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BFP Stories

Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP by Prayer

Got your BFP courtesy of the almighty? Amen! Send us your symptoms through this contact form.

BFP cycle #2

I promised myself I would share my story to help comfort others if God blessed us with this miraculous gift! DH and I have been "not preventing" for about 6 months but only actively trying for 2 months! I took FertilAid for 2 months. This month we added preseed (4g internally) and I took 100mg of B6 daily to lengthen luteal phase. I also read that woman with higher levels of b6 conceive more and easier than women with low b6. I used CB OPK. We BD 5 days in a row.... O day and the 4 days prior. Used preseed the last 4 of 5 BD days. And finally... I tried not to stress this month! Ok here's the good stuff...

1 dpo nothing much... bit tired, constipated
2-5 dpo mild cramps/twinges, lower back ache, sore bbs
6 dpo few tiny bouts of nausea, headache, dull cramps here and there, major mood swings, lower back ache
7 dpo constipated, moody, mild cramping and a tiny drop/streak of blood mixed in EWCM after orgasm, lower back ache, vivid dreams, suddenly my fav bbq chips taste bland, tender bbs
8 dpo clear watery CM with pieces of rubbery white CM mixed in, gassy, slight headaches, lower back pain
9 dpo gassy, lower back pain, mild cramping, slight pulling pain behind belly button while driving
10 dpo constipated, gassy, vivid dreams, lower back pain is really bad
11-15 dpo awful chronic back pain, mild cramping that only lasted about 10 or 15 min, gassy, constipated, vivid dreams, extremely irritable, very bloated, a few irregular heartbeats
16 dpo that morning had a dream that I POAS and 2 lines appeared... So as soon as I woke up realizing that AF still hasn't arrived, I took an internet cheapie and the 2nd line appeared right away!!! Then still convinced that I was hallucinating this BFP... I took a CB digital and confirmed BFP!!!!!!
Today I'm 17 dpo and still have mild cramping on and off. Also, I had tender bb's and nipples off and on for the entire TTW.
Omg!!! I'm still in shock!!!! Told DH last night! I've never seen him smile so much with so much joy in his eyes!!! We are thrilled!!! Praying for a healthy 9 months!!! Sending all you ladies my prayers, best wishes and lots of baby dust!!!!

Eeeeeeek!! BFP @ 12dpo!!!

I am over the moon right now because I just found out I am expecting my second child!!! What a fantastic Christmas present!! My husband and I have been not trying, not preventing for 3 months, which is odd because that is how long it took us to get pregnant with DD (3rd times a charm!)! The first two months, I charted temps LIKE CRAZY - seriously, I became OCD about it! My husband didn't like that it was causing me to obsess, cause one period to be late, which got my hopes up only to crash down when AF arrived. He asked me for one month, to stop charting and symptoms spotting and just let it happen - and HAPPEN IT DID! Praise God!

As I said, I wasn't REALLY symptom spotting, but a few things were noticed. Here are the details :)

1-8dpo: Nothing to report
9dpo: Implantation Day, I believe. I had very sharp pinches in one localized spot in my uterus. Almost like O Pains, but down low - almost to my hair line! (tmi) They lasted for approximately 12-16 hours. Other than that though, nothing to report.
10dpo: I graduated with my Master's degree! (YIPPEE!!!!) I was very busy that day so didn't think much of symptoms, but did notice a few heart flutters (Got those with DD) and got VERY dizzy sitting during the ceremony. Thought maybe I was just a little warm.
11dpo: Craziness begins ... before today I didn't really think I was pregnant at all! I was actually pretty sure we missed BDing on O so I was just waiting to start charting next cycle! The day was fine. I was a little tired but the past week has been very busy so didn't think much of it. Went to a Christmas dinner with DH in the evening and ate a few appetizers and ordered my food. As I was waiting on my food, I started feeling a little sick to my stomach, but that is somewhat normal for me before AF. I excused myself, used the restroom and returned. About five minutes later, the food arrived (in mass quantities) and I HAD TO GET OUT OF THERE! I looked at DH and said I've GOT TO GO. I ended up sitting in the car, not touching my food while DH quickly ate his. I never ended up throwing up, just absolutely felt like I would any second for about 45 minutes. Got home and was completely fine! Weird .....
12dpo (TODAY!): Ended up staying home from work with DD due to an ear infection. Had to take her to the doctor after a VERY long sleepless night for us both. On the way home, stopped at the Dollar Tree for a few tests, just in case ya know! Got home after holding urine for about 2 hours, tested on Dollar Tree New Choice Test and within 30 seconds a huge DARK DARK DARK line popped right up! No squinters here! O.M.G.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Baby #2 due August 27, 2015 :) And then there were 4 . . .

