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BFP Stories

Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP by Prayer

Got your BFP courtesy of the almighty? Amen! Send us your symptoms through this contact form.

BFP with Femara, Injectibles, Trigger Shot and Lots of Prayer!!!

Praise God!! I finally get to submit my story after 9 months of TTC! Today is 12dpo and my doctor just called to confirmed I AM PREGNANT!!! It's still super early, but it's positive. I give all the glory and honor to God. Without Him, I would not be typing this right now. So now to the good part:

My regimen this month was: 5mg Femara (Letrozole) on CD 3-7, the 50 units of Follistim (injectible) CD 8-13. HCG Trigger Shot on CD 15. Ovulated CD 16.

2dpo - Immediately noticed increased creamy CM. Temp up very high for me.
3dpo - Still lots of creamy CM. Low backache begins.
4dpo - Lots of Creamy CM, continued Low back pain. Can't seem to stay asleep at night.
5dpo - Blood when I blew my nose. still tons of creamy CM, this really got me thinking...still bad sleep. Still low backache.
6dpo - irrationally hungry, want to eat lots of carbs and bacon!! still tons of creamy cm. backache getting better
7dpo - DH took me to the circus :) the smoke was really bothering my nose and throat. Felt light headed and kind of faint. still more creamy cm. Temp still super high. Blood when I blew my nose again. By now, I'm thinking I MUST be pregnant.
8dpo - Lots of creamy CM, very difficult to have BM.
10dpo - finally see the Trigger shot is not giving me a positive on my hpt the wait begins to see it turn back to positive to know it's real! Felt super tired this day and somewhat cranky.
11dpo - huge temp drop, like almost a full degree! Was totally convinced this was implantation! thought I saw a faint line on my ic...DH says he thinks he might see something. Neither of us are convinced...but I'm secretly thanking the Lord since I just know I'm pregnant!
12dpo - BFP! See a second line on Equate brand hpt. Go to the doctor to confirm with blood test. Still super early, but totally positive!!

I am to go back in 3 days to confirm my levels are rising. I'll probably continue to take hpt's just to watch the lines get darker! DH and I are out of our MINDS with excitement. This is our first baby. I have never ever had a positive before.

What I did during this cycle:
Started going to church
Told some girlfriends who are moms to agree with me through prayer that this would be our successful month
Prayed WITH DH every night
Used Pre-Seed
Elevated booty with pillow
Made sure I had the big O after DH
stopped smoking and drinking
cut out caffeine during TWW
Ate Sunflowers seeds, eggs, noodles, anything high in Folic Acid during the TWW
Believed through faith that this was it. Thanks God every day for the miracle growing inside me.

I'm praying for all of you as well. Stay faithful and diligent and God will reward you with the desire of your heart! xoxo

BFB by Prayer

I am very grateful to God for the awesome testimony He has given DH and I. I got my BFP on my fourth cycle and it is all because of HIM.

I didn't do anything different from this cycle except loads of prayer and fasting. I trusted God wholly and put everything in His hands and He came through for us.

I really want to encourage everyone TTC. Please learn to put your trust and hope in Him and you also will receive your testimony.

He makes a way when there seems to be no way

God bless you all

BFP!!!! 11 DPO

I have to share my story, me and DH having been trying to conceive for five months , in January we stop trying and decided to start back in February. We did a lot of things different....this month before ovulation I had plenty of nuts, yogurt and I drank lots of cranberry juice. We also used Preseed and I temped for the first time. I am so excited I am shaking right now. We bd twice before ovulation and once on ovulation day. We relaxed a lot and spiced up the baby making process, I don't have many symptoms yet besides heartburn, frequent dizzy spells, and nagging head aches. Baby dust to all !! I pray are little bean sticks....I also give all thanks to GOD, a lot of praying was indeed a BIG part of our BFP.

BFP With Lots of Prayer After MC

I found this site and loved it because it is so much more positive then all the other sites out there. I was looking forward to posting my own BFP story, and here it goes!

