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BFP Stories

Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP by Sperm Meets Egg Plan

The Sperm Meets Egg Plan is a very specific protocol designed to help couples achieve pregnancy. Here you’ll find the stories of ladies who’ve followed the program and come out the other side with a BFP in lieu of a diploma. Not too shabby…!

Enjoy the stories. And if you should get your BFP courtesy of the Sperm Meets Egg Plan, be sure to send it our way!

My BFP!! Unexpected

So beyond happy to finally get to post here!! My husband and I have been TTC five months (which ended up being four cycles, three of which I was charting - I wasn't ovulating until about CD30). This month I really didn't think it would happen, but here I am. Anyway, here it goes.
Day one through 5, nothing out of the ordinary (and other months I was always symptom spotting like crazy and had a million by day 3 haha). Just breast tenderness the first few days, which is always very typical post ovulation. On 6 dpo I had a little cramping which I attributed to having to go to the bathroom.
My temperature was fairly slow to rise this month and then I got a huge spike at 7dpo. That temp was 0.6 higher than I've ever had during a LP. Still didn't think too much of it - I just thought I must have a good progesterone response this month.
From 7 dpo to 11dpo I started noticing a few things. One, I was drinking twice the amount of water I usually do, and I already drink a ton. I was just constantly thirsty. That being said, my urine is usually completely clear but those days it wasn't, which I thought was weird with all the extra water I was drinking.
Aside from the water, I also had loose stools, and I'm always constipated before AF. My breasts were also still tender at 10 dpo, which was odd because they are always tender until 6-7 days and then nothing.
The morning of 10 dpo I was putting everything together and thought it was possible that I was pregnant. My LP was getting longer every month I charted after coming off BC (first month charting 7 days, then 9 days) so I wasn't even exactly sure when AF was expected.
At 11 dpo my breast tenderness almost entirely subsided and I had AF like cramps on and off - I was just sure AF was coming! I bawled to my husband about how "we'd never get pregnant". I thought, once again, I invented symptoms (thirst, looser stools) that was just a coincidence which made me overly hopeful. I went to bed that night wearing a pad because I was so sure I'd wake up with AF.
The next morning, I woke up with no AF. I was also surprised when my temperature was still elevated and my boobs were extremely tender again. Then I was just laying and bed and thinking some more about my odd symptoms that never happen before AF. Then I thought of something else. Every month 1-2 days before AF, I get extremely horny. Even if I'm tired, I want sex. This month, that didn't happen. With all of that, I decided to take a pregnancy test. I was trying not to be too hopeful, but sure enough, there was a (very faint) line. I was pregnant!!
I ended up taking another 2 days later because I wanted to make sure it was darkening and my levels were rising. Sure enough, the line was even darker!!
Good luck to everyone reading this story who is praying and hoping for that BFP!!! Baby dust :)

Missing Embryo, but still Preggers

I posted previously about having PCOS, adenomyosis and suspected endometriosis. I got my BFP on CD32, which was estimated 13dpo. I'm not 100%, but I took opk because I wanted to know when I ovulate, but fell pregnant either on 9or 11dec. Which my app predicted as my ov window.

Problem is I was having bad pains in my left groin area and went to A&E on 2 Jan. Which I thought I was borderline 6weeks or just under by a few days (again, irregular cycle)

My Av cycle is now 33/34 says. But used to be 28/29 and even 51.....but bleeds themselves these says have ranged from 2-4days rather then my usual 5days.

I had bloodwork and my hcg came back as 102...which the gynae said was too low for 6weeks and I was probably less then 5weeks which made no sense. Anyway long story short I'm so anxious. Had more bloods today and get results tomorrow and the hope is my HCG has doubled and I find out my progesterone level. But in my scan the gynae could not see a sac or an embryo but I am definitely pregnant. So my outcomes were possibly non. Grownth, miscarriage or ectopic pregnancy. Ofcourse the actual diagnosis cannot be given until this blood result comes so stressed. I'm not bleeding or spotting.....but my bbs still hurt and I still feel nauseous. But aside from that I don't know what to think, if a gestational sac appears then maybe I ovulated later, but I been logging. When my partner and I have dtd, and I can see how sperm would have lived past the 72 hours as we had a gap after.

Anyone else had anything similar?? Feeling like I'm the only one right now and I really want this bean.

bfp 11 dpo!

We're on month 4 of TTC, and reading everyone's stories has definitely got me through so I wanted to share mine!!

