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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP by Prayer

Got your BFP courtesy of the almighty? Amen! Send us your symptoms through this contact form.

Still in disbelief

I have been watching this site for at least 3 years, and today I finally get to share my bfp story. The only thing I've done different this month is eat a ton of broccoli and actually BD every OTHER day before suspected ovulation. My main symptom of pregnancy was period cramps without my period, and my breast didn't hurt at all after ovulation like they usually do until AF.
1 Dpo: weird back spasm and tons of burping tons of creamy cm.
6 Dpo: neck pain and slight nausea, side of boobs began hurting then abruptly stopped.
9 Dpo: AF like cramps while using bathroom
12 Dpo: AF like cramps feels like abs are spreading thought for sure the witch was on her way.
15 Dpo: had dream AF started, surprised to see nothing when I awoke, just creamy cm, sharp pains in cervix, light sand colored discharge
19 Dpo: 7 days late I decided to take pregnancy test due to a dare with roommate, 3 very dark BFP!!

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Our Rainbow

Our rainbow baby
We lost our son at 17 weeks in May. It is the worst thing DH & I have ever been through.
We feel so blessed to be expecting so soon.
DH: 37 ME: 28

Period started June 29th. I have a 30 day cycle.

CD 1: Period started. No cramping. Light pink and brown
CD 2: period. Heavy and dark red.
CD 3: period. medium dark red. Minimum clots.
CD 4: period ended. Brown cm.
CD 5: Brown cm (lots)
CD 6: Brown cm (med)
CD 7: Brown stretchy cm (minimal )
CD 8: White creamy cm (minimal )
CD 9: White creamy sticky cm ( minimal ), CP soft medium closed.
CD 10: same as above
CD 11: same as above, tender heavy feeling breasts, strange tugging feeling in uterus (to early for ovulation).
CD 12: clear watery cm (minimal ), feeling moist, mild cramping left side, CP soft medium closed, very tired (couldn't get out of bed. slept 11 hours. missed work). DTD @ 12:20am.
CD 13: crampy off and on all day , clear watery cm, pinching in left and right side CP soft medium closed.
CD 14: Nausea, less cramping, EWCM, CP soft high open. O? DTD@ 11:00pm.
CD 15: mildly sore breasts, mild nausea in AM (maybe from O)
CD 16 : pimples on forehead, runny nose in am, cream white cm, mildly tender breasts. DTD@ 11:30pm. Vagina sore after (possible YI?) Will monitor over the next few days.
1 dpo: hot flashes, pinching lower back left side, EWCM, tired, tender breasts. DTD @ 11:00pm (just in case).
2 dpo : tender breasts, tired, spasms in uterus, cramping, shooting pain up rectum, pulsing on left side of lower abdomen.
3 dpo: pinching on left side, tender heavy feeling breasts, shooting pain up rectum, heavy feeling in vagina. EWCM? (clear with white). Tired slept on and off all day.
4 dpo: stretchy-ish (cloudy egg white) cm, cramping on left side, no appetite, burning sensation in lower abdomen on left side (for around 20 seconds), mild tingling sensation in breasts (maybe in my head?) Late O?, DTD 12:30AM.
5 dpo: EWCM, diarrhea, shooting pain up rectum, exhausted by 7:00pm, cramping.
6 dpo : ewcm, up to pee 3 times at night, slept 13 hours, pimples, Nausea, heartburn, dreamt about being pregnant and rock bands, hot flashes.
7 dpo : up to pee every hour. at 6:15am pink spotting only when I wiped, headache, heartburn, cramping, craving for chocolate.
8 dpo : cramping, pinching on left side of lower abdomen, sore throat, frequent urination, clear & creamy white cm, feeling dry, headache, heartburn.
9 dpo : emotional, itchy feeling vagina, clear & creamy white cm (slightly stretchy), milky cm, sore breasts ( mild), craving chips like crazy for the past few days. finally succumbed and bought Pringles (ate the whole thing ) craving went away lol.
10 dpo : frequent urination, mild cramping, white milky cm, large pimples on chest. couldn't sleep so I decided to take a pregnancy test and BPF!!!!!

*****Baby dust to everyone!

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Finally!! Praise God it has finally happened!

