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BFP Stories

Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP by Sperm Meets Egg Plan

The Sperm Meets Egg Plan is a very specific protocol designed to help couples achieve pregnancy. Here you’ll find the stories of ladies who’ve followed the program and come out the other side with a BFP in lieu of a diploma. Not too shabby…!

Enjoy the stories. And if you should get your BFP courtesy of the Sperm Meets Egg Plan, be sure to send it our way!

BFP after MMC

I hope this BFP story turns into a LO story in December. I'm feeling so tentatively happy and mixed up and grateful to the ladies who shared their stories on here. It helped me keep my hopes up and got my through the TTC slog!! (it is a hard slog sometimes). I had my MMC in November last year - didn't know anything was wrong until my 12 week scan, had lost it at 8 weeks. I had an ERPC and then it took ages -48 days for my cycle to return. Before this my AF's were irregular anyway - maybe about 30-35 days but had been lengthening up to 40 and I was worried about what on earth was going on. So after the first AF post MC my cycle seemed to be almost text-book about 28-29 days - which was strange but I hoped would help our chances. I still seemed to be ovulating fairly late though - so had started to think about seeing the Dr and asking if I had a luteal phase problem. Anyway this month was the month I was going to go to the Dr and pester them into giving me clomid or progesterone or something to make me feel I was doing my utmost to help things along. For the year we'd been trying (excluding the 3 months I was pg) I had been testing with OPKs. Post MC I had ordered pre-seed and instead softcups but the DH got fed up with the pre-seed and asked to go back to au naturel lol! I found the softcups handy (a little uncomfortable) for being able to get up soon after dtd and not feeling guilty for going about your normal day. I also took l-arginine, a good multi vit, omega 3, 6, and 9, and I'm not religious but I did sometimes ask the little star we lost to help us to get to this point. I also read the SMEP and tried to follow the guidelines for us at the older end of the TTC gang (37 and partner 38). Anyway - I felt much more pregnant the other months that I had BFN's so I didn't trust my symptoms at all this time. I did notice that I was bloated and my ankles were starting to swell about 7 DPO. At around the same time (warning tmi) I got a bit constipated and was laughing at being the same as another story on here who called her BM's deer pellets lol! I also had to go to bed at 20.30 because I was so tired at DPO 12. Got BFN on 9 DPO and again on 11 DPO, but still felt something was 'up', so decided to try at 14 DPO and got a faint but undeniable line. It was a fairly cheap test so the next day bought the clearblue conception indicator tests and took another cheapish test that day (as couldn't test fmu) and it was slightly darker. Then tested with the Clearblue today and got the longed for word 'Pregnant' and weeks since conception 1-2. Just hope that this is a happy and healthy 9 mths and that some of my worries and fears will go away when I get that first scan. Thank you and don't give up. I was as low as it's possible to be with my loss and I want to tell people who've felt that to not give up, believe in your strength and do whatever you have to to get through the 2ww - most of all be kind and gentle to yourself and keep hoping. xxxx

Finally BFP!! First month trying vitex :)

So first off ..... OMG I'm pregnant!! Been reading sites like this for 6 years with no luck . For years I used everything from the cbfm to the Internet , nothing, finally after months if heartbreak I decided to try vitex before using medical assistance , and I'm freaking pregnant!!

Here's how I took it, went to gnc and bought a bottle of the pills , took two pills twice a day from cycle day one to cycle day 15 (have a 30 day cycle so half of my cycle) I od on the 18, lots of ewcm

My first symptom, boobs sore from day of o till now

Also I had very dramatic PMS for this whole time, ccrampy , moody , headaches, , sore full boobs, exhausted, completely totally exhausted. These were between 10 dpo till now

A week around when af was due I was all of the above plus starving and a little nasaous if I didn't eat, definitely always hungry and the weird one a lot of my hair is coming out, I knew I was preg as I had this when I was preg with dd 12 yrs ago

So if you've thought about trying vitex I say do it!! Def worked for me!! Still can't believe I'm pregnant!! Took 4 boxes of tests to be sure LoL. Good luck an hope I helped someone I know this site has helped me.

