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BFP Stories

Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP by Sperm Meets Egg Plan

The Sperm Meets Egg Plan is a very specific protocol designed to help couples achieve pregnancy. Here you’ll find the stories of ladies who’ve followed the program and come out the other side with a BFP in lieu of a diploma. Not too shabby…!

Enjoy the stories. And if you should get your BFP courtesy of the Sperm Meets Egg Plan, be sure to send it our way!

It's Surreal

Last night and this morning, I got my BFP. It was our third cycle trying after coming off the BC Pill. My best friend just found out that she was pregnant, and I thought it would be so awesome to be pregnant at the same time with our first babies! DH and I ere at Walmart last night, buying new sheets (I had actually spotted a bit, because I have been due for my AF!). I said well, do you think I should get another test? He said sure. So, I got a two pack of the clear blue digital. I took one when we got home, because I had to pee anyway. I was standing in the bathroom, just waiting for the hour glass icon to stop blinking, and I started cleaning up the sink, throwing away the wrapper, etc. I glanced up, to basically confirm the 'not pregnant' and low and behold there was 'pregnant' instead. I said 'Um....what?' DH came into the bathroom, and said what? I said...I'm pregnant. He said not uh...he thought I was joking! Took another one this morning, and yep, another BFP. :)

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I like many people have been reading all of the bfp stories on here for the last 4 months of ttc and I found them very helpful! So I wanted to share my story and hope it helps someone reading!

- I stopped my birth control pill in April (had been on for over 10 years constantly)
- My cycle went from 35days (April) 23days (May) 33days (June) so it was not regular since stopping bc
- In total I got bfp on 4th cycle off birth control
- We are both in our mid 20's

What I did differently this month:
- Vitex 1000 every morning
- SMEP method (BD - CD 6,8,10,12,13,14,15,16,20)
- Started OPK CD10. Got clear positive CD14
- Stopped working out intensly - just did walking everyday - no more running or weights etc...

- Literally not one symptom - absolutely nothing!!
- Yes a little cramping, and the odd night felt a little tired but absolutely nothing more noticeable then any other two week period of my life even when I was still on the pill (don't we all have nights that we are overly tired or a lil bloated!). Basically no symptoms that would in anyway stand out or that I could even now after bfp attribute confidently to being pregnant.

Didn't Feel Pregnant!!!

I will start off by saying Hello! This is our second month ttc. The first month I had every symptom in the book it seemed. Only to have AF show up. Big disappointment. I was so depressed, but decided to move on. The first month of ttc we used ovulation kits. The second month I decided it was a waste of money and I would just check my cervix, cm, and other signs my body would give. I started my period July 3rd and it ended around July 10th. I didn't start keeping track of anything until July 16th. So here it is:

July 16th: Cm plenty during day. At night I checked my cervix and it was high and white/creamy cm and goober-like. Very stretch (sorry if tmi)

July 17th: Cm is very fertile. More thin than last night and very stretchy and clear with some white mixed in. I assumed today was ovulation day. (until I read that ovulation usually happens the day after fertile cm disappears.)

July 18th: When I woke abdominal area tender to touch. Like it is swollen, and breast tender on sides about the size of a pea. I woke up to more fertile cm. I was afraid I already missed ovulation :( I was so upset so had hubby rush and at least try around noon. Well he barely got off. :( I was heart broken for one that we may have missed ovulation and for two not enough sperm being present! After we tried my cm went down to nothing. I lost hope. I figured I was already out this month. At 1:30 we tried again cm wasn't present besides small amount.

July 19th: Throughout the day my chest was sore to touch. I would say moderate. Cm only wet feeling when checking cervix. Cervix feels high and closed. Feel bloated and abdominal area still sore when touched. Still seems swollen.

July 20th: Cm is creamy and don't stretch. Some in underwear. I feel very moist when checking cervix. Cervix still high. Tender chest.
9:38pm cervix lowered and feels closed. Some cm lotion-like a little stretchy. Ovulation already happened. Confirmed by cervix lowering and fertile cm nonexistent. Chest tender and feeling bloated tenderness almost gone in abdominal area.

