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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP by Prayer

Got your BFP courtesy of the almighty? Amen! Send us your symptoms through this contact form.

It only takes once!

After stalking TWW BFP stories every single time I thought I could be pregnant over the last two years, I finally get to post here!

My DH and I (32 and 31) were officially ttc for 5 months when we got our bfp. And it happened when I least expected it. I had been temping fastidiously each month and decided to take it easy this time after AF. I have a 32-day cycle and usually O around day 20-21, so I didn't temp at all until day 17. But my temp was already elevated, meaning I'd O'd early! DH and I BD'd, but I assumed it was too late. :(

Most months, I can't keep from testing at 8 dpo, but this month I didn't even dare to hope, since it seemed so unlikely. I also didn't have as many symptoms as I'd expected.

1-8 DPO - Nothing apart from the normal for me (sore boobs, moody)

9 DPO - Lots of creamy cm. Way more than usual. Also, went out for Mexican and ordered flan for dessert, which I normally love but couldn't eat since it tasted sour and rotten to me. DH said it tasted fine and was happy to eat it all.

10 DPO - More creamy cm. Suspicious because I normally begin to spot by now but haven't seen a speck. DH and I decide we will POS the next a.m.

11 DPO - BFP with FMU at 6:30 am!!! Line was just as dark as the control line, which made me feel silly for squinting at all of those BFN tests before. >.<

15 DPO - BFP still. Super dark line.

I am now 5 months pregnant with a little boy. So if there's anyone out there trying the Shettles method, we only BD'd once and it was after my temp elevated. So even though it wasn't on purpose, it worked for us! :)

bfp when you least expect it

Well hello ladies out there that are ttc! First i want to say is I wish you the best of luck and it will happen when you least expect it. I have been checking this site daily for four months trying to symptom spot and make myself think am i pregnant.
I would also like to mention that at the beginning of my cycle I had the worst case of thrush and only got rid of it 3 day before ovulation and honestly didn't see any egg white cervical fluid.
I only baby danced the day before and day of ovulation believing that it wouldn't happen this cycle and I was eager to get it over with so I could start trying again next cycle.
Here are my symptoms
1dpo nothing, bbt rise indicating ovulation taken place.
2dpo some creamy cf and hot flushes in the evening evening.
3dpo creamy cf, really hungry at work, lower back pain and hot flushes.
4dpo woke up with a bad case of acne all over my face, even a few on my chest (I never get acne before my period and rarely with my period) gas, exhausted from work just wanted an early night. Creamy cf
5dpo creamy thick cf, gas, acne, backache, indigestion and af type cramps
6dpo creamy/sticky cf, more acne, lower backache, slight sore breasts, hot flushes.
7dpo creamy/sticky cf, cervix really firm and low.
Light nausea, acne, bloating, cramps on right side.
8dpo sticky/creamy cf, another rise in bbt to 36.84
Woke up in the middle of the night with strange cramps and very thirsty! Strange. (possible implantation) fatigue and neck ache, acne still there!
9dpo creamy/sticky cf, cervix very hard.
Body ache, indigestion, cramps coming and going, woke up all congested and vivid dreams.
10dpo sticky cf. Woke up with a chronic shoulder and back pain could hardly get up out of bed. Bloated, gassy and thought my period was on its way.
11dpo very sticky cf. Very hungry eating everything everything! Gas, period type cramps, back and shoulders still very sore and achy, insomnia and tender breasts when laying down.
12dpo same as yesterday. Got a faint line on a internet cheapie was in denial thought I was imagining things kept looking at it. Took an ovulation test for fun and it was a very strong line on the opk strange!
13dpo hot flushes, back and shoulder still aching, took a Frer with fmu it's a definite bfp! I couldn't believe it, I didn't feel pregnant well not what I imagined.
This is my first pregnancy so very nervous and excited. Partner was over the moon and just as shocked as I was as we thought we were out this month.
Currently I am 19dpo and still having period type cramps come and go. Amazing sense of smell,dizziness, and mild nausea if I don't eat regularly.
So all you ladies out there don't give up it will happen when you least expect it! So Goodluck I hope this helps in your tww like it did for me.

Finally!! bfp after 15 months ttc

Let me first start by saying, what a tough journey this baby making business can be. You always see everyone around you getting pregnant and you start to wonder what's wrong. It will happen at the right timing, and don't get too down on yourself. Just have faith..

