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BFP Stories

Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP by Prayer

Got your BFP courtesy of the almighty? Amen! Send us your symptoms through this contact form.

TTC #1 {15 months, HSG + First Month Clomid after miscarriage}

We give God all the glory for the miracle of life and are so thankful for the little blessing growing inside me! These boards kept me occupied and hopeful for the past 8 months since I found and I just wanted to add to the encouragement here.

I am 26 and DH is 29. We began TTC #1 in May 2010 and hoped it would happen quickly for us. I have always wanted to be a mom, and was anxious to get this show on the road! Month after month went by and we were not pregnant. I was ovulating regularly (charting using the book "Taking Charge of Your Fertility" which I highly recommend!) but late: CD 20-26 with nearly 40 day cycles. I visited my OBGYN after 7 months TTC and she sort of blew me off with the statistic that "9 out of 10 couples get pregnant in a year" and told me to come back if a year had passed. Well, almost a year had passed and I decided it was time to make an appointment with a fertility specialist and scheduled it for the end of March. DH and I woke up in the morning for our appointment and I realized it was the day of my missed period...took a test...and BFP!! We couldn't believe it....we were beside ourselves with JOY :) However, only 4 days later, I miscarried (my HSG dropped from 45 to 13 in two days - a chemical pregnancy) and we were devastated. God remained faithful, even though we began to doubt His love for us...wondering why he wouldn't answer our prayer. We healed from the pain of losing our first baby by pressing into the Lord and reading His reminded us of the promises He has for all who trust him...a plan for a hope and a future! (Jeremiah 29:11) In particular, Psalm 66 came to mean so much to us...if you get a chance to read it, please do! In any case, we ended up feeling a peace about visiting the specialist we had originally made an  appointment with and met with him in June. In July, I had an HSG (not as bad as everyone said...don't worry!) and then began  50 mg clomid CD 4-8 this month (August 2011). We BD'd every other day + ovulation day ...and then the ever-anticipated 2WW began... {if you have actually read to here, I applaud you! ;-) }

Here are my symptoms (I didn't temp every day, FYI):

{CD 16} 97.45, +opk, BD

{CD 18} 97.45, Ovulated, BD

{1DPO} 97.86

{2DPO} Uneventful

{3DPO} Pulling and Cramping near uterus

{4DPO} Minor cramping, yellow/goopy cm first wipe in AM

{5DPO} Diarrhea and sour stomach off and on; this was my "hmmm" moment because I had diarrhea with my first pregnancy, although it only happened the day BEFORE my missed period, at 13dpo. (hopefully that means my HCG levels are higher this time!)

{6DPO} Sour stomach, smelly/strong urine, soft stool, fatigue: spend 7 hours on the couch watching randomness...SO unlike me!! I was thinking I either was pregnant...or had mono! Had to pee a lot....but almost felt too tired to get off the couch to go! pathetic. Minor pains near uterus and bbs began to get tender.

{7DPO} 97.8, Progesterone blood test comes back at 24.3...great news! Sour stomach again (pre-diarrhea feeling, sorry tmi), bbs ache, very tired and went to by by 10pm. Pulling/aching/cramping in uterus...more localized than menstrual cramps, notice cm is non-existent...weird for me, it's usually  creamy/lotiony by now...

{8DPO} 97.8, strong smelling pee again, crampy/heaviness on and off, nipples are sore, bbs heavy and sore to touch all over...not just by armpits like usual PMS stuff, lower back ache, irritable and impatient, achey hips and pelvis.

{9DPO} 98.2!! That's high for me...last time it was this high...I was pregnant. Woke up with sour/gassy stomach, achey bbs and sore nips, diarrhea, still dry cm but FEEL wet...bizarre. One wipe of yellow tinted cm in afternoon, craving salty and carbs, crampy in pm, hubby thinks I sound stuffy on the phone.

{10dpo} 98.34!! woot!! Cramping and tightening of uterus, very mild nausea in pm, feel great and SUPER HAPPY today. Lower back pressure and achiness, hot flashes and warm face. Smelly urine at 11 pm. Found out my best friend is pregnant! (due within 4 days of each other...too good to be true!)

{11 DPO} 98.17, Sore bbs and nips (ouch!), When I get hungry...I get nauseous and cranky, So tired during breakfast with family I could hardly converse...came home and was all I could do to get in bed; slept for hour and a half!! (I am NOT a napper.) Strong cramps in afternoon, more diarrhea around 5pm. Scant yellow cm again, feel bloated and when I bend over while sitting, it feels uncomfortable.

