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BFP Stories

Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP on a Break

Isn't that just the way it goes: you try for month after excruciating month to get pregnant, but to no avail. Then you decide to lay off for a bit, take it easy, re-charge the battery… and voila – you're pregnant!

Those are the types of stories you'll find here. And if you have one to submit for inclusion, we want to hear from you! Send us your symptoms through this contact form.

Bfp 1year post pill & waiting to see fertility specialist!

In utter disbelief! I can't believe it finally happened - two lines, two very dark & unmistakable lines! A bfp! Me?? The girl waiting to see a fertility specialist?!! Holy cow! If you read my blog I haven't posted in a while because we were just waiting for our appointment (so not trying not preventing). I had even applied for a scholarship to do a course next year as I thought a baby may take a while! It's been 12months from coming off the pill & it's been a rollercoster of emotions with my hormones going haywire-acne, mood swings & long cycles that became irregular. I was told my prolactin levels were high & progesterone low & that I was most likely not ovulating. Hubby was going to get his little guys tested while we wait the 3months to get into see a specialist.
So what happened??
Well I thought I was having another very long cycle - day 50 with what felt like AF symptoms for the last few weeks-occasional cramps/aches. I get slightly swollen boobs just before AF comes but they had been sore for the last 2weeks and this last week particularly behind the nipple & I found myself saying ouch when I hugged someone! Still hubby & I put it down to my prolactin levels because I didn't feel pregnant & I swore AF was coming soon! The only other thing I thought was strange is my face was actually clearing up- my acne usually get really bad pre AF... I just thought my skin regime was finally working! So yesterday morning after reaching day 52 I thought why not do a test? I had heaps I ordered months ago so just do one- it will be negative - but hey I've got heaps! -I seriously was not going to though as I had decided 6 months ago that I wouldn't do anymore tests unless I was absolutely sure I was pregnant & I really thought I wasn't! So I dip it & even before I've finished on the toilet I see the first line appear straight away then the second- no wait, what!!? That never happened before!! I start yelling for hubby to come down stairs - & here I thought I would do some kind of well planned thing for him -all out the window! So he thinks something bad has happened! By this stage there is 2 very strong lines - are my eyes deceiving me? Is this a hcg test? Did I pick up an OPK! Nope! Omg! Hubby finally gets down stairs - naked & half asleep! 'It has two lines!!" Hubby -'what? What does that mean?!" 'Im pregnant baby!" Big hug* both in shock! Hubby -' does this mean I don't need to do my sperm test?' Lol!!!

So I'm an A&E nurse & had to go to work (I really don't know how you're meant to function normally when you get such life changing news at 6am!) & all the while hubby & I are trying to do the math -I could be 5-7weeks??! I never thought I wouldn't know this! I thought was going to know every detail when I finally got pregnant but these last few months I didn't care because I was told I'm not ovulating therefore I wasn't getting pregnant right!? So when I got to work I asked a close colleague & Dr to do some bloods for me - at this stage I still didn't believe what had just happened a few hours ago... So within a few hours I had my HCG results - the lady at pathology gave me a huge grin & said "congratulations" as she past me the results - 37,108 (6-7weeks) unbelievable! I was shaking & couldn't believe this result was mine! Such a high result! (I live in Australia so this may not be the same units of measurement as other countries) but it is really high:)

So ladies still TTC- I have turned into a believer. 2 days ago I never thought I would get pregnant without medical help. Those 2 lines that everyone gets I thought would never happen to me. I had withdrawn from TTC blogs & books etc as it was getting me down. I was preparing my life for a long road to becoming a mother by planning to do my masters next year & other projects -I was actually happier then I had been before TTC because I felt positive about having goals that weren't baby related. I was finally relaxed over the last 6weeks to just enjoy my hubby & have drink, eat some naughty stuff & not beat myself up about it (I had been on a strict naturopath diet!) & what do you know? It's exactly what they say! As soon as you stop trying & focus on other things it happens! & believe me I wanted to seriously hurt those people who would say that to me! But it actually worked! It wasn't easy getting myself to that point though, it took reflection, yoga/meditation & a dr telling me I wasn't going to get pregnant to make me realise I'm responsible for my happiness & I shouldn't rely on a baby to make me happy.

I am obviously over the moon though! But I know I was going to be happy even if this didn't happen:)

Life is funny hey?

