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BFP Stories

Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP by Prayer

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BFP 1st & 2nd Pregnancy Symptoms via IVF

Hello everyone!

1st Pregnancy via IVF

In March 2008, I had a laparoscopy draining endometriosis (stage 3) cyst on left ovary. In June 2008 began my IVF cycle and 31 years old. I had 11 retrieved, 4 had fertilized (1 arrested) and I had 3 embryos transferred on day 3: a 4 cell, 5 cell, 6 cell and none left to freeze. The doc said they were in fair condition, that's why he transferred all of them. We were excited!

1dpt-2dpt: nothing
3dpt: mild period-like cramping, low cramps
4dpt: nothing
5dpt: went to see friend who just had baby...when I held baby, one of my nipples began to feel tingly and prickly
6dpt: sharp stabbing pain above vagina just several seconds and gone...I had to bend over (10pm)...very unusual, never felt that before and I've had some painful periods because of endo
7dpt: sharp stabbing pain on right lower pelvic region, on my bikini line, just a few seconds and gone
8dpt: clear mucousy, gel-like cm, few seconds of sharp pains on right side above hip bone- had to bend over and stop walking, faint spell of nausea and dizziness-came and went in a few minutes at night
9dpt: more clear mucousy cm, warm period-like feeling, prickling, tingling sensation in right nipple
10dpt: nothing
11dpt: feeling hopeful because I never had these symptoms before, but thought it also could be the progesterone; later feeling grumpy and discouraged
12dpt: the day I got my blood test 4 weeks 2 days since LMP and I was definitely pregnant!!! I forgot my hcg level. I did an hpt at home after I got the news and of course it was a BFP!!! In March of 2009, I gave birth to a baby girl!

2nd pregnancy via IVF ICSI

Now, I am 35 years old and endometriosis came back on left ovary. Doc retrieved 6 eggs, 5 were mature, all were ICSI'd this time, only 4 fertilized (1 arrested) and 3 were looking good on transfer day! Doc did a 2 day transfer and transferred 3 embryos, all 4 cell, grade 1 and again, none left over to freeze. Again, we were excited!

1dpt: went pee and had beige discharge in pm...probably from progesterone suppositories before the transfer and from metrogel, nips sensitive
2dpt: in early am low mild cramps and low back ache too, woke up to spontaneous orgasm and felt crampy and pressure right above vagina, cramping on & off in evening, feels tight down there, boobs tender
3dpt: cramping on & off, feeling groggy & tired, nap, in pm had a wave of nausea come over me...just a few minutes, light headache
4dpt: constipation, when walking got shooting feeling from right side, but not too sharp, but noticeable- had to stop for a second, hungry and eating a lot; white stretchy cm, light headache
5dpt: woke up again to a spontaneous orgasm from sleep-pressure down there and felt like blood rushing down there (googled this spontaneous "O" thing and it seemed to be an early sign of pregnancy for most women-gave me hope!)
6dpt: feet feel so hot and a bit swollen (I and my feet are usually always cold), vagina/cervix feels tight-uncomfortable like uti, pooped, but still constipated feeling, skin feels tender to touch, boobs tender, feeling aroused...must be all the blood down there ;)
7dpt: boobs seem less tender, didn't sleep well
8dpt: boobs less tender but feeling really full and heavy, EMOTIONAL-cried at pretty much anything, even when DD woke up from nap, just looking at her made me cry, felt really down
9dpt: woke up with headache, watched a movie and cried for MOST of it, cramping/pinching feeling, low back ache-right side, AF cramps in evening, felt like I was peeing more today, boobs look HUGE, next to little cm
10dpt: noticed sharp pain and pressure in butt, watery cm, snot-like cm too, crampy off & on, warm period-like feeling, backache left side, brief pulling/stretching feeling left side
11dpt: noticed hot feet all week, felt hot in general all week, night sweat, boobs are still HUGE and burning feeling inside them, wet feeling down there, very little cm, right lower back-like someone drilling in my back, eating like a hog, gassy for past few days too, feels tight down there
12dpt: blood test today at 3 weeks 5days since LMP: PREGNANT again!!! I am so thankful!!! I took HPT after hcg test confirmed pregnancy and it was a light positive. I had a slow rising hcg this time around, but kept taking hpt's at home...getting darker and BFP! Hcg tests confirmed good doubling 3 days later and then again 2 days later. Yay!
tummy making a lot of gurgling and bubbling sounds after lunch

I've been taking fish oil (at least 5 months), vitamin D and folic acid for several months if not close to a year.

