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BFP Stories

Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP on a Break

Isn't that just the way it goes: you try for month after excruciating month to get pregnant, but to no avail. Then you decide to lay off for a bit, take it easy, re-charge the battery… and voila – you're pregnant!

Those are the types of stories you'll find here. And if you have one to submit for inclusion, we want to hear from you! Send us your symptoms through this contact form.

2 and a Half Years TTC

My husband had a vasectomy reversal in 2010 and it didn't work very well. Ended up with a low sperm count of 7 million per/ml. We did almost everything I could think of to try and conceive, but didn't feel like it would ever happen. I finally gave up about 3 months ago and said, if it happens, great! If not, that's ok too. Even though I was pretty much feeling sad and frustrated about the whole thing. Anyways, this month , Jan 6th I started af. I got all my normal af symptoms after ovulation. I always get sore breasts, spot and I get irritable a couple days before. My breasts always stop hurting the day before I start. Well, it was 13 dpo, 2 days before I was going to start, and I started spotting, so I just assumed I was about to start. My breasts quit hurting also. I don't know why, but I decided to test, and to my surprise it came out positive... so I did another and it was positive! Since I was spotting I got worried and went and got a beta done. It was 44, and then 2 days later it was 154. So even with low sperm count it worked! AND I had no symptoms at all, and still don't. No sore breasts or anything. I've been pregnant before, so I know the morning sickness will kick in soon. It just felt normal as usual, like af was coming.

BFP on Break After 2 Miscarriages

I'm very excited to share my BFP after stalking this site for so many months. We had two heartbreaking losses in 2012 and were using the SMEP for a couple of months and then my mother in law moved in with us in November so it was a little bit of a forced but needed break. I was still testing for ovulation but never got a positive that month but was using Pre-Seed for the first time just for the heck of it. When I took a test in Dec. My DH joked 'congrats, who is the father?' because of our ONE off month. I told him I was as shocked as he! We are 13 weeks with a healthy baby, praise Jesus?

BFP 5th Cycle After Break (2nd Month Using Pre-Seed) After 3 Chemical Pregnancies!!

I'm posting here because I thought for sure something was wrong with me! I got pregnant my first cycle off BC and that ended in a chemical pregnancy. Normal right? We'll just try again. Second month, pregnant, BFP, AF arrives exactly on time. I give up. 3rd cycle (and again I'm testing early..didn't I learn my lesson??) faint BFP, AF came and EARLY! 4th cycle I was pulling out all of the big guns.. I took an extra B6, baby aspirin, raspberry leaf and green tea, royal jelly, and used Pre-Seed. I thought for sure this would work... nope. I guess when you have no control over something, you just feel like you have just a little more control over the situation by adding all of the ttc tricks, at least I did. At this point I am SO over this. I'm done.

Onto the BFP cycle :)

I completely rebel and stop taking everything. Even my prenatals. Everything pregnancy related is evil to me at this point, I'm bitter and tired of seeing people posting that they're pregnant on Facebook (Like, really, ANOTHER ONE?). I was just done. I decide that July is a better month to try and truly was okay with not becoming pregnant this month. And of course, it happened and I was in complete shock!

I had a VERY painful ovulation this month, to the point where my entire lower abdomen felt like it was sore (weird). The very next day after I ovulated, I noticed that my finger was breaking out from my wedding ring (this happened with my first chemical, but not until right before AF). I immediately get suspicious and start my prenatals again, just in case. All of the sudden I am a psycho again! I ran to the store to try yet another trick, I can't help myself. So I go get a pineapple core (CORE not regular pineapple) and slice it into 5 parts (to help with implantation since clearly I could fertilize an egg but couldn't get it to stick). I ate the pineapple from DPO 1-5 and it was gross... but I choked it down anyways. I also used Pre-Seed for the second month in a row... not bc I was ttc, but bc it's a pretty good time lol. I actually got my BFP at 8 DPO and it was so dark I couldn't believe my eyes (much different than the other chemical cycles) and it was on a dollar test of all things! I am now 5 +1 and so far I've had no spotting or anything, still can't believe it. Ok, here were my symptoms!

1 DPO - I am in the worst pain of my life from O and it feels like someone bruised all of my insides in my lower abdomen. I almost went to the ER it was so bad, I couldn't even change position and could barely walk (finally a good egg maybe??)

2 DPO - Stomach pain is totally gone by morning. Finger is breaking out in a weird red rash where my wedding ring was. Freak out and start the pineapple core.

3 DPO - Weird tension headache. Never get a headache after O. I suffer from migraines and always get them a few days before AF like clockwork, although in all of chemical pregnancy cycles I never got a migraine so I 100% think I'm out.
Pineapple core.

4 DPO - Really stuffy nose and huge zit on my chin. This also happens before AF but never this soon after O. Now I think something is kinda up. I still have what feels like a tension headache but it goes away with Tylenol... my migraines would never. Maybe my allergies are just really bad. Pineapple core.

5 DPO - Still have a headache... now I have CM that is pure water, looks like I peed myself. This continues until I get my BFP. My finger is a lot worse than it was before, now I'm almost positive I'm pregnant as this is the only other time I have become allergic to my wedding ring. Pineapple core.

6-7 DPO - Nothing much, just the watery CM.

8 DPO - I go out to buy a dollar store test ( so that I don't waste my money) and there it was. Not even a squinter! I've never had a positive this dark on a dollar tree test. With my chemical pregnancies it wouldn't even register on those! I already know something is different!

9 DPO - Positive digi! This is real!!! I've never had a positive digi this early ever ( I did have a pos digi with my first 2 chemicals but not until AF was due).

