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BFP Stories

Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP by Prayer

Got your BFP courtesy of the almighty? Amen! Send us your symptoms through this contact form.

Miracle from God! Preg after 3 years of infertility!!

Let's start off by saying I always read everyone's postings here for years, so many inspirational stories. I want to add ours to it.

I really had given up hope. My husband and I had TTC for just under 3 years, including numerous visits to a reproductive endocrinologist (RE) and so many different pills(clomid femara), progesterone, and even an IUI 1 year & 1/2 ago. Nothing worked....we were in the 'unexplained infertility' category. The most stressful and unknown category to be in. My husbands SA counts were through the roof, our RE's office called him 'superman'! Ha I had normal monthly periods just a short documented luteal phase which I discovered on my own 2.5yrs ago when I began temping. It averaged 7-9 days long ( not long enough for baby to implant even if we conceived each month). This made me feel like a failure to produce a child, a failure as a woman. The emotional stress of infertility is like no other. All of our friends around us were pregnant (those married after us), numerous painful baby showers to attend, some I just couldn't even handle going to. I was unsure that my 'dream' of being a mother would ever happen.

Fast forward to 3 months ago. I began the Paleo lifestyle/diet and cut ALL gluten out. I ate very healthfully before this but ate bread, and some packaged goods. I also had progesterone (crinone) left from my Dr's that I just happened to use this month to give it a shot to lengthen my shorter LP. No cheat days, none what so ever. My husbands 33rd Birthday is in 1 wk. I misewell give it one last shot I figured; not having much hope that it would work.

I became pregnant 10 wks later after starting Paleo!!!!! Praise God! I truly believe I'm gluten intolerant (?celiac) but was never tested by any Dr previously. I refuse to go back to any gluten (at least through the rest of my pregnancy). It can cause miscarriage if you truly have a gluten intolerance and you start eating bit again, it can only be shown in blood tests if you've been eating it for some time.

There were hardly any TWW symptoms. Less than any month prior that I swore I may had been pregnant. I tested and was ready to go throw the test out not believing it was possible and I saw two lines 13dpo! Tested with a digital CBE and pregnant popped up right away. Went right to my RE's office for blood work & confirmed bhcg 249!

I had some symptoms from the crinone 8% that I'm on. Tired falling asleep at 8:30 after working 10 hr days, but that was since 'implantation' around 8dpo based on my bhcg. Increased thirst (but I always drink tons of water), very mild uterine cramps off and on the last week. Some implantation bleeding aprox 11/12dpo dk brown and minimal. Very moody and crying at the drop of a hat now. I should be 4wks 3days by Lmp. No acne, I always break out a little before my period usually.

We are cautiously over the moon. I will feel better in 2 weeks when I can see lil bean and a heartbeat. Please pray this goes well and continues to a healthy baby. It's nerve wracking after waiting sooo long for a BFP that everything will turn out okay! If your in my situation please try gluten free Paleo/Primal! We were ready to have to go through IVF (which I dreaded) by the end of the year. God is good and does answer prayers, everything happens when it is supposed to. We may have to wait but it's well worth it when u can his this baby in my arms! I pray you all receive your BFPs soon as well!

BFP When it Seemed Impossible!

I was stressed, we'd JUST moved, finances were a little tight, my cycle was off (AGAIN) and I thought it just wasn't going to happen. Well, it happened!!!
My symptoms were:
*Thirsty at night
*Higher temps
*Swollen, almost greasy-looking nipples
*Very little motivation to work out (unusual for me)
*Creamy CM (not a ton, though!)
*Cramping (Pretty bad at times! I honestly thought my period was on its way for about 10-14 days)
*High cervix (This is what prompted me to test the most. I felt like aunt flow was coming, but my cervix was so high, I could barely find it!)
Got my BFP at 14-15 dpo (Not sure. I had gotten frustrated with my cycle and stopped counting the days. Looking back, I think I conceived a little later in to ovulation.)
The only supplement I was taking was New Chapter Perfect Prenatal (they're an organic, non-gmo, whole food prenatal and I LOVE them! They never upset my stomach, not even in the first trimester! Highly recommend them, but take a good DHA supplement with it!)
BD'd the 13th of March, got a positive result on the 27th, darker line two days later! :)
We're having a girl!!!
All the glory to God!

