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BFP Stories

Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP by Prayer

Got your BFP courtesy of the almighty? Amen! Send us your symptoms through this contact form.

BFP After 8 months!!

I've always longed to post my symptoms on here, but I never thought it would happen. I'm 21 and my husband is 25. We started NTNP in November and in January we started hardcore TTC. I had been charting and knew my BBT was low (96.3-96.9 in follicular phase & 97.0-97.7 in luteal phase). Finally I decided to go to the obgyn/fertility doctor because I had quite a few hypothyroid symptoms. I had my blood test on June 27. On June 28 I found out I had a borderline underactive thyroid, TSH was 4.87 and apparently that can still make it super hard to conceive. Everyone including my doctor said it would be a few months at least, until my TSH got down to around 1-2. He was glad that I came in. My prolactin was also a bit elevated, which can cause infertility. June 29 I started synthroid. I was so relaxed this month because I knew we were figuring things out...and July 2 for fun (I had no reason to test) I took a test and there were 2 lines that I've been praying for so long. I broke down into tears and bawled my eyes out, praying to God that this was really it and my sticky baby.

I didn't chart this month, I took temperatures at random days and know I ovulated around cd22-cd23 which was June 22/June 23. The second test I took, 2 hours later, was an FRER and I held my pee for 2 hours while drinking 20 oz of water and still - 2 dark, dark lines popped up.

Things I did differently this month: I took soy isoflavones cd3-7. Apparently they have an 85% bfp rate. After I took them I knew I had a thyroid issue so I figured it wouldn't work for me. I also used Pre-Seed (3rd month using it but this time I used the 3ml it recommends). I also babydanced every other day and RELAXED, only because I knew things were being done to help. I had no expectations of a BFP this month, and every other month, I did. But I will 100% say this is a miracle, God gave me this child. I have not been very patient, but this month I was and God granted me this little baby.

The only symptom I had before my bfp was around 7dpo, when I was laying in bed that night and felt really light period-like cramps for about a minute or so. Then it felt a bit sore until I fell asleep, when I would roll over. Honestly, nothing else!!! Good luck to everyone. It *will* happen!!!


I am 25, my DH is 26. We have been married 3.5 years and conceived on our 2nd TTC cycle. I had my Mirena removed in April 2012 and waited until my first real period to "go for it" to give my body time to adjust. My lovely Mirena had been in place for 3 years and she was amazing because she kept AF from ever visiting.

I stalked this website the first month for my two week wait and compared each and every symptom. The next month of TTC, I kept myself busy and went back to enjoying my life. I prayed and asked God to bless my husband and I whenever we were ready. We also used Pre-Seed (which I love by the way-- just don't use too much). I read on a website that CM before the BFP or BFN is not a reliable pregnancy sign so I stopped concerning myself with that.

Here is my TWW:
1-5 dpo: nothing
6 dpo: irritability and nausea
7 dpo: cramps (implantation?)
8-11 dpo: nothing
12 dpo: period cramps and nausea (almost threw up my vitamins...very odd for me as I have only thrown up once in my life)
13 dpo: period cramps, nausea, bloating, fatigue, headache, pimples on face. On the road to an all-day meeting I took a sip of V8 juice that did not settle well in my stomach... I had to force it down... again very odd for me. I crashed on the couch when I got home and was slammed with a huge headache and fatigue. I rarely cramp during AF and my face only breaks out when I ovulate so I knew something was different as my face was really broken out. I usually feel completely energized before my period, attractive, clear skin, great mood... this time I knew something was different, but I didn't want to believe it.
14 dpo: cramps, day of missed period.. doubted I was pregnant, but definitely felt different. I also felt a little tired. Bought a pregnancy test.
15 dpo FMU BFP!!! My husband told me to test, but I was too scared to see a negative. I poas and made him check the results. Cramped all day..

I hope this helps give you patience. Give your troubles and concerns to Him because He will make it happen. Relax and enjoy the ride!!

I'm Finally Pregnant and I knew It!!!!!

Hello ladies.... like most of you I have stalked this website. I have been TTC since Jan with no luck. I started to feel like what is wrong with me? Well after research I decided to try evening primrose oil, opk and Pre-Seed and BAM BFP!!!! So here are my symptoms that I can remember.
-2 dpo positive OPK.....BD with preseed using applicator O day- cramps like crazy and relaxed (was on vacation with the family).....BD with Pre-Seed using applicator
1-6 dpo constipation and crampy feeling
7-9 dpo headaches and smell food like crazy and think its strange, crampy
10 dpo- starting to feel changes to bbs and first start to think hmmm maybe I'm pregnant but it may be all in my head as I have had many "symptoms" for several months. I also never have sore bbs so it was odd for me. Also very hungry my partner told me I was eating like a piggy lol
11 dpo- extreme nausea and tired not sleepy but extremely tired.
12 dpo- my mom told me I'm preggo and I should take a test! I was cranky and had increased heart rate. Also all the same symptoms crampy, headache, tired and hungry
13 dpo- take a clearblue digital with FMU and in 2 mins "pregnant" I absolutely couldn't believe it!!!
I really thought it was all in my head like all the other months but I honestly felt different. I had symptoms that I really couldn't "imagine" like prior months. People say you can't know before you miss AF but my AF is due in 4 days...listen to your body ladies! I attribute my BFP to Pre-Seed and prayer. I have no ewcm during ovulation but knew I did bc of positive OPK and cramps. I think Pre-Seed helped the spermies get to where they needed to go! Ladies listen if you wanna get a BFP pray first and use Pre-Seed second. I don't chart etc bc I felt that it's too much for me but first month with Pre-Seed and BFP so it was worth every penny! Plenty of baby dust to you all and your BFP is coming believe it!