I had tonnsss of ewcm this month so I was hopeful that this would be it! We bd'd 11/30, 12/2, 12/3, and 12/4 with O either on the 4th or 5th via clear blue advanced fertility monitor.

1dpo-5dpo nothing weird!
6dpo- couple sharp pains in the evening. Normal amount of wet cm
7dpo - couple sharp pains in left bb.
8dpo - bbs starting to get a bit sore,
9dpo - dull cramps started which is weird BC I normally don't get them till the first day of AF. BFN on frer.
10 dpo- BBS sore, more dull cramps, and kinda nauseous in the morning. Thought it was BC I took my prenatal in the morning vs. Evening, HUnGRY! Cm mostly dried up
11 dpo- cramps, feels like AF is gonna start, super hungry, nauseous this morning, and super irritable, BFP on FRER!!

This month I took a baby asprin from O to 6 dpo to assist with implantation, drank cranberry juice every night during the same time period. :)

I'm still kinda nervous that its so light. :( what do you girls think?

2 years and 5 months later ... BFP

I am still in shock and awe! I was at the point where I thought this was just never going to happen for us and was going to suggest seeing a fertility Dr. starting in the Spring. BUT, I was 1 day late and I thought what the heck, why not just take a test, you know it's going to be negative but at least you can stop thinking about it then... but it turned out to be a BFP +++! For months I had been planning this big creative way to announce to my husband, but as soon as I saw the '+' I came out of the bathroom and said I have something I need to show you and gave him the test!! Just to confirm for myself, I took another test, this time I used the digital one that tells you how far along you likely are (1-2 weeks). So, now I am patiently waiting for Monday to come so I can call the clinic and make my appointment with the Dr. to get "real" confirmation. =)
It's funny, for 2 months before I was using OPK to get an exact date of ovulation, I had just ordered a thermometer and have it sitting on my night table. But in November we were going to be away over what I figured was my ovulaiton window so I thought I will just save the kit until the following month, and wait to start the temp testing too! Guess I don't need either now!!
My symptoms during the TWW were: extremely tired (I am usually a night owl, but the last couple weeks I am in bed by 9:30-10 bc I am so tired), found that I was burping a lot, then on dpo 12-15 I had some abdominal cramping, lower back pain, sore/tender breasts only began on dpo 12-13, and was pretty irritable (exact same symptoms I get right before my period, that's why I thought I was gonna get a BFN).
We are super excited, but trying to keep calm until I get the confirmation from my Dr. =)

Good luck and baby vibes to all of you out there struggling, I sympathize with you, try to stay positive and know that it will happen!

BFP 13DPO after mmc in September

Yaaaay! So thrilled i can share here after reading all these amazing stories during my TWW to keep my hopes up.

My story:
My husband and I conceived in July on the third cycle of trying (first two weren't actively trying just "pulling the goalie" as they say, and the third cycle I tried opk's for the first time and got pregnant). In September at just over 9 weeks I had my first ultrasound and there was no heartbeat. :( It was a devastating blow but I'm aware of how common miscarriages are so in a strange way I wasn't shocked, I was more just very sad. I had a d&c a few days later at 10 weeks. My period came back exactly 29 days after the d&c and my husband and I were on a vacation in Europe. I was ready with opk's and drew a positive LH surge on the 14th day of my cycle while we were in Italy! I was soooo happy my cycle had normalized so quickly and thought for SURE we would conceive in Europe because we were in a good vacation mode and the first time I had used opk's, I had had success. Low and behold when we got home I got my period and I was pretty upset. I decided that I was going to take a more is a more approach on this cycle... I had been pretty chill trying to conceive in Europe because I wanted everything to feel easy but I've realized I'm a woman who likes a certain level of control and when I focus on something I tend to get good results. SO: We tried the SMEP plan—not down to the tee but pretty close. I used opk's because CM and CP give me no indication of when I will be ovulating. I don't really get EWCM so we also used Preseed for the key BD's. After I ovulated I started taking B6 (50mg) because I had done a lot of reading on mc's and prevention and luteal phase stuff and although my luteal phase wasn't CRAZY short the first cycle after the miscarriage—at 11 days—I figured supplementing with B6 couldn't hurt to possibly help lengthen LP. I didn't take B6 before O because I had read some cases where it caused delayed O. I also did some fertility yoga that I found on YouTube ( and did some meditation leading up to O.

