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BFP Stories

Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP by Sperm Meets Egg Plan

The Sperm Meets Egg Plan is a very specific protocol designed to help couples achieve pregnancy. Here you’ll find the stories of ladies who’ve followed the program and come out the other side with a BFP in lieu of a diploma. Not too shabby…!

Enjoy the stories. And if you should get your BFP courtesy of the Sperm Meets Egg Plan, be sure to send it our way!

BFP With No Symptoms

I'm still in a bit of a daze but excited non the less and cannot believe i get to post this!!..Just wanted to say to the supportive ladies I've gotten to know in the last few months.. A little background. DH and 1 are both 29. Stopped BC in mid January and got my period 32 days later..the next two cycles were a regular 26 days but in the 3rd cycle i took EPO to increase CM and ended up with a 23 day cycle. I didn't take anything this cycle. I don't temp although i was thinking about it for next cycle so my DPO is a guestimate..just used CB digital opks and tried as best we could to follow SMEP.. When I remembered I didn't get up straight away after BDing
Here are the stats and I hope this helps someone!

CD7-9 - BD everyday for fun, we were on holiday. Started testing with opk on CD8
CD10 - Smiley face on opk. Travelling so no BD. What i think were OV pains in the evening
CD11 - BD
CD12 (1DPO) - BD
CD13-19 - Felt fine, nothing to report
CD20 - Feeling fine except having UTI symptoms..urgent need to pee but no burning
CD21(10DPO)- Cave in and test on CB Plus.. Is that a line?!!! So faint I'm not convinced
CD22(11dpo) - Faint line on wondfo!... can't believe my eyes! I need a darker line to convince me so decide to wait two days
CD24(13DPO) - Definitely a BFP!!! YAY!!!! :)

We are soooo very excited! I thought i would feel something but have had absolutely no symptoms..Just a little bit of cramping here and there last week.. So ladies don't feel distressed if you have no symptoms..I am still testing just to see those two happy lines!

Wish all of you all the best and praying its a sticky bean! :).. baby dust to all!

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BFP Straight After Miscarriage!

I, like many women, have been stalking the bfp stories on this site and am super happy to post mine :-)
I miscarried on the 13th April at nearly 6 weeks. I was gutted as this would've been our 'surprise' 5th baby. I'm 35 and DH is 40.
We decided that we'd try again asap but was aware of the reduced chances of conceiving but thought we'd give it our best shot. We used OPKs and checked CM, CP and discovered that I ovulated on the 2nd of May. We did a version of SMEP (i.e. we forgot a couple of times!) but we BD every fertile day and used my menstrual cup (mooncup) with was great and mess free.
1-7dpo Nothing much apart from an increase in cm and a few aches and pains.
8dpo Abdomen pains.
9dpo Tired
10dpo Had a glass of wine that went straight to my head! Took a hpt and saw a squinter of a line but DH not sure.
11dpo BFP! on FRER and ic.

MY 11:11

First off ladies this is sosadd115 and I am so happy right now I just go my bfp and the dr confirmed it which made me feel even better.

I never got my period the whole month of April and I kinda got fishy. I really didn't try to symptom spot this month but as I said in so many post that's so impossible not to do.

Lemme tell you how I told DBF and I'll get into the juicy details after I took the digi which took my breath away from seeing pregnant for the first time ever in my life. I went to the store and bought baby booties. The drs office gave me a confirmation that I was preg so I backed it up with that just in case he didn't believe me.

DBF was so stunned to the point he jogged away came back and gave me so many kisses I feel so in love right now you ladies don't understand..

Now to the juicy bizness:
I thought my cycles were just going out of wack so I don't have the dpo by detail so bare with me:

Things I did different this month: I got on top and made sure I climaxed after dbf did and I stood on my head, he came out of the restroom and laughed at me and we started bding again guess he liked the looks lol..

We tried the smep and I mean we were so tired, I mean tired... but it worked

My symptoms this month:
My breasts hurt sooo bad but I didn't pay it no mind because that usually means that af is on the way. Talking about smell I ate bbq and could smell the tomato sauce on the bbq sauce we laughed it off thinking it's nothing. No bleeding, no sleepiness, just like to eat

I am currently 5weeks5days fx

Funny thing is we bought Pre-Seed last night, well went back to target and got our money back

Okay if you're still reading this, I know it might sound so cliche, but don't stop trying. I couldn't relax, all I did was stress so it will happen when it's time.

