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BFP Stories

Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP by Prayer

Got your BFP courtesy of the almighty? Amen! Send us your symptoms through this contact form.

prayed to god every night to bless me with a bfp!

1: cramps right pelvic pain body aches 97.6 positive Opk 2.cervix high soft open , positive Opk 3.backache appetite increase 97.8 4.cramps tender breast, high Medium form cervix , cm school glue 5.’left pelvic pain, tender breast. ,school glue 97.52 6 fatigue,tender breast, bloating, school glue cm,high firm closed 7 -(didn’t log) 8 cramps, migraine, tender breast nausea (thought it was from a party previously )97.97 ,3very strong cramps 20 secs apart is lower abdomen ,School glue faint hpt idk if positive maybe seing things 9 98.17 , abdominal cramping, firm medium closed cervix, 10 (didn’t log) 11 (didn’t log) 12 positive hpt at 8:50pm Vomiting 9:15pm 13 nipple soreness heavy boobs , nausea 88cent bfp 14 digital bfp 15no period bfp positive Opk

Worth the Pain!

So let me start this out by giving you a little background about myself.... I am 29, husband is 26.. We both work in the medical field so our hours are crazy.. We have been trying for around 16 months.. I got my BFP in November, and am currently 10 weeks... During this long process I have stalked this board looking for tips, ideas, signs, symptoms and basically everything but magic fairy dust. Month after month I would get pumped up by symptom spotting only to see 1 line. Hands down one of the hardest waiting periods of my life... but lets move on to the good stuff.. I went to my Doctor about a year ago and we talked about options as far as infertility went. She offered to put me on Clomid as long as my blood work and HSG looked good. I was all "What? that's super easy" WRONGO! Blood work came back good, besides I had the testosterone of a linebacker, her words not mine. I immediately changed my diet. Anything white I didn't touch.. NO white rices, breads, or potatoes. I kicked high processed foods out and started taking Myo-Inositol to help lower the bad androgens. I was already working out daily so that wasn't an issue for me. Turns out I had to eliminate running all together to help get pregnant. Anyways I'm jumping ahead.. So my goal after lab work was healthier living (i.e cut out smoking, drinking any beer, and healthier diet, and generally work on my relationship with God). Now step 2 HSG that in itself was a task. See I decided to watch HSG procedures on Youtube, super smart idea said no one ever. I couldn't schedule mine.. thats a lie I did twice and cancelled twice. So lets travel a year down the road to October 2nd.. I for whatever reason prayed and prayed and finally got the courage to go through with it. My adorable husband went with, and even stayed in the room the whole time... I opted out of sedatives because I don't like how they make me feel. The procedure was quick and to the point. Ladies I cant lie to you, it was painful. Is what it is.. they are literally dilating your cervix and Fallopian tubes.. BUT not as painful as I told myself, and for sure not something that I wouldn't do all over again for the sake of fertility. After that I went home and rested for a bit, had a job interview that afternoon and was able to go to that no problem if that tells you anything. I ovulated during Halloween, and got my first positive test November 11th. There are so many factors that could have helped.. Life style changes.. stopping running long distances and hard cardio workouts.. the HSG.. prayer.. or maybe it was just our time.. I will never know exactly why this baby stuck, but I am forever thankful. I don't have symptoms to share during my two week wait to test but I do have a little advice: 1. Stop OVER testing, wait for the first day of your missed period.. or at least the week of.. 2. Lay off your spouses, they are upset and trying also.. maybe not level 100 like you, but they'll get there.. plus what good is being pregnant if by the time it happens your spouse and your marriage is almost over.. NO FUN.. 3. Keep sex fun.. Halloween night before trick-or-treaters came worked for us.. 4.enjoy the not being pregnant time.. because when it happens SICKNESS and more SiCKNESS comes right with it.. 5. take care of yourself physically and emotionally.. infertility is rough.. stop looking at pregnant woman wondering why your body is failing you... IT ISN'T, just not your time yet.. 6. Last but not least, take a little time off the internet.. stop reading about it.. let your brain and baby making parts BREATH.. Well that's all the great profound wisdom I have.. I hope this helps at least one of you soon to be mommas.. if it doesn't well there is 5000 other posts about getting pregnant, one will!! :) Good luck!

BFP afer 41 cycles at the age of 43!