DH and I decided to try for #1 in July and got pregnant right away. We were so excited and elated, but miscarried at 8 weeks. I have never felt so devastated before. I was diagnosed with MTHFR. We were a little scared to try again but were encouraged by my OB. We began trying again in November.

CD 10 started BD every day until O.
CD 15 O.
dpo 1 started searching for symptoms :) BD every other day just in case.
dpo 2 noticed one nipple was larger then the other. Knew it was to early but tested and got a BFN.
dpo 3 legs hurting (usually happens right before AF), insomnia
dpo 4 insomnia, dry lips
dpo 6 insomnia and dry lips
dpo 7 cramps and fatigue (could be because of all the insomnia!)
dpo 8 faint BFP!!
dpo 10 darker BFP! Insomnia and cramping, went to the Dr for a blood test and it confirmed!
dpo 11 spotting (OMG OMG! Please let me keep this baby!) called the Dr, for another blood test tomorrow for another blood test
dpo 12 another blood test, HCG more then doubled (Thank God!)
DPO 14 Our 1 year wedding anniversary! I cooked a "baby" dinner for DH (baby back ribs, baby carrots, petite potatoes) and made a "bun in the oven" cake to tell him he was going to be a daddy!

We are very excited to be blessed with another baby and we are praying for a sticky bean and healthy baby. Our worst fear is another MC but we are putting our faith in God.

Things that were different this month; I was anointed with oil at church, I started using OPK's, downloaded fertility friend app to keep track of AF, O, and symptoms, and I started drinking hormone free milk.

Good luck to you and baby dust!!!

BFP 11dpo few symptoms (other than the regulars)

Well ladies, after 3 months of TTC (this was our 4th), I am happy to announce that I am just teeny bit pregnant. I woke this morning (11dpo) to take my temp and it went down a little. I immediately got bummed and thought i was out. The hubby said just take a test and we'll go with whatever that says... I said, "no, I know it will be negative, and I can't handle that anymore." (I vowed to wait until AF was late this time.) Well we back and forth for a minute and I finally caved. As sat crouched on the bathroom floor staring intently at that little stick, before my eyes, a second line started to show within a minute or so. YAY!!! I ran in the bedroom, said "I think I see something. Come look!" We looked so ridiculous pushing each other out of the way to look at the test, neither of us wanting to touch it. I am so excited but nervous and really pray that this little bean sticks!

I did a lot of thing differently this month. I completely quit caffine (so hard). I drank grapefruit juice and green tea, took Fertilaid and EPO, and BD like crazy from AF to O. I just started temping this month and realized I O a lot later than I thought... Hubby took Fertilaid for men (made him achy though). I also used opks to pinpoint O day. After O, I ate sunflower seeds everyday. They say it helps with implantation (looks like they might be right).

I can't really say that I felt anything too out of the ordinary for the most part. I had the usual cramping, pokes, pinches and what not that I have had every month before. Vivid dreams. My boobs are sore but not horribly. I haven't been tired. No morning sickness, yet (FINGERS CROSSED IT STAYS THIS WAY).

I tried not to symptom spot so I don't know exact days; however, there were just a couple of things that made me wonder if this could be the month.First off, I got a nasty cold (I hardly ever get sick.) Second, on 8dpo I got the worst belly ache ever in the evening. Literally doubled over... I have IBS so this isn't new to me, BUT I suddenly got the cold sweats and felt like I was to going to faint. I was completely pale and the hubby was a little freaked out, as was I. A few minutes later (TMI WARNING), I had to make a mad dash to the bathroom. After that , I was fine... so weird! Third, my boobs haven't been terribly sore, but every once in while I get a dull pain in my arm pits.

Well, I hope this helps some of you ladies waiting for your BFPs. I stalked the BFP announcements for detailed threads and promised myself I would write when I got mine.

