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BFP Stories

Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP on a Break

Isn't that just the way it goes: you try for month after excruciating month to get pregnant, but to no avail. Then you decide to lay off for a bit, take it easy, re-charge the battery… and voila – you're pregnant!

Those are the types of stories you'll find here. And if you have one to submit for inclusion, we want to hear from you! Send us your symptoms through this contact form.

Finally BFP!! First month trying vitex :)

So first off ..... OMG I'm pregnant!! Been reading sites like this for 6 years with no luck . For years I used everything from the cbfm to the Internet , nothing, finally after months if heartbreak I decided to try vitex before using medical assistance , and I'm freaking pregnant!!

Here's how I took it, went to gnc and bought a bottle of the pills , took two pills twice a day from cycle day one to cycle day 15 (have a 30 day cycle so half of my cycle) I od on the 18, lots of ewcm

My first symptom, boobs sore from day of o till now

Also I had very dramatic PMS for this whole time, ccrampy , moody , headaches, , sore full boobs, exhausted, completely totally exhausted. These were between 10 dpo till now

A week around when af was due I was all of the above plus starving and a little nasaous if I didn't eat, definitely always hungry and the weird one a lot of my hair is coming out, I knew I was preg as I had this when I was preg with dd 12 yrs ago

So if you've thought about trying vitex I say do it!! Def worked for me!! Still can't believe I'm pregnant!! Took 4 boxes of tests to be sure LoL. Good luck an hope I helped someone I know this site has helped me.

We are so excited were having a baby !!

2+ years TTC: BFP 1st cycle after lap

I really want to post this for others that feel like they will NEVER get pregnant. I felt the same way. After over 2 years TTC, unexplained infertility, multiple medicated cycles, and 8 IUIs, I had a consultation for a laparoscopy. I had a large pedunculated fibroid (it was on a stalk outside my uterus) and the surgeon said it wouldn't interfere with conception but could be a real problem if I got pregnant. I scheduled the surgery. Once she was in there the surgeon found scar tissue all over my bowels, bladder and uterus. She removed all of it during the 5 hour surgery. It took me a full week to recover. The first cycle after my lap my husband and I started discussing what we wanted to do about TTC. We were both worn out from the last 2 years. We decided to take a break - meaning no charting or timed intercourse. A couple weeks later my AF date was approaching. I normally have a very short luteal phase - 10 days - so I usually POAS around CD 24 before AF arrives. I thought I saw a faint line. I took another test the next day... it was still there. By the following day the line was unmistakable. I rant out for FRERs, and it was clear as day. I really just stood there in shock. I'm still in shock. The surgeon said that the scar tissue was probably preventing implantation, and it appears that this was the case! I'll be 38 in 2 weeks. Hang in there!

I have no pregnancy symptoms yet, other then just being super excited!

False Negative 17DPO (Wondfo), Positive BFP 18DPO (Clearblue Easy Digital w/weeks estimator)

Absolutely No symptoms until 17 dpo. Just a missed period. Each time I've been pregnant I've had absolutely NO symptoms until 18dpo at the very, very earliest. The cycles I had a ton of pregnancy symptoms I was NOT pregnant each time. Go figure!

17 DPO - False Negative on Wondfo pregnancy test strip.

18 DPO - Faint Positive on Wondfo pregnancy test strip + positive on Clearblue Easy Advanced Pregnancy test w/weeks estimator (digital) that came up as "Pregnant, 2-3 weeks" which would be dated 4-5 weeks pregnant according to their chart. Not sure why the Wondfos didn't pick anything up until today and why they were so light compared to my result w/Clearblue Easy? I'll still to Clearblue Easy next time. 1st day I started feeling really tired and nauseated.

Only thing I did differently this cycle is I was not stressed this cycle like the others. I also used the Wondfo Ovulation test strips and had lots of A-M-A-Z-I-N-G intercourse the day of the stark positive double line. I also skipped oral sex as not to kill the sperm. We did not use lube, as not to kill the sperm too. Just lots of foreplay for natural lube. It worked because we are now pregnant.