We are so excited were having a baby !!

Bfp on 3 round

Hey ladies!! I got my bpf on 100 mg of clomid just 2 days ago. I have did 3 rounds totally. First 2 rounds was 20mg which I did not ovulated the last round was 100mgs and that's what help me with my bfp. I'm not that far along since I tested at 11 dpo and got a faint line on 6 test so far. My first appointment is tomorrow. I think I'm 3weeks and 5 days. My main symptom were stomach and ovary pain on both sides. I've also had sore bbs but they are not bad. Today I'm having back pains. I hoping for only one but will be happy with what God bless me with.

BFP one cycle after MC

I am so thrilled to be posting my BFP story here. I was on this site almost everyday of my TWW reading stories and praying it would be my turn soon.
I had an MC and D&C on the 18th of January 2014. We were devastated, but God has a reason for everything. On the 22nd of February, 5 weeks after D&C, I got my first AF, and I was ready to get trying again. We did the sperm meets egg plan, and we used Clearblue easy read OPKs and Preseed. I got a smiley face on the 11th of March, so here is my symptoms by DPO:
1DBO: Excess saliva, sore boobs all day! Right and left side abdominal pains, serious nausea and heartburn, sensitive to smells, low back ache (Talk about the whole shebang!) I got my smiley face on the clear blue OPK

O day: same as yesterday but with terrible nausea, very emotional and nipples were painful. Negative OPK today.

1DPO: Slight right side abdominal pains, pain in left boob, I still have a lot of watery CM (My version of fertile CM)

2DPO: Woke up with a migraine and nausea, slight cramps (Left and right sides), lower back pains, very irritable. I had car sickness on the way to work, boobs are sore on and off, mainly under my arms, CM is still very wet- a combination of watery and creamy.

3DPO: Woke up with a little nausea, some right sided abdominal pains, sore boobs through the day,uncomfortable cramping and lower back pains, CM same as yesterday, migraine.

4DPO: Headache in the morning, on and off boob pains, CM is less and more creamy and chunky. beginning to feel tired.

5DPO: Sore boobs (My anthem), on and of AF type cramps, panties are damp and CM is creamy, feel hungry soon after eating, some nipple pain.

6DPO: Woke up with severe pain in left breast, some sharp right sided abdominal pains, shortness of breathe, major car sickness and general morning nausea.

7DPO: Woke up soooo tired, all I wanted to do was sleep, symptoms are much less, I'm basically just tired and miserable, and of cause, sore boobs.

8DPO: Tired, boobs are bigger and heavy and sore on and off, CM is creamy and not so much,still cramping, salivating a lot,heartburn and nausea that feels like a light hangover.. later in the evening I had major hot flashes, became sensitive to the smell of petrol and potatoes, felt some pulling in my abdomen.

9DPO: Had terrible tummy pains last night, pulling in abdomen, boobs feel even bigger and heavier with some bumps around the nipples.

10DPO: Woke up with a headache, boobs sore on the sides, pulling in abdomen. tested with cheap strip and thought I saw something, disregarded it as BFN.

11DPO: Same story as yesterday except that now I have so much CM I can feel it gushing out of me when I walk or stand, need to wear panty liner. tested again on cheapie strip, line is faint but there, I still don't trust the cheapies.

12DPO: Same thing as yesterday, Feel so bloated and uncomfortable, Goodbye appetite! Got some nausea today and craving beef stew. so i went to buy a proper test cause I don't trust cheapies, and lo and behold, my BFP! So thrilled!

I prayed so much after our MC that God heal my body and give us a child. I specifically asked for a March BFP and God is faithful. I trust Him and i know this is our baby. Baby dust to all you ladies out there. Don't give up!

My BFP Story!!