Thanking God for His many blessings and praying for everyone reading that God grants them their BFP as soon as possible! It's so hard to be patient, but trust in Him and all things will work out. Praying for a sticky little guy or gal!

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Finally, a BFP, after all these years???

To start this post, I want to say that I have come back here so often, and have seen all of the BFP posts. It's always made me so happy and even more hopeful, after reading all of the stories. TTC is quite a journey, and then you throw infertility into the mix and it gets a little more complicated. I have been TTC for the last 10 plus years. Actually, since my late 20's, which would make it almost 15+ years. I've always wanted to be a mom. I knew that, if I'd be good at anything in this life, it was motherhood.

Knowing that I was unable to conceive on my own, was not the news I wanted. But even then, I was stubborn. I wanted no medical intervention. No meds. No fertility treatments. I wanted to leave it up to God and if it was meant to be, it would.

But then, this past year, at my yearly appt with my gyno, she asked again, if I'd still thought about having kids. I told her I did, but wasn't sure if I'd be willing to go through all the testing, at my age. (38). She wrote me a script for Clomid and I started it in August.

Clomid Round 1: August - Clomid Round 2: Sept - (I skipped October) - Third round in November.
Then, I honestly stopped thinking about it. I didn't focus on it, I didn't write everything down. Just went back to my usual OPK testing.
Got a positive on that, around the 27th ... and that was it. Leading up to this weekend, I had no reason to believe that I might be pregnant. Other than feeling sick on Friday night - ( I attributed it to reflux). So, on Saturday, not even realizing it was the 2 week mark, I took the HPT. I normally would, around the time my period was due, anyway.
It was positive. Wait, what?? Then took another. Oh boy! Went out and bought a ClearBlue test ... ALSO positive!

I can't tell you all of the emotions that I was going through. I do remember, at one point, I was kind of sobbing. This actually happened!
I praise Clomid for the help, but I also do believe that the St. Gerard mass I went to, where I received a special blessing, may have really been the key. I realize not everyone believes in that stuff, or religion at all, but that's just how I feel about things.

I always looked at others' posts that shared the BFP news and they always said "So, don't give up, ladies".. Now i feel like I can say it!

My first appt is January 12th - Of course I'm nervous about the pregnancy and I want it to stick.. I've read stories about Clomid pregnancies but I don't want to be a worry wart either.

This is all still kind of sinking in. We haven't told our families yet. (besides his parents and my sister). We're thinking of announcing it on Christmas morning.


I am soo excited. God answered my prayer.
I'm 25 years old, have severe PCOS, I had regular menstrual cycle only for a year when I was 12 and it has stopped. I used to have my period like the most twice a year and then once a year (which means I don't ovulate at all) then Dr put me on birth control when i was 13 or 14. So I was on birth control up until I was 22,23ish so I was on birth control for 8 years even though I really didn't need it. anyways, Im writing all these because maybe there's someone out there who might be taking bunch of birth control (like I did) that they don't really need that actually can hurt you. My Fertility doc said because I was on birth control for soo long my body stopped even trying to produce some hormones. Anyways so that's my issue.

