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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP on a Break

Isn't that just the way it goes: you try for month after excruciating month to get pregnant, but to no avail. Then you decide to lay off for a bit, take it easy, re-charge the battery… and voila – you're pregnant!

Those are the types of stories you'll find here. And if you have one to submit for inclusion, we want to hear from you! Send us your symptoms through this contact form.

TTC for 7 1/2 YEARS - My First BFP!

I cannot believe that I can actually post this, but on Monday June 3rd, 2013 at 7:35am I got my first ever BFP! Right now I am still in TOTAL SHOCK. Never did I think I was actually going to get to post in this page. We started TTC in January 2006. After no luck for 2 years and no hope from doctors (my hormones were crazy at this time too and would remain so until 2013) we settled on adoption, but never gave up hope that we would get Prego. In August 2011 we finalized our adoption of two beautiful girls. In December of 2012 we were in a much better place and had moved to a new state and got a new OBGYN. We did two IUI's (Jan and Feb of 2013) with no success. In March of 2013 our 3rd IUI was canceled due to low sperm count. Hubby has a 14 year old from previous marriage. We considered a sperm donor because now my hormones were perfect and I had even begun to Ovulate well on Clomid. We seen a urologist who advise my hubby he need to have a varicose vain fixed. The surgery was set for May 23rd. In the meantime we were sent to a RE since I have PCOS and only one ovary. April 2013: The RE said she needed to get my baseline and that we would do that in the month of May. Then after my hubby's surgery we would wait 90 days and if we did not get prego then we would repeat sperm analysis and talk options. May 4, 2013: First Day of Period May 6, 2013: Day three blood work was perfect May 15, 2013: Had Positive OPK - Utlrasound showing 1 Follie at 20cm - blood work was perfect too May 15 & May 16 2013: Did the baby dance. May 23, 2013: Hubby had surgery (we only BD twice in the month of May!) May 30, 2013: Period due (CD 27) I usually have short cycles that average 26 days, only once did I have a 29 day cycle and that was on clomid in February. May 31, 2013: For me I am late, but right now I am just thinking its my crazy body June 1, 2013: CD 29 I am thinking I might actually get a 28 day month and start today June 2, 2013: CD 30 still no period symptoms - still just thinking my body is messing with me June 3, 2013; CD 31 I had enough and prepared myself to POAS (yes I was expecting it to be negative) BUT to my surprise it was a BPF. Went for blood work and by 1pm my RE was calling to say my HCG was 986!!! So for those of you following the timeline ~ yes my hubby had surgery after we get prego! No need to repeat sperm analysis now :-) I am in total shock and I am still not sure its real. Besides a late period on CD 31 I had some very mild cramping/pressure with NO blood or spotting. I go for repeat blood work on June 5th. I am sending lots of hopeful women baby dust and the strength to carry on through their journey no matter if you are just starting out or have been trying. If after 7 1/2 years it happened for me I know it can happen for you too! Have faith and fun!

We Only BD'd Twice!!