A Miracle BFP

Hello ladies as you are reading my story I would like to tell you I've been reading the stories in this website for a year thinking: Would it ever be my turn? Would I ever become a mommy? Although I really wanted to convince me it would happen one day all the bfn that I saw month after month it was really discouraging me. Ok so every month I ovulate between cd 14 and 16. So this month was totally different. My husband was going to a trip on my "suppose" fertile days and I was sooo sad cause I was sure this month was already a failure! So the week that my husband was away I was having a lot of ewcm and a few days after I was dry. So on cycle day 25 my husband comes back we have the best sex in a longgg time. I was not thinking of a baby at all cause in my head ovulation day was way pass right?? Wrong!! After everything my husband ask me if I’m ovulating. I say of course not. He ask me to take an ovulation test cause he told me went he was on his trip (which was a trip from our church to preach the gospel) he prayed to God that my ovulation day would happen the day he comes back and guess what??? When I did the test I couldn’t believe my eyes. The test line on the ovulation test was so so soooo much darker than the control line that I just couldn’t stop jumping up and down and I told him this is our month!!!!! If I’m ovulating at day 25 of my cycle which never happens God will give me this baby this month too. I even took a puc of the ovulation test cause I just was having so much faith. Just to make it clear I was trying for more than a year to get pregnant and every month I was ovulation, I was charting and using opk's. But that was a special month when I saw that my husband's prayer had been answered about the ovulation day! So here I am ladies Pregnant!!! I got a positive at 10 dpo with a faint but very visible line but at 18 dpo the line was dark as the control!! We're so happy!! As for symptoms the only thing I’m feeling is cramps and sore boobs. That's it! God bless all of you ladies and my advise is: Never loose the faith. God has wonderful plans for you and your family!!

BFP! After 2 Months of Trying

My husband and I are both 28, we decided last month we wanted to start trying.
I was shocked this month to receive my BFP!
I was a little confused as to when I ovulated, my "P Tracker" app said it would be around the 19th this month, but I had sore breasts and mild side cramping on the 14th, so I made sure that we BD'ed around that time, in case I had ovulated. I really had no symptoms; I tried not to obsess this month like I did last month. I tried not to go too crazy over every little pang and twang. Really the only symptom I had was sore, larger breasts and my nipples poked out all the time, instead of just when I was cold. I also had hiccups every morning this week, which I didn’t attribute to anything until today. I was also bloated, but just figured it was AF coming. The only thing I did different this month was to make sure to BD at least 3 times a week (every week this month) and made sure to stay lying down for at least 30 mins after. I had been taking a prenatal vitamin, but added a DHA vitamin as well this month. I also stepped up exercising; I started taking a Zumba class and played soccer a few times.
I am still in shock! I can't believe it "worked"!
Oh, I also genuinely prayed a lot this month, I thanked the Lord for all He has blessed me with every night and prayed for a baby. Good luck to everyone else!

TTC Success Male Factor, IUI CLomid

I used this site every day for almost two years. It took my husband and I almost two years to conceive our first child. When we started I was 27, husband was 29. After many tests (all "normal" for me, low motility for hubby (think from 0 to 5 on a movement scale sperm was rated a 1), 6 rounds of Clomid, and three IUIs we finally have our baby on the way! I am now 19 weeks pregnant. I did not have any symptoms during the two-week wait. On the day my period was scheduled to arrive, I actually felt like I was going to get my period – same cramps and bloated feeling. I experienced all the same signs and signals leading up to aunt flow- and believe me I was looking for signs. I also charted for a year and a half and this chart was no different than my normal charts. No triphastic graph or anything. I got to know my body pretty well over the two years of trying. There were no signs. We were shocked and thrilled when we took the pregnancy test and it finally said positive. I told myself I need to post that, to give hope to all you ladies out there like me that do not have any signs during the two week wait. Don't count yourself out! :)

Also, for those who do chart… do yourself a favor and stop taking your temperature the second you get your positive on that stick!! My temps went up and down for a few weeks… with no rhyme or reason. All the information did was stress me out about impending miscarriage with every low dip. I stopped taking my temperature on the advice of another charting friend. :)

***I also want to mention that I prayed every day that God would give us a child. Two of my favorite prayers: Prayer to Saint Anne and Prayer to Saint Gerard. God blessed us with this pregnancy and I continue to pray for our baby's health every day. My husband and I are so grateful for this blessing. He is listening to all of us. ****


I promised myself I would post on this board if I ever got my BFP. I am 36 years old and had an early miscarriage in January. My husband and I were trying for our 3rd. I found out I was pregnant 18 DPO. I really didn't have any symptoms leading up to my BFP. Now I'm sick as a dog. The one thing I did differently this month is pray. I prayed the rosary every single day (prayed to Mary constantly). I would make frequent stops by church asking God to bless us with a child. I also prayed to St. Gerard (the patron saint of pregnant women). I haven't stopped praying and don't plan on it either. God is so good!

