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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP by Prayer

Got your BFP courtesy of the almighty? Amen! Send us your symptoms through this contact form.

BFP after Chemical Pregnancy, Spotting, and Whacky Temps!

Like many before me, I want to share my story to provide hope to those of you who may think you're out this cycle, because I definately thought I was! This is our 3rd cycle TTC #2, and we got our blazing BFP at 13 DPO. Here's my story...

Stopped birth control in February, and expected my cycle to regulate pretty quickly, which it did. We began "trying" in March. I got several faint positive FRER tests in the days leading up to AF, but the test line never darkened with each passing day, then AF showed up two days late. We were very disappointed, but this motivated us to try harder because we want a baby so badly!

Second cycle we BD every day for ten days around fertile week so I was convinced that would do the trick... also logged a ton of symptoms, but I was wrong. BFN. Started to wonder if I was even ovulating (maybe those faint positives HPTs were all simply false?) and decided to order OPKs, temp, and change my prenatal vitamin. Also felt so silly for convicing myself I was pregnant based on symptoms.

Third cycle:

CD7 through 11- BD

CD12- Positive OPK

CD13- Negative OPK, OVULATION DAY. BD am and pm.

1 DPO- Temp spike confirmed ovulation. Ate a ton of pineapple core and pineapple.

2 DPO- Nothing

3 DPO- BD, drank a couple alcoholic beverages with dinner

4 DPO- Emotional, irritable (unusual for me)

5 DPO- Drastic temp dip, noticed creamy CM on toilet paper, moderate cramps

6 DPO- Sharp cramp on right side, most painful while standing and walking

7 DPO- Nothing

This is when the magic starts happening...

8 DPO- Tons of creamy CM on toilet paper again, SO MOODY, everything DH does bothers me, tired

9 DPO- Big temp dip, BD, pink spotting after BD so think I'm out this cycle and also mad at DH for "causing AF", tons of cream CM in toilet paper, SO MOODY, EXHAUSTED

10 DPO- Temp spike, light pink spotting in the am, creamy CM in toilet paper, 2 small cocktails with dinner, SO TIRED AND MOODY

11 DPO- Light spotting, still so moody and tired

12 DPO- Blazing BFP!

13 DPO- BFP on digi!

The only true giveaways for me were the extreme fatigue and moodiness, both of which I experienced with my son. But regardless, I didn't expect to get a BFP this month due to the spotting and whacky temp dips post ovulation (I've heard of an implantation dip, but two?).

All the glory goes to God and I pray every moment for a healthy baby come February 2016! Good luck to everyone trying, and my advice would to be keep busy during the TWW and try to distract yourself if possible. I was on vacation from 8 DPO through 12 DPO and that helped keep me from obsessing too much.

BFP...Finally! (Praise the Lord!)

My husband and I tried to conceive for 9 months. In the middle of it I was diagnosed with adenomyosis, but after a lot of prayer the symptoms subsided and today we finally got our BFP! My symptoms were nearly unnoticeable. One forum poked fun at the idea of having itching breasts, but that was an indication that they were growing. Around 10 dpo they were bigger and spilling over my bra a little but the soreness came and went. There was little inconsistent cramping, and two sharp pains on two separate ocassions that felt as though it shot from my vagina to my uterus. Both only lasted a few seconds. No spotting. No implantation bleeding. Days 8 and 9 dpo I was incredibly emotional. I cried looking at pictures and I'm not that gushy normally. I believe 8 DPO I bought soda in a styrofoam cup, and when I went to eat the ice, I couldn't stand the smell of the styrofoam...but I LOVE eating ice from this particular fast food restaurant, so that was weird.

We used Pre-Seed only minimally this cycle on the outside of my vagina before sex to make inserting easy. I'm a 25 day cycle and ovulate on day 12. We had sex on days 10, 11, and 12.

Today I feel like my normal self, minimally sore breasts and a heaviness in my abdomen area but no cramping. These are similar symtoms that I had in my first pregnancy...and then comes the nausea! (Can't believe I'm celebrating that.)

Baby dust and many blessings to each of you! (Prayer works too!)

BFP after three years ttc!

Hubby and I (both 27) have been ttc for just over 3 years. I have pcos and there's also slight male factor. After trying on our own for a year, acupuncture and herbs for 5 months, we decided to move forward with IVF last year. Our fresh cycle resulted in 7 embryos. Fresh cycle and subsequent frozen transfer didn't work.