OK! So here was my obsessive symptom spotting during the TWW:
1-2dpo: nothing
3dpo: bit of nausea
4 dpo: quite present cramping, woke up in the morning remembering having cramps in the middle of the night (weeeeird, I never cramp between O and AF)
5dpo: slightly tender breasts, cramping and tugging feelings
6dpo: headache and stuffy nose, very emotional
7 dpo: weird dreams, stuffy nose, slight nausea, very tired
3-7dpo: creamy cm
8 dpo: cramping, restless legs, emotional, heavy feeling full breasts, more dreaming (I usually don't remember them), possible implantation bleed! SOOOO minimal, like a drop or two of pinkish/light light brownish cm (I never ever spot)
9 dpo: cramps/twinges
10 dpo: **took a blue dye line test (not Clearblue) in the morning BFN with a sliiiiight possibility of the faintest line known to man and only kind of visible when the photo is tweaked -- later in the day: bloating, full breasts, gums bled when I flossed which is weird because I floss a lot
11 dpo: **took a wondfo test BFN (but not FMU) and feeling discouraged because I tested positive with my first pregnancy at 11dpo! -- later in the day: more cramps, lots of twinges on the left side throughout TWW overall which was making me curious because I felt this when I had first conceived in July (on the same side!)
12dpo: period due date, no period!, cramps, decided to wait one more day to test with a digital so I didn't have to squint at lines
13dpo: woke up and remembered TWO dreams drawing a BFP... Ran to the bathroom and tested. ***BFP with a Clearblue Digital!!!*** "1-2 Weeks" I was so nervous when I took the test... After taking it I immediately got back into bed with my husband (and our dog too!) and made him turn it over after a few minutes. Needless to say we are overjoyed and praying for a sticky one this time! Planning on taking B6 until after the first trimester.

So there you have it! Truly every pregnancy is different. I thought I was out because I didn't have a positive at 11dpo... Just gave it some time and listened to my instincts and stayed as calm as possible and prayyyyyed, omg did I pray.

Good luck ladies!! xoxo <3

p.s. Just confirmed the pregnancy with a cheapie test from the dollar store. ;)

8 Years and 2 IUIs Later!! BFP!!!!

I'm a major stalker of this site, and you've all given me such hope for a BFP. I can't believe I'm posting my very own BFP story! I truly have so much to be thankful for in this Thanksgiving season.

I'm 35 and my husband of eight years is 55. We have age working against us for sure and have been TTC ever since we got married. Over time, we've discovered a myriad of reversible health issues on both our parts. I've lost 150 pounds since fall 2013 and, though I'm still overweight, I'm at a range where pregnancy is not a terribly high risk.

I had my first IUI this past September with only one mature follicle and progesterone at 13 on the day 7 check. It yielded a BFN. I had to skip a month due to my travel schedule, and our next IUI was done on November 11. This cycle, I took 200 mg of Clomid on CDs 3-7 and had a 250 mcg Ovidrel trigger shot the day before the IUI, although I was told I would probably ovulate that same day (November 10). I ended up with 3 big follicles, two on the right and one on the left.

Here are my symptoms (or lack thereof):

IUI/1DPT: Got a massage to relax, since I was so stressed about this process.

1DPIUI/2DPT: No symptoms.

2DPIUI/3DPT: No symptoms.

3DPIUI/4DPT: No symptoms.

4DPIUI/5DPT: Severe cramp in the big toe of my right foot. My toe involuntarily started pulling toward my knee and it HURT. No other strange happenings.

5DPIUI/6DPT: No symptoms. Tested out of Trigger.

6DPIUI/7DPT: No symptoms.

7DPIUI/8DPT: Progesterone tested at 25.1. No symptoms.

8DPIUI/9DPT: No symptoms.

9DPIUI/10DPT: Breasts starting to feel mildly tender, gassy, tired, freezing cold and sneezing like crazy.

10DPIUI/11DPT: Very light line on FRER. Runny nose, shooting pain down there (I told the nurse it felt like electric shocks). Nurse tells me it's probably still the Trigger. Very mild cramping, thumping sensation near uterus, mildly tender breasts, freezing cold and sneezing like crazy.

11DPIUI/12DPT: Line still there on FRER. Mildly tender breasts, shooting pain near right ovary, felt dizzy after running up 11 flights of stairs (abnormal for me).

12DPIUI/13DPT: Based on previous cycles, I should have started spotting by now or at least getting pink tinged CM, but nothing. Twinges and slight cramps, cheap HPT now showing light line, diarrhea, freezing cold and sneezing like crazy.

13DPIUI/14DPT: Lower back discomfort, burping, gassy, mild cramping, very aware of uterus. Lines on HPTs getting darker.