Yesssss My 1st BFP!

Hello girls, just wanted to submit my BFP story after reading so many of your incredible stories for so long. So here it is.

I'm 26, DH is 31. We did a few things differently this time around. 1. We didn't have a marathon BD time like last cycle (we went for it everyday of my cycle up until AF). This time around we did every other day up until three days before ovulation, where we did every day three days before and the fav after. 2. Used internet cheapie opks, and got a positive reading on July 30. 3. Used Robitussin. 4. Pre-Seed & Prayer.

Two week wait symptoms: Very mild cramping 8-10 DPO. This was abnormal for me bc I never get cramping before my period comes, so this was probably the number one thing that tipped me off this was the month. Also, the girls were very sore, and DH commented that they looked a little larger. As well as this I had two dreams I was pregnant, and walking through Wal-Mart I felt a quick wave of nausea. These were the only symptoms I had.

I waited until the day before my period was supposed to come to poas...BIG FAT POSITIVE. I then took five more tests lol. Hubby and I couldn't be more happy. Were 95% sure that were going to have a boy first, we've been dreaming about him for about two and a half years now and already have his name picked out.

Thank you God!

Yay I'm pregnant!

As a lot of people say when they finally get to do this...I cannot believe I am now posting my symptoms!!

This month definitely felt different. My bbs became gradually sorer as the days went by. My cm was drier than usual from ovulation to around 12 dpo, then it started to get a little wetter, then dried up a little again. This is the complete opposite to a normal cycle. I cramped as usual from about 7dpo but these felt the same as the pre AF cramps I get every month. I have been temping and this is where the major difference was..... each month my temp goes up after ovulation, but then it moves about a bit (although always in the high range), this month it hit 36.7 and stayed there until today!! Every day the same temp. When it was still this high at 14dpo, the day my period was due, I knew something was happening but I was still afraid to test and the cramps made me believe my period was coming. I woke up in the middle of the night around 10 dpo with horrendous cramps, so bad I though when I stood up it would flow.. but nothing! This also made me very suspicious. I also started to notice that my nipples (not the areola) were becoming red rather than pink and my bbs were becoming even sorer, whereas normally they start to become less tender in the day or so before my period. So today at 16dpo after taking my temp and seeing it had actually gone up to 36.9, I thought 'this is it... I have to test'. I woke up my other half and went to the bathroom. I could not believe my eyes when two pink lines instantly appeared!! I thought I was going to faint...and I was shaking and half crying with joy and amazement! This is the most amazing feeling ever! We are finally pregnant after a year and an operation to remove a polyp which was acting like an IUD. The operation did the trick, along with lots and lots of prayers and talks with God and Saint Anthony. I am still having cramps and getting quite nauseous, but went to the docs today and it's all confirmed and the cramps are apparently normal. Hoping for a happy healthy pregnancy :o) and I hope my story can give comfort to some of you through this crazy journey of TTC.

God bless to you all. Sending you best wishes. Keep your faith!!

