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BFP Stories

Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP by Sperm Meets Egg Plan

The Sperm Meets Egg Plan is a very specific protocol designed to help couples achieve pregnancy. Here you’ll find the stories of ladies who’ve followed the program and come out the other side with a BFP in lieu of a diploma. Not too shabby…!

Enjoy the stories. And if you should get your BFP courtesy of the Sperm Meets Egg Plan, be sure to send it our way!

BFP on Boxing Day! Lesbian Couple.

My partner and I are in a lesbian relationship and have been trying for a baby for over a year

For the first 4 tries, (9 tries in total over 18 months) we went through a fertility clinic in order to have IUI. This wasn't our preferred option, but in the uk you cannot purchase sperm for home use from an unknown donor.

After a very difficult four tries, we decided we needed to persue another option and so approached a friend.

After 5 tries (some were timed better than others!) we finally got our BFP! And it was on Boxing Day at 16dpo. We would probably have got a positive sooner but were too scared to test around the festive period!

RE symptoms, there weren't as many this month as previous months when I have not been pregnant.

1-11dpo nothing particularly out of the ordinary. I did have a cold which came to nothing and was very tired, but that could have been down to lots of things.

12dpo-15dpo I thought that I was out. Horrendous period cramps which were identical to those that I get before I come on my period. The only odd thing was that they would come on strongly and then totally go. Then they wold come on again half an hour later or so.

My cervix was closed, soft and high.

My biggest clue was the on and off period pain. However, I was absolutely convinced I would come on my period. The cramps are still there at times today (17dpo) but a lot less frequently.

A message to anyone who has been trying to conceive for a while and is symptom spotting- never give up. If we can do it inseminating 2 or 3 times a month and guessing on timings, then anyone can. Magic happens at Christmas.

With regards to symptom spotting, I did it, it didn't help, but I'd do it again! Remember, everyone is different and it is very unlikely that any symptom too much before your period is anything other than PMS, pretty much the same hormones are released until the egg implants. Even then, you may feel nothing.

I wish everyone a whole load of Christmas baby dust... Keep up the hope and it'll happen.



Howdy ya'll! This is the second BFP story I have posted....two days after my first BFP sTory posted I had a miscarriage. Which of course isn't the fault of this lovely forum...these BFP stories have kept me sane over this past year!

I am happy to report that I am pregnant again and on the safer side I waited until I am more comfortable in this pregnancy to post. I am today 12 weeks and couldn't be happier!

My story goes:
I had gotten all my tests back and every thing was clear for my first cycle on clomid. All I had to do was call on CD 1 to make an appt for my scan that had to be done on CD get/start clomid in CD 5. Soooo my body in it's awesomeness started my period on Friday afternoon after the Clinic had closed...I was soooo upset that I couldn't even call the Clinic until CD 4 (and my husband would be TDY for the next I would have to wait 2 more cycles!) . We'll my worry was for nothing! I had the scan and started clomid on CD 5. My only side effect was a lot of moodiness.

On 13 October I recived my first positive OpK (EVER!). During the two weeks wait I wasn't sure what symptoms were pregnancy and which were clomid...I was completely expecting it not to work...and all the strangeness I blamed it on the clomid. Some symptoms I had were headaches, mild tummy upset, and a bit of (TMI) discharge. What was really weird is I get really sore boobs after ovulation and I didn't get that at all...I just noticed my nips were really sore which I never had before. I was just going to wait it out and let my period show normally (12 DPO) on 11 DPO I cracked and tested. My husband was @ work and I was alone. I saw a super faint line and I was completely taken aback...I had to be me imagining it...I texted to my BF and she saw it! Surprised my hubs with a little onesie and hat! He was happy but his reaction was "yep...I knew I'd be knocking you up soon" lol!

Well I guess that is a bit long so I'll end with: to all ya'll TTC ladies: I've been SUCKS! I hope ya'll get ya'lls BFPs soon! Baby Dust!



Hello lovely ladies!
I am very excited/nervous/shocked to say that after 2 months TTC and first month trying Sperm meets egg plan we got our BFP. (AND after last month my doc told me I don´t have a strong ovulation and I may need fertility assistance! Needless to say won´t be going back to her!)

I tested 10 DPO and it was negative. Then got a faint positive at 11DPO and my BFP on Clear Blue Digital at 12 DPO.