Going into FET #2 I was trying to remain calm and positive. I made a vision board, did a lot of meditating and yoga, ate well, prayed, and it really helped me to be calm.

The TWW started off normal. On 2 days past transfer I puked after dinner, though I think maybe it was just bad food? I hadn't really had any symptoms. No cramps no implantation spotting, boobs felt fine. Convinced it didn't work I even waited to change my estrogen patches on test day.

9dp5dt my beta was 147! I was shocked to say the least.

I go back Tuesday for beta 2 and am praying it's a good number. I have faith this is our take home baby.

Products used: 

BFP at 14DPO; no symptoms

After 8 months of trying, I'm so excited to announce that we are FINALLY pregnant!!

What I did different this cycle:
1.Took FertilityTea with FertileCM and my Prenatal everyday.
2. Ate high Estrogen foods: soy products, etc
3. Exercised 5 days a week.
4. Went on two back to back trips = mood elevated!
5. Used Wondfo OPKs (instead of ClearBlue) and it's so much more accurate. Tested two times a day starting at Day 10!

For women who do NOT typically have pre-menstrual symptoms like me, it's seems likely that you won't get symptoms for early pregnancy as well. Everyone's different so try not to compare :).

1DPO to 4DPO : nothing
5DPO to 12DPO : patches of Egg White Cervical mucus but no symptoms or spotting.
13DPO to 14DPO : small cramps, similar to my AF cramps. Temperatures stayed elevated. Tested BFP with FMU using FRER!!!!!

I'm so excited to surprise my hubby :) Hope everyone has a awesome weekend! Baby dust to all!

Bfp 9dpo hardly any symptoms!!

I temp so I know what day I ovulated :) usually my boobs hurt until I start my period but this time they stopped at 5 dpo!
5-9dpo symptoms were heartburn, dizzy and a little more emotional.
9dpo Bfp with fmu!! Beta was 9.44
Since then NO symptoms just an awful cough and cold.
11dpo beta 52! And climbing :)
I think we finally caught our rainbow!
Good luck to you all.

43 and Pregnant Again Naturally

I've just turned 43 and am 12 weeks pregnant with my 4th child. I have 2 grown up girls (21 and 18) from a previous marriage. My OH has no children (he's the same age as me). We decided to try for our own baby when we were 41 and I fell pregnant first cycle using OPKs. I had a MMC at 8 weeks but fell pregnant literally 2 weeks after passing the sac. Our perfect son is 12 months old. We didn't want to risk another but after a while we totally changed our minds and prayed if it's meant to be then let it be. I've just had my 12 week NT scan and all looks good so far. The nuchal measurement is normal so just awaiting the blood results for an overall risk. However, we have complete faith that everything is going to be fine. I don't believe age alone is a general factor when it comes to your chances of conceiving.... I have fallen pregnant three times since the age of 41. I hope my story gives hope to older ladies.... and the power of prayer is an amazing thing :)

BFP on 1st Cycle of Clomid

Hi TWW! I have found so much hope and positivity through all the BFP stories I've read and I am so blessed to be able to share mine!

A little background: I am 26 and my husband is 32. My cycles started out regular however when I started college they became irregular (every other month, sometimes every two months) up until I got married July 2014 which was when we started TTC. The first 8 months we tried to conceive naturally (while using OPK), however long before we were TTC I was already concerned that I would have a hard time due to my irregular cycles. After 8 months of disappointing BFN, I scheduled an appointment with my OBGYN and my husband scheduled a SA. After a lab test, my results showed a low progesterone level of 0.3 ng/mL, my OBGYN prescribed me Clomid to take on days 5-9 of my next cycle. My husband's SA showed normal for motility and count however morphology was at a low 4%.

