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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP by Prayer

Got your BFP courtesy of the almighty? Amen! Send us your symptoms through this contact form.

First cycle off the pill!

My last pill was taken dec 20 (cd 6) and I got my bfp jan 20! Hard for me to believe and we actually didn't try this go-round, but I was hoping and kind of obsessing over this website! I believe I ovulated on cd 20, based on the egg white cm and spotting that day but I am not entirely sure. I also barely had any symptoms the whole time and even now that I am at four weeks.

1 dpo- the only way I can describe the feeling is that something kinda "sparked" in my tummy
2-5dpo - nothing much except I seemed to be a little more gassy than usual. Both ends but mostly burpy. I had a few very very light nausea spells that only lasted a few seconds
6-10 dpo - getting a little more gassy and still a few light nausea symptoms. Started feeling a few small twinges on my left side, maybe just one or two a day.
11 dpo - BFN, starting to feel extra bloated but just thought AF is coming
12-13 dpo - getting really bloated now, more than I ever have been. Still gassy and still very light nausea off and on.
14 dpo- BFN, twinges on both sides, light creamy brown glob of cm, which is usually what AF looks like at first so I put in a tampon. Later that day I took the tampon out and nothing was on it! I knew it wasn't AF because she starts out mean and heavy, that's when I really knew something was up.
15 dpo (cd 36) - took a test with fmu and BFP! Tested again a few hours later to make sure and another BFP! I had a feeling I was because of the unusual bloating and the light nausea but I was still very surprised! It was so fun surprising my hubby when he came home from work!
Tested the next day with a digital next day and "Pregnant"!! So so happy!

Baby dust to all of you!!

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BFP 2 hours ago. No symptoms,after LEEP, after miscarriage

Hi ladies, I promised myself long time ago that I would share my story here if I get BFP, and hope my story would encourage and might be useful for others to learn as I have learned from others here. I read stories here almost every two week waits then left after AF showed. I want to let you know that if you don't have any symptoms, do not lose heart, when I read that some ladies post they don't have symptoms, I thought it might have to be any symptom, now I knew myself that no symptom could means zippo symptom.

Background: 37 years old, very irregular, 28- 42 days. miscarried April 2013, had LEEP to remove precancerous cells July 2014, TTC again since November 2014. Been charting and using Clearblue monitor since December 2013, and started using digital and advanced digital the last 4 cycles.

November cycle didn't work, so I learned from charting and thought I didn't bd enough. Then I started taking fertileaid, ovaboost, Elevit. And decided to take Clomid last cycle December on cycle day 3-7.
I really wanted and intended to try SMEP but missed a few times because I was tired and also getting sick. (Details below)

Here is my record.
CD3 - CD7 Clomid
CD 9 - start taking FertilCM. started CLearblue OV stick test - High (usually I would have at least a few Low to start)
CD 11 - BD, high on CLearblue monitor
CD 12 - high
CD 13 - high ( forgot to test but monitor shows auto high)
CD 14 - (New Year's Eve) BD, high
CD 15 - ( New Year) BD, forgot to test but high auto on monitor.
CD 16 - test high on monitor, blank circle on advanced digital and digital.
CD 17- test high on monitor, blinking smile on advanced digital.
CD 18 - test Peak ( as expected because my peak on monitor always showed just after advanced or digital) solid smiley face on advanced digital and digital. BD morning. Used pressed.

Not sure if I would count CD 18 or CD 19 an Ovulation day. But always know that period would start 13-14 days after first peak.

O day, CD19 - stops all ovulation rests. As it would show auto 2nd peak day.
Dpo 1, CD 20 - BD morning, used pressed. ( I really think I conceived from this date)

Dpo 2, CD 21 - dpo 5, CD 24
I was sick, actually I should have BDed on CD 19, 22 and 24 but too sick and not feeling like bd, I did try but too sticky)

