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BFP Stories

Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP on a Break

Isn't that just the way it goes: you try for month after excruciating month to get pregnant, but to no avail. Then you decide to lay off for a bit, take it easy, re-charge the battery… and voila – you're pregnant!

Those are the types of stories you'll find here. And if you have one to submit for inclusion, we want to hear from you! Send us your symptoms through this contact form.

OMG!!! Yay (Sweet & Short)

Im going to keep this short and simple with all the juicy details too! LOL

My fiancé and i have been TTC since we returned from deployment in april!

*Sorry i don't know all the lingo used but this website helped me when i needed to know about symptoms and getting my BFP*

Around 5 DPO i started to cramp like AF was coming and nothing. Actually I'm 12 DPO and still cramping!
I started to have fatigue! Wake up at 9AM and fall asleep at 12 noon! and not even notice LOL

Im bloated, gassy, tired, dizzy, vivid dreams, visible viens in my breast, high sense of smell!!! Oh and back aches.

I had white watery sticky like discharge. A LOT!

i took a pregnancy test starting at 7 DPO all negative until 12 DPO
Actually i POAS that morning and it was negative. A cheapie. Something didn't sit right with me. I know my body. I knew i was pregnant. So i went and bought a clear blue and took it at 6PM and *BOOM BFP* the digital read!!! Its tuesday and my period isn't due until thursday! I have a doc appt in the morning!!!

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Surprised #2 after 4yrs of trying :)

Omg!I don't even know where 2 start!I've been reading this website for symptom spotting for 4 long plus yrs.just when I absolutely given up ttc I got surprised.decided 2 pray n no symptom spot this month...i am 2 days late today and i remember reading somewhere about using ovulation stick as pregnancy test so I decided to try like every other months, lol.lo and behold this time I got an instant positive and its even darker then the control line which prompted me to do the pregnancy test.that too a BFP at 18 dpo.i have not symtomps (I had more symptoms when I thought I was preggers other times boo) wishing all my
ttc pals the best n be it prayerful.

PCOS, random bleeding, and then my BFP!