Finally a BFP

First off this website and these testimonies were perfect therapy for me during those agonizing 2 week wait windows. When we got pregnant with our first we literally said hey let's try and poof within a month I had a bfp. This time around we did not have the same type of success. It hit my husband and I like a ton of bricks month after month with every negative test. I went for a physical got all types of blood work done because I convinced myself something had to be wrong with me. Everything came back normal. Well after 5 months of trying we finally have our BFP!!! I'm 31 and my husband is 30. Here were some early symptoms I experienced:
On cycle days 15- 17 heightened sense of smell. I'm talking so heightened my stomach would turn and I would have to talk myself out of running to the restroom. Then from about CD 18-25 I really couldn't taste anything. Everything tasted extremely bland and when I'd ask my husband to try my food he thought I was crazy because it tasted perfectly seasoned to him. Also during these days I felt like I was getting a slight sore throat. So at this point my curiosity was getting the best of me but I was too scared to admit it to myself. Finally on CD 25 I found enough courage to take a first response pregnancy test. I really thought my eyes were playing tricks on me because I could see a really really faint line. I showed my husband and he could see it as well. We agreed I should take another one the next day. CD 26 -faint line. CD 27 two visible lines! CD 28- pregnant display on digital test. Some things we did differently this time around is we literally prayed together every day that God would bless us with a sibling for our son. We also used Pre-Seed CD 13. We DTD every other day from the time AF left the building. But we also dtd every day btwn CD 13-17 in the morning and late afternoon/early evening opposed to before bed. I hope this offers some encouragement as the other stories did for me. Remember to pray and stay positive. BABY DUST TO ALL

My First Ever BFP!

I have been reading this site religiously for two weeks, and today I get to contribute my own story!

Used OPKs
Used Pre-seed (small amount) for dry days
BD'd every day for about 8 days ;)
Elevated my hips on a pillow for 20 minutes after sex
Prayed A LOT!

I really did not have many symptoms until close to the end.
1-8 DPO: Off and on cramping and extra gas
6 DPO: Shooting pain in my lower left abdomen that lasted for several hours and then disappeared.
9 DPO: Feeling tired, but nothing unusual. Already accepting the fact that I am probably not pregnant, and anxious to get started for the next month.
10 DPO: BFN with FMU. Extremely tired and hungry. That night, my breasts started feeling very tender after I took off my bra. I decided to test again. Looked like another BFN, so I left it on the counter and walked off. 3 hours later, I went to the bathroom again, and I realized a tiny faint line had formed on the test! I freaked out (of course), took another test (faint positive again), and make my DH take one (wondfo strips) to make sure I wasn't seeing things. :)
11 DPO: 2 more faint positives with FMU. Bought a FRER test before work and took it at lunch time. A very clear (though still light) line popped up in no time.

Today is 12 DPO, and I have now gotten positives on 4 different brands! The digital is still negative, but I think I should wait to take one after my actual missed period. I am so excited!

Praying for all of you! God is faithful!

BFP 13DPO with BFN's and Barely Any Symptoms

I can't believe I got my BFP today! This website has helped me so much, so here is my story.

So last month, I knew I was pregnant. I just knew it! I had tender bbs, cramps, twinges, metallic taste in my mouth, no energy, I even had a cold. I was DEVASTATED when I got my BFN and AF. I was convinced I was pregnant. This month, I didn't even have O pain and I usually have bad ovulation pain. I mean bad. No O pain so I thought I was out for the month. The only abnormal thing that I has was bad bloating and gas but not enough to say I was definitely pregnant, I thought it was in my head. I had bad cramps today, bad AF cramps, put a heating pack on and a pad on...knew I was getting my period....nearly fell over backwards when no AF and a BFP on two tests with my afternoon urine!!!

So, symptoms really. I tested at 10,11,12 dpo all BFN. So, I figured I won't even waste money on 13dpo. I caved today when I didn't get a period, BFP! THERE IS STILL HOPE FOR LADIES WITH BFN's on FRER even on 12dpo.

Actually, the biggest sign for me were my furbabies. My Beagle has been sleeping outside my bedroom door and NEVER in her life has she done that, she has ALWAYS slept on the couch and my Cat has been laying on my stomach the last two weeks!!! Usually, he is MEAN!

I thank God and Jesus. I did a lot of praying and Jesus has showed me so many signs. Open your eyes, seek and you shall find him.

