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BFP Stories

Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP on a Break

Isn't that just the way it goes: you try for month after excruciating month to get pregnant, but to no avail. Then you decide to lay off for a bit, take it easy, re-charge the battery… and voila – you're pregnant!

Those are the types of stories you'll find here. And if you have one to submit for inclusion, we want to hear from you! Send us your symptoms through this contact form.

BFP!! 16dpo, 6 Months TTC!!

I can't believe it's my turn to write a BFP story! Myself and DH suffered a miscarriage last year and have since being TTC.

This month however we decided to have a break from TTC as the stress of it had become quite overwhelming and we're also moving into a larger house at the end of the month!

I've only ever used an ovulation calculator on my phone and since the miscarriage my periods have regulated at religious 26 day cycles. (I checked my ovulation this month even though we weren't actively TTC!).
The calculator said that I ovulated 1/03/13.

This had been a very busy week at work for DH, so we only BD'd on 03/03/13, which left me thinking I'd missed the cut this month!

Due to having a break this month I've not listed symptoms as strictly as I normally would so heres an estimate of times/symptoms!

0-4dpo Crampy, extremely gassy.
4-7dpo Crampy, gassy, sore BBs.
7-10dpo Still crampy, still gassy! Headache at the back of my head and starting to feel extremely tired, sore BBs.
10-13dpo Exhausted, backache, crampy, hips ache? Started napping!
13-16dpo The sight of generally disgusting things making me feel instantly like I was going to throw up! (one of DHs fish had died and was floating round the tank, I caught a glance whilst eating lunch and imagined it sat on my plate and almost threw up!! Also as a woman walked past me in the street she spat on the floor and I instantly imagined her spit in my mouth gross! tmi haha) I usually have a strong stomach for these things! Weird!

AF was due on 15th.. No sign? I test late evening and get an inconclusive, so I decided to test with first urine of day tomorrow. Wake up 5.30am desperate for a wee. Test then.. BFN! Wake up 9.30am and see faint faint positive! Evap? Test again approx 3.00pm A FAINT BFP!! Test again later FAINT BFP! Use clearblue digital, BFP!!! We're still in shock!!

The only things different for us this month was we took time for our selfs instead of fixating on baby making!! We took the weight of our shoulders and got our BFP.

Got a scary 8 weeks ahead of us after miscarriage but got a good feeling about this pregnancy! Baby dust to everyone!! X

This Time I Did Absolutely Nothing Other Than Relax and Lots of BDing

I am so happy to finally be able to add my story here, we have been ttc for 7 months after previously having a molar pregnancy 2 years ago which meant me having chemo and a long time of not being allowed to ttc.

So this month I decided not to do anything I had been doing the previous months this included drinking cough medicine, OPK's, charting, eating pineapple juice and hanging about with my feet over my head after BDing.

It was my birthday 2 days before estimated ovulation day and my partner was taking me away for the week to a lovely cabin with amazing views and a massive spa.

On ovulation day my partner proposed and over the next few days we BD'd more than we have ever done before, and I was completely and utterly relaxed and content without the thought of conceiving even entering my mind.

So I spent the days following telling friends about the engagement and out for dinner and drinks and for the first time in 7 months didn't think about being pregnant at all, not once.

My Symptoms:

1 - 9 DPO - Nothing at all (every other month I swear I felt pregnant)
10 DPO - Very thirsty almost like I could never drink enough water.
11 DPO - So tired a go for a nap in the arvo, I never do this so when I woke up I checked my ttc app and my period was due in 3 days so I though why not pee on that stick I have leftover from last month, there it was a BFP!!!!!! Completely blew me away! Ran to the store and bought more tests all BFP!
12 DPO - Tired and nipples overly sensitive - Tested again BFP!
13 DPO - Crampy belly and very hungry - Tested again BFP!

So this month without trying and with very little symptoms I got my BFP!!!!

I wish you all the best of luck and hope this one is a little sticky bean.

10-11 DPO, Positive!

I'm finally able to post my story, and words really can't express how ecstatic I am! I only had two symptoms that really made me wonder, and it's still three days before my missed period (although I almost always start one or two days early). I didn't do DPO because I was taking the month off of focusing only on babymaking. Maybe that's what did it?

-I was on the verge of vomiting a number mornings. I even woke up choking on my own vomit. It was awful...
-My nipples felt like they had been massaged with sand paper. It was to the point of my arms grazing them in the shower being excruciating.

