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BFP Stories

Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP by Sperm Meets Egg Plan

The Sperm Meets Egg Plan is a very specific protocol designed to help couples achieve pregnancy. Here you’ll find the stories of ladies who’ve followed the program and come out the other side with a BFP in lieu of a diploma. Not too shabby…!

Enjoy the stories. And if you should get your BFP courtesy of the Sperm Meets Egg Plan, be sure to send it our way!

What a journey... A BFP that I thought I'd never get.

I have wanted to be pregnant for quite some time and for the past year and a half the two week wait has consumed my life - and always receiving a BFN at the end (mind you, I never timed the baby dancing ... it's just that my timing was always off until recently). However, during the two week wait I have always thought I had symptoms - cramps, sore breasts, constipation, nausea, strong sense of smell, etc... but each time, my period came. Sometimes early and sometimes late. This time, I decided to use the ovulation predictor kits to time it better. But the bd (baby dancing) happens when it happens. I didn't want to have sex on demand and put stress on our relationship. So on the Monday, cycle day 11, we randomly found ourselves dancing. I knew it was too early, but it was so amazing. Anyway too much information. On day 13 when I returned home from our holiday, I started testing with the OPK, as I was scheduled to ovulate on Friday.... the OPK never gave me a smiley face... I took two everyday for six days. I finally gave up. So begins the two week wait and the phantom symptoms... But this time, there were no phantom symptoms. During my two week wait, I noticed a little light pink spotting, which I contributed to something else. It literally was 2-3 streaks on tissue, so I didn't think it was implantation bleeding. Then I noticed my breasts hurt, but not to the touch. It felt like they were throbbing inside - like blood rushing through them. It started with the left and then went to the right. Then the left nipple started to itch! Non-stop and then the right. This was something I had never experienced and/or read as a general symptom. I then started to feel a bit constipated. Oh and one important thing, I had a cut that normally would heal within 2 days, but it didn't. It was not healing and I was freaking out. This was literally a few days after I baby danced. My immune system was shut down! Anyway, I did notice that something was strange there. My dear friend said, getting pregnant at your age is very hard, so you are probably not, so to ease your mind going into the New Year so you can drink like it's 1999, just do a test and get it out the way. So today, I took the umpteenth pregnancy test... waiting for the all so common Not Pregnant.... and for the first time in my life, at the age of 39, I got a BFP. I know it's early, but I can only tell you that it's the most incredible moment when you realize that life changing event. I can't wait to tell my love... It's also his first at 48. This forum has been so great over the past year during my two week wait and I am so happy to say all the baby dust floating around in here, has been magical. Here's to starting a family :) And to recognizing that new feelings could be the very sign that you are pregnant. So to be clear, here were my symptoms: Weak immune system - probably to make sure my body did not reject the pregnancy. Itchy breasts - started with the left and then the right. Throbbing breasts - throbbing and painful from the inside, but not hurtful to the touch. Constipation Slight spotting - literally 2-3 light pink streaks, if that. :) - Baby dust to all! Wish me luck over the next 10 weeks.

Strong BFP at 9dpo! First pregnancy!