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No Symptoms... TTC for what felt like eternity!

Firstly, I just want to start by saying this, don't give up hope if you are TTC. You've got this far, keep going. The inspirational women on this website kept me going and the BFP stories cheered me up.
Now, where do I start. DH and I have been trying since September 2012. He has a low sex drive, and things have been beyond difficult. I have been tracking like crazy and every month I could have sworn I was pregnant. I had all the symptoms: lots of cm, sore breasts, peeing lots, cramps, ovulation pains, Implantation pains, sour taste in mouth, everything. Well, I had enough. I went to the docs and explained that I'm getting all the symptoms I must definitely be pregnant or my body is unwell.She took blood tests and found I wasn't even ovulating. It was heart breaking. She told me to stop tracking and just relax. She would take more blood tests and I was ordered to come back on day 25 of my cycle to take more blood tests. She would then refer me to fertility centre who would help us conceive. She was so lovely. I went home and tried to just forget everything. Prayed lots. I just wanted to forget about everything and focus on our relationship again rather than become a crazy woman constantly tracking when I am fertile. My period didn't come. After two weeks I got worried and became anxious. First I'm not ovulating and then my cycles are disappearing. I did a cheapie test→ to my shock it was positive. Went home in shock. Bought another digital test which came back positive. DH and I cried. I am now 7 weeks and praying for a healthy happy child. Sickness has kicked in. Wondering whether it's going to get worse! Ladies relax and it will happen. Also don't always believe everyone, your body is right. I was told that all the phantom symptoms I was feeling was my body actually preparing for the real thing. That's what the doc said anyway. The body goes through all the symptoms to prepare your body. I pray for you all. X

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Please help, so worried...first pregnancy not sure what's happening.

So I took levonelle 24 hours after condom split about 20 days ago. I had very light spotting (dark brown) 6 days after. I'm now 7 days late, have had 3 clear positive tests 4 days ago and now negative with different tests including digital which I've never been positive with. I have a few symptoms which could be linked to pregnancy from what I've read. Experiencing mild cramping on and off and keep thinking I have started my period (heavy feeling) but not an ounce of blood just discharge - feel quite damp down there (sorry). Does this mean I'm not pregnant now? My partner and I have decided it was obviously meant to be when I got the positive test and want to keep the baby and are actually excited! I am now terrified that I have lost it. Please help :( will the morning after pill affect the baby if I am pregnant? Thank you for your comments in advance

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Natural BFP after Unexplained IF, 4 failed IUIs

I am 13 weeks pregnant and I still can't believe it. DH and I started trying in June 2012, suffered a chemical in May 2013 and then decided to go through the whole testing process as we are in our thirties and were starting to worry it may never happen. Every test came back normal. While good to know there is nothing noticeably wrong, as any of you with unexplained infertility know, it almost seems more frustrating. We had been using OPKs, fertility monitors, you name it. Following all the rules for over a year and nothing. Our RE suggested doing Clomid/IUI for 4 rounds and was hopeful we would be successful. After the second round didn't work, my body got pretty screwed up and we had to take a month off. Then we moved to letrozole/IUI for 2 months. Nothing. I was also doing weekly acupuncture during this time, taking time off work to relax, etc. We were devastated when the RE told us we need to consider moving on to IVF. In December we decided we were going to stop trying until we were ready for IVF. I was so broken down emotionally I had to go on antidepressants. I was at the darkest place I had ever been in my life. The holidays were absolute torture and I didn't want to leave the house.

In January we decided to start planning a big trip for the summer. I was spending lots of time researching and planning, getting so excited about our trip. To be honest, I think the antidepressants were also helping a lot, just allowing me to see all the positives in my life instead of focusing on our troubles. We had everything planned out and were going to book our trip but I was a few days late (which never happened other than when I had the chemical) so I took a test. I could not believe my eyes. I instantly started crying and just saying thank you over and over. When DH came home from work, he was speechless. When we told our parents they were speechless. Like I said, I have to remind myself this is really happening still.