Dpo 6, CD 25 - BD in case if real late OV but I guess it's too late.
Dpo 5 - dpo10, CD 24- cd 29 - nothing, dry.
Dpo 11, CD 30- a little wet and leakage. No cramps.
Dpo 12 , Cd 31 - getting sad feeling that AF would come, feeling a little wet, no cramps.
Dpo 13, CD 32 - expecting AF, feeling anxious and wishing AF wouldn't show, felt a little more sticky wet. If I survive today then I'm getting closer to getting bfp. Didn't sleep well all night being too nervous.
Dpo 14, CD 33 - a little leakage, I kept checking if it is AF, but never came. This day is considered one day late but I wanted to make sure and didn't want to be sad and disappointed because some cycles men's started late on dpo14. Waiting all day. Afternoon feeling backache, that was really a first sign but thinking maybe I laid down watching tv too long. End of day and no period I felt 99% happy and sure I have fallen pregnant.
Dpo 15, today - went to get a dollar tree one, after 4 drops and 3 minutes as instructed. >>> a perfectly strong BFP

Celebrated by taking my dog for a walk, not sure when to share the news to hubby and family...everything is still in a blur.

- no spotting. I spotted last time that ended in MC.

Please don't give up. I do understand how deeply sad it feels to see other women getting pregnant and then we are just in the cycles of TTC every month. Hang in there. I don't like when they say stop worrying, and relax. But it is the key. I worried. But you have to tell yourself to try or at least feeling happy, especially during fertile window.
Now I only hope and pray for a healthy pregnancy, can't imagine going through miscarriage again.

Baby dust to all. God bless you.

Ps. Feel free to respond or ask anything, I'm happy to share and if my experience can help.

Acupuncture + progesterone=BFP!!!

I'm still in shock- but i know how much this site helped me and want to share.
I'm 35, DH 46, and I've been off BC since July. I went to a doc for a fertility check in December and the results Werent great. Low fertility, fsh of 10.6, and an AFC count of 5! I also had a very short luetal phase. My doc gave me progesterone suppositories for my next cycle ( jan-in case I did get pregs) but we planned to do more investigations in February. In December after getting the results from my bloodwork - I signed up for Accupuncture and starting drinking the perscribed herbal teas twice a day. I had my first session on dec 20- and went once a week for 5 weeks
On Friday ( cycle day 24- when my period is due---about 10 days DPO I took a pregnancy test and it was negative ) I stopped the progesterone and waited for my period ( knowing the progesterone might delay it a bit)
Saturday I took another test -BFN.
I went out wit me my friends and got really really drunk. And ate sushi. ( Oh my). Woke up today, Sunday feeling awful for obvious reasons. Still no period so I took a test and though oh bfn again. And then it appeared. On the Internet cheapie dip stick! The line! And it was getting darker!
Told my hubs and we are both in shock. I then took a digital and it confirmed BFP, 1-2 weeks. Really my only symptom was breast tenderness ( which I attriubted to the progesterone I was taking).
Moral of my story? I think the 5 sessions of Accupuncture WORKED ( and the progesterone likely didn't hurt either to thicken my lining and extend my luetal phase).
Hope this story helps someone! BABY DUST TO ALL!!!!

OH MY GOSH! MY BFP finally came :) 39!!

I'll try and keep this as short and sweet as I can by leaving my whole life story out!
December was a crazy hectic month and the month I had decided that "that was it", I couldn't keep doing this anymore...I was done with the heartache month after month. Over my five day "fertile window" we did the baby dance ONCE which was day 16 of my cycle and I'm being serious. Between traveling, visiting family and friends, preparing meals etc, I didn't feel like sex and just really wasn't interested in it. So because of this, because I WAS NOT expecting a BFP, I was able to look at any symptoms objectively as opposed to the detective work and freaks out I'd usually have over every little thing my body did! Here is my breakdown :)

9 DPO - My dreams were incredibly real, a few pimples appeared, nipples were sensitive (enough to be noticeable). These are all symptoms I get before AF

10 DPO - dreams very real with a brief appearance by a baby, nipples sensitive again and skin is getting worse...lucky me. Today I was extremely wet, like I was peeing myself without knowing. I had dark undies on and noticed a dark stain....I wasn't able to determine if it was implantation or not so a tip to you ladies....wear a pad or light undie around this time!!

11 DPO - just very real dreams. Feel extremely wet in my undies but cervix is low, firm and cm is dry(ish) but a bit watery/somewhat creamy (minimal though). No nipple sensitivity at all... Completely gone and starting to get that lower back ache like AF is well on her way. I am very cold though and can't seem to warm up. I have a lot of energy!