After 3 years of TTC, my husband and I are finally expecting. We had a long road to baby. First, we tried the wait 1 year and if nothing happens then see your physician. Did that. I went through month after month of "symptoms" I just knew I was pregnant and time after time, nothing. I saw the Dr. and she did a routine exam and all "looked" well. I had an ultrasound and it appeared that I had a "functioning" cyst on my left ovary...which was apparently a good thing. More time went by and nothing... Finally I insisted on an HSG. HSG revealed that my right tube was spilling somewhat..and my left was totally blocked. Still nothing really to be concerned with. My Dr. put me on a Clomid trial for three months to see if that would get my right ovary to producing more and hopefully we would have success with that. Nothing... Finally in February of this year I went to another GYN Physician who specialized in laproscopic surgeries. I sat down with him and talked for about an hour and went over everything that we had been through already. Thinking this was a consultation I expected nothing else. When we were finished with conversation he asked if he could do a quick ultrasound. He did and found that I had a hematasalphix on my left side where it had been thought that I had a functioning cyst! We scheduled a surgery and he found that I did have a hematasalphix on the left side and removed my left tube and my right tube was adhered to my appendix which was about to rupture! He removed my appendix, straightened out my right tube! So Thank GOD I went to him when I did! The Lord was really guiding my steps. I had all that corrected and with one tube got my BFP in June 2015! Thank God for our miracle and Thank God for great Doctors with good insight! Always listen to your heart. Pray and listen for a response that God will give you!

I know this is long, but we have been waiting so long and I did not want to leave anything out that might help someone else.

After all those months of symptom spotting when it was our month there were a few symptoms that I could have easily chalked up to coincidence. I had clear discharge a day before my period was due (very unusual). Food did not taste right and I felt just a little nausea, my boobs felt larger and sore and was moody. Most of those could have been PMS symptoms.

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BFP - TTC 1st Month!

We did not expect this to happen so soon, and we understood that sometimes it can take a while. Of course the first month ttc, we got a BFP! We were actually traveling, and I was wondering if I ovulated later as a result. I've been charting for three - four months, checking my cm for two, and cp for one. While traveling, we went across two time zones, so I would either wake up earlier to keep the time straight or use the online calculator to add the necessary amount of time (usually .2 degrees at most).

1 - 4 dpo: Traveling on the road, so I wrote off any symptoms as sitting too long in the car, and recovering from a long trip.

5 dpo: While working out, I felt a sharp pinching above my left hip in my lower abdomen. I thought it was a pulled muscle, so I stopped working out when it didn't go away. It felt like someone was poking me with a needle in the same place, and the pain was radiating down my leg. It didn't hurt too badly, but was uncomfortable. It kept coming and going throughout the evening.

6 dpo: The pinching feeling came and went throughout the day, and I felt an abdominal pressure as well.

7 dpo: I kept getting short of breath while cleaning, which was strange to me. I also had a slight wave of nausea, but not too extreme. I also had a pink tint to my cm, but I spotted last month so I became convinced I was out. Because of the pinching the days before, I decided to test, knowing it would be BFN... POAS - BFN (dollar store test). Later that night, I felt a pulling under my belly button like a string was attached underneath it (I had this last month as well, so I wrote it off as nothing).

8 dpo: Barely slept, and I felt really bloated and full that day. No more pinching and no symptoms to notice.

9 dpo: My bbs were tender, and DH made a joke about me being pregnant because of that. I still had the same pressure to my lower tummy, but I thought af was coming. POAS - BFN (dollar store test)

10 dpo: Shortness of breath again, tender bbs, really tired early in the afternoon (I don't usually experience this, but I didn't sleep well), and slight heartburn (the heartburn didn't alarm me because I get that a lot, and I will occasionally have sore bbs before af).

11 dpo: Temp went way up today (it had been really low and close to the coverline so I was really convinced I was out). On the way to work, the shortness of breath was following major heartburn (almost felt like anxiety), and it stayed around most of the day. I struggled through my usual workout. I went home at lunch (which I never do!), and while sitting there feeling the heartburn occur, I randomly thought of those stories where women take a hpt, get a bfn, and throw it away only to find out later it was a bfp.... I went upstairs and looked, sure enough BOTH tests from 7dpo and 9dpo had faint bfp lines!! I was so shocked, I decided to use my last dollar store hpt and poas - bfp!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I went to the store after work and bought a few more expensive tests to check (First Response). BFP, BFP!

