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BFP by Prayer

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Don't give up hope!

Hi all,

I trolled this site religiously about for about a year before I got pregnant. I never posted but promised myself that once I became pregnant, I would post my symptoms of the 2WW and give hope to others.

My back story: I am 36 years old and have three beautiful kids. One boy and two girls. I had my first two kids fairly easy-- both came on the second month of trying (when I was 29 and 31). We went for the 3rd child and conceived on the second month (again!) only sadly, this one ended in a miscarriage at 8 1/2 weeks. It was completely devastating. I am thankful that if I was going to have a loss, that it happened early on, but it was still painful in every sense of the word. Especially since many friends would go on to have babies right around the time that my miscarried baby was due. The doctor told us that we were fertile and that we would get pregnant in no time.
Famous last words. We would go on to try for a year before getting a BFP.

Only in hindsight, I can say that the miscarriage took a toll on my body physically (I passed it on my own and ultimately winded up in the hospital because I lost a sufficient amount of blood) and emotionally. I tried to convince myself that everything was okay and of course, I had my two healthy boy and girl to come home to. I am convinced that my hormones were out of whack and coupled with my stress and inward depression of the miscarriage we tried and tried and nothing. This was foreign to me as I never experienced infertility. I was the idiot person telling friends who had difficulty conceiving that "all they needed was a OPK to track ovulation and voila! That would do it, as it had worked for me in the past." I was the one telling people to not stress out and it would happen. Until I experienced infertility myself, I did not realize how impossible it is to "just relax". Even though this was my third child, I was stressed out more than ever.

It is an awful and vicious cycle. Every month I swore I was pregnant and every month PERIOD. For a year. After about 5 months, I decided to go to my OB/GYN to get blood work to see if there was anything wrong. I was 35 and decided that I did not want to wait much longer. My doctor was convinced it was stress and that I was healthy. There was the advice "just relax" again. I wanted to shoot him. Lol. Unfortunately, preliminary tests showed that my FSH level was 14.4. However, my progesterone level was fine, I was definitely ovulating. For some reason, after my miscarriage, my left side of the body would go into pain right before ovulation. Real pain. I was convinced something was wrong with my body. Oh also, my cycles were much longer after miscarriage. I used to be a consistent 29-30 days and for about a year I would go as long as 34-35 days! To me, that was awful because less times of trying AND false hope that I was pregnant every month and I also read that longer cycles are less healthy eggs!! AHH-- those sites! Anyway, so when my FSH level was on the high end, my optimistic OB told me to go see an RE.

I was now trying for about 6 months. Before going to the RE. I attempted at Eastern medicine and went to Acupuncture. I was told from her that I had a hormone imbalance. She felt that my immune system was very low and my body was weak. I had to admit, she knew what she was talking about. My dentist even noticed that my gums bled easy were weak. I started on acupuncture and chinese herbs to make my body stronger. It did provide some help but all of a sudden it was 8 months and still no signs of being pregnant. Every month right before my period, again, I always thought "it was the month." I hated myself for thinking that every month. I hated that stupid OPK kit...all of this added to my stress. I stopped taking PG tests about 6 months in. I felt my money could be better spent and who needs to see a big fat NO every month. I did buy pre-seed and used it. I was on Allegra and panicked when I saw that that "dries you out." (Oh, on a side note.. in my three prior pregnancies, miscarriage included, CM was abundant and literally felt it down my leg...(sorry TMI)..but that whole year I tried, it was not abundant and scarce. I was convinced this was a problem and it may have been). I also started charting my BBT and found it helpful until one month (after charting for about 2-3 months) looked like I was PG... the temps kept rising, rising and then my stupid period came. That was the end of charting for me. More stress than help, I felt.

BFP after 9 months and a pituitary tumor - BD 1 time during fertile window

I won't make this too long, but we started trying to get pregnant January 2014. I had my 1st son September 2012, and wanted to have another soon after, but it didn't really work out like that. My period did not even come back until December 2013, and that was only with the assistance of Provera. I started temping and tracking everything in January..ended up with a short (7,8,9 days) luteal phase, and things really didn't get back to normal until around May 2014. After that, our BD timing was perfectly lining up with my ovulation days, so I just was not understanding why it wasn't happening for us.

July 2nd, 2014, my husband went blind in 1 eye. Long story short, we took him to the ER in the AM, and by that evening, he was having surgery to remove a pituitary tumor at the base of his brain. Scary stuff, but he is recovered and all is well. During the check up appointments, the dr's mentioned that the tumor appeared to be 2 years old, and were very surprised that we had even had our first child. Apparently the pituitary affects sperm production and all of that, which is what we are thinking the issue was. His recovery took about a month, and we started trying again in AUgust. Well, sure enough, during the 2nd month of trying after his surgery, we got our BFP.