Those were the only two. Now it feels like I could never stop eating, and my gas is enough to clear out a room (which it has). We're both overjoyed. :D

Only two symptoms, ladies! Take a break from all the websites and symptom spotting and charting, etc.! You'll get yours soon enough!

Early BFP, Big Symptoms

So, I would like to give my story. My husband and I were not actively trying to conceive but we're going to be by the end of the year and so like the crazy lady I am, I track my cycles. I use fertility friend, it's the easiest way to track my cycles with out me having to worry about dates getting deleted out of my phone and what not. I don't have to remember my LMP, I just look at the chart. So, that being said, I was not temping, just simply tracking period, forecasted ovulation and forecasted af. Well, this month, February (2013) was Valentine's day and we had just moved into a new house the week prior, so completely forgot about gifts and cards or making plans or anything. We took our son to pick something out and that was about it, my husband had to work swing that night. I figured, what's a better Valentine's day present to a man than my self with shaved legs! lol. I knew I was in my forecasted ovulation time so, I called him and told him to pick up a box of condoms on his way home. He did. So we bd'd and after it was said and done the condom was not where it was supposed to be. It had fallen off sometime before he finished! Bam! Hello two week wait! So beginning on February 15th...

Finally a BFP TTC For 13 Months So Happy This Site Really Helped Me

Hi all currently 4 weeks 1 day pregnant and due November 5! I pretty much gave up this month. No charting no temps no opks. No missionary position (well maybe once but not near ovulation) no putting my legs in the air afterward lol. I did notice we did bd two days before ovulation (going by cm) and that was it didn't bd until after all my cm was gone. Told myself I deff wasn't pregnant this month every thing that could have been a sign I sternly told myself it wasn't don't think about it. Except for hot flashes (starting maybe 7 dpo) there wasn't many signs. Though for sure was getting my period because I had my usual awful period cramps. But on 13dpo when the witch didn't show by evening I held my pee for a few hours and poas and bfp. Still can't believe it. No sore boobs or anything but didn't get them in my other pregnancy either.

Holy Moly BFP and I Had Given Up

I'm 33 and Hubby is 36. We have three amazing children already. We got pregnant right away with all three, so I thought when we decided to go for one more it would just happen. It's been almost a year of trying and finally we got our bfp! I was starting to think that it just wasn't meant to be. I think the stress of trying and it not happening really was taking a toll on me. I finally this month gave up and didn't count and monitor days. Only thing I did was used Pre-Seed for the second month, which is great any way. So I was very shocked when I got bfp.

My symptoms were not noticeable. I just blamed it on my mind playing tricks on me or my kids. Now knowing and looking back I can say that it makes sense. I kept getting strong wiffes of smells most of them
Not so pleasant... I would automatically ask who did it? And it would be something out side. I got cold symptoms for a few days with no fever and I just figured on of my kids passed something lovely on to me. I was more tired than normal but I figured it was running around after kids that made me want to take naps and go to bed at 8. I'm normally leave the gas to the boys, but the last week I have been giving them a taste of their own medicine. Now I know why boys think its funny. I did feel a weird sensation in my breast and down there but figured af was getting ready to rear her nasty self.

I got a bfp three days before missed period just because I'm obsessed with peeing on sticks now a days. I used first response it was very light but was there. I waited two days and tested again and it was very clear!!! I still don't have many symptoms just tired and I can smell any thing from miles away.

Try relaxing and using Pre-Seed! It's the only thing I did different this time around.
Good luck lady's and don't loose hope.
Lots of baby juju to you all!!!!

In God's Plan... Stacey's Story

First off, I would like to start off by saying that I never post anything on these boards but for the last two weeks, I have been stalking this site and others and I thought my story may be helpful for others.