14DPIUI/15DPT: Bloodwork! Beta is 200 and progesterone is 46... good and pregnant! Gassy, jaw pain/tension (and I was surprised to learn that this is an early symptom), mild abdominal cramping, tired, already starting to pee like wild.

AF isn't due for another two days, so I'm very pleased with my blood numbers so far.

A few things I did differently this time were having a massage the day of the IUI, taking Robitussin, and eating lots of pineapple. However, I think this BFP is most attributable to my extra thick uterine lining the month and lots of mature follicles.

Praise the Lord for the first BFP of our marriage!

BFP @ 15 dpo. SMEP.

This was second cycle TTC. DH and I are both 32. I decided to try to Sperm Meets Egg plan and it worked!

Here's the breakdown:

CD 1 - 5 - AF
CD 6 - BD
CD 8 - BD, Neg OPK
CD 9 - Neg OPK
CD 10 - BD, Neg OPK
CD 11 - Neg OPK
CD 12 - BD, Neg OPK
CD 13, BD, Pos OPK
CD 14 - BD - O DAY

SMEP says to skip a day and BD one more time but we did not do that.

9 DPO - Implantation bleeding - I wiped and there was a little spot of blood which I found strange. I usually spot right before my AF and it's usually more than one spot.
10 DPO - Felt dizzy
11 DPO - Headache
12 DPO - Metallic taste in my mouth all day
13 DPO - Metallic taste and very thirsty
14 DPO - My breasts were a little sore on the sides. I never get sore breasts.
15 DPO - My temp went up a bit. Stretchy CM but very white, not clear. I'm usually dry before AF. Throughout the day my breasts were very sore so I knew I had to test. I held my pee in for 3 hours and bought a pregnancy test on the way home from work. BFP!

This is our first pregnancy. Excited and hoping for a sticky baby! =)

BFP at 10 DPO (with a hint at 9dpo) with few symptoms

EEEK! I don't really believe this is happening, but four brands of tests can't lie to you, right?!

I had almost no definite symptoms- most were pretty typical of ever tww for me.

1-3 dpo: nothing
4 dpo: Possible implantation day. Temp dip, lots of typical (for me) luteal phase symptoms- slightly sore boobs, sore legs, gas, etc. Had a major hot flash that night- my face was burning up, and my temp spiked 3 degrees higher than that morning.
5 dpo: streak of blood in cm, temp went back to normal, dull ache in bbs, small amount of creamy cm when I'm usually dry
6-7 dpo: more of the previous listed symptoms, but nothing unusual for me, more creamy cm
8 dpo:started feeling crampy up high, around my stomach, like gas pains, felt like my belly button was being tugged inward, creamy cm
9 dpo: very very faint BFP on wondfo, creamy cm
10 dpo: BFP (faint) on Wonfo, Answer, Dollar store, and FRER

Until I felt the tug on my belly button, I was convinced this month was a bust. That cramping was something I hadn't experienced before and was my first clue that something might be going on in there.

Things we did differently this time:
* BD'd like crazy. The two previous months, we BD'd 2-3 times in the fertile window and that was it, due to travel and other complications. This month, we pretty much BD'd two days on, two days off from AF to ovulation. It was loosely based on sperm meets egg.
* I used OPKs for the first time this month. Turns out I ovulated almost a week after I thought I did. If you're on the fence, get some! I used the wondfo cheapies from amazon and they worked great for me.
* Drank Herb-Lore Pre-conception tea from AF to Ovulation
* I did buy some preseed, but we only used it once- 5 days before ovulation, so I don't know that it made a difference.
* Stuck a pillow under my butt after BD for 30-60 minutes. I found there was less leakage if I laid on my side with the pillow under my hip
* I have been taking a pre-natal vitamin for 4 months, but recently added a slow release iron (just in the last 6 days)

And... I think that's it! Now to find a way to tell the hubby!

SMEP worked!

This is my second cycle trying to conceive and we trI'd the SMEP this time and it worked! In addition, this cycle, I laid in bed all night after BD because I forgot to buy soft cups. I also drank healthy cycle tea to help regulate my cycle and used OPK's starting at CD 11. I O'd on either CD 16 or 17. We also used Preseed. I am now 11dpo.

I am thanking God for this blessing and trying to stay positive as I fear an ectopic pregnancy. I had one 5 years ago before DH and I got married.

I will schedule an appt for blood work this week.

Thinking about everyone out there and your TTC journey! Best wishes and plenty of baby dust!

