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BFP Stories

Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP by Sperm Meets Egg Plan

The Sperm Meets Egg Plan is a very specific protocol designed to help couples achieve pregnancy. Here you’ll find the stories of ladies who’ve followed the program and come out the other side with a BFP in lieu of a diploma. Not too shabby…!

Enjoy the stories. And if you should get your BFP courtesy of the Sperm Meets Egg Plan, be sure to send it our way!

BFP for Baby #2!

Hi ladies, I finally got my BFP yesterday night after trying 3 months. Here's a little background info: I'm 26, married 7 years, and we have a 4-year-old (we were not ttc with her). In March 2012, I had an laparoscopy to remove a 6cm cyst on my ovary, which turned out to be an endometrioma (cyst caused by endometriosis)...but I never had any pain from the endometriosis, and didn't have issues following the procedure. We decided TTC after we both finished up our bachelor's degrees, so I had my Paragard IUD removed in September 2012. I have longer cycles (30-31 days) and used the WomanLog App to track periods and estimate ovulation TELLS you your most fertile days, and I highly recommend it. Oddly enough, during the past few months I was a POAS-fiend, but this month I waited until the day it was due (it will save your sanity), and it showed up right away. I am STILL in shock! We didn't chart, use Pre-Seed, OPK's, or anything else...just plenty of BD-ing and keeping track with the WomanLog App. ;) Here are my "symptoms" until the BFP: Days 1-6 DPO: Nothing Day 7: Twinge in my uterus (implantation?) Days 8-9: Unusually sleepy (9 hours a night and still exhausted) Days 10-14: Sore, tingly boobs (the same sensation as milk dropping, although I know that's impossible), still very tired Day 14: BFP at night! First one was faint (but definitely there), 2nd one an hour later was darker. Yay! Day 15: VERY clear BFP with FMU! (I used First Response tests, a pack of 3) I am still very tired, and my boobs are still very sore...but I don't "feel" pregnant. I called the doctor and my due date is September 15th, 2013, and I have an ultrasound scheduled on January 31st to confirm. It's still unreal...hoping it sticks! I sincerely wish all of you the best of luck, the two week wait is unbearable! Hang in there!

BFP After 12 Months TTC

We have been TTC for 12 months. We have been using clear blue digital OPK's for the last 6 months. For the last two months we have done SMEP. I'm not sure if that was the ticket or if it was just our time. We had a fertility specialist appointment booked in one month. We are ecstatic!!! DPO 1-8- Normal DPO 9- Heavy feeling of my right breast - all of a sudden my bra just doesn't feel like it fits quite right. Breakfast sounds horrible - I skip it DPO 10- Breakfast sounds horrible again - crave smoothie instead of breakfast. DPO 11- Breakfast sounds horrible. BFN. I cry and cry. DPO 12- BFP! Very light line. Not pregnant on Digital. DPO 13- BFP (again very light line) and pregnant on Digital. Our one year anniversary! Best present ever! I always feel "burpy" (nauseous and heart burn) at about DPO 5-AF. Like any other month I had this. I always have a creamy tan discharge (very small amount) - again like any other month I had this. My biggest give away is that I didn't spot at all. I usually start spotting 4-5 days before AF. No spotting for me!

