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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP by Prayer

Got your BFP courtesy of the almighty? Amen! Send us your symptoms through this contact form.


I can't believe I'm finally writing instead of reading this site. I had barely any symptoms this month a little moodiness here and there but nothing a normal female doesn't experience. All I did was kept taking my prenatals drank raspberry leaf tea and boom here I am pregnant.

I didn't have any real symptoms this month we just let go and prayed. I woke up this morning with no period and I have a regular 26 to 28 day cycle today was day 28 I didn't even track ovulation so I tested 5 hours later on. $ store test and two bright pink lines popped up within 60 seconds. I took another 2 hours later and got the same results.

YAY me & hubby couldn't be more happy we've been TTC for a year & I'm upset I can't make a doctor's appointment until Tuesday because its memorial weekend uugghh. I can't wait and finally God has blessed me. Keep your head up ladies.

Baby Dust to all. 

TWW Symptoms

Wow!!! So excited to be posting on here. I really wanted to share my story because I used this site loads when I was (not so) patiently TTC. My dh and I tried for 5 months with no luck and then this month I got my first BFP!

In terms of symptoms I didn't note them by day the main things I noticed were very sore boobs and being massively tired. I thought it was because I had worked extra hard at work but now think otherwise! I tested the day before my AF was due as we had a weekend away where it would have been tricky and I got a faint line, testing again a few days later I got a really clear BFP!!! Super excited.

Things we did differently this month include using app to work out my fertile days, period tracker it's called. Also my DH started taking well man conception vitamins and I forwarded a low gi 7 day diet plan from my last period to now, cutting out chocolate, cakes, biscuits etc. I also prayed. I know how hard and frustrating it is when you want so badly to be pregnant and the disappoint AF can bring.

The stories on here really touched me and kept me going when I started to lose faith, hope mine does the story.

Wishing everyone huge amounts of baby dust xxxxxx 

Pregnant with #2!!

Hello ladies!! I have been a stalker of this site for many months lol...I can't believe I am actually posting a story here!! We stopped using protection last August just to let things happen and last month I gave in and bought an OPK and Preseed. Last month we didn't conceive, and I just got emotionally drained from trying to nitpick every symptom I had and then coming here to see if I could find a similarity. Finally this month we got a BFP!!! :)

I didn't take as good of notes this month, as I decided to relax and let God handle it. I prayed and prayed and focused on giving my worries about TTC to Him, and He has blessed us with another sweet baby!! Without God I would not be pregnant right now, I'm so thankful he chose me and my husband to be the parents of another special gift!!!

The things I did this month were using an OPK (answer), Mucinex (I've had cryotherapy done, Mucinex made a HUGE difference with my CM!!!), and PreSeed. I also kept my hips elevated for 15 mins after BD. Most importantly, I PRAYED and RELAXED!! If you look at the app I use on my iPhone last cycle, it is littered with notes lol. This month was much less stressful!!

I can also honestly say it really felt like AF was coming. I have felt the same symptoms as when AF has come before so I didn't think we were pregnant. Don't give up if you feel like AF is coming!! I also CRAVED hot sauce almost every day, it was weird lol.

Here are my symptoms:

CD 12: Neg OPK, watery CM (started taking Mucinex)
CD 13: Neg OPK, creamy/watery CM, BD at nite (mucinex really helped with CM) ovary pain
CD 14: Pos OPK, ovary pain, BD at nite, creamy watery CM
CD 15: SUPER dark OPK, know I'm ovulating today sometime, BD at nite