Out of all of the months we have tried, the month we only have sex twice (and once was too far out of the window) is the month we conceive! I am super happy to announce that I am pregnant!!! Very very very overwhelmingly pregnant hahaha! First off, ovulation test myth is confirmed (for me anyway)! When I was six days late, I still felt like I was going to get a negative test so before I used my last pregnancy test, I decided I wanted to use an ovulation test first, just to see what I got. Well hot damn! It came up positive literally 1 (ONE!!!) second after I dipped it into the urine! It left barely anything left for the control line, which barely showed up! After that, my heart was thrashing and my hands were shaking. I just took the test as fast as I could and forced myself not to look. I caught it out of the corner of my eye though and it appeared negative so my heart just sank and I thought something must be wrong if the ovulation test was that brightly positive. But then..... I snuck another peek and there it was! At 6 days late I had finally seen my first set of beautiful pink lines! I am thrilled to be pregnant with my first child! Though I am scared and nervous as well. For one, I have no idea what to expect, but my mil thinks that I might be carrying twins because my symptoms are so strong and my positive was so bright at 6 days late. Twins would be a blessing, but I kind of want to start out with just one for my first go round haha So I wasn't really paying attention to my body before I tested until I started approaching my period date. Then I noticed some things: 3 days before expected period: I notice that my breasts are in really bad pain. They ache and my husband is STILL commenting on their new busty size. Extremely fatigued and feeling vaguely nauseous but I ignore it. My diet has always been bad and I just felt like being in denial. 2 days before: Good Grace I can NOT sleep enough! upwards of two naps a day! Craving soft serve ice-cream. Extremely crabby and snappy. Mean and hurtful (Sorry Hubby!!) 1 day before: Still grouchy and angry, tired, achey, sore, stuffy, hungry. I just felt so out of it! It felt a little like hell really, like my body had been drained of all its energy and resources but then I had just run a marathon on top of that. I finally get my normal pre-af cramps. This suckers ALWAYS hit the day before she arrives and they last ALL DAY. Then, without fail EVER, I will get the menses the morning after. Seriously in denial. I mean, they are just as painful! The only thing is, they hit only once or twice a day and last about a minute before fading away. This never happens but it took me a couple of days to notice that the cramps weren't staying like normal. Day of AF: No cramps, still feels like I was hit by a bus carrying the cold virus, starving, moody (AKA: Pissy and bitchy. Very rude and mean). In denial though because those cramps are unmistakable. I chalk the whole thing up to my body gearing up for it. Perhaps I was miscarrying again. Day after AF: I finally notice that the cramps aren't normal at all and that most of the day I don't feel anything. Today my mood was ecstatic! Husband and I dtd, which I figured would force the backed period to drop any second.... but nothing!! Not even a smear of pink. 2 days post AF: Okay, now I am having a feeling but I am too afraid to test. Perhaps she's on her way?? The intense cramping for only seconds at a time once or twice a day is REALLY tipping me off. All the bloat and bitch of AF but she just won't show! getting excited, chastising myself for doing so. 3-5 days post AF: I've gotta be! Everyone is telling me so! Getting excited! More of the same, napping a few times a day, eating smaller yet WAY more frequent meals, biting my husband's head off, apologizing profusely at the end of things near tears, more cramps. That's it!! I am testing TOMORROW! 6: Wha---??? No.... No way.... Wait... Do two lines mean NEGATIVE? I've read enough of these before, you'd think I'd know by now, but there is NO WAY I am pregnant. I am NEVER pregnant..... HOLY CROW!!! 2 MEANS PREGNANT!!!! Nearly have a heart attack. That day my sister eyes me up and down and asks if I am pregnant. I say yes and she said " I thought so... You look all 'glowy' like mom and auntie did when they were pregnant" Totally freaked me out haha Super excited! First time mommy-to-be! We finally told everyone and everybody is excited because this is the first grandchild. Hope this little booger sticks! So to all of the women out there cramping with no period and NOTHING will make her get there faster, test! That was the biggest indicator that I really needed to test. The constant fatigue (And I mean CONSTANT I am literally, not dramatically, worn out all of the time) and nausea were other good indicators.

Tickled Pink!

We've been trying now for 2 years since I had a cervical ectopic. My husband and I are both 37. We've tried it all except for ivf and iui. I just didn't think I would be able to handle that emotionally. Well last month we decided to take it easy like the good ole days. And bam! I'm pregnant. I haven't had any symptoms. Not one. The only thing I did different was with my eating habits. We eat really healthy anyway but I did cut out gluten and wheat products from my diet about 2 months ago because I read gluten causes joint pain and such (back problems, pain). I don't know if this helped but I did read gluten causes fertilty problems. So yesterday I got a wild hair and tested with my last hpt. It was a faint positive so the hubs and I decided to wait and test again in a few days.....didn't happen. Today I woke up and tested with an opt. Strong positive! So that got my wheels churning! I went out and bought frer. Positive! I have been waiting so long for those pretty pink lines month after month! I should be around cd 26 or 27. My appointment is on Wednesday! I'm tickled pink. Symptoms....nada. Hang in there ladies. It's a rough road but well worth it. I'm rooting for every last one of you!