I also just prayed and prayed every morning and night. I made a wish at 11:11 I know sounds crazy and I asked God to forgive me for being angry at him and to let me be a mother if he feels that I'm READY..

I'll be 6 weeks Sunday and I go to my first dr appointment Tuesday. I'm excited LADIES thanks for all the support LOVE U

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4th Month TTC BFP

I'm so excited to be posting here after reading all of your stories and waiting for that BFP to show up.
This month I used OPK, I found that last month I got a posotive result 3 days in a row, this month I decided not to test again after day 1 and used the SMEP method. I also laid down for 15 mins after BDing.
Today I am 11dpo and BFP! I got my first BFP on 9dpo, I was totally shocked as it was late in the afternoon and I just had that feeling that I should test. I couldn't believe my eyes when that faint line showed up. I waited again till the next morning and again another faint line on FRER and lullaby conceptions. Finally today 11dpo, stronger BFP and the symptoms that I thought were in my head are increasing.
The last few days my bb's are very sensitive, nausea during day which I never get, creamy CM and just tired. I don't care you can't wipe the smile off my face. Blood test on Monday then all the fun begins!!
Good luck to you all and thanks for getting me through the last few months!

Glory be to God

I scoured this site during my TWW and said when I got my positive I would share my story in hopes it would help someone else.

Me 30 and DH 31 are high school sweethearts and married for 3 years. I stopped using nuvring July 2012 and my cycle returned to normal 27 to 29 days. We have been trying to conceive since September 2012. I downloaded the I period app and began taking my BBT in October.

When we did not conceive in November I ordered fertility blend for men for my husband. In January we began using preseed still no luck. On Jan 3 af came again and I was devastated. On this day I was listening to Klove and the encouraging story of the day came on and it was a woman who had been trying to conceive for a very long time. She talked about how she resented God for not getting pregnant and her doctors told her she would never have a baby. She repented for hating God and being jealous of others who were pregnant. The caller said she was pregnant the following month. I felt as if the Lord was speaking to me through her. Although I didn't resent the Lord I didn't want to get to that point either.

In February I went to my ob and she did a day3 test. The results came back with slightly elevated dhea. I was rx'd dexamethasone to take beginning cycle day 1 through 16. Next I had a day21 that which confirmed ovulation had occurred.

In February my husband got a SA and he had 2%morphology but excellent count and motility. The dr office suggested IUI but we didn't want to go that route. I downloaded the fertility friend app in February and noticed I missed ovulation the 1st 3 months that we have been trying with the I period app.

In March I began taking dexamethasone with no success.

In April I began taking fertile CM while still taking dexamethasone. I do not recommend fertile CM as I believe it delayed my ovulation. I usually ovulate between day 12 and 15, but when I didn't ovulate by day 14 I stopped taking fertile CM. Finally I ovulated on day 17. I didn't not get any EWCM either. April was the first month we tried the SMEP. It was exhausting but it worked!!

I told my husband by having our dog wear a shirt that said I'm going to be a big sister. He was in shock.

O day- nothing
1DPO - 6DPO nothing
7 - 9 DPO af cramps. This is when I started to think something was up since I do not get af cramps until 2 or 3 days before she arrives.
10 - 14DPO blood in my nose when I blew and when I brushed my teeth. Closer to 14 DPO I started getting extremely exhausted at work around 2pm which is not typical. My sense of smell heighten. POAS 12 & 13 DPO and BFN on early pregnancy test 10miu.
15 DPO day af is supposed to show. Take FRER very clear BFP!!! Took internet cheapie and a faint positive. Took a CBD and it said not pregnant.
16DPO took another CBD it said pregnant!!!!

Over the Moon BFP at DPO9!!

Me: 29
DH: 33
My husband and I have been trying on and off for our first since June 2011. Had a MC in September 2012 at 7 weeks, then took three months off starting in December 2012 to cleanse (liver & candida cleanse) and relax (I was an emotional wreck after the MC). March is our first month starting to try again.