So, I've been silently stalking this site for some time, looking for inspiration and to help keep my hopes up, and I told myself if I ever was blessed with another BFP, I'd share MY story too, in hopes it will help someone else in similar circumstances:

BFP - 5th cycle

A little background, I am 29 and DH is 28. I wanted my first baby years ago (baby fever hit its peak at 25) but DH wanted to wait until we were more financially secure so we agreed to wait until I turned 29 (I refused to wait til 30). In July, (before my birthday in August) it was like a switch turned on in DH brain and he was suddenly ready so we started trying then. I average a 25 day cycle. The first 3 cycles I was symptom checking like a crazy person just to be bummed when AF came. Cycle #4 and #5 I was busy and distracted with home projects and family matters, so no obsessing. Cycles #1-4 I would check my cervix and CM and we would simply BD every other day during my fertile week. Cycle #5 we used OPK. Cycle #5 - Successful cycle: My cycle started 10/9[CD1] and I got a positive OPK 10/20[CD12]. EWCM was present and we BD that evening only. Afterwards, I layed on my back, propped a pillow under my butt, and had my knees to my chest as this was a more comfortable position. Played on my phone for about 10 minutes then took a shower. I normally experience sore breasts as a PMS symptom so no flags went up when that showed. Looking back now I realize I was moody and hard to live with around CD18ish. I am 99% sure I felt implantation 10/30[CD22] but dismissed it at the time. I had waves of nausea a couple days later but figured it was my lactose intolerance. I had the slightest cramping which is unusual, I usually have severe cramping but dismissed that as well. On 11/2[CD25] AF was supposed to show and I was super thirsty no matter how much I drank. DH asked if I was sure I wasn't pregnant and I told him I wasn't. I needed to pee a little while later (10pm) and figured why not test. So I took a test and almost threw it away when the line didn't come up after a minute. I hesitated and could see the faintest line pop up and I was SO happy. I have taken a test every morning since and the line is getting darker. I have had no spotting. I was busy and was not stressing about getting pregnant. I had also given it to God, he knew I wanted this child more than anything and he would bless me if/when the time was right and I was okay with that. I also used OPKs and it worked because we only BD once. I have been taking prenatals and drinking lots of water. I only drink soda when swallowing a pill. Advice: Get OPKs, even if its your first month trying. Take a prenatal vitamin (not a cheapie version, they're junk). Give those swimmers a few minutes to get to safety before making them fight gravity. Drink lots of water. No stress, you can not make this happen if its not meant to. May God bless you.

Natural BFP After Vasectomy Reversal, Over 40, Low Progesterone, Short Luteal Phase

My husband had a vasectomy reversal (almost 7 years after the vasectomy) and I got pregnant within a few months at 41 years old but unfortunately miscarried at 11 weeks (although it likely happened much sooner and was just missed). I then had a chemical pregnancy a few months later. Two cycles later I got pregnant a third time, still at 41 years old, and I am now 20 weeks along. I will be 42 at delivery. All genetic testing, ultrasounds, etc. have shown that we are having a healthy baby girl. We believe that God controls conception, but there are things we did as well: -used Magnesium lotion at bedtime -cut out almost all dairy and soy -took OvaBoost -took FertileCM -used BioRay Kids toxin remover -used Clary Calm, Clary Sage, or Radiant Womb essential oil from day 4 to ovulation -used Pro-Gest progesterone cream after ovulation, since I was diagnosed with low progesterone -used Thyme essential oil after ovulation -took Utericalm for the first trimester -took Fertilitea -took Maca pills -took 2000mg Vitamin C -took B6 complex, one of many things I took to try to lengthen my short luteal phase -took Vitex -used royal jelly in smoothies -took Magnesium pills -took 1200mg Calcium -ate foods high in Magnesium, B6, Zinc, and Vitamin C -ate pineapple core for 5 days post ovulation -went to the chiropractor weekly -stopped running and walked instead, since I have a low BMI -prayed a lot -had sex every day for several days prior to ovulation plus one day after (I charted my temperature, monitored my cervical fluid, and used ovulation tests so that I would know when I ovulated.) -used small amount of coconut oil for lubricant during sex I know it sounds like I did a lot, but it really wasn't a huge deal, especially considering what some women go through. Symptoms: 2 DPO: sharp pains in uterus 6 DPO: sharp pains in ovary area 7 DPO: food aversions, strong sense of smell 8 DPO: tiny amount of pinkish beige in cervical fluid 9 DPO: strong sense of smell with nausea from it; light positive on Wondfo pregnancy test 11 DPO: tiny amount of darker beige in cervical fluid; darker positive on Wondfo pregnancy test Do not give up hope. God is above all of the negative over 40 information out there. And although my story isn't exactly picture perfect, I did manage to get pregnant naturally 3 times in less than a year, all over 40. My midwives and doctors have all been supportive and told me several stories about themselves or their patients having successful pregnancies over 40. 3 of my sisters-in-law all had babies in their 40s. I think it is much more common than we hear about. May God bless you with the gift of a child, and peace while you wait.