I posted on here last week under the, "Am I Pregnant" tab and got some mixed reviews. I'll just copy and paste what I submitted and then add on what else has been going on since then. Since we weren't trying, I don't have exact DPO symptoms other than the dates that I bled, so I apologize for that!
"Hello ladies!
I'm a little confused as to what's going on because I've never experienced things like this before. I'll try to keep it short and sweet but I can't make any promises :p and I apologize in advance for any tmi!
My fiance and I aren't "actively" ttc, but we aren't using any protection either. If it happens, it happens. We both want a baby badly, but I was told that I'd have to give Clomid a try since my cycles are usually irregular. I have PCOS and I lost about 20lbs and for the past three or four months, it's been pretty regular. Well this month I spotted once or twice on 8/6 just on the tp. On 8/7 I bled a fair amount, enough to need a tampon or two. On 8/8, no more bleeding, just occasional spotting. The spotting continued through yesterday, 8/12. This is far from normal for me. My AF is usually long (7-10 days) and extremely heavy (going through super plus pon's every two hours). Now that the spotting has stopped, my breasts are still sore/larger and the veins are big, blue, and up to my neck. I'm getting occasional shooting pains and my breast/nipples are so itchy. I have acid reflux but now EVERYTHING gives me heartburn. I ate a ham sandwich for dinner and it's already burning. My lower back and hips are achy. The day I was actually bleeding, my hips burned so badly and that's never happened before. I have a headache nearly everyday and I've noticed smells are stronger (I threw out a bag of slightly burnt popcorn two hours ago and I still smell it). I've also noticed that I'm more stopped up than usual. I have that sick feeling in the back of my throat. I think the biggest difference is the exhaustion. By 3 in the afternoon, I'm ready for bed. And it's not just sleepy, it's physical exhaustion as well. I just want to lay in bed and not move. I have been peeing more often and experience occasional waves of nausea. Oh! And my lower abdomen is sore as well as slightly crampy. I get little twinges here and there but nothing like AF cramps.
I haven't taken a test yet because I figured I should wait a few days after the spotting has stopped to try to get an accurate result.
I know most of what I've mentioned leads to me being pregnant, but the bleeding threw me off. I know implantation bleeding can be anywhere from a few hours to a few days, but I thought it was supposed to be just spotting.
Normally with my AF, I spot a little before, really long, heavy flow and then once it's over, everything else stops with it. I've never spotted afterwards or had anything continue on after the bleeding has stopped.
Any votes, either way, as well as any stories from anyone would be helpful!
The only person I've talked about this with is my fiance so I'm dying to hear other peoples opinions!
Thank you in advance :)"
I took a test yesterday, 8/17, and got my BFP! (Dollar Tree brand)
So far the shooting pains in my breasts have increased, as well as the itchiness. My hips, entire back, and neck ache. I've still been getting headaches every afternoon. The sickly feeling in the back of my throat has gone away for the most part. Still occasional waves of nausea but have not vomited at all. Sex drive has definitely increased. BMs are irregular and inconsistent. I've gotten used to the heartburn since I've dealt with acid reflux for the past few years. My lower abdomen and uterine area are occasionally sore and still have random pinching cramps. Vaginal and anal muscle spasms (I know, a whole lot of tmi!) all day yesterday. Very gassy. Increase in CM. The exhaustion has still continued, but I've gotten better about staying awake (as I'm typing this from bed) :p Nose is still sensitive. I STILL smell that damn burnt popcorn! As far as taste goes, all I want are cold cut sandwiches with lots of banana peppers, vinegar, and mustard! Also, I've noticed that almost everything tastes EXTREMELY salty. To the point where I can barely season anything without it being overbearing.
I got a comment on my original post saying that IB is very rare and it's not supposed to last that long or include bleeding at all. Everyone's bodies are different and just because it doesn't fit the textbook answer, doesn't mean it's out of the question. You know your body the best and while it's always great to hear others opinions, go with your gut.
To others with PCOS, stay positive and know that there's hope to do it naturally!
To those TTC, I wish you all lots and lots of sticky baby dust!
Lastly, to all of us soon to be mommies who are sharing our BFP stories, have a H&H 9 months!

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BFP on 11 dpo

I just wanted to post this for all the ladies with a lack of symptoms.

I barely had anything.

From 1-6 dpo absolutely nothing
7 dpo - heartburn, which I haven't had since my previous pregnancy. But I kind of thought it was just because I started drinking cappuccinos for the first time ever.
8 dpo - a little nausea but honestly not out of the norm for me so I don't really even want to count it as a symptom.
9 dpo - nothing
10 dpo - this was the only day I was like okay, just maybe I am. My DF took care of our dd for the day because I was feeling crappy. I slept on the couch for 80% of the day! And when I wasn't sleeping I was eating. I also slept right through the night like a log. I also had mild cramping.
11 dpo - BFP! Strong BFP! In absolute shock, never thought it would happen. Today I've been crampy so far, a little nauseous and my back was hurting but I'm wondering if it's just because I'm now aware.

I'd also like to note this is the month I took a break from the obsessing. As much as the tww helped keep my sanity I found it gave me a very bad obsession over ttc. So after my bfn last cycle where I literally tried everything I decided I needed to take a break.

All I did this cycle was tracked my bbt, used opks and preseed around the time of ovulation.
I found other things to take my mind off of ttc so much, because being a SAHP gave me nothing but time to think, I really think that's what helped this month.

Here's my chart!

Good luck to all you ladies and lots of baby dust!!

Love Can Guide Us Through :)

My story probably sounds similar to a lot of yours. I have been with my partner since 2004. I am diabetic - type 2 - since I was 25 years old. I always wanted to have children, but was told that diabetes could definitely hinder my efforts. However, despite this (and being on Metformin) - at 30 years old, we conceived my daughter. She was a complete surprise. When I found out I was pregnant with her, I was a teacher, unmarried, and teaching junior kindergarten. I remember crying and being in shock and wondering what my grandparents would think as I was unmarried and wondering if my bosses would say anything at all.