Just do what makes you happy & the rest will follow:)

I am seeing my Dr Friday & will keep you posted - I just pray for a sticky bean :)

Dont Lose Faith

I know, its easier said then done...but dont lose faith. I felt like we would never get pregnant. But the month we decided to try preseed for the first time and delete our ovulation apps and stop checking CM and stop using ovulation sticks, I ended up getting those BEAUTIFUL pink two lines!

I honestly dont remember any days of symptoms...NONE actually. Ive had a lot of symptoms the previous month and actually, when I reached 11 DPO (not realizing i was that far into my cycle) and I realized I hadnt had any symptoms, I kinda got excited!

12DPO- BFN, Very Moody!! And craving spicey foods.
13DPO- Lots of CM. Bloating. Craving spicey foods again. Diarrhea. VERY faint positive...Was persuaded to go get a blood test by a co-worker. Came back negative around 4pm
That evening I took another test and it was clearly a positive! Took every type of red dye test and digitals all saying Pregnant!
14dpo- Positive is getting a lot darker! Diarrhea still. Spicey food cravings. Bloating and CM still rapid.
15dpo- VERY Positive Pregnancy Test!! Diarrhea in the morning. Craving vinegar...sooo weird for me! Bloating still and a lot of EWCM (gushing, made me think i was starting my period.)
16dpo- Still getting darker positive pregnancy test. Woke up feeling reallllly nauseas! Diarrhea. Mood swings and an emotional wreck like crazy. EWCM still coming. Craving really weird food! Went and took a blood test..came back Positive!! One of my favorite days of my life!!

Thinking we are due at the end of May!! We cant wait!! Praying this first trimester goes by quickly! This is our first child so the excitement cannot be contained!

BFP after trying for 12 years

I never thought that I would be here, I watched this board and also submitted to this board several times while trying to conceive. Always told myself if I ever got pregnant I would submit my story.

I married in 2003, started dating in 2002. My husbands family were of older parents and we started trying to conceive straight away. Nothing seemed to work. After his father passed in 2004 we really were devastated that he could not be apart of unborn child's life if that was in our cards. So we continued to try because my husbands mother also was sick and we didn't want the same outcome that happened with his father. In 2011 his mother passed as well, and more devastation and even worse still no baby. We decided to take a break and just let nature takes its course and of course it didn't well at least for quite some time. In 2013 I decided, well we decided that we were happy just being us plus I also had custody of my niece so we were okay just being parents to her and focusing on being the best parents we could be for her. I also decided I wanted to further my education and persue a goal of mine and that was to be a nurse. So we moved 3 hours away and we got started. My birthday cane which was in November and of course decided I was gonna have some drinks with school buddies but after one drink I was sick, I mean that sick where you feel like your so hungover. I knew something was wrong. Also I was having weird feelings, weird sensations in what felt like my low abdomen. Plus my monthly wasn't and hadn't been around since October but that was unusual for me due to irregular cycles all my life. I just pushed it away and thought maybe they just disappeared again.
Anyways as time passed the feelings just kept getting weirder and to the point I thought something could seriously be wrong with me. I decided that if my monthly hadn't returned by January 1, 2014 I would take a pregnancy test. And I remember that morning I was a nervous wreck because I knew it was gonna be negative. And I would have to come to terms yet again that I could give my husband the one thing that I should be able to, and not mention something is wrong due to those weird feelings I was feeling. Well this time I would get one neck of sight two lines. Omg, two lines I was so frantic I ran in the bedroom saying according to this pregnancy we are pregnant but I don't believe it we have to go get more. And we did 12 tests later still two lines.
I was gonna post earlier to this sight but didn't do to that fact I am a worst case scernio person and was fearful of loss of my unborn child. But I gave birth to my beautiful angel in August and she is perfect in every way.
I don't really recall the symptoms as when they would have started after missing my period but I do know I had a lot of nauseating feelings the majority of the day, pinching and pulling sensations kinda felt like over my ovaries, car sick quite often, and my breast were so sore I couldn't even hardly stand to wash or dry them(tmi? )

Anyways my inspiration to you can be just give up, I know thats not what you wanna hear but its so true it will happen at its own time, just enjoy life. I had such irregular periods that I just figured it would never happen but it did! I hope this gives inspiration to someone.

BFP after I 'let it go'

I got my BFP with baby #2 after 6 cycles and 5 months of trying. I thought the second baby would come with a snap (most people get pregnant the second time around easy). I got my implant removed March 5 and had ewcm and sensitive BBs predictably around cd 13-14. My first period after the implant, which was my first period in nearly 4 years, was 24 days after the implant was removed. The second cycle I used OPKs and ended up having a chemical after getting a BFP. Ironically, I got fired the day after I got my bfp and AF showed the next day.