July 21st: The only thing I noticed today was lots of cm in underwear. Creamy. Tender breasts.

July 22nd: I think cervix is low, very soft, and lots of tacky some stretchy cm.
1:41pm Tender breast but not bad. No other pains. Starting to break out.
7:52pm Very depressed
11:42pm cervix hard, closed, and medium low. Not as much cm. It is tacky.

July 23rd: Cervix low and hard like a ball. Closed tight. I checked cervix at 12:34pm. Cm creamy, and a small amount in underwear. Breast still tender but not as bad as last month.

July 24th: 5dpo? I don't feel pregnant at all. Hopes are not high. I have a sore chest. Cervix low/medium hard. Small amount of cm. I have been really depressed past few days. 8 days until my expected period.

July 25th: Cm making me feel wet. When checking cervix it is in same spot as yesterday. When checking with my middle finger the tip of my finger meets the middle of my cervix. Cervix is hard. Cheetos smelled like fish? Feeling like I might be queasy. It might be me being weird or over analyzing. Chest somewhat tender.

July 26th:chest very tender at night. I felt fine all day besides being moody. Today is my wedding anniversary. Wasn't feeling it. Small breakouts. Hubby got his one pimple he gets every month before I get my period. 6 days before expected period. Cervix is still in the same spot but feels different? Maybe tilted? A little squishy on lower part? Blue veins on breasts (was those already there?) I don't feel pregnant, but I'm really hoping I am :/ cm is same as yesterday.

July 27th: Geez this 2ww is torture. This is all I think about is baby. Maybe that is what is depressing me? Chest slightly tender, cervix and cm the same.

July 28th: 9dpo Slightly tender chest, cm slight, and 8:27pm cervix a hair higher and softish. Was a little nauseous earlier after eating icecream. Maybe I ate too much? 4 more days until my expected period.

July 29th: Cm creamy very little amount. Some in underwear. Cervix still mid-high and semi-soft. Kinda nauseous. It is 10:39am. A little bloated. Slightly swollen chest and more hungry. Slight cramping on lower right side. Almost a faint throb. Geez her I am another month wondering if I'm pregnant. At times I feel like maybe I could be, but I thought that last month too. I have been dizzy at times and nauseous here and there. Nipples look darker. Cramping gone. breaking out more. Not as baad as normal but still. That happens right before expected period. I'm irritable, tried, and really no cm. I only have three more days until expected period. I have no choice but to wonder if I am and we got the timing right. Not wanting to get my hopes up. I feel so lost in wonder. Everytime I smoke I get queasy :( cervix after bath is soft/squishy and almost can tell it exists.

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BFP After 13 Months!

I am excited to share, I enjoyed reading these while we were trying, and I am glad to be able to add my story! We had our first child in June of 2011 and we started trying when he was a year old. After a year of trying we decided to get some help and started getting tested. Two days ago we had out consultation with the fertility doc and all of our numbers looked good, so he scheduled a sonohystogram to see if the c-section caused any damage. Two days later a BFP!

My symptoms:

1-5dpo: Not much of anything
6-7 dpo: Left nipple very sore, a bit nauseated.
8 dpo: Nipple pain is gone, dip in temperature (not below coverline) Feeling pretty normal.
9-13 dpo: I noticed I was congested, when I wasn't congested I was smelling weird stuff and I pretty much convinced myself I wasn't pregnant. A little bit of nausea on and off.

I took a test at 6:00 in the morning. It looked negative so I went back to bed. At 8:00 I dug it out of the trash and there was a clear pink line! I thought it was probably just a evap line since it had been a few hours. I decided to take a digital test to confirm or rule out pregnancy so I wouldn't obsess. I assumed it would be negative, but after less than a minute it was a BFP! Totally surprised! We had been trying for a while and I just had a feeling that this month was the month :) We are thanking God for this precious gift!