I was pretty worried something might go wrong but was so relieved to see the heartbeat at our first appointment and even see our little guy/girl wiggle. Then the all day morning sickness kicked in and I was grateful because it was daily reassurance things were working as they should. We are beyond excited and so incredibly thankful. Not that long ago I really didn't think I would ever be happy again.

So to everyone out there who can relate to this and are still waiting, please, please try to be happy and patient. Everyone kept telling us we would get pregnant when we stopped trying but it's nearly impossible to stop thinking about it. But eventually you will hit a point where you just have to. And regardless what happens it will be such a relief. It's hard to let go but you will reach a point where you don't see any other option. And hopefully that is when you'll be surprised with a miracle like me.

Good luck to all of you.

Still can't believe it...

As I am writing, I can't believe I am actually writing a BFP story. I've read thousands on this site, always dreaming of the day I'd get to write one. And now I'm actually doing it and it feels so strange.

My husband and I have been trying for 6 years. After years of testing and procedures and thousands of dollars, we found out we'd need IVF because of my husband's sperm. Low count, motility, and morphology.

This was in January. We were devastated because we can't afford IVF, but relieved we finally had an answer.

We decided to focus our efforts somewhere else, so I decided to enroll to finish my master's and my husband his Bachelor's. We figured we'd save for the next 2 years and wait to do invitro.

I decided while we were waiting we could try Fertilaid for Men. Couldn't hurt, right?

He was on it for 2 weeks when I ovulated, so we didn't think it could ever work, but we did it one time during my fertile period. I almost fainted when I saw those 2 pink lines. The only reason I took the test was because we were going to have drinks for my husbands birthday. I was 13dpo. Still in disbelief.

I've had no symptoms so far, sorry ladies. However, that is a symptom for me. Generally my boobs hurt from ovulation to AF, but they're not sore at all.

Now I just hope for a very healthy next 8 months!!

BFP naturally after polyp removal

I got my BFP this past saturday after an exhausting 5 years of trying. I have never been pregnant before so I tried to analyse every twinge and suspect symptom for many years, which takes a huge toll on ones mental psyche. This site really helped to bring me back down to earth when I was feeling crazy and alone. Here is our journey:

We tried naturally for 1 year and when it didn't pan out, we went to see a fertility doctor. He was of very little help and we felt like a cog in the fertility machine. Nothing seemed to be wrong except that my periods had changed over the years and I was spotting throughout my cycle as well as my periods were lighter. We decided to move to a new city to persue careers and school and as a result met a fantastic doctor who very quickly helped us identify the problem. We first tried IUI to see if it would work and through ultrasound the Dr noticed I had a polyp in the sub-mucosal area of my endometrium. 3 unsuccessfull IUI's later, we were feeling deflated and confused. We met with our Dr again to discuss what to do next and decided that removing the polyp was the logical next move. It was also a necessary precursor to getting IVF, which was our next move.

I had surgery this past January to remove it and it was very successful. Very shortly after surgery I felt amazing. I had symptoms that I was putting up with, caused by the polyp that I didn't even know were related. My symptoms with the polyp that diminished post surgery were:
-dizziness all day
-intolerance to caffeine and any stimulant, like peppermint or chocolate (I would get rapid heart rate and anxiety)
-constant spotting
-pain during sex
-minimal bladder incontinence

We were supposed to hold off on intercourse for the first month post surgery to prevent any infections from occuring, but we decided to start having sex again on the next cycle and it wasn't painful anymore! this was a huge relief for me as I was starting to hate sex because of the pain it was causing me and it was greatly effecting our relationship.

I just carried on as normal, not even thinking I could get pregnant, as I was so used to seeing that negative pee stick. late in my cycle I even called my DR to book in for our first IVF cycle in a few months. That was all booked and set. I felt good about it.