Me and my husband ttc for 2 years,
1 year with just bunch of herbs and vitamins and whatnot. (had a surgery, Dr removed a polyp from my uterus, all the years I wasn't ovulating and not having menstrual cycle caused this)
Then about a year ago doctor put me on Metformin 1500mg and tried for 3-4 months, no success.
Then we added clomid 25mg for 5 days, biggest follicle was around 8mm, cycle cancelled.
Then clomid 50mg for 5 days, biggest follicle was 11mm, cycle cancelled
Then clomid 150mg for 5 days, biggest follicle was 17mm, had timed intercourse BFN
Then clomid 200mg for 5 days, biggest follicle was 8mm, cycle cancelled

so doc decided to switch to Letrozole (femera) lowest dosage and bravelle for 9 nights, biggest follicle 19, trigger shot that night and 36 hours later my very very first IUI. Husband's sperm count after wash was 79mil and 85%motility.
I did my research and it said I should lay down at least 15 mins, but the nurse said just lay down for 5 mins and you're ok to go, but of course I laid down there for 30 mins ^,^
and started progesterone vaginally the day after the IUI

2 weeks wait... OMG so anxious.
1dpiui-no symptoms
2dpiui-no symptoms
3dpiui-no symptoms
4dpiui-Slightly tender bbs, Probably because of progesterone
5dpiui-Slightly tender bbs,
6dpiui-Slightly tender bbs,
7dpiui-Slightly tender bbs, nothing different, because when I'm on progesterone I get sore bbs.
8dpiui-Slightly tender bbs.
10dpiui-had nausea that lasted only for 10-15 seconds in the morning, had poking feeling (not pain), very very mild cramps. had this weird dream about water ( I was going to an appt and was walking on water lol)
11dpiui-Mild crampls
12dpiui-Blood test that confirmed BFP

I am so excited, hopefully I get good beta on Monday, they want to make sure my beta is increasing as it should and will monitor my progesterone level

So all the ladies out there who's trying to conceive IT WILL HAPPEN, be positive, You know your body more than anyone else. Think positive and don't get your hopes up but still have faith in God and in you, I used to pray and pray and ask God please give a child but then this time I started just Thanking God for what he's done and given and He rewarded me :) Hopefully I will have a healthy 9months pregnancy.

Baby dust to you all Ladies <3 Be strong Be positive and You will be a Mommy one day Don't give up!

Surprising Natural BFP... No "Real" Symptoms

So I'm sure I've been like many other woman on this site, lol, stalking the pages for stories that seem similar to mine to find some hope for that oh-so-desired BFP. Me and DH have been trying for almost a year, and, well this month, I totally thought we were out.

The only thing we did differently was use softcups this cycle. I've been on Clomid for 4 rounds (which made me horribly sick) and taken almost every natural supplement you can think of... HSG was normal as well as other blood tests, so we were in this "unexplained infertility" diagnosis (how frustrating) and I was so over it.

I read about soft cups and figured giving it a try this cycle before going back to the doc for the next options. Every time we BD'd, I just slipped one right on in and took it out the next morning. (Guess it kept those swimmers close to the egg when it was time)

After my expected O Day, I kept looking for symptoms... only to be disappointed because I felt like I had none. I had already mentally prepared myself to try another cycle. The only thing that happened differently was that I had no sore bbs like I typically do before af. For at least a week, they are usually so sore and heavy! Not this time... though I had mild cramping like I typically do before af, so was expecting her any day.

When I was 3 days late, but still cramping I figured I better take a test just in case something was wrong. To my surprise, 2 lines showed very quickly! I think I'm still in shock! Can't believe I'm pregnant... finally! And I feel completely normal... it's hard to believe there's a little baby growing inside... especially because I have NO symptoms.

So blessings to all those ladies out there still trying... it's gonna happen! Just at the right time

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Prayers works!

Been reading so many stories in this website that gave me hope and I promises that when my turn will come I' ll post my story to inspired other.