I still can't believe it! My very first BFP! At 9 dpo a fairly dark line and confirmed on a digital ! DH is 28 I am 23- been trying for 4 months I have been stalking this site the whole time symptom spotting everything !! I was so convinced I was pregnant the past 2 cycles because of symptoms yet this month I didn't have a lot different just a couple things. If I wasn't trying I probably wouldn't have noticed them Things I did different this cycle I went to an acupuncturist I started taking vitex I temped this month Smep Also! I have never been short of EWCM always have plenty this month I was very surprised to not have nearly as much as I usually do (so don’t worry if you don’t have heaps you can still get your BFP!) 1dpo- Watery cm- Af cramps, runny nose 2dpo- Slight cramps, creamy/sticky cm 3dpo- lotiony/creamy cm, really tired in pm, tired in pm 4dpo- woke up early, wide awake at 415am, indigestion while awake early, lotiony/creamy cm, tired in pm, stinging pain in belly button 5dpo- slight cramps feels like gas cramps but didn't need to go, creamy/sticky cm, gas bubbles 6dpo- sore bbs if I push on them- got worse that night still not bad tho, lotiony/milky cm, so thirsty 7dpo- creamy/sticky cm, so thirsty, bit of ewcm in pm, slight Af cramps in pm 8dpo- creamy/sticky cm, white stretchy cm in pm, sore boobs if you push on them, really hungry, really thirsty, dry mouth no matter how much I drink 9dpo- bfn evap line AM on IC :(, bbs aren't as sore today, creamy/sticky cm, ewcm also.. pain in lower left belly aching pain, thirsty ... took test in arvo to make sure it was an evap line in the morning NOPE it was a BFP!!!! Morning wasn't evap OMG! Confirmed on digital and FR Symptoms that were different this cycle: I usually have creamy cm for 2 days post O then it turns watery/lotiony it didn’t do that this cycle it stayed creamy mostly. Also my bbs usually kill a couple days after O but didn’t start till about 6 dpo which is strange and it was only slight. Also the thirst hasn’t happened before I am so excited!! I can't believe it! I hope everyone gets their bfp's soon!

OH MY GOSH! MY BFP finally came :) 39!!

I'll try and keep this as short and sweet as I can by leaving my whole life story out! December was a crazy hectic month and the month I had decided that "that was it", I couldn't keep doing this anymore...I was done with the heartache month after month. Over my five day "fertile window" we did the baby dance ONCE which was day 16 of my cycle and I'm being serious. Between traveling, visiting family and friends, preparing meals etc, I didn't feel like sex and just really wasn't interested in it. So because of this, because I WAS NOT expecting a BFP, I was able to look at any symptoms objectively as opposed to the detective work and freaks out I'd usually have over every little thing my body did! Here is my breakdown :) 9 DPO - My dreams were incredibly real, a few pimples appeared, nipples were sensitive (enough to be noticeable). These are all symptoms I get before AF 10 DPO - dreams very real with a brief appearance by a baby, nipples sensitive again and skin is getting worse...lucky me. Today I was extremely wet, like I was peeing myself without knowing. I had dark undies on and noticed a dark stain....I wasn't able to determine if it was implantation or not so a tip to you ladies....wear a pad or light undie around this time!! 11 DPO - just very real dreams. Feel extremely wet in my undies but cervix is low, firm and cm is dry(ish) but a bit watery/somewhat creamy (minimal though). No nipple sensitivity at all... Completely gone and starting to get that lower back ache like AF is well on her way. I am very cold though and can't seem to warm up. I have a lot of energy! 12 DPO - Low, firm cervix. Cm is minimal but watery/somewhat creamy (AF is definitely coming but of course it is because timing was off and and only bd'd once). Nose is definitely not liking strong fact, everything is a strong smell. More pimples arriving, how nice and while I was in the bath trying to warm up, I noticed dark veins around my pelvis area and legs. No nipple sensitivity at all. 13 DPO - Low, firm cervix. Minimal amount of cm. tired lower back (just feels like pressure). Definite metallic taste in my mouth, tasted like I was licking the merry-go-round anytime I touched my mouth to something! And here is an interesting one and maybe TMI but I usually start gagging when brushing my teeth and other stuff around 4-5 days before my period (that is another way I know I'm getting AF because of my gag reflexes), anywho, this time around had nothing, no gagging at all. No feeling in my boobs at's like they've disappeared. 14 DPO - wake up with those same deep, low cramps and sure AF is right on time, but then I notice they aren't the same kind of cramps, less warm and burning (ish) and more thingy, sharp and dull achy at the same time. Low, firm cervix, very minimal cm and nose is sensitive again. is something. I never understood how women could say that their boobs looked bigger or felt heavier and all, but now I do. Holy Toledo! I felt like I'd grown a cup size over night (but actually didn''s weird), they felt heavy and full and were very sensitive!!!! Couldn't believe it! Decided I'd take a test for funsies and the pregnant line was showing up just fast as the pee was racing across the screen!! Huh!? Wha!? No, that's not right. Go drink coffee, water....anything I could get my hands on so that I would have to pee again....well, would you look at that, another BFP!!! 15 DPO - low, firm cervix. Very dry, no cm present. Extremely tired and boobs feel sore and heavy. BFP again....probably will be doing that for a while ;) 16 DPO - low, firm cervix. Dry cm. Very tired but at the same time, I can't sleep. Boobs feel heavy and sore. Dull ache in lower back 17 DPO - low firm cervix and dry cm. very tired. Boobs feel better when not wearing a bra but are sensitive...hurt to take bra off. Sore, tired lower back. "Played" and cm was very abundant and like egg white....then an hour or so later back to dry. Very moody 18 DPO - same as day 17. 19 DPO - low firm cervix, and dry/little bit creamy cm but still looks like it does before AF. Boobs don't hurt or feel full at all. Dull achy pressure in lower back. Dr. Confirms pregnancy, do blood tests etc. very moody 20 DPO (today) - low, firm cervix and dry/minimal creamy cm. Not a lot of feeling in boobs but extreme pressure in lower back. Tired and foggy brain. Moody and irritable already and the day has just begun! I hope this helps a bit. I was excited and happy to post both because I got a BFP but also because I feel like I was able to look at my symptoms without panicking and overreacting, due to the fact that I was sure we missed out. God bless you all and know that when the time is right, it will happen.
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My BFP!! Unexpected