12 dpo: Same heartburn, same shortness of breath, same crampy feeling. POAS FMU- BFP (Clearblue Easy Digital: 1-2 weeks)! It's still so unbelievable. I ended up taking another test that afternoon to confirm again (Fact Plus): BFP!

13 dpo: Same as yesterday and the day before! Slight nausea. More creamy cm.

14 dpo: No more heartburn, but still short of breath a little, and still a little crampy (most likely from gas/bloating, sorry tmi!). It feels like I did an ab workout the wrong way and still feel the strange soreness from it. That's been on and off the last few days. Slight nausea.

I still can't believe it. Had it not been for those random stories I searched, I would have had to wait a few days. My symptoms had me convinced af was coming, and I’m still feeling crampy and tired. I've been checking my cm everyday, and everyday it's become more and more creamy (tmi). I also feel really strange, but I know it's a good sign (HSC cp). I am now 4 weeks pregnant with a doctor’s appointment scheduled next week to confirm everything with a blood test.

I attached my chart, and I wanted to wait until 18 dpo to submit this, but I'm so excited!

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BFP IUI-Gonal F cycle 1

My DH 28 and I 29 have been TTC for a year. Month after month of trying naturally failed. it is truly the most disheartening feeling to go through the process of OPK's....timing the BDing especially with extremely busy schedules, long commute and hectic work and the worst part is having to see the negative pregnancy tests each month. this caused me much grief, depression and cynicism.

After 6 months of TTC naturally we started seeing a fertility specialist who ordered a myriad of tests. the anxiety was affecting me and all the tests were taking so much time and i was becoming so impatient and frustrated but knew we had to take our time and try to get to a root cause. all my tests came up perfect but DH was diagnosed with teratozoospermia; meaning his morphology was bad. Doc suggested an IUI and we signed up to begin. Before beginning; upon discovering the sperm morphology issue we proceeded to purchase fertilaid for men along with count boost and motility and retested in 6 weeks which showed triple the numbers and normal morphology. it also helped that DH stopped taking warm/hot showers completely per doctor's recommendation.

Doc advised us that we can continue to try naturally which we did for one more month...again another failure.

We did the IUI with injectibles. i had no side effects from the gonal f and good stimulation. we had 2 good sized follicles and triggered on day 13 of having started taking the daily injections. i had back to back iui's on day 13 and 14 and also took endometrin every day after.

DH and i put all our hope and faith into this try and believed with whole heart this had to be birthday was approaching and we anticipated it because a year ago on my birthday was when we first began the TTC journey. the much talked about bethlehem star which appears every 2000 years was out in full effect and shining and it followed me all the way home while i lay with my knees up in the back seat of our SUV on our 1 hour drive home after our first IUI. something felt very promising about that....

1-4 dpo felt no symptoms....maybe a few minor tugs on the left side but thats it
5dpo-7 dpo--started having vivid dreams to the point where i felt i was dreaming all night....woke up in nightsweats and needed a fan even though the AC was on full blast....just felt soo warm and uncomfortable....had hard time falling back asleep. started feeling thirsty during night and feeling the need to pee during night which never happens
8dpo---i sat home alone watching the chronicles of narnia and ate a huge plate of food and still felt hungry...couldnt stop eating then all of a sudden...i started crying (it wasnt even a sad part---it was a fight scene)....and i could not stop was insane...i had no control over it...the tears and sobbing continued for a good 8 mins.
no cm observed except that endometrin is messy and causes discharge (usually white) as it is a white vaginal suppository
9 -10dpo-extreme tiredness....napping during day which never happens....falling asleep anywhere from couch to car....continue to have night sweats, vivid dreams
11 dpo--DH asks me when im going to test...told him period not due until next 5-6 days so didnt want to take the chance and test too early in case of false negative. tested anyway with FRER and FMU and after 2.5 mins saw a second faint pink line. God alone knows how long and hard i had hoped and wished to see 2 lines on a stick. it was surreal for DH and I ...we could not believe it and were excited but cautious
12 dpo tested with another FRER and FMU...faint positive again....2 lines very clear...second line came up in under 30 seconds
13 dpo tested with another FRER and FMU this time late in the evening...instantly 2 dark lines showed excited.

