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BFP Stories

Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP by Prayer

Got your BFP courtesy of the almighty? Amen! Send us your symptoms through this contact form.

BFP One Month Post Varicocele Repair!

Been trying to conceive for 18 months, diagnosed with male factor infertility and pcos in June. Urologist confirmed varicocele in DH and repaired it on 9/26/12. Found out I am pregnant today, only 1.5 months after the procedure! My tww symptoms are as follows: 1-7dpo... Not a thing 8dpo... Small amount of blood noted in toilet after urinating (implantation bleeding I presume) 9dpo... Mild nipple sensitivity, increased cm 10dpo... Mild breast tenderness, mild cramping, thinking af is imminent 11dpo... Moderate breast tenderness, typical pms for me 12dpo... Breasts hurt a lot! More than usual, but still not convinced 13dpo... Breasts still really sore, peeing a lot, took a hpt on a whim and got a BFP! This is proof that the varicocele surgery works! Our RE told us it probably wouldn't help but it sure did, and fast too. I just hope this little one holds on tight!!!! Baby dust to all!

Embryo Donation/Adoption Works!

We were denied IVF due to low amh, high fsh, low responder, male factor. We decided to go with an Embryo Donation program in the Czech Republic. They transferred 2 perfect day 6 embies. 1dp6dt: Slight cramping, pretty mild but still can feel it. 2dp6dt: Slight cramping, pinching feeling in lower right side of tummy. 3dp6dt: Nausea, can’t eat dinner. The smell of cigarettes outside makes my stomach lurch. Boobies are KILLING me. Flew back to the US and so at 3.5dp6dt I caved in and took the HPT that reprofit gave me. I see a slight shadow. Hubby says he thinks it is an indent on the test. 4dp6dt: Got a definite positive on a First Response Early Response. I am blown away. Nausea is worse, still have the cramping and super tired. Bloody mucus when I blow my nose and bleeding gums when brushing teeth. 5dp6dt: Took another hpt. BFP! Even darker. Nausea, really sore boobies and tired. Feeling gassy and bloated. Backache. 6dp6dt: Another hpt. Even darker than yesterday, almost as dark as the control line! Nausea, sore bbs, tired, bloated, backache, some dark brown spotting. 7dp6dt: Beta 166! I am amazed at how fast that came back and at how high the number is! Hoping its twins?!?! Sore bb, nausea, tired backache and metal taste in mouth. Tastes like I am sucking on a penny. Ew! A little bit of pink spotting on my toilet paper twice, but none on pantyliner. It scared me half to death. Came home from work, ate dinner and fell asleep in my chair. 8dp6dt: No more spotting! Boobies are sore but not quite as bad as the past few days. Tired, metal taste in mouth, still light cramping. 9dp6dt: Second Beta drawn today. Won’t get results for two days. Super tired and nausea. Came home from work early to rest. Headache, sore boobies.

BFP With Prayer & All Natural! After MC in May

My husband and I found out that I did not ovulate on my own earlier this month. I had lab work done last winter before I started fertility treatments and my doctor at the time never informed me that I wasn't ovulating. I got pregnant last March on my third round of clomid but lost my angel at 7wks. Last month I decided I was done being sad and trying to control everything so I turned it over in God's hands. I prayed and stayed positive. My husband is in the military and was in the field so I decided we were probably out for the month since he was going to be gone. To my surprise, I ovulated later than I ever do at cycle day 20 and he just so happened to come home early. It was like everything fell into place. When I got my BFP I could barely believe it! WE are soooo excited. My symptoms are pretty mild and I have to remind myself that this is real everyday. I'm 5 wks and 3 days so please pray that this one is healthy. I believe in the power of prayer! God Bless all the ladies trying. This was our 24th month!

BFP Only Through Our Living God

Hello everybody, I'm very late in posting my story. Myself and my hubby had been trying for 5 months with no success but God made it happen in the 6th month. He wasn't keen though, but I had been longing to have children ever since I was 18. I have so much of love for kids and just can't contain it when I see baby or kids. Lot of delay and unpleasant things happened in my life that caused me to marry and try for my dream child so late. I'm 31 and never expected to have a beautiful family life but God worked out wonders. The only key to have a baby is to pray cos Jesus is the creator, he created you and me. Ps 139. I fasted and prayed with my Mom, and he answered my prayers. If you have faith like a mustard seed, we can move mountains. Do not stop praying, God is listening to our prayers just like he did for Hannah, never give up, cry to him, talk to him, he is THE CREATOR. Most of all, don't take the stress of not getting pregnant, I know it's not so easy as I say. My progesterone levels were little low, guess it was all due to the stressful years I went through, so the doctor suggested Duphaston and the same month I conceived. Pray and leave your request to God, he will answer you at his appointed time. All the very best! God Bless!

BFP 12 DPO! No Early Testing!