However, thank God that everyone in my small community was fine with it. My parents were over the moon. At 36 weeks + 5 days on October 21, 2010 (the day before our anniversary), after a bad fall down the stairs, my daughter was delivered via C-section after my mother's intuition told me something wasn't right with her. She was a little small - 6 lbs 13 oz, but she was a fighter. Despite having low blood sugar and some feeding issues, she was perfect in every way! We left the hospital 11 days after she was born.

The wonders of child rearing ensued. We enjoyed almost every minute of it. The feedings every three hours for the first 1.5 years (ugh!), the sickness, the health. We decided when my daughter was 2 that it was time to have another child.

Like our first, it seemed to just happen naturally and easily - the first time we tried, we conceived. On February 2, I tested and ended up with bfp! I was ecstatic. So quickly, here we were pregnant again. But this pregnancy was different than my other one. My blood sugars had spiraled out of control and I was put on insulin for my sake and the baby's (especially after how long my daughter had been in the hospital - most of that was attributed to diabetes).

Even though I started the insulin, I was ridiculously hot all of the time; I started getting cramps right away that never really stopped. I felt swollen all over - my hands and feet were larger than they should have been. I didn't feel right, and I knew it. I had morning sickness that started around 6 weeks, then stopped abruptly around 8 weeks. I went in for my ultrasound and the tech wouldn't let me see the baby or anything. I was beyond devastated as somewhere inside, it felt like something was wrong. I remember crying to my mother later that day, that something didn't feel right. I was too afraid to ask her if she'd found the heartbeat. Later on, I asked her, and she said she had thought that she heard it. Nothing felt right about this pregnancy, but still we plugged on. I went through my birthday March 14 - and then went back to school after March break. One night - March 22, all of a sudden it felt like something was beating a drum on my insides (on my right side). That night, I started spotting. The next day, it seemed to slow down, so I went to work. Then I started spotting even more. At this point, I was 11 weeks almost. I went to the hospital and they did an ultrasound. To my sadness, there was no heartbeat - the gestational sac was measuring at 11 weeks, and the baby was still measuring at 8 weeks. I checked out of the hospital and went home to let the mc happen naturally. Though it happened naturally, it was one of the most traumatic experiences of my life - I suffered through contractions that were so bad for almost 12 hours. Loss #1

3 months after this, I suffered a chemical pregnancy - 4 weeks 3 days. 4 months after this, another - 4 weeks exactly. 6 months after this, another chemical. My lines would show up about 12 dpo and then lighten on their own in this time. During these crazy months after the miscarriage, my general health got worse. I felt almost toxic. I was diagnosed with high blood pressure, had swelling and felt crappy almost all of the time.

I then started to get really bad cramping in my uterus and found out that it had something to do with being Vitamin D and potassium deficient. I started taking supplements and have slowly been feeling better.

Eventually when people would ask when the next baby was coming, I started telling them that we were done - that my fertility problems were too difficult. My husband was afraid of losing me as well, and neither of us wanted our daughter to have to live without one of us.

My hubby and I had just had the talk about stopping trying, as our daughter will be 4 in October, and we didn't want a lot of age difference between them. I had also decided that maybe pregnancy was too hard on my body and that I would concentrate on myself (even though deep down I still cradled imaginary babies in my dreams at night).

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BFP on CD69 (O was either CD58or59)

I have a history with infertility. Before this last cycle, I went 6 months in between periods.

I just started temping again a few days before I noticed a temp shift. I happened to miss a day of temping, so I am not sure if it was CD58 or 59 that I ovulated.

My husband and I stopped preventing pregnancy in Sept. of 2000. I had a surprise pregnancy with my son in March 2010 (that was the first pregnancy that I ever had - it took 9 1/2 year, we also adopted twins during that time.) The pregnancy with my son, I didn't ovulate until CD30.

I had another surprise pregnancy in Jan. 2013 (2nd pregnancy ever) that resulted in a miscarriage.