I added preseed the next cycle but I noticed my LP was about 10-11 days. I took a break cycle cycle 4 and cycle 5 from tracking and DH and I just went with the flow. Cycle 5 I added fertilitea from CD1- CD5 but I noticed no EWCM that cycle when I had been getting it consistently every time my Ovia app said I was fertile. My cycle that cycle was 28 days long. Cycle 6 DH and I decided to up our BD efforts but I threw out my fertilitea and still didn't use OPKs. During the time my Ovia app said I was fertile we BD every other day using preseed. So I think it was CD 9, 11, 13, 15 we BD with preseed.

What was really weird was that I had this intuition. WHile we were BD on CD 13, the thought went through my mind "this is it!" I knew with every cycle we didn't conceive the likelihood of conceiving was going on. AF due CD 24 and I took a test to enter into my app that I had a negative pregnancy test.

But the test was positive. Whaaaaaaa?

I was a notorious symptom spotter and a POAS addict. I used up all of my internet cheapies because I couldn't NOT pee on something. Every cycle I convinced myself I was pregnant. But the cycle I got a BFP I didn't even think about it during the TWW. I didn't track. I didn't count DPO. I don't temp. I didn't use OPKs. I didn't pay attention. I didn't POAS before AF was due. And I didn't really do anything special or different. Why cycle 6? Why not all the other times?

Anyway, the one "symptom" I noticed my bfp cycle before AF was that my CM was very thick and creamy. It kept getting on my panties and I always felt wet. That was the ONE thing that was different. I don't even know if that is specifically pregnancy related because I'm about 9 weeks now and don't have the CM like I did around the time I got my BFP.

So ladies, my advise is give yourself time off your BC for your body to regulate. And a short LP that is not diagnosed as a LP defect is long enough to get pregnant. It is weird to have your period due by 11 dpo with a full day of pre af spotting. But I did get pregnant. Perhaps I ovulated earlier than CD 14. Maybe it was 10dpo I found out.

Baby dust to all!

Two Years & On A Break

Hello! I'm still in complete shock about this entire thing. I've taken so many HPTs that I never expected to see a BFP!
Short Story: DH and I have been trying for almost 2 years. Recently, I had been put on Clomid for a few months with no luck. In August, I had just had enough. I stopped taking it. I continued to take my thyroid medication and 1500mg of Metformin. My usual 34 day cycle returned to a normal 28 day cycle. I truly believe the Metformin helped make this happen. I started to 'O' on CD14 like clockwork. This stuff has been amazing. Nauseating, but amazing.

I continued to use my PTracker App only to mark when we BD. So, this is how I finally got my BFP:

CD12: BD (standing up & showered immediately. Went on with my day).
CD14: BD in PM. Elevated hips (b/c...why not?) Went to sleep shortly after. At this point, I figured nothing would happen. After all, it hasn't worked before.

1DPO: Small amount white, thick CM.
4-6DPO: Had family in town for the county fair. The entire weekend I felt bloated and ate almost everything that the fair had to offer. I associated the bloating to all of the horrible food that we had been eating. The only reason we go is to eat, so.... I was also very Constipated. Again, I attributed that to how terribly I had been eating. I took a nap in mid-afternoon every single day that my family was here. That was usual. I never nap.
6DPO: Had an absolutely HORRIBLE taste in my mouth before I went to bed. I don't even want to relive it....
7DPO: Major cramps in AM, boobs were tender (but nothing to write home about). Took 3 hour nap.
8DPO: Creamy/Yellow CM, Hips hurt, Sides of Breasts are Sore, Stuffy nose at night. I ate my leftover dinner at 10:30. I mean...I devoured it!! Major constipation.
9DPO: BFN. Pulling & Stretching behind my belly button. Boobs still sore. Dream about shopping for a baby. Very weird BM. Weird feeling on my right side....almost like a flutter.
10DPO: Really gassy when I woke up. Felt like I had to burp. BFN....but wait,....BFP??? I used a Dollar Store test (b/c we all know how much $$ we spend on those darn things) took about 2 or 3 minutes, but the second pink line was faint, faint, faint!!! I'll definately re-test on my lunch break. Twitchy eyes. Soooooo hungry!!! I could not wait for my clients to leave so that I could go to lunch.
Digital test at lunch said "Not Pregnant"...but Blue Dye CVS brand was very, very faint positive. These have been known to get EVAP lines, so...didn't get my hopes up.
Took another Cheapy after work: Very faint second line. Asked DH...he didn't see anything (of course).
11DPO: I woke up SUPER EARLY to take a test before DH left for work (Thanks Goodness I do not work on Fridays). Dollar Store Test: BFP (faint, but there), CVS Blue Dye: BFP (faint, but there), Clear Blue Digital: PREGNANT!!!!!!!!

