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BFP Stories

Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP on a Break

Isn't that just the way it goes: you try for month after excruciating month to get pregnant, but to no avail. Then you decide to lay off for a bit, take it easy, re-charge the battery… and voila – you're pregnant!

Those are the types of stories you'll find here. And if you have one to submit for inclusion, we want to hear from you! Send us your symptoms through this contact form.

Faint line???

I'm almost Forsure I ovulated on the 6th of the month. Cervix was very high I couldn't reach it. But I had got CM mucus the stretchy kind.

Days following:

1-4 DPO- I started off cramping on my left side, felt pulling, thumping, cramps like feelings. Then I started getting Hot flashes very bad. I took my meds n I got so sick after taking it. I been a little tired. Cramps came n went thru out the day. I had 2 vivid dreams during that time. Temps were 99.9-100.0 but dropped one day to 98.6. Headaches daily

5DPO- more vivid dreams about pregnancies. My eye been jumping since the day after ovulation. Temp was 99.1 again. More dizzy hot flashes all day long. Back cramps n uterus cramps. Whoa. Anyways I sleep all day yesterday.

Today mild cramps n backaches n more hot flashes. More vivid dreams. I got up this morning n pee on a stick just praying. N this what appeared. A faint line I mean me n my Bd seen it. All the test I taken up until this one all were negs. No faint anything. Opinions please. Although I'm it's n God hands. Ik why I got a faint line n I thank him for it. Ladies I pray for u all everyday that I can.

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sex 3 days before ovulation - BFP

Hi guys
I've been on here religiously every month during my tww since we started ttc our second baby. It got me through a lot so thought I would return the favor and share my story too.
We have a beautiful (almost 2) daughter but have wanted another for almost a year of trying naturally. Our daughter came as a shock as we found out on our wedding day ha so didnt really do the tww thing! This time when I came off the pill it took almost six months for the wicked witch to return which made it hard each month to track ovulation. I tried all the opk kits and saliva microscopes and checked my cm every day (sorry tmi). It was disheartening to poas and see bfn bfn bfn.
Finally last month I went into hospital with spotting that had been going on for a month and along with other symptoms I thought I had an eptopic pregnancy. Turned out to be nothing but it meant that I had no idea when my period had started, or even if it was a period or maybe a breakthrough bleed. After hospital I decided to relax and stop tracking symptoms (easier said than done fellow symptom spotters!)
So then my hubby and I did the deed at least twice a week after my spotting episode. The last time we had sex was on the Tuesday and I think I ovulated on the Friday as I noticed a big glob of ewcm. I then went away on a course for work and so naturally assumed that since I went away on the Wednesday that by ovulating on the Friday we must be out. Nope.
Just tested bfp this morning at what I assume is 15dpo. I will be getting a blood test this week to make sure of the dates.
Good luck ladies. Keep positive and you will get there xx

BFP while "wedding planning" break

I'm usually a lurker in the TTC Boards and the BFP boards when TTC however, since I'm now 18 weeks pregnant with my second after months of trying I wanted to share our BFP trip. WARNING- It's a long one.

My sister was engaged last year of August 2013 and wedding was set for August 2014. She made me her matron of honor and since this was my first time I was super stoked about it. I'm sure some or most of us knows what duties matron of honor does for the bride and with the bride; lot's of planning assistance and discussions plus planning bridal showers and bachelorette parties. In the beginning of 2014, at the brides' request, she didn't want any of the bridesmaids to get pregnant before her wedding so that we all can enjoy, drink, and party like no one's business and I thought this was a rather difficult request to fulfill as my DH and I were already planning for our 2nd baby in January since our little DD was going to turn 2 in July 2014.

As the matron of honor assisting on wedding and shower duties, my DH and I were also were working on baby #2 at the same time so stress from both worlds collided not to mention receiving my layoff notice in early in May, right after our family vacation, wasn't a piece of cake. I worked so hard on making sure to take my temps every morning, using digital opk's, checking fluids. My cycles came every month but it was always late, early or I would have it twice in once month so this just added another 20 pounds of stress. I did everything I could while handling my job crises, matron duties, plus family just made me so overwhelmed that I decided to take a private break on my own. Not telling DH that I was on break gave me a mental and physical silent break myself.

Bridal shower from bride's side happened at the end of May, bridal shower from husband's side happened in June and bachlortte happened at the end of July, just before the wedding. I took a break in May to focus on the three main events happening in the coming months with no worries of planning for #2. I worked out, went on a diet, focused on my job search, matron duties and so forth.

