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BFP Stories

Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP by Sperm Meets Egg Plan

The Sperm Meets Egg Plan is a very specific protocol designed to help couples achieve pregnancy. Here you’ll find the stories of ladies who’ve followed the program and come out the other side with a BFP in lieu of a diploma. Not too shabby…!

Enjoy the stories. And if you should get your BFP courtesy of the Sperm Meets Egg Plan, be sure to send it our way!

BFP! After Almost 2 yrs, Lap, Endo, etc

Okay so a little back story, w/o making this a storybook........dh and I have been ttc for nearly 2 years. After crying in my gyno office for her to refer me after a year (bc we are both "young and healthy" 26yrs...I mean time is ticking here! But deep in my heart I knew something was wrong) we finally met with an infertility specialist. Dh got checked and everything was pretty much normal, I got the dye test and the works (awful experience) and they said I had a blocked left tube. I wanted to try follistim shots before a lap bc surgery kinda freaked me out. Needless to say, I flushed tons of money away bc all the good folicles were on my "blocked side" (you'll get the air quotes momentarily). So, since that didn't work, next step was laparoscopy surgery. I had my lap & d'&c in dec. Doctor revealed that I had moderate endometriosis, cysts, polyps, and NO blocked tubes!! (Endo diagnosis made perfect sense bc i have always had really painful periods, lots of clotting, etc) He removed everything and said there should be no reason we shouldn't get pregnant on our own, but if not then we would meet again in April. We continued our stressful trying and I called to make an appt at the end of march..... The morning of 13dpo, dh called to ask if I got my period yet. I had been having cramps and felt like I was about to get it any minute, so didn't think too much of it. Before my lap, I spotted 3-4 days and after only about a half a day of spotting. I didn't have any spotting, but put a tampon in before work since my period was coming at some point today (this was the latest possible day of my varying cycle before I was considered late). I got home from work, took out my tampon....and nothing. In my head I was freaking out a little and dug out a wondfo test...waited.... and is that a line?? I never had a bfp before, I wasn't sure! I had one digital and couldn't even believe my eyes when I read the word pregnant. O-M-G. I didn't really have all the "symptoms"- no crazy peeing, no weird tastes or smells, nothing. BUT normally my boobs hurt/swollen about a week before my period and I didn't have that. Only until after I got my bfp they are sore and are much fuller. Other than that, just some sporadic cramping/pinching! I better cancel my appt at the end of this month! Ps- this is the first month I ever tried taking tussin to help with cm, and first time I ever had ovulation spotting. I guess this is more of a book than I hoped to write, but dh insisted I share my story on here since I was constantly on here reading all of yours! I spent so many days and nights crying, being mad, praying, not understanding why.....don't give up ladies. Best of luck to all of you!!!!!

BFP with Acupuncture! Age 36

Hi ladies, I am just over 36 and he is 34. We had 13 failed cycles plus a number of months off during summer/fall 2012 for a surgery to remove a large cyst and the attached ovary and tube. After recovery, we TTCed for 3 cycles even though I ovulated every other month. Looking at my chart, my estrogen and progesterone levels were not stable. Every month we use Pre-Seed, Sperm Meets Egg method, specific positions (eh hem...), and Fertility Friend charts for temping and OPKs. During our most recent fertile month, I began infertility acupuncture with a Board Certified Licensed Acupuncturist (NCCAOM) who also specializes in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). I was needled once before our fertile week, and then after our fertile window two different times. I expected it to take 2-3 cycles with TCM herbs. Instead, we got our first-ever BFP the day before my next (4th) scheduled visit!! My BFP was on 11dpo. Today I am 20dpo or 4w5d!!! I had virtually no symptoms during my TWW. I repeat: virtually no symptoms. Everything they say is true... if you have mad-crazy symptoms, then you are PMSing. (I've been getting my period for 23 years... it was very odd to NOT have PMS!) My inner voice knew AF wasn't coming, so I tested and cried with joy all day! First beta = 29. Second beta a week later = 843! This is our first pregnancy, and I plan to keep the recommended acupuncture schedule for the whole pregnancy. I plan to use acu to naturally induce labor, too. I had a few early pregnancy symptoms yesterday, went to my acu after work, and today had no symptoms!! No lie! If you are curious if acupuncture works for you, DON'T waste your time with anyone who only has a measly 100 clinical hours. My acu has the NCCAOM certification which required something like 2,600 clinical hours. He specializes in infertility and devotes his whole practice to it -- I hope you get your BFP soon!!