Shocked!! BFP au Naturale with 1% Morphology

I promised myself I would post my story if and when I ever got my BFP! These stories really got me through some devastating months. My husband and I started our TTC journey in January. We knew he had varicocele but he wanted to try for a few months before getting it checked out. From the very beginning I was charting taking my BBT, using OPKs, preseed, and lying flat after DTD with my legs in the air for 30 minutes. My periods fluctuate within four days every month. I was getting positives on the ovulations kits and having periods monthly. My doctor said there was no reason to test me yet but that my husband needed to go get his varicocele checked out. So he made an appointment for the end of March. He went in for a SA and we got devastating news. His count was 37 million (low end of normal), motility was fine, but his morphology came back at 1%. The doctor said not to give up yet that we could conceive on our own - it may just take a while. In the mean time he also had normal checkup with his PCP and had a blood test. He found out that he had a SEVERE vitamin D deficiency. He was prescribed 50,000 I/U's of vitamin D twice a week for three months and then once a week for another three months. On month four he started the vitamin D prescription and switched from briefs to boxers. Two more months went by and nothing. We were timing everything perfectly so I just didn't understand. After reading all kinds of boards, I was convinced he was going to have to have surgery and/or go straight to IVF due to the morphology issue. My doctor told me to give it a few more months before we did anything drastic because his sperm could change. We were about to make an appointment for a second SA in August but we didn't have to - I got my BFP in JULY!!! The only thing we did differently was we had sex MORE! We DTD four days before ovulation, two days before, one day before, the day of, the next day and day after that. It was almost exactly 90 days after my husband started taking the vitamin D and switched to boxers. I've heard it takes 90 days for sperm to change so I can't help but think it had something to do with that. I'm about 4 weeks today so I'm still being cautiously optimistic. I have prayed every day for this baby!! Here are my symptoms by DPO:

1 DPO - Nausea and cramps
2 DPO - 5 DPO - nothing much
6 DPO - nausea, cramps, and I couldn't drink one glass of wine without feeling sick (weird)
7 DPO - nausea, cramps, extreme fatigue!
8 DPO - nausea, cramps, I tried to drink my morning coffee and almost puked! I live for my coffee!!
9 DPO - still lots of nausea. I decide to take two WONDFO tests that night. I waited 10 minutes and BFN. I left my test and three hours later was about to throw it away and noticed the faintest of faint pink line on BOTH. I'm freaking out because I dont know if it's even valid since it was so many hours after but I have never seen a line before.
10 DPO - nausea, cramps, take a FRER and wondfo - both have a very very very faint pink line - almost so faint that i'm doubting it. I went to by a clear blue digital (even though I know normally they are not very sensitive) and more FRER. I take a FRER, WONDFO, and Clearblue digitial and it shows up PREGNANT within three minutes. The other two had visible faint pink lines. I'm in SHOCK!
11 DPO - I took four more tests and the lines were a little dark
12 DPO - lines a little darker!!

I still can't believe it. I'm praying for a sticky bean!! Don't lose hope!! :)

By the mercy and grace of God! 2nd Round of Clomid, 13DPO BFP!!!

I am 28, DH is 25, we have been TTC for 11 months. Last week my only sister in law announced she was pregnant with her second baby. Two days ago my little sister and her husband came over to announce they were pregnant with a honeymoon baby. I cried for 24 hours, then decided to get over it and just be happy for them.

Hubby and I prayed everyday together last month that God would grant us a child soon, even that month. So when this month began and the two other family pregnancies were announced I felt a little rejected by God and prayed a little less often. I know... great plan right? I did cry out to him several times to remember me and not leave me alone in pain. I read a book called Supernatural Childbirth that taught me to pray the promises of God from scripture and claim his blessings and promises to his people of fruitfulness on my life.

We were at my aunts lake house when I ovulated, and I got 2 positive ovulation tests on cd 16 and 17. I think I ovulated CD 17 or 18. I didn't have my thermometer that week, so I will assume it was CD 17 but I could be off a day. We BD CD 16 and 18.

I used Preseed as an external lube only this month and didn't use the applicator. I was swimming a lot and very relaxed during O week. I never did get EWCM, just watery for a few days before and after O.

1-5DPO Nothing of interest. Around 3 DPO I started using progesterone cream at night in case I was pregnant to sustain pregnancy.

6-13DPO Sore nipples. Same as last month. (Progesterone cream?)

Somewhere around 6-9DPO I started getting in the mood for eating pickles. I ate THREE on 7DPO. Wasn't HUGE craving, just sounded yummy. We've had the big jar in the fridge for a month and I hadn't eaten any. I must've eaten 7 or 8 that week.