Beginning of June, I had two cycles which was at this point regular and not surprising. One cycle at the first week of June and the second at the second week of June. That month came and went and DH and I BD whenever we felt like it then the last week of June came and I thought "hey, why not take a test because I"m super bloated and weight isn't coming off from exercising." I took a 97 cent test from Wal-mart on a Wednesday at 6 p.m while my husband went to the store. My guess? It's negative...WRONG, came back positive and the best positive sign I've seen in months. I was nervous, excited and balling my eyes out. I kept it a secret from my husband until Friday which I surprised him with a little package full of peanuts and a card saying I was pregnant with our number two. The awesome thing was that I recorded him opening and the expressions, so while I'm filming I'm tearing up. This was great timing because my DD's birthday was the weekend right after. I had to break it to my sister that I was expecting so drinking at the bachelorette and her wedding wasn't going to happen but she rejoiced and was a great sister and couldn't be anymore happier for us.

I'm currently 18 weeks and my gender scan won't be until October 24. Expected due date of the little one will be in early March, two days after my DH's birthday! As for my job issue, I took another position with better pay with a different department in the same company and this all happened in June!

It's difficult to tell someone that "good things comes to those who wait" but I really do believe in that as this miracle happened while I wasn't planning or thinking anything of baby's. Our journey may be short for our BFP however, I feel the pain and the hardship of what every women goes through TTC.

Best of luck to everyone TTC and already with a BFP.

didnt think it would happen again :)

I promised myself that I would post on this site if I got a BFP, but didn't think it would happen.
I have two children already conceived easily and we decided to try one last time.
Wasn't so straightforward though. It took one year and I had lost hope. Maybe that's what did it!
I haven't noticed many major symptoms, but I will put down what I noticed in case it helps someone.
2dpo -nasty sore throat
3dpo -sore throat gone and feel normal.
8dpo - I noticed that when I walked upstairs my heart would pound every time, thought it was weird but never put it down to pregnancy. On this day I also had a shooting pain in my uterus.
10dpo -sore breaths start up, down the sides and underneath.
13dpo- AF pains start up, assume the dreaded flow is on its way. Bad nightmares at night.
14dpo - bad nightmares again. No sign of period but constant AF pains. In the evening they suddenly stop and I have a strange burning sensation in the centre of my womb.
15dpo -I wake up in the night after a nightmare and decide enough is enough! I take a test with the shakiness hand imaginable and after about 30secs, there it is!
Overwhelmed is not the word! Good luck everyone xxx

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Stressed to pregnant!

I have been trying to get pregnant for over 3 years. Every month a heartbreak. I made myself crazy on these sites examining every pinch pain or fluid. I decided I was way to stressed out to have a baby anyway and I sort of gave up. 2014 February got engaged, may 2014 big job promotion requiring relocation, sept 3 2014 relocate first night in the new house (date of conception ) I have convinced myself I was pregnant so many times befor I did not pay attention to the symptoms I was actually having . I threw up in a cup on the way to work on oct 4 I went and bought a test after work and expected a negative for the 97646474738 time and I left it on my sink came back 5 minutes late and it was positive !!!!!!!!!!! + I can't believe it !!!! I'm pregnant !!!................... Omg ............ I'm pregnant? Ahhhhh what do I do now ???!?!?!?!?

BFP when stopped stressing out!

DH and I have been trying for #2 the past 6 months, using OPK. Symptom spotting, stressed out TWW and BFN each time! Also cycle kept getting shorter. This cycle I got bronchitis during when I thought I would ovulate. No OPK. BD, but I thought it was way after O day, so didn't even think anything of it. No TWW, so no stressing or symptom spotting for me. Had cramps and emotional 2 days before AF was due (CD26). Cramps again CD27. No symptoms, white CM. BFP on CD30 with FRER and digital. Blood test scheduled for tomorrow.
I still have no major symptoms (had very sore boobs even before missed AF with first pregnancy). Just breaking out all over my face, which I don't normally do. Praying for this little bean to stick!
Don't give up and try not to stress! It'll happen when you're least expecting (no pun intended!)

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My very first BFP!!!

The day after our first IVF consultation, I tested and got two beautiful lines on FRER. I've been charting for over a year now and for the first time I stopped temping the day I got my cross hairs. We actually cancelled our IUI this cycle because of my work schedule and called it a bust. Among many many things I tried, I feel very strongly that the following helped us conceive after 2 years of TTC. Good luck ladies! For those who are trying, I hope you get your BFP soon. And for those who are pregnant, safe and healthy pregnancy to you all!