Shocked to See +

I was super in shock to see the line appear so quickly!
I saw it and I got light headed, shaky, and my heart almost stopped. (All in a GOOD way) been ttc for 9months just got my bfp today (8/10/12) my symptoms were AF like cramps that came 5 days ago and lasted til now but on and off threw the days. This was a big clue because I NEVER get pre menstrual cramps, only the day of and a day or two following the arrival. More tired and crabbier. And a loss of appetite also sensitive nipples that turned into sore breasts. My cm was lotiony for the most part. There was one night where it was very white and had the consistency of snot! My sister in law was the one to point out most of my symptoms and asked my hubby if I was pregnant! Weird! Well we are very happy. Trying not to get too excited because it’s still early. I prayed and asked for this and left it to God. I don't know how far along I am because of my 57 day cycle and we had sex pretty much every day last month so I can't say I’m guessing between 4 and 8 Weeks tho. Good luck to everyone else trying to conceive. Your time will come when it is right for you. Lots of baby dust.

BFP 12DPO After 13 Months TTC

We just went to the doctor about 2 months ago to have all our testing done. We were put into the "Unexplained Infertility" box. We decided to try naturally for 6 more months and then move onto IUI next year if we still weren't pregnant.

I never take pregnancy tests anymore.... too difficult. However, this morning was an exception because I was going to Denver for a training and didn't want to risk getting my period on the trip and being emotional in front of co workers. So I took one this morning so I could have a cry and get over with it. My husband watched the test and after 2 minutes he said "there is a 2nd line!"
We screamed and I called my sister and woke her up! She is so happy to have a baby cousin for her kids!

I don't believe in the "symptoms". I do like the "things we did differently part" though so here it is:

-Used OPK
-Climaxed after my husband (sorry TMI!!!)
-BD every day starting 6DPO
-BD X 2 on surge day
-took baby Aspirin after I ovulated
-Husband took men's multi beginning 6 months ago
-Relaxed and joked about buying a house in Hawaii instead of having a to pay for our child's college if it never happens..... didn't stress.

12 DPO: BFP! Confirmed with a blood test!!

So excited! Praying this one sticks! Thank you God!!!!

WOW!!! 7 Months and Finally BFP

Wow I can't actually believe I'm pregnant! Just had it confirmed by the doctor, still haven't had any positive hpt's lol! But then I'm only 13dpo. I have haunted this site this month as I was absolutely SURE that my symptoms were pregnancy! By yesterday I thought I was going mad lol! But it turns out I'm not mad after all!!
1st of all I'd like to say thank you to God. Thank you to my wonderful partner, and thank you to all the ladies who have posted here, it gave me hope and without that I would have given up!

Things I did different this month: SMEG (sperm meets egg plan... Lifting legs up and bicycling in the air) lots of fun!! Did my temps with FF, Green tea before ovulation, pregnacare conceive multivitamins, and for the 1st time I prayed!

Ov day: BD'd (I'm sure this was the day I conceived) sharp pain and I get radiating pains down my legs so I know I definitely ov'd, temp dropped and I knew my temp rise would come tomorrow.
1dpo: breast tenderness (very unusual for me, doesn't happen at all, not even when af is due). Huge temp rise so ovulation was confirmed.
2dpo: bbs still mildly tender
3dpo: again mild breast tenderness. Maaaaajor headache today, although could be from the whiplash I recently had. Hungry, irritable and hot flashes. I'm thinking my progesterone must be way above normal. Must get that hormone test done next month.... Also lots of creamy CM, milky texture, unusual for me, I hardly get CM.
4dpo: mild breast tenderness. Hungry, some uterine cramping that felt like af on her way, much too early!!
5dpo: mild breast tenderness, fatigue, Very irritable, bloated and gassy. Again with the almighty headache. Think that there may be a chance I'm preg so I don't take anything for it and put up with it.... ALL day!!
6dpo: the weirdest of all the days... Very fatigued, moody, a can't be bothered with nobody attitude. Massive temp drop, I'm paranoid that there is something wrong with my luteal phase but then console myself thinking it may be an early implantation. Then out of the blue, I get a MASSIVE glob of CM (sorry if too much info), had to check in the loo to see what the heck fell in there! Looked like egg white CM but was much thicker and kept its shape. Hmmmm, never happened before...
7dpo: temp rise again. Still got the tender breasts. Still hungry, still gassy, still fatigued... Awful constipation today, I'm usually the opposite! I put it down to the multivitamins I'm taking.
8dpo: BFN in the morning. Lost hope as I thought 6dpo may have been implantation. However, I crack on with life :) bbs still tender. Hungryyyyy. Had an uneasy sleep this night.
9dpo: another BFN. Hmmm maybe I'm mad but my bbs still hurt and is it just me or are they somewhat bigger??.... Constipation today is horrendous! Actually look pregnant! And I'm only a little thing!! Temps still up.