First IUI and we had success!!!!!!!! I am hoping and praying hard each day for a successful pregnancy! there is a possibility of twins whcih is also exciting.

I took mucinex daily about 6 days before expected ovulation date, also took red raspberry leaf tablets, maca, fertilaid for women.

Trust in God ladies....not in statistics....i worried over statistics till i went crazy. tell yourself it will happen. believe. have faith. put faith into action. DH and i bought 2 pink baby vests and a pack of huggies little snugglers and slept with the vest and diapers each night as if we were hugging them.

These boards have given me lots of hope on my journey and just want to tell you all still trying that it WILL happen for you!

In Shock!!!

Hi, ladies. I've been stalking this site since last December when I wanted to start TTC for our first child, but hubby wasn't ready. This is our second cycle actively trying and a BFP! Hubby and I are still in shock and can't believe it!!!

Large amount of Ewcm before Ov, and Bd'd that night and following night
Sore throat from Ov
Sneezing and runny/stuffy nose from 2 dpo
4 dpo - really moody, stuffy, tired
5 dpo - stuffy nose and head, cried, Creamy White CM, itchy breasts with bra on, light cramps like menstrual cramps in evening for about a half hour
6 dpo - stuffy nose, itchy breasts, dry throat, fatigue, pulsating tinnitus for a few seconds
7 dpo - slight tingling breasts, sore throat, stuffy nose, small white lotion cm, impatient and upset with hubby, light menstrual like cramps late in evening, sneezing, stomach gurgling at night
8 dpo - So sick that I moaned through the night, pin prick sensation under belly and light lower abdominal cramps, vivid dream about being pregnant but baby was too low and I had to do exercises with my arms to get it up into the right position (lol!), sore throat, stuffy nose, cried over not having a clean towel, tingling nipples, tension headache, light-headed, poking sensation close to belly button irritable/angry at Hubby, stomach gurgling at night, chills, insomnia coughing and getting up to pee at night - felt miserable!
9 dpo - vivid dream, got up at 3am to drink water, pee, and ate a sandwich because I was starving! Roof of mouth sore, hpt negative, a lot of ewcm when went after I held pee, gas, acid reflux after drinking water, threw up when I brushed my teeth but did not feel like the flu
10 dpo - vivid dream, all cold symptoms gone except nausea all day with lump in throat (acid reflux?), coughed and swallowed but wouldn't go away, throat burned when eating Indonesian food left-overs (very mild spice), wind, severe menstrual cramps for about 40 min then gas and fluttering sensation, right breast itches, nipple burns, smelly gas, sticky cm
11 dpo - vivid dream, mucus in back of throat, some cramping, left boob itchy, small amount of white creamy cm, very faint line! Stomach gurgling, sneezing, light-headed
12 dpo - vivid dream, took another test and it's a little darker! Light positive.

I've had light cramping and itchy/tender boobs since. However, they never throbbed like some women describe. Just itchy. The main clue for me was the cold that took forever to go away and how early I got the light cramping and itchy boobs.

What did I do differently:
Hubby prayed for me!
I surrendered to God and prayed rather than obsessed (at least I tried not to obsess)
Ate pineapple with core once during lp
We DTD out of town in hotel right after EWCM
Saw friend who was pregnant and kept saying "baby juju coming your way!" Moving her arms from her belly to me. Lol!
I convinced myself either way was fine because I had some fun trips coming up.

All the best to all of you ladies wanting to be mommies!!! It's so tough to wait, whether you're wanting to try or currently trying. Prayers and baby dust your way!!!

Luke 1:37 - For nothing is impossible with God

So incredibly grateful for my BFP!

Okay ladies,

So I have been obsessing over this site for over a year, and I promised myself that I would post my synptoms once I got my BFP because all of your stories helped me SO much throughout this process!