That was all the proof that DH needed. He went to work panicking about being a parent & how we're going to pay for all of this. :) Typical for DH.

This is our first pregnancy and I'm soooooo excited!!! My first appointment is not until November 5th. I know it's early to post on here,but I had to tell SOMEONE!! We're telling my parents tonight, his soon, and I'll be informing my closest girlfriends. All others will wait until after my first ultrasound.

What I did differently?: Stopped trying, relaxed...and prayed. I did not pray for a BFP....I asked for peace and understanding. The Lord works in mysterious ways.

Good luck to all of you TTC'ers. I understand...I've been there.

It happens when you least expect it to!

I have been reading through everyone's struggle to conceive and relating to just about all your stories....

Well here's mine...

My husband and I have been trying to conceive for the past 2 years, first year I had my mirena removed and was told by my gynae that as a result from the mirena I had very thin walls which would make it very difficult to carry a child so we should have protected sex for at least 3 months. - Which we did -was weird considering we're married. I had heard that folic acid helps to thicken the lining of your uterus walls so I started taking them.
After 3 months we started for several months to no avail :( we were so disappointed went back to my gynae and her said all was fine with me have we considered having my hubby checked, he recommended a urologist. After doing his first S/A we found that his count was less than 1 mil I was devastated and as you can imagine so was my hubby. Was told to wait 3 months a he suggested my hubby take Staminagrow a vitamin. After 3 month we went back and his count was worse than the first S/A at this point I had lost all hope and got frustrated when the he told us to come back 3 months again. When we came back again his count was 0.5mil his testosterone levels were slightly low too. At this point the Urologist said that it looks like ICSI is our only option and it's best we look for a fertility specialist. I was in tears. My gynae gave me clomid even though I didn't have a problem with ovulation I took it in June X5 50mg the first 5 days of my period. Nothing happened, got my period like clock work at the end of July forgot to take the clomid the day I started took it only twice. Ended being admitted to hospital for chronic bronchitis. They were pumping me with steroids as my lungs had basically collapsed and different antibiotics I was there for 4 days - knew it was my ovulation week so told hubby we needed to BD LoL he was like where...lets just say I made a plan -desperate measures calls for drastic moves :) we felt like teenagers again.
Took all the meds that was prescribed to me just wanting to get better so we could continue TTC.
2 weeks later I was waiting for AF to arrive and nothing, not wanting to get too excited over nothing and sure didn't feel pregnant I am usually a 28-29 day cycle when we eventually got to 32 days I still didn't want to test in fear of the BFN I called my gynae and he told me to wait till I was 10 days late then call him to make an appointment, boobs were sore, lil bit of nausea, increase in appetite, insomina and terrible mood swings was snapping at everyone which is so unlike me.
On my 37th day I was seeing a ENT specialist and found out that they are going to have to operate on me and he asked if I was pregnant to which I replied not that I know of however I am late and he asked me how long is my cycle and so forth and he said he thinks I am pregnant however he cannot operate on me till we know. So called my gynae told him I needed to know he told me to do a blood test as it would be best considering the time frame with me and my Op.

Called him this morning and was told POSITIVE - I am officially pregnant!

So all I can say to all you ladies do ever loose hope - God knows best, His timing is always perfect.
From being told ICSI is our only option to conceiving naturally.

Baby Dust to all...

My only symptom before some weird couldabeens

Hi ladies- I cruised this site a few times when looking for symptoms in the tww. My mind got the best of me and, thus, I realized it is best not to read too much into every little thing. That said, I got my BFP this month--a surprised as I was primed, prepped, and felt 100% PMSy per the norm. My ONLY SYMPTOM was lack of spotting before my AF. I usually spot a little 3-4 days ahead of AF (usually super duper light, tinged, enough for a panty liner and just slightly annoying. When that didn't happen, I suspected my cycle was off or perhaps I just wasn't going to spot this month. I am never late, so I tested the day after I was supposed to start and got a BFP right away.