I have checked this site for a few years reading the stories lining them up with mines and every month BFN, so after 2.5 years of trying on and off I decided to focus on my health. I was scheduled to have gastric sleeve surgery on 06/23/17 so while waiting for my surgery date I decided I need to start my journey now (03/01/2017) I went on a low carb high protein diet I lost 35 lbs in 4 months 2 weeks before surgery I was put on a all liquid diet during this time I was also ovulating. We BD on CD 9 I ovulated on CD 12 like always. I thought man I sure hope this is not the one time I get pregnant(but we only did it one time and I cleaned up right afterwards) by 8 DPO I had this one really bad cramp that lasted all of 10 sec. and thought that's strange. I was so tired and easy annoyed that entire week(my only symptoms) my thinking is I haven't eaten in almost 2 week I'm "hangry" at this point. On the day I was suppose to get my period I had these cramps so any day AF will be. 2 days late I start blaming the liquid diet for my missed AF. Took a HCG test before jumping in the shower (2 days before surgery) got out and forgot about it my husband come in to take his shower and asked WHAT IS THIS. I look WTF this can't be right maybe me not eating is causing it to be positive ( in shock) now 20 weeks with my first son that I love so much. .... 1. the weight lost help 2. not being stressed about the TWW I know help 3. food choice healthy eating no toxic in my system 4. I was drinking fertilatea the 2 months leading to my BFP I will always keep you ladies in my prayers and wishing you all nothing but the best

Omg bfp finally!!!!!

So I've been TTC since November 2016. Had an abortion done October 2016. Been depressed, sad,angry to mention but a few. All other cycles I took folic acid then found out it was messing with my cycles,so this month august I decided to stop taking any prenatal vitamins. I usually run a 28/29 day cycle but of recent it became sporadic 24-28-31 .I was just fed up of trying too damn this month I put away everything and then just help on to Prayer..prayer..prayer and fasting. That was all I did differently this cycle..yh also I was told I had pcos I think February this year..but I didn't let it weigh me down,in fact I rebuked it and kept my faith strong! I wasn't really symptom spotting but these are what I could remember: Period---3 to 7th of August 2017 Bd on 9,11,12,14 Ovulation--16th or 17th not sure, buh I felt ovulation cramps on right side more on the 17th symptoms.BD 2dpo to 10dpo-----nothing much..just breast tenderness which I normally have when auntflo is on her way. BD 3dpo ,5dpo 11dpo.----nothing changed..I also noticed all through I was extremely dry down there.BD 12dpo----was suppose to see my period today. Had cramps ,even had a sanitary pad on but too 13dpo----went to the market and felt so dizzy and tired and thirsty a cheat strip and tested. To my greatest surprise bfp immediately. Still having cramps on both sides I know its not easy to relax..hell no I didn't. But if you study your bible daily you would see God's promises. Fruit of the womb is a reward from the lord,ask him for your reward. Also in the bible, he said go forth and multiply..again claim this. Another scripture...declare a thing and it shall CME to pass, declare fruitfulness in your life. Then the verse about Hannah in the bible..she cried out her heart to God..not on the bed..not to people..not to doctors but to God.and God opened her womb, cry out to God only ..and he will open ur womb in Jesus might name. Amen
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BFP on CD31

I have been following this page in my journey TTC for 1 year and always dreamed of typing a post like this myself. I just got my BFP on CD31 (Im guessing about 16DPO) I am in shock, i have never seen two lines out of the millions of tests I've done. A little background info: i have PCOS Round 1 of 50mg Clomid i ovulated but didnt get pregnant Round 2 50mg i did not ovulate and had a 50 day cycle Round 3 50mg same as round 2 with 60 day cycle - had to induce AF on both rounds Round 4 100mg - same thing My Gynae suggested a laparoscopy, ovarian drilling and a DNC which i had on 17 July 2017. He drilled my ovaries and found & removed mild endometriosis. My tubes were not blocked. I had already started taking Provera to induce AF before the surgery. AF came on 27 July 2017. Did 1 round of FEMARA 5mg on days 4-8 seeing as clomid didnt work in the past Follicle scan on CD9 discovered 1 egg at 13mm and my Gynae said i would ovulate in about 5 days time I was so sick and tired of temping that i didnt temp this cycle. SYMPTOMS: CD 13 - Dull cramps (i guess ovulation about to happen) CD 15 - had to go to the hospital because i had terrible cramps that i could not even stand straight or walk. They did blood tests to check it was not my appendix and all was clear - so im guessing that was ovulation day. We BD anyway CD 21 - Headache all day and tired & small twinges in my lower abdomen CD22-CD31 - Cramping like small twinges on and off everyday and SORE nipples & sides of my boobs. We BD on CD11, CD12 & CD15 BFN on CD24 and CD27 I tested on CD31 (26 August) because my husband insisted because that night was his 40th birthday party and i was going to drink alcohol - and got my BFP straight away Ladies i just want to say DON'T GIVE UP!!! It will happen. Explore ALL options and do research. Last but not least: PRAY PRAY PRAY! God is so so good. Tell him what you want and it will happen in HIS time! I wish you all baby dust and a BFP :-) xxxx
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BFP BY DPO with our second