Little side note before we begin: I am 24, DH is 25. We have been trying since January and I got my BFP in June. Hubby and I agreed to "casually" TTC (HA!) for the first 6 months which meant I didn't chart, temp, or use OPKs so my story is a little different but I will give you all the info I can. I have a 34-35 day cycle, so I knew I ovulated later (thanks Glow and Google) but that's really all I know. We did do a couple of things different this month so here we go:
-I started taking a prenatal
-Attempted to BD every other day throughout cycle, and every day during projected fertile period
-I was seriously so RELAXED during the cycle I got my BFP. I was starting to get a little discouraged, but I promised DH that I would just chill the month it happened did :)

Now for symptoms... I'm not exactly sure when I ovulated but I'm guessing somewhere around June 11-13? My period was due on June 26th, and I tested on June an instant "pregnant 2-3" on CB digi. Surprisingly, my biggest symptom this month was lack of symptoms...y'all, I did NOT feel pregnant. Now, after the pregnancy test, I was kind of able to look back and say "Ohhh maybe THAT was why I felt this or that" so I will share those with you now, but honestly the only reason I took a test was because I was late. I didn't expect a pregnant!

- very tired (normal for me but just felt more intense than usual; like a lethargy I just could not overcome, honestly thought I was getting sick)
-breast tenderness, especially on the sides (this appeared shortly after my BFP and has intensified since; nips are also VERY sore and hqve changed shape/size/color)
-shortness of breath (looking back, this was the thing that should have made me test early! Walking from my car to the office, and I felt like I had just climbed Mt Everest, haha)
- dizzy spells (especially when hungry and if I got up too quickly)
-night nausea (WEIRD! I had this 3 nights in a row right before my BFP and kind of thought it was odd but didn't pay it too much attention)
-extreme agitation (DH and I thought we were in for a BAD AF!)
-pre-AF cramps that never progressed to full blown AF cramps (looking back, this and the shortness of breath should have given it away. These cramps (which I still have on and off at 7 weeks) were different from my AF cramps in that they were/are much lighter, a little further down, come and go, and are never "painful" like my usual AF pains)

And there you have it! Like I said, before my BFP, these "symptoms" were SO minute that I didn't even pick up on them. It wasnt until after I tested that I connected the dots. Today I am 6 weeks, 6 days and the nausea has picked up (early mornings and evenings when laying down), I have this constant gag-like pressure in the back of my throat, and I am simply exhausted...but baby is great so that is all that matters!!

I wish each and every one of you all the baby dust in the world, and am so happy to be able to share my story.

God bless!!!

One last note: NEVER give up and try to stay as relaxed as possible..things happen when you least expect them and God has His hand in it all. Easier said than done, but I just had to say it.

Baby dust, beautiful ladies!!! :)

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BFP AFTER AF (Heavy Bleeding and severe cramps)

Just want to thank this forum, as I'm a regular stalker and symptom spotter hehe.

This is for all the GES's (Google Every Symptom-ers) and those who've had a bleed and thought it was their period. Bleeding accompanied with severe cramps that had me running to A&E thinking I was dying. When I went, the doctors couldn't find the cause and sent me home. Next day I had a scan and nothing was found in my uterus, just blood clots. This was the day my AF was due which was 16th June.

FINALLY after 2 weeks of insanity (i convinced myself that either I had fibroids, tumors or an unknown illness but i deffo wasnt preggo) I got my BFP on FRER. FAINT line but still pretty much there!

Ive had 3 miscarriages and 1 successful pregnancy. The weird thing is im pregnant around the same time, I was 3 years ago!

So I tracked ovulation according to Ovia Fertility and Period Tracker. But Ovia Fertility was wrong based on CM so according to Period Tracker I ovulated on 2nd June. Here goes ladies.

I DTD on 27, 28, 30, 4 & 5th June. Honestly guys I didn't think i was in for a chance Cus we didn't DTD on ovulation day.

SYMPTOMS I DIDN'T HAVE: metallic taste, sore/sensitive nipples, stuffy nose, migraines, severe boob ache, frequent urination, vomiting.

1DPO: happy, tight muscles and joint pain. WATERY CM.

2DPO: +sex drive, cramps, bloated stomach, heavy feeling in uterus, nausea, gassy, backache, throat feels swollen, felt really tired, cramps, EWCM.

3DPO: +sex drive, frequent urination, backache, pelvic pain and cramps, bloating (cant suck belly in), extremely tired (had 2 naps, never do that), boobs feel really full (normally feel like this a day before AF), SCHOOL GLUE CREAMY CM.