During the months of trying, I tried it all, preseed, legs in the air for 30 minutes, pills, vitamins, b-vitamins, mucinex, temping, charting, Fertilaid etc. ...However, by September I was so tired of doing all of that, and I didn't even track in September. I prayed about it (as I have many months prior), but really decided to just rest and relax in September. We BD 'd 1 day during my fertile phase - the day that I received a positive on my ovulation test, and we used pre-seed, that's it. TMI , but he also slipped out as well as he was finishing, so I really didn't think we had a huge chance this month.

I did have my husband on Fertilaid for men as well. I'd like to think this helped. If this wasn't the month, our next step was to get his sperm tested.

Around 7DPO I started getting queasy. I thought it was because I had just taken a flu shot. I was queasy for the next couple of days. I did not think you could get queasy that quickly, but I may very well have been flu shot related, though I've never had that reaction. I started testing around 11 dpo and noticed a squinter 12 dpo. The squinter didn't turn to a full BFP until after my period was due.

We are VERY ecstatic and I just wanted to share my story because many nights these stories have helped me to not get discouraged. I hope this will encourage someone!

BFP after 8 months TTC with endometriosis and PCOS

So after 8 months of trying I finally got my bfp.

The main thing I noticed was there were not many symptoms. In fact I had less symptoms than the 'symptoms ' I had when I wasn't pregnant in the past and that drew my attention.

- Normally have tender breasts week leading up to period and didn't have this
- Felt cramping on day of implantation arpund 7dpo. Felt like af was coming for sure. That night was sooo tired I kept falling asleep on the couch. Next day cramps gone.
- major aversion to meat. Couldn't touch it

Nothing else really except nausea. This wasn't until after implantation and once I already knew. God told me to take a test so I did!

This month what I did differently was taking evening primrose up to ovulation and stopped taking after ovulation as it can cause uterus cramping.

Bfp at 10 dpo.

ladies, I understand

I understand the obsessive forum searching, the praying, the signs and symptom checkers, the hundreds of dollars spent on prego tests. It's torture but I completely understand 100%. But the one thing I understand the most is seeing a BFN each and every time you take a test. That feeling of being let down, holding the test in every angle possible and under different lights, praying you'll see even the faintest positive, I completely get that's why I'm posting. To help you see my very early symptoms...

Ovulation day - my lower stomach hurt so bad like in the groin area. I felt like I had extreme gas that was stuck.

1 dpo - cramps, abdominal pain, fatigue, bloating, dizziness, constipation, hot flashes, acne, headaches

2 dpo - one beer, felt tipsy
Itchiness, woke up in the middle of the night HOT and itchy from head to toe, bloating, gas, insomnia, moodiness, fatigue, breast sensitivity

3dpo - nothing

4 dpo - rash on upper stomach, sternum area, breast sensitivity and tenderness, itchiness, especially on back, acne and cm

5 dpo - itchy, fatigue, insomnia, moody, abdominal cramps, acne, breast sensitivity and tenderness, rashes, gas, irritable, anxiety, lower backaches, bloating, unable to concentrate, cramps, cm, chills, confusion, dizzy, HOT

6dpo- ab cramps, itchy, stress, rashes, moody, queasiness, backaches, cm, cramps, dizzy, gas, irritable, acne, bloating, breast sensitivity and tenderness, heartburn, headaches

7 dpo - extreme exhaustion, legs feet and hips were killing me, it felt like I had worked out HARD for the first time in years, I went to bed at like 9 that night when normally I go to bed around 11-12. Moderate AF cramps, weepy, slightly nauseated, very sensitive boobs, felt wet down there, craving for tomatoes, green veggies like spinach and lettuce, itchy scalp, ab cramps, backache, body aches, cm, fatigue, queasy, bloating, breast sensitivity and tenderness, cramps, chills, dizzy, gas, headache, hot flashes

8 dpo major cramps right above pelvic bone, frequent urination, headache, exhausted, slight nausea, (ended up with a severe cold) pulling, tugging sensation in uterus, heighten sense of smell in evening, pain in ovary, had a dream that I had a bfp but wasn't sure if my partner was the father or a gay man that I work with, backache, bloating, body aches, cramps, acne, breast sensitivity and tenderness, cm, gas, moody, muscle pain, constipation, shoulder pain, heartburn, chills, queasiness, neckpain, spotting/bleeding thought for sure AF was near, hot, headache, irritable

9dpo - vivid dream, 3 tests, one in am and 2 in evening... all BFN...The two in the evening were VERY FAINT POSITIVE after allowed time, evap? And they only SLIGHTLY looked positive if held at certain angles and in certain guarantee...I was positive it was positive but the test still said negative...the second line was almost invisible on's weird because the two test I took in the evening were negative but very slightly appeared positive and the first one I took was very negative...but I kept those tests and almost a month later, the two I took that day that ALMOST appeared positive are completely negative and the one I took in the am is now very positive...anyway, I had the same old symptoms, backache, moody, itchy, cramps, hot flashes, insomnia, gas, I also had a dream my partner said "it's postive" but it wasn't his a very deep, loud voice, yet it sounded far away...

