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BFP Stories

Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP on a Break

Isn't that just the way it goes: you try for month after excruciating month to get pregnant, but to no avail. Then you decide to lay off for a bit, take it easy, re-charge the battery… and voila – you're pregnant!

Those are the types of stories you'll find here. And if you have one to submit for inclusion, we want to hear from you! Send us your symptoms through this contact form.

No symptoms, Shocking BFP

I am 32 and have been trying to actively conceive since June. Even before that we didn't use BC because even though I have always had regular periods, PCOS and a short luteal phase, when I actually ovulate, make conception challenging. I used a Clear Blue Fertility monitor, pre seed, and was taking metformin, but every month the monitor (which I started in April to get a baseline) told me I didn't ovulate and over the summer my periods became irregular. By the end of September I had given up. My husband was going to be traveling for work most of October so I stopped tracking everything and decided to take the month off accept for taking the metformin and I added in Vitex to try to regulate my periods. We literally only BD'd twice the whole month because he was gone. When my period didn't come I didn't even consider pregnancy. I had zero symptoms. I was worried something was wrong and after a few weeks decided I should make an appointment. I took a pregnancy test two weeks after missed period just to be sure because I knew they would ask when I went in. It was an immediate BFP. I was shocked. I had my first ultrasound today and I'm 8 weeks 2 days and heart beat of 177 bpm.

I credit the vitex and taking the month off from tracking which alleviated stress. I know that we all pour over everyone's symptoms on here during our TWW to determine if we possibly could be preggers. I just want any woman who has no symptoms to not count themselves out yet. I'm 8 weeks and still barely have symptoms. My OB says I'm just lucky. Keep your head up ladies, it will happen.

My 1st BFP!! Finally!!

Funny story actually, I found out about my pregnancy Sunday night at work. I told my coworker how I haven't gotten my period and I was 4 days late and I was tired sleepy and had slight breast tenderness. He insisted that I was pregnant and he had suspected it all along. He suggested I take a pregnancy test so he went out and bought me one and sure enough it was a Bfp! My partner and I weren't actively trying, we were more on the "if it happens it happens" side but if not that's perfectly fine with us. I really wanted to post my story because this site gave me hope when I felt completely incapable of conceiving. I know everyone hates to here this but don't focus too much on ttc because you'll just stress yourself out and prolong the wait for a baby. It seems that people are so focused on getting pregnant that they forget to enjoy themselves in their most intimate moments.

Now time for the symptoms; I didn't really have any symptoms just the usual pms symptoms. I had breats tenderness but it went away around the time my period was due then came back just a little tender. I had no cramps whatsoever except for maybe one time but it was super mild and only for about a minute. I had some nausea but only for one day and it was on the drive back home from Halloween horror nights and that was weird for me because I never get car sick. Ever! Other than that there's no nausea, no morning sickness, nothing. The tale tell sign was no Aunt Flo and that's a little strange for me because I am very consistent on my cycle, every 5th of the month. My only thought was maybe it's changing but that's unlikely because my cycle usually changes once a year and the that's around the spring or summer time.(I never noticed that until daddy to be pointed it out a couple years ago) I did have some sort of spotting on the 7th it was just a little bit of red on the toilet paper as I wiped so I put a pad on thinking aunt flo was here and nothing. I had my suspicions about being pregnant but didn't think too much of it until I took the test.

I just wanted to give a little info about me incase some of you ladies can relate to my story, I'm 19 I've been with daddy to be for 3 1/2 years. I have regular 30-31 day cycles (every 5th of the month). We were not using and form of birth control except for the pull out method (most of the time at least). I was not taking any fertility drugs or doing any of the old wives tales i.e. lay on your back with hips up ontop of a pillow etc. I wish you ladies ttc the best of luck and baby dust to you all! Hope you found my story hopeful. Thanks for reading and feel free to ask any questions! :)

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After 8 months TTC #3, gave month later, BFP!

I will start off by saying I ran myself ragged doing BBT, OPKs, tracking CM, and raking the internet researching every little symptom. I was majorly depressed after month after month of negative HPTs! Finally my husband and I decided to give up all of the tracking and let it happen in it's own time. The week of ovulation, I was noticing some egg white cm. I still had a lot of wondfo OPKs so I decided to go ahead and test. Hubby and I did the deed Sunday, morning of Tuesday, and morning of Wednesday which is when I got my positive OPK in the late afternoon. I think I was at the end of my surge and ovulated earlier that day. Anyway here are my symptoms by DPO.

