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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP on a Break

Isn't that just the way it goes: you try for month after excruciating month to get pregnant, but to no avail. Then you decide to lay off for a bit, take it easy, re-charge the battery… and voila – you're pregnant!

Those are the types of stories you'll find here. And if you have one to submit for inclusion, we want to hear from you! Send us your symptoms through this contact form.

BFP When I decided I was fine without having another child!

Well like most say when you stop thinking about it it will happen but I must say I never stopped thinking about having another baby, my perception just changed. My hubby and I decided we were ready to have our first child together in 2012 (I have a 6 year old daughter from a previous marriage and he has two sons ages 12 & 13 from a previous marriage) So I decided to get my Mirena taken out. I thought once I got it taken out I would immediately get pregnant but following the removal I had very irregular cycles and extreme cramps. Just about every month I would think I was pregnant because my period was never regulated I had cycles range from 28 days to 65 days, and I was regular before and during my IUD. Anyway once we reached the year and a half mark I started realizing we weren't ready for another baby and it's a good thing it hadn't happen yet I also told myself and others I'm fine with the children we have we don't need another one... Well fast forward to March my cycle was late like always I think I was at day 36 or so but I didn't have any symptoms out of the ordinary but one Friday night I suddenly came down with a stomach virus (or so I thought) my stomach was cramping really bad and I had diarrhea. So my hubby took care of me and at the 24 hour mark I felt much better. About a week went by and I told my husband that I still hadn't gotten my period and I think I should test he said I doubt you're pregnant why waste money on a test... I said well just go to the dollar store and I'll get a 1 dollar test so we did. As soon as I got home I took the test within seconds the two lines came up and all I could say was "oh my God" (I had to call on God because I didn't believe it) I said to my husband this thing is positive and he said you're lying! So I showed him and he just laughed! I didn't believe it so I called my husband's job clinic and asked could I come in to get a pregnancy test they said as long as I come before 4 it was about 3:15 so we hurried there... Took the test and BAM! Positive! I was shocked but soon after it turned into excitement. I'm now 22 weeks pregnant with a baby girl, what my hubby wanted so badly! I'm due November 24th and we cannot wait to meet our little lady! So ladies my words to you that are trying, when God is ready to open your womb He will do it in His timing... don't put to much thought into it just enjoy the time with your spouse! And I promise in due time you'll get what your heart desires!

Holy crap ? Is this real life ?!

Sooo crazy. I've known since this morning and tried to submit a story and it didn't go through :-( I'm trying to remember all my math and symptoms..

I'm still in shock and so apprehensive..I used a rite aid test, and the double lines came up right away...

I have been trying for months and months for number 2, but have recently resigned myself to maybe being a mother to one :-)

Anyway, I'm still nursing my 25 month old which I feel maybe had something to do with the delay, but anyway.

I'm on cd 25 of a usual 25-26 cd, but it was fluctuating more in the beginning..

The only thing I noticeably did different was we BDed every other day the 9th cd to the 18th ? We aren't the type to schedule it, and we will BD whenever haha, so it just happened to fall that way..

And like my first, I'm noticing little symptoms now but otherwise it's just been extreme moodiness, some increased appetite and on Monday had like 5 mins of cramps, thinking it was an early AF.. But not so far !! Maybe thinking now I've been a little extra tired but not really, just totally bitchy ! Ahaha

I did take another test again tonight because I was nervous and it came up right Away again :-)

Good luck ladies !! Xox

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My husband and I have been ttc since Dec 2013 I was using pressed opks and prenatal vitamins we bdd a few days before +opk and after. and every month I got bfn! This month I just gave up and stopped taking and using vitamins and opk and we only bd once a few days before ovulation and we decided to take a vacation and I never thought about it because I figured we were out only doing it once! Well to my surprise I noticed brown discharge the day af was due it continued for 2 days and then nothing so I had dh get hpts I poas took a shower and when I got out I was shocked bfp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I cried tears of joy and told dh he was so happy and shocked!! The only other symptoms I had was bloating and pain under arm pits that's all! I thank god that I finally got my bfp and I hope it sticks! Baby dust to you all I hope you get your bfp soon!!!!