Both in Our 30's BFP After 13 Months Tested and No Fertility Issues

I'm not here to tell you to "Just relax" or "It will happen when it's meant to" or my favorite "Stop trying and it will happen" God I hated hearing those things. Don't listen to them, I've been there too and I know how much they hurt. But I do want to give you some advice: Ladies PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE stop stalking this site for symptoms lol. I'm just kidding but I am speaking from my own experience here. I obsessed every month for 13 months and compared my symptoms to all of the BFP stories on here and guess what???? When I actually fell PREGNANT I had no clue. There were no symptoms; no sore boobs, no metallic taste in my mouth, no food aversions, no CM, no nausea, no headaches, etc. (I even made an appointment with my doctor for Clomid). I realized that every woman is different and our bodies react differently to pregnancy. So please please please just because your symptoms don't sync with let's say "Mary's" it doesn't mean you are NOT pregnant. I think I had more symptoms all of the other months than 2 weeks ago lol. But I will be honest with you, I am 5 weeks now and my nipples just started to feel sore and I feel a lot of stretching/gassy/cramps (exactly like period cramps). So yes you probably will get some symptoms but once again DO NOT compare yours to mine because you might be different. Ok so here is the rundown: - O day I felt some tingling but I felt that before and was not pregnant - 1-9 DPO no symptoms except I felt rundown and I couldn't finish my exercises (started 5dpo and on) - I tested at 9 DPO in the evening with a cheapie and saw the faintest line. - 10 DPO tested with digital and got "Pregnant 1-2" Best of luck ladies and don't ever give up. Baby dust to you all <3

17 DPO BFP! No Early Results Here!

Ok, I am only posting this to encourage the ladies who have not gotten early results on their HPTs! Here is the breakdown: 1-9 DPO: Nothing 10 DPO: A few waves of nausea, thought maybe because I was coming down with something. 11 DPO: Felt some more nausea, felt a cold coming on (both my husband and son had been sick so I was expecting this). 12 DPO: Felt OK, went to the gym, felt a little tired since I had a sore throat and was congested from the cold I definitely had! 13 DPO: BFN! So disappointed. Started to notice some odd stuff, though. Felt very thirsty and increased need to pee (first symptoms I had with my son) Still felt run down from the cold. Thought increased thirst was from the virus and my body needing more fluids. Boobs starting to hurt and inflate. Normal PMS stuff I figure. 14 DPO: Nothing to mention except my cold got worse and not better. Put me in a bad mood all day. Felt tired. Still thirsty. Boobs still hurt. 15 DPO: Cold is worse! Think it is turning into a sinus infection. Very bad mood and uncomfortable. Still thirsty... Boobs VERY sore today. 16 DPO: Expected AF. Go to doctor, most def a sinus infection. Get home from the doctor and feel queasy and dizzy. Assuming it is from the antibiotics. Still VERY thirst!!! Having some cramps, but really light. They come and go but they don't get as strong as regular AF cramps. Boobs not sore anymore, figure I am out. 17 DPO: AF never came yesterday, BFP!!! Today I am feeling mildly queasy but not bad. Feeling gassy and bloated, and yes, still thirsty! Boobs not really sore, but they are HUGE!!! With my son I only got a *faint* BFP on day of expected AF, and only got a strong one on 3 days late. Don't assume you will get your BFPs on 10, 11, 12 DPO as so many lucky ladies do! Good luck, ladies!!!

2nd Cycle TTC BFP! Early 20s

Newly weds, and we were lucky enough to have got our BFP so soon! The first month felt like 4 years! Symptoms: NONE. Honestly, if I got picky I'd say a little more gas then usually but that's it. And the day af was due I had lots of watery cm. But other then that I had all my normal af symptoms. Even the cramps. We followed smep this cycle so I honestly think it works! Try it!! Now hoping for a healthy 7 months and 3 weeks. Good luck xx
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3rd Time is a Charm!

I must say that the past three months I was stalking this page, but this month not so much to let myself to "relax" as everyone else says. I tried not to "care" as much, but I was crossing my fingers just like any other month. I went off BC in June 2012. My husband deployed so I figured go off then and get my body back to normal. And good thing, too. My cycles were irregular: 26 days, 47 days, 55 days for the first three months. Then he came home and we used OPK and charting my BBT that first month to see if I was actually ovulating. It showed a surge and my temp spiked so I felt that I was ovulating and we now needed to get the timing right. My cycle was 32 days. I felt like I was finally getting to my "normal" cycle. The following month we continued to use OPK and charting, but we added Preseed. I had a 37 day cycle. This time, the lucky third time, we used the CB OPK, charting BBT, Preseed, and I took FertilAid. This morning my temperature spiked so I decided to take a pregnancy test even though I told DH I was going to take one Tuesday. I'm 12DPO and got my first BFP with a CBD!!!! As for what symptoms I was feeling, I honestly felt nothing different than getting AF. I seriously thought she was coming and I kept checking to see yesterday because I was slightly cramping and bloated and felt like I was leaking. I felt like she was coming and kept telling DH that I think we were out this month and started planning when I might be ovulating in March. I did spot 9DPO during BD (sorry TMI) and this is usually a sign that AF is coming. The one thing looking back was that I get really bad lower back aches right before AF shows, but this month I did not have the back aches. Maybe that was my one clue. I'm crossing my fingers for a sticky bean! Baby dust to you all!