Good luck to all of you ladies out there! I hope you get your BFP ASAP!

Mommy2B? and Her BFP ;)

We’ve all been there. The dreaded TWW. Many women are/were there more times than they would like to admit and it’s always the same thing each cycle:

The excitement starts to build with each day you tick off the calendar as you near O-day and you wait with bated breath with every OPK—begging your TTC girls to help you decipher if it is positive yet… or at least darker than yesterday... maybe… please?!?!

Then it’s here! You get your smiley or the two matching lines and it’s GO TIME!!! The BDing starts. Your DH, especially if he is not in the loop, wonders what has gotten into you, but he does not DARE question it as he LOVES the increase in your libido. ☺ At this point you are on a TCC high… you’re hopeful, excited, and enthusiastic. You are able to stay that way for a while. You get your crosshairs on your chart and O is confirmed!!! Hooray!!! You check and double check your BD schedule… and then sometimes you check it once more just to make sure you didn’t miss something the first two, alright seven… times you looked at it.

It’s usually around this point that your mood begins the downward spiral because you DON’T FEEL ANY DIFFERENT… or maybe you do… or maybe you’re over thinking it… or under thinking it… or just need to relax… or stop counting… ??? It’s this part of the cycle that you get the TWW blues and begin to wonder if you’re timing really worked. You usually post to your TTC girls that you “think this cycle is a bust” or “AF is just around the corner” or you’re “just not feeling it this time around.” And, the good friends that they are, assure you that “you’re not out until AF shows” and strangely, even though you know that and have heard it before, it helps keep your spirits up just enough to go back and take a second look at that pee stick or dig yesterdays out of the trash (even though you’re only 7, 8, 9, 10 DPO and the likely hood of seeing anything is outrageous!!!) and when that second line still hasn’t magically appeared your spirits are dashed ALL OVER AGAIN! ☹ Boo!

But then… sometimes… that stupid test you took 5 minutes ago has a line!!! Holy cow!!? Was that there a minute ago??! No way… you held your breath as you watch the line cross over the window and were sure there was just the stupid, lonely control before you walked away. Your heart begins to race. Your hands start shaking and while you haven’t felt nauseous ever, you feel it now. You snap a picture and pray it shows up on camera. You text your friend (or post it on your boards) and pray that they can see it too. They do… or are they just saying that to be nice?! They tell you to buy a FRER and you look at it the dang thing again (safely tucked into your pocket where you can peek anytime you want to make sure you aren’t dreaming) and now you just aren’t sure. Maybe you’re going crazy. No, you ARE certainly crazy… but you get into your car anyway and drive to the drugstore and you buy the FRER’s and tell yourself that you are NOT going to touch them until tomorrow morning!!! It’s only 8:00pm but you want to go to bed NOW… it’s like Christmas Eve when you were a kid. The sooner you go to sleep the sooner Santa will come… but just like when you were 5 sleep does NOT come so easily. You wonder if that elusive second line will show up. You pray that it will but part of you still doubts and these thoughts chase the sandman away.

Around 2:00am you have finally managed to doze after checking the TWW boards again for some sort of distraction and around 5:00am you wake up and desperately need to pee but really want to hold it in so it’s a good long hold for that expensive FRER that holds your sanity in it’s stupid window and pink line(s). 6:30- you’re about to wet the bed and can barely hold it long enough to get the wrapper open… you are dancing by the toilet and remember to grab a cup to catch your FMU sample just in case the test doesn’t work properly or the results are iffy and you decide to use a different type of test. You try desperately not to pee on your hand but the raging river of urine can not be tamed and now you have to wash your hands before you can dip the stupid stick. GRRR!!!

You look at the sample… you pray again… and then you question yourself - it’s only 11 DPO… it could be negative. Can you handle that???? You pull the test away from the sample still dry and you bolster yourself with the “it’s still early” idea or the “well at least I will know and can move on to the next cycle” but deep down, either way, you just need to know so you re-read the directions for the 100th time, dip the stupid stick, and count to 5 very slowly. You watch as the line passes through the window like you have for each of the previous cycles in the past… and then, after the longest two minute wait you have ever experience, you see it. A real live second pink line. The bathroom starts to sway and you sit, stick in hand, on the toilet seat and stare. Holy Crap… I’m pregnant.