April 25th was day one of my heaviest flow so I started Clomid April 29th through May 3rd. OPK showed high fertility on CD14, and peak fertility CD15 and CD16 - BD all three days using PreSeed
1DPO to 3DPO - no symptoms other than normal amount of CM
4DPO - I had a glass of wine and it hit me right away (I am not a lightweight!), was dizzy and eyeballs felt like they were vibrating
5DPO - CM was thick, felt wet down there all the time. This was also my CD21 and I was due for another lab test to see how my body took to Clomid
6DPO - CM was abundant but curdy...ew.
7DPO - CM still thick and curdy, tired earlier than normal, the girls felt heavier and I had really bad backaches (have had back problems due to previous accidents, attributed backaches to this)
8DPO to 9DPO - same as above but CM lessened, frequent urination (normal for me as I drink a ton of water on a daily basis), some tiny cramps here and there. Also, received my lab test from my OBGYN and progesterone levels are now at 23 ng/mL!
10DPO - Took a FRER test with AM urine and immediately see a BFP! I was in disbelief sitting on the toilet for 10mins just jaw to the floor, shocked, looked around to see if anyone was seeing this (clearly, no one was). Went out and bought three other brands (CB digital, EPT and Walgreens) and tested with PM urine, all but the EPT were BFP.
11DPO - POAS this morning using FRER and CB, both immediately showed BFP!

What worked for us -
Prayers <3
Cutting back on drinking (literally have had 3 glasses of wine since March)
Find a genuine OBGYN who cares about your needs - two previous OBGYNs I saw about family planning told me not to worry after I expressed my concerns about my chances of infertility

We are so grateful that God has blessed us with a little bean, we are no where near the safe zone but we are praying that this peanut sticks! Sending lots of baby dust and positivity to all of you!!

A faint positive is a positive :)

I said I'd wait until I got my BFP to share my, here goes...

For the last 11 days of my two week wait I've been quietly reading stories that have been submitted by members of this site (some stories from years ago and of course more recent stories). Reading these stories has been very therapeutic, helpful, and soothing as I wait for my very own results of conception. Even though I don't personally know the women in these stories I have laughed with some, cried with others, said a prayer of hope for all, and somehow I can't help, but feel bonded and for that I'm grateful...

I am a newlywed (Nov. 2014) and DH (33) and I (35) wanted to try for "a little one" right away...our method was simply to BD and we'd trust the Lord with what happens. Well, in Jan. 2015 we got a very BFP and were quite happy. Being a first-timer I was quite surprised that it happened right away. Sadly, in Feb. 2015 I had a natural miscarriage and was devastated and heartbroken (but still, these aren't the best words to describe it), and DH seemed more devastated than I was. Having that experience taught me a lot about myself, and even brought me and DH closer. Immediately following that, DH and I decided that we would try again when my body returned to "normal"--my doctor even encouraged us to try as soon as we'd like and that there was no need to wait. We started again with no success for March's and April's cycles. I was using a phone app to track my cycles and realized that it was giving me the wrong ovulation dates (I remember having ovu pains around April 7th, but the app telling me I was to ovu a week later around the 13th (I have very regular 28-day cycle)—we totally were missing the mark. Armed with only this, I decided to use a different app to track my next cycle, an opk (ClearBlue digital), and my personal instinct about my own body. My cycle started April 23rd and lasted for 6 days--I started using the opk on cds 9-12 receiving my first :) on cd 12 when I tested in the evening (I tested twice a day). DH and I BD'd once a day on cds 11, 12, 13, and 15 (we celebrated this night as a way to say we did "our part" now the rest is up to the Lord). I assumed that I ovu'd on cd 13 (as I've been using the new app and calculating the time-frame of 12-36 hrs. for the release of an egg)--this is all that I went by and the typical signals from my body (EWCM, ovu cramps, etc.). This whole time, I've been staying encouraged through prayer and praise, and reading stories from this site--sometimes it was easy and at other times not as easy. I can't say that I've had any noticeable symptoms other than the occasional cramp and feeling like AF was coming (I didn't feed into this because I felt like it could have been associated with AF), but I mean no nausea, no breast tenderness, no fatigue, NOTHING, etc. Of course, this made me feel discouraged at times because what I was reading and not feeling, I had to understand that everyone's story is different...Well, fast forward to last night (10 dpo)--DH and I were involved in a very bad car accident (unfortunately our fault)--we're so blessed to have walked away unharmed in any way--I remember before impact, I clutched at my abdomen thinking "Oh God, please!!!" and He spared us. Well today as we're trying to figure things out (transportation, life, etc.) DH asked about AF and I told him I hadn't seen her and I wasn't sure if I would or would not (DH seemed a little disappointed when I said this)--so thinking about his asking, made me want to go and get a FRER and test "just to see", and I did...Well, I tested today (11 dpo) and at first I saw only the control line and walked away from it, when I got the courage to go back and look (3 mins. later) I saw a positive line (faint, but certainly there)--I'm posting a pic. of the FRER, and I'd love to hear what you think...pregnant or not pregnant? I'm going to test in four more days with FMU, one day before AF is due, just to be sure and I'll share the update....I've only shared this with DH and he's very happy :) I've said all this to say hang in there, believe, and trust the journey!