BFP While Not Trying

I am still in shock this afternoon after getting a BFP!!! Here is my story.... Last June my husband (27 years old) and I (also 27) decided we wanted to start trying for a baby. We assumed it would be fairly simple. I mean that's what they teach you in school right. So 8 months later and no success in conceiving a baby. My husband and I decided at that time we would stop trying and start focus paying off our debt so we could buy our 1st home at the beginning of next year. It's now 4 months later and we get a surprise BFP!! I honestly had no idea I was pregnant. I had no symptoms that I thought were pregnancy related. 1-9dpo: No symptoms, but I wasn't looking for them either 10dpo: Start having pressure feeling down there. Immediately thought I was getting a uti as that's always my first symptom with them. Started drinking lots of water and cranberry juice 11dpo: Drank lots of water and cranberry juice throughout the day until I saw a doctor. At this point the pressure feeling was gone and I also didn't have pain while peeing but I was peeing a lot (also drinking lots) and had really bad back pain. Get to the doctor and they confirm I have a uti and prescribe me antibiotics. I also informed the doctor that this uti is different then ones I have gotten in the past as I didn't have my usual symptoms (painful urination or pressure) the doctor said I probably caught the symptoms early. 12dpo: Really bad back pain. Never had back pain that bad with any other uti. Told my husband that I would follow up with my doctor on Tuesday to ensure my uti hadn't spread to my kidneys. After taking off my bra at night my boobs felt very heavy, but figured af was on her way. 13dpo: Woke up last night with really bad gas bubbles. Wasn't able to relieve them and was in some pain. Also my back still hurt really bad. 14dpo: Woke up and figured I would start my period. Used the restroom and there was nothing. Shrugged it off and assumed it was because I woke up early. Went into work and used the bathroom later that morning and still nothing. At this point I was wondering was I really due today or could I be pregnant. The nice thing about af is that she is a 28 cycle like clock work so I am never guessing what day I will start. So after leaving work this afternoon on my drive home decide I would take the last test I had hidden in one of my drawers. Got home took the test and didn't look at it for the whole 3 minutes. Came back and it was positive. I am so excited and happy. Can't believe it finally happened! Now not only will I be buying a house at the beginning of the year but also having a baby!!!
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Pregnant After Very Stressful Month

I got off birth control in July of last year. I really thought it wasn't going to happen because it has been so long! My mother passed away unexpectedly last month so I thought for sure I was out that month. I wasn't keep track of anything or trying. When my period didn't show up, I just figured it was stress. My early symptoms were my boobs started hurting and then kind of went away (just like when my period starts) but then it came back and no AF. I kept going to the bathroom to check because I could've sworn AF had started. I even used a tampon a couple times because I was so sure. I did have some spotting right before AF would've been due. Just two brown dots on the TP. The cramps are what made me start thinking. This lasted for a couple weeks. I am not 9 weeks pregnant and just had my first u/s on 5/15. Everything looks good:) It will happen when you least expect it, this was the month I gave up and wasn't focused on it at all. I thought with all the stress there was no way it could happen but here I am:)

It's True What They Say...

So, day before yesterday, got my BFP! Yesterday, doctor confirmed and ultrasound showed everything going well. This is #2 for the hubby and I. With my daughter, I had suffered an ectopic 10 months before. Had been trying desperately to get pregnant after the had been a major emotional blow, even though we had just gotten married and not really trying when it happened. So after, we had been doing the clomid and went through all sorts of testing. And the very month I decided to take a break from trying, we got pregnant. This time around, same deal just about. When my daughter turned 2.5, we decided it was time to start trying. After all, I was about to turn 35 and the clock was ticking. I was temping religiously and checked in with my doc to make sure there weren't any problems. As soon as we started trying, I started experiencing mid-cycle spotting every month and the doc said I wasn't shedding my lining completely. Weird, I know, but he didn't seem concerned. Did a couple rounds of clomid...nothing. This past December, I felt like I did everything right! I was using Pregnitude combined with the clomid, temping and using fertility friend, and hitting all the right dates...still nothing. Very disappointed!! In January, found out the hubby was going to have to have back surgery. Decided to put the baby making on the back burner. In the past month, we put our house up for sale, to buy a bigger home with acreage. Completely not thinking about babies, just too busy! Only thing I had been doing the last few months was logging my period start date into fertility friend so I knew when to expect the next cycle to begin. And oddly enough, the mid cycle spotting had stopped in January. only had it during the few months in the fall when we were trying. On Monday, while at work, it hit me like a lightening bolt...I should have started my period! Checked fertility friend and sure enough I was 11 days late!! Still wasn't thinking it could be true. That evening after work, found 1 clear blue easy (blue dye, eek) in my drawer. Immediately, a big fat positive line!! Shock doesn't even describe it! Wasn't till the doctor confirmed it and saw it wasn't another ectopic, did I finally allow myself to get excited. It just seems like a dream. So since I wasn't logging symptoms I can't really tell u specifics on when I felt what. I did have the normal sore breasts and insatiable appetite, but that's normal PMS for me. I also, have had a killer sinus infection for the past week. And some weird heart flutters here and there. The fatigue has set in the last few days as well, but overall I feel pretty good. Unlike with my daughter, I was sick as a dog from day 1. I just want to say to u ladies out there who have been trying month after month, it really can happen when u least expect it. I know that putting it out of ur mind is easier said than done. I've been there! But if u can, it may be the thing u need to help things along! Baby dust to u all!