1-3 dpo- nothing
4 dpo- lots of thick white creamy cm
5 dpo- noticing some very consistant dull cramping
6 dpo- cramping continues, creamy cm....never seen this kind of cm in my 8 months of ttc, also I had a very intense urge to eat Reeses!
7 dpo- got food before going to work so I was hungry when I got there, while talking to my co-worker my stomach started to feel very green, had to excuse myself because I thought I was going to yack.... more creamy cm, really wanted some Reeses Peanut Butter Cups
8 dpo- still getting some mild cramps, more creamy cm, fell asleep at work, oops! Also, noticed I had emptied the vending machine at work of its Reeses, oops!
9 dpo- boobs are feeling heavy, more mild cramps, creamy cm, took an e.p.t. pregnancy test because we had family in town and I wanted to see if I could drink, got a very faint positive, didn't get too excited because I didn't want to set myself up for disappointment. Showed it to hubby, he could see the line too.
10 dpo- lots of creamy cm, getting nauseous when hungry, tired and crabby, boobs are feeling very sore, had a hot flash, feel like I could eat a horse, started peeing a lot.
11 dpo- took a First Response pregnancy test in the morning, BFP!! more tiredness and feeling crabby, gassy, hubby was making stew and the smell made me nauseous, more hot flashes

I know I was on this website constantly during my two week waits so I hope this helps you ladies. I really would advise giving up the mindless tracking! It did me a world of good to get my mind off of it! Good luck to all of you!!

Natural BFP after Stage 4 Endo, Low AMH, and Failed IVF!

About to give birth to my baby girl.

Conceived naturally one month after I was told I would have to use a donor egg to conceive a child.

Had previously been diagnosed with Stage 4 Endo, Endometrioma removed from one ovary through a lap procedure
Was also diagnosed with Low AMH 0.34

3 failed IUIs and Failed IVF cycle which included two single embryo transfers.


only thing I used was ACUPUNCTURE!!

BFP after 13 months of trying

I'll admit it. After last months fiasco of AF showing up a month late, I gave up. I said, to heck with this noise. I told DH we could adopt later, but I needed a break. No charting, no temping, nothing. We BD'd once... And yesterday, I noticed I was a week late. I had off and on cramps in my lower back, so I thought, I know! I've got one test left, I'll take it in the morning, get a negative and head to the acupuncturist to get back on track. Woke up, POAS, boom, and I mean a very Big FAT positive! Took less than two seconds to pop up. I nearly passed out. Last AF was 9/17, so that makes me about six days late. Only difference was acupuncture and not trying. Still in shock and praying for a sticky bean. Love and baby dust to you all.

BFP after 9 months and a pituitary tumor - BD 1 time during fertile window

I won't make this too long, but we started trying to get pregnant January 2014. I had my 1st son September 2012, and wanted to have another soon after, but it didn't really work out like that. My period did not even come back until December 2013, and that was only with the assistance of Provera. I started temping and tracking everything in January..ended up with a short (7,8,9 days) luteal phase, and things really didn't get back to normal until around May 2014. After that, our BD timing was perfectly lining up with my ovulation days, so I just was not understanding why it wasn't happening for us.

July 2nd, 2014, my husband went blind in 1 eye. Long story short, we took him to the ER in the AM, and by that evening, he was having surgery to remove a pituitary tumor at the base of his brain. Scary stuff, but he is recovered and all is well. During the check up appointments, the dr's mentioned that the tumor appeared to be 2 years old, and were very surprised that we had even had our first child. Apparently the pituitary affects sperm production and all of that, which is what we are thinking the issue was. His recovery took about a month, and we started trying again in AUgust. Well, sure enough, during the 2nd month of trying after his surgery, we got our BFP.

During the months of trying, I tried it all, preseed, legs in the air for 30 minutes, pills, vitamins, b-vitamins, mucinex, temping, charting, Fertilaid etc. ...However, by September I was so tired of doing all of that, and I didn't even track in September. I prayed about it (as I have many months prior), but really decided to just rest and relax in September. We BD 'd 1 day during my fertile phase - the day that I received a positive on my ovulation test, and we used pre-seed, that's it. TMI , but he also slipped out as well as he was finishing, so I really didn't think we had a huge chance this month.

I did have my husband on Fertilaid for men as well. I'd like to think this helped. If this wasn't the month, our next step was to get his sperm tested.

Around 7DPO I started getting queasy. I thought it was because I had just taken a flu shot. I was queasy for the next couple of days. I did not think you could get queasy that quickly, but I may very well have been flu shot related, though I've never had that reaction. I started testing around 11 dpo and noticed a squinter 12 dpo. The squinter didn't turn to a full BFP until after my period was due.

We are VERY ecstatic and I just wanted to share my story because many nights these stories have helped me to not get discouraged. I hope this will encourage someone!

