition to my periods being super light I have almost no symptoms). The next day (TMI warning!) I was SUPER gassy and constipated. My sisters all experienced gas in very early pregnancy, so I started to get excited. I also continued to cramp all day, and at one point mid-afternoon it felt pretty intense. Like I had to stop what I was doing and breathe through it, a noticeably sharp pain that was definitely not intestinal. I'm pretty sure this is when the fertilized egg implanted. For the next several days I continued to experience constipation and a mild skin breakout (also very unusual for me), but the cramping subsided. On October 23rd my boobs started to feel pretty sensitive (they have continued to be since that point). So at this point I was pretty sure I was pregnant and freaking out with excitement. I took my first HPT 10 days past IUI and... BFP. I took another one 11 dpiui, again negative. I was crushed. I broke down crying that night, sure I'd either had an early miscarriage or was never pregnant to begin with. The next evening (October 25th), I took one more test just to be sure. BFP!!!!! It was a faint second line, but it was there!!! We were both completely ecstatic and in shock. In 21 months of trying, this was my very first BFP. It's still hard for me to believe! So far my HCG levels are doubling every 48hrs as expected, and progesterone has been good too. I go in for my first ultrasound on Friday. Please cross your fingers for me! Even if this embryo doesn't survive, I'm so happy to know that it's possible for me to get pregnant using IUI. For those of you TTC with unexplained infertility, I know it can be so crazy making. Don't give up hope!

Finally after almost a year and a half and three iuis!

I had to share my story because I have stalked this site my whole time while ttc. I am 35 and my hubby is 33. We have a beautiful 3 year old boy that we conceived at the first try naturally. This is why a diagnosis of secondary unexplained infertility hit hard. Why all of a sudden we are having issues? I temped and used a bajillion ovulation tests. Our tests all came out normal : hsg,sperm analysis etc. The specialist wanted to try three iuis before moving to IVF. The first two iuis I took 50mg of clomid and trigger shot and the timing was perfect on both. The second time I only had one mature follicle. The third time is a charm! At my request, for the last iui we increased clomid to 100mg and I had three mature follicles. Symptoms: Days 1-2 piui: cramping from iui Days 3-4 piui: nothing Days 5-6 piui: sharp pains a few times on lower right. Extremely sore nipples. Can't even hug hubby. Days 7-9 piui: Nipples not as bad but breasts hurt a little. bloating and tired my son and mother are sick so not sure if I was getting sick Days 10-11 piui: convinced af is coming. Bloated only slightly increased cm. wearing a pad just waiting to see blood. My breasts do not even hurt anymore. Drank 3 glasses of wine two nights in a row. Day 12 piui: period should be here by now. Still convinced it will come but just for fun figured I would test. First with a cheapie and almost missed the light line.then I confirmed with a digital. Holy hell!!! It worked!!! I'm so excited and nervous, just hoping for a healthy pregnancy. Going for a bld test Monday. Good luck to everyone and do not give up hope!!! Xo

PCOS, 1st month injectable meds and IUI...BFP!

