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BFP Stories

Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP on a Break

Isn't that just the way it goes: you try for month after excruciating month to get pregnant, but to no avail. Then you decide to lay off for a bit, take it easy, re-charge the battery… and voila – you're pregnant!

Those are the types of stories you'll find here. And if you have one to submit for inclusion, we want to hear from you! Send us your symptoms through this contact form.

An Absolute Miracle

My husband and I have been TTC for 4 1/2 years, with little luck. Since my husband has a son, from a previous marriage, we were positive it had to be me, which was having the complications trying to conceive. I went through surgery, and 15 cycles of Clomid. We were beginning to get so discouraged. We then visited an amazing doctor in Houston, Tx. He diagnosed my husband in just the second visit, and booked him for surgery. My husband then has his surgery in December of 2012, which we would be able to begin TTC, again, in January. January and February went by... week after week having to go back to the fertility specialist we were seeing. Having to take Clomid again, and again, and now our doctor wanting to start treatments in preparation for IUI...finally we had enough. My cycle began in mid-March 2013. I told our fertility specialist that we had decided to take April 2013 off, and we would go from there, if we still had not conceived. AF showed up March 17, 2013, and my phone app. said I would ovulate around April 2, 2013. Well, little did we know, I actually ovulated on March 30, 2013. I have always heard that if you completely don't worry about it, it will happen. I actually took this advice and engulfed myself in our new house. My step son, even made a comment, to my husband, that I was pregnant with a sister. My husband told me the next day, and I could not believe it. I thought he was joking. Little did I know, we would get our FOUR BFP's, Saturday night, 04/13/13. Another two on Sunday, and one on Monday morning, and another from the doctors office, that same Monday. My husband and I can not even believe it. We, and our families are ecstatic. Here are my TWW symptoms, day by day...

CD1 - Nothing.
CD2 - Craving Stuffed Jalapenos.
CD3 - Nothing.
CD4 - Having to go pea EVERY 10 minutes; watery CM.
CD5 - Again, frequent urination; watery CM.
CD6 - Seriously tired; frequent urination.
CD7 - Tired; frequent urination.
CD8 - Step son made comment about me being pregnant.
CD9 - Tired.
CD10 - Tired; frequent urination; increased sexual drive.
CD11 - Tired; frequent urination; gassy; and skin break out.
CD12 - Sharp stabbing pains in entire lower abdomen, around 2:40 p.m., then stopped; fatigue; frequent urination; and bad headache; plus temperature spike.
CD13 - My upper back is hurting pretty constantly, with little relief only every once in a while; very slight, quick pressure and/or cramp right above pubic bone, right above lower abdomen; sharp pulling pains on right side of belly button, only lasted a few seconds; lightening bolts in genital area.
CD14 - Seriously bloated, and feel like I can't suck in; skin break out.
CD15 - Mild cramps in lower abdomen, feels like AF, yet somewhat like a BM (sorry, TMI); BIG FAT POSITIVE (4/4) at 10:00 P.M.; frequent urination; gassy; nausea; tender breasts, mostly right one.
CD16 - Feels like some ovulation pain , mostly on right side; BFP (2/2).
CD17 - BFP again (1/1); visit to doctor, Blood BFP!!!!!!!!!!!

My husband and I have waited so long for this...we have an absolute miracle on the way. Good luck and baby dust to all. Don't give up!

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2.5 Years TTC Then When I Least Expected it.......

My partner and I have been together 5 years just passed on 15th Feb and have been ttc for 3 of those years, I am 31 next week and he is 34, I have a wonderful 10 yr old daughter from a previous relationship and his daughter recently turned 11. At the end of last year we decided that we would no longer put our lives on hold and that we would book our wedding, which happens to be on 15th Feb 2014 with everything booked and deposits all paid. In a last ditch attempt to concieve we went on a romantic holiday to Portugal for a week in Jan of this year, timing it perfectly with ovulation. I was absolutely gutted when my period showed up in Feb but decided that I had to draw a line and forget about ttc till next year. Happy with my decision I went out wedding dress shopping on 16th March and ended up buying the first dress I tried on, so was somewhat relieved when my period showed up the next day.

So wedding dress bought and arrangements all made I took a weeks holiday from work the first week in April and had the best time just chilling with my partner and our girls, I even banned BDing until cd 18 as I usually ovulate around cd 15/16. So here I am on cd 31 with 3 positive pregnancy test and a due date of 22nd Dec.......yes I know 7 WEEKS before my wedding........what are the chances lol.

Only noteable symtoms I had this month were, the lack of sore boobs I usually get 7-10 days before AF - still no pain, just a heavy feeling and lack of the creamy white discharge I get 2-3 days before AF, I am still relatively dry.