1 DPO: Pos OK (lighter but still positive I think), BD
2 DPO: Still pos opk but lighter
3 DPO: Neg OPK, no symptoms
4 DPO: nothing
5 DPO: Crampy, gassy
6 DPO: Crampy (AF like), SUPER tired (I don't drink caffeine, and I drank a dr. pepper and it didn't even phase me. Wanted a nap all day) Moody, queasy
7 DPO: Low back pain, crampy, slight twinges in breasts (Neg Answer pg test, don't even know why I did it, I knew it was too early and in mid-afternoon)
8 DPO: Crampy and tired, moody. Took a FR 6 days sooner test, neg, figured I was out as I have short cycles (usually anywhere from 24-26 days sometimes 27 days)
9 DPO: Moody, crampy...was VERY irritable. I decided I wasn't going to test until a day after my missed period if I missed.
10 DPO: Husband commented I was being "mean" this weekend, I was crampy and everything got on my nerves (He was driving like crap so I told him he was ;) ) Feeling dizzy and queasy off and on. Breasts getting more tender and feeling a little crazy at this point.
11 DPO: Boobs tender, got up and thought I'm going to test to get it over with so I can prepare for the next cycle. Used the first morning urine with a FR 6 days sooner and within 5 mins I saw the faint line coming up!!! I was SHOCKED...did not expect it as I had a BFN 3 days ago!!

I won't actually miss my period until Wednesday, but today as the day has wore on the pregnancy symptoms are getting stronger. Tender breasts, sensitive nipples, dizzy/light headed, crampy, NAUSEA, hot flashes...The main giveaway that something was off for me was me being abnormally moody and snipping at DH. Thank you to all the ladies who have posted their stories and gave me hope!! Baby dust and prayers for you all!! :) 

8 Months Of Trying, We Finally Got a BFP!

I was just starting to give up. Every month I would get so excited thinking, "This is the month, I have so many symptoms!" And then every month I seemed let down. I was starting to give up hope it was going to happen and I was becoming overly frustrated and to be honest overly obsessed with the TTC thing. We were doing everything right, but still no baby. My husband kept telling me the AVERAGE women gets pregnant in a year, so it could take longer or it could take sooner. But by being patient and praying lot, God granted our dream come true and on TODAY, 5/20/12 we found out we were expecting our #1 baby!

This was the first month that I actually tracked my symptoms. Don't ask me why, but this was the month I was going to become more comfortable with my body and understanding the functions and writing a lot of it down.

First of all, I started tracking my cervix every day starting before my last period (4/20). I checked it every morning around 9 am when I went to the bathroom. I found it easier to find it when I was on the toilet. This process was fascinating! I felt what the Internet was trying to explain to me. So when I started feeling it, the cervix was obvious cause it was hard, like the tip of your noise. I asked my husband, how do I know if this is really hard though or soft.... well I soon found out when it became soft. I could barely differentiate it from my vagina walls. When it is soft I got really excited cause that meant ovulation was coming. The word SHOW really means in TTC terms the cervix is Soft, high, open, and wet. I still didn't know what open meant though, that was until ovulation came. Then all of a sudden the Cervix literally opened, the dent I was feeling that whole time was now open. I was floored that my body could do this. So now I knew I was ovulating. My husband and I did it from Day 12-Day 15. My tracker was saying I was going to ovulate on Day 16, but unfortunately my husband was out of town that day so we had to do what we could :) On Day 17 my boobs starting hurting and my cervix closed up, so I knew I was done ovulating.

From this day forward I tracked my symptoms and waited the dreaded TWW.

DPO 1-7 Nothing too abnormal, boobs hurt
DPO 8- Bad headache, boobs still hurt
DPO 10- very sharp pain, made me bend over in upper stomach area. Thought it was gas
DPO 11- Lower back hurt
DPO 12- Lower back hurt, Bloating, Cramps, Fatigue, nausea
DPO 13- Back starting to hurt more
DPO 14- Cramps. Thought period was coming, but cramps didn't really feel like normal.
DPO 15- Cervix is high and very dry. It felt like huge lips. I was getting excited cause that's what the Internet explained when you're pregnant. No symptoms of spotting or period coming. VERY clumpsy
DPO 16- Woke up all night from pregnancy dreams. Took at test first thing when I woke up and I was PREGNANT!

You're probably asking, why did I wait so long to test, well my period is spot on every month at 31 days. I was suppose to start on 5/20 so I wanted to wait at least till then to test. I've wasted too much money testing beforehand and coming up negative :)

I really hope this helps you when TTC. Please remember to be patient. I know so much easier said then done. I wish you allllll the baby dust in the world! 