BFP : Ask and You Shall Receive

I cannot believe that it is my turn to post a testimony as I have been on this website for months reading many success stories. I always wanted to have children at a very young age but God's plans were otherwise. DH (34) and I (27) got married in the summer of 2011. I made sure I did not get pregnant in order to fit in my dress. Once the wedding was over, I was ready to start trying to make babies. Weird enough, my cycle was suddenly super unbalanced. I have a 34-35-36 day cycle but for some reason it went coocoo on me. No periods in September, a period in October, no periods until February and then no period for April, May and then again I got one in June. During this process, I went to see my doctor. She put me on Metformin. My mistake was to stop the Metformin whenever I would see a period. I had to stay on it as long as I was not pregnant yet. I did every test in the book to make sure everything was okay with me. At some point, I even thought I might be pregnant because I had a bunch of weird symptoms, people saying I’m glowing, a bunch of people dreaming that I was pregnant etc... Got two ultrasounds done just to make sure. But nothing. I bought a CBFM and this thing helped me a wholeeeeeeee bunch! Ladies get one, I bought it off second hand from someone. I discovered that I would ovulate between days 22 and day 26. Can you imagine?! All this time, I was way off. It was major pressure on the both of us (DH and I). Suggesting he go get checked would start arguments. On day 21 at night, I took an internet cheapie and both lines were dark. So the next morning I did the CBFM test and it was my peak. We did the deed with DH and I was convinced that he didn't release inside because he was still going even though he reassured me he did. I still didn't believe him lol. This week, I started testing with my internet cheapie HPTs. Monday a very light line appeared after a few minutes, Tuesday same thing. Wednesday night it was a bit darker so I went to Walmart and bought a CB Digital and FRER test. Started with the FRER, a faint line appeared and decided to try the CB Digital. Within minutes it showed: Pregnant 1-2. I am overjoyed!!! I cannot believe this!!! I have spent LOTS of money on these tests to always be negative. My anniversary had just passed a few weeks ago and decided to surprise my husband. I put the test in a jewelry gift box and tied it with a bow. When I came out of the washroom, he was already sleeping, I fixed the bed and laid a extra thick cover on my side of the bed (I always do that whenever I have my periods, just to not stain the bed, sorry TMI!). He woke up to go to the washroom and when he came back, he saw the cover and "knew" I had gotten my period. So I take out the gift bag and say this is a gift for you. He put it aside and wanted to go back to sleep. I said: Aren't you going to check what it is? So he opened the box, saw a test and didn’t understand until he read the: PREGNANT 1-2. He jumped on his back like a little boy, gave a huge hug and started crying. He was sooooooooooo happy. This cycle, it was different. I was less stressed, I prayed God that he take over of my situation, my household as he said that there shall be no sterility, I made sure to work out, told my mom that was my birthday wish, my husband's best friend came to our house for a week with his wife and child, before they left, he prayed in the house and said we left a child here. My best friend came over on the week of my ovulation, she said I am leaving the baby car seat here. God knew how he was planning things and I praise his name. Our time is not His time and when we understand that, we will be able to just give him trust.

My only symptoms was a bit of sore breast, very little. And I have been a bit more tired than usual, that is it. Surprising enough due to the "symptoms" I have had for months! Keep faith in God, do not get discouraged. I was there, I know how painful that can be when you see a period.

Baby Dust to All. Prayer works!!! xoxoxo