11DPO BFN No symptoms except sensitive nipples, drank a glass of wine after dinner because most people have BFP by 11DPO on here. Took Metformin that night after the wine and felt nauseated till I fell asleep. Assumed it was the wine and metformin disagreeing.

12DPO Two of the faintest Wondfo pregnancy tests I've ever seen. Thought I had a bad batch that was giving me evap lines. Wouldn't even show up on a photo. Negative Digital Clear Blue.

Boobs started aching this night and I noticed when I leaned on the washing machine they felt almost like they were bloated and achy. Not bad at all though, nothing like ladies on here describe it.

13DPO This morning, took a digital with first morning urine, fully expecting a BFN again. When Lo and Behold... BFP! PREGNANT sat there proudly on the screen.

I cried and cried. God is so merciful and good to me to not leave me barren while my sister and sister in law are pregnant. My sister and I have dreamed of this our entire lives.

May God be so gracious to each one of you and thank you for your stories, you have kept me hopeful and in good company while I struggled to hope and wait. I would recommend the book Supernatural Childbirth if you are a Christian woman. It really gave me a new perspective of the power we hold before the throne of God because he loves us and hears us when we cry.

got my bfp dis mrn

Am still can't believe it but yea am pregnant. I used pre seed and trigger shot without clomid or any fertility drug. Dis is my second pregnancy. I didn't really hv any symptoms except. Dizziness, always sleeping, nausea , food aversion

BFP after 16 months and 3 miscarriages--and removal of septate

I am very excited to be able to finally post here as I have found myself comparing my symptoms to everybody's. I had a very tough time TTC. 1st baby was a mmc at 10 weeks and 2nd was mc at 5 weeks and 3rd was chemical pregnancy. I had found out Nov. 2013 I had a sub-septate uterus but dr wasn't sure if that was causing mc. I had the septate shaved down in Feb 2014 and was cleared to TTC and nothing happened... :( I stalked this site every month hoping and praying to God for a BFP.

So to my surprise...I really thought I was out this month due to stress and my husband having a kidney stone. I had just moved to a new state and was super stressed. I had been tracking my ovulation through Ovia but forgot to make notes/changes to it. Anyways, being in a new state my husband and I had been out adventuring and just being alone and no family we just dtd when we felt like it. According to Ovia my fert. period was June 25th-30th but we didn't do it during the first couple of days during the fert. cycle b/c my hubby had a kindey stone. We had dtd the week before (every other day and then 22nd/27th/30th). The 22nd was when I had the stretchy ewcm (but I thought it was too early to count). Anyway I found out 7/11 after a *few* symptoms that we are expecting! This is surprising as we tried timed sex and herbs/pre-seed for 16 months and nothing! Praying that this is a healthy and happy pregnancy and wishing all of you baby dust!!

My symptoms (since i was not really tracking ovulation I am using the days I had notes)
June 30th- Sticky and tacky CM--Tender Breast and Gas
July 4th- Acne and Tender Breast, Cramps, Watery CM--I feel damp
July 6th- Tender Breast (which I usually feel about this time b/c of AF), Nipple Pain (this is unusual for me) and cramps (usual for me w. AF), watery CM
July 7th-Happy and Calm (weird since AF is due tomorrow), body aches (thought this was due to hiking), tender breast and nipple pain--Veiny breast and nipples are dark, cramps. Watery CM again
July 8th-Period due (but not freaking out I had a late period in April at 32 CD not preggo I am a 28CD girl) Really bad acne, backache, tender breast, nipple pain, Veiny breast and nipples are dark,cramps and watery CM. Not worried I think I am out and that the move will make AF late.
July 9th-Happy and Calm mood again. Bodyaches all over,backache dull, tender breast and nipple pain. I noticed white dots on nipples and google it--looks like it's a preggo sign :). Veiny breast and nipples are darker. I have heartburn and cramps. Watery CM again! Still in denial! My breasts are huge BTW.
July 10th-Body aches and nausea, not sleeping well and hot flashes.Tender breast and nipple pain--tummy ache too. Veiny breast and nipples are darkening. Cramps again but on and off. Watery CM. My husband and I to decide to test next Tuesday. We are scared to test to early because we suffered two early mc before the 5/6 week mark.
July 11th-body aches, nipple pain, tender breast, larger veins in breast, breast feel so full, cramps, and cm is milky and lotion like. Look it up and it may be another pregnancy sign. My husband and I decide we might as well test since there is a possibility and because my latest period only was up until CD32. Run to our local grocery store and hold my pee for an hour (that's all I can do) pee at 1:00 in the afternoon and within 2 secs positive! I am still in shock!