DH and I are 28 and we decided that after a few months of trying with no results we would try the SMEP. This to me seemed like a great way to find out what may be going wrong in our efforts before looking into anything more serious. Here's my timeline:
Feb 11- cd1
we got off to a bad start at the beginning not BDing all of the suggested days.. We did on CD 9, 12, 15
feb 26 CD 16- this is the day my phone app predicted I would ovulate. I got what I thought was positive opk and BD CD 16 and 17 BUT..
feb 27 CD 17- The positive was just if it was read wrong or I caught the end. I figured I was out for the month but I kept taking opk just incase I was reading it wrong.
THEN I got what looked like another positive on CD 19 so we BDed that day and the next 2 days.
I very much felt that I ovulated on this day which was March 1st, and realized that perhaps I ovulate a little later in my cycle than what I had been thinking and this was probably what held us back so far.

Anyway, I really didn't show many symptoms. I was pretty tired but other than that...nothing much as different and I figured I was still out for the month. I never saw any implantation signs and didn't track my early days.

at 9 dpo I had some slight cramping and figured AF was coming early.
11 dpo - I am still cramping but no early AF and I normally only cramp right before the which shows up. So I told myself..well I will just take a test and find out what kind of cramps these are... and I got a faint line. I sent that to my BFF and she told me that the faint line wasn't cutting I posted on here and got supportive answers!!
I tested again 12 dpo and 13 dpo.
the line got darker!!
by 13 dpo I was puking at work.
at 14 dpo my clear blue digital came up pregnant for the first time! On this day I almost upchucked from smelling this fruity soap we have in the break room. lol.

We are so excited:)
Best of luck to all of you!!

BFP month after laparoscopy and hysteroscopy

1st bfp 07/2012, mc 5 weeks. Then took 3 cycles clomid. Switched docs and new doc suspected polyp and endometriosis might be problem. Had laparoscopy and hysteroscopy on 01/16/14. Doc removed polyp and endometriosis. Was diagnosed with mild endo. Menstrual cycle started 01/18/14. Ovulated cd 20. On 2/19/14 had bad cramps and bit of pinkish blood followed by brown spotting. Thought it was af but full flow never came. Got curious and took test two days later 02/21/14. Got bfp! Me 36 yoa, Dh 32.
Good luck gals. Sometimes the journey is way longer than expected but don't lose hope! Baby dust to you all!

BFP After TTC For 1 Month With PCOS and Hypothyroidism

I was diagnosed with PCOS about one year ago. The OBGYN I saw at that time thrust a brochure about PCOS at me, told me if the symptoms were bothersome she could prescribe me birth control, that it would take a long time for me to become pregnant, and ushered me out the door. I was devastated because even though DH and I were not ready to TTC at the time, I did eventually want children and was no longer sure if that would or could become a reality. I also found out I have Hashimoto's hypothyroidism - so a double whammy for possible issues with fertility. I took things into my own hands, did some research, and began charting my BBT. I learned alot about my body over that year of charting. It did appear based on BBT that I was ovulating on my own almost every month although nearly every cycle I had 3-7 days of spotting prior to AF and tended to ovulate later (CD 17-21). I also noted large fluctuations in my luteal phase. I do also have other symptoms of PCOS although all bloodwork came back pretty normal. I began taking Vitex in January 2014. DH was unaware but we timed intercourse using the SMEP and used PreSeed even though I never did get a positive OPK (I have a very short LH surge). All other signs confirmed that I ovulated on February 2, 2014 (CD 15) and I got my BFP on Feb. 13.