After 3 and 1/2 year of trying I got a BFP on Dec 2nd at CD 31 and 4 days late. This was on my so natural cycle, meaning no fertile aide of any kind and I mean NONE. BD a week before ovulation, the day of O, and 4 days later. So I believe that conception occurs on day of O. I was in no trying and not preventing mode, since I was scheduled to start IVF treatment on January 2015. Went for IVF in Belgium in January this year but didn't went trough the process cause hubby couldn't get to Belgium in time. But had a polyps removed while in Belgium to prepare me for IVF. Was put back in Clomid for 6 months in the mind time from April to September and nothing. Decide to take it easy while waiting on IVF for January so didn't take any medication to clean out my system to be ready for IVF.

But there is two thing I will give credit for this miracle, 1st prayers and never stop believing God faithfulness. Did surrender my self with all bible verses on fertility in my closet, declaring it every day every time my eye payed on it!!!
2nd For some reason hubby and I were so busy that I realize now that we didn't have Intercourse all month of Oct. So abstinence may have strengthen is sperms.
Didn't test earlier cause I felt my usual AF cramps and started spotting and was convince she will show. Was 2 days late when spotting started and 2 days later still didn't start so I bought a dollars test and the test line showed up before the control line and was just stunned.
Sorry for the long story but I had to give you some details to this... I have to say it still surreal but I guess it will sinck in a couple of days, your are among the first among the first person to know. Hubby will be next . Thanking God for all of you ladies cause each and everyone of your prayers made a difference. Thank a lot a God bless

TTC 2.5 years - naturally

Hello all. I am very excited to share that after TTC for 2.5 years (one early miscarriage), we finally got our BFP!!! Our only aid was using an OPK (Clearblue Digital). We were very close to taking new steps in our TTC process, but decided to give it just a couple more months.....and here we are. Lots of praying, being positive, and nailing the timing. :) The only thing I really did different?....I made sure to not obsess over taking HPT's (like every other month)....just waited for my missed period (helped with the stresses of TTC).

CD15 - BD'd
CD16 - positive opk
CD17 - BD'd twice

My only symptoms during TTW were sore bbs (towards underarms), sensitive (emotionally), tired, and craved salads. That's about it. BFP on CD32, 15dpo. Very positive.

Now, at 4 weeks (almost 5), I am very hungry, tired, and dealing with night sweats. So far, not a bad experience at all. Just very happy. Glad we were patient. SO EXCITED!!!

Baby dust to all!! :)

BFP after 14 months ttc

After 14 months of ttc, I gave up on symptom spotting as it seems like every month I was having symptoms. The only thing I noticed was a temp drop at 8 dpo and a uterus pinch in the same exact spot which I still get sometimes now (16 dpo) I do want to share what I think got us to our bfp. In the beginning, I always had breast tenderness right after ovulation. My boobs would hurt all over until the day before my period would start. After ttc for about 8 months, I found a post with this information:

"According to Jerilynn Prior, M.D., a Canadian clinician, researcher and professor of endocrinology at the University of British Columbia, premenstrual breast tenderness at the sides of the breast under the armpits suggests that ovulation has occurred during that cycle. If the breasts are sore up front and over the nipples, it tends to suggest high estrogen, or estrogen dominance, which can indicate a lack of ovulation. Soreness on the sides and the front may indicate that ovulation occurred but that not much progesterone was produced three or four days after ovulation, and thus estrogen dominance is occurring."

I was having soreness on the sides and front. I started researching estrogen dominance. Basically, what I found was that my liver was working too hard and couldn't rid my body of excess estrogen. Ways to get rid of them was by drinking lots of water and staying regular. I had been drinking almost no water and wasn't regular. I introduced way more water (88 oz) and yogurt into my diet in July. I had low calorie lunches and normal dinners. I also cut out my normal cup of coffee in the mornings during the week. I also began working out a couple of times a week, nothing too strenuous. When my August cycle came around, I had NO breast tenderness and a longer cycle (5 days longer...hormones resetting?). Then my September and October cycles, I had breast tenderness on the sides only. October cycle resulted in my first ever BFP. I hope this helps someone else get their BFP. Don't give up hope!