So beyond happy to finally get to post here!! My husband and I have been TTC five months (which ended up being four cycles, three of which I was charting - I wasn't ovulating until about CD30). This month I really didn't think it would happen, but here I am. Anyway, here it goes. Day one through 5, nothing out of the ordinary (and other months I was always symptom spotting like crazy and had a million by day 3 haha). Just breast tenderness the first few days, which is always very typical post ovulation. On 6 dpo I had a little cramping which I attributed to having to go to the bathroom. My temperature was fairly slow to rise this month and then I got a huge spike at 7dpo. That temp was 0.6 higher than I've ever had during a LP. Still didn't think too much of it - I just thought I must have a good progesterone response this month. From 7 dpo to 11dpo I started noticing a few things. One, I was drinking twice the amount of water I usually do, and I already drink a ton. I was just constantly thirsty. That being said, my urine is usually completely clear but those days it wasn't, which I thought was weird with all the extra water I was drinking. Aside from the water, I also had loose stools, and I'm always constipated before AF. My breasts were also still tender at 10 dpo, which was odd because they are always tender until 6-7 days and then nothing. The morning of 10 dpo I was putting everything together and thought it was possible that I was pregnant. My LP was getting longer every month I charted after coming off BC (first month charting 7 days, then 9 days) so I wasn't even exactly sure when AF was expected. At 11 dpo my breast tenderness almost entirely subsided and I had AF like cramps on and off - I was just sure AF was coming! I bawled to my husband about how "we'd never get pregnant". I thought, once again, I invented symptoms (thirst, looser stools) that was just a coincidence which made me overly hopeful. I went to bed that night wearing a pad because I was so sure I'd wake up with AF. The next morning, I woke up with no AF. I was also surprised when my temperature was still elevated and my boobs were extremely tender again. Then I was just laying and bed and thinking some more about my odd symptoms that never happen before AF. Then I thought of something else. Every month 1-2 days before AF, I get extremely horny. Even if I'm tired, I want sex. This month, that didn't happen. With all of that, I decided to take a pregnancy test. I was trying not to be too hopeful, but sure enough, there was a (very faint) line. I was pregnant!! I ended up taking another 2 days later because I wanted to make sure it was darkening and my levels were rising. Sure enough, the line was even darker!! Good luck to everyone reading this story who is praying and hoping for that BFP!!! Baby dust :)