I said a prayer every day this month. I honestly believe that He answered every single one of them. Blessed be His name!

I wish you all the very best of luck.

Elated that I'm finally pregnant!

WOW I’m Pregnant!  My DH and I have 9 year old twins that were conceived when I was 22 years old (2002) and it was totally unplanned because we were not married at that time.  We decided to put off having more children until we both had our careers going well.  I didn’t take BC so the DH and I were always careful around my fertile time (condoms).   In Aug. of 2009 we started talking about the idea of getting pregnant again and said that we would just let it happen.  However at the beginning of this year the DH and I started having some concerns since we hadn’t conceived yet.  Therefore, I started tracking my cycles a little more carefully and discovered that my cycles were about 29 days long.  Then I started using OPK’s and checking my cervical mucus.  I did that for about  5 or 6 months but nothing happened.  At the beginning of September, I went to my GYN for my yearly visit and she suggested that we see a fertility specialist.  The DH and I agreed we’d try until the end of this year and if it didn’t happen we would go to a fertility specialist in Jan. 2012.  I started investigating other things that might aide in the process and discovered Preseed and purchased some after reading so many positive reviews.  We used prayer, Preseed, and OPKs and I got a BFP!
BD on days 10, 13, 14 & 15 of my cycle used Preseed during each love making session!  I got a positive OPK on day 14.
1- DPO- Nothing
7 DPO- Woke up to sharp pains in lower right abdomen and cramping in the upper abdomen when speed walking with the DH I had to slow my pace (strange)
8-11 DPO- Nothing really but really bloated (BFN’s on days 9-11 POAS addict)
12 DPO – BFN but extremely thirsty and insomnia and not bloated anymore (odd)
13 DPO-Decided not to test again since I felt AF type cramps all day and I was extremely thirsty again
14 DPO –AF cramps I wore a pad part of the day but she didn’t arrive
15 DPO- Nipples really hard and sore breast and no AF
16 DPO- Same as day 15 decided to test again since AF hadn’t showed BFP!!!
17 DPO- Nothing really but breast slightly sore
18-20 DPO- Diarrhea and vomiting (I think I had a stomach virus that was spreading around)
20-21 DPO- I actually feel really good just a little pulling and stretching in lower abdomen

Very faint BFP today! :)

Hi to all my wonderful friends out there.....Firstly I need to thank God for guiding me to such a wonderful site....I don’t know how I would have made it during this time without this site...

I promised myself that when I got my first BFP, I would post here.

My husband and I decided that we should try for our second child last month and we have been TTC for the first time....I did not use any OPK for testing but rather used this link: to calculate my fertile days...

We BD on 4th, 5th and 6th of September. I took a series of HPT from about 7DPO but all were BFN....I was just about to give up hope when I came across this site...I then came across many ladies who tested BFN initially and then tested positive later...that kept my flame of hope alive...I took a blood test and that came out negative as well...But there were no signs of AF coming and I continued to hope and pray....My little daughter prayed even harder...

Today, I took an HPT with ClearBlue ( 19 DPO) and it appeared negative initially...but after checking a little later there was a very very faint BFP....I was so excited, I called my hubby and asked him to come from the office immediately...He checked and also confirmed that I was not imagining it...

I was so excited and yet humbled....God has been so good......And I thank HIM from the bottom of my heart....

What did I feel differently this month?...Well, I guess I had intense cravings for salty and spicy foods and had a series of cramps in my right side...Also, I had a stuffy nose and a very bad cold with coughing and sore throat...My BBT remains high throughout and last week I had a slight brown discharge....I never realized that a lot of ladies underwent the same thing as me until coming to this site.....

I pray to God to bless us with a healthy, happy and beautiful baby and for a smooth pregnancy....Thanks to God....