BFP After 20 Months of TTC With PCOS and Blocked Tubes

Praise be unto God for He has shown his faithfulness to me.
I am 31, DH- 36 and a lovely 3 year old daughter. I started TTC in Oct 2011, I didn't think it would take long coz I conceived the first time on the first month of trying. After a year of trying and no positive HPT I went to see the Doctor who ran some tests and said I have PCOS she also ran the dye test and said my tubes where blocked and I was lucky to even have conceived the first time.
They put me on a lot of drugs, clomid, metformin etc I got tired of them after 2 months and decided to stop.
This cycle the things I did differently:
Exercise 4 times a week, high intensity aerobics, started taking Pregnitude, OvaBoost, Vit B6, went on the Low GI diet and did the SMEP plan.
Symptoms this cycle:
1-10dpo - No symptoms
11-19dpo - Sore boobs and tingly nipples and cramps which came on and off.
This morning 20dpo I get my positive HpT Glory to God.

Father's Day Weekend BFP

SO excited to post my BFP story because these were such an encouragement to me while TTC!

To give you a little bit of history - I went off birth control in February and the first two months off bc, I had all of the prego symptoms every month. I was cramping, nauseous, sore bb's, sore nipples, headaches, tired, etc. For two months I was miserable for my entire tww following O-day wondering why my body was in so much pain? Was it a baby? Or just my body adjusting to bc? Each month AF showed her face and I was crushed. By the 3rd month, I was feeling great! My body was back to normal and I felt NOTHING following my O-day. But again, AF came and I was devastated but kind of expecting it since I had zero symptoms. That brings me to my 4th month TTC.

I had a lot of cramping since O-day. Sometimes just dull persistent pains and other times sharp pains. The pain went from just below my rib cage down to my abdomen. So basically it felt like a belly ache + AF cramps. These pains never really went away for the entire 2 weeks. Sometimes I would take tums that seemed to help a LITTLE with the belly ache, so maybe it was a bit of gastritis.

At 3dpo-5dpo I came down with the flu, and I was vomiting a lot. However, I also got a bad cold at this same time and I was very congested and sneezing a lot. This cold made me think we might have caught the egg since I've read about it several times on other's BFP stories as a symptom early on.

At 9dpo the belly ache and cramping persisted and I went to Target to buy tests to stock up for the next week. While at Target I saw 5 pregnant ladies! They were everywhere!! This prompted me to test - and what do you know? I was one of them too and didn't even know it! Faint line at 9 dpo!! I've attached a picture to show my progression. I'm elated and must say that it kind of sneaked up on me when I least expected it. Besides the belly ache/cramping and cold, I don't really have any other symptoms to report!!

We followed the sperm meets egg plan (SMEP) - and baby danced on cd 10, 12, 14, 15, 16, 17 skipped a day, and danced once more for good measure. I'm pretty sure I O'ed on cd 16 because that is when I got a high reading on my FR opk. Elevated my hips on pillows for 20 mins following all of my baby dancing sessions.

Good luck to you ladies and hope you get your BFP's soon!!

11 DPO First Cycle Trying

I'm 29, DH - 32, this is our first cycle TTC our first child.

We BD CD 11 and 13, with O expected on CD 14. I didn't temp or use OPK, but my cycles are very predictable - 28 days, so I just calculated O day, and watched my CM.

The main symptom I had since O was what i thought was a UTI - it wasn't even an urge to pee, but a constant discomfort and tension in my lower stomach. I thought I had achy BBs a couple of times, but it never lasted. Another time (4DPO) I thought I smelled something that my husband didn't... Anyway, I guess my point is that I kept telling myself that I'm just imagining things, and it's VERY unlikely to happen in the first month of TTC. Plus, we are not the most active BDers.