Missing Embryo, but still Preggers

I posted previously about having PCOS, adenomyosis and suspected endometriosis. I got my BFP on CD32, which was estimated 13dpo. I'm not 100%, but I took opk because I wanted to know when I ovulate, but fell pregnant either on 9or 11dec. Which my app predicted as my ov window. Problem is I was having bad pains in my left groin area and went to A&E on 2 Jan. Which I thought I was borderline 6weeks or just under by a few days (again, irregular cycle) My Av cycle is now 33/34 says. But used to be 28/29 and even 51.....but bleeds themselves these says have ranged from 2-4days rather then my usual 5days. I had bloodwork and my hcg came back as 102...which the gynae said was too low for 6weeks and I was probably less then 5weeks which made no sense. Anyway long story short I'm so anxious. Had more bloods today and get results tomorrow and the hope is my HCG has doubled and I find out my progesterone level. But in my scan the gynae could not see a sac or an embryo but I am definitely pregnant. So my outcomes were possibly non. Grownth, miscarriage or ectopic pregnancy. Ofcourse the actual diagnosis cannot be given until this blood result comes so stressed. I'm not bleeding or spotting.....but my bbs still hurt and I still feel nauseous. But aside from that I don't know what to think, if a gestational sac appears then maybe I ovulated later, but I been logging. When my partner and I have dtd, and I can see how sperm would have lived past the 72 hours as we had a gap after. Anyone else had anything similar?? Feeling like I'm the only one right now and I really want this bean.

bfp 11 dpo!

We're on month 4 of TTC, and reading everyone's stories has definitely got me through so I wanted to share mine!! I had tonnsss of ewcm this month so I was hopeful that this would be it! We bd'd 11/30, 12/2, 12/3, and 12/4 with O either on the 4th or 5th via clear blue advanced fertility monitor. 1dpo-5dpo nothing weird! 6dpo- couple sharp pains in the evening. Normal amount of wet cm 7dpo - couple sharp pains in left bb. 8dpo - bbs starting to get a bit sore, 9dpo - dull cramps started which is weird BC I normally don't get them till the first day of AF. BFN on frer. 10 dpo- BBS sore, more dull cramps, and kinda nauseous in the morning. Thought it was BC I took my prenatal in the morning vs. Evening, HUnGRY! Cm mostly dried up 11 dpo- cramps, feels like AF is gonna start, super hungry, nauseous this morning, and super irritable, BFP on FRER!! This month I took a baby asprin from O to 6 dpo to assist with implantation, drank cranberry juice every night during the same time period. :) I'm still kinda nervous that its so light. :( what do you girls think?

2 years and 5 months later ... BFP

I am still in shock and awe! I was at the point where I thought this was just never going to happen for us and was going to suggest seeing a fertility Dr. starting in the Spring. BUT, I was 1 day late and I thought what the heck, why not just take a test, you know it's going to be negative but at least you can stop thinking about it then... but it turned out to be a BFP +++! For months I had been planning this big creative way to announce to my husband, but as soon as I saw the '+' I came out of the bathroom and said I have something I need to show you and gave him the test!! Just to confirm for myself, I took another test, this time I used the digital one that tells you how far along you likely are (1-2 weeks). So, now I am patiently waiting for Monday to come so I can call the clinic and make my appointment with the Dr. to get "real" confirmation. =) It's funny, for 2 months before I was using OPK to get an exact date of ovulation, I had just ordered a thermometer and have it sitting on my night table. But in November we were going to be away over what I figured was my ovulaiton window so I thought I will just save the kit until the following month, and wait to start the temp testing too! Guess I don't need either now!! My symptoms during the TWW were: extremely tired (I am usually a night owl, but the last couple weeks I am in bed by 9:30-10 bc I am so tired), found that I was burping a lot, then on dpo 12-15 I had some abdominal cramping, lower back pain, sore/tender breasts only began on dpo 12-13, and was pretty irritable (exact same symptoms I get right before my period, that's why I thought I was gonna get a BFN). We are super excited, but trying to keep calm until I get the confirmation from my Dr. =) Good luck and baby vibes to all of you out there struggling, I sympathize with you, try to stay positive and know that it will happen!