10dpo- two bfps!!! Couldn't believe it so I took a digital one the next day... tugging in stomach, white nipples? Very sore boobs, hot, back pain, body aches, cm, dizzy, fatigue and hunger, cervical firmness, migraines, acne, bloating

11dpo- took a digital with morning urine...PREGNANT! Craving for peanut butter, bananas and V8 juice, hunger, insomnia, breast sensitivity, cm, hot, cramps, queasiness, backaches, bloating, cramps, gas, headaches, dizziness, irritable

Then I stopped keeping track. But overall, the acne and itchiness were major symptoms for me. I also had a feeling of knowing...but with uncertainty. A lot of women are certain but i felt i knew but with uncertainty. So I don't really consider myself to be one of those women who "knew" Plus, I was very clumsy too...and it seems to be getting worse...I'm about a month along and I drop everything...I'm all thumbs. My boobs are sore and FULL 24/7. I'm constantly tired and going to bed around 9-10. I find it hard to make simple decisions. But ladies, don't give up hope. I was just like you searching for any and all early signs. I was obsessed. It will timing was TERRIBLE...Very long story but it seems to happen at the strangest moments.

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Blessed with BFP after MC

Hi there, Ladies!

I am super excited to share my symptoms with you!! DH and I have been trying for a long time for baby #1. We were really excited earlier this year when I had my first BFP. Sadly, that pregnancy ended with a MC at 5 weeks. We took a month off after, then got right back to trying. Several months later, and I have another BFP. I haven't told DH yet because my HCG numbers were a bit low (37 at 12 DPO), and I wanted to make sure they doubled before I got him all excited. Today, I got the results from my 14 DPO blood draw--146! My numbers are definitely doubling! I really hope that they doubled appropriately, and that they stay where they need to be. I am definitely nervous, scared, and excited. I definitely lost some of the blissful innocence of pregnancy with my MC. All around me, people are having babies, and we have been the couple silently trying for longer than most of those around us. We have been the subject of innocent jokes, casual conversation, intrusive prodding, etc. It can be really hurtful sometimes, but I thank God that I have been blessed with an incredible husband, who has been so loving, warm, and kind to me.

As far as the pregnancy, I literally knew from the day after O. I had different post O symptoms, and that really gave it away for me. Ok, here are the symptoms!! :)

CD 16 O: I definitely felt O. I am a total chart addict, so I knew exactly when we should O. I also use the Pearly Fertility Monitor. We BD on O night. We randomly decided to try the Shettle's Method--more as an experiment than anything. Gotta keep this baby-making interesting! ;)

1 DPO: Nothing--no nipple soreness that I normally have post O. HUGE sign to me. I ALWAYS have nipple soreness. It's how I know that I am post O, even before my chart shows crosshairs. The only thing that I had was a stuffy nose and some heart flutters in the late evening.

2 DPO: I felt crampy. I NEVER get cramps, even before AF--huge sign. I am gluten-intolerant (non-Celiac, blood diagnosed), and I felt like I had eaten a bunch of gluten.

3 DPO: I wanted bell peppers like they were the most amazingly delicious food to ever be grown. I also took a two-hour, dead-to-the-world-I-hope-the-house-doesn't-burn nap. Still no sore BBs. I had a really stuffy nose. Some cramps still. Very unusual. Definitely knew something was up. So tired. I also started getting super vivid dreams. I would wake up exhausted from how real they seemed.

4 DPO: During another crazy deep nap, I woke up hot and sweaty--kind of like what I imagine menopausal women have at night. My heart was also racing. It wasn't "that" kind of vivid dream, either. ;) I was also craving more strange food. Like, I had to have it. My hips were achey. I was dizzy, tired, and peed nonstop. I had a stuffy nose, but an increased sense of smell.

5 DPO: Slept in. I was really flushed, even DH noticed it. I was flushed even on my back and arms. More CM. Dizziness, frequent urination, STARVING, small cramp, could smell everything, and more vivid dreams.