BFP 9-10DPO *First Month TTC*

Hi everyone! It's midnight my time and I can't sleep!!

I have been stalking this website for the past week!!

My hubby and I started trying this month. I went on a wine tasting trip with my girls (while on my AF) and when I got back we BD'd everyday on CD 9,10,11,12,13 (skipped 14) 15,16,17,18,19,20,21,22,23,24, and 27

(My cycles have been 27-34 days so I wanted to be sure)

I ovulated either CD 21 or 22 (I knew because of the EWCM both days & sore BB's on CD 22)

1 DPO - bloated & sore throat
2 DPO - bloated & cold-like symptoms: stuffy nose & sore inside nose, phlegm, sore throat, coughing on and off
3 DPO - cold-like symptoms: stuffy nose & sore inside nose,   phlegm, sore throat, coughing on and off
4 DPO - cold-like symptoms: stuffy nose & sore inside nose,   phlegm, sore throat, coughing on and off (also felt like I had fever, achey)
5-6DPO - cold-like symptoms: stuffy nose & sore inside nose,   phlegm, sore throat, coughing on and off - very irritable
7 DPO - felt like I was going to get AF, crampy, little dizzy [TESTED BFN]
8 DPO - kept busy, didn't feel much - still have cold like symptoms, headache, light cramps
9 DPO - Thought I was starting my AF, checked every time i went to the bathroom! crampy (not bad though) ...decided to go to Target to buy First Response 6-Days-Early
10 DPO - Took the test @ midnight! FRER - nice line, not too faint. BFP am shocked!! I am still going to take more tests in the morning! My husband is so excited, but he went right to sleep! Ummm I can't sleep I guess b/c it's my body. lol.

Oh and LOTS OF PRAYER!!!!! Not begging to get pregnant, but praying for God's will. He knows when the time is right!

GL to all of you!!!

BfaintP 22 DPO!

For all of you ladies “wondering” whether or not you’re pregnant, have hope!  Even just the feeling that you are pregnant is worth it. I just “felt” weird, and that was hopeful. I’m 25 with an 18 month old daughter.

Unfortunately I had the dreaded "three week wait" because i got the positive 5 days after my missed period, and boy was it ever hard! I took 8 tests (a little obsessive, i know) that were all negative before actually finally getting a faint BFP yesterday, and again this morning. BFP 22 DPO!

My symptoms started right away with cramping. I knew right around when i ovulated because i am one of the blessed few to have that "mittelschmerz" ovary pain. We made love every other day, including the day i thought i may be ovulating. I felt weird lower abdominal pressure, and was crampy for about a week. Then into the second week, I started feeling a bit tired, had (and still do) achy leg- specifically my right leg, constipation, gas, bloating, a little nausea, and watery cervical mucus- nothing extreme. The bits of nausea made me keep thinking to myself, “this is not normal....” There were a few days where I felt like I might have started my period (7 and 8 DPO). Some of the cramps I had were more like focused  sharp/twingy pains on either side. I had a few twinges in the sides of my boobies here and there, but never got “sore” and only a little sensitive- which actually made me think that maybe I wasn’t pregnant because with my first pregnancy  I was ultra sore in my boobies. I did however think that maybe my boobies had gotten a little fuller 12DPO, and I needed to pee more often. Around 11 DPO is when I started to feel more tired, and even had a few cravings- cheese quesadilla (LOL!) and spicy food (just like first pregnancy). Come the third week of waiting I was a bit more nauseous than usual which brought back my hope of pregnancy because why on earth would I be feeling sick before my period? My sense of smell has only just increased, but wasn’t anything to note at first. I started having really VIVID dreams about 14 DPO and they are still crazy now, though no “baby dreams” yet.

My LMP was june 21st (me and my hubby’s 3 year anniv.) which lasted 5 days (normal). It was a 28 day cycle, with the prior month being 27, and the month before that being 33. I'm lightly irregular. The 21st, the day AF arrived, is the day in which we decided not to prevent having another child (so exciting!!). I didn’t think that this first cycle would actually result in a pregnancy just because I have friends who’ve been hoping for a baby for some time now with no blessing yet. We know that children are a gift from  God as it says in Psalm 127, and that blessed is the man who has his quiver full of them.... So we are thrilled!!!! If all goes well, and we are healthy, our little girl is going to be a big sister, whoa!

It can totally happen. Be sensitive to your body, pray often, and if God is pleased to bless you, then He surely will. Remain hopeful even when your body isn’t showing you signs that might be pregnant, like everyone else’s because everybody is so different, and continue to hope.

here's to you!!