As much as I have stalked this site, I promised I would post when I had good new! I'm 35, have PCOS/irregular periods/don't ovulate on my own, no other issues besides being overweight 5’6” 197 pounds. Have 2 kids already (ages 12yrs and 14yrs) Tubes are clear, uterine lining is good. Clomid and natural BD'ing did not work for me. Last month, Hubby’s count was good but motility was a little low, so hubby took GNC Men’s Fertility Blend all last month. Dr. also had me on birth control for 3 months to make sure old lining was being shed. CD 1 Started period. CD 3 ultrasound/had several premature follies. 1st Menopur Injection and 2x day follicle stimulating pills, also started Metformin CD 5 2nd Menopur Injection CD 7 Final Menopur Injection and final day of follicle stimulating pills CD 11 Ultrasound. 2 mature follicles, one in each ovary at 23mm each. Uterine lining at 10.5 mm thick. Trigger shot 5:30pm! (Novarel 10,000 i.u.) CD 12 IUI – Hubby’s count was 60 million and motility was good. Later at night around 11pm felt a sharp pinch and cramping on side of right ovary (right side ovulation?) Super bad mood. EWCM in afternoon. Smiley face on OPK! CD 13 Not as severe pinches and cramping on left side in early morning (left side ovulation?) Counting this as Ovulation Day since pains started last night into this morning. Headache. BD’d late at night with Preseed. EWCM all day 1DPO No more EWCM. Stick CM now 2DPO Ridiculously good mood. 3DPO Grossed out when coworker burped. Super constipated (NEVER happens) 4DPO Gassy, bloated, not AS constipated. Starting feeling stabbing pains and cramping on RIGHT side at night (implantation?) 5DPO Still constipated. Starting feeling stabbing pains and cramping on LEFT side in morning (implantation?) Creamy cm 6DPO Sticky cm, nasal stuffiness, I think I started feeling sensations in my breasts 7DPO Super bad mood again. Watery cm 8DPO BFN FRER 9DPO BFN internet cheapie 10DPO BFN FRER and internet cheapie. Sore nipples late at night, Creamy cm 11DPO BFN internet cheapie. Did not use FRER. Headache. Super emotional. Sore nipples continue 12DPO BFP!! Had BFN in the morning with internet cheapie. Went to work and was meaner than usual. Breasts finally sore too. Tested with FRER after work and faint BFP!!!! Mad because hubby does not think BFP counts if one line is lighter! UGH! Now the question is.... did Both eggs get fertilized?!

IUI Miracle

I remember reading month after month about how others were surprised and excited, never thinking it would happen to them... Ditto. I could not be happier to finally say that I received my BFP. Here's my story... Several years ago I went to the hospital for treatment for an infection. During a routine xray it was discovered that I had a large ovarian mass (think, size of a football and it got bigger) No wonder I kept gaining weight! Since that time, I've had surgery twice and I was also diagnosed with PCOS (with strong insulin resistance). Fast forward several years of fighting my own body and I continue to face infertility. Finally, letrozole was working and I was ovulating. Check one. Sperm analysis complete with no problems. Check two. Why am I not getting pregnant? I don't know. I will say this... against add odds it just happened. I got my BFP on my first (!!) IUI. I did not use a trigger and OPKs never really worked with me so I was guessing based on months of tracking BBT. Also, I ovulated at least 24 hours after my IUI. I combed over every single bit of info (after the fact) about timing IUI and ovulation. I am here to tell you, it can work in all kinds of situations! Reading obsessively can drive you crazy. My BBT was off this month, plus the timing of the IUI, and I got a cold. I just knew I was out... Not so much. My first BFP came on 12dpo. I'm currently 5 weeks pregnant. 'don't get obsessed with reading into signs and online sites' haha, never! 'stop trying so hard and it'll just happen' - uh, no. Have faith and keep trying.

Happy Day!

DH and I have been TTC since last year. I had to get a poly removed last Christmas. I also have PCOS, mild but definitely effective in preventing me getting pregnant. On our 2nd round of IUI (first with Follistim) got pregnant in May 2015. Unfortunately this turned out to be an eptopic and I had to undergo three rounds of methotrexate to treat it. My first round of IUI after that started in Sept 2015 with IUI on the 24th. I had three follicles. Three days before the IUI they measured 18mm, 15mm and 13mm. 8DPIUI- tender nipples 9DPIUI - tender nipples, tired 10DPiUI- tender nipples, tired, cramping. BFN. 11DPiUI - cramping continues with some pains in both my sides near the ovaries as if I am about to get AF 12DPO to 14DPO - same as above. Also having hot flashes 15DPIUI - BFP with blood test! HCG is 322. 19DPIUI - HCG 868 Still having some cramping, very mild nausea if I smell uncooked meat and my nipples and not as tender as before. My RE will continue to monitor HCG because of my previous ectopic ... Here's hoping this is my one. Best luck to all of you.