6 DPO: More CM. I was taking a nap, and I had this freaky electric pain radiating all around my rib cage. It woke me up, and I freaked out and left the house (figuring, of course, I was about to die at home alone of some freaky heart thing or something). It lasted about 15 minutes. My heart was also racing. It made me really anxious. Still tired. Started feeling O pain again--odd. I also started to get the metallic taste in my mouth that we all hear about. My throat was sore and I could smell everything again, even with a stuffy nose. Vivd dreams again.

7 DPO: UTI--lame! Restless sleep, can't fall asleep. Lightly tender BBs. My dr. had me take a urine preg. test, and it wasn't positive or negative she said. She sent blood work out--negative. I KNEW it was wrong. I even told them on the phone that it was wrong, and I would be getting more done later. I felt pressure in my lower abdomen. I felt hot, my mouth felt hot, and I was flushed. I was super tired, had a headache/mild nausea. The metallic taste has continued. Vivd dreams, again. My teeth also were more sensitive.

8 DPO: So thirsty in the middle of the night...screwed up my temps! Lame. HUGE backache...all of my muscles locked up in my back for no reason. Really unusual. Only a slight right side cramp. Starting to feel out, but knowing I wasn't. Still tired. Frequent urination, assumed to be a UTI thing. Couldn't sleep. Stuffy nose.

9 DPO: Right side cramp. Feeling out. Felt TERRIBLE at workout. I couldn't get through it. I felt like I was going to have an asthma attack, but I don't have asthma. I usually rock this class, but I couldn't get through it. Even the instructor noticed, and took it easy on me. Took a test. Super faint, probably line eyed, line. I had heartburn (huge sign with BFP with last pregnancy).


Hi everyone, just to let you know with God all things are possible. I am so grateful to be pregnant again. I was pregnant naturally at 40, had a missed miscarriage after 3months, became pregnant naturally again 3months after the miscarriage, with multiple fibroids and had a healthy baby boy at 41 1/2yrs. Today at 43yrs 2months, with multiple Fibroids, after trying for 8months I got another natural BFP. Please rejoice with me. I am sooo grateful. Goodluck to you all.

BFP after TTC #2 for 9 months

First off, I must tell you all that I absolutely bawled my eyes out when the test turned up with those two beautiful pink little lines. My last pregnancy was really difficult and during labor I found out I had preeclampsia. (Healthy delivery though! Praise the Lord!) Shortly after I was diagnosed with Hoshimotos Thyroiditis, which can make it difficult to get pregnant. But I have stayed hopeful!!

Starting in Feb. I downloaded the menstrual apps and tracked daily symptoms. Three times I was convinced I was pregnant and then *bam* AF would show up or I'd get another BFN. This was the first cycle I hadn't charted at all and just decided to stop focusing on pregnancy so much. So I do not have in detail my symptoms... but I hope the symptoms I do remember will give you hope, as I spent many a nights reading these BFP stories on TTW!!! I had been having 30 day cycles but my last cycle was only 28 days, so these numbers are based off of a 28 day cycle.

12 DPO- After sleeping 12 hours through the night (Thanks to hubby waking up with our DD) BFN with FMU on EPT... I was heart broken. But had to just keep my hope up for next month. Had some back pain. Depressed, and irritable... but didn't really understand why.
12-15 DPO- Runny Nose and extremely tired. Not very hungry.
15 DPO-Jeans felt tight when I got dressed. I was peeing a lot. Like way more than usual. By the afternoon I had pretty much tried talking myself out of taking another test, as if I was having a 30 cycle, AF wouldn't show up until tomorrow. But since I had a pregnancy test on hand... I figured "well at least now I will know for sure." I could tell immediately this test was different. It took about 30 slow seconds for the second line to pop up but it was there! BFP on EPT

(If it was a 30 day cycle my BFN showed up 10 DPO and my BFP showed 13 DPO)

So my friends! Do not give up hope if you see the BFN... I thought I was out this month, but really I hadn't waited long enough to test. Until AF shows up, we're still in the game! <3 Lots of love and I guess the biggest difference this month was that I didn't chart. May you all get your BFPs soon <3

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BFP Two Days After Running Chicago Marathon!