I will say that the last week of June I was a bit emotional and crying over everything esp. songs on the radio I chucked it up to being homesick. Also I did have to urinate quite a bit more it started the week of the 4th. I had vivid dreams the whole cycle but I usually do so didn't think much about it. Now as of week 5, I still have hot flashes, my boobs and milk veins are huge! My back aches a little and little cramps every now and then. Heartburn is worse and I have noticed I stay clear of smells and foods because it makes me nauseated. Oh and I still have a really bad breakout on my face. Gassy, belching and tummy ache. No implantation bleeding. I really hope BFPs for everyone and thank you to everyone before me who posted!! :)


I know everyone on this site is looking for hope! as i have been for the last 2 years and finally here is my BFP !! yay!!! im sooooo happy and nervous at the same time.

my background i only have one tube due to an ectopic pregnancy in the past. so i knew since thn my chances of getting pregnant were lower but not impossible. after TTC on our own for over a year i dicided to go see a fertility Doctor. im not sure why but for me it was kind of embarassing to go to a " fertility doctor" i felt like i had failed a woman
(completely crazy thoughts i know) but we did and he gave us all the options available. he recommended i started with a dye test to check if my only tube was open. Since i was still in denial i told him we would try on our own for 2 more months and wait for after the holidays to start this process. well january was here and no baby bean yet. so i called to schedule my appointmet for a "dye test".

01/2014 dye test results came back good we had one good working tube!! yay
02/14 i had irregular cycles so AF decided not to show this month
March-april -first cycle on clomid =BFN
April-May cycle= after blood work was diagnosed with PCOS was put on Metmormin 50/100/150mg increasing dosage over 3 weeks. had to be on metoformin for 6 weeks before i can do clomid again= all of this equal a BFN on metformin alone

June 2014 now on metforming did my second round of cloind 100mg on CD 5-9. wnt back for sonogram on CD 12 and had 2 follicles one on the right side 20mm and one on left 18mm
06/26/14 trigger shot
06/27/14 IUI
06/28/14 BD

3DPIUI i developed 2 mouth cold sores ( strange)
4-7DPIUI moody/angry
8DPIUI- AF like cramping was starting to feel sad
9DPIUI-sored/heavy boobs
10DPIUI-(TMI alert) foul smell with FMU felt like a yeast infection was coming. tested with dollar tree cheapie BFN
11DPIUI- urine was back to normal on its own. moved on from issue
12DPIUI-i prayed and prayed and asked God for the blessing of being a mother one day. i told him i didnt understand why this was happening but i would try to understand his plan for me. so once i got up i tested with dollar tree cheapie first thing in the morning and got my first very faint Positive! i tested again in the evening same results
13DPIUI- tested in the AM again and the line had a bit more color ( yay) tested at night time with a digital clear blue test and it said " pregnant"

im so excited and nervous just praying everything goes good. i have my blood test today to confirm pregnancy.

Baby Dust to everyone. i know it gets very hard but dont give up!!!

After over 1yr TTC, finally got our BFP!

DH & I are both 30, no prior children or specifically known fertility issues. Had reached the point where I was sure something was wrong with me and had started the pre infertility appt. blood work. I'd been using the Ovia Fertility app to track everything.
Like everyone else, I stalked this site every month so I'll mirror the posts that I found to be most helpful.

Things we did differently this month: used Preseed!!! I'm convinced it's what finally got us our positive. I took notes bc I'd read so many stories of people getting pregnant after their first try with Preseed.

I've never charted and this is our 2nd month using OPK. My normal cycle is 30 days, but recently it's been acting up because I have functional cysts (discovered 3 months ago).

BD'd on CDs 12, 14, 16, 17. Main things I noticed were fatigue. oily skin, stuffiness, super sore nipples (sheets brushing against them hurt), and it always felt like water(?) was draining from vaginal area. There was no spotting and I didn't feel any nausea (even now at 5 weeks).

CD 1-5 period
CD 6 spotting
CD 8 right pelvic pain (this is the side my last cyst was found on)
CD 9 school glue type CM
CD 10 gas/bloating (normal for me)
CD 11 gas/bloating, felt left pelvic pain, negative OPK
CD 12 bloating, right pelvic pain, tingling nipples
CD 13 cramps, negative OPK
CD 14 constipation, bloating, negative OPK
CD 15 EWCM, cramps, gas, negative OPK
CD 16 EWCM, bloating, gas, right pelvic pain, positive OPK. *From notes: Convinced today is the day I ovulated bc I felt the Mittelschmerz on the right side. This is going to be the month, I can feel it!
DPO 1 watery CM, right pelvic pain, positive OPK
DPO 2 watery CM, backaches, cramps bloating, positive OPK. *From notes: I seem to be having a very long LH surge, but today's line is darker than the others. The internet says this could be a sign of infertility :( or just having high LH levels. I could also be catching the surge on its way down. Idk what to think. I'm almost 100% sure I ovulated the day before yesterday when I felt the pain on my right side. In the evening, felt sharp, fleeting pain on right side. When using the restroom, feels like EWCM when wiping but nothing visible in panties. Had blood draw for Progesterone today.
DPO 3 EWCM, possibly positive OPK. *Itchiness and drainage in back of throat. Sensitive/swollen clitoris. Line on OPK not as dark as the one day before yesterday, but is as dark as the reference line, just not as thick. This LH surge is really long and it's making me nervous.
DPO 4 gas, acne, lower pelvic pain, fatigue, School glue type CM. *Still have itchiness in the back of my throat and am now coughing and have a stuffy nose, too.
DPO 5 acne, fatigue, cramps
DPO 6 watery CM, fatigue, pelvic pain, stuffy nose
DPO 7 watery CM, acne, nipple soreness
DPO 8-9 school glue CM, nipple soreness
DPO 10 school glue CM, cramps, headache, fatigue, nipple soreness, nausea, gas, acne, bloating. *Still stuffy, weird green poop.
DPO 11 watery CM, tender breasts, bloating, fatigue, nipple soreness
DPO 12 school glue CM, tender breasts, nipple soreness, gas
DPO 13 same, plus pain radiated on right side
DPO 14 same
DPO 15 same, got BFP! I refused to test until my period was due bc I didn't want to pick up any false/chemical pregnancies. Went to doc for blood test confirmation. EDD 3/13/15

We're super excited and can't wait for our first appointment. Praying for a sticky bean. Baby dust to
everyone else TTC!

Vitamins, vitamins, vitamins!

Hi ladies. I came to this site a few times before I found out I was expecting. I was hoping for about two years to become pregnant. I'm 28 years old & have two children already. I couldn't understand why I was taking so long conceiving number three. Well overtime, I decided to get on this health kick. I guess I was distracting myself or something. I started on all kinds of vitamins suggested on the Dr. Oz show for general health. I even started drinking two shots of vinegar "with the mother" everyday. And in no time after I became pregnant! I have to admit I also said a prayer or two over it, lol. I see how much some of you on here would love to concieve so I just wanted to share that piece of information just in case it can help some of you. Or even just one of you! Baby dust to you all! I'm now 25 weeks pregnant & couldn't be happier. :)

BFP 38yrs old TTC 2 months

Hubby and I are 38 yrs old, first baby for both and 2nd cycle TTC, I got my BFP at 10DPO with the faintest of faintest lines on a FRER, I had pretty much no symptoms 1-9dpo,
9dpo at around 1am (which is really 10dpo) I threw up all my food from night before
11DPO FMU line didn't seem darker than the 10dpo so tested again with SMU and line darker but clear blue digital was negative
11DPO evening- slight crampon in left ovary went to toilet and one dot of reddish blood size of a pea on toilet paper with EWCM like mucus (sorry TMI) and then on second wipe slight pink with mucus again. Then nothing again..think it may have been remnant of Implantation as I had already gotten my BFP.
12DPO FRER and Clearblue regular lines slightly darker, Clearblue Digi positive 1-2 weeks.
Now just praying for a H & H 9 months!
I have a 29/30 day cycle with 12 day LP.
I used Clearblue digital opk for this month although the digi turned out to be useless/faulty and switched to the regular clear blue and right on time got fertile days peak and O day on day 18 and BD'd on day 16 an 17 about 3 times a day.
I was taking pregnacare max for three months prior (these are pregnancy vitamins in the UK but have the same ingredients as Citranatal assure which is a prescription only vitamin in USA and are meant to be quite good)
I ate pineapple everyday from 1-8dpo (not sure if this did anything but is meant to help uterus lining for implantation so no harm in trying)
Cut out caffeine to half a cup in the morning and decaff rest of day for the past two months