12 DPO - Low, firm cervix. Cm is minimal but watery/somewhat creamy (AF is definitely coming but of course it is because timing was off and and only bd'd once). Nose is definitely not liking strong fact, everything is a strong smell. More pimples arriving, how nice and while I was in the bath trying to warm up, I noticed dark veins around my pelvis area and legs. No nipple sensitivity at all.

13 DPO - Low, firm cervix. Minimal amount of cm. tired lower back (just feels like pressure). Definite metallic taste in my mouth, tasted like I was licking the merry-go-round anytime I touched my mouth to something! And here is an interesting one and maybe TMI but I usually start gagging when brushing my teeth and other stuff around 4-5 days before my period (that is another way I know I'm getting AF because of my gag reflexes), anywho, this time around had nothing, no gagging at all. No feeling in my boobs at's like they've disappeared.

14 DPO - wake up with those same deep, low cramps and sure AF is right on time, but then I notice they aren't the same kind of cramps, less warm and burning (ish) and more thingy, sharp and dull achy at the same time. Low, firm cervix, very minimal cm and nose is sensitive again. is something. I never understood how women could say that their boobs looked bigger or felt heavier and all, but now I do. Holy Toledo! I felt like I'd grown a cup size over night (but actually didn''s weird), they felt heavy and full and were very sensitive!!!! Couldn't believe it! Decided I'd take a test for funsies and the pregnant line was showing up just fast as the pee was racing across the screen!! Huh!? Wha!? No, that's not right. Go drink coffee, water....anything I could get my hands on so that I would have to pee again....well, would you look at that, another BFP!!!

15 DPO - low, firm cervix. Very dry, no cm present. Extremely tired and boobs feel sore and heavy. BFP again....probably will be doing that for a while ;)

16 DPO - low, firm cervix. Dry cm. Very tired but at the same time, I can't sleep. Boobs feel heavy and sore. Dull ache in lower back

17 DPO - low firm cervix and dry cm. very tired. Boobs feel better when not wearing a bra but are sensitive...hurt to take bra off. Sore, tired lower back. "Played" and cm was very abundant and like egg white....then an hour or so later back to dry. Very moody

18 DPO - same as day 17.

19 DPO - low firm cervix, and dry/little bit creamy cm but still looks like it does before AF. Boobs don't hurt or feel full at all. Dull achy pressure in lower back. Dr. Confirms pregnancy, do blood tests etc. very moody

20 DPO (today) - low, firm cervix and dry/minimal creamy cm. Not a lot of feeling in boobs but extreme pressure in lower back. Tired and foggy brain.
Moody and irritable already and the day has just begun!

I hope this helps a bit. I was excited and happy to post both because I got a BFP but also because I feel like I was able to look at my symptoms without panicking and overreacting, due to the fact that I was sure we missed out.

God bless you all and know that when the time is right, it will happen.

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Almost too good to be true

Same as everyone else I stalked here and read almost every page looking for hope and over analyzing everything. I owe it to the women in my same shoes to add my story. First thing I have to say is that I had so many more symptoms during my BFN cycles than I had with the BFP: sore boobs, swollen gums, early AF cramping, heartburn, you name it. This time around I wouldn't have caught anything if I wasn't looking for it.

This was my first IUI cycle after 14 months of TTC on our own. Numbers were:

Clomid days 5-9
Scan on CD 11 - 2 follies at 19 and 20mm.
Ovidrel trigger on CD 12
IUI on CD 14
1 DPO: ovulation cramps
2 DPO: still some ovulation pain
3 DPO: nothing
4 DPO: nothing
5 DPO: could it be maybe some nipple soreness? I never get sore nipples, only sore boobs right after O
6 DPO: definitely some soreness, left nipple only
7 DPO: still kind of sore, pretty strange for me
8 DPO: still a little sore. Since I know it's too early for BFP, let me see if I still have the trigger in my body - Very very faint line
9 DPO: is the line darker? It's still so faint I can't even tell. Still think it's the trigger
10 DPO: don't even have to squint - BFP! BFP! Confirmed later on at my doctors office with a beta of 42.

Ladies this journey is cruel and heartbreaking, I know, but worth it!

Big Faint Line at 10 DPO 2nd Cycle, WOW.