My symptoms by DPO:

1-5 DPO - Nothing out of the ordinary
6 DPO - Went to urgent care due to upper respiratory issues and was diagnosed with bronchitis. Honestly, thought I would be out due to sickness but got the MD to prescribe a safe antibiotic just in case.
7 DPO - Hot flashes but thought it was due to bronchitis infection
8 DPO - Really strange sensation in uterus; almost like it was closing up or squeezing just weird sensation I had never felt before- this made me pause but test with Wondfo IC was BFN
9 DPO - Tiny amount of tannish, stringy CM when wiping. I might have missed it if I wasn't looking for signs of pregnancy. Figured I was about to start spotting like always prior to AF but thought maybe IB
10 DPO - Nothing noticeable
11 DPO - Tested with FMU with Wondfo IC. Was 100% expecting a BFN and had to rub my eyes when I realized a second line had shown up. Dipped a FRER with same urine and also a clear BFP! Pinching and Cramping in uterus on/off all day and diarrhea. No appetite, boobs slightly sore, and can smell everything.
12 DPO - Valentine's Day. Wondfo IC and FRER still BFP!!! Pinching and Cramping in uterus on/off all day, hot flashes but also get cold easily, face flushed at times, woke up sweating. Again no appetite and slight soreness in boobs that comes and goes. Surprised DH with BFP FRER sticks!
13 DPO - All tests still BFP and slightly thicker/pinker lines. Still cramping on and off in uterus and hot/cold flashes. No real appetite. Boobs are not as tender today but I do occasionally feel this weird tingly sensation in them.

Obviously after my experience with that OBGYN I am still in shock that I got my BFP so quickly. I just wanted to share my story to encourage others who may be in the same situation. Its still early so I am cautiously optimistic that everything will progress normally but it just shows that Doctors are not always right and God is the One in control!

Miracle BFP!

My hubby and I tried to get pregnant in 2012 for 8 months with no luck. Even had two rounds of Clomid, I got cystic acne, and everything was a mess. I went back on the pill in OCt or Nov. In Dec 2013 I had surgery and a HSG. I found out I have Mild endo, plus was diagnosed with PCOS years ago. I am 30 years old. I got my period in Jan like normal. I started taking Prenatals with Inositol in it, and also take Fish oil, Vit D, COQ10, and Calcium. I had been on the supplements about a month. I was going to start Vitex if I didn't get my period in Feb..Well Feb 10th 2014, I got my BFP!!!

Mon Feb 10, 2014 Cycle Jan 08, 2014 CD34 13DPO
BMS, Nipples sensitive, DARK PEE. cramps.
98.72F at 08:45am, HPT+, Tender Breasts, Bloated, Nausea, Fatigue, Constipation, Backache, Dizziness

Sun Feb 09, 2014 Cycle Jan 08, 2014 CD33 12DPO
Really bad cramps. A couple brown mixed discharge this am and then pink with one red glob. Sensitive nipples, so bloated, a little weight gain. Peeing a lot. Beyond cranky tonight. Low grade fever and lots of cramps. Some dizziness.
98.43F at 09:00am, Creamy CM, , Bloated, Fatigue, Frequent Urination, Headache, Skin Break-Out, Constipation, Backache, Cramps, Heartburn

Sat Feb 08, 2014 Cycle Jan 08, 2014 CD32 11DPO
Peeing a lot. Bad cramps.
98.18F at 09:00am, Creamy CM, Bloated, Frequent Urination, Headache, Skin Break-Out, Constipation, Backache, Cramps, Increased Appetite

Fri Feb 07, 2014 Cycle Jan 08, 2014 CD31 10DPO
Arm pain-bad cramps-bad back pain- sad-
97.96F at 09:00am, Creamy CM, HPT-, Headache, Constipation, Backache, Dizziness, Cramps

Thu Feb 06, 2014 Cycle Jan 08, 2014 CD30 9DPO
Headache-itching-oily itchy scalp and face- heavy bladder-cramping-bms-peeing every 15 mins
98.24F at 09:00am, Creamy CM, Fatigue, Frequent Urination, Headache, Skin Break-Out, Gassy, Cramps, Increased Appetite