Finally My BFP!!! With the Power of PRAYER!! :)

Hello ladies!! So I finally got my BFP 2 days ago at 10dpo and I had to come on here and share my story and symptoms since this website has helped me sooo much during my many tww's!! I will post dpo symptoms but first wanted to tell my story third month and sorry if its a lil tmi.. ok so we withstood from bding until cycle day 10, we then did the every other day from then to cycle day 20, a couple times around 14 and 15 we did every 36 hr.. but we tried to make it fun :) We bd at night and I put a pillow under my hips like I did EVERY MONTH.. BUT.. here is what I think made it happen.. I didn’t get up at all after bding! I just rolled over and slept with the spermies inside me all night long.. I did this EVERY time we bd and BAM..BFP!! :)) I also want to say that this would not have ever happened without Jesus! I prayed every night and asked the lord to please bless me with another baby and I put it in his hands.. I asked him if it wasn’t meant to be I would accept that.. and I just kept the faith and he took care of me :)) I'm so thankful!! Ok here are my symptoms:

cd14- cramping BAD.. I knew Ovulation would be happing that night or next day
cd 15- Cramping bad but not as bad as 14..OVULATION
1dpo-Cramping like intense period cramps
2dpo- Cramping continues, a lil nausea
3dpo- same cramping, hungry, ok I knew something was up.. this cramping is weird, same cramping I had with my daughter
4dpo-8dpo- same cramping, nausea slightly and noticing I am peeing a lil more only at night! oh yeah and hungry! DH calls me out on eating a whole bag of funyons!! Also I am MOODY! Vivid dreams and INSOMNIA BAD!!
9dpo- same symptoms but went to the gyno for pap.. they gave me a hpt and it was neg, still cramping bad!!
10dpo- after I ate cereal for breakfast my stomach started feeling like the bottomless pit and I felt like I was going to throw up at the same time!! Intense AF CRAMPS!! I KNOW I'M PREGNANT!! Go out and get a First Response Early Result.. pee on it with afternoon deluted urine and BAM..BFP!!!!! I knew it!!!!!!! Call my doc and they explained their test are not very sensitive..
11-12dpo.. still cramping nausea, insomnia, and upper back is killing me!!! But I am sooo EXCITED and sooo THANKFUL for my BFP!! Praying for a healthy happy pregnancy :) I am also praying you ladies get yours soon!!!

BFP After 9 Months!

Wow, I cannot believe I get to finally post on here!

I have been trying to conceive since October 2011. Every month I was getting negatives made me more frustrate, scared, and sad. But I never gave up!

I really thought I was out this month, I did not have many symptoms and I was very loose with my TTC methods.

Some of the few symptoms I did have were:
6-8 DPO: Cold symptoms, thought I was sick but went away in just a few days.
5-12 DPO: EXTREMELY sore breasts. I normally get sore breasts before my period, but this was waaaay harsher, plus it has not gone away.

Got my BFP on 11 DPO! I really know how frustrating it can be when TTC and I know people say if you relax, it will happen. But that is soooo hard to do!

What I did differently this month was:
Used Soft Cups
Took Fertile CM
Took Vitamin B6, Prenatals, Pomegranate, Zinc, & drank Red Rasberry Leaf tea. Some of these I was doing for months, but I think the soft cups really worked this month because I only BD'ed twice in my fertile period.

Don't give up hope ladies! It will happen!

My Story in a Poem

My story is set to poetry.

I was so excited when on that perfect day, we decided to create you

I was nervous for me.

The day came that I thought all perfection had come, only to be disappointed

I was nervous for you.

I came to realize that miracles take time, so I resolved to be patient in my heart

But I yearned for you.

Years go by, constant disappointment fills my heart with sorrow so very much

And I weep for you.

So many try to comfort me to make me feel normal, although I feel not quite a woman

And I weep for me.

One day I wake up to find a miraculous astonishing surprise of a hope now long forgotten

So I rejoice for you.

Now the nervousness sets in again hoping so much that my dream does not end this day

So I pray for you.

The time comes, after countless life defining years, that my miracle will meet me today

So I yearn for you.

Those special cries and beautiful eyes, ten fingers and ten toes, and the most perfect nose

The amazing miracle is you.

The pain was long and harsh, but I find myself never bitter on these accounts

Because my reward is you.