Surprise BFP with PCOS

So I always said that I would post my story on here if and when we ever got a BFP. So here I am shocked that I am getting to post it.

I have PCOS and Endo. My husband and I have been trying for just over 2 years to conceive. We did an IUI back in early August and got negative test after negative test after our dreaded 2WW. I was so upset and it really had taken a toll on my body (IUI caused pretty bad pain for me and I was on bed rest for a few days) so we decided to take a few months off from TTCing. After all my husband was switching jobs and we are currently house hunting so it seemed like a good time to relax and just enjoy each other for a while. During this break we really did just that, enjoy each other. We went on a weekend getaway to the mountains, went to a concert, had many date nights and enjoyed a few beers!! For the first time in a long time I was not completely focused on getting pregant.

Well a couple weeks back I started cramping pretty bad and it was on and off for about two weeks. My boobs also felt like they were going to fall off my body they hurt so bad. So on Monday June 13, I realized that I hadn't had a period since before my IUI (pretty normal for me when I am not on fertility drugs) so I called my docotor and asked them to call me in a prescription to jump start my period. I wanted to make sure I was getting my body healthy so we could start trying again in January or February. My doctor told me to make sure I take a pregnancy test before I started the medicine and other then that I was good to go. So on Tuesday, June 14, right before I went to go pick up my medicine I took a cheap test just so I could rule it out. And wouldn't you know, a VERY positive pregnancy test before the control line even had time to show up. It was our very first BFP.

We had our first ultrasound yesterday and we are currently 5w6d pregnant with our first and feeling so blessed that we actually got to experience that shock of a lifetime. Please say prayers for a healthy 9 months as I am still high risk!! Part of me still can't believe that when everyone would say "just relax it will happen" that they were right...

Didn't Even Know!

I am writing this because this website gave me so much hope, and a shoulder to lean on during tough times while TTC. About 2 years ago I conceived and for the first time had a chemical pregnancy. After that it was a bumpy road. Being I was away from my DH I would try to plan visits around the time I ovulated. It never seemed to work. I would get symptoms but nothing ever stuck. In May he moved up here to NY and for the first 2 months we tried, and figured it was not our time. We took our minds off of it, concentrating on extracurricular activities and my DS who is now 3. I even registered in school! I wasn't checking for ovulation or making sure we BD on those days. Only checking when my period was due. That brings me to this month. My period tracker app told me I was due October 9th so that's what I looked forward to. Keep in mind that my period has been regular and on time for the 10 years that I have had it. Except for with my DS. I usually only goes past 2 days late. Thursday passes… Nothing. Friday then comes, nothing again. That's when I tell DH that something is not right, and of course he says just wait it out. Little do these men and doctors know we as woman know our bodies, especially during TTC. So then I look into cervix placement (low but closed on DPO 18 & 19), and I check my app again. Come to find out my period was actually due on October 6. I become ecstatic! I then take a test and for the first time in a long time I seen a bright second line. Our plan actually worked. For a while it scared me I wasn't able to conceive, I'm just grateful for a chance to creat and carry a new born life! When you try to hard it doesn't happen, but when you relax for a bit and enjoy life great things will come. So ladies reading this thank you for taking the time to read this and remember only the heavens about know when the time is right. Also let me add I had absolutely NO symptoms!! I still don't besides the little tugs and pulls in my lower abdominal.
Best Wishes & Baby Dust

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Finally Pregnant after 3 years of TTC with PCOS

I am so excited to announce our pregnancy! My husband and I are so thrilled to finally be pregnant! We have been trying to conceive for 3 years now and after everything that we have been through it happened naturally!!! We had decided to take a much needed break from TTC and enjoy the summer. I threw away everything TTC related and stopped tracking completely! I mean everything! (Basal thermometer, ovulation tests, pregnancy tests, charts, preeseed, books, and deleted all the apps from my phone!) No more worrying tracking and checking symptoms for me, I was done with the whole thing and I had had enough!!!!

We found out that I had PCOS after trying on our own for a year with no success. I was then put on Metformin and told I needed to lose 15 pounds to get pregnant. Well I lost 30 pounds after 6 months and still nothing. I had extremely irregular periods which can be heart breaking constantly thinking you are pregnant only to be let down by a million negative pregnancy tests!! We decided to try fertility drugs and went to a specialist and I got put on Clomid for 4-6 months. After 4 months the pills stopped making me ovulate and they switched me to Femera for the last 2 months. These pills were no piece of cake either!!! I have never been so emotionally overwhelmed in my whole life and my poor husband is such a trooper for hanging in there and getting me through all of this! After 6 months of torturous pills and horrible symptoms.....NOTHING!