4DPO: happy, +sex drive, cramps, gassy, backaches, extremely tired (eyes feel heavy), LOTS OF CREAMY WHITE CM.

5DPO: still tired!

6DPO: bloated (belly feels hard), gassy (gas masks needed), boobs feel humongous, stomach feels really heavy, lots of cramps, LUKEHORRA, STRINGY, YELLOW/BROWN CM (in abundance, I literally wet myself with CM).

7DPO: woke up feeling like I peed myself there was WATERY CM, vagina is itchy and swollen inside, CM LOOKS YELLOW/GREEN, think Im getting an infection. AF cramps, feeling really tired, acid reflux.


9DPO: AF cramps which is normal, boobs don't hurt as much which is unusual normally boobs feel heavy, SCHOOL GLUE CM.

10DPO: happy, calm (unusual normally PMS takes over around this time Im in a stinking mood), hot flashes, +sex drive, gassy, bloated (cant suck belly in&it's hard), sharp pain in uterus, cramps like AF, backaches, fatigue (tired after day out), back aches, slight nausea, face feels hot, flutters in stomach twinges and pinches, SCHOOL GLUE CM (smells FISHY like AF TMI SORRY). I FEEL PREGNANT, I just know i am!

11DPO: happy, calm (no PMS which i usually get) burning like cramps in hips and uterus, boobs hurt near armpits & feel full & heavy (normally they hurt a lot more), feel exhausted, kicks & flutters in stomach (feels like world war 3 in there), CREAMY THICK YELLOW CM.

12DPO: woke up and thought i peed myself. Bed had a wet patch ran to bathroom and found CLOUDY CM, dizzy, bloated, backaches, extreme fatigue (unusual), so hungry had 6 meals! My urine is fluorescent and STINKS.

13DPO: lots of CREAMY CM outside vagina (normally I have to stick finger in), Vaginal canal feels weird, feels tighter. I don't ever get this much CM before period. Getting happy. Could it be? Extremely hungry and tired, cant stop eating and sleeping.
POAS BFN ; - (

14DPO: AF DUE, Im absolutely bloated. I tell DH im pregnant (i just felt preggers) pink spotting that turns brown (normally have full blown period), later in evening bleeding is heavier, get severe cramps in stomach (felt like last miscarriage), rush to hospital. Nothing found, negative pregnancy test. Blood only soaked 1 pad which is weird. Blood is bright red not like AF at all and doesnt smell fishy like AF. Doctor checked vagina and couldn't see any blood coming out so don't know where the blood is coming from. BLOOD CLOT in pad the size of a ping pong ball.

15-17DPO: bleeding never gets heavier, turns into pink spotting, still bloated, hot flashes, extremely tired (need 2 naps a day). I've never felt like this EVER. I normally have a 5 day period that is heavy for 3 days and Im never bloated or tired or hungry. DS randomly comes hugs me and kisses my belly saying 'you got baby in your belly'.

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IUI#2 All things are possible with God

Hello All,
Iam so thrilled and excited to announce I'm Pregnant.... (First time ever I'm got positive pregnancy test in 4years). I would like to Thank God for this special blessing in my life after 4years and I have been visiting this site almost 1 year now and it's gives so much hope to read the BFP stories.
I hope my story helps someone who is going through the same thing.
I and my Husband are married and TTC for 4years now and I was diagnosed with severe Pcos and Hypothyriod. I never had a period on my own I always have to take medication to jump start my periods. We are basically from India moved to USA a year and half ago for my hubby's work and back in India tired few things like clomid and femara and injectables nothing worked and Hubby's sperm analysis looked great and for me we got the follicular study done which showed my follicles are not growing to definite size and HSG done both tubes were clear. After moving to United States,I started workout and I lost around 15lbs and then we planned to start over the treatment and visited OBGYN and she did all the blood work which look good, however without wasting much time she referred us to fertility specialist and there doc gave us option of IUI and lucky charm second IUI worked for us and I also believe that losing weight had contributed much to my health issues to come under control.