This is my 3rd pregnancy, I had just started getting back into actively trying to conceive. Temping and taking prenatal and Metformin (in prep to try Femara again) are the only things I was doing. We only happened to DTD once during my 'window' and it had nothing to do with TTC. :) Apparently that once worked!! Super excited!!

Before my BFP, I had noticed that I felt like I needed to pee a lot (even when I didn't really have to), I was really hot all the time, a little gaggy and sensitive to smells, and had bouts of extreme thirst (just for a day here and there)

Praying for a sticky bean and a healthy 9 months for all of us!

BFP - Missing AF, so on a break!

Hey! Just like to give some hope to those of you that have Missing AF often like me! its possible to get preggers!
My AF had been missing for 75 days, but i used Ovulation tests to see if i was ovulating, which i did randomly. We BD'd only 2 times, and Wham! Pregnant! Im in shock, I really was getting annoyed waiting to begin my AF so we could start again!

Ive had 2 miscarridges, So i am obviously worried, however i am on 100mg of Prometrium 2x daily and I am socked at how dark my test has come out, so that makes me feel better like maybe my hormones are high enough. Also, I am tracking my levels with the Wondofo HCG strips. The top strip closer to the FR test is the first day I found out.. the last strip was 48 hrs later, so I'm happy its getting darker!

It is hard not to test all day long haha! Good luck to those still trying! I assure you it will happen...
Baby dust to all! x

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WOW! In Shock- 1 Miscarriage & PCOS & BFP!

I'm in such shock right now that I can't even figure out WHAT to say...This month was the month we didn't even really try, so I'm in TOTAL shock that I'm staring at my BFP right now.

I had a miscarriage in December and my cycles have been wacky since. I also have had PCOS since I was 20. I dropped a lot of weight and, because of that, haven't had to take medication anymore (and my periods were regular after the weight loss). After the miscarriage, I'd been praying that they got back on track so we could resume the process of making a beautiful baby! In June I used OPKs and paid attention to my CM. When my cycle started on 6/29 (after me being sooooo sure I was pregnant), I decided that I would hold off on trying in July and resume in August. That meant no OPKS, no obsessing, no focusing on forcing sex...nothing. When DH and I felt like doing it, we did it. I actually have no clue as to when I ovulated.

So, because we weren't trying this month, I didn't keep my regular notes of my symptom watching. Howver, i can tell you all what I felt (because this site was such a help as I waited in my TWW).

I got extremely dizzy while I was lying down. I felt like the room was spinning.
One day I decided to make some eggs (with just salt & pepper) and quickly threw it up. It tasted like onions or something.
My breasts were achy...but they started being achy about 10 days PRIOR to when my cycle was due to start.
I started cramping 10 days before my wasn't painful, but it was noticeable...that's when I knew SOMETHING was up.
My breasts had these blue veins in them and I was wondering why I'd never seen them before.
I had pinching in my lower abdomen and even sometimes near my waist. Sometimes I got pinching feelings in my hips, too.
One day I slept for 15 hours STRAIGHT. That is totally not me. On top of that, I was sleeping on short road trips, dozing off in the middle of the day, etc.
I was emotional...but I figured this was because AF was coming. I got pissed at DH for the smallest things and was about to cry (ugh!)
While I felt like AF was coming, my cramps were different. They weren't nearly as intense as my AF cramps are and they came and went. Generally, they also stayed in my lower abdomen, too.

This morning I got up to take the test (my cycle is due to start tomorrow) and before the 3 min. were up, I saw the line! OMG! THANK YOU GOD!

It's so ironic that the one month I don't chart, OPK or temp I get my BFP. We literally only BD'ed 4 times this month because of our schedules. I didn't use my preseed, I didn't use my soft-cups...NOTHING.

I was crying to my mom Friday about how everyone I know was getting pregnant and I wanted to stay positive and faithful that God had our little miracle coming soon. I prayed a LOT to God during this time, too...not just for a baby but for happiness and peace with our situation.