Finally BFP!!!!

This site has helped me through so many TWW obsessions and finally I can report in. This month I didn't exactly keep track of what symptoms were on which day but just an overall track of my sympotms. It started with a TERRIBLE break out probably the worst I've ever had. Then I had some cold like symptoms, was SUPER tired, emotional (teared up at several TLC shows and comercials and one day was not very nice to DH), cramps, and then came the headache and nausea that I still get every afternoon. Tested at 9 DPO with IC and thought it was BFN then went back and looked  later and there was a very very faint line, Tested again with IC at 10 DPO and the line was slightly darker, then today 11 DPO tested with FRER and got a Yes + after a few minutes....I think since it is still early that is why it didn't turn right away.

What we did different this cycle. Well really we just had fun. We had talked about how things were becoming to routine so we just had fun with it this cycle.

Baby Dust to all you ladies looking for your BFP! Keep your spirit up, never lose hope, and don't underestimate the power of prayer. We have been TTC for 1 year. If we didn't conceive this month we were going to see an RE and a fertility specialist.

Hope its sticky!!!

BFP first try with OPK, Pre Seed, & Prayer!

I'm a 24 year old military wife pregnant for the first time!

I feel like I wasted money on the OPK. My hubby and I pretty much BD everyday anyway since he just got back from deployment (exactly one month before I got my BFP!). It was helpful to know when I ovulated though. I was able to obsess over this site for the past two weeks. :) Thought I'd share my symptoms:

1 DPO - nothing
2 DPO - Very moody. I didn't think there were enough hormones to cause any symptoms by this day but boy did I feel like I had PMS mood swings.
3 DPO - nothing
4 DPO - nothing
5 DPO - white discharge?
6 DPO - white discharge?
7 DPO - white discharge?
8 DPO - white discharge?
9 DPO - cramping, but different from PMS cramps- it felt a little sharper and more concentrated in one area.
10 DPO - tired, bloated & super gassy. vivid dreams.
11 DPO - Exhausted (I don't know if this is form quitting caffeine a few days ago), bloated & super gassy. I've never had stinkier farts in my life (TMI, i know...) vivid dreams again.
12 DPO - I ate 5 spicy buffalo wings and my stomach immediately felt terrible- not nauseous at all, just full. It felt like i had just consumed an entire thanksgiving buffet. I was also very tired & slightly emotional. I wiped down the kitchen counter with some of those clorox antibacterial wipes and the smell made me feel sick. I've never even noticed they had a smell. more vivid dreams.
13 DPO - Very tired & emotional & bloated & gassy. boobies slightly sore. I felt uncomfortable PMS-like cramps all day. I was positive my period was going to start the next day (when it was due). I wasn't too stressed because I really didn't think it would happen on my first try. Other than that, nothing.
14 DPO - I had three different dreams the night before that I took a pregnancy test and it was positive. I took one as soon as I woke up and there it was, an immediate, glaring BFP! :) Today my tummy has been feeling different all day- not nauseous or PMS-crampy, but slightly uncomfortable. It feels like there is some stretching going on or something. I'm also extremely exhausted again. I wish I could get my energy back. Super excited, though!

I feel extremely blessed to only have to have gone through this TWW once. Yes, it is still early and a lot can happen, but I know prayer got me here & prayer will get me through this pregnancy! Good luck, everyone! I'll keep you in my prayers too!


I prayed to God that this is my month. Here are a few signs/symptoms that I have been experiencing since 3 dpo. Fatique, a little bb soreness, back pains, headache, cramping/twinges in my uterus and extremely thick and white cm (both new symptoms for me suring this time.) What do you guys think?

BFP with Prayer

I'm a regular troll of this site and its gotten me thru @ least 12 TWWs. Me and my husband have been TTC for 18mnths. I was diagnosed with clinical PCOS 5mnths ago because even though I had normal hormone levels with evidence of ovulation I had clinical signs such as mild hirsutism and striae. I was placed on Metformin and Inofolin,and was asked to stay off sugar and sugar containing foods. After 4mnths with no results,I started to despair and turned to God in passionate prayer one fateful saturday morning and I remember feeling so much peace in my spirit. The next week,I started to feel intense nipple pain and abdominal cramping. I went straight for a serum HCG,I didn't want any uncertainties,and I got My Big Fat Positive...! I'm 5weeks now and I've never been happier! Also want to add that I am feeling little or no symptoms and felt even more symptoms when I was TTC...
Thank God