First BFP, 30 yo, 4 months TTC

Had to share my story because I loved to read other people's stories. This month, I was pretty sure I didn't have a chance. My husband left on the 30th of April for a trip and I didn't ovulate until the 2nd of May at the earliest. I missed some of my temps right around ovulation so I can't be sure which of 3 days I O'd. And to boot, DH and I only BD once or twice, at most prior to his departure.

This month, I prayed a lot that if it was God's will, it would happen, regardless of the nearly impossible number of days that the spermies would have to live in me waiting for me to O. Also I tried Preseed the one confirmed time we BD and I took EPO like a fiend for 5 days before O.

I was not sitting in the TWW this month, because I knew the odds were against me. I was out living life (maybe a little too hard--Cinco de Mayo) and I was exercised pretty well a couple of the days.

After one day in which I ran about 3 miles or so, I was sitting on the couch and my hips were aching, sort of just discomfort in sitting. As I had never heard this to be a pregnancy symptom, I assumed I was sore from running (even though it was a weird spot). It happened the next day as well. Still didn't think anything of it.

Also there were two days during the TWW time frame that I slept like a crazy. I'm a stay-at-home wife right now and I feel like I slept away 2 entire days which is not like me. I completely blamed it on PMS and thought nothing of it.

Lastly, I consumed a ton of water. I always do so at the time I thought little of it, but in retrospect, I can recall getting up constantly to fill my water cup during the TWW timeframe.

I took a test on Mother's Day after 2 hours of sleep and only because I was leaving for a trip and I just wanted to confirm that BFN. I peed, saw nothing, and hopped in the shower for a quick shower. When I opened the curtain, that second line on the stick caught my attention! "WHAT THE HECK IS THAT?!" It was 11DPO if I approximate my using the earliest potential O date.

That day is the day that bbs soreness started setting in, I had had a very subtle ache in them, but it was a slow onset to soreness. Also after testing, I had a couple of days in which I had an intense sudden urge to urinate. That has calmed down, but it was surprising. I really didn't expect that to happen until the baby was large and physically pushing on my bladder.

Good luck to all on your BFPs! I'm praying for you! 

BFP After MC

I am super excited to finally be writing this, I came across this site for the first time in December during my long wait for AF to arrive, ever since I have been a fan of this site and check it out frequently because it would help me keep my sanity. I thought I would write my story to help keep other ladies like me sane!

Well a little about myself. I came off of bc in May 2011, since we had come off we were not really trying just not preventing. My cycles were still irregular so we were giving my body time to get used to being off of bc. I started a cycle on August 31, 2011 and on October 5 or 6 I tested and got a BFP right away. I wasn't really tracking anything so I don't remember a whole lot of symptoms and all that good stuff. I just remember having headaches and feeling tired. Unfortunately, on November 11 when I went in to the doctor for a ten week check up they couldn't find a heartbeat. They did an ultrasound and discovered that the baby had stopped growing at about seven weeks. I had not had ANY miscarriage symptoms, yet my baby hadn't had a heartbeat for three weeks and was still in my uterus. The doctor gave me three options wait for my body to eventually miscarry on its own (who knew how long this would take considering three weeks had passed and I had no symptoms), or he could give me some medicine that would induce the miscarriage, or he could do a D&C. He recommended doing the D&C. After my DH and I discussed this in our home we decided to do the D&C. The procedure was done on November 16, everything went great and the waiting game began. The doctor advised me that my period would come in four to six weeks and we could TTC after my first cycle. Well that was NOT the case for me. It took thirteen weeks for my period to come after my D&C. This seemed like an ETERNITY!!! AF showed up on Valentines Day for the first time! So let the BDing begin!!

I've had three cycles since, and I guess the third one is the Charm! I got my BFP this morning.