BFP @ 12dpo!! dark first signal hpt

I finally get to post a bfp story, WAY sooner than expected! This is not an ideal situation in the least, it's going to be hard and DH and I will be extremely tested along the way, but as I've been waiting to ttc again for close to 2 years, I feel blessed(: I was preparing a hardcore boy sway (which ended up being very weak bc I only got 1 cycle into it) while waiting for DH to be ready to ttc our 2nd, and I got a surprise bfp at 12dpo! We had sex on o day and DH used po method, he said he did NOT have an accident in the least. What I did for my boy sway: changed my diet from acidic to alkaline, 1 full cycle of fertilitea, 1-3 servings of Bolthouse Farms "Green Goodness" or "Daily Greens" juices daily, and 1-3 teaspoons of cinnamon daily (on toast with honey, in a spoonful of honey, on mashed banana with honey), & I ate plenty of bananas for potassium. I hope this all helped me sway blue, but I won't know for about 5 months lol I definitely think te fertilitea & cinnamon aided in my conception, considering we were not trying atm, and I had not known cinnamon could help reduce insulin resistance and aid conception I was simply taking it for its alkalizing properties! I think fertilitea and/or cinnamon are both worth a try if you've been ttc for awhile and are trying to stick to the natural approach!! I'm pretty sure I have endometriosis but have not been diagnosed, I get severe pain(keeled over for 10+ min from DTD close to af and sometimes even close to o, and I suffer a very short light af and agonizing cramps that persist even after af has left. I think the fertilitea helped correct this, I started taking it 1.5 weeks before af last cycle and drank 1 serving (about 12floz) of triple strength(3tsp) tea a day leading to o, and 1 serving (10floz) of double strength(2tsp) tea every other day post o.

Symptoms by dpo(:

1-6dpo - a LOT of chunky,white, & wet cm, but only when checking for cm.

6dpo - backache, af type cramps (EARLY in cycle compared to "normal"), gas!

7dpo - .7 spike in bbt. Af cramps, Backache, irritable, tender bbs, watery cm (this time it is slightly leaking onto panties, this is the ONLY time in tww I had more cm than normal!) gas!! Very irritating sore throat

8dpo - bloated. Horrible headache in pm (not an af sign for me, I rarely get them) Irritable!, af cramps, still sore throat

9dpo - backache, heartburn (later in tww than "normal"), watery cm(only when checking), napped (never happens), throat no longer sore even though no meds not even cough drops taken..odd. Also, no more bloating. Usually when af bloating starts, it stays until af.

6-9dpo - woke each morning feeling like my tummy turned into a bottomless pit, sooo hungry. Constant painful stretching stitches from ribcage down to lower abdomen. light af gurgles. alternating sharp cramps in lower left and right abdomen. Quick burning waves over lower left abdomen. Wave of nausea in evening. Constant Backache and af cramps afternoon temps 99.1-99.5

10dpo - sporadic shooting sensations through right bb. Bbs less sore but still a tad. Feels like pressure on rectum, feels like I need to have a bm but there's nothing in there(sry lol). Temp 99.3 by 9am. While laying down, suddenly entire body had a warm buzzing feeling, like a ghost was pulling a really cozy blanket over my whole body lol, weird. SLEEP! DH off work today, napped during the day from 2-6pm, then in bed by 11pmand slept til 7am(waking once at 3am of course!)! I NEVER do this anymore! Not since I was pregnant with dd!

11dpo - still af cramps but wayyy less intense than previous days. Bbs don't seem sore at all. Flatline temps. Temp 99.5 at 11am. Nauseas, hot flashes. Bloated but in a weird way, not uncomfortably but very tight/round feeling? Bbs ACHE horribly at night. Not really tender, but my Whole chest, soo achey! & Never thought frequent pee breaks was a real tww symptom until today!

12dpo - 5th flatline temp. Noticed it felt like a lack of symptoms which is unusual with af approaching, esp when it has felt like af was working up a store on me in previous dpos. Bbs not tender but random aches. Feeling good this am surprisingly, normally by now af cramps would be getting intense! Pit in stomach, cramps, like muscles won't stop stretching. Slightest Nausea. Backache. No af gurgles (usually am gurgling almost constantly by now). Random stabs in nips. Also note, no increased cm from 9-12dpo. It is exactly like af cm! No ib either, which I DID have my last pregnancy. Very quick sharp pains, very annoying dull af cramps. Abdomen is taught & tight. Headache. BFP NO HOLD!! WHAT?!

13dpo - so far this morning, nothing. Aside from again waking at 3am, then 7am(I have woken up at these two times consecutively since about 8dpo) and being up for the morning.. I feel nothing. Bbs don't hurt this morning, no nausea. I feel great!