So there you have it, I used to get so annoyed when everyone used to say just forget about it, it will happen when your not thinking about it.........I guess sods law has a lot to answer for lol. Hope this helps to give some of you out there a bit of hope, I know this site has helped me no end over the last few years :)

Finally After 20 Months of TTC

I've been on this site for over a year... ever since I found it. It's been SO helpful and somewhat calming for me!! I just turned 37 and haven't had a child yet... and we've been trying for almost 2 years. After 8 months of nothing happening, we decided to make an appt and see if there was something wrong. We were both tested and both good to go.... and when I say that, they told us our infertility is 'unexplained'. Which I think was harder to hear that, than something was wrong (which could possibly be fixed). After about 3 months, we decided to go further and started clomid. I was on that for 3 months... and let me tell you... I was a CRAZY lady from that!! My poor dh! Nothing came of that, and at that point I was sort of fed up and frustrated. I was tired of counting the days, taking the ovulation tests, drinking that, not drinking this, doing everything we were supposed to do...and then getting my dreaded period. Everyone around me, it seemed, was getting pregnant. It was a hard time. About 3 months ago, we decided to start again with the process and go on to the next step. We were going to Mexico, so we thought we should wait until we got home. We went to Mexico and got home 2nd week in March. I of course got my period while we were in Mexico :(. So when we got back I made another appointment and was due to go in on 4/8/13. I totally spaced it out! And I was expecting my period that day... so out of the blue I decided to test.... POSITIVE right away!!!

My cycles have been btwn 25-28 days for the past year. iI really think after the clomid, it somehow messed my body up a little. Before I took that, my cycles were right on the dot... 28 days. And after, they've been unpredictable. So I'm not exactly sure which day I ovulated this cycle...I wasn't counting or taking ovulation tests.

1 dpo: nothing
2 dpo: nothing
3 dpo: bad heartburn at night
4 dpo: slight cramps, bloated
5 dpo: slight cramps, bloated
6 dpo: not much, bloated
7 dpo: heartburn and slight cramps. super bloated and gassy
8 dpo: stronger cramps. thought, great, my period is coming really early. I usually have cramps for about a week before I get my period. but this was too early. super bloated and gassy
9-10 dpo: cramps during the day, but mostly at night when I was trying to sleep. it kept waking me up. and brownish spots on underwear and when wiping. I usually don't spot before my period, but I still didn't think I was pregnant. my boobs started hurting, and they hurt every I thought for sure I was out this month again. I felt all the normal pms symptoms I usually get. plus super bloated and gassy
11-14 dpo: heartburn at night again and not being able to sleep well because of the cramps. not as bad a period cramps, but that dull aching that comes before. the spotting has finished. (but did last 2-3 days). super sore boobs...hurt to lay on them. bloated and stomach aches

I decided to take a test on day 14 dpo, and it was positive. I'm really nervous about it...its seems unreal still. I've taken a few tests, to just make sure....and they are bright and dark!

I still have a lot of cramping during the day and feel really bloated and gassy. Pressure in the stomach. My boobs are swollen and very tender still.

First dr appt is 4/22!!!!

When You Least Expect it! Cliche... But True!

This time around we have been trying for four months. We took breaks often for work travel. I got pregnant with my daughter on Cycle #4 in 2007. Last month I said to my husband "Let's skip (trying) in March". I had a ton of EWCM in March way more than usual. I called my husband and said "I would feel weird wasting an egg" I had a weird feeling this month could be it. He said we can try. I said "We will just have sex if we want but, no pressure" Well that night CD 15...we had sex "for fun" after, I just went to sleep I did not get up. I did the same with my DD in 2007. I knew the night I got pregnant with her. Next day CD 16 I had a blazing OPK. I said well, the chances are slim considering we have done it like rabbits for the last three months around ovulation and all BFN. Planned sex was getting awkward and like a chore. In March we did it "ONCE" CD 15. P.S. Husband's morp was 3%! So, DO NOT let that discourage you :)