In hindsight (20/20 right?), I think my "PMS" was a little in overdrive...I was moodier than normal and seemed to be more bloated. I also had some loose stools the day I tested, which is not like me. A random note: my dog licked me a lot--all over my legs, arms--wouldn't leave me alone. I figure I must have been salty on account of it being summer and all....they say animals are intuitive and "know" when something's up. I don't know--that may just be silly but now it def stood out as something different.

Back story on TTC:
This was our 4th "attempt" at ttc even though we did not purposely set out to try this go round. I am 35 and my husband is 38. We tried for three months in a row using OPKs and using a combo of OPKs and BBT one month. I really liked the BBT method because I could really tell when I ovulated. I have a regular cycle and got off the pill a year ago. Nothing happened despite our best efforts. We were unable to ttc for a few months due to an unexpected medical emergency with my husband. It was a frightening experience for both of us and I assumed the stress would negatively affect both my clockwork cycle and my ability to conceive. This was the first month we did not actively try and were just grateful to enjoy each other again after the ordeal. I know when I typically ovulate, but wasn't clocking the calendar....figured it would take a while for us so I didn't sweat it much. Looking back, we BD'd the Friday, Saturday, and Monday before ovulation allegedly occurred on Tuesday.

I hope any of this is helpful. The internet can be a lonely/reassuring/frightening place but I wanted to share my story in the hopes that it will bring comfort or awareness to anyone out there searching. ....and my dog is licking my leg as I type this. :)

Almost gave up.....bfp FINALLY

I wish I could be like many of the other ladies and have all my symptoms written down by dpo. I simply got so tired of getting a bfn when I had every single pregnancy symptom for the past year that I was giving up. I am 33 and my hubs is 30. We have two boys 5 and 3. We decided to give ourselves a year to try for a third. If it happened great but if not then hubs was getting snipped. Month after month I stalked this sight, charted everything, drove myself insane with symptom checking. I even had myself convinced I was pregnant at one point when I read dollar store tests as positive when it was evap lines. I mean it had turned into this terrible experience. I felt sad when each period arrived. I felt inadequate like I was too old to get pregnant again. I felt such a strong want for another child and my year of trying was coming to a close. So I more charting, no more tww stalking, no more planned romantic nights. Guess at 14 dpo I finally broke down and took the very last test I had stored away. I fully expected it to be negative. I felt like my period would happen any second. Then I saw two lines. Of course I could symptom check how I had been feeling, sore breasts, cramping, stuffy nose the past three mornings, no CM, starving, increase sex drive, super emotional, cried three times in three days....the list could go on. I guess my point is to those who have gotten to the level of crazy that I had been at, it is sooooooooooo true that it has to happen when you are relaxed. Be patient, you are ovulating like you charted all those months, you are taking your BBT, checking CM and CP so why haven't you gotten pregnant yet? The most important element is to be relaxed! Good luck to those TTC. I feel your pain. I also feel so blessed to finally create my third child. What an awesome journey :)

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OMG!!! Yay (Sweet & Short)

Im going to keep this short and simple with all the juicy details too! LOL

My fiancé and i have been TTC since we returned from deployment in april!

*Sorry i don't know all the lingo used but this website helped me when i needed to know about symptoms and getting my BFP*

Around 5 DPO i started to cramp like AF was coming and nothing. Actually I'm 12 DPO and still cramping!
I started to have fatigue! Wake up at 9AM and fall asleep at 12 noon! and not even notice LOL

Im bloated, gassy, tired, dizzy, vivid dreams, visible viens in my breast, high sense of smell!!! Oh and back aches.

I had white watery sticky like discharge. A LOT!

i took a pregnancy test starting at 7 DPO all negative until 12 DPO
Actually i POAS that morning and it was negative. A cheapie. Something didn't sit right with me. I know my body. I knew i was pregnant. So i went and bought a clear blue and took it at 6PM and *BOOM BFP* the digital read!!! Its tuesday and my period isn't due until thursday! I have a doc appt in the morning!!!

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Surprised #2 after 4yrs of trying :)

Omg!I don't even know where 2 start!I've been reading this website for symptom spotting for 4 long plus yrs.just when I absolutely given up ttc I got surprised.decided 2 pray n no symptom spot this month...i am 2 days late today and i remember reading somewhere about using ovulation stick as pregnancy test so I decided to try like every other months, lol.lo and behold this time I got an instant positive and its even darker then the control line which prompted me to do the pregnancy test.that too a BFP at 18 dpo.i have not symtomps (I had more symptoms when I thought I was preggers other times boo) wishing all my
ttc pals the best n be it prayerful.