So excited! Just got our BFP! A few background details - I'm 30, DH is 26. Been married 1 year, 9 months. I'm a teacher so we were trying for a June baby. Lord willing, we will have a June due date! I've had been training, and ran, the Chicago Marathon while TTC. So for anyone who thinks running too much will effect your chances, it didn't for me! I had been charting my BBT this month and my temps didn't match up with my ovulation date and had a really slow rise. I knew I was pregnant when I woke up this morning, two days after the marathon, still with a low grade fever. So don't put too much stock in your chart if that's stressing you out. We used Preseed every time we BD inserted vaginally, and I stayed laying down for a while after. A few nights I just went to sleep after. I hardly had any symptoms - of early pregnancy or PMS. Here are my symptoms by DPO:

Day of O: Spotting, positive OPK, cramping, hot flashes, BBT dropped

1DPO: Lots of EWCM, cramping, headache and backache

2DPO: Some EWCM, emotional, hot flashes

3DPO: Lots of EWCM

4DPO: Little Creamy CM, BBT slowly rising past few days, emotional

5DPO: No CM, BBT dipped, cramps, insomnia. I think this was my implantation day - while dozing on the couch in the early am because I couldn't sleep, I felt a sharp pinch a few inches in from my left hip.

6DPO: Still no CM, BBT hasn't risen, fatigue, cramps like I have AF, emotional (sobbing because I couldn't get into an OBGYN for a check up), 3 BM in one day (sorry if that's TMI)

7DPO: Some creamy CM (a large glob actually) - it's usually watery between O and AF, BBT back on the rise, fatigue, hot flashes, woke up with stuffy nose and dry throat.

8DPO: A little sticky CM - it was almost stringy from here on out. Looked kind of like a small lumpy rubber band if that makes any sense. Never seen that before! Fatigue, irritable, more hot flashes, still feel like a cold is coming on.

9DPO: Fatigue, cramping, still hot flashes - I'm always cold all the time so this was a telltale symptom. Emotional - Sobbing and told my husband I felt like a failure as a wife (oh the drama!)

10DPO: Fatigue, emotional, insomnia. Stomach not feeling settled. I thought this might have all been due to nerves and anxiety about the marathon the next day.

11DPO: Marathon Day! BBT spiked over a half degree, had some spotting while using the bathroom during the marathon (about a third of the way through the race), stopped at an aid station for a tampon but there was no more bleeding when I went to insert it. No blood on tampon when I took it out later either. Fatigue, cramping, and insomnia, but that all could have been from running 26 miles!

12DPO: Woke up with low grade fever, BFP, fatigue, insomnia, hot flashes, felt like I had a cold or the flu. Still thinking it's due to running a marathon as some runners have compromised immune systems after long distance runs. Increasing nausea as day progressed.

13DPO: Faint BFP with FMU on a Dollar Tree HPT!!! Some nausea, felt better after eating. Still have some cold symptoms. Had trouble sleeping again last night. Too excited to notice any other symptoms!

(I noticed the picture doesn't look like a faint positive. There's definitely a pink line in person!)

BFP at 15DPO

Hi Ladies,

Im no newbie to this site. I have been on this site religiously for over a year now. I had all but given up hope on myself and the idea of starting a family. Well yesterday at 15DPO af was supposed to show and well she didnt. I dont think I had very many early symptoms at all. Honestly I didnt have hardly anything that would have convinced me I was pregnant. People always say it and I would read their stories and think they had to have known something... but nope I didnt have anything. here are my "symptoms" that I can think of/remember:

1-5dpo - exceptionally creamy cm (I always get this though
5-14dpo - really horribly bad gas.... TMI but I didnt even want to stay in the room with myself.
14dpo - I did have mild back pain but I just thought it was the way I slept
15dpo - BFP on FRER, internet cheapy and Pregnant 2-3 on digi test.

I am so happy but also so nervous and scared that something may happen. I am going to pray that this little bean sticks around.

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Faint line???

I'm almost Forsure I ovulated on the 6th of the month. Cervix was very high I couldn't reach it. But I had got CM mucus the stretchy kind.

Days following:

1-4 DPO- I started off cramping on my left side, felt pulling, thumping, cramps like feelings. Then I started getting Hot flashes very bad. I took my meds n I got so sick after taking it. I been a little tired. Cramps came n went thru out the day. I had 2 vivid dreams during that time. Temps were 99.9-100.0 but dropped one day to 98.6. Headaches daily

5DPO- more vivid dreams about pregnancies. My eye been jumping since the day after ovulation. Temp was 99.1 again. More dizzy hot flashes all day long. Back cramps n uterus cramps. Whoa. Anyways I sleep all day yesterday.

Today mild cramps n backaches n more hot flashes. More vivid dreams. I got up this morning n pee on a stick just praying. N this what appeared. A faint line I mean me n my Bd seen it. All the test I taken up until this one all were negs. No faint anything. Opinions please. Although I'm it's n God hands. Ik why I got a faint line n I thank him for it. Ladies I pray for u all everyday that I can.

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