Our BFP after 18 long months!

I am still in shock after finally getting my BFP this morning! I had finally mentally accepted our RE's recommendation of IVF so seeing that positive test was surreal after 18 months of negatives. So here's my story: I'm 33 & OH is 36 with no prior children. We're both healthy, average weight, no major issues. After TTC for 15 months, we went to a RE who diagnosed us with male factor infertility. My fiance's SA was bad; very low count (less than 1 million), poor morphology (less than 1%), but motility was good. Our RE told us to go straight to IVF due to our age & the SA results. We were devastated that day leaving his office, I saw my fiancé cry for the very 1st time. It was absolutely heartbreaking news. We do not have the financial means to jump right to IVF so we decided to keep trying while saving our money. We also took a much needed vacation for a week to regroup & just focus on having fun. The only things we did differently was I took a prescribed pre-natal, vitamin D, and omega 3 daily. My fiancé started taking Fertilaid the same month of his SA results. We had done some research online & decided what could the Fertilaid hurt? We were willing to try anything! So fast forward 3 months after our RE appointment & here we are, pregnant! I am writing this to give other women hope who have been trying for so long & keep getting BFN's month after month. I know the emotional roller coaster of thinking you're pregnant every month but then seeing that stark white HPT with no hint of a line. Please know that God has a plan & will answer your prayers, it's just on His time & not ours. I know it's hard to wait when you want something so badly everyday, please know that it is possible despite what doctors may tell you. Do not give up hope. Here is a list of my symptoms by DPO:

I had EWCM leading up to O day & confirmed with OPK & BBT.

1DPO-9DPO: I honestly had no symptoms that were unusual. No cramps, bloating, twinges, pains. Nothing.

10DPO: I took a clearblue HPT thinking if I was pregnant I would maybe have a faint positive but it was clearly negative. I starting thinking I was out this month.

11DPO: Started feeling very small pains in my breasts. I usually don't have breast pain before AF so I thought that was kinda odd. The pains were more like tingly sensations that lasted seconds but occurred throughout the day. Also during the day I had gas which was unusual for me. I hadn't eaten anything to cause it but I had gas pains throughout the day.

12DPO: I tested using a FRER with FMU and thought for sure I would see a BFN. I was still having tingly breasts but the gas was gone. I woke up with a massive headache but that's common for me. I went back to the test after a minute or so & saw that second line coming up! I just stood there & stared at it for what seemed forever. I just couldn't believe we actual did it with no medical interventions. My fiancé was beyond happy, I saw him cry for the 2nd time!

Later on 12DPO I confirmed the earlier BFP with a digi test & it came back "pregnant 1-2 weeks". I have my 1st OB appointment in a few weeks for blood tests & an ultrasound. We are cautiously optimistic and still in a bit of shock. Now we are praying for a happy & healthy 9 months until we get to meet our little bean :)

8 months of ttc

So we have been trying for 8 months and I cannot believe we finally got our BFP!!! This is the month I didn't track or obsess as much I did take one opk and it was positive so we BD the next two days after that I let it be!

1-8dpo gassy nothing extraordinary

8dpo-11dpo nothing at all was the least symptoms Ive had

12dpo- lower back pain & lots of CM

13dpo- lower back pain, litte twinges in my abdomen felt almost crampy thought it was AF still lots of CM

14 dpo- no Aunt Flo but still crampy and sore back weird boob pains took test at 11:20 am light postive test at 3:00pm slightly darker positive
15dpo : 8:00am BFP confirmed at 2:00pm with digital and two more tests I'm still crampy on and off and my lower back is hurting almost constantly still have weird breast pains but 6 test and I'm pregnant still in shock but happy as I could ever be going for blood work tomorrow to make sure its progressing amazingly (I'm a worrier) I hope for everyone reading this you also get the bfp you're wanting!