This was our first month of trying. I had this terrible feeling that getting pregnant was going to take us forever. I feel so so so blessed. I am keeping everyone who is trying in my thoughts and prayers. I am 26 and my husband is 25. I have a 6 year old daughter from a previous relationship. Oh my oh my oh my! I can't believe I am typing this!!! I usually have a 27-29 day cycle, with a 13 day luteal phase, ovulating between CD 12-14. Usually I get a strong, sharp, one sided, ovulation pain. This is followed up the next day by sore BB's and EWCM that stay sore until the day before AF. Before my first pregnancy I never had sore boobs. I got them at probably 6dpo. I also felt baby implant. It was the weirdest weirdest feeling. I was laying on my back and all of a sudden it felt like someone was twisting a corkscrew inside me. I know it sounds crazy was at about 8dpo and I had never felt that and have never felt it again. Anyways... here we go! CD 12- Suspected O- Didn't not feel O pain... maybe I was sleeping? 1-3dpo- Normal Sore BB's 4dpo- Sharp cramp similar to O, normal sore BB's 5dpo- Bloating, indigestion, gas sore BB's- normal 6-7dpo- Sore BB's, nausea- normal 8dpo- Sore BB's- normal 9dpo- Sore BB's- normal, vomiting- not normal (seriously thinking I am just making myself crazy). Notice little pimple looking bumps on nipples. I always have mongomerys tubercles when my nipples are hard...but these are much different looking and are there when they are soft (still have these). Creamy CM- unusual 10dpo- Sore BB's- normal, strong sense of smell- the smell of ketchup makes me throw up- not normal Feel so out, start looking up fertility vitamins, Pre-Seed, bulk pregnancy and ovulation tests. Watch "live pregnancy tests" on youtube and cry and cry with the women who get their BFP 11dpo- BB's less sore- not normal, figure my period is on the way. Feel soo out. Try to not be sad and get excited about next cycle! Weird low cramp- warm feelingish? Back molars feel sore in the evening. Wake up in the night and the room is spinning- weird and not normal 12dpo- BB's not sore, and a little bit dizzy. Just feeling "off". Had a pack of FRER but really didn't want to waste them on a BFN. I stopped at the 99 cent store and bought 2 test. Take the first one and after 3 min. Can see the faintest faintest line... could take a pic of it even. Start freaking out! So I wait a little and take the 2nd its positive. Take the FRER get a pretty dark BFP!!! 13dpo- Take another FRER 12 hours after the last and it's as dark as the control line. BB's are sore again but its "different" than usual. The sore feels deeper and not as tight as my post O tenderness. Other weird things I noticed- I was in a pleasant not meany pms mood all TWW- which is WEIRD for me. Usually I am pretty constipated but about 6-8 dpo I always have a few really great bowel movements :p but this month I never got my relief! We are also we BD every day after AF leaves...well maybe starting when it gets light towards the end. I also just never got up after we BD...I just went to sleep. I would also visualize the sperm making it to the egg...haha. Praying of a nice sticky healthy little baby!!!

BFP After 1yr 3months!!

Wow! Was beginning to think I would never get to post here!! DH and I got our BFP this afternoon!!! We had a miscarriage last July and have been trying since last August. Finally we got a BFP! We couldn't be happier! Hoping and praying this one sticks!!! :) I thought it was too early for a BFP, but DH insisted I test. So i used a dollar store cheapie first. As soon as I saw the "liquid" (pee) going up the test strip... I thought I saw a line in the T section, didn't wanna get too excited, so I waited a couple minutes. Sure enough BFP!!! Clear as day! So we busted out the clearblue digital test!!! Within about 1-2mins.... PREGNANT Appeared! Best day of our year!!!! :) In previous ttc months I was obsessed with symptom watching and all of that. But this past month, we didn't pressure ourselves at all. We were still trying just not as in depth as before. You know, figuring out the best time and whatnot. Lol I didn't obsess over symptoms. However, DH did mention how my appetite was increasing! So that's really the only early sign I have to offer u ladies. For those of you still TTC, PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE! Never give up!! There is always hope! :) BABY DUST TO ALL!!!!!