BFP 3rd IUI with Injectables and Endo

I will start this story like so many that I've read before. I've been reading this site for about 2 years now, praying that one day I could post here. Finally, I can :) Let's start from the beginning. My husband and I started TTC when I was 26, and he was 32. I had no reason to believe that it would be a difficult TTC road for us, but after a few months, I was feeling discouraged. I started buying ovulation predictor kits, switching brands, and trying new techniques. I used a fertility app to track my ovulation date. The timing was perfect nearly every month, for 12 months. Finally, I went to the doctor's and was referred to a fertility clinic. We went for a battery of tests, and I had a HSG done. Tubes were open, but the ultrasounds showed spots on my left ovary indicative of Endo. We started on the IUI road, while I waited for my Lap surgery date to confirm Endo, and get rid of the Endometriomas. Devastated doesn't even describe how I felt the day they told me. IUI #1: Puregon injections (50iu). We thought this was it! We just needed a little nudge. But I got a BFN, and was devastated. IUI #2: Femara pills. Another BFN. IUI #3: Puregon injections (100iu). Three mature eggs (yikes!), and four semi-mature at 15mm. Normally they wouldn't proceed, but with Endo, we all decided to go for it. I got my BFP exactly 10 days before my Lap surgery date. I shook, cried, and collapsed to the bathroom floor when I saw my very first BFP at 11DPO (faint, but there). I am now 28, and 24 weeks pregnant. I will never forget the struggle it took to get here, and the pain I felt every month when AF arrived. There is hope to conceive without a Lap, and with IUIs (although injectables seem to have done the trick). My doctor said they work best for Endo. Only distinct BFP symptom was a sharp, jolt-like pain at 9DPO (or 9 days post-IUI). It felt like little electric jolts in my uterus. I thought it may be from the Puregon injections earlier, but it turned out to be the implantation of one healthy little egg :) Have hope ladies. It took us 2 years - you will get there one day. xo

Happy We didn't give up!

Last month, I wrote a blog post asking for some advice - I was so torn as my husband and I had to come to the point where we needed to try something more or do nothing at all. The advice and support for the others on this site encouraged me to keep going when I felt so alone and didn't want to anymore. I am so happy that I did because we tried the sperm wash(IUI) with Letrozole, a trigger and progesterone and got a confirmed by blood work BFP yesterday!!! I am still in complete shock and both my husband and I are so happy, we are still slightly timid about getting overly excited just yet until we have the second blood work done this week and an ultrasound in a couple of weeks, as I lost a baby in April this year at 5 weeks. I am currently 4 weeks and feeling a lot different than the last, my morning sickness has already kicked in and woke me in the middle of the night yesterday! Who would have thought I'd be so happy to feel so crappy? Feeling lots of tenderness and light cramping which my nurse said was normal. I am just so thrilled to be here, it seemed like this day would never come. Now I am just waiting to be able to share the good news with our family and friends, I just couldn't be happier. I hope all of the ladies on this site, have happy and healthy pregnancies; and those still in the midst of trying - if I could offer you the same advice I got - don't give up. I will be praying and thinking of you all! Good Luck. :)

Rainbow Baby, after a LONG wait :)

I am PREGNANT!! I can't get enough of that word. It still feels completely surreal and Oh, so amazing :) My story... My Hubs and I have a 6 year old little miracle son that we conceived naturally. We have been TTC for nearly 5 years to give him a sibling with 4 losses, 2 laparoscopies (diagnosing/removing endometriosis, adhesions and scar tissue), 2 saline uterine scans (one identifying uterine polyps) and 2 iui's (the last one in April, ending in a very early loss. I was spotting before I even got my BFP and a few days later, it was all over) I am 7 weeks, 1 day and we saw the most beautiful little bean yesterday with a strong heartbeat! Here are the details of my cycle/symptoms for anyone it may help. Cycle Deets, -Gonal F injections, cycle day 4-10 -Final follicle scan showed 4 competing follicles, ranging from 17.5-20mm, trigger shot that night -iui 36 hours after trigger, Hubby's count was 17.5 million post wash with 90% motility -Endometrin suppositories, twice per day, beginning 2 dpiui and continuing now -I was on COQ10, 400mg additional Folic Acid, a Prenatal, once a day baby aspirin and had pineapple core 2-6dpiui Symptoms, -iui day, Major cramping all day and night -4dpiui, super sleepy -7dpiui, break out on my chin (rare for me) and minor cramping -8dpiui, more sharp cramps, sleepiness intensifies -9dpiui, intense cramps (I think implantation day) began having WILD dreams -13dpiui, evening test (pictured) immediately turned positive The one major thing that we did differently was try to relax & "take it easy" per my sweet Hubs and RE. My only advice, after ALL of these years, is that although it's impossible to keep your mind off of TTC, especially when going through fertility treatment, set yourself up for success. Don't tell too many people that may worry you and ask questions, don't test early (as hard as this is, it saved me! I am awful for squinting at tests at 8dpo!!), chart your symptoms so that you are aware of them, and move on! I prayed a lot and every time I got anxious and worried (often!), I just thanked God for our miracle. I know it seems simple, but I think the best we can do is keep our crazy under control. I feel for all of you long time TTC'ers. I pray you're looking at double pink lines soon :)