We only started BDing on CD 12 as hubby was away. Got positive OPK on CD14, so BD'd on 14, twice on 15, again on 16 and 18.
All the sex was super fun and I would highly recommend SMEP ;)

I was a bit worried as my mucus seemed quite dry to even non-existent. I even bought some Pre-Seed to try next month as was convinced there wasn't enough to conceive but was so pleasantly surprised. Just shows we don't know it all.

Symptom wise, my nausea and dizziness started about a week before my BFP (if that's even possible?). I have had some AF-like cramping yesterday and today, which was a bit worrying, but nothing too drastic. a LOT of bloating, especially by the evening (jeans are already feeling a Little tight around my middle) No head aches thank goodness, boobs sore but nothing major.

I sincerely hope and pray that all you lovely ladies out there trying to conceive get your positives soon, and all of us with positives have healthy and strong pregnancies and babas.

Baby dust, love and positivity to all xxx

BFP After 2 Years of Trying

What I will tell you worked for me and not to say that it will work for everyone but it's what worked for us. We tried for about two years and finally just when we decided to give up because I got accepted to Nursing school, got a bfp! We are so happy and thank God everyday for our blessing because God always knows when the time is right. I know it sounds crazy how I will do school and baby, but we will do it. So first things first: this is my 2nd child, first child was from previous marriage. This is his first child. We both got checked and I was fine, he had low morphology but his count was good and so was his motility. In June he was put on clomid 25 mg tab daily for 3 months. We also began eating healthier and losing about 10-15 pounds each. We no longer worked night shift, instead switched to morning shifts and slept better, felt more energized and happier. I used the app period tracker to try and help me better understand my irregular cycle. For the most part I would usually get my period every 32-33 days. Around ovulation ( I only knew when I would ovulate because of the ovulation kits, I never had ovulation symptoms. Usually around day 15-17) time we would do the BD 2-3 days before, the day of and 2 days after. We used pressed for lubrication and instead of getting up right away to wash, I decided to lay there for an hour or more. No legs up in the air, just lay flat or on my side. And every tww was torture because very month I thought this was the month. I'd have every symptom of early pregnancy and then in a week or two my period would arrive. One day I bumped into an old friend of the family and she asked about my mom and my family and asked when we were going to add a new addition. I began crying and told her we just gave up because we tried home remedies, clomid, dieting and changing our sleeping cycle and overall had a healthier lifestyle and still nothing. (Ladies please understand this worked for me I'm not saying to try this but it won't hurt) She told me in Spanish to "warm my womb". She said I needed to clean and warm my wind so the the sperm and egg could meet and finally attach itself to my uterine lining. So here is the remedy: about 9 days before your next period, every morning drink a cup of hot milk. Just plain regular hot milk, hot enough that you could resist but not to scald yourself. In addition take two eggs and either boil or steam it only until the yolk is cooked but not hardened something like sunny side up/ egg Benedict and on top of the eggs sprinkle about a tea spoon of cut up Rue plant leaves. For 9 days every morning. Originally rue plant was used to clean the uterus after miscarriages back then. This can not be consumed if you are pregnant or already actively on your tww, wait until the next month to try. So I tried this in October and had a BFP for November. Was this an old remedy that worked for me? Maybe. But in the end if it did or did not, I strongly believe it was everything as a whole. It was God who made it happen. To me it was God who made that the lady and I bump into to each other, it was probably the clomid that finally kicked in to my husband's body, it was our change of eating habits and lifestyle change as well. It was also us not trying so hard and stressing about it but just keeping it mind while still enjoying ourselves intimately as a couple. I am currently 11 weeks today and feeling so blessed. Please keep your faith and prayers to God. HE listens and will bless all of you!

BFP at 10 dpo!

Hi, all! This was my first cycle of Clomid (I only ovulate four or five times a year on my own). I took 50 mg/day on CD 3-7, had an HSG on CD 10, a trigger on CD 15, and ovulated on CD 17. RE monitored my ovaries and I had one good egg ready to go as of CD 15. We did timed intercourse on CD 15-17 (so romantic!). Here are my symptoms:

1 dpo: woke up with cramps and a backache at 4:40 am; cramping continued on and off all day. Bloated/gassy.
2-5 dpo: loss of appetite, bloated/gassy/constipated, acidic stomach.
6-7 dpo: holy cramping! Also constipated/gassy, thick white discharge, irritable, sensitive nips. My trigger tested out on 7 dpo.
8 dpo: wet discharge, cramps/pulling sensation in lower abdomen, weepy, tired, headache, total loss of libido. BFN.
9 dpo: crabby and so so so angry, backache, cramps, gagged while brushing teeth in the morning, thirsty, MUST HAVE FRUIT. Thought I saw a faint BFP on FRER but DH said I was hallucinating.
10 dpo: got up at 1 am because I had to pee super, super bad. Took digital HPT at 5:45 am and got a BFP!