Here are my symptoms

AF- 24th April

CD 3-7 Clomid - 26th April to 30th April

CD 15 First Ultrasound May 8th (2 follicles Right side 17mm and left side 14mm)

CD 17 HCG Shot - 10th May 9:30pm

CD 19 IUI - 12th May 9:30am (Husband's SC: 18millions)

CD 20-22 -1DPIUI - 3DPIUI - No Symptoms

CD 23-25 -4DPIUI - 6DPIUI - Sharp pains in left and right ovaries

CD 26-30 - 7DPIUI -11DPIUI - Light Cramping

CD 31 - 12DPIUI - spotting(Probably Implantation)

CD 32 - 13DPIUI - slight Breast tenderness,tested with Internet cheapie (not with morning urine) faint positive

CD 33 - 14DPIUI - slight Breast tenderness, tested with digital early morning and it said PREGNANT :)
( it was completely unbelievable and I was into happy tears)

CD 33 - 14DPIUI-Beta#1 - 94

CD 36 - 17DPIUI-Beta#2 - 267

Things I did different this time around
- after IUI I continued to laid on my back for 15 mins
- Hubby gave sample at the clinic (not like last time from home )
- hubby took fertilaid for men for just 10days ( just to boost up the count)
- excerised daily even after IUI (yoga and aerobics) Last time I just was relaxing the whole 2weeks

My first IUI failed but bingo Iam pregnant with second IUI and so grateful to God as I lost all hopes and devastated when my first IUI failed I thought this is never going to happen. But I believed and had faith on God,I just told God May your will be done in my life and left everything to God and boom!!the second IUI worked for us.. I just pray that this little baby bean sticks and to have healthy pregnancy. Please don't lose hope( I know it is very difficult if someone say this) but miracles do happen. I pray for those all who are struggling to get pregnant Baby dust to all. God bless you all

Bfp after ttc 18 months

Just some background - I have one child already ,a boy, I conceived on the second month with him. We started trying for # 2 in January 2014, actively trying from April 2014. It was a very frustrating and a long year, not one single bfp. December 2014 I went to see my OBgyn and we ruled out PCOS as i was having regular cycles and no other symptoms( Although since we started actively trying they were jumping from 28 -34 days which was not normal for me )

The doctor said we should try for 3 more months then come back to him. He also noted that my follicles that cycle were not as developed as he would have like to see them, but didn't discuss it any further. We also tested my progesterone and it came back as very borderline/inconclusive.

Well, in February 2015 i got my bfp but had a miscarriage just after 5 weeks, i was so disappointed but we kept on trying. When 3 months later I still hadn't conceived i was fed up, called the OB and asked for Clomid, we discussed it further and he said he also thinks my eggs are not maturing and that the Clomid may be the boost i need to mature my eggs and up my progesterone. He monitored me that cycle and i had 2 mature follicles, Progesterone was great 7dpo. ( 43.4 nmol/L )

Took CB Digital ovulation tests from 10dpo, got a strong positive CD 16 , had ovulation cramps Cd 17

1-6 dpo - no symptoms, I took Clomid days CD 4 - 8 , 50 mg

7 dpo - tested progesterone, doctor confirms that i did ovulate

8 - 9 dpo - not much going on, tying to keep myself from symptom spotting

10 dpo - a lot of pinching/stabbing pain near my ovaries all through the evening.

11 - 12 dpo - the one symptom i also had with my miscarriage, globs of creamy,cloudy cm that i don't usually have
during the luteal phase, this made me think and i took a test and got my bfp at 12dpo at 8pm with a 2 hour hold
13 dpo - keep testing to see progression of lines ( bit paranoid after miscarriage )

15dpo - do blood work and get my Hcg level of 353, progesterone 101.5 nmol/L - YAY im very pregnant!

We are very excited and cautiously optimistic this will be a sticky baby. Just want to give other hope that clomid can help with immature eggs and low levels of progesterone even if you ovulate on your own and have regular cycles. I had sore breast as side effect from the Clomid but not during the tww, only reappeared 13 dpo.

Other things i did :
Legs in the air 30min after bd
vitamins - Pregnacare conception
Clearblue digital ovulation test

I was a mess this whole time ttc, I couldn't understand why God didn't want me to have
another child and felt so confused after the miscarriage, and i still don't understand why but i do trust
in God's timing and that He knows so much better what we need and when we need it. And i learned the
hard way that we have NO control over certain things and it was foolish to think that i ever had. Trust in God and
do not rely on your own understanding of things.