Hi ladies!! I've been on this site nonstop for the last 2 months as we've been trying. I'm so thankful for this community. Here is my story:

26 yrs old, DH is 36. We were married in May and started trying this last October. I have terribly irregular cycles, for my entire life. Sometimes 18 days sometimes 55 days. It doesnt seem that I have PCOS based on tests done. I can only sum up my irregularity to stress. I've unfortunately always been dealing with a lot of stress due to family issues, my entire life.

Based on the irregularity I figured it would take us a long time to get pregnant. Last cycle was nearly 55 days and I am suspicious that I experienced a chemical pregnancy, due to some crazy symptoms I've never felt before. My Dr seemed to think I didn't even ovulate though, based on my bloodwork. So here I am going into 2nd TTC Cycle thinking I'm likely anovulatory ... great. To top it off, I'm dealing with nearly crippling stress at work, double great. Oh well, DH and I give it the good college try over Christmas break, which just happens to also be my fertile window! We BD on 12/28, 12/29 and 12/31. I suspect I ovulated on 12/30 based on +OPK and the Glow App. We used OPKs, Preseed, and I used Fertilitea!! I did not use Fertilitea last cycle, so I think it might have helped! It did help bring on my period - I started taking it last cycle when my period wouldn't come and within 2 days and 2 cups of the tea my period came. I also prayed lots and every night I went to bed I put my hands in the shape of a heart above my stomach, I know ... stupid ... but whatever!

Here are some of the symptoms I experienced:

Most importantly: I've had very dull cramps/pressure nearly every day since O. I've also had an increased appetite. Everything else was pretty normal. My CM was creamy and light to medium since O.

1-3 DPO : Gassy / Bloating / Blood in mucus when blowing nose / High Appetite
4-5 DPO : Gassy / Bloating / High Appetite
5-6 DPO : Emotional / Irritable/ Bloating - Note: I quit my job on 1/7. I think this was divine, the stress it was causing would not have let me be able to implant I think.
9 DPO "A-ha Day" - Gas like WHOA. High appetitive. Lots of gurgles/pulling and even a sharp pain that I felt in my uterus and boob at the same time (implantation?) ... my urine smelled terrible!! ... heres the crazy thing, I could not stop drinking water from 6pm-bedtime. I must have had 8 glasses. I could not quench my thirst
10 DPO (today) -- Woke up and took two cheapie wondofos, saw a light line on both but felt suspicious because they are cheapies ... ran out and got a FRER and there was a straight up faint line!! Attached pic here.

I am so emotionally confused. I am nervous to be excited but trying so hard. I've wanted this so badly my entire life, I am so ready and excited. I pray that this will be a sticky little bean that will grow healthy and strong.

Thanks to everyone for your stories and support. I wish baby dust for you all!

BFP after Implanon. Baby #1!

I'm still not sure this is real.. But the test says other wise!
Got implanon out about 5 months early on Oct. 3rd. Have been TTC ever since then. Took me 2 cycles! First AF took 35 days since removal and second AF showed up 30 days later. Month of Oct and Nov we DTD every other day I thought I would O. Nothing! (Even though I swore I was having symptoms).

So month of December, my approaches were to start taking Prenatal Pills and use OPKs but no charting. I got postive OPK on CD 12 and 13. This time around we DTD every day for 8 days straight throughout my fertile period instead of every other day. And I guess it worked!

I'm REALLY surprised because I thought I was out! I had NO symptoms that I can think of DURING my TWW. And my cervix is low and hard so I thought AF was on her way. Today is CD 29 so now I'm not sure if I would have gotten a postive any earlier?

Only thing that made me test was Saturday night I had a HUGE headache. Woke up Sunday morning with flu like symptoms. I felt so sick. Sore throat, aching body, chills... It lasted all day and yesterday I noticed my nipples being sore. Then I thought, "is my period late?" It has been about 16-17 days since my postive OPKs so I bought HPT and took it this afternoon! So I guess these "symptoms" didn't show until my expected AF. I'm going to take another tomorrow morning before work to confirm.

I hope this helps some of you out there TTC after implanon, with hardly any symptoms, or with a low and hard cervix. I thought these were a given clue prior to a BFP.

Best of luck and baby dust to all!