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BFP After 6 Months Trying and 1st Month SMEP

Followed SMEP after trying 6 months and got my bfp! It took a lot more work and eventually an ivf cycle to conceive my son so this is amazing!

I used the clear blue easy fertility monitor and opks. Started the monitor the day if my period and followed the opks for sperm meets egg plan on day 10 of my cycle. The difference is I used my monitor in the morning and the opks in the afternoon. I saw the surge on the opk almost 20 hours before my monitor. I also went from low levels to ovulating on my monitor. Never had a high fertility time frame. Followed smep loyally. And it worked!

Didn't notice any symptoms until 8dpo.
Then heightened sense of smell and back ache which is not a period signal for me!

9dpo light brown spotting in morning.
10dpo brown spotting all day. Figured af was coming early.

10dpo light spotting but not increasing. Feeling tired and moody. Very much af symptoms for me!

11dpo no spotting. Found that strange

12dpo light spotting again

13dpo couldn't wait any longer! Took two tests and both bfp!

Went to the doctor today 14dpo to get progesterone and to have my levels monitored until 8 weeks. Right now 4w3d and counting!

Pregnant w/ Period & Miscarriage

I was here in May. I just knew I was pregnant and announced on mothers day. On Father's day I lost our baby and was devestated. It took me a long time to get over it and I was trying to heal emotionally. I pushed people away and was very sad and withdrawn but fiance wanted to keep trying. He did not want to give up at all. He was right to give it another chance. I was told to wait for two normal cycles and technically we did. But we started BD when I was over the 6 weeks right away. I had one period then another.. .or so I thought. After that second period I even got a positive OPK. But I was actually already pregnant, but I had vowed to myself that I would never take another pregnancy test since I already know what it feels like as long as I dont get a period I know I'm pregnant. But I had actually gotten a period and was pregnant already. I had stressed myself out over a 2 week wait and weather I should try again. Praying for my baby, letting him know that I am ready again.. and he is already here. Why I had a period or bleeding can not be explained unless there was a twin but there is a baby in there now and he is big, strong ,and growing. I figured out I was already pregnant because I kept feeling some moving which was weird only at 11dpo. I didn't get that period so going by last period of august 22. When I went to the doc for the 8 week visit, which I went to at 10 my baby was too big and that I had estimated the wrong date. I was 14 and a half weeks and out of first trimester. I had also become nauseous at 11dpo and my fiance had told me he had been sleeping a lot like the prior pregnancy.. honestly I thought maybe alil looney, or it was the upcoming pregnancy kicking in on him first. But in hindsight, his "symptoms" kicked in before mine. I remember praying and asking for a happy healthy easy pregnancy for us and it has been! I am going to see if it is a boy or girl at my next appt in 2 weeks. I did not really care, I just want a healthy baby. But I did not want to torture the fiance so I said we can find out and make it easier on decorating lol. Keep hope to everyone out there. After miscarriages or other procedures.. always keep hope! And don't let this get you down. Having a baby is the happiest thing next to getting married to the person you will create children with. Enjoy the process, love your body and yourself!! *baby dust*

BFP After Multiple BFNs!

This was the first cycle since we started trying for our third and last baby. I don't chart but I have very regular cycles of 28 days and we just BD regularly throughout. With my other two, and with my chemical in between, I got my BFP 4-5 days before AF was due, so this cycle I started testing reeeeaaally early and got repeated BFNs at what I figured were 8-12 DPO (estimating, since I don't chart but must have historically had a normal LP because I have always gotten pg easily).

Two days before AF was due, I took a FR digi and it was -NO. I began to feel crampy and while I knew I felt like this in early pg, I didn't let myself get my hopes up and just convinced myself that AF was about to show. Well, AF day came and went with another BFN on a cheapie, and then I had the tiniest bit of pink on the toilet paper before bed so figured AF was just arriving. But woke up to nothing, and then after another 2 days of crampy twinges, gurgly belly and a bit of dizziness, I finally bought some new FRERs this morning and took a test... BFP!! Hoping this little bean's getting comfy in there. And by the way, I am still BFN on the ic, but a second FRER was BFP so I can trusting that one!