So yesterday, 10DPO I tested, and neg. This morning (11DPO), I tested again with the internet HCG strip. Laid it down on the counter and brushed my teeth. I sort of forgot that I had it there, because I was sure it'd be neg again. So when I was done brushing, I looked back down, and what I saw startled me! There was a faint BFP! I was sure it wasn't evaporation line, because I only brushed for about 3 mins. I picked it up and examined it at all different angles, in alll kinds of lighting! LOL. Then I decided I better run out and get a digital.
Came back home with a Clearblue digital test and another hcg strip kind, and within about 2 minutes "Pregnant" popped up on the screen, and a second line appeared on the strip...
I woke up my husband, all in tears, and told him I needed to tell him something. Then I handed him a digital test. It took a couple of seconds for the news to register in his sleepy head, but then he said "That's good news! Why are you crying?" Turns out he thought something horrible must have happened when he first saw my face! LOL. What can I say? I was very emotional! Then I said "Happy Father's Day, I guess!".
We never thought it would happen this fast, but we are both very happy!
Good luck to everyone!

Finally, After 7 Months!

After 7 months of ttc, we can finally say we're pregnant! I really didn't think it was going to happen. I pretty much tried everything: no alcohol, no caffeine, B6 pills, Mucinex, Preseed, Fertility Tea, Pineapple Method, and pomegranate juice. None of that worked. This month I finally said screw it. If other people can get knocked up with an unhealthy lifestyle then I am going to continue with my caffeine and alcohol every other day.

The only thing we used this month was KY from Wal-Mart and prenatals. This was also my 4th month temping, and I will say, it did help me figure out when I ovulate every month which helped me know when to BD.

I didn't really have any symptoms. At least I didn't think they were symptoms.

1-5DPO- Nothing
6DPO- Diarrhea
7-8DPO- Constipated and Headache
9DPO- Twinges in my left side where I ovulated. I was pretty sure I was implanting all day.
10DPO- My temp dropped so I knew AF was coming. I spent the night drinking.
11DPO- Temp went back up so I hurried up and took a test with fmu and it came up positive! Later on that day a digi said "pregnant!"
12-14DPO- BBs started hurting, headaches (probably from the lack of caffeine), tired, constipated, weird cramps.

Now all we hope for is a healthy and happy 9 months!

BFP With No Symptoms

I'm still in a bit of a daze but excited non the less and cannot believe i get to post this!!..Just wanted to say to the supportive ladies I've gotten to know in the last few months.. A little background. DH and 1 are both 29. Stopped BC in mid January and got my period 32 days later..the next two cycles were a regular 26 days but in the 3rd cycle i took EPO to increase CM and ended up with a 23 day cycle. I didn't take anything this cycle. I don't temp although i was thinking about it for next cycle so my DPO is a guestimate..just used CB digital opks and tried as best we could to follow SMEP.. When I remembered I didn't get up straight away after BDing
Here are the stats and I hope this helps someone!

CD7-9 - BD everyday for fun, we were on holiday. Started testing with opk on CD8
CD10 - Smiley face on opk. Travelling so no BD. What i think were OV pains in the evening
CD11 - BD
CD12 (1DPO) - BD
CD13-19 - Felt fine, nothing to report
CD20 - Feeling fine except having UTI symptoms..urgent need to pee but no burning
CD21(10DPO)- Cave in and test on CB Plus.. Is that a line?!!! So faint I'm not convinced
CD22(11dpo) - Faint line on wondfo!... can't believe my eyes! I need a darker line to convince me so decide to wait two days
CD24(13DPO) - Definitely a BFP!!! YAY!!!! :)

We are soooo very excited! I thought i would feel something but have had absolutely no symptoms..Just a little bit of cramping here and there last week.. So ladies don't feel distressed if you have no symptoms..I am still testing just to see those two happy lines!

Wish all of you all the best and praying its a sticky bean! :).. baby dust to all!

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