BFP 13DPO after mmc in September

Yaaaay! So thrilled i can share here after reading all these amazing stories during my TWW to keep my hopes up. My story: My husband and I conceived in July on the third cycle of trying (first two weren't actively trying just "pulling the goalie" as they say, and the third cycle I tried opk's for the first time and got pregnant). In September at just over 9 weeks I had my first ultrasound and there was no heartbeat. :( It was a devastating blow but I'm aware of how common miscarriages are so in a strange way I wasn't shocked, I was more just very sad. I had a d&c a few days later at 10 weeks. My period came back exactly 29 days after the d&c and my husband and I were on a vacation in Europe. I was ready with opk's and drew a positive LH surge on the 14th day of my cycle while we were in Italy! I was soooo happy my cycle had normalized so quickly and thought for SURE we would conceive in Europe because we were in a good vacation mode and the first time I had used opk's, I had had success. Low and behold when we got home I got my period and I was pretty upset. I decided that I was going to take a more is a more approach on this cycle... I had been pretty chill trying to conceive in Europe because I wanted everything to feel easy but I've realized I'm a woman who likes a certain level of control and when I focus on something I tend to get good results. SO: We tried the SMEP plan—not down to the tee but pretty close. I used opk's because CM and CP give me no indication of when I will be ovulating. I don't really get EWCM so we also used Preseed for the key BD's. After I ovulated I started taking B6 (50mg) because I had done a lot of reading on mc's and prevention and luteal phase stuff and although my luteal phase wasn't CRAZY short the first cycle after the miscarriage—at 11 days—I figured supplementing with B6 couldn't hurt to possibly help lengthen LP. I didn't take B6 before O because I had read some cases where it caused delayed O. I also did some fertility yoga that I found on YouTube ( and did some meditation leading up to O. OK! So here was my obsessive symptom spotting during the TWW: 1-2dpo: nothing 3dpo: bit of nausea 4 dpo: quite present cramping, woke up in the morning remembering having cramps in the middle of the night (weeeeird, I never cramp between O and AF) 5dpo: slightly tender breasts, cramping and tugging feelings 6dpo: headache and stuffy nose, very emotional 7 dpo: weird dreams, stuffy nose, slight nausea, very tired 3-7dpo: creamy cm 8 dpo: cramping, restless legs, emotional, heavy feeling full breasts, more dreaming (I usually don't remember them), possible implantation bleed! SOOOO minimal, like a drop or two of pinkish/light light brownish cm (I never ever spot) 9 dpo: cramps/twinges 10 dpo: **took a blue dye line test (not Clearblue) in the morning BFN with a sliiiiight possibility of the faintest line known to man and only kind of visible when the photo is tweaked -- later in the day: bloating, full breasts, gums bled when I flossed which is weird because I floss a lot 11 dpo: **took a wondfo test BFN (but not FMU) and feeling discouraged because I tested positive with my first pregnancy at 11dpo! -- later in the day: more cramps, lots of twinges on the left side throughout TWW overall which was making me curious because I felt this when I had first conceived in July (on the same side!) 12dpo: period due date, no period!, cramps, decided to wait one more day to test with a digital so I didn't have to squint at lines 13dpo: woke up and remembered TWO dreams drawing a BFP... Ran to the bathroom and tested. ***BFP with a Clearblue Digital!!!*** "1-2 Weeks" I was so nervous when I took the test... After taking it I immediately got back into bed with my husband (and our dog too!) and made him turn it over after a few minutes. Needless to say we are overjoyed and praying for a sticky one this time! Planning on taking B6 until after the first trimester. So there you have it! Truly every pregnancy is different. I thought I was out because I didn't have a positive at 11dpo... Just gave it some time and listened to my instincts and stayed as calm as possible and prayyyyyed, omg did I pray. Good luck ladies!! xoxo <3 p.s. Just confirmed the pregnancy with a cheapie test from the dollar store. ;)