CD1: March 14
CD16: LH surge
CD17: O
BD on CD 8, 10, 12, 13, 14, 16, 17, and 18
DPO1: Mild cramps in abdomen, otherwise feeling great
DPO2: Mild cramps in abdomen, otherwise feeling great
DPO3: Mild cramps in abdomen and difficulty waking up in the morning, otherwise feeling great
DPO4: Difficulty waking up and bloated all day, otherwise feeling great
DPO5: Bloated all day, but feeling great otherwise
DPO6: Extremely irritable, very small amount of pinkish blood on TP, six BM in the evening and diarrhea right before bed (TMI)
DPO7: Moody, and woke up several times during the night
DPO8: Today I woke up feeling extremely tired and really lightheaded. Ate breakfast and still feel really lightheaded. BFN on IC. Then submitted my "Am I Pregnant?" Story, but couldn’t wait to Monday morning to hear people’s responses (Type A anyone? LOL)
DPO9: BFP on FRER! It was very, very faint. I had my husband break the thing open so I could take a picture, but he seen the line too so I was sure I wasn’t crazy:) No other symptom as now I am floating on a cloud, so happy!
DPO10 (today): BFP on FRER that was much clearer. No questioning it! I hope this one sticks!

What I did different:
I took three months off to do a liver cleanse, candida cleanse, and six hydro colon therapy treatments. March was the first cycle we started trying again, and it looks like the cleanses made a big difference. I stopped eating all processed sugars, only get sugar from fruits. My naturopath put me on B6 multi, B12 with folic acid, and oil of oregano.

Sorry that was so long. I wish everyone else good luck and I hope you all get you BFP dust to all!

29 Years Old | 8 Months of TTC | LD Venus

Here is my story ladies:

O Day: Painful cervix. BDed and was having excruciating pain.

1 - 7 dpo: Nothing much except for pangs of headache. And tender breast. CM is creamy with loads of paper like cm. Kinda weird.
8 - 11 dpo: Nothing much again except for a drop of bbt on 11 dpo. Could this be it? Still a lot of creamy cm
12 - 13 dpo: BBT temp is still up. I usually spot 2 days before AF (my LP is max 14 days and min 12 days) interesting...
14 dpo: Temp is still up. Did a test a day before AF and got my BFP!!!

What I did different this month:
- Elken's LD Venus
- Primerose Oil
- GNC Women's Ultra Mega
- Elken's Spirulina

I only bded 3 days before O date and on O date itself. I didn't use any OPK this month as I have already established my cycle and know exactly when I'd Oed.

Now I am about 4 weeks + with no symptoms at all.

Moral of the story healthy when ttc, patience is much needed and do try the above that I have recommended. It will certainly help. It did for me!

*Baby dust*

BFP! After Almost 2 yrs, Lap, Endo, etc

Okay so a little back story, w/o making this a storybook........dh and I have been ttc for nearly 2 years. After crying in my gyno office for her to refer me after a year (bc we are both "young and healthy" 26yrs...I mean time is ticking here! But deep in my heart I knew something was wrong) we finally met with an infertility specialist. Dh got checked and everything was pretty much normal, I got the dye test and the works (awful experience) and they said I had a blocked left tube. I wanted to try follistim shots before a lap bc surgery kinda freaked me out. Needless to say, I flushed tons of money away bc all the good folicles were on my "blocked side" (you'll get the air quotes momentarily). So, since that didn't work, next step was laparoscopy surgery. I had my lap & d'&c in dec. Doctor revealed that I had moderate endometriosis, cysts, polyps, and NO blocked tubes!! (Endo diagnosis made perfect sense bc i have always had really painful periods, lots of clotting, etc) He removed everything and said there should be no reason we shouldn't get pregnant on our own, but if not then we would meet again in April. We continued our stressful trying and I called to make an appt at the end of march.....
The morning of 13dpo, dh called to ask if I got my period yet. I had been having cramps and felt like I was about to get it any minute, so didn't think too much of it. Before my lap, I spotted 3-4 days and after only about a half a day of spotting. I didn't have any spotting, but put a tampon in before work since my period was coming at some point today (this was the latest possible day of my varying cycle before I was considered late). I got home from work, took out my tampon....and nothing. In my head I was freaking out a little and dug out a wondfo test...waited.... and is that a line?? I never had a bfp before, I wasn't sure! I had one digital and couldn't even believe my eyes when I read the word pregnant. O-M-G.
I didn't really have all the "symptoms"- no crazy peeing, no weird tastes or smells, nothing. BUT normally my boobs hurt/swollen about a week before my period and I didn't have that. Only until after I got my bfp they are sore and are much fuller. Other than that, just some sporadic cramping/pinching! I better cancel my appt at the end of this month! Ps- this is the first month I ever tried taking tussin to help with cm, and first time I ever had ovulation spotting.
I guess this is more of a book than I hoped to write, but dh insisted I share my story on here since I was constantly on here reading all of yours! I spent so many days and nights crying, being mad, praying, not understanding why.....don't give up ladies. Best of luck to all of you!!!!!