5IUI's later and now i'm an ecstatic mummy to be!

Ladies, I am very excited to share my BFP story and hope it helps others waiting. Our journey began long before I met hubby and he decided to have a vasectomy shortly after having his ds from a prev relationship. From the very beginning he knew I wanted children and he was open to having a reversal. A few months before our wedding dh had the reversal but shortly after we were married we got the results of his SA and it came back 0. We were devastated as we were told it was a 98% chance it would be successful. His surgeon referred us to the fertility clinic so we could learn our options. After speaking with the Dr there we decided financially our best option was IUI with donor sperm. All my tests came back good so once we picked our donor we could start right away. The Dr said as I have never tried to get pregnant before it would be best to do 3cycles unmedicated as we don't know how fertile I am. Then from there we would add meds. So we did our 3 cycles each time I was so excited and optimistic but unfortunately each time af arrived even before my blood tests and I was devastated. Finally we were moving on to medicated cycles. My first cycle I only showed 1 follicle even with the clomid. We triggered and iui and I just knew that this was the kick I needed and this was our such luck. We were only able to do a max of 6 tries financially so I was so scared that this was number four and still bfn. DH and I decided we needed to take a break to unwind and relax. We took 6 months off and in June we went on a relaxing vacation. The day our vacation ended was day 1 and my plan was to call the clinic and start right away but I came home with a stomach bug so we held off one more month. Which brings us to this cycle. July 25 I called the clinic and reported my day one. We did 100mg clomid from cd 3-7. Ultrasound monitoring first showed 2 follicles and a good lining. By my 3rd and final ultrasound I have 3 follies and a great lining. Cd 12 trigger and 14 was iui day. 36 hours after trigger. My goal this month was to try to spend as little time thinking about it as possible so I do not have day by day symptoms but I will list what I noticed. The evening of iui I have pain like I had not had after any other iuis. My uterus felt full and my left ovary (where I had the 2 follies) was sore. I think we timed it absolutely perfect. The next day or so I had some cramping then things went back to normal. 6 dpiui we were on a big family camping trip and my sister made a comment that is so her but I almost cried. I thought this was weird but was to early to think to much of it. After returning from our camping trip I noticed cramping, I threw up on two separate days and was having hot flashes but the thing I have noticed the most is how tired I am. Hubby and I decided no early testing and just kept ourselves busy. The clomid had pushed back my ovulation so I was not sure when af was due but my Lt phase is normally 11-13 days so once i passed that I considered myself late. Our clinic tests at 17dpiui to make sure no chemical pregnancy is picked up but at 15dpiui dh and I tested together and I got a pregnant 2-3 weeks on the digital. At 17dpiui I had my blood and the clinic said my numbers look great and booked me for an ultrasound on Sept 14 to find out if more than one of those follies succeeded in implanting. When people are trying one of the comments everyone makes is once you stop trying it will happen...we do not have that option but I decided this cycle I was going to try to get as close to that as possible. I went to my appointments and took my meds as I was supposed to but other than that I lived my life normal. Normally I stop drinking over think what I am eating and stress if I miss my vit. This month I went out for dinner with friends had a few drinks and relaxed about symptom spotting. Even my mum noticed how different I was. I really think this helped. I am not 4w5d and could not be happier. I wish each and everyone of you luck in this journey and hope you all find peace in the hard times and ride the highs as long as possible!

BFP 2nd IUI, 3 years TTC!