*Last Period was March 5th
*BD on CD 15...only
* POS OPK March 16th
* DPO 1-3 Felt little zings but nothing that was not normal
* DPO 3-8 Crazy burst of energy and noticeable zings in ovaries on both sides...not uterus area. I had only menstrual like cramps(uterus area) with DD. Zings in BB's too but I thought this was all because AF was coming early.
* DPO 9 Sharp zings in ovaries again and metal taste in mouth. POA IC and FRER-BFN
* DPO 10 CD 28 No AF yet which she has been arriving by CD 27. I only had a digital so I took it. "Not Pregnant" I ripped it apart knowing I shouldn't. They always have two lines...but this one was different. Both were thick and fat. I went and picked my daughter up from Cubbies and went to the store bought a box of FRER. Went into the GS bathroom. I could not wait. POAS nothing. Threw it in the bag and headed to the car. Got my daughter buckled in and grabbed it for one more look BAM!!! BFP!!! I was shocked!!! I sat there with my mouth open for 5 minutes staring at it. I went to another store about bought EPT (sucks) and answer. Answer was BFP...EPT BFN. You stare and stare and pee and pee and nothing. Then when it happens it's total shock! I guess once is all it takes and it always when you east expect it. Baby dust to all!! :)

* DPO 11 getting the AF like cramps now and FRER was darker and digital said Pregnant :)

BFP After 15 Months TTC

We did it... we finally it! We have been TTC for 15 months and were told by my husband urologist back in November that his sperm count was too low and after trying meds to increase it, we were still too low and told to consider in vitro if we ever wanted to get pregnant. This didn't make sense, as we already have a 4 year old.. But I felt defeated and threw in the towel and took a break...

Because we were taking a break, I was also taking a break from temping... but I knew when I ovualted based on past cycles, so although we were taking a break we someone managed to have sex at the perfect time. My last period was Feb 16, and the last time we had sex that we could have conceived was Feb 25.

March 18- I was extreamly moody. I was snapping at my husband and very hormonal. I figured my period was on its way any day. I had a horrible headache, and was peeing more than normal. I thought noting of it.

March 19-20 Same symptoms as above and was now wondering where my period was...

March 21- Still no period and very moody. I peed on a stick and voila!! The test line was beautiful..

I was in complete shock.. After 15 months if finally happened.. After being told we would never conceive, we did!!

Do not give up!! Please! I almost did and the month we stopped trying, it happened!! Doctors don't know everything :)

It Finally Happened!

I am living proof that stress doesn’t help, please read my story. My husband and I tried for 10 months and had a miscarriage very early on at 5 weeks. Even though 10 months of trying is not a very long time I was starting to feel very discouraged. I am 26 and DH is 33. The stress of trying was making me have anxiety attacks. I was not at a good place. For 9 months we did everything correctly: ovulation kits, Pre-Seed, limited caffeine and alcohol, you name it. It was starting to become a chore.
I went to my GP and explained how anxious I was feeling, and that I wanted to take a break from trying. The company I work for was doing lay-offs and I was on the edge of a nervous breakdown. My GP put me on anti-anxiety medication (I believe its called paroxetine – not sure). In two weeks the medication kicked-in completely. I started feeling great like never before. DH and I were happy again cause I was in such good spirits. I survived two rounds of lay-off at work and life was good. Getting intimate with DH felt good again. We started planning a holiday in Europe and I was really excited about that. I was back to my normal self: daily glass of wine, daily jog! I wrote a letter to God thanking Him for all I have and that I trust His plans for me.

Following month (month #10) – having been on anti-anxiety medication for about a month – I felt my period come on a Sunday, lots of cramps. I put a tampon on that day, took a painkiller and DH and I went out for a lazy lunch. Only my period never came that day..or the following. I kept on taking my medication for another 2 weeks and never tested. In my head there was NO WAY I could have been pregnant, cause we never “tried” that month. Also, I researched and saw that it is possible, even though rare, that this type of medication affects ovulation.

My period didn’t come for another 2 weeks and I decided to test. I had been really calm all along. The test was POSITIVE. Of course I stopped taking the medication right away. I should probably have tested earlier, but I was seriously so calm, so peaceful that I did not feel the need.

Meds and TTC do not go together! However, I truly believe I fell pregnant because I was so calm. I am so thankful things worked out for me. I am now 27 weeks pregnant and very happy. I had no pregnancy symptoms whatsoever until week 8 of pregnancy, when I had to stop working out cause I was so exhausted all the time.

Good luck to you all!

BFP After 2.5 Years of Trying!

Like most, I have stalked this site hoping to one day be able to give my bfp story. DH and I have been trying for 2.5 years. We had been with a fertility specialist for the last year and after 6 cycles on clomid and IUI and one cycle on follistim and IUI, we were told we needed to take a break due to having a left over large follicle. Our doctor told me to start on birth control for this cycle to get everything ready for the next cycle of follistim/IUI. I decided that I just wanted a break from the hormones and wanted to give my body a chance to relax. It was wonderful to just enjoy time with DH and go on vacation and not think about what day in my cycle I was. Finally I was starting to think that this was a really long cycle, longer than my "irregular" cycles. I started to notice that I was burping and I had some minor cramps. I also noticed that my breasts were feeling tingly, but not sore. I took a test this past weekend (cycle day 50) and it was positive! I took another later on in the day, very positive! I truely never thought this would happen but it just goes to show that miracles can happen! Now we are praying for a sticky bean!