BFP With Recurring Yeast Infection

First of all, I specifically want to encourage ladies that are having recurring yeast infection. I thought this day would never come because I get serious yeast infection every month right at ovulation time. I used to think, how can the little sperms swim up to catch my egg with all these yeast bacteria! But it can and it will happen!! So don’t give up ladies! I have been TTC since Aug 2012 and this is my 8th cycle. I’ve been stalking this website for so long and wishing that one day I will be able to post by BFP story. It still seems so surreal for me! My TTC journey was a frustrating one, during the past cycles I’ve experienced all BFP symptoms I can find on the internet…the last cycle I have even missed my period and got a super faint line on testing paper and got all excited, only that AF showed up the next day! I was quite devastated and promised myself not to be obsessed about this anymore (although I tend to tell myself every month)…I was on 3 cycles of clomid before but still won’t do the deed…I also did all the charting, ovulation paper, but nothing happened in the past 7 months… In the beginning of this cycle I had a huge argument with DH and thought that we might not be so ready for babies…talked to DH and promise we will take a for this cycle, I did nothing. No tempting, no OPKs.. we spend time together to build up our relationship and BD whenever we felt like it. Though I wasn’t tempting, but I kind of know when was my O date based on discharge and abdominal pain. On my fertilized week, we BD 3 times on Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. Ever since then, I carried on my life as usual, keep on my wine consumption and my weekly sports activities. Since I wasn’t charting I didn’t track my DPOs. I started feeling some AF cramps 2 weeks after and thought my period was coming. On Friday morning I had a drop of pink blood and I thought it was the start of my AF and put in a tampon. The next morning I stick in a tampon again but to my surprise, it was clean when I take it out at night! Sunday I didn’t even bother to use tempon/pad and there’s no blood. That was when I felt a little weird because I never spot before my period. The next few days I start feeling nauseous and sore nipples. On the following Tuesday, I got some spotting again at night when I got off work. I got very frustrated and thought to myself, fine I will just test to make sure I’m not preggo. I first off tested with a OPK strip, to my surprise, the testing line gone really dark right away! Then I took out my clear blue digital and the “pregnant” word came up in 1 min…then after 2 mins it says “2 – 3 weeks!” I was so shocked and excited but also very nervous as I keep having spotting for 2 days. Ever since I got my BFP, I have been feeling very very nauseous, headache, feverish and having very bad diarrhea! It's like all pregnancy symptoms suddenly showed up! I hope this is a sticky bean and I will have a happy and healthy 9 months to come!

Finally! I am Gonna be a Mom Too......

Got my BFP on "April 29, 2013". That date changed everything in my life. In a very good way :-) I was diagnosed mild PCOS two years ago.. Been married for over three years now.. Never took any "precautions" thinking we are always ready when God gift us with a baby of our own.. And nothing happened. Then we started actively trying a year ago, doing the "deed" whenever possible hoping its on the right days. My hubby goes on tour very often so the probability of me getting a positive in those zillions of test kits I bought became very less and less.. And God, did I get all worked up thinking about it! :-) Whenever I got so depressed, I went thru BFP stories, especially from this site and it sure helped me keep my hopes up.. Last two months we became busy, too busy to think about anything. This month, we just "did" it thrice!! I NEVER thought this month is going to be it!! I mean it really is funny. God sometimes likes it really really funny. Hmmm my last month period date was March 28 and I been having a 28-32 day cycle for past few months since I reduced 4 kgs. Before it was around 42-45 days! And when it dint come on 32nd day either.. I got a bit worried thinkin maybe my cycles are getting messed up again!! On April 29, the 33rd day, God only knows why, persuaded hubby to buy a test kit. Hope never dies right. I was laughing at myself when I put the kit on the table waiting for the result. I KNEW it was gonna be a negative. BUT. POSITIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can't say I had much symptoms.. Was slightly tired and sleepy but I don't know if that's because of this or the work load... Nothing else!! I am 6 weeks now, and doc is keeping me on folic acid, vitamins, progesterone suppositories and I still have NO symptoms whatsoever!!!! Nothing!! And I keep testing occassionally just to be sure am pregnant!!!! Dear friends who are hoping for a positive, hang in there!!! Please maintain your diet healthy, excercise properly, keep yourself busy, do the "deed" and try enjoying it too whenever possible, and rest leave it to God.. He will DEFINITELY hear you. You are hearing it from me who never believed, although hoped, that I will ever get a positive!!! So am sure. When the right time comes, when it's the perfect time for your baby to come into this world, you will definitely see a positive!! Stay Positive. Love. I am attaching the first Faint Positive I got :-)
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Don't Give Up! Natural BFP With PCOS After M/C