Surprise BFP 2 Months After Chemical

I posted here a few months ago but it turned out to be a chemical pregnancy. Shortly after faint positive test results, I started to bleed and the bleeding continued until the pregnancy was gone. I was so sad and depressed for several weeks after that. Nevertheless, the inspiring stories on this site always kept me going and kept me hoping that someday our turn would come. We have been TTC#1 for 5 months, and I was wondering if I was ovulating regularly, or if my tubes could be blocked. I am 36 so there was some cause for concern and I had made an appointment with a fertility specialist for this coming cycle to get all the blood draws and tests (HSG, etc). I have noticed a pattern in the BFP stories that many of us have gotten to the point of going to an RE, when suddenly the BFP just happens. Then again, I am so thankful that REs exist to help those of us who need a little extra support. This site has been so educational in demystifying fertility treatments and helping me realize that going for help is a completely normal thing to do and often results in beautiful BFPs! Although I continued to think about TTC all the time and didn't feel very "relaxed", this month I had surrendered to the fact that we might need some help (HSG, Clomid, whatever the doctor said would work, I would be willing to try!)--and I think that helped me relax, to know that we could get help. I was more cheerful about planning to try in future months--having faith and knowing that our little sweet one is coming sooner or later and just being more easeful about when exactly it would be. I still feel that way, because God knows anything could happen in the next 9 months. After the chemical in November my acupuncturist (whom I see about once per week) advised me to start taking Vitex, as it can help increase progesterone and sustain a pregnancy. I took Vitex Elixir from Gaia every morning in my tea from CD1 this month. I felt like it really evened out my moods and made my skin look nice. Not sure if that's what helped us get pregnant or not, but they say it is like "nature's Clomid" so maybe it helped boost ovulation? I did get a positive OPK on a CBD a day earlier than usual and the LH surge lasted longer than usual (it was positive in the morning and late at night). We also used Pre-Seed each time because I think it is wonderful and DH likes it too. :) I was trying to follow the sperm meets egg plan, but I'm not sure I followed it to the letter. DH had already gotten a SA and everything looked great. When I say "surprise BFP", it really is because I did not have symptoms like I thought I would have. Here are my symptoms by DPO: CD 10: -OPK, BD CD 11: +OPK, BD CD 12: O? Who really knows. I don't temp so I am guessing I o'd on this day. BD 1DPO: BD 2DPO: BD (Christmas Day! We prayed a lot on this day.) 3DPO: Nothing out of the ordinary 4DPO: Nothing 5DPO: Major EWCM in the morning. Oh no, did I O late? Confused and make DH BD with me again just in case. I researched why sometimes we get EWCM in the luteal phase, and it sounds like an estrogen surge can be normal after ovulation. Or maybe this was implantation? Again, who really knows. Our bodies are mysterious. 6-7DPO: Nothing, feel fine 8 DPO: New Year's Eve. Barely made it to midnight, I was so exhausted. Not normal for me. Falling asleep at a concert where one of my favorite artists was playing. Couldn't take the loudness and being around drunk people. 9-11DPO: No symptoms to speak of. After past disappointments, was doing my best to avoid symptom spotting. I did feel some tingly-ness in my bbs, and felt hungry. Nothing strange for me pre-AF. Notice that I am NOT testing at all--the chemical scared me and made me so incredibly sad, I couldn't handle a BFN. Also, with the chemical, the super-faint line never showed up until AF was 3 days late (19 or 20DPO). At this point in my cycle (11DPO) AF is more than a week away. So I didn't think there was any point in testing. 12DPO: Felt amazing all day. High energy and perky at work. Getting ready to head out with friends (DH is out of town) and decided to test "just in case" since I didn't think I was pregnant and would have liked a drink. As I'm unwrapping the FRER, I'm shaking my head, knowing it's going to be negative and telling myself, "It's okay, we'll try again next month. Don't get sad." The line was dark and came up almost immediately. I started shaking. I took a picture of the test and texted it to DH, saying A LINE OMG. We could not be more thrilled and more ready to welcome this little one into our family. I also took a digital test--"Pregnant!" I will continue to test until I'm really sure.

BFP After 3 Months TTC and No + OPK

This is my 3rd month TTC with my DBF. I started using OPKs this month for the first time. I did all my research and started OPKing on CD 10 (we were loosely following SMEP). I never received a true positive on an OPK, however I did notice EWCM around the 18th (CD 15) CD 1-5 - AF CD 11, 13, 14, 16, 19, 20 - BD I'm counting the 19th as 1 dpo, so here are my symptoms. 1-8 dpo - Nothing 9 dpo - Three or four distinct sharp pains on my lower right side near my ovary while lying in bed getting ready to fall asleep. 10 dpo - Nothing 11 dpo - BBs started hurting today on sides and nipples feel like they've been rubbed with sandpaper! Ouch! 12 dpo - BBs still feel the same. Took an IC test strip randomly just out of curiosity, wasn't expecting a BFP, but I got one! Went out and bought 2 Dollar Tree tests and some FRERs and took one of each of those and they were both positive too! 13 dpo - BBs same, more frequent peeing and I've noticed some cramping on and off. I really didn't have any crazy symptoms and still don't. Just have to pee a little more and my BBs are still pretty sore. Good luck to everyone TTC! My thoughts and prayers with with you! Baby dust to you all!
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BFP After 3 Months TTC