After that my doctor suggested that I get my tubes checked to see if there was blockage, but after that test there was nothing else he could do for me except recommend me to a fertility clinic for IVF. Well the test was going to be really expensive and just to make the consultation with the fertility clinic was going to be $500 so that is when we decided to take the money we were going to spend on the test and the consult and go and have a fun summer!!!

After a fun filled summer I am pleased to report that I am 6 weeks and 5 days pregnant!!! As for symptoms I have them all!! lol Since I wasn't tracking anything though my early symptoms aren't as detailed because I just figured that my period was about to come. Actually since taking the fertility drugs my periods had become extremely regular! The only reason why I even took a pregnancy test was because I really wanted to have a margarita and I noticed that my period was a few days late and I just wanted to clear my conscience. :) So I took the text very casually thinking that my irregular periods had returned and after I took the test I could have my margarita. Well as soon as I peed on that stick it instantly turned blue and I couldn't believe it! I started yelling "OH MY GOD!" and jumping up and down! I could not wait for my husband to get home so I could share the joyous news with him!

Now that I am thinking back I remember being really tired and having sore breasts even before I found out I was pregnant.
I found out at week 4 and since then I have had these symptoms:

-Extremely sore breasts to the point that I have to walk slower in the halls at work because it hurts if they bounce at all!! And I now have to wear sports bras because I have already out grown my current ones and normal bras just plain hurt!!
-Loss of appetite big time! I have to force myself to eat because nothing sounds good ever!
-So so very tired! I have been taking naps in the middle of the day, yawning all day long and falling asleep at like 9:30 at night which is really rare for me!
-Emotions are running high these days I will cry at the drop of a pin!
-Mild cramping, feels like pulling and stretching with dull pain.
-Slight nausea nothing major so far thank god!
-Lower back pain, my ligaments are moving and it hurts if I am on my feet for too long which is really unfortunate because I am a CNA and I am on my feet and hustling all day long for 12 hour shifts!

So far that is it! I am so very happy and luck to be pregnant and it is such a blessing that we didn't have to pursue further treatments that would have put us into debt! When I was actively trying to get pregnant every month I would patrol this site reading and searching for hope and people like me! This website was a blessing for my sanity and I am so happy to be able to share my story with all of you! Baby dust to everyone and please pray that I have a sticky baby! God Bless!

Mrs. Sarah Little
Expected Due Date June 4th 2015 :)

Bfp month after clomid

As I am writing this I am saying my prayers that this little bean sticks. I know the emotional roller coaster that trying to conceive can take you on and feel for everyone on this board. I'm wishing baby dust on everyone. Soo here is my story. I'm 25 and and my sh is 26. We tried for over a year with no luck when I went to my gyno and had all the tests run. Hsg clear, labs fine, sa good. So my gyno agreed to 3 months clomid even tho I ovulated on my own. She simply thought I had late ovulation even tho my cycles were anywhere from 30-33 days with ovulation usually around day 18ish. No luck with clomid. Ovulated each time but no baby. So this was my month after clomid and I had gave up all hope and was beyond over it. Gyno said she had to refer me out to re but we choose to wait until I could switch insurances and get a plan where it was 80% covered rather than no coverage. In the meantime I begged my gyno for a us to rule out cysts that I figured I had due to pain while talking clomid. "Honestly I thought I had endo due to my heavy periods and cramping" but I just needed something to feel like I was still doing something. Other than that I just had a bad attitude honestly. Told myself I give up and I am not going out of my way to try when doing everything under the sun didn't help anyways. So no preseed, no ovulation strips,no softcups, no mucinex, no laying with legs up for an hour, no cutting out all caffeine and alcohol, and no scheduled bd. It's amazing how much you actually can enjoy sex again when it isn't planned. So I did good for myself without symptom spotting. Have all the regular period like symptoms that I get every month after month. But yesterday while driving home I told my husband I wanted to stop and get a dollar store test. Told him I know I'm not pregnant but it's hard to break a habit cold turkey when it's all you have been use to for over the past year. And low and behold there was a very faint line so my inner crazy came out and I went to walgreens and bought the expensive frers and clearblue digital. I think I am maybe 12dpo today but that's just going off cm since I didn't do ovulation strips this month. The only symptoms I have are "maybe" sore boobs, not sore nipples, and cramps. I'm cautiously optimistic and hope and pray I miss my period in the next couple of days. I'm not gonna say I didn't think about being pregnant or stop wanting it this month I just think I put myself in a funk and allowed myself to put it in gods hands rather than blaming my body. I wish the best of luck to all you ladies and hope we all get our happy and healthy 9 months.