8 Years and 2 IUIs Later!! BFP!!!!

I'm a major stalker of this site, and you've all given me such hope for a BFP. I can't believe I'm posting my very own BFP story! I truly have so much to be thankful for in this Thanksgiving season. I'm 35 and my husband of eight years is 55. We have age working against us for sure and have been TTC ever since we got married. Over time, we've discovered a myriad of reversible health issues on both our parts. I've lost 150 pounds since fall 2013 and, though I'm still overweight, I'm at a range where pregnancy is not a terribly high risk. I had my first IUI this past September with only one mature follicle and progesterone at 13 on the day 7 check. It yielded a BFN. I had to skip a month due to my travel schedule, and our next IUI was done on November 11. This cycle, I took 200 mg of Clomid on CDs 3-7 and had a 250 mcg Ovidrel trigger shot the day before the IUI, although I was told I would probably ovulate that same day (November 10). I ended up with 3 big follicles, two on the right and one on the left. Here are my symptoms (or lack thereof): IUI/1DPT: Got a massage to relax, since I was so stressed about this process. 1DPIUI/2DPT: No symptoms. 2DPIUI/3DPT: No symptoms. 3DPIUI/4DPT: No symptoms. 4DPIUI/5DPT: Severe cramp in the big toe of my right foot. My toe involuntarily started pulling toward my knee and it HURT. No other strange happenings. 5DPIUI/6DPT: No symptoms. Tested out of Trigger. 6DPIUI/7DPT: No symptoms. 7DPIUI/8DPT: Progesterone tested at 25.1. No symptoms. 8DPIUI/9DPT: No symptoms. 9DPIUI/10DPT: Breasts starting to feel mildly tender, gassy, tired, freezing cold and sneezing like crazy. 10DPIUI/11DPT: Very light line on FRER. Runny nose, shooting pain down there (I told the nurse it felt like electric shocks). Nurse tells me it's probably still the Trigger. Very mild cramping, thumping sensation near uterus, mildly tender breasts, freezing cold and sneezing like crazy. 11DPIUI/12DPT: Line still there on FRER. Mildly tender breasts, shooting pain near right ovary, felt dizzy after running up 11 flights of stairs (abnormal for me). 12DPIUI/13DPT: Based on previous cycles, I should have started spotting by now or at least getting pink tinged CM, but nothing. Twinges and slight cramps, cheap HPT now showing light line, diarrhea, freezing cold and sneezing like crazy. 13DPIUI/14DPT: Lower back discomfort, burping, gassy, mild cramping, very aware of uterus. Lines on HPTs getting darker. 14DPIUI/15DPT: Bloodwork! Beta is 200 and progesterone is 46... good and pregnant! Gassy, jaw pain/tension (and I was surprised to learn that this is an early symptom), mild abdominal cramping, tired, already starting to pee like wild. AF isn't due for another two days, so I'm very pleased with my blood numbers so far. A few things I did differently this time were having a massage the day of the IUI, taking Robitussin, and eating lots of pineapple. However, I think this BFP is most attributable to my extra thick uterine lining the month and lots of mature follicles. Praise the Lord for the first BFP of our marriage!

BFP @ 15 dpo. SMEP.

This was second cycle TTC. DH and I are both 32. I decided to try to Sperm Meets Egg plan and it worked! Here's the breakdown: CD 1 - 5 - AF CD 6 - BD CD 8 - BD, Neg OPK CD 9 - Neg OPK CD 10 - BD, Neg OPK CD 11 - Neg OPK CD 12 - BD, Neg OPK CD 13, BD, Pos OPK CD 14 - BD - O DAY 1 DPO BD SMEP says to skip a day and BD one more time but we did not do that. 9 DPO - Implantation bleeding - I wiped and there was a little spot of blood which I found strange. I usually spot right before my AF and it's usually more than one spot. 10 DPO - Felt dizzy 11 DPO - Headache 12 DPO - Metallic taste in my mouth all day 13 DPO - Metallic taste and very thirsty 14 DPO - My breasts were a little sore on the sides. I never get sore breasts. 15 DPO - My temp went up a bit. Stretchy CM but very white, not clear. I'm usually dry before AF. Throughout the day my breasts were very sore so I knew I had to test. I held my pee in for 3 hours and bought a pregnancy test on the way home from work. BFP! This is our first pregnancy. Excited and hoping for a sticky baby! =)