16 Months, One Surgery, and 3 Rounds of Clomid = BFP

Ah! I can't believe I get to finally do this and say "hey, I'm pregnant!". This was our 16th month TTC. Last June I had laparoscopic surgery to check for endometriosis. I did not have that but what they did find was 3 small fibroids on my uterus and a partially blocked left fallopian tube. 2 of the fibroids were removed and dr. was unable to take the third one out. I felt so much better knowing what the issues were. Part of my stress was thinking that something was seriously wrong with me. I have a perfect 29 day cycle. I am so exact down to the hour! My Dr. reassured me that everything was great but want to try clomid anyways. 3 rounds of that, took pills on cycle days 3-7. This month I also tried acupuncture. I highly recommend it! It gives you a chance to relax! Which is what I did three times a week. While I sat there with needles in me I got to pray. I am a Christian and knew I just had to wait for Gods timing. I put all of this in His hands and let Him worry about it instead of me putting all the pressure on myself. My symptoms are pretty small. I wouldn't even be able to tell if I didn't have a positive test. I have also been taking a prenatal, calcium, folic acid, and B6 vitamin every day. Cycle day 3-7 - clomid Did the deed every other day till I got a positive ovulation and then did IT twice a day. Also one day after for good measure. (with Pre-Seed every time) Cycle Day 14 - ovulated on right side (my good side) DPO 6 - woke up with a very sharp shooting pain through my right tube. Lasted a couple of second, I rolled over and pain went away. (implantation?) DPO 8 - extra bloody gums. I have sensitive teeth anyways but this was extra sensitive! (my dentist has told me that hormones do affect gums) DPO 11 - finally got my Internet cheapies in the mail and I had to test. IS THAT A LINE OR A SHADOW?!?! DPO12 - test again, LINE IS STILL THERE. Very faint! Still not sure if I can trust these things. I'm only used to seeing negatives that I didn't think a positive stick was possible. I got a little test crazy and started testing all day. Finally went out and bought First Response and Clear Blue Digital. Tested with both PREGNANT!!! I can believe it. A lot of crying and relief that this process is over. Then my mind went quickly to stressing about having a healthy baby. ;) I just keep testing and line keeps getting darker. My husband and I have shared the news with are parents and are waiting to share the news with close friends and family until first ultrasound at 5 weeks. I have to have this done to make sure it's not a tubal because of my blockage. I'm due July 17th! Even with everything I went through I do realize I had it easy compared to some. Those "some" will always have a piece of my heart!

BFP... the Best Day of Our Life!

Hey all, We got married in June 2012 and been trying ever since. Got BFP this morning and couldn't wait to tell you all! I am having very bad cold and runny nose but want to share my story :) OD- I think it was 11th Oct, didn't feel anything. No BD as we had been doing since 6th Oct, we used KY jelly to make things smooth. We had decided that if it doesn't happen this month then we will use Pre-Seed next month. 1DPO- BD 2DPO- I had lunch at a restaurant and threw up after having heartburn and headache for almost 4 hours. I never had food poisoning before and this was very unusual for me, was feeling very weak and slept rest of the day 3DPO- BD and had my legs up for at least 20 minutes, well this was the trend after every BD 7-13DPO- had mild cramps, sometimes tugging feeling on the left lower side 14-15 DPO- very bad cramps, thought AF is planning to come, as my period was expected on 26th No sign of AF for two days 27-28th Oct and then we decided to take the pregnancy test and YAY with Wal-Mart early pregnancy test kit we got both lines in first 30 seconds So be happy and don't stress and it will happen, well keep exercising and eating healthy, BABY DUST to all :)

Ten Long Months of Trying... Finally Two Pink Lines!

I was beginning to think I would never have the chance to post on this website, but my day has finally come. After ten long months of trying and a whole lot of tears, I finally got my BFP! I waited until I was three days late to test because I couldn't handle anymore disappointment. I cannot even put the feeling into words of seeing those two little pink lines appear. It was a mixture of amazement, bliss, fear, and craziness. I screamed from the bathroom so loud that DH came running! The lines literally showed up in 5 seconds… no three minutes needed. Gotta love First Response! In these past ten months, I really was starting to worry that something was wrong. I even made an appointment with a fertility specialist that I am very happy to cancel. I had a bunch of blood work done and a sonogram and my husband had a sperm analysis. All the results came back fine, so we just couldn’t understand why it wasn’t happening! But it finally did! As my husband says, we really “got it in” this month. But I prayed every day and I know God answered my prayer. I really had barely any symptoms… but here’s what I did notice… CD 11 - BD CD12 - BD CD 13 - BD (I think this was ovulation day) CD 14 – BD CD 15 – BD CD 18 – boobs started getting sore, but they always do around this time of the month. Thought for sure I was out. CD 19 – 27 - creamy cm CD 28 - I went to buy tampons. CD 29 – late period? Eggwhite cm shows up… very weird… getting suspicious. No cramps? Very constipated. CD 30 – still late… no cramps… too scared to test. Can’t bear the sight of another BFN. Very constipated. CD 31 – still late! Finally get the nerve to test! BFP immediately! I am still in shock! I really had no clue that I even had a shot this month until I missed my period. Here are the things I tried to get pregnant… Drank grapefruit juice Read 50 Shades of Gray lol Used Pre-Seed Made sure my butt was in the air Tried to sleep for a few hours before getting up And the most embarrassing of all…. this month was the only time I actually used a vibrator when DH was done. I swear the orgasms did it! Sorry for the TMI… but I would definitely invest in one! Have faith… all is possible. Sticky baby dust to everyone and I pray that you all get your BFPs soon. :)

BFP After One Year

Took Clomid for 4 rounds after being told I do not ovulate. The 4th round worked! My 21 day progesterone was only 11 and my doc said I ovulated but with a number so low I thought there was no shot. I also prayed this month more than I ever have. The pain of not getting pregnant was becoming unbearable and God answered when I really needed him to. I tested the day after missed period and had a faint line and have been testing for the last 6 days with positive getting darker each day. Symptoms: sore bbs 3 days after missed af, nausea everyday, tired. Don't give up ladies.