My husband (35) and I (33) have been married for 10 years and have 2 daughters (7 and 9) both came very easily. I used to joke that my husband only had to look at me to get pregnant. In 2008 I got pregnant accidentally, but lost the baby at 10 weeks. Since I lost the baby, I’ve always felt that maybe I was supposed to have 3 children…but until now it just wasn’t the right time in our careers. Last August DH and I decided to actively try for our 3rd… The first cycle we tried naturally and nothing happened… I guess we weren’t as fertile as we used to be :-)
The next four I used OPK’s, Evening Primrose, Preseed, and DH took Fertility Blend supplements and limited his caffeine. Each cycle we BD’d every other day surround ovulation. We each had a calendar that showed the best days to conceive. Each month I had pregnancy symptoms and each month I was sure that I was pregnant but I would always get my BFN. I became obsessed during the 2 week wait (checking all the discussion boards, googling symptoms) that it really disrupted my life so in January we thought maybe it just isn’t in God’s plans for us to have another baby and we decided that we were going to give up actively trying :-(
At the beginning of February my 17 nephew (who I am really close with) passed away suddenly and I was literally heart broken… it was (and still feels) like I have a huge hole in my heart. My hubby and I BD’d somewhere around Valentines’ and low and behold I started having symptoms. Here they are:
2 DPO: tailbone pain (I know this is early, but I didn’t even know this was a symptom until I looked it up)
3-9 DPO: Bloated, gassy, hormonal (similar to PMS), some cramping
10 DPO: Red blood after sex… I never bleed after sex and it was far from being rough :-) I have bled with both my DD during early pregnancy so I am thinking it was implantation bleeding or sensitive cervix. Negative BFN FRER
11 DPO: No symptoms at all… I feel wonderful and have lots of energy. I took several Wondfo tests and they all came back negative:-( I thought I was definitely out this month. I remember reading about a possible positive OPK if you are pregnant so I took one… I had two bright lines and I thought this was strange because normally if I wasn’t near ovulating I never got another line. I then went on Amazon (where I bought the Wondfo strips) to see how sensitive they were. I read a review that said you sometimes have to wait for the full 10 minutes before a line appears. I usually wait for 3 minutes and throw it in the trash. I took probably 3 different tests this day so I instantly ran upstairs to check my discarded strips and every one of them at a faint line on them. My husband even noticed them. I then took another test and waited the 10 minutes and there was a very faint line.
12 DPO: Still no symptoms but I got a faint line on a FRER, two more Wondfos, and a positive OPK.

I am so excited. Even though this baby will never replace my beloved nephew…it will bring great happiness during this very sad time. What I learned from my experience…you can plan and plan… but ultimately it is in the hand’s of God.

BFP After 11 Months!!!!!!

Hey, so my fiance and I have been ttc for 11 months, he's 37 I'm 23. We're both very healthy, active, great shape, eat right, regular cycles, so it was surprising to both of us that we were struggling with conceiving.
I decided to stop temping this cycle, because every month I found myself obsessing over the temps and when we had intercourse and the possibilities, etc. I don't know exactly when I ovulated. Well, not on paper. But I'm almost 100% sure I know the day we conceived. We had a great little morning session right before going out to our favorite sushi place, and I had this weird bubbling feeling on the car ride over in my lower abdomen just under my bellybutton that I've never felt before. It's hard to describe.. I don't know how else to describe it except it felt like my body was just drinking everything in very strongly, and kind of felt like bubbling. I was so happy and enjoying the day, felt very close and in love with my fiance, we were laughing and talking, bonding, both in a happy care-free mood. Not a worry in the world. (I guess it was really good sex haha)
Then 3 days later, I'm going pee (sorry tmi) and when I finish I hear something else fall into the toilet, and look and a drop of blood was floating in there. It's WAY early for my period, almost 2 weeks too early, and I'm not a spotter. So I think OMG. And I spotted like a tiny little drop every morning for about 2 weeks. Still no period. So I buy a dollar store test, pee on it, one line shows up automatically. So I threw it out thinking it was negative (I thought when one line shows up, that's the only one that's showing up. so I didn't wait 3 minutes)
20 or so minutes later, I use the bathroom again, and glance down in the garbage can, and see 2 strong lines on the test. I'm like, could this be real???????? Immediately ran out and got a first response 3 pack. BFP all around. Saw the doctor, and saw my tiny little angel on the ultrasound!!!
The only other symptom I had before the BFP was extreme fatigue. I don't just mean I was tired, I would pretty much pass out from exhaustion when coming home from work, and I'm not and never have been a napper. I normally am unable to fall asleep during the daytime.
We are so beyond excited!! I wish all you women all the luck in the world, I would suggest taking a break on the temping, and obsessing and reading into all the symptoms (trust me, I know it's not easy) and just enjoy your man and your relationship.