I've been on this site everyday for the past two weeks. It was such a rollercoaster - some days I knew for sure I was pregnant and some days I thought I was just kidding myself because I didn't feel anything. Here are my symptoms by dpo. I think I O'd between the 9-11th but I cant say for sure because I had no ewcm. BD'd on the 7th, 10th and 11th. (This is our first month "trying" not really trying just thought if it was God's plan it would happen. :) 1-2 DPO: sharp pains in lower abdomen on both sides. Lasted for a little while. 3-4 DPO: extremely constipated and gassy which is unusual for me since I go every morning after my coffee and am never gassy. EXHAUSTED. I fell asleep on the floor of my sons room while playing with him. 5-6 DPO: not much except still gassy. Also should throw in that I had absolutely NO CM this time around.. I thought for sure I wasn't preg because with my first I had ALOT of it. Also still feeling pretty tired and run down 7 DPO: woke up feeling hungover (didn't drink) pulling feeling in lower abdomen, gassy. 8 DPO: had one beer and felt drunk - exhausted I could fall asleep anytime anywhere. Twinges on my sides. I could smell everything. 9 DPO: tested on FRER and BFN - I just felt so out of it this day. Went grocery shopping with my hubby and he kept asking me what was wrong, I couldnt stand for long periods of time bc I felt so dizzy and lightheaded. 10 DPO: woke up with a HUGE migraine - I get them every so often but this one was killer and I ended up going to the hospital. They did a preg test and it came back negative. I told the nurse I thought I might be preg if it was too early to tell and he said their tests are 100% accurate (eye roll, yeah ok) 11 DPO: was pretty at peace with it at this point but I started having AF cramps so I took another test first thing in the morning - BFP!!! Took a second one and another BFP. I will test again tomorrow -hubby and I are saying all the prayers for our little bean. Baby dust to you ladies!!
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BFP 14 months after miscarriage

So me and hubby have been TTC for 2 years.I am still scared but I will keep praying to God to keep my little bean safe and healthy.What we did different is Prayer,Prayer,Prayer!I also upped my EPO dosage and started taking Zinc and B6.Which I think helped with the cycle length .I usually ovulate around CD 9 to 11.This cycle it was CD 13.All I keep saying is Thank you favourite verse so far -1 Samuel 1vs 27... CD1-5: AF CD 6-13:EWCM,ovulation pain both sides.I kept thinking I would O early but temps didn't spike until CD 14.I panicked because we didn't bd CD 13 BD days:10,12,14. 1DPO to 5 DPO:pineapple slices,nothing notable expect normal PMS. 6 DPO:sensitive nipples,heartburn, hot flashes and slight cramping thought it was normal PMS. 7 DPO:terrible cramps and spotting.Felt like I was having my period.In bed the whole day.Really prayed that it was due to implantation. 8DPO:woke up with white bumps on my areolas.Very sore breasts like milk is coming out.cramping not as bad as yesterday.more brown spotting. 9DPO.BFN....cramps and brown spotting. urinary incontinence.felt like a UTI coming on. 10DPO:BFN on three tests .but checked them again later they all had evap or indent lines,frequent urination, nausea and slight back ache...yeast always my first pregnancy sign 11DPO:took 3 tests different brands.2 were internet cheapies both negative. 1 mid stream.had a visible 2nd line in a minute.I couldn't believe it!same same symptoms as yesterday 12DPO :Clear bfp on all tests (I took 4 lol) told DH that evening. We are so happy and thankful to God for this rainbow. PLEASE GOD TAKE CARE OF MY LITTLE BABY.LET ME HAVE A SAFE AND HEALTHY 9 MONTHS. LET ME GIVE BIRTH TO A HEALTHY BABY.IN THE NAME OF JESUS I PRAY