Wed Feb 05, 2014 Cycle Jan 08, 2014 CD29 8DPO
Sneezing a lot-minor runny nose-bms and dry mouth-pimple-cramping ish-ears clogged-minor pain top/ sides by arm pit/boob sore-arms hurt-headache-thirsty-sharp abdominal pain left side -sharp pains in vagina-yellow discharge- dry mouth but also drooling-heartburn tonight badly-restless.
98.51F at 09:00am, Creamy CM, Bloated, Irritability, Nausea, Fatigue, Frequent Urination, Headache, Skin Break-Out, Gassy, Diarrhea, Backache, Dizziness, Cramps, Increased Appetite

Tue Feb 04, 2014 Cycle Jan 08, 2014 CD28 7DPO
Headache, bms, dry mouth, pimple, backache, cramps. Dizzy, hungry, tired. Bloated/pooch. Ears popping
98.33F at 09:00am, Sticky CM, Bloated, Irritability, Nausea, Fatigue, Frequent Urination, Headache, Skin Break-Out, Gassy, Constipation, Backache, Dizziness, Cramps, Increased Appetite, Heartburn

Mon Feb 03, 2014 Cycle Jan 08, 2014 CD27 6DPO
Wake up at 4am starving last three days. Mouth burning severe. Ears clogged and popping. BMS. Creamy/sticky CM. Dizzy and tired. Headache, and sick to stomach. Low blood sugar symptoms &Shakes.possible yeast infection? Oily scalp and skin. Dandruff scalp. emo. A couple mins of butt/tailbone pain. arms so achy, and dry mouth.
98.51F at 09:00am, Creamy CM, Bloated, Sleep Deprived, Irritability, Nausea, Fatigue, Frequent Urination, Headache, Gassy, Diarrhea, Backache, Dizziness, Cramps, Increased Appetite, Heartburn

Sun Feb 02, 2014 Cycle Jan 08, 2014 CD26 5DPO
Cramp on left lower abdomen. Painful arms. Insomnia and wake early. Bad vidid dreams. Gas. Frequent urination. Itchy scalp and oily skin. Pimples. Tearful watching gabby movie. Bms. ears clogged and popping. Left ear hard hearing. Emo, cried like three times when watching tv (was not sad).
98.69F at 08:45am, Sticky CM, Bloated, Sleep Deprived, Fatigue, Frequent Urination, Headache, Skin Break-Out, Gassy, Backache, Dizziness, Cramps, Increased Appetite

Sat Feb 01, 2014 Cycle Jan 08, 2014 CD25 4DPO
nips, cramping, back pain, corners of mouth dry, runny nose and sneezing. Oily skin and scalp. I can smell everything. Sighing none stop. Increased arm aches. Bright pee.
98.33F at 09:00am, Creamy CM, Tender Breasts, Bloated, Irritability, Fatigue, Headache, Gassy, Backache, Cramps, Increased Appetite, Heartburn

Fri Jan 31, 2014 Cycle Jan 08, 2014 CD24 3DPO
Flutters lower abdomen, breast full, nipples soreness, hungry, oily skin and hair. Good mood. Strong smells and food taste bad.
98.12F at 09:00am, Sticky CM, Tender Breasts, Bloated, High Energy, Irritability, Nausea, Frequent Urination, Headache, Constipation, Cramps, Increased Appetite, Heartburn

Thu Jan 30, 2014 Cycle Jan 08, 2014 CD23 2DPO
Sneezing and runny nose. Nips hurt and itch. BMS, oily skin and hair. Smell everything.
98.17F at 09:00am, Egg White CM, Tender Breasts, Nausea, Fatigue, Headache, Constipation, Cramps, Increased Appetite

BFP on VITEX with SPOTTING While Breastfeeding a Toddler!

Hi everyone!