Gotta change my username now! YAY!

My BFP story

So basically I'm a hypochondriac (proud of it! Lol).
Me(27) and the hubs(27) have been married about a year and a half and this is my 4th cycle TTC. Because of my above mentioned "condition" lol I feel like I've had all the symptoms of pregnancy so many times over, but now that it's official, I can honestly say this cycle was COMPLETELY DIFFERENT.

I don't have any prior medical issues that I know of and I stopped taking the pill in late august and my period returned immediately. I've always had normal (28day) cycle while on the pill and it took 3 cycles for it to regulate itself back to 28days (I was ranging 32-29days)

Ovulation Dec 25 (Christmas baby!)
1DPO - 98.1 - Mild/Dull Cramps/Pressure, Runny Nose, Stuffy Nose
2DPO - 98.1 - No symptoms
3DPO - 98.3 - Pulling/Pinching, Sensitive Nipples, Stuffy Nose, Fatigue/Exhaustion, Decreased Appetite, Nausea
4DPO - 98.3 - Cramps (Not PMS/AF), Gas, Heaviness/Fullness, Twinges, Backache, "I Just Feel Pregnant"
5DPO - 98.4 - Gas, Backache, "I Just Feel Pregnant"
6DPO - 98.4 - Pulling/Pinching, Backache, Crankiness/Irritability, Moodiness, Weepy, Runny Nose, Stuffy Nose, Fatigue/Exhaustion, Acne Breakout
7DPO - 99.2 - Gas, Heaviness/Fullness, Mild/Dull Cramps/Pressure, Sharp/Stabbing Pains, Backache, High Energy, Diarrhea, Increased Cervical Fluid, EVAP LINE :(
8DPO - 98.6 - Bloating, Gas, Achy Legs, Backache, Sore/Sensitive Nipples, Moodiness, Weepy, Bleeding Nose, Sore Throat, Fatigue/Exhaustion, Hot Flashes, Increased Cervical Fluid
9DPO - 98.9 - Bloating, Gas, Heaviness/Fullness, Sensitive Nipples, Crankiness/Irritability, Food Aversion
10DPO - 98.6 - Bloating, Sharp/Stabbing Pains, "I Feel Out This Month", Moodiness, Diarrhea, Frequent Urination
11DPO - 98.5 - Gas, Mild/Dull Cramps/Pressure, Backache, Fatigue/Exhaustion, Diarrhea, Acne Breakout, Food Aversion
12DPO - 98.6 - Gas, UTI or Feels Like, VERY Achy Legs, Tender Breasts (Underarms), Very Happy, Diarrhea (tmi), Food Aversion, Hedaches

I could hardly resist testing everyday lol. This cycle I was sooo sure, that I would've went to the doctors if I wasn't preggo! The dead giveaway was the constant cramps almost from the day we had sex. It was as if I was on my period but I wasn't and the cramps weren't as strong. I tested on 10DPO and nothing showed up immediately so I trashed it and headed to work. Then when I got home I checked it again because I am a POAS ADDICT. Anyways, it was sooooooo slightly there that I didn't bother to tell my hubby. I tested again on 11DPO and again nothing showed so I figured like the previous test this too was a dud, but boy when I went and looked again...IT WAS BFP(even though it was VERY faint)
I have been testing like crazy since yesterday and my line is getting stronger and darker and I took a CB and it says 1-2 weeks! YAY, lol
I'm so excited it hasn't even hit me yet, I'm hoping that this story helps someone like your stories have helped me! Prayers and baby dust for all!

Missing Embryo, but still Preggers

I posted previously about having PCOS, adenomyosis and suspected endometriosis. I got my BFP on CD32, which was estimated 13dpo. I'm not 100%, but I took opk because I wanted to know when I ovulate, but fell pregnant either on 9or 11dec. Which my app predicted as my ov window.

Problem is I was having bad pains in my left groin area and went to A&E on 2 Jan. Which I thought I was borderline 6weeks or just under by a few days (again, irregular cycle)

My Av cycle is now 33/34 says. But used to be 28/29 and even 51.....but bleeds themselves these says have ranged from 2-4days rather then my usual 5days.