This is how this cycle played out:

April 17 AF arrived.
I started using opks this month for the first time on CD10. I Oed on May 4, we BDed two days before O day, O day, and the day after O day.
1-2DPO- nothing really
3DPO-really hungry all day
6DPO-few light headaches throughout the day, and I got a "feeling" that I could be preggo (didn't really want to listen to it because I didn't want disappointment)
7DPO-few light headaches throughout the day, fatigue, irritable, couldn't sleep, weird vivid dream, DH is getting acne on his face (he NEVER has acne on his face)
8DPO-few light headaches, fatigue, couldn't sleep, light nausea, I think I dreamed I got a bfp during my nap
9DPO-hungry, light nausea, fatigue, lethargic, bb's starting to hurt and look bigger
10DPO-dizzy spells, bb's hurt/sore and are bigger, fatigue, bfn in afternoon with dollar store test, and just have a really strong feeling that I am preggo
11DPO-bb's still hurting, fatigue/sleepy, took a dollar test with fmu and I THINK I see a SUPER faint line (but I could be seeing things), took another test in the afternoon and I think the line is darker
12DPO-Tested FMU with FRER and there is definitely a line there BFP!!!! I couldn't believe it! I am super EXCITED! I am pregnant with my rainbow baby! Today I have been really tired just want to sleep, had a kind of scary dizzy spell right after lunch,very light headache, and super crampy (like AF cramps)

Also from 6DPO to today I have had a lot of creamy/white CM, and occasional backache.

Things we did different:

we PRAYED A LOT! I prayed every night and asked God to give me a miracle! I feel so blessed! I really hope that this little bean/miracle sticks and I have my precious baby in my arms in January.

Sending loads of baby dust to each and every single lady out there on that rough TTC journey. I hope that God sends you all your little miracle soon. Don't give up ladies, have faith it will come to you! 

BFP First Month!

This morning I got my First ever BFP on day 28 of my cycle! DH is 38 and I'm 32 and we have been married for a year. We are catholic and always wanted to let things happen naturally when God wanted, but due to work commitments over the past year we have never once been together during my fertile time. Things have changed over the last few months and this month we were finally together at the appropriate time. My cycles are not very regular- ranging from 25 to 40 days so I observe CM to determine my fertile period. I always thought I would have great trouble conceiving because of this (and also DH smokes).

So, I noticed EWCM from about days 10- 18 and we BD on days 11 and 15. That was all. Should also mention that we have both been on conception vitamins for a while (boots own brand and wellman conception).

I decided to carry on as normal during the ttw since I truly did not expect anything. I attended 3 weddings, drank champagne, danced and had late nights. And I continued with my gym workouts, although did get a stitch during one of my runs.

On day 19 I noticed a very slight amount of brown CM. I have had brown spotting at ovulation before but I suppose it could have been implantation. Also from day 19 my BBs got quite sore- normally this only happens 5 days before AF. (just thought AF would be early this month). This continued and they still hurt a lot!

I noticed a bit if creamy CM between days 20-28 and also started feeling a bit more tired than usual, but put this down to the stress and late nights from the weddings.

Big clue was that I noticed some blue veins on my left breast on day 26. I didn't want to get my hopes up at this point but that is certainly not usual for me!

Also started being sensitive to smells- I walked in to a room filled with people and immediately was hit by an overwhelming smell of leather. It was my DH's shoes but no one else in the room could smell it at all! I developed a bit more hunger - mentioned to my sister that I was craving a bacon roll (night after wedding/late night/alcohol so that's not an unusual craving!) She immediately asked if I was pregnant as she craved carbs through her pregnancies!

Decided to take a clear blue digital test this morning (mostly to put my husband out of his misery) During the wait I was completely expecting it to say 'not pregnant' and was shocked when it came up with 'pregnant 1-2 weeks)!!!

We are very lucky and are hoping that everything will be fine- I am off to the shops now to stock up on healthy food and more PTs!

I should also mention that we both did pray a lot. Just before my fertile time I prayed a 9 day novena to St Gerard. And after ovulation I prayed a 9 day novena to St Anne. I believe that helped us conceive and I will definitely be popping in to church later to say thank you! 

BFP with No. 2

Firstly I would like to give God all the praise and thanks He deserves because nothing is even slightly possible without Him. After miscarrying in November, I thought it might not happen again. And my DD who is 3 has been calling other people her "brother" or "sister" and I really wanted to give her one too.