I'm so excited to share my BFP story after 5 months TTC! I'm currently breastfeeding my 21 month old and didn't actually get my first post-partum period until my LO was 16 months old. Before my period came back, I decided to start Vitex because I had heard that it can kickstart your period by lowering blood prolactin levels and increasing your progesterone, and my DH and I REALLY wanted to start TTC Baby #2. I also night weaned him the same month. After THREE WEEKS ONLY on Vitex (and one week of night-weaning), my period came back!! I was overjoyed, and immediately started tracking temperatures and doing OPKs religiously. My first few cycles were pretty normal, but with short LPs. The last few months things seemed to have gone back to normal, with O day gradually getting earlier. I don't have too much CM, so I used ROBITUSSIN 6 days before O day and one day after, and I also used PRE-SEED and SOFTCUPS every time we BD. FYI my normal cycles are 30-31 days and I always have a very short LH surge, lasting <24 hours based on clearblue digital opks (smiley). This cycle I decided not to test until 14 dpo because I was sick of seeing BFNs every month! Here is the super detailed breakdown of my cycle and BFP!

We BD on CD 9, 10, 12, 14, 16 x 2, 17.

CD 14: BD
CD 16 (Ovulation day): TEMP DIP (35.5), POSITIVE OPK 8am, BD TWICE at 7am and 12am (late that night), opk negative by 2pm.
CD 17 (1dpo): TEMP SPIKE (36.3), BD 1pm
CD 18-20: Some left side ovary stabs throughout day
CD 21 (5dpo): Wave of nausea, bad migraine, hot flash around lunch
CD 22 (6dpo): Some nausea in am, EXTREMELY tired, some mild backache, possible heartburn, copious wet cm, repeated muscle spasms in right hip
CD 23 (7dpo): Full feeling in abdomen, some left boob stabs, gagging when changing poopy diaper (rarely happens anymore)
CD 24 (8dpo): Felt nausea upon waking, horrid migraine all day and night, some random uterus stabs throughout day, seemed to be more on left side
CD 25 (9dpo): BROWN SPOTTING (three streaks on undies), very strong smelling urine- almost sweet, could smell immediately midstream, at night water tasted like sour milk to me (had hubby taste it and fine to him)
CD 26 (10dpo): BROWN SPOTTING (brown tinged CM on toilet paper), back and leg ache, feel like period is coming, very strong smelling urine again, tender nipples after nursing
CD 27 (11dpo): LIGHT YELLOW-BROWN SPOTTING on toilet paper, woke up in the night to REALLY sharp left side stabs followed by repeated pounding in that same area (implantation?), some heart burn, dull back pain all day, some nausea at night, strong urine
CD 28 (12dpo): Heartburn/nausea, extremely emotional, argued for no reason with my mom, read a parenting article and was BAWLING (the kind of thing where you look back hours later and wonder why the hell you cried so hard lol), very sore muscle-like cramping in left side groin area when walking most of the day, felt like I pulled my groin, almost limping
CD 29 (13dpo): big muscle cramps on both sides of uterus, especially on left side when I walk, some boob soreness, nausea after eating, out of breath really fast when carrying my LO up stairs (do it a million times per day, but particularly noticed how breathless I was this time)
CD 30 (14dpo): Test with Clearblue Digital with FMU and got BFP!!!! Conception indicator says 1-2 weeks. Also get lines on an IC and dollar store test. Small amount of brown tinged cm on underwear, cramping on left and right side of uterus, headache on and off, couple dizzy spells.

I’m not sure if I implanted the first day of the spotting (9dpo) or the day of sharp repeated stabs on the left side (11 dpo). 11 dpo is more likely as I got only 1-2 weeks on the conception indicator. Also, based on the timing of our positive opks, I believe that skipping BD the day before O and then the BD EARLY on O day (CD 16) was what did it for us, the spermies were able to build up for an extra day!)

DD is Gonna be a Big Sister! I Can't Wait!

My digital test this morning came up PREGNANT!!! We have been TTC on and off for I believe about 5 or 6 months now. I am breastfeeding, so through this time have had anovulatory cycles, confusing CM patterns, a really short luteul phase with multiple patches of EWCM. Because I was still night-feeding my DD, I did not use BBT. Because LH often has to rise higher for a woman with high prolactin (milk-making hormone) levels to ovulate, I did not use OPK's.. I pretty much just did the thang if we saw EWCM and tried to be on the lookout for O pains. We started the month trying to SMEP but didn't want to force sex, either, so did miss some days here and there before really falling off this week.