TTC #1 BFP on Valentine's Day

TTC since last April. My DP was working and living 40 miles away so we would meet up at weekends and once midweek. We moved in together in October 2012 so have been seriously TTC with lots of BD around o time since October. 2012. I've been taking pre con vits, Q10, Omega 3 since last April. Been ultra healthy, low caffeine and alcohol consumption, I'm very active, skate 2 times a week and cycle 40 miles a week. We were both getting a bit low about not getting our BFP, I had just started having blood tests at the doctors to check my fertility. A friend had suggested my DP take folic acid for his swimmers. Also he was a bit underweight last year and since Christmas has put on about 10Ibs and started doing weight training. The only other different thing we did this month was use Pre-Seed, and we were very relaxed and happy at o time because we were on our way to Paris. We had an amazing time. As for symptoms. There was nothing out of the ordinary really. In fact at 11 dpo I spotted and thought AF was around the corner. I had a bit of a cry on DPs shoulder and resolved to keep trying. 11 DPO pink spotting when checking CM 12 DPO brown spotting when checking CM 13 DPO onward Heavy tender BB, v mild cramp in low abdomen, bit more tired than usual, feel like I need to to BM but nothing there except wind (sorry TMI), more gassy. 16 DPO no AF, poas gave very faint BFP, me and DP could not believe it. It was also Valentines day! Now 19DPO and that BFP line is very strong. The cramping is settling and it seems I am 5 weeks PG. GP appointment on Thursday which will be 21 DPO. Hoping for a happy healthy 1st pregnancy :)

Took 4 yrs TTC to Get Baby #1 Here, Now Pg With #2 1st Cycle TTC!!!!! (With SMEP)

Hi, I'm 31 my DH is 28 we already have a 12 month DS. I had 3 miscarriages prior. My first @ 16 wks, 2nd @ 9wks, 3rd @ 13wks. With my 4th pregnancy the Doctors put me on Baby aspirin, not sure if that's what helped but after 4 long years of heart ache we finally got him here February '12 :) My Son is turning 1 so we decided to think about TTC again, with our previous history we expected it to take a very long time. Whilst I was Pregnant with DS I remember reading about the SMEP 'Sperm Meets Egg Plan' on here, so I decided to check it out again and googled how effective the plan was and so many forums came up with such positive results so I thought ok lets give it ago. What we did: I bought 50 OPK internet cheapies. Started testing CD 10. CD 10 - BD'd CD 12 - BD'd CD 14 - BD'd CD 16 - BD'd (faint line on OPK) CD 17 - BD'd (+ OPK) CD 18- BD'd (- OPK) I know you are then meant to then miss a day and do one last BD for good luck, but we were pooped by this stage LOL~!!! so missed that one. 1 - 6 DPO no symptoms 7 - 8 DPO Cramps and very Tired 9 - DPO Very Tired 10 - DPO Tingly BB's (Did morning test BFN) 11 - DPO Tested again with internet cheapies "Ones step 10 miu" (I'm a POAS addict bought quite a few)got a very faint line, went and bought Clear blue digital, shows - Pregnant 1-2 wks!!!!!! I am going to tell all my friends about the SMEP plan, I can't believe it worked for us first time!! Fingers crossed my little bean sticks!! Baby dust to everyone xx

We Did it!

After 7 months its finally happening! I'm so happy & feel so blessed! I hope this one is my sticky bean! God bless & tons of baby dust to everyone! (:

Got a BFP!! 13dpo --- SMEP

I am so excited to share the news with the TWW world (especially since DH and I aren't telling anyone else) !!!! I have been TTC 2 months, 30 years old, used an OPK and read the SMEP. My cycle is 26 days with a 12 day LP. Cycle day 9--BD cycle day 11--BD Cycle day 13--BD CD 14 O day 1-7 DPO nothing /normal post O cramps 8DPO - very sore/dry throat out of the blue mid afternoon 9DPO- VERY SORE throat, drank tons of water, ate halls, drank tons of decaf tea. Noticed a shooting pain through my bb in a meeting, shocking. POAS BFN 10DPO- sore throat easing up, nipples feel burning/sore, and hard. Headache. 11DPO- heavy period cramps? Very "wet" down there, strange. Stomach seems to hurt and slept aalll day. 12DPO- woke up starving,Nipples sore, craving pomegranate-- went to store and bought then devoured 8oz of arils, AF is due today according to my regular cycle. Since Im feeling these AF cramps, figure I should definitely count myself out. 13DPO- Cramps, and random shooting pains from my belly button to vagina. I was sure I was out, then DH cuts his fingernails near me, I gagged ... Ran to bathroom to POAS ... CB digital, BFP! Shocked! Went to the store and bought 2 more tests, FRER digital and CVS early detection... Both BFP. faint on the CVS test. 14DPO--Currently and since 8DPO , I have had a dry "tickle" in my throat, and a very stuffy nose. No other cold symptoms. I am having shooting pains in my pelvic area every couple of hours, and shooting pains in my bbs. Doctors appointment scheduled for 17DPO for a blood test. Praying for a lasting bean and wishing all of you reading this tons of baby dust :)