Background: I got pregnant right away, the first cycle that we tried (of course, right?) We sadly lost that one, in september of 2013. It was a mmc at 8 weeks, and my doctor believes it was an unfortunate chromosome issue with the fetus. I never had any hormone or reproductive issues that the doctor could find. We tried so hard for over a year with no luck, and we were getting so devistated. I really had given up at that point. Skipping to the good part....

This month, what I think helped, is we stopped trying and just relaxed (we literally had sex once during my fertile time). I also just started a new job, so my mind was pretty distracted from baby making. We are waiting 3 months to tell everyone so it feels nice to at least tell someone,lol.


Dpo 1-6-- no symptoms that were peculiar
Dpo 7- my regular boob tenderness, hungry
Dpo 8-boob tenderness
Dpo 9- aweful acne breakout on face
Dpo 10- same as previous days
Dpo 11- boobs dont hurt as much, but my nipples are dry and itchy
Dpo 12- dry and itchy nipples, not spotting like normally do, hungry
Dpo 13- white cm (yay!)....period due today
Dpo 14- white cm but have dull af style cramping on and off, so start to think period
Dpo 15- more white cm!!, I know something is up now.....still having af like dull lower back pain/cramps
Dpo 16- decide to test on a frer and instant BFP :), super dark line (darker than last pregnancy).... still having lower back pain, on and off cramps, extreme bloating, forgetfulness, white cm, but no sore boobs and no nausea yet....

I am so thankful to god for this miracle. I am nervous because of my previous miscarriage, but know that this little one will be ok. Sorry for the ladies that have gone through tough times and don't give up!

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BFP after 18 mos TTC/MC; Help from Femara!

We finally got our BFP at 13dpo! We feel truly blessed and thank God. We are saying lots of prayers that this one sticks!

Back story:
I am 29 and DH is 30. I stopped taking bc in April of 2013. We weren’t trying by any means but we were okay with getting pregnant too. No period in May, June, July… Finally called my OB and she prescribed Provera to induce periods in hopes of inducing ovulation. Took provera August, Sept, Nov, Dec, Jan… Still not getting a period on my own and not ovulating. At this point we were scared because we don’t even have a shot. Went to OB in Jan. and decided to try a few more months but start taking Clomid in April if needed. It was needed because I still wasn’t getting periods on my own.

Got pregnant after 4 cycles of Clomid! We found out in Sept. 2014 and sadly miscarried at 7 weeks in October. We were devastated and I wasn’t sure I could cope emotionally.
As time passed, I started to feel better. We decided to start trying again in Nov. 2014 but were now seeing an RE. He prescribed Femara (similiar to Clomid, but less side effects and higher preganancy rates)

Took femara and actively ttc for 4 cycles and got our BFP on cycle 4! 4 must be a lucky number for us! We are overjoyed and feel so happy to have another shot.

I was a hot mess for a while and I decided this month that I was going to mellow out and just let nature take its course. I felt calm and very positive from CD1. I did not stress over symptoms and did not read stuff on the internet like a maniac. We also said lots of prayers and asked others for their prayers too. I really think that made the difference this month.

1-10DPO: Nothing. I was not looking for anything and nothing was too noticeable.
11DPO: Felt some cramping. Thought AF was maybe on her way.
12DPO: Cramping, nipples tingly, couldn’t sleep, lower back pain, peeing a lot
13DPO: BFP on First Response and Clear Blue! :)

I am saying prayers for everyone out there still trying. It will happen for you no matter how down you feel. This is such a tough time and you never imagine that it will be this hard. I know how it feels to see so many others around you getting pregnant just wish it was you and wonder why it’s not you. You must keep the faith and stay mellow. It will happen! <3