* Acupuncture: every two weeks for the past 10 months
* Cut out ice in drinks, no ice cream or anything that is cold. Keep feet warm by wearing socks at all times.
* Vitamin E and Vitamin B complex to thicken uterine lining
* Pre-seed and laying down for at least 10 mins after BD

Today I'm 16DPO: My breasts are super sore and I have a hard time sleeping past 5am, no matter how early/late I fall asleep the night before. I get random bouts of nausea, loads of creamy CM, pinches/cramps that come and go.

BFP after a year!

Hi there,
Just dropping in to share my story. I was a nervous wreck just like some of you gals but those who really want a bfp, wil symptom spot, squint look at their opks and hpts, check your cm and cp so here is my story. I came off bcp early August 2014 and have been ttc since 1/1/2014. I already have 3 beautiful girls I wouldn't trade for the world. I swayed slightly this time because I was a hardcore swayer from 9/1/2013 to 5/31/2013 with no success and quite a few extra pounds. I was frustrated after temping and swaying with no success so I took a break June and July. So here we are now
08/28/2014- 1st Day of AF
09/03/2014- 5th Day of AF ( Last Day)
09/06/2014- BD
09/07/2014- BD
09/08/2014- BD
09/10/2014- BD ( Positive Wondfo OPK P.M)
09/11/2014- Positive OPK (1st Peak Day on CBFM)
09/12/2014- Positive OPK (2nd Peak Day on CBFM)
09/13/2014- BD ( Ovulation Day)
09/14/2014- 1 DPO - BD / Ovulation Cramps
09/15/2014- 2 DPO Nothing
09/16/2014- 3 DPO
09/18/2014- 4 DPO Cramping/ Sharp twinges
09/19/2014- 5 DPO Cramps / Twinges / Boob Pains
09/20/2014- Cramps/ Sore Boobs
09/21/2014- First Choice HPT Faint Positive

On all days from ovulation day I did opks and they all remained the same. They actually got lighter leading to my BFP. Don't give up ladies, I honestly don't feel anything. No sore boobs, no veins in my boobs, no heightened sence of smell, it is all slowing coming down. The only thing I can say I had were vivid dreams. These stood out to me the most. Good Luck to you all!
09/22/2014- Confirmed BFP on FRER :)

BFP after a year and a half!

Hello all!

Many hours were spent reading so many of these stories for so long! I'm excited to share my story here today! I'm 29 and DH is 34, no fertility issues as far as we know!

I started using the clearblue fertility monitor after a year of no luck. We got pregnant the second month, but had a miscarriage in May of this year that just broke our hearts. I gave myself a month to recover, then decided to get serious! I began using the monitor again and tried to track CM. The monitor was helpful, but I stressed myself out way too much! After a month I gave up and my husband and I decided we should focus on getting my body healthy. I had a back injury at work that I wasn't addressing. So I took some time off work to let my back heal and put my focus on that. That's the month we got pregnant! I couldn't believe I would be another one of those "when we stopped trying, it happened" people! But honestly, for me, I truly believe that work was making me so stressed physically and emotionally and that's why it wasn't happening for us! Not sure where to go with that yet but things will come together!

As far as symptoms go, I had literally all my normal pms including the cramping, breakout, mood swings except all was milder than usual. I also didn't have my usual breast soreness that typically begins about 7dpo. I was certain my period was coming! When I was a day late, I thought, well what the heck, I've got plenty of tests. When the liquid went across and the control line showed with no test line, I got disgusted and walked away to throw out the package. I came back not 20 seconds later and there was the line! Still in shock!

One other unusual symptom, last week (so about 10 dpo) I was getting ready for my day and I literally had to go lie down for 5 minutes in the middle of curling my hair! Good old pregnancy exhaustion! I just thought there was something wrong with me! Didn't even cross my mind that I was pregnant!

Everything is looking good so far! Hcg levels doubling! Definitely still have on and off cramping that can be pretty intense at times. It's very similar to period cramps! More like a twisting feeling with some burning. As of right now, I'm 4 1/2 weeks. Praying our little peanut is sticky! Our baby! Teary eyed as I write. Can't wait to meet this little one! Hang in there ladies! Trust yourself. If you need a break, take one! Do what you can to decrease your stress! I know it's hard! Thanks for reading!

Bfp after 16 months

My husband and I have been trying to conceive our third baby since May 2013. In August we decided to take a little break from trying, but not prevent. In September, I got my bfp at 10dpo.
1-6dpo. Nothing. I felt normal.
7dpo. Sore breasts started. And the smell of hamburgers made me feel sick.
8dpo. Sore breasts.
9dpo. Sore breasts and increased sense of smell.
10dpo+. A lot of cramping.
10dpo. Very faint positive with a first signal test and a first response test.
11dpo. Positive on Clearblue Weeks Estimator. "Pregnant 1-2"

The only thing we did different this cycle were using coconut oil as lube.

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