To all those ladies out there TTC....I will be praying for you....I am truly humbled and I pray that all of you out there are blessed with beautiful children very very soon....God bless you all...and lots of babydust to each and everyone of you....:) a side note....We used a pillow which I placed under my butt everytime we BD’d, and I actually cycled my legs in the air for a few minutes after BD...It was hilarious, but I have read about some women who swear by this I gave it a try...also I lay down for 30 minutes or more after BD....I just wanted to let you know what we did and I hope that this will help you in you next attempt and pray that you are successful the next time...I pray that I hear good news from you very soon!!:)

BFP Last Night!

I was in shock last night... I came home from seeing a play with friends.  I told one friend I was scared of a negative when I tested (I have never taken a pregnancy test before).  She told me to just go home and do it!  SO, I did!  I couldn't believe it was positive!  My husband and I are still in shock but thrilled!  Before we even started trying, we prayed for God's will in whether or not we ever had children.  We completely handed it over to him, like we try to do with all of the things in life.  HE is in control, and if we put God first the rest will fall into place.

I have a perfect 28 day cycle.  Counting by cycle days:
Days 1-6: Love you Aunt Flo!
Days 7-8: Happy times... planning the big O
Days 9-11: BD with my dear wonderful husband.
Day 12: Felt a painful twinge in the evening.  I believe it was my Ovulation. BD within 3 hrs.
Days 13-15: BD
Day 16 (2 DPO): Nothin'
Day 17(3 DPO): Breasts started to get sore.  I thought it was too early (it was--they usually get sore a week before AF- not 2 weeks...)
Day 18 (4 DPO): Sore breasts... same
Days 19-23 (5-9 DPO): EXTREMELY sore breasts.  BUT, I figured it was just too early to feel anything.  They hurt so badly I couldn't roll over in bed without wimpering!  Felt a few painful twinges in breasts.
Day 24 (10 DPO): Breasts started to get less sore.  I was so sad- I thought Dear AF was coming as normal.
Day 25 (11 DPO): Less sore... sad :(.  I also felt lots of cramps in uterus... I always do before AF though.  They were different cramps... they felt like there was a finger inside poking spots in my uterus rather than it cramping like normal.  I thought I was going crazy.
Day 26 (12 DPO): LOTS of poking cramps: again with the crazy feeling!  Saw The Sound of Music, came home and tested, and BIG FAT POSITIVE!  We prayed right away again for God's will in our lives.  Praising God for how he loves me :).
Day 27 (13 DPO): Can't believe it!  AF You'd better stay away!

BFP 11DPO Baby #2

It took my husband and I 3 1/2 years to have conceive our 1st baby.  Only 5 months with the second!  We are THRILLED!  We owe all of the Glory to God! Here are some of my symptoms I had.

1dpo some cramping
2dpo felt very tired, like I was coming down with something
3dpo sore throat, runny nose and a few stabbing pains in my chest...
4dpo sore lower back
5dpo nothing really except I still had a bad cold
6dpo same as yesterday, took an opk and it was almost positive!  that got me thinking maybe this is the month?? gums bled at night when I brushed my teeth
7dpo hpt negative (I know, way too early) cramping, still have a cold, gums bleed again when I brushed my teeth
8dpo STILL have this cold...
9dpo opk so much lighter than before.. started to think I was out this month.. :(
10dpo lower back pain, stuffy nose
11dpo Stuffy nose still.  SMU took an IC hpt and saw the FAINTEST pink line! Took a FRER a couple hours later and it was a definite BFP!  Took a digital so my hubby would believe it was true and it said "pregnant"!  Yay!!  Praise God!

TTC #1 {15 months, HSG + First Month Clomid after miscarriage}

We give God all the glory for the miracle of life and are so thankful for the little blessing growing inside me! These boards kept me occupied and hopeful for the past 8 months since I found and I just wanted to add to the encouragement here.