Here are the symptoms (by cycle day and DPO!) I just want to preface this, though. Each symptom noted and listed, in the moment, was so faint that I would have just written them off as "nothing" or "in my head" if this test wasn't positive. Like, I could have just as easily believed a negative test based on "severity" of symptoms. The only reason I tested was (ok, also because I am a recovering POASaholic.. ) but because I had creamy, yellowy CM with small little bits of EWCM like I had with DD in early pregnancy. And most everything I noted was similar to other cycles right up until I got the creamy CM the day I got the first BFP.. I have had many more convincing cycles than this one!


CD13: DTD cm- yellowy jelly glob, not thin enough to be EWCM and yellowish?! Jumped on DH as soon as he walked in the door, was rarin' to go!

CD14: - Nothing? Didn't even notice CM.

CD15: - EWCM, weak mittelschmerz left side day, right side night ... fairly persistent. Think I must have Od this day but had no libido.

CD16 (1DPO +/-): DTD.. either mittelschmerz or some other weird cramping, but not as strong as CD15

CD17 (2DPO +/-): DTD. slight sore throat in the AM when first waking and nipples tingling. Feel off

CD18 (3DPO +/-): DTD. 1230am, cm feeling more "moist" & thinner?? lower rib cage feels sore, almost bruised. cp - high, medium/soft?, closed

CD19 (4DPO +/-) - really "in the mood" cp med & soft. could not feel opening.. then again have no idea what I'm doing as it pertains to checking my cervix, lol! spurt of creamy/lotion white cm later on. Big glob EWCM @ 1130PM but I also took vit B today (I get EWCM near every time I take vit B)

CD20 (5DPO +/-): light backache. Light nausea. I Think to myself: Must barely be Oing.. ??? nausea + mild irritability. No visible ewcm, but it feels like its up there somewhere?? Feel "full" in my vagina like on EWCM days haha & increased libido

CD21 (6DPO +/-) Whiteish tacky CM. Giant butt pimple!! (In retrospect, I got a lot of body acne my first trimester with DD, so this should have been a giveaway) Also noticed top half pf nipples is dark but bottom half is really light again... ? DTD at 11pm

CD22 (7DPO +/-) Cold symptoms, stuffy nose.. gone after morning. Bloated + gas. Premenstrual crabby mood. EWCM @ 11 pm again... Not gelatinous but also not thin. Super super stretch. No libido tho. Headache PM.

CD23 (8DPO +/-): DTD.. Big ol back pimple & Thinner Ewcm

CD24 (9DPO +/-): Sticky white tacky cm daytime. Light cramps on and off :/ Cranky this morning.. Gained a lil holiday weight, Chris put his hand on my tummy and said "yup, you're pregnant!". Felt like crying about being a deadbeat/broke for Xmas later in the day. Was also very mad through the day about the smallest things; was suspicious but thought this could also be PMS. Have been craving chocolate.. again, PMS?

CD25 (10DPO +/-) DTD. Light constipation gave way to diarhea. (The diarrhea is pretty normal before AF) Also had a plugged duct or really sore breast muscle in the am. Nipples have been getting hard more than usual and feeling "wet". Think to self: Am I leaking milk? (I breastfeed my DD still! So I don't take "breast symptoms" at all seriously.) Feeling slightly nauseous on an empty stomach... Not uncommon before AF or during O. Saliva feels thicker or more abundant. Forgot to chart: been having sciatica or a hip problem in left side on and off for a few days, need to see a chiropractor or something. (this was also something I had through my pregnancy with DD!! Now that I got a BFP I am noticing lol) Faint dizzy spell in PM, but wonder if am becoming hyper-conscious as AF approaches.

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