Took a break from ttc, and got pregnant!

My name is Gabby, I have been to this site numerous times, and all the stories and people here have helped me see that I'm not the only person in the world that's trying her best to conceive.

My husband and I started ttc since jan. 2012, and we did everything as best as we could. I did eventually get pregnant, in October, only to have a miscarriage in Dec., the day before my first appointment with my OB/GYN.

And now I'm pregnant again.
The thing that surprised me the most is that we weren't trying anymore!
I was no longer taking my bbt, and checking every little detail. We decided that I should take a break. And it was completely out of my mind. But when my period didn't show up, and my bbt didn't even deem to go down, stayed up in the 98.6 - 99.1 degrees, and everything was sore, and I felt like I was being sedated all day long, I couldn't believe I'd conceived by accident!

I think taking a break from all the ttc work and mumbo jumbo helped my body to conceive, because with my first pregnancy it was the same way, the month I got pregnant, we were so busy to monitor anything, that we didn't even stress over ttc, just for that month. So I learned that, at least for me, I had to ease up on myself and work on something else, to be able to ovulate on the right days, and spontaneously get pregnant.

I did take some medications, natural ones, before I stopped trying. I took Agnus cactus pills 3 times a day, and then Maca pills. I started drinking Nettle leaf, Raspberry Leaf, and Red Clover Blossom tea all together to fortify my uterus. But those were taken so that my body could be ready for a pregnancy in the future. So if they helped me to get pregnant this time around, awesome!

So now I'm finally here, because I told myself that the day I finally got pregnant, I'd write a little something in here, not just for everyone else to read, but for myself too. And I'm going to enjoy every single minute of it!

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I can't believe I get to post my story!!!!

After 3 years of trying, we are pregnant. I have been through so much in the last 3 years I just can't believe this is real.

I'm 39 and have 4 children ages 20,18 and 13yo twins. I had a tubal ligation after the twins.

I got married again and had tubal reversal. I wasn't getting pregnant, checked my tubes,,,,, all good,,,,tried and tried,,,,, more testing found out that my husband had MFI and so we put him on vitamins and started doing IUI 3 rounds all BFN. Then found an IVF study a year and a half later ( all along still trying)and we could afford it so did that and BFN. We were waiting for my period to start so we could do 1 last round of IVF and My period was late I didn't think much of it because of all the drugs I've been on and thought I was just messed up from IVF. Anyhow my period is never late so at 5 days late I peed on a stick and surprise !!!!! I drove right to the Dr and made sure it was true. My beta was 240!!!!! I am 5w1d today. I never thought this would happen. And we didn't do anything.

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BFP on Mother's Day after TTC for 2 years plus

Finally, I have a chance to wirte my own BFP story. Thank you for all the BFP stories which are so encouraging and supportive. Both husband and I longing for child since our wedding day, its been about 2.5 years. Thanks God! Alleluia!
Well, iI want to share my experiences and advice to all others who are still trying. I also pray for all of you.
Suprisingly, this cycle is the month that we did nth. I had tried for so many diff things trying to conceive but no luck.

Here are my some experiences,
1st year - using period tracker to determine the best time to conceive. After for few mths I noticed that my period cycle is quite long and not so regular (32-38days).
Its difficult to use the rhytm method (by counts which used by period tracker). I looked for so much information online and books just to understand how our body works to catch the egg every month. It is stressful coz I ahve been tryign every month and end up with disappoinment.

2nd year - Went to see gynae, all 3 of them put me in clomid straight away and had some ultrasound to check on my. Able to to know exactly when the egg is coming but still no success. Tried acupuncture and chinese medicine, it improved my period cycle to 28 days but still no luck.
Finally, went to a natural family planning course which introducing the BOM method. Follow the method and instructions first two months no luck. Conceived in the third month. But strange coz we did not follow the instructions, we thought wanna take a break for this cyle as my husband was preparing for his baptism.

My period was late and tested BFP and 5 weeks pregnant! I calculated, it is right after my husband get baptised, we conceived!
After his baptism, two of my church member went to Holy Land for pilgrimage. They put our names in the petition box in Milk Grotto at Bethlehem and brought back the Holy Milk powder for us to consume which famous for the miracle works on helping couples to conceived. When they back home, both my husband and I consume and follow the instructions to pray for about 1 week before i got my BFP. Thanks to mama Mary for her prayers and intercession and Thank God for his blessings. I truly believed is the prayer to Our Lady of Milk.