My LMP was on 04/15 and we BD on 03/27. That was it! Ok so I did some bycicle peddals in the air afterwards for about 5 mins and then that was really it! DH was tired and didnt want to stress about it anymore so I knew we were out. i still havent told him yet because we've been arguing a bit and both quite emotional right now. But I give thanks to God who works all things out for good for them that love Him.

Symptoms: Nothing. I was not expecting anything so I didnt pay attention till a few days before AF was to show i.e 05/12. A few light cramps, vivid dreams that my DH was cheating (I actually came face to face with her in the dream!), and then no AF but i am a few days late sometimes so thought nothing of it.

Didnt do anything different except cut back on sweet things, a bit of green tea, but most of all lots and lots of PRAYER! Oh, and OPK's as well. Realised I was ovulating earlier than i thought.

Thank you all for your stories which sustain many of us and give us hope, and babydust to everyone! Please dont lose hope!

PRAY, have FAITH and WAIT on the Lord!

Mother's Day BFP with #2! Prayer Works! So Do Insead Cups lol. Thank GOD Above!

Hi, I cannot express what this site has meant to me during my trials and tribulations. I'm so excited to share my story as I hope it resonates with some of you out there looking for hope.

DH and I conceived DD in November 2009 without trying (using VCF only). We were shocked and of course excited but in total disbelief since we had used that method for 4 years without fail. We didn't really have baby plans since we're the type of people to just let what happens happen. And it was truly the perfect pregnancy.

Well, fast forward to July 2011. I was hospitalized with a 5cm mass on my thyroid that required removal of 1/2 my thyroid and then a long wait-and-see for medication. In that time my cycles jumped from 21 to 28 days with spotting in between. My Endo kept checking my levels until they finally dropped to an "extreme" hypothyroid state (November 2011) and then gave me Synthroid. Around Christmas I began talks with DH about trying for #2 but he was very scared considering all my health issues and suggested we just do the same ol' NTNRP method. This was very difficult because I knew this wasn't going to work this time around. So I went to see my GYN and she suggested I use OPK's and BBT to make sure the female hormones were still in check while I waited on the thyroid meds to kick in. I just used OPK's because I have a 2-1/2 year old ... no way could I possibly do that every morning. I noticed shortly after that my LP was anywhere between 9 to 11 days. So, I scheduled another GYN appointment and she told me not to worry because you can actually ovulate before you get a +OPK (depending on the time of day you test). Whew!

I did however start taking EPO and trying to time our NTNRP to those special days. But cycle after cycle kept going by without anything.

In February my Endo said my levels were at a 2 but upped the medicine so that I would be closer to 1. And with that, my cycles changed all over again (from 24-26-24 again).

Finally this cycle I decided to do something I thought would be a real gamble: prayer. I prayed every day for my body and my husband's body. I prayed for everyone else too (everyone deserves to be prayed for). I made sure to pray multiple times a day for a miracle, often opening my bible for support and reassurance. I know that babies are not science but miracles: no matter the outcome. I have to say it's my belief that this is what worked this time.

Here's the breakdown:

CD11: BD use instead cup
CD14: +OPK, BD, ewcm (the only day I really notice it), use instead cup
CD15: +OPK, BD, use instead cup (believe this is really the O day)
CD16: +OPK, BD, no cup
CD17: BD early morning, use instead cup, later got a -OPK
1DPO-3DPO: usual pressure and cramps, nothing new
4DPO: headache (usually get them day of AF)
5DPO-6DPO: mild pressure on and off, usual PMS
7DPO: starving!!! I had to have a hamburger (was like this with DD)
8DPO: starving again!!! ate another hamburger, peeing a lot and exhausted
9DPO: typical 9DPO spotting (ulgh!! definitely thought AF was coming), -HPT with FMU on FRER (stored it for later review lol); have lots of pressure near cervix *got home from work and there was a faint-faint-faint pink second line but discount it because it was like 8 hours after the fact
10DPO: spotting again (really thinking AF is coming) ... there was a big glob of chocolate-brown CM; starving, ate another hamburger, get -HPT on dollar tree brand but starting to wonder
11DPO (CD26): get -HPT on dollar tree brand; "forget about it I'm out" (thinking AF is coming because I got milk-chocolate brown CM glob when I wiped) but AF is sort of late; go out to eat for Mother's Day with DB and DM and DB asks if I'm pregnant because I'm using the lav a lot; race home to take another FRER and guess what??? BFP YA'LL. On Mother's Day. SOOOOO EXCITED!!!!!!