I feel like everyone says this, but I really cannot believe it's finally my turn. I feel like the journey has been so long and heartbreaking, it definitely has not sunk in yet... I have spent the last 3 years reading these stories and every message board imaginable, so I want to post my full story below for those of you who have similar situations and need some hope! We started TTC 3 years ago, of course thinking it would happen right away. After a year I went to my OB, who wanted to have my husband tested since my cycles are super regular. It took us a good 6 months to get the courage to get the test, and it came back with morphology of 1%. DH started vitamins and we retested 3 months later, it increased to 2% (whoopie!) Around that time, DH was in physician assistant school, and they just happened to be learning about varicoceles. He was pretty sure he had one as it would cause discomfort and he could feel it. We scheduled an appt with a urologist, which took a couple months then another month to get an ultrasound to confirm. After that, we scheduled surgery which was pushed back due to DH's school schedule, so it finally happened in February 2015. While waiting for surgery, we did try 6 months of Femara and progesterone supplements, but it didn't work. While waiting for the 3 month analysis post-surgery, we saw the RE who said we could try IUI or go right to IVF. I wanted to do IVF and skip IUI, but DH really wanted to try IUI first. In the meantime, the RE ordered some basic bloodwork and found out I had hypothyroidism, so I was put on synthroid and my levels are good now. Hubby's analysis came back in May and morphology had increased to 4%, which is actually on the low end of normal! It was a small victory, but I agreed to do IUI first given the improvement. I really wanted to do a hybrid IUI with Femara and injectables right away, but hubby wanted to try one with just Femara first. We did that in July. I had 3 follicles at 22, 18 and 15 mm at trigger on CD 10. IUI was on CD 12. I was devastated when the post-wash count was 12 million, as hubby's count had always been in the 100 thousand's. I knew it would go down post-wash but I was so confused why it was so low! I know they say anything over 10 is fine though, so I tried not to worry too much. I didn't even need to test when my period showed up 13 dpiui. Next we moved to Femara days 3-7, with 75 iu gonal-F starting day 7. I ovulate on day 11/12 on my own, and triggered on day 10 the previous IUI. My RE wanted to do my first ultrasound on day 10 again, but I asked to do it on day 9 because I was worried with the gonal-F that my follicles would grow faster or something and we would miss it. Well, I was really glad I insisted on day 9 because after the ultrasound, the doctor said I had 7 follicles, 3 were at 14 ish and 4 were 12/13. He said I had to trigger that day or cancel the cycle because of too many. I scoured the internet and could not find one instance where someone triggered with such small follicles! I kept trying to tell myself that my follicles grow fast and there could still be a chance, but I was not that optimistic. IUI was CD 11, and I almost cried when they told us the post-wash count was 39.2 million this time- huge improvement over last time! Looking back, here are my symptoms. After 3 years of TTC, I tried not to read too much into anything because I felt like I had different symptoms every cycle! Day of IUI - 4 dpiui- I felt STRONG ovulation pain a couple hours after the IUI (about 38 hours post trigger). My first IUI I felt more cramping at 24 hours past trigger (Maybe another reason that first one didn't work?) My ovaries were fairly sore for a good 4 days. I only took short walks and tried to take it easy. I felt like I could literally feel gas and any sort of pressure from my bladder and bowels. I was worried I had OHSS, but was happy when it started going away. 5 dpiui- 6 dpiui - Nothing too out of the ordinary 7 dpiui- This is when hubby and I both sort of suspected something was up. I had slept 11 hours Friday night, then Saturday (7 dpiui) I took a 3 hour nap, then slept 12 hours Saturday night too. I also woke up in the middle of the night starving which is weird for me. 8 dpiui- I started testing out my trigger. My first IUI I had tested it out and it was still very faintly there until 12-13 dpiui so I was expecting the same. I got a slight sore throat this day, which I attributed to allergies. I have gotten colds/sore throats in the 2WW before, so I was telling myself it didn't mean anything. I continue to get a dry throat/cough at night. 9 dpiui- Still had a sore throat. I also noticed that shoes I always wear were giving me blisters and never had before. I thought it was strange, but thought maybe my feet were swelling? Also had just a small amount of blood when wiping a couple times, and started to think maybe IB??
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