7 moths ttc... Au naturale and with the help of God... <3

Hi Everyone!!!
So we finally did it... Its actually been a while (13 weeks pg today), BUT I couldnt post before, cause of the 12 week rule, and I myself could hardly believe its true...!
A bit on our background... We were ttc for 7 months when it finally happened. I am 28 in perfect health (Thank you God) and hubby,
41 also, but I did send him to a SA about 3 months in ttc cause I was freakin out why isnt it happening yet? They found his SA is ok, on the lower side but within the range of all the criteria (volume, count, motility), HOWEVER, only 2% morphology. I was devastated, I didnt really know what it means... Researching online helped me a bit, but as with every online research, you can find both ends of the extremes. There were stories of couples that had to have IVF, IUI or whatever (I forgot all these shortcuts by now, but back in the ttc days I was the EXPERT...) and I was just losing hope but... We kept trying. It was fun anyways. In the beginning I didnt really know EXACTLY when I ovulate anyways, and as the months went by I learned my body signs better.
However, every single month I was so so so so devastated to get AF. I dont have to tell any of you. Its like my world fell apart for that day (or two), until I decided yes, its actually now a new cycle, a new beginning. The baby was not meant to be now, and he will come at the right time. God decides all of this, and all we can do is make it possible to happen :).
Then one time my period wasnt coming and wasnt coming. I was getting hopeful, but also more stressed out, cause what if I didnt even ovulate at all? What if my body is going crazy and I am gonna be one of those that ovulate once every few months? Or what if menopause was coming early? I was really freaking out...
However, I never POAS until I was 7 days late. 7 days late exactly, I POAS and I didnt wanna look right away what is going on, but I did see. I saw that it turned bright red on BOTH lines RIGHT AWAY. I was shaking. I couldnt breathe. I could not believe my eyes. I thought I was in some dream. But I ran to hubby right away and showed him (it was a weekend). Omg. We were so thrilled. I think that day was the best day of my life EVER. It was the day after Christmas :). Our little choo-choo is a Christmas miracle :).
So all in all, I have now successfully passed the dreaded 12 weeks. Boy, was it tough. The worries if he will stick. The fatigue. Ohhh, the never ending fatigue!! The aversions to like EVERYTHING. Any sort of food and the smell of a kitchen made me nauseous. I could only eat fruit and orange juice. Sometimes yogurt. And then that passed and I was always so hungry but so nauseous and exhausted to fix myself something to eat. The irony in that. But after talking with a few girls, it seems to be the common :). Oh, it was really tough. Also winter, so I had no energy, to will to do anything.
Now, its still here and there. Some foods still make me nauseous, I still am tired... But at least I feel so much less worried that its REALLY happened and that he will stick.
Thank you God for this miracle.
It is the greatest thing that ever happened to me in my life.
I wish you all girls, to one day post a story like mine.
And the bottom line is, we were a totally healthy couple (except for the morphology...), and it happened within 7 months anyways. The funniest thing is that that month (before I knew), I bought FertilAid for hubby and PreSeed for us. The whole time we used nothing, just au naturale 100%. So... Sometimes it just takes time even if everything is ok. And sometimes it can happen just like that even if there are "problems". The point is, there is no such thing as "relax, and it will happen". If you want a baby, you want it so much, you cannot think about anything else and all these "tips and helping comments" dont really matter. So my advise is, just have sex ALL THE TIME. We did it like every day since the end of AF till like CD 20. Really, no such thing as every other day and crap. The more, the better, the greater the chances. I think that is what made it work for us. We just did it all the time. (In the beginning, every other day and stuff like it was advised).
So girls, NEVER GIVE UP. Keep praying and keep trying and keep being hopeful.
I know we were very lucky for it to take "just" 7 months. I know there are a bunch out there that have been trying for so much longer... But it will happen. It really will. If its meant to be, if its Gods way, it will happen at the right time.
My heart goes out to all of you <3

Dont Ever Give Up!

This is for the ladies out there losing hope and feeling sad. I promise, God listens!!! When I finally submitted to His will, I got my BFP!!
I am 14 weeks now. Dh and I have been not trying/not preventing for five years. I really was beginning to think something was wrong, but it really was up to God.
My symptoms actually worldly started before conception. My hips and back were really hurting me at the beginning of December. On my O day I noticed a TON of creamy CM. Not sure of exact conception day, because we BD a lot; ) about a week after that I had the absolutely worst heartburn I have ever had. I was super gassy (still!) And my biggest indicator was my coffee...Im normally one of those people who drinks coffee all day long. I would get a few sips in and just not want it. It didn't make me sick...just didn't want it. I also had a STRONG STRONG metallic taste in my mouth, still get that sometimes. The day I got my BFP I was feeling short of breath and peeing EVERY HALF HOUR. No joke sometimes more. I took my test expecting another negative and was shocked to immediately see a positive!!!! Also my boobs hurt on the sides, normally hurt on top when AF comes.
Don't give up hope, ladies. Keep praying and trust in His will!!!
P.s. you won't necessarily have morning sickness. I felt nauseous all the time (mint tea with ho RT and peppermint helps) bit I didn't throw up once. My biggest complaints are heartburn and BAD BAD gas lol!!! My prayers to you and baby dust!!!