Blessed with BFP after MC

Hi there, Ladies!

I am super excited to share my symptoms with you!! DH and I have been trying for a long time for baby #1. We were really excited earlier this year when I had my first BFP. Sadly, that pregnancy ended with a MC at 5 weeks. We took a month off after, then got right back to trying. Several months later, and I have another BFP. I haven't told DH yet because my HCG numbers were a bit low (37 at 12 DPO), and I wanted to make sure they doubled before I got him all excited. Today, I got the results from my 14 DPO blood draw--146! My numbers are definitely doubling! I really hope that they doubled appropriately, and that they stay where they need to be. I am definitely nervous, scared, and excited. I definitely lost some of the blissful innocence of pregnancy with my MC. All around me, people are having babies, and we have been the couple silently trying for longer than most of those around us. We have been the subject of innocent jokes, casual conversation, intrusive prodding, etc. It can be really hurtful sometimes, but I thank God that I have been blessed with an incredible husband, who has been so loving, warm, and kind to me.

As far as the pregnancy, I literally knew from the day after O. I had different post O symptoms, and that really gave it away for me. Ok, here are the symptoms!! :)

CD 16 O: I definitely felt O. I am a total chart addict, so I knew exactly when we should O. I also use the Pearly Fertility Monitor. We BD on O night. We randomly decided to try the Shettle's Method--more as an experiment than anything. Gotta keep this baby-making interesting! ;)

1 DPO: Nothing--no nipple soreness that I normally have post O. HUGE sign to me. I ALWAYS have nipple soreness. It's how I know that I am post O, even before my chart shows crosshairs. The only thing that I had was a stuffy nose and some heart flutters in the late evening.

2 DPO: I felt crampy. I NEVER get cramps, even before AF--huge sign. I am gluten-intolerant (non-Celiac, blood diagnosed), and I felt like I had eaten a bunch of gluten.

3 DPO: I wanted bell peppers like they were the most amazingly delicious food to ever be grown. I also took a two-hour, dead-to-the-world-I-hope-the-house-doesn't-burn nap. Still no sore BBs. I had a really stuffy nose. Some cramps still. Very unusual. Definitely knew something was up. So tired. I also started getting super vivid dreams. I would wake up exhausted from how real they seemed.

4 DPO: During another crazy deep nap, I woke up hot and sweaty--kind of like what I imagine menopausal women have at night. My heart was also racing. It wasn't "that" kind of vivid dream, either. ;) I was also craving more strange food. Like, I had to have it. My hips were achey. I was dizzy, tired, and peed nonstop. I had a stuffy nose, but an increased sense of smell.

5 DPO: Slept in. I was really flushed, even DH noticed it. I was flushed even on my back and arms. More CM. Dizziness, frequent urination, STARVING, small cramp, could smell everything, and more vivid dreams.

6 DPO: More CM. I was taking a nap, and I had this freaky electric pain radiating all around my rib cage. It woke me up, and I freaked out and left the house (figuring, of course, I was about to die at home alone of some freaky heart thing or something). It lasted about 15 minutes. My heart was also racing. It made me really anxious. Still tired. Started feeling O pain again--odd. I also started to get the metallic taste in my mouth that we all hear about. My throat was sore and I could smell everything again, even with a stuffy nose. Vivd dreams again.

7 DPO: UTI--lame! Restless sleep, can't fall asleep. Lightly tender BBs. My dr. had me take a urine preg. test, and it wasn't positive or negative she said. She sent blood work out--negative. I KNEW it was wrong. I even told them on the phone that it was wrong, and I would be getting more done later. I felt pressure in my lower abdomen. I felt hot, my mouth felt hot, and I was flushed. I was super tired, had a headache/mild nausea. The metallic taste has continued. Vivd dreams, again. My teeth also were more sensitive.

8 DPO: So thirsty in the middle of the night...screwed up my temps! Lame. HUGE backache...all of my muscles locked up in my back for no reason. Really unusual. Only a slight right side cramp. Starting to feel out, but knowing I wasn't. Still tired. Frequent urination, assumed to be a UTI thing. Couldn't sleep. Stuffy nose.

9 DPO: Right side cramp. Feeling out. Felt TERRIBLE at workout. I couldn't get through it. I felt like I was going to have an asthma attack, but I don't have asthma. I usually rock this class, but I couldn't get through it. Even the instructor noticed, and took it easy on me. Took a test. Super faint, probably line eyed, line. I had heartburn (huge sign with BFP with last pregnancy).