I continue to test daily (ok, 10 times a day).. and the line gets darker and darker.
Still trying to take it all in and I'm afraid to get excited but I am over 5 weeks and know it's not a chemical at this point. My only symptoms now are sore nipples and breasts, and I'm utterly exhausted! Just wanted to share my story to give hope to you guys... I know how frustrating it can be and how easy it is to fall into the mind set that something is "wrong" with you! Our bodies are made to have babies, it WILL happen... and probably when you hate everyone and least expect it lol :)

BFP After a Year of Trying!

So, I've been stalking this website for the past year and promised that if/when it happened for me that I would make sure to post my story.

DH and I started trying last December, which is when I got off the pill. I had been on the pill for almost 15 years and had never been pregnant before. After 5 months I decided it was time to chart and use OPKs. I always got positive OPKs around cycle day 14 or 15, but my luteal phase was only about 13 days. After 9 months with no BFP in sight, I told a slight untruth to my dr. and told them it had been a year and I wanted to be seen by a fertility specialist. They referred me and I had the full work up: blood test, HSG, ultrasound. Everything came back normal. My body was essentially doing what it was supposed to do, but for some reason it wasn't making a baby. The RE put me on Clomid in an attempt to "jump start" everything. When I went in at ovulation time for an ultrasound he said my lining was thin, around 5.4mm. They like you to have at least 8mm at that point, and this only confirmed my suspicions that my lining was too thin for anything to "stick". After two rounds of Clomid, I developed a cyst on my ovary so I had to stop everything. The cyst caused me to spot that month and I never really had a real period.
That cycle was about 19 days and then AF came on with a vengeance! I had a full on 5 day cycle (previously AF was only 3-4 days), so my assumption was that my lining had had a chance to thicken up since I hadn't had a real period the cycle before. The next step for us was to start hormone injections, as my RE thought this would help to thicken the lining and give me more hormones for a better ovulation. I have Kaiser, so they require that you take a class before you can do the injections and since my period was so early we hadn't had a chance to take the class yet. So, I was out for another month...or so I thought.

We used Pre-Seed every time this last month (I used the syringes and put it WAY up there...) and we did it missionary around O time and (TMI) because of the position DH was really deep, hitting my cervix. So, maybe that helped the little buggers get up there faster....who knows? :)

CD12- + OPK
CD15- O'd (based on BBT; I was worried when my temp hadn't gone up by day 14)
1-4dpo- Boobs started hurting on the outsides, especially at night / they felt really heavy when I'd take my bra off at night
5-7dpo- Got the flu, had a fever, boobs still hurt, really tired, but assumed it was because of the flu
8dpo- Boob STILL hurt (not normal for me at all)
9dpo- Boobs still sore, feel bigger, DH says they are bigger (haha)
10dpo- Heartburn after EVERY meal, extremely bloated feeling, still tired, but thought is was b/c I wasn't completely over the flu
11dpo- Felt hungrier than normal, heartburn continues, still VERY bloated, had to unbutton my pants at work b/c they felt so tight!
12dpo- More heartburn, irritable, was in tears b/c DH forgot to put butter in my breakfast (he makes it for me every morning for me to take to work), still bloated and lower stomach feels heavy
13dpo- BFP!!!!! Took a test in the morning to "get it over with". I thought, if it says no now, then I can just wait for AF to come. It took less than 1 min. to get a "Pregnant" on a digital
14dpo- Took 2 more tests just to be sure, CB digital and a FRER- both VERY positive
15dpo- Went in for blood test and confirmed I am pregnant!!!!

I will be 5 weeks on Sunday, so hopefully it sticks! Everyone says that birth control doesn't mess up your system, but I truly believe that statement does not apply to everyone. Every month that went by I felt different and my hormones seemed to even out. Even looking back at my charts over the last 9 months or so, I can see my cycle got a day longer every 2-3 months or so. Moral of the story is, sometimes it really does take time for your body to figure it out, so all hope is not lost!

BFP After Over 2 Years TTC

I had to take the time to post here as I stalked this site for so long and all the symptom spotting helped me through the 2WW!
The main thing I wanted to report is that all through our time of TTC, I was using ovulation sticks, Pre-Seed and the CBFM, the month I fell pregnant (Dec 2012) we had a conversation about giving the whole thing a break for a few months and I stopped buying the sticks etc., 3 weeks later I conceived! So in my case it shows that once I stopped looking at dates, working out fertile times etc and just relaxed about it all without thinking about it EVERY DAY of EVERY MONTH, it happened!!!
As far as symptoms go:

DPO 1-9 nothing
DPO 10 - this night I noticed my BBs were a bit tender
DPO 11 - I had one FRER test left in the drawer and just did it not thinking it would be positive and a faint line came up!
DPO12 - more faint positives
DPO13 - bought a clear blue digital and BFP!!!!!

I'm now nearly 7 weeks pregnant

I want to wish all you ladies the best of luck in TTC, loads of sticky baby dust to you all!!! xxxx

We Did it!

After 7 months its finally happening! I'm so happy & feel so blessed! I hope this one is my sticky bean!
God bless & tons of baby dust to everyone! (:

BFP on a Break?!?!

Hello everyone! DH and I have been TTC for 7 months now. I had told him last night that I was 3 days late for Aunt Flo and he had suggested to buy a HPT test. Automatically I had told him that there's no way that I am because I haven't felt any different at all. I've been trying to adjust to some changes. My doctor had told me that I need to relieve all the stress in my life because my blood pressure was too high and I'm only 21. Also I've been taking levothyroxine the last 2 weeks because It had come to my attention that I have hypothyroidism. Well today at Walmart as I was doing some grocery shopping l, I decided what the heