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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP by Prayer

Got your BFP courtesy of the almighty? Amen! Send us your symptoms through this contact form.

BFP after a year!

I'm a forum stalker & finally got my BFP with #2. We conceived in 1st cycle with #1 so a year of trying for #2 was excruciating! I stopped symptom spotting 6 months ago cuz I had "symptoms" every month but this month was a little different. Wanted to give my symptoms for you.

1st off...for CP checkers....there was absolutely no difference in my CP or CM from.O day to BFP!

5dpo-10dpo felt nothing obvious. Looking back i was rather emotional but chalked it up to switch to night shift & my DD starting kindergarten. Sense of well being

11dpo Smell of funnel cakes made me feel sick (funny cuz this was my only craving in 1st pregnancy)

12dpo Crazy vivid dream early morning...
Strong BFP on FRER!!! Boobs a little sore but similar to PMS. 2 drops pink spotting when wiped. SLEEEPY

13 dpo Small Brownish Discharge few times when wiped. SLEEEEPY

14 dpo Boobs increasingly sore...No AF!!! SLEEEEPY
15dpo Boobs really sore

I poas every day to make sure lines getting darker cuz doc office closed labor day weekend & I've had a chemical before. Everything looks good. Baby dust to everyone!!!

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A hooray after 2 years!

My husband and I first tried getting pregnant July 2012, two years ago. I was 26 then (28 now) and our very first try we got pregnant (showed up 9dpo on FRER). Unfortunately it was a chemical pregnancy and a week later I miscarried. At the time I assumed it would be no problem getting pregnant again but month after month passed. We took blood and semen tests and everything was fine. I ovulate and we are healthy, active, and young. So for two years we tried Everything outside of medical assistance (vitex, chiropractor, took OPKs every month, checked basal temp, fertiliTea, had prenatals, no alcohol, dropped caffeine during tww, are organic, followed all the right steps). So now we are almost done getting our foster care license (which is still part of the plan regardless of this bfp!) and hubby says we should give Clomid a go for once. I'm hesitant on drugs (especially when I already ovulated) but gave in. First try: pregnant!! What a blessing for us!

This month what we did differently was trying Clomid and preseed (though I had tried preseed before) and honestly for the first time being distracted about it since I was so focused on foster stuff.

As for symptoms, Like others say on here it's true: I had way more "symptoms" on other no pregnant months. I'm now in my 6th week and still almost nada. But Here's the rundown:

1-8dpo: nothing abnormal. Boobs sore but they get that way every month. Perhaps a little moody but that was likely a combo of stress at work and the Clomid side effects
9dpo: watery cm... What? I shouldn't be having this so late. Take a test at noon and voila! A red line peeked on internet cheapie. Run to store and double check on FRER! Yay! Definite yes!
10-20dpo: biggest things are sore breasts and white cm. I've been sleeping more but can't be sure if it's just because I had the time last week to do so or not. I AM more hungry for sure but can't tell if it's my imagination. Definitely getting more acne (lame!)
Overall, my giveaway is the cm (and obvious lack of period)! Other than that it could all be imagination. I almost wish I had nauseau so I could really believe it! Also, props to Clomid! Had read all the research and was convinced it wouldn't help at all!

Praise God for this double blessing of foster care and bio babies!

stage four endo and just got my bfp naturally

I'm so excited because after six months of trying to conceive with stage four endo, a chocolate cyst and one of my fallopian tubes blocked with scar tissue and fluid, I just got my bfp naturally! I was told ten years ago when I was 23 and diagnosed with severe endo I probably would never get pregnant. Well I just started trying six months ago and god has blessed me with a pregnancy. Never give up. Anything is possible when u believe

Expect The Unexpected! :)

Well Here goes my story...
I already have an almost 6 year old daughter from a previous relationship. The relationship I'm in now we have been trying since December of 2013 to get pregnant. Month after month I swore I was going to get my BFP but each month I was completely wrong... Long story short I had an appt July 30th 2014 with an endocrinologist because of a pituitary gland I have that was discovered about 2 years ago. During the appt I was expressing my frustrations to her about getting BFN's month after month. She told me to not focus so much on getting pregnant and to throw out all of the opk's and just ENJOY SEX! That's all we needed and this is the month we got our BFP...what I did differently?? I relaxed and didn't track anything,not even my DPO. I did start taking prenatal vitamins and chasteberry but I don't think they had an effect on my BFP. My symptoms were darkened areolas,very tender breast(even the shower water hurt),constantly hard nipples,vivid dreams,frequent urination and getting exhausted very easily. So there goes my story! Good luck to u all :)

Cycle Day 34 and 17 DPO... don't give up ladies!

Hi everyone! I am sooo excited to share my experiences from the past two weeks. Its been 19 months me and my wonderful hubby have been TTC... That's a lot of hpts if ya know what I'm sayin! Anywho, I am 30 and my hubby is 33. I have two beautiful children from a previous marriage- my daughter is 10 and my son is 8. My hubby doesn't have any children so we thought after trying for awhile that maybe it was an issue with his little troops. We decided not doing any tests right away and leaving it in God's hands. I started tracking my cycles on a fertility app and realized they were all over the place... Anywhere from 28 to 38 days with an average of 33. I'm on cycle day 34 and couldnt wait to poas any longer. Woke up at 3 am and sure enough BFP! Don't give up ladies... I didn't think it would happen and it took almost 2 years and it did and I could just feel it this month. Here are my symptoms:

6 dpo- I was getting terrible cramps and didn't want to get off the couch.

7 dpo- Still cramps but not as intense. Headache which I NEVER get. Eating everything and gassy which isn't normal.

8- 12 dpo- Headache still... They would start usually every day in early to mid afternoon.
Its been so muggy out so I thought maybe the weather. Eating everything again.
And feeling bloated. My sense of smell has increased big time. My sniffer can track a pile of puppy poop from 10 yds. Lol (we just got a puppy) and a lot of other things. Still extremely gassy.

13-15 dpo- damn headaches still! My back ached tremendously on 15 dpo but then nothing the next day. Felt waves of nausea and pelvic pressure. Also had some low pelvic cramps that would only last maybe two minutes and usually happened in the evening when I was laying down. Very tired but I can't take naps very well. Boobs and nipples have been a little tender but not like they were when I was pregnant with my daughter but its still early. A little cranky and I don't really get cranky until I start getting really bad cramps with AF. On day 15 was gonna make tilapia so unthawed a piece and hopped in the shower. Got out and cooked the in the cupboard and I had stuck the whole bag of frozen fish in there... A little airheady I'd say. Lol Still so gassy and a little heartburn.

16 dpo- nauseous in the morn. Had to work 7 to 7 and felt hungover. Most symptoms gone today tho and not as hungry. Still feel pelvic pressure. Dizzy and uncontrollably cranky! My poor hubby... I bought an early result pregnancy test at Walgreen's and gonna take it with fmu. No gas today thank you.

17 dpo- 3am and nervous as shit becuz I feel so positive and if its not I decided to get fertilaid and preseed. Blue line popped up right away! Started crying and still crying right now writing this. Can't wait for sweet baby. And my kids and hubby will be ecstatic... Thank you Jesus!

Main thing I noticed during this wait was gas, headaches(which has been the worst but will take a headache any day for a baby), and the sense of smell thing. My cm remained creamy but only when i checked...nothing really on undies. There was one day I think between day 12 and 14 that my cm was kinda gritty which usually happened before AF but next day it was normal. I thought, like everyone else says, that I was just making symptoms up bcuz I wanted to be pregnant sooo bad but apparently not. I seriously just knew this month. I hope this helps some lovely ladies out; )

11dpo BFP after Tubal Reversal 3 months ago!!

Hello ladies. This is so surreal even posting this on here. I have been stalking this site even before my tubal reversal this past June. I am 24 and my DH is also 24. After our second child we made a hasty decision and had my tubes tied. We immediately knew it was a mistake and that we would one day want more children. Fast forward 3 years later and here we ARE! I couldn't feel more blessed and thankful because I prayed so heavily this cycle. This cycle was our 3rd cycle TTC since the TR. This cycle I truly stepped it up because my DH is military and will be gone for about a month soon. I incorporated OPKS, Mucinex, and Preseed into this TTC cycle and it WORKED!! Here are my DPO symptoms (although I tried my hardest not to pay attention to my body as I have been fooled before in the past lol):
DTD: -3,-2,-1,0,1,3
1-3 dpo: Not much at all. Felt absolutely normal
4-5dpo: I felt a couple of cramps here and there. Noticed my CM was not drying up.
6-8: Nothing out of the ordinary. Maybe some gas here and there. A few times I bent over and would feel a bit dizzy upon standing back up. But I really didn't want to believe that was due to anything
9, 10 dpo: Cramps and more cramps. Especially on 9dpo. I was a bit gassy as well, nothing new there :). I noticed on either 9 or 10 dpo that I was constantly salivating. Like, I had to keep swallowing my saliva. It was a lot. IDK why that happened and was afraid to take it as a PG symptom. But that had never happened before to me. Even in previous pregnancies. I also was visiting the bathroom more frequently. A bit tired and falling asleep earlier at night. BUT ALAS...BFN. Total bummer. Still a LOT of CM. Noticed my cervix wasn't low during sex with the DH.
11dpo: Today I felt crampy, like the last two days. I also felt a little queasy. This morning I was craving Chinese food, and went and got some before it was even noon. Once home I ate and almost immediately fell asleep while watching my little ones play. I woke up and IMMEDIATELY took a test. BFP.....but it was a blue dye. I didn't want to trust it and get my hopes up. So I tested again with a FRER when DH got home. BFP!!!!!!! OMG!!!! I came out the restroom in TEARS and immediately started thanking GOD as I shoved the test in his face.
We are BOTH so overjoyed. This process has been such an experience. I was so down about my BFN's and felt even more regret about my Tubal ligation then I ever had, but GOD was on our side. My TR was only 3 months ago. Ladies, please keep your heads up!! I know it seems hard, and it may not come as fast as you want it...But God is an on time GOD. Good luck. And thanks for reading my story!!! :D

Leave it in the hands of Jesus

I have been stalking this site for about a year now and I am happy to be able to share the good news that I am pregnant.

I am 22 years old and I got my first bfp last year june and saddly had a chemical pregnancy. I left it in God's hands because he gave it to me so he had all the right to take it back. But God knows best. I continued to pray for the best. My last period was on June 17th and I got my bfp on July 28th. I had no symptoms and my period is sometimes irregular. I did an ultrasound on August 9th and I got to see my baby and the heart beating. I thank God for this amazing blessing and I pray and hope you ladies keep your faith and put it all in God's hands.

Tender breast
Vomiting after I had my bfp

Pregnant by the grace of God!!! :)

Hi ladies!! I have been stalking this site for approx 2 years and wanted to share my BFP story! I'm 21 DH is 26. We have a 4 year old DD. We have been ttc for 2 years and have had 2 missed miscarriages. 1 at 9 weeks and 1 at 10 weeks.

My doctor told me to start taking baby aspirin every day so I have done that. Took prenatals every day. I used Opks and we BD every day from cd 10 to cd 17 and FF says I ovulated on cd 17. Kept my hips elevated for at least 15 mins after every BD.

So onto my symptoms!
1dpo- cramping
2dpo- cramping
3dpo- cramping, tender nipples
4dpo- cramping
5dpo- cramping, headache, tender nipples, sharp pains in cervix/uterus area
6dpo- cramping, tender nipples, creamy but stretchy cm?
7dpo- cramping, tender nipples, irritable(yell at DH for being too loud lol)
8dpo- cramping, tender nipples
9dpo- cramping, tender nipples, very vivid dream
10dpo- faintest of faint Frer didn't believe it. Tender nipples, cramping, lots of pinching and sharp pains in uterus
11dpo- cramping, tender nipples, lots of pinching and sharp pains in uterus
12dpo- BFP!!!! On Frer and still sore nipples and cramping.

The cramping every single day is what made me think I was pregnant because I never do that!
Going for blood work in a few mins..praying that this little baby sticks! Been praying every single day for God to bless us with a baby, and he came through with it like I had Faith that he would. :)

Baby dust to all you ladies!! :)

Surprised #2 after 4yrs of trying :)

Omg!I don't even know where 2 start!I've been reading this website for symptom spotting for 4 long plus yrs.just when I absolutely given up ttc I got surprised.decided 2 pray n no symptom spot this month...i am 2 days late today and i remember reading somewhere about using ovulation stick as pregnancy test so I decided to try like every other months, lol.lo and behold this time I got an instant positive and its even darker then the control line which prompted me to do the pregnancy test.that too a BFP at 18 dpo.i have not symtomps (I had more symptoms when I thought I was preggers other times boo) wishing all my
ttc pals the best n be it prayerful.

BFP for my Birthday :)

A BFP for my birthday. :)

This month of TTC I didn't test. It was so much easier and less of a roller coaster ride. I did temp so that gave me a good idea that I was pregnant when I hit 14dpo :)

As far as symptoms- I tried to blame everything on progesterone in the beginning. I still jotted everything down in my FF app. I will make a list for you ladies. I loved reading everyone's lists. Can I just say I love this group and I loved having the support and not being alone In this journey.

1-3 dpo nothing

4dpo- dizzy, hightened smell, and didn't want coffee- ( that's a big deal)

5dpo- exhausted, aches in nipples, and dizzy

6dpo- excessive yawning

7dpo- cramps, a friend was praying for me and saw a vision of a rabbit and I looked it up and it symbolizes fertility.

8dpo- up and down with energy, low hard cervix, cramps, nipples hurt. BFP dream

9dpo- woke up feeling sick. Another BFP dream. Cramps

10dpo- temp drop in bbt. High sex drive, wrist hurt like carpel tunnel. Only ever felt this was when I was pregnant with my 3rd. Cervix way high and tilted back.

11dpo- bloated and belly ache!Wrist aches. A friend had a dream and God showed her we were having twins.

12dpo- cervix way high and tilted back- super closed. Cramps like AF, hungry

13dpo- A ton of pulling in uterus and what felt like my uterus was flexing. Super thirsty!

14dpo- craving fruits and veggies, feel hungry, and pregnant. Craving hot sauce!!
Happy Birthday BFP!!!!!!