I am 26 and DH is 29. We began TTC #1 in May 2010 and hoped it would happen quickly for us. I have always wanted to be a mom, and was anxious to get this show on the road! Month after month went by and we were not pregnant. I was ovulating regularly (charting using the book "Taking Charge of Your Fertility" which I highly recommend!) but late: CD 20-26 with nearly 40 day cycles. I visited my OBGYN after 7 months TTC and she sort of blew me off with the statistic that "9 out of 10 couples get pregnant in a year" and told me to come back if a year had passed. Well, almost a year had passed and I decided it was time to make an appointment with a fertility specialist and scheduled it for the end of March. DH and I woke up in the morning for our appointment and I realized it was the day of my missed period...took a test...and BFP!! We couldn't believe it....we were beside ourselves with JOY :) However, only 4 days later, I miscarried (my HSG dropped from 45 to 13 in two days - a chemical pregnancy) and we were devastated. God remained faithful, even though we began to doubt His love for us...wondering why he wouldn't answer our prayer. We healed from the pain of losing our first baby by pressing into the Lord and reading His reminded us of the promises He has for all who trust him...a plan for a hope and a future! (Jeremiah 29:11) In particular, Psalm 66 came to mean so much to us...if you get a chance to read it, please do! In any case, we ended up feeling a peace about visiting the specialist we had originally made an  appointment with and met with him in June. In July, I had an HSG (not as bad as everyone said...don't worry!) and then began  50 mg clomid CD 4-8 this month (August 2011). We BD'd every other day + ovulation day ...and then the ever-anticipated 2WW began... {if you have actually read to here, I applaud you! ;-) }

Here are my symptoms (I didn't temp every day, FYI):

{CD 16} 97.45, +opk, BD

{CD 18} 97.45, Ovulated, BD

{1DPO} 97.86

{2DPO} Uneventful

{3DPO} Pulling and Cramping near uterus

{4DPO} Minor cramping, yellow/goopy cm first wipe in AM

{5DPO} Diarrhea and sour stomach off and on; this was my "hmmm" moment because I had diarrhea with my first pregnancy, although it only happened the day BEFORE my missed period, at 13dpo. (hopefully that means my HCG levels are higher this time!)

{6DPO} Sour stomach, smelly/strong urine, soft stool, fatigue: spend 7 hours on the couch watching randomness...SO unlike me!! I was thinking I either was pregnant...or had mono! Had to pee a lot....but almost felt too tired to get off the couch to go! pathetic. Minor pains near uterus and bbs began to get tender.

{7DPO} 97.8, Progesterone blood test comes back at 24.3...great news! Sour stomach again (pre-diarrhea feeling, sorry tmi), bbs ache, very tired and went to by by 10pm. Pulling/aching/cramping in uterus...more localized than menstrual cramps, notice cm is non-existent...weird for me, it's usually  creamy/lotiony by now...

{8DPO} 97.8, strong smelling pee again, crampy/heaviness on and off, nipples are sore, bbs heavy and sore to touch all over...not just by armpits like usual PMS stuff, lower back ache, irritable and impatient, achey hips and pelvis.

{9DPO} 98.2!! That's high for me...last time it was this high...I was pregnant. Woke up with sour/gassy stomach, achey bbs and sore nips, diarrhea, still dry cm but FEEL wet...bizarre. One wipe of yellow tinted cm in afternoon, craving salty and carbs, crampy in pm, hubby thinks I sound stuffy on the phone.

{10dpo} 98.34!! woot!! Cramping and tightening of uterus, very mild nausea in pm, feel great and SUPER HAPPY today. Lower back pressure and achiness, hot flashes and warm face. Smelly urine at 11 pm. Found out my best friend is pregnant! (due within 4 days of each other...too good to be true!)

{11 DPO} 98.17, Sore bbs and nips (ouch!), When I get hungry...I get nauseous and cranky, So tired during breakfast with family I could hardly converse...came home and was all I could do to get in bed; slept for hour and a half!! (I am NOT a napper.) Strong cramps in afternoon, more diarrhea around 5pm. Scant yellow cm again, feel bloated and when I bend over while sitting, it feels uncomfortable.