Bfp 10dpo after mc-ttc 8 months

I read these stories for encouragement so much during our 8 months ttc and said I'd post my story if/when it happened! When our daughter was 18 months we decided to stop preventing and got pregnant pretty quickly. I was devesatated when I mc only a few days after I found out I was pregnant. It was SO hard for me because I had been ready for baby 2 since our daughter was a year and felt helpless and like it would never happen. Instinctively I knew that my body was out of whack so I started taking my temps and sure enough i wasn't ovulating after the mc. I got on progesterone to get my cycles back to normal. By month 5 of ttc I had becomes obsessed with everything ttc related. In June the negative hpt hit me so hard so after praying about it and talking to my husband I decided to take a break from ttc things(mostly this website bc I was on it 24/7!) the only things I still did was temp and opks and we were still baby dancing just not obsessing.The month I was 'taking a break' my dad passed away of cancer so my mind really was not on ttc. My husband and I loved in a different state than my family at the time so I stayed in Louisiana while he went back to Tennessee for work and came down on the weekends. It just so happened that my ovulation fell on a weekend this month thankfully BUT I had a bachelorette party at the beach so I literally saw my husband for 30 min before I left to go and an hr after I got back to Louisiana before he left for tenn. needless to say I just knew we were out that month. Fast forward to 10dpo and I was at walmart and just picked up some 88 cent tests for the heck of it. I took one when I got home and didn't see anything but wasn't surprised and honestly thought I was silly for testing so early. 15 min later I went back and looked and there was the faintest line. That night I got a digital one and it read 'pregnant 1-2 weeks'! I was thrilled but so nervous too! I immediately called my dr and had bloodwork done to make sure numbers looked good and they did! My son is now 3 weeks old! Our little rainbow miracle! I know a lot of you have been trying much longer but please don't give in to the helplessness and hopelessness. It will happen for you too! Baby dust to everyone reading this!! Oh and I had NO symptoms until 6 weeks when morning sickness hit full force!

BFP first cycle after 2nd Trimester MC

I'm so excited to be submitting this! I wanted to write these details down for any other ladies who (like I was) are searching all over the Internet for stories of hope after a loss.

On March 4,2015 I was 16 weeks pregnant with my baby girl, Grace. I went to a routine appointment only to find out she suddenly had no heartbeat. She passed just a few days prior. I delivered her two days later. I bled on and off that entire month. April 4, just 30 days after I lost Grace, I got AF.

I was temping and using OPKs three times daily. I had counted myself out this cycle before it began because DH was going out of town for two weeks which fell during my normal fertile week. Well by the Grace of God, I didn't ovulate while he was gone! I Od on CD20 which was the exact day he got home! We only BD day of and day after O! Here's my outline by DPO:
CD20-- BD, OPK neg, ovulation day!
1DPO-- BD, temp rise!
2DPO-- cramps
3DPO-- cramps
4DPO-- cramps, nausea, CM dry
5DPO-- very nauseous! CM dry
6DPO-- cramps, very nauseous, boobs hurt, coming down with cold, sore throat, CM dry
7DPO-- nausea continues, boobs still sore mostly under arms, very tired, feel hot all day
8DPO-- same as previous day. Wondfo looks like it has a very very faint shadow. Think maybe it's an indent...
9DPO-- same as previous day but also getting spells of shortness of breath (had that in a previous pregnancy!). FRER is BFN... Wondfo might have a shadow. Not darker or lighter than day before. Think it's just how the test looks and its a BFN.
10DPO-- same symptoms cont. Huge temp dip and think AF will show. FRER is BFN... Wondfo doesn't show anything. Maybe the same looking shadow. Know I'm out.
11DPO-- same symptoms cont. Big temp rise!! Shadow again on morning Wondfo but afternoon one had a faint line! Definitely darker! Saving FRER for morning!
12DPO-- BFP on FRER and Wondfo!!!

I was not expecting a BFP this cycle but I'm so thankful to be expecting so soon after losing Grace. It's been a little over 9 weeks. I feel for any mommas out there trying after a loss. It's so emotional. I pray each of you gets your rainbow soon. I probably won't breathe easy until this peanut is in my arms!