BFP with Acupuncture! Age 36

Hi ladies,

I am just over 36 and he is 34. We had 13 failed cycles plus a number of months off during summer/fall 2012 for a surgery to remove a large cyst and the attached ovary and tube. After recovery, we TTCed for 3 cycles even though I ovulated every other month. Looking at my chart, my estrogen and progesterone levels were not stable.

Every month we use Pre-Seed, Sperm Meets Egg method, specific positions (eh hem...), and Fertility Friend charts for temping and OPKs.

During our most recent fertile month, I began infertility acupuncture with a Board Certified Licensed Acupuncturist (NCCAOM) who also specializes in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). I was needled once before our fertile week, and then after our fertile window two different times. I expected it to take 2-3 cycles with TCM herbs.

Instead, we got our first-ever BFP the day before my next (4th) scheduled visit!! My BFP was on 11dpo. Today I am 20dpo or 4w5d!!!

I had virtually no symptoms during my TWW. I repeat: virtually no symptoms. Everything they say is true... if you have mad-crazy symptoms, then you are PMSing. (I've been getting my period for 23 years... it was very odd to NOT have PMS!) My inner voice knew AF wasn't coming, so I tested and cried with joy all day!

First beta = 29. Second beta a week later = 843! This is our first pregnancy, and I plan to keep the recommended acupuncture schedule for the whole pregnancy. I plan to use acu to naturally induce labor, too. I had a few early pregnancy symptoms yesterday, went to my acu after work, and today had no symptoms!! No lie!

If you are curious if acupuncture works for you, DON'T waste your time with anyone who only has a measly 100 clinical hours. My acu has the NCCAOM certification which required something like 2,600 clinical hours. He specializes in infertility and devotes his whole practice to it -- I hope you get your BFP soon!!

Both in Our 30's BFP After 13 Months Tested and No Fertility Issues

I'm not here to tell you to "Just relax" or "It will happen when it's meant to" or my favorite "Stop trying and it will happen" God I hated hearing those things. Don't listen to them, I've been there too and I know how much they hurt. But I do want to give you some advice:

Ladies PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE stop stalking this site for symptoms lol. I'm just kidding but I am speaking from my own experience here. I obsessed every month for 13 months and compared my symptoms to all of the BFP stories on here and guess what???? When I actually fell PREGNANT I had no clue. There were no symptoms; no sore boobs, no metallic taste in my mouth, no food aversions, no CM, no nausea, no headaches, etc. (I even made an appointment with my doctor for Clomid). I realized that every woman is different and our bodies react differently to pregnancy. So please please please just because your symptoms don't sync with let's say "Mary's" it doesn't mean you are NOT pregnant. I think I had more symptoms all of the other months than 2 weeks ago lol.

But I will be honest with you, I am 5 weeks now and my nipples just started to feel sore and I feel a lot of stretching/gassy/cramps (exactly like period cramps). So yes you probably will get some symptoms but once again DO NOT compare yours to mine because you might be different. Ok so here is the rundown:

- O day I felt some tingling but I felt that before and was not pregnant
- 1-9 DPO no symptoms except I felt rundown and I couldn't finish my exercises (started 5dpo and on)
- I tested at 9 DPO in the evening with a cheapie and saw the faintest line.
- 10 DPO tested with digital and got "Pregnant 1-2"

Best of luck ladies and don't ever give up. Baby dust to you all <3