Like I said, the only thing truly different this round was obsessively praying and using instead cups after BD. I also drank two 1,000 mg packets of EmergenC a day, a 50mg of b6, and I tried to O after every BD.

You have to believe that everyone's road is different. Don't compare yourself with other's (I did and I never came out winning). It's near impossible I now but take time to bring peace to your life and it will happen to you the moment you realize that you can't do it on your own. It really isn't science!

I have a long road with my hypothyroidism and I'm hoping that this pregnancy is as smooth as the first. If not, I just pray for a healthy baby at the end of it. God bless all you wonderful ladies out there! 

BFP 15dpo, 4 Months TTC. Thank You God!

I would like to share my story with all of you lovely ladies as this site has made the TWW's bearable. I got my beautiful BFP at 15dpo and I have God to thank, because He made this possible.

I'm 29 and my wonderful DH is 31, we've been married for 5 years. We've been trying to conceive for 4 months, which is not really a long wait I know, but it felt like forever! So my heart and prayers go out to those of you who have been trying for so much longer and still waiting for a BFP!

I was diagnosed with PCOS 6 years ago and was told that I did not ovulate; I was put on Yasmine and Glucophage. The PCOS cleared up, but every time I went off BC the cysts came back. So I had to go back on BC, delaying TTC every time. I went off the Pill last year and we decided to TTC this January, but then 3 cycles of BFN's made me think that maybe the PCOS is back or that we'll have to go for fertility treatments if it doesn't happen this year.

But this cycle I've decided to put my trust in God completely, my DH and I prayed, asking/begging God for a baby, as in His Word He says: Ask and you will receive. But that goes hand in hand with trusting Him. Every time this month when I had a negative thought that it's not going to be my month again, I would change my mindset and just thank God that He is going to answer our prayers and HE DID!

Despite the PCOS, I always had a very regular cycle of 28-30 days. This month we BD every other day from CD 10-20. I had EWM and ovulation pain on CD 17, but this time the ovulation pain was very painful, so that was weird, I thought that maybe it was a cyst and not ovulation but I tried not to think about PCOS and cysts and concentrate on positive thoughts and trusting God.

What we did different this month:

- We BD past the suspected ovulation day, as before we would stop the day before ovulation due to work schedules
- I continued taking my Calcium and Magnesium supplement, my Folic Acid Forte supplement with B-complex and I also started taking Vitamin C as it helps with the absorption of Iron from your food and Iron helps with fertility (check out this link:
- Both my DH and I started drinking green tea, although we both hate the taste! - I also replaced coffee with Rooibos tea (many health benefits and tastes great. Check out these links: 

My TWW symptoms:

- Cramping: started at 6dpo, got worse at 8dpo, stopped at 12dpo
- Breakouts: I had no breakouts this month which was a definite sign as I usually break out just before AF
- CM: Increase in CM (creamy) 7&8dpo
- Sensitive and swollen BB's: Started at 7dpo and continued getting more sore and swollen
- Sore nips: Started at 13dpo
- Spotting: I had a few specks of blood on TP when I wiped at 8dpo (implantation?)

This month I decided not to test until I miss my period by at least 1 day, as I used to be a POAS addict and the BFN's just got me down. So I tested 2 days ago and BFP!!! We are so excited and so thankful for our little miracle! Today I'm 17dpo and I get terrible nausea and headaches, especially in the evenings. BB's and nips continue being sore and I have insomnia, which I never get! But all the symptoms are worth it! Sorry for the loooong story, but I just wanted to share it with all of you as so many of you helped me during my TWW. Those of you who are still waiting for your BFP's, just have faith and believe that it will happen, because it will.

Lots and lots of baby dust!!! xxx