3 days before my period was due I did a urine test that was negative. Nothing out of the norm. I wasn't very disapointed as I was accustom to this. the day my period was supposed to start, I had cramps, thinking it was coming, but no blood. wierd. and the same the next day, cramps all day, but no blood. I thought to myself, what the hell is the cruel and unusual trick?! so of course, I tested again the next morning, 3 days past period due date. the test went positive in about 10 seconds! I repeated over and over again "Oh my god!" while my husband lay in bed waking up. I wept for 10 mins as the relief was so great and unimaginable.

I'm going in today to get a blood HCG to confirm.

My only symptoms that I had were:

-implantation bleeding 10DPO, (thought it was just spotting prior to my period)
-mild cramping starting from implantation day and increasing to medium cramping on the day my period was supposed to arrive until now.
- no bleeding
-no period acne like I always get (I usually get atleast one zinger of a zit on my face)

Very few symptoms. Please do not over analyse symptoms, just wait it out girls, as painful as it is.

I'm still in shock, as is my husband. Couldn't be happier.

22 months of TTC, Hashimoto's, MFI

My husband had a vasectomy after our son was born as we were very young and had 2 babies under 13 months old. He had a reversal in April 2012. We tried for a year and no luck. Started getting hardcore after the year and got a semen analysis: 48 million total, 50% motility, 4% morphology. And then we tried everything, clomid, one IUI, meds for me, vitamins, Fertilaid, Countboost for hubby, I ate pineapple and took B6 for my spotting issues, etc. My RE suggested I might need a lap/hysteroscopy so I did one last July where he found one tube bent and the other full of debris. He said he wouldnt call it endo, but leftover scarring from a D&C I had to have after my son was born for retained placenta. I finally said God I give it all to you, there is nothing we can do on our own and tried to move on.

I stopped the clomid, prenatals, & deleted my fertility friend app. I won't say I didn't think about it or didn't hold out hope, and I still stalked the tww. I have hashimoto's disease (thyroid) also & take synthroid. This month I just knew something was going on because I spotted only once on 7ish dpo (implantation) and my boobs got sore as usual, then stopped. I always spot, like every time I wipe spot, at least 2-4 days before AF, all the way until she comes. I was dry as a bone down there and my boobs got sore again. After I gagged and almost threw up at the smell of hot dogs at my best friend's son's first birthday, I ran and got some dollar tree tests. I prayed and told God I trusted his master plan, and opened my eyes to a big fat BFP a day before I was supposed to start, at 7 pm at night! All that to say, GOD WORKS MIRACLES! Also, this cycle was super stressful as my husband's sweet Mamaw died on my birthday, and several friends & family had just found out they were expecting, which so many of you know, is so heartbreaking.

I think the symptom spotting can be a fun/obsessive way to pass the time, but what really gave me hope was stories like mine that beat the odds, so I pray it blesses someone and gives you something to hold onto on those hard TTC days.

BFP ... Against all the odds !

Hi everyone !
I have been looking at this site on and off for a number of months and found it very informative so I have decided to post my symptoms since I found others great to read . I'm also looking for some non judgmental support as I never felt so unsure of my emotions .
My fiancee was diagnosed with very low testosterone last year , we were upset as we are 39 and 41 and knew we both wanted children , it gave us a big wake up call ( esp my F ) we knew then that time wasn't on our side so we decided to plan getting married soon and afterwards to go about getting some more tests and maybe get help if needed with trying to conceive so we decided to put trying for a baby off until after the big day in 6 months . I decided that I would record my ovulation every month until then so we would know more about my cycles giving us the best chance possible and also use it as a form of family planning . This month we bd on CD 7 ( as I thought it would be safe ) and didn't ovulate till CD 12 .... I just found out that I'm 4 weeks pregnant ! I'm in total shock and what makes it incredibly difficult is that my F doesn't know if we are ready and that it's bad timing ! I feel incredibly alone , I always thought that this would be a fantastic happy time for us .

5-8 DPO lower back pain very like just before AF due
8-12 DPO brown spotting with very light red blood on tp when wiped once , thought AF was on its way .
13 DPO spotting gone completely , slightly sore bbs ,
14 NO AF ... Feel very full around pelvic area , nothing like Ive felf before so i decided to do a test ....Very faint BFP !