BFP!! 16dpo, 6 Months TTC!!

I can't believe it's my turn to write a BFP story! Myself and DH suffered a miscarriage last year and have since being TTC.

This month however we decided to have a break from TTC as the stress of it had become quite overwhelming and we're also moving into a larger house at the end of the month!

I've only ever used an ovulation calculator on my phone and since the miscarriage my periods have regulated at religious 26 day cycles. (I checked my ovulation this month even though we weren't actively TTC!).
The calculator said that I ovulated 1/03/13.

This had been a very busy week at work for DH, so we only BD'd on 03/03/13, which left me thinking I'd missed the cut this month!

Due to having a break this month I've not listed symptoms as strictly as I normally would so heres an estimate of times/symptoms!

0-4dpo Crampy, extremely gassy.
4-7dpo Crampy, gassy, sore BBs.
7-10dpo Still crampy, still gassy! Headache at the back of my head and starting to feel extremely tired, sore BBs.
10-13dpo Exhausted, backache, crampy, hips ache? Started napping!
13-16dpo The sight of generally disgusting things making me feel instantly like I was going to throw up! (one of DHs fish had died and was floating round the tank, I caught a glance whilst eating lunch and imagined it sat on my plate and almost threw up!! Also as a woman walked past me in the street she spat on the floor and I instantly imagined her spit in my mouth gross! tmi haha) I usually have a strong stomach for these things! Weird!

AF was due on 15th.. No sign? I test late evening and get an inconclusive, so I decided to test with first urine of day tomorrow. Wake up 5.30am desperate for a wee. Test then.. BFN! Wake up 9.30am and see faint faint positive! Evap? Test again approx 3.00pm A FAINT BFP!! Test again later FAINT BFP! Use clearblue digital, BFP!!! We're still in shock!!

The only things different for us this month was we took time for our selfs instead of fixating on baby making!! We took the weight of our shoulders and got our BFP.

Got a scary 8 weeks ahead of us after miscarriage but got a good feeling about this pregnancy! Baby dust to everyone!! X

This Time I Did Absolutely Nothing Other Than Relax and Lots of BDing

I am so happy to finally be able to add my story here, we have been ttc for 7 months after previously having a molar pregnancy 2 years ago which meant me having chemo and a long time of not being allowed to ttc.

So this month I decided not to do anything I had been doing the previous months this included drinking cough medicine, OPK's, charting, eating pineapple juice and hanging about with my feet over my head after BDing.

It was my birthday 2 days before estimated ovulation day and my partner was taking me away for the week to a lovely cabin with amazing views and a massive spa.

On ovulation day my partner proposed and over the next few days we BD'd more than we have ever done before, and I was completely and utterly relaxed and content without the thought of conceiving even entering my mind.

So I spent the days following telling friends about the engagement and out for dinner and drinks and for the first time in 7 months didn't think about being pregnant at all, not once.

My Symptoms:

1 - 9 DPO - Nothing at all (every other month I swear I felt pregnant)
10 DPO - Very thirsty almost like I could never drink enough water.
11 DPO - So tired a go for a nap in the arvo, I never do this so when I woke up I checked my ttc app and my period was due in 3 days so I though why not pee on that stick I have leftover from last month, there it was a BFP!!!!!! Completely blew me away! Ran to the store and bought more tests all BFP!
12 DPO - Tired and nipples overly sensitive - Tested again BFP!
13 DPO - Crampy belly and very hungry - Tested again BFP!

So this month without trying and with very little symptoms I got my BFP!!!!

I wish you all the best of luck and hope this one is a little sticky bean.

10-11 DPO, Positive!

I'm finally able to post my story, and words really can't express how ecstatic I am! I only had two symptoms that really made me wonder, and it's still three days before my missed period (although I almost always start one or two days early). I didn't do DPO because I was taking the month off of focusing only on babymaking. Maybe that's what did it?

-I was on the verge of vomiting a number mornings. I even woke up choking on my own vomit. It was awful...
-My nipples felt like they had been massaged with sand paper. It was to the point of my arms grazing them in the shower being excruciating.

Those were the only two. Now it feels like I could never stop eating, and my gas is enough to clear out a room (which it has). We're both overjoyed. :D

Only two symptoms, ladies! Take a break from all the websites and symptom spotting and charting, etc.! You'll get yours soon enough!