DBF and I started TTC in October of this year and I was only really using my Pink Pad app on my iPhone to see what my fertile week was in October and November. This month I decided to use OPKs from CD 10-CD 21, but never got a true positive. My app said I'd O on the 21st, but I noticed some EWCM on the 18th which makes me think I O'd sooner. We also followed the SMEP. Cycle length: 31 days Paragard IUD removed in September 2012 I'm just going to say that 1DPO was the 19th, so here we go: 1-7 dpo: Nothing at all 8 dpo: Noticed a few very sharp, obvious pokes on R side of uterus, near ovary. Implantation? 9 dpo: Same sharp pains in AM. Nothing else all day. 10 dpo: Nipples are sore, almost like they've been rubbed with sandpaper. Breast tenderness when I press on front and sides. Urges to pee more often. Drinking normal amounts, but feel like when I gotta go I gotta go and it's more frequent. 11 dpo: Nipples and BBs sore still. Still peeing a lot. BFP on two IC strips. Went to Dollar Tree and Walmart for two different brands because I was in denial. All tests are positive! I am completely shocked that I got my BFP so quickly! Baby dust to everyone! You're all in my thoughts!

BFP After 10 Month TTC

After an early miscarriage in Feb TTC #2 has not been easy. After charting and following the egg meets sperm plan I got my bfp today!!!! I had no symptoms was sure I was out this month, since the bfp suddenly I have begun to notice a few, but had simply af symptoms!!! Unbelievable don't wait for symptoms people u just don't know till you know! Good luck everyone!

BFP - 13 DPO!

I have been reading the BFP stories on this site for the last 2 months. My husband and I have been TTC for 7 months. This month we used PreSeed for the first time, I laid down with hips up for about 30 mins afterwards, we did the SMEP, and I used ClearBlue Ovulation kit. We also prayed that God would bless us with a baby! I did not ovulated until CD25 which is really late into my cycle. I usually have 30-34 day cycles. This morning, at 13 DPO, I got my BFP! We feel so blessed! I am going to list the few symptoms that I had up until my BFP... but there were very few! 1-4 DPO: I didn't notice anything out of the normal for me, I had a few cramps but I always get those around ovulation time. 5-6 DPO: My eyes were watering and itching so badly, I felt like I was getting a cold because I had stuffy nose and scratchy throat. 7-10 DPO: A few more cramps, my vagina felt like I was getting a yeast infection (itchy but no discharge besides the normal) 11-12 DPO: Tired and cramps... I thought for sure my period was about to start. 13 DPO: Slept until 10:45 ... I NEVER do that!!! Woke up and POAS to see a BFP!!!! I pray that those of you who are TTC will get to soon experience the joy we experienced this morning! God Bless! Baby dust to all!

BFP 12dpo 8 Month Trying! 1st Pregnancy!

I can't believe I'm finally posting on here! I've been stalking this site for months as I'm sure many of you are; don't give up on your BFP! My husband and I have been TTC for 8 months. If I didn't get my BFP this month I was going to go get an HSG test to see if my tubes were all clear (because my blood test showed ovulation and his sperm analysis turned out great.) My cycles are 26-28 Days this month my OPK turned positive on cycle day 12. Let me just say I hate how pre af symptoms are the same as ttw symptoms. I always spot about a week before period light brownish pinkish discharge. This month totally thought I was getting af even told husband last night I was sad and scared for the HSG test. He told me don't be sad until you actually get your period. CD 8, 10, 12, 13,14,16 BD CD12- positive OPK DPO 1-6- no symptoms DPO 7- increased CM brown Discharge DPO 8- really tired fell asleep during Dexter at 8PM one of my favorite shows DPO 9- Reddish/Pinkish spot only when wiped in the morning (Implantation perhaps? But not uncommon so now I'm bummed out) DPO 10- Nothing DPO 11- light brown discharge/backache feel like af is on her way DPO 12- slight positive on ept non digital test so I asked my husband to go get digital not telling him about the slight positive. Go to take a bath and take digital test and before I know it I'm running out of the bathroom to tell husband. (he thought I saw a spider) Calling doctor tomorrow to schedule blood test. I've tried everything from bbt charting, grapefruit juice, Pre-Seed, etc.... This month I stuck with *Pre-Seed *OPK *Laying down after sex *SMEP *One a day prenatals with DHA *Husband has been taking flaxseed oil I pray that this pregnancy sticks. I've always wanted to be a mother, and my due date is on my parents anniversary!!! July 1st!