I hope this helps someone. I'm OVER THE off to tell DH before church! :)

BFP with wacky cycles!!!

I promised myself I would put my story here to hopefully help other ladies in the same situation. I've had really wacky cycles for a few years now ranging anywhere from 36-48 days LONG!! Back in 2009 I had a cycle that lasted 109 days. .In and out of the ob office to get tested for different things and everything came back normal. I, of course, was relieved but never got answers to my long cycles. Anyway, last cycle ended in a cp at 4w3d so we decided we'd take a break. For me, that meant no supps just fertility charting. I o'd on cd 35 this cycle and got my bfp on cd 37/12dpo. I was shocked but very happy!! I took a frer this morning and it's very dark!! Eeek!! I txt hubby a pic of a Prego jar and made a little sticky note so it read "We Are Prego. ..again!!!". He is so excited!!

Here are my symptoms by dpo:
0 day: painful ovulation cramps, irritable
1 - 3dpo more cramps but not as bad, temp rise
4dpo: stuffy nose, tired but the weather is crazy so chalked it up to that.
5dpo: nothing
6dpo: boobs getting tingly, bloated, crazy dream!
7dpo: same but, boobs are more sore and heavy feeling, headache
8dpo: spotting (ib?!), crampy but not af type, feeling fine otherwise
9-12dpo: brown spotting just on the tp and brown. Very strange as that has never happened before, kinda freaked out ! Very sleepy, short tempered, pimples (wtheck!!), stuffy nose, full feeling where my uterus is. Feeling very pg!
12dpo: BFP!!!! Yay!!
13dpo: BFP on a frer, which we all know it's not official until almighty frer says so! LOL!! Temps are very high and spotting is gone, praise the Lord!!

I am sooo honored and blessed God would allow me to carry and raise another of His blessings!!!! I'm so excited!!

BFP at 12 dpo

I have been a lurker here for the past 6 months and am excited to post my own story since all of yours have helped me so much mentally and emotionally. These stories carried so much hope for me! Even though 6 months isn't very long, it messed with my head anyway.

Backstory: I got Mirena removed (had it for 6 years) end of January. This was our 5th cycle trying because my first 2 cycles post-Mirena were 35 days and they got shorter each month until they are now regulated at 29 days. Me: 31 DH: 30

Things I did different this month: I had been using OPKs since the first cycle off Mirena and always got a surge. So that was good. My sister said she conceived when she stopped tracking it, just have fun, stop worrying, and that is exactly what we did this month. I HATE when people say to "stop trying" because I know plenty of people who got pregnant when they "started trying" but it worked for us. I also took 600mg guaifenesin (mucinex) from CD 10- CD 20 once per day. I felt crazy doing it but I am a CF carrier and I read somewhere that if you have asthma, allergies, and sinus issues (which I do) then it can be harder to conceive b/c your mucus is thicker. It could be a total load of you know what but I thought whatever, it's just a pill once a day and I tried it to see if it would thin my mucus. It definitely did! I have no idea if that's what did the trick or not this month though.

1 DPO - gassy, diarrhea, moody (it's how I know it was day after O, this is normal for me)
2-5 DPO - acne, VERY sleepless every night, headaches (all normal PMS for me)
6-9 DPO bbs sore to the touch (also normal PMS for me, get this every month, it sucks)
10 DPO - BFN :( Weird pulsing in V area. like I could feel my heart beat in there (increased blood flow? this was not normal). Almost threw up which can sometimes happen to me in PMS but it's rare. Bbs hurt terribly.
11 DPO - Nauseous, almost threw up again, pulsing in the V continued, AF cramps. Bbbs hurt worse than ever, nipples sting. VERY faint positive on internet dip sticks. So faint I could only see it in bright light against a white background. DH thought I was insane :) but my sister saw it.
12 DPO - Bbs still hurt, very tired, weird dreams, tons of creamy wet CM (tmi), then light but very obvious BFP w/ FMU on internet cheapies. Can't believe it!!!

I hope it sticks! This would be our first. Baby dust to all!

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