BFP after 9 years 3 month of trying through embryo adoption

We adopted our son 3 years ago and he needed a sibling so we went with embryo adoption for multiple reasons. It is cost effective, I will get to experience pregnancy, and we believe in life at conception.

I have PCOS, uterine fibroids, and MTHFR mutation C&A.

All of my symptoms can be attributed to the estrogen patches and progesterone shots but I’ve been tired and my boobs have grown and HURT.
I started eating a ton of pineapple the day before transfer and continued until 2 days after. Directly after we got Mexican food and walked for hours at the flea market(me carrying out giant 3 year old a lot of the time.)
We transferred 2 blasts. 1 AB5 2 BB4

Got a SUPER faint BFP 4dp5dt
Faint BFP 5dp5dt
BFP 6dp5dt am bought a FRER for Vday and used it at the store… BFP
BFP on FRER and week estimator 7dp5dt

I don’t know what to do with myself I’m so excited! We’ve had BFP before but never 2 days in a row. I think the baby aspirin made a big difference.

Praising Jesus!

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My husband and I were not trying and got pregnant lAst month. The excitement was short lived because we lost our little peanut right at 5 weeks. I had no complications and didn't have to see the doctor. We'll it is a month later and I got a BFP on a digital test today! I am beyond excited and terrified. I don't want to lose another one. But my symptoms are stronger than last time..... I have nausea all day, sore bbs, hot flashes, weird dreams, congestion that won't go away some things taste off.... Hoping everything will be ok this time. Need lots of baby dust :)


So my husband and I weren't officially trying when we got pregnant the first time. We we're excited, but it was short lived. I only made it to 5 weeks. I didn't have to go to the doctor, nor did I have any complications, my body did what it needed to do..... Well that was a month ago and I got another BFP today!! We actually tried this time. And I couldn't be more excited and terrified at the same time. I want this pregnancy to last full term! I've had much stronger symptoms than last time. Nauseated all day, very sore bbs, light cramping, tired, weird dreams..... Hoping this one goes well. Keeping our fingers crossed!

BFP at 11 dpo

Hi Everyone! I live for this site during the TWW so I had to post. We have been TTC #2 since November 2014. I felt so much less pressure this time around than the first time we TTC (DS is 17 months old), and I was prepared for it to take much longer as I'm 38 now. I'm still in a bit of disbelief, but it seems we have been blessed with another baby! I'm so grateful and just finished praying for a healthy pregnancy, and for all the mamas who are trying to get their BFPs. It will happen for you!!!

This month, we used the SMEP, Pre-seed (this was our first month using it this go-round--it worked for us last time too!), and I got acupuncture right at ovulation time. I can't recommend Pre-seed highly enough. That stuff is MAGIC! Here's the DPO breakdown:

CD 8: BD (per SMEP)
CD 10 BD
CD 11: +OPK BD
CD12: O day I think! BD
CD 13 BD
CD 14 BD
3-7 dpo: "Typical" 2ww symptoms: gassy, bloated, irritable, impatient ;) NO unusual CM or anything else of note.
8 dpo: Ungodly exhausted in the evening. Having a toddler is exhausting, so I didn't find this so out of the ordinary...but it was definitely tired on a new level, like going to sleep right after putting my son to bed at 7.
9 dpo: awakened in the night by SHARP stabbing pains right in the middle of my uterus. Actually took my breath away. Hmmm...I've experienced cramping in the 2ww before and not been pregnant, but that was weird.
10 dpo: Began feeling nauseous, sensitive to smells, still very very tired. I also started peeing like crazy. After the 3rd time I woke up in the night to pee (3 a.m. on 11 dpo), I decided to test, because I wasn't sleeping anyway. I was amazed to see a line on the FRER! I woke my poor husband up to show it to him. And I've been awake since then, praying and too excited to go back to sleep. :) I drank some more water and took a CBdigi--Pregnant 1-2 weeks! I give thanks for this blessing.

Best of luck and baby dust to all of you mamas trying. If you haven't tried Pre-seed, it can really do the trick! :)