Finally After 7 Months TTC!

Cd 14 - Light cramping, BD Cd 15 - Positive Opk, BD, cramping, little EWCM (Shocked because I had been having 37 day cycles for the past 4 months and I never get any EWCM!) 1 DPO - Positive Opk, BD twice, stronger cramps, tingly breasts 2 DPO - Negative Opk, BD, light cramps, tingly breasts 3 DPO - light cramps, BD, feeling a little tired, tingly breasts 4 DPO - light cramps, BD, feeling a little tired, tingly breasts stopped! 5 DPO - light cramps, very tired and super irritable 6 DPO - light cramps, BD, very tired, moody 7 DPO - light cramps, feeling exhausted while at work 8 DPO - light cramps, feeling exhausted 9 DPO - strong AF like cramps low in uterus while at work, I felt something was up because it was way too early, I never get AF cramps only bad back and pelvic pain once AF starts!, breast swelling 10 DPO - light cramps, BFP!!!! very faint line on cheapie, hubby even sees it!, Took 2 ClearBlue digitals both said PREGNANT within 1 minute!, nausea and migraine at work, exhausted out of this world, emotional, tingly breasts starts again (breasts are not sensitive to the touch, just tingly)! Body is sore at work from cleaning!, breasts still swollen 11 DPO - light cramps, nausea, emotional, tingly breasts, shortness of breath, breasts still swollen 12 DPO - Darker positive on cheapie and Dollar Tree tests, light cramps in my back and can actually feel uterine cramps all throughout the day, shortness of breath, tingly breasts, breast still swollen

Thought I Was Out This Month For Sure...

Last month leading up to my period I was so certain that I was going to get a positive. I was feeling nauseated, tired, headaches, backaches, sensitive smells... the whole 9 years. I even went late and so I felt pretty confident. Then, nothing. Never got even a hint of a positive even though my cycle went 10 days longer than it ever had.

This month I felt so good that I thought there was no way we had gotten lucky. I felt none of the expected symptoms except for some nipple tenderness. Around 7/8 DPO I suddenly developed some really annoying vaginal irritation, like my outer lady bits had been scratched up. It was definitely not a yeast infection or BV so I felt completely mystified. I was googling possible reasons for it and one thing that kept popping up was hormonal changes like menstruation or pregnancy. That was my one and only clue. (I bought some vagisil wash for balancing pH and it cleared right up)

So, to sum up:
1-8 DPO - sensitive nipples
9-12 DPO - vaginal irritation due to pH imbalance
13-14 DPO - some nausea
14 DPO- BFP!!! the line popped up on the FRER right away and was just as dark at the test line. I was completely shocked. Where were all the symptoms? :)

I still feel really shocked and like it's not real. I can't wait to call the doctor and hear someone else say the words, "you're pregnant."

Things we did this month- SMEP! I think this really worked for us. I used a combo of Wondfo and Clearblue digital OPKs. I used the wondfo to test 2x/day (SMU and in the evening) and the digital to confirm a positive since it can be confusing with the lines.
I drank green tea, but that's pretty normal for me, and took my pre-natal vitamins faithfully. This month I tried really hard not to stress or worry and refused to let myself test until 14 DPO (16 DP positive OPK).

So thankful for our miracle and hope and pray for all the best for all of you ladies! Thanks for sharing your stories on here, I've loved reading them.