I wrote it in my blog as well and will share more. Please feel free to visit my blog

Wish those who are still TTC will get this special blessing from God. I will pray for you all. You may submit names and I llift up your name in my prayer.
God bless you all.

When you least expect it...

I promised myself I would contribute my story if I were pregnant this month. The stories here have given me hope and comfort in the last several months.

We were able to conceive immediately in October, which was great since I am 36 and my husband is 41. Unfortunately, we discovered our baby no longer had a heartbeat at 9 weeks on 12/23/13. After waiting several weeks for things to occur naturally, I eventually had a D&C. I waited for one normal cycle per doctor's instructions and then we resumed trying.

Month after month I thought I was pregnant and was devastatingly disappointed. My PMS symptoms were constantly changing and mimicked pregnancy. Every time AF showed up, I felt depressed and like a failure.

My husband told me I was trying too hard and becoming a little obsessed (easy for him to say), but I decided to listen to him and lighten up. I stopped using the ovulation kit and decided to take a break from TTC. In May we hardly had intercourse during my fertile period which I thought would allow me to stop obsessing during the two week wait. I had already counted myself out for this month and just wanted to relax. And I did! I kept busy, dove into work, went out with friends, even had some wine! I refused to let myself look on the internet about any new symptom I thought could be early pregnancy related. And like clockwork my ever changing PMS symptoms started up. And any moment I thought I was going to start my period. But I didn't. And I'm never late, but I kept thinking it was coming. I was convinced I was having PMS symptoms and not pregnancy symptoms. I didn't want to be foolish and take pregnancy test for no reason. But after a couple of days I finally did. BFP. When I least expected it.

I, of all people, can't tell anyone else how to feel. This has been one of the most stressful, depressing times of my life after miscarriage and being unable to conceive again right away. I also feel like I have very little room to complain after the struggles of some women here. But I do feel that taking a mental break from TTC allowed me to conceive again. It may not work for everyone, but it may help some. My new challenge will be not stressing about having another miscarriage, but one step at a time.

Thank you all for your shared stories of struggle and joy.
I wish everyone the best of luck!


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Began the adoption process and...surprise!

Hey all! My husband and I have a healthy daughter. She was a challenge to conceive as I have some endocrine issues that prevent me from ovulating (not PCOS). Had to go on medication for a while to even have a shot. I told him that I don't want to go through that roller coaster again. I hated it, I hated the disappointment, the waiting, the medicine etc... Not doing it again. So, we started the adoption process in January! I was only tracking my period and realized I hadn't had it in a while, looked on the calendar and I was 4 days late... Took a test and there was a BFP. I said out loud to myself in the bathroom "wait...what?" It can happen. I credit it to being relaxed and not stressing over it! Your body is so sensitive to hormones stress creates. My symptoms were and still are minimal! Confirmed at the OB. 6 1/2 weeks now! If I hadn't skipped a period, I wouldn't have even thought to test! Good luck to all!

BFP after 2yrs of trying after losing our angel

I have been meaning to post this for the past 9 weeks yes Im 9wks now, tww has helped me so much and I wanted to also share my story and give hope to others who are still trying. Me 27 DH 28 our first pregnancy happened quickly but sadly ended when I was 27wks most traumatic time of my life, bby's heart stopped beating. After we lost our angel I told myself I ws not ready to try for another so I went on Depo which ws d biggest mistake of my life, it totally messed up my cycle and caused me to hv ovarian cyst and I only had one injection but the side effects lasted two years. I tried everything from clomid to chinese herbs and acupuncture, then I remember that for my first pregnancy I used african herbs called woman's secret, most of the woman I know who have used woman's secret get pregnant, most of my friends and sisters to, the reason I hadnt used it ws cause they dnt sell it in the city where I stay and had forgotten about it, until my sister reminded me about it. I am from South Africa sadly u can only find it here, its natural herbs used to correct the cycle and it is clinically tested so its safe. I only used for 2 weeks before ovulation and bam got a BFP. I cant even begin to say how happy I am and I pray that God gives me a healthy baby. I ddnt have any symptoms in the beginning but morning sickness kicked in at 5wks but they are slowly easing off now, due for my 10 wk scan nxt week cnt wait. Goodluck to those who are still trying with faith everything is possible.