BFP After Miscarriage Last Year

A bit of background information: me & my fiancé have been trying for a baby since October 2011. We got pregnant in February 2012 and were so excited; unfortunately I suffered a miscarriage at 11 weeks in April 2012, which I can honestly say is the worst thing I've ever experienced.
Since then I have been obsessed with getting pregnant again; brought opk, monitors, Pre-Seed and was taking prenatal vitamins. By October 2012 I was becoming really upset that this just wasn't happening for us and we went to see a specialist who did some blood work and discovered I wasn't immune to rebella so I had to have the injection & stop ttc for 3 months.
He also prescribed me clomid to help me ovulate as my periods were all over the place since the miscarriage, therefore making it impossible to gage when I'd ovulate.
Well the 3 months were up at the end of January but no sign of AF, which we needed to be able to start on the clomid.
So the BFP:
Actually felt ovulation pain this month which I have never felt before, got a positive opk so we did the baby dance straight away, I stayed in bed for about an hour afterwards with my hips elevated. We also used Pre-Seed.
1dpo: nothing
2-5 dpo: bbs getting sensitive on outer sides
6dpo: bbs mega sore, my mums dogs, who usually hates me & growls as soon as I walk in the door, actually came & cuddled up with me on the sofa & kept smelling my bits & my belly button!
7-9 dpo: sore bbs, very tired
10 dpo: sore bbs, mums dog came & sat with me again when I visited (biggest clue)
11 dpo: sore bbs, bfn using ovulation stick
12 dpo: sore bbs, BFP on first response test!!! So happy I jumped on my partner in bed & cried!
13 dpo: sore bbs, BFP on digital test!
I am now on day 14, bbs still hurt, hasn't really sunk in yet that I'm pregnant but I'm so excited I can't put it into words!
So to everyone out there ttc & reading messages like this every month, keep trying because it will happen for you, probably when you least expect it.
Sending heaps of baby dust your way xx

Pregnant Exactly One Year After Vasectomy Reversal!!!

I cannot believe this! I am still in shock! I got my bfp a few days ago and today I finally got a positive on a digi. I have spent a lot of time reading through the stories and symptoms and finally I get to submit mine. My dh had a vasectomy reversal on February 10th, 2012 and 360 days later I got my second line. What a wonderful "AnniVRsary" gift and our wedding anniversary is on Valentines. This is a wonderful gift!

Here's the kicker: we stopped trying 2 cycles ago, so cycle 12 and 13 I did not go back to look at my chart and never initiated dtd. This cycle we only dtd once and when I thought back it was 4ish days before O time. Who would have thought?!

Also dh quit drinking cold turkey in December and started taking his fertility blend, vitamin c, and mens vitamins on a daily basis. I also quit smoking cold turkey last month. I really believe this is why we got pregnant.

Here are my symptoms based on DPO:

DTD on cd 9 (I always O on cd 13)
O day- first time I never had O pains in over 6 years. I was beginning to think I didn't ovulate.
2 dpo: I noted in my chart "extreme lower back and leg pain at night". Then I went googling it. It was hurting so bad I was up and down all night.
3-5 dpo: nothing. No ewcm. Nothing. I was for sure I didn't ovulate
6 dpo: I noted in my chart "my nipples hurt! and stuff smells funny". That evening I walked into my house from work and I blurted out "it smells like sh*t and vomit in here, what is going on?" It was really bothering me. I was thinking maybe one of my kids was severely sick or something but they were off playing in their room. It was awful, I wont forget that smell lol
7 dpo: I noted in my chart "Right leg and back cramps. Faint faint faint bfp on dollar store cheapie. Could be a POS evap" Now that I think about it, it had to be a piece of crap test. That was way too early.
8 dpo: nothing
9 dpo: I noted in my chart "very very tired, nipples hurt, lower right side back hurts. bfn on frer. af type tummy cramps at 10:30 pm"
10 dpo: I noted in my chart "boobs hurt bad on the outside" Took 3 dollar store tests at 3 different times of day and got incredibly faint lines. Posted to tweaker boards, some call bfp, some call evaps or indents. Later that evening took a frer and a very light squinter popped up.
11 dpo: more outter boob pains. second frer lines darker and dollar store tests are finally looking legit. Made the announcement on my ttc after vr group and to my fellow vr gals.
12 dpo: definite bfp on frer, digi says no, horrible burning headache in the back of my neck, bra feels like its digging into my sides. charlie horse type cramps in my uterus.
13 dpo: even brighter line on frer. No denying that one! Made the announcement to my family, then my friends. All day yesterday I was sick as a dog. Nothing is working to help it. I feel like I'm stuck on a boat lol. one tiny tiny spot of orange on my tp last night.
14 dpo: very dark line on my last frer today, dollar store test still barely visible, but obvious. Not so much nausea, but incredible boob pain and a burning headache in the back of my neck. no more weird belly cramping. Digi finally says pregnant!

EDD October 21st, shortly after my 28th birthday

Good luck to all of you! Everything happens when the timing is just right :)