BFP with 4th cycle of Clomid

BFP with 4th cycle of Clomid, Very few Symptoms

This was my fourth cycle of Clomid and I had given up this month. I had gone to an RE who was going to start me on Femara as soon as af showed. Also, I've been having short luteal phases (7-9 days) and I didn't O this month until cd18 (af was due on cd25) so I figured conceiving was impossible.

cd13 & 15: BD (This was it... I was working long hours and was just going to wait out this cycle so I could start on the new medicine)

cd18: O day
cd25 (7dpo): af is due, tons of cramps but no af
8dpo: Cramping, sometimes "stabbing" pains, other times dull and achy
9dpo: POAS, BFN of course. I'm mad at the clomid because I figure it thinned my uterine lining out so much that I can't even get a period now.
10dpo: Same cramps, lots of creamy cm. POAS in the am (but after working 3rd shift), BFN. Later, I wake up around noon and POAS-- Very Faint Line!!!!! Later that night, I pee on a digital and it reads "Pregnant"!!!!
11-15dpo: Bloated! I'm already unbottoning my pants (I have been blessed with a TINY waist, but it's so swollen I can barely button my pants!). Still cramping off and on, TONS of cm. That's it. My bb's don't hurt and I'm not the least bit nauseous.

My 13dpo Hcg test came back at 297!!!! We have always used Preseed and Prayer!

BFP after the birth control pill

BFP on 9 DPO & BFP on 10 DPO first month TTC-- 2nd full cycle off Birth Control

Here is a rundown of what I did this month:

Prayed (actually I started praying for a baby months before TTC)
Drank green tea every day
Eliminated caffeine from my diet approx. 2 months before TTC
Drank plenty of water ever day
Kept a healthy & well balanced diet (lots of fruits & veggies & soy protien)
Started taking prenatle vitamin 1 month before TTC (was taking a regular womens multi vitamin before then)

Here is a rundown of my symtoms:

O on cd 20
BD on cd 12, cd 14, cd 19, cd 20

1 DPO- The usual tiny bit of creamy CM
2 DPO- Tiny bit creamy CM
3 DPO- Tiny bit of creamy CM. I also started noticing what felt like little tiny zaps in my lower stomach area (never felt this before). I also had a dream that I POAS and I had got a faint positive.
4 DPO- Tiny bit of Creamy CM. Also still having that zappy feeling in my lower stomach and pelvic area. Headache.
5 DPO- Same amount of Creamy CM. Headache, and a little bit of dizzinesss. Had another dream about a BFP.
6 DPO- Creamy CM, Headache, Dizzy on and off throughout the day. VERY IRRITABLE
7 DPO- Creamy CM, Headache, having a few sharp pains on my right side, and a wired feeling under my belly button, small amount of mild dull cramps in my lower pelvic area. Dull low back pain. Have a few small Zits on my face. STILL IRRIATIBLE
8 DPO- Creamy CM, Cramps in my lower pelvic area, cramps in my legs all the way down to my calfs. Felt like AF was coming, but she was not due for about another week. Low back pain got a little worse. Still having that on and off dizzy feeling.
9 DPO- Woke up with the same dull cramps from my lower pelvic are down to my calfs. I knew something was up- so I POAS first thing in the morning with a FRER. I got a BFP!! It was light, but it was totally visiable. I asked my DH to look at it because I was in total shock. Certain smells were turning my stomach today.
10 DPO- Light dull cramps today. POAS again to make sure with a FRER. BFP again! This time it was darker and very easy to see.

I really want to say GOD is GOOD! I am soooo thankful for this blessing.
Everyone hang in here and have faith. It will happen!

BFP Symptoms and What I did differently

I have enjoyed this site for many months, and I thought I would share a few interesting tidbits about my journey to get pregnant! I did not keep track of my symptoms day by day but here are some things that stood out.


-My number one clue that I was pregnant was that I was super emotional. I broke down in tears many times during the two week wait over small things that normally wouldn't upset me.
-PMS feelings - sore boobs right around ovulation, and then again when I should of gotten my period. I was also very moody and irritable.
-Acne - a small sampling of small pimples on my neck (I never get them there), and another small one on my nose
-Pulling, pinching feelings on my side on 7-8 days past ovulation
-High temps continued through 11-12 DPO
12DPO: Big, bright blue positive pee stick!

Things I did differently this month:
-small bowl of coffee ice cream every night after dinner - I got this idea from some article I read in Newsweek about the relationship between high fat foods and ovulation - I wasn't ovulating regularly.
-my husband and I had sex every 48 hours until I was positive I had ovulated
-ate lots of Grapefruit
-prayed every night for a baby

I just hope it sticks!

Good luck with your baby making!