I had bloodwork and my hcg came back as 102...which the gynae said was too low for 6weeks and I was probably less then 5weeks which made no sense. Anyway long story short I'm so anxious. Had more bloods today and get results tomorrow and the hope is my HCG has doubled and I find out my progesterone level. But in my scan the gynae could not see a sac or an embryo but I am definitely pregnant. So my outcomes were possibly non. Grownth, miscarriage or ectopic pregnancy. Ofcourse the actual diagnosis cannot be given until this blood result comes so stressed. I'm not bleeding or spotting.....but my bbs still hurt and I still feel nauseous. But aside from that I don't know what to think, if a gestational sac appears then maybe I ovulated later, but I been logging. When my partner and I have dtd, and I can see how sperm would have lived past the 72 hours as we had a gap after.

Anyone else had anything similar?? Feeling like I'm the only one right now and I really want this bean.

BFP with Luteal Phase Defect

Little Backstory...

Had my first pregnancy Feb 2014. Naturally miscarried at 9 weeks. No explanation other than "sometimes, it just happens." (what

DH and I took a break for a couple months and started again in July 2014. I started tracking my BBT as the doctor recommended, because I was diagnosed with mild PCOS in 2010. As I started tracking, I noticed I started spotting at 6 dpo. It would start out light pink (every time, I would get my hopes up for IB) and then get dark brown. It would only fill up a panty liner a day. I would spot like this until AF arrived 8 days later. I would go on to start my cycle over. At first I though it was just my body getting back to normal, but after several months of clockwork spotting, I went to the OBGYN. He did a Endometrial Biopsy and everything was normal. The next cycle, he performed an ultrasound on me to see if there were polyps and to measure my lining (he did this at the beginning of my next cycle). Everything was fine. We looked at my charts from the past 6 months and he determined I definitely developed a Luteal Phase Defect. So, he put on Clomid. First round, got a BFP!!!!

Days 4-8: Clomid 50mg
Ovulated on Day 14 (I usually ovulate around days 16-20 so not a huge change for me)
**My cervical mucus was pretty much creamy and watery from ovulation up until present and A LOT to the point I had to use panty liners (usually there's nothing after O)

1 DPO: Ovulation pain and extremely tired (most likely a side effect of Clomid)
2 DPO: Ovaries and lower abdomen were sore, really tired (again, probably side effect of Clomid)
3 DPO: twinges and pulls in lower abdomen, headache, very slight nausea
4 DPO: Extremely bloated and gassy
5 DPO: Extremely bloated and gassy, not much of an appetite, frequent trips to the bathroom
6 DPO: Mild cramps that came and went throughout the day, bloated
7 DPO: Mild cramps, really tired, frequented the bathroom
8 DPO: twinges and tugs all day, really tired
9 DPO: had actual cramps (begin thinking AF was on her way), tired, gassy
10 DPO: cramps, tired
11 DPO: Had 2 light pink wipes after using the bathroom (I just knew AF was gonna show up), cramps on and off, slight nausea
12 DPO: Nipples started to be really sensitive, frequented the bathroom, extremely tired, normal AF cramps
13 DPO: Nipple sensitivity got worse, frequented bathroom trips, really tired, normal AF cramps. I also had this weird sensation hit me at work. It was like a wave of disorientation came on my whole body. Got this horrible taste in my mouth like I had just taken medicine or something. The only other time I had felt like this was the last time I tested + on HPT. Begged DH to get a test (I'm an POAS addict so we don't keep them in the house) He didn't want me to get discouraged. Bought a $ store test
14 DPO: Tested with $ store test with FMU. After 2 minutes, got a faint BFP. We both thought it was a fluke and decided to run to the store and get a better kind. We got 2 more $ store tests and one box of Kroger brand just to give us variety. Was holding my bladder the entire time. As soon as I got home, took 3 tests and the $ store ones had faint lines, but the Kroger brand was darker and definitely a BFP.
15 DPO: Took 2 more tests with FMU and got a faint on the $ store one and a definite BFP on the Kroger brand one.

Since I am a POAS addict, I always tested too early. This cycle I made myself wait the entire two weeks. It drove me crazy, but saved me from so much heartache. I am sure if I tested on 10 DPO, I would have gotten a BFN. It looks like I didn't implant until 11 DPO. This explains the faint positives.

There is hope. Baby Dust to ALL!!!!

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