So the moral of the story is, don't test super early! And if you do, remember you are not out until AF shows (even if you've had really early BFPs in the past)! Oh, and spend the $ and get a good test :)

Good luck to all!!

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2nd Cycle TTC, BFP @ 10 DPO

I've read this website for months even leading up to my husband and I TTC! I'm 27 and he's 28, I didn't know what to expect when TTC and after the first month I was a little down. This month, I tried our own take on the SMEP and used OPKs. In addition, I took Mucinex the week before O and laid down for at least 30 minutes after we BD'ed. He was out of town the week leading up to O, so we didn't get to BD that week! The actual week of O we were on vacation, and I definitely had moderate amounts of alcohol, coffee, etc.

Last period August 4
BD CD 6, 13, 14, 19, 20, 21 (O day based on OPK), 23, 24, 25 and 26 (on vacation!)

1 DPO: Normally I start to cramp lightly right after O and leading all the way up to my period, this never happened.
6 DPO: Breasts sore, but this is a normal PMS symptom for me. It really wasn't much different.
7 DPO: Here I notice I still don't have cramps, and that's a huge sign for me. At this point normally I'd be taking OTC pain reliever because my cramps get so bad.
8 DPO: I use an OPK to see if that shows any signs of being positive. It actually does come up with a fairly dark line, but not as dark as the control. Last month when I did this this time it came up stark white.
9 DPO: I cannot finish my coffee in the morning. I have a nauseous stomach all day. Not enough that I feel like I will get sick, but more like a constant dull sick feeling. Also I have a very full feeling in my low stomach area.
10 DPO: Still nauseous, cannot drink coffee and tired. Test when I get home from work and slight positive! Can't believe it!
11 DPO: Test this morning with FMU and it's a much darker pink line on FRER!

I'm very grateful for our pregnancy and hope these symptoms help others! Now just praying for a safe and healthy pregnancy!

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Well, after testing with Wondfo's for a couple of days, I feel like I have my confirmed answer after two positive FRERs.

At this point I'm just so shocked, I can hardly believe it's real. I stopped taking the pill in March, and this was our third month of actively TTC. I guess I had it in my head that since it was taking a few months, there must be something wrong; but now I know I was worrying myself to death over nothing! Just because you don't get pregnant RIGHT AWAY like some people are fortunate enough to have happen, it certainly does not mean there's a problem. Even if the sperm meets the egg at the perfect moment and there are no underlying issues, there is still only a 25% chance of conception in any given month. It WILL happen, whether it takes a month or two or several months of trying :) Don't ever lose hope.

Of course my worry about TTC has now shifted into worry about everything being okay and going smoothly. I'm trying not to be too crazy like I was while TTC, lol.


I think I started noticing changes at around 6dpo. My nipples became unusually sensitive -- almost like a burning feeling. I also had a few dizzy spells around this time, and my struggle with insomnia became worse. I didn't really attribute any of this to pregnancy, and actually thought I was out for the month since I felt perfectly fine and normal except for those few things.

At 10dpo, I got my first positive test (very faint) on Wondfo test strips.

At 11dpo, the symptoms hit me like a ton of bricks. Very bloated, bad cramps, a tight "full" feeling in my stomach, pain in my hips and lower back, constipation, very sore boobs, more trouble getting comfortable and sleeping at night, slightly stronger sense of smell, and a burning sensation in my stomach and boobs--really weird and hard to explain. I got my first positive FRER at 11dpo. Right now I feel like I have a bad hangover, haha.

Things I did differently this month: I took an Agnus Castus Vitex supplement every morning for the first half of my cycle. I also took a B-complex that included B6 twice daily and stopped at ovulation. My DH took FertilAid, and we used Pre-Seed. And since I'm a workout-aholic, I decided to try majorly scaling back and cutting out running entirely.

I honestly think the biggest key to our success this month was BD'ing more, lol. We followed SMEP for the first time and actually BD'd a little more frequently than that. In our previous tries, I think we were BD'ing too late. Starting on CD8 and keeping it consistent definitely helped! Also, I used the CB Advanced Digital OPK's, and I credit them with accurately catching my LH surge--the cheap strips showed me O' ing a full week later, which I don't think could have been right.

I can't tell you how much being part of this site has helped me. I always loved reading the BFP stories, because they gave me so much hope. I still just can't believe I'm writing one. Thank you all for your inspiring stories and words of encouragement. Baby dust to all!!!!!!!