After TTC for 11 months with PCOS and using Clomid, we finally got a BFP back in November. But my second beta came back too low, and I miscarried a couple weeks later at 6 weeks along. It was devastating, but we were determined to try again immediately. After three frustrating, medicated cycles, we decided to take a break from Clomid and just see what happened. I also swore off ALL message boards and websites and stopped obsessing. No temping, no opk's, nothing. BFP less than four weeks later! And just had a strong second beta so I am feeling good this bean will stick! Not many symptoms yet but here they are. I wasn't tracking, so DPO are estimates: 1-7 DPO - Nothing except a little dizziness and fatigue, nipples started getting sore, increased CM 7 DPO - Woke up dizzy, lightheaded, heart racing and palpitating. It took a while to get back to sleep. This may have been blood sugar related, but I'm throwing it in just in case! 8 - 10 DPO - Lightheaded and dizziness at night; vivid dreams; sniffles and cold-like symptoms; and absolutely terrible gas pain and pressure in my chest and abdomen accompanied by a LOT of belching and toots (sorry TMI!). It was the nighttime burping that tipped me off. It was very strange, and not normal for me. So I bought a test on a whim and bam, a May Day BFP! Also, for you big girls, don't lose hope. Your size will not prevent you from getting a BFP!

When it Rains, it Pours!

DP & I have just recently become engaged after a couple years of being madly in love. We'd discussed having a child of our own (I have 2 children from a previous marriage that live with us), but decided it would be best to wait to "actively" try until we were married. He proposed 4/20/13. We set a wedding date of 6/8/13. I got a BFP on 4/29/13. LOL. Here you go, day by day: 1-6 DPO: Nada. This is when I realized I O'd almost a full week earlier than expected...and then realized we BD'ed perfectly...on accident. Got a bit paranoid. 7 DPO: Slight cramping/pressure. Stabbing pains. Heartburn. Headache. Stuffy nose. CRAZY dreams! Pinches in my cervix. 8 DPO: Heaviness in abdomen. Pressure continues. Backache started. Stuffy nose. CRAZY dreams again! More cervix pinches. And not at all hungry. 9 DPO: Much the same, except now my bb's started getting stabbing pains! Had a glass of wine and felt tipsy. Tired. Thought it was all wedding stress. 10 DPO: More of the same, but the cramps became full pressure. BB's started getting sore. Heart palpitations began. I became convinced I was over-stressing the wedding and giving myself mild anxiety. Had another glass of wine, felt tipsy again. More crazy dreams. Hard time staying asleep. 11 DPO: Heart palpitations started driving me crazy. I became emotional and weepy. Abdominal pressure. Stabbing pains in cervix, bb's and abdomen. Stuffy nose. Chills. Convinced I'm getting my sister's cold and just super stressed out. Had an emotional outburst. 12 DPO: Lots of back pain! Crazy dreams continue. Burping a lot. Slight heartburn. Getting depressed. Weepy. Cranky. Convinced AF is on her way. Super thirsty. Had another drink, it tasted awful. Constipated. More heart palpitations. Peeing every 10 minutes. My morning coffee tasted like acid. 13 DPO: Coffee tasted horrible again, so I changed brands. Still tasted horrible. Started suspecting I might be PG. Lots of urination. Lots of heart palpitations. My fingernails turned pink at the base. Super, super tired. More crazy dreams. 14 DPO: Pinching in abdomen. Pressure in abdomen. More headaches. More palpitations. Can't stand coffee. (I'm a coffee addict, so this is distressing to my loved ones...they start wondering if I'm becoming Bridezilla.) BB's hurt. Decided I just HAD to go get a test to put my mind at ease and get back to concentrating on the wedding. BFP!!!! 15 DPO: As the symptoms continue and worsen, somewhat, I decided I'll test again because that first one just had to be wrong. Right? 4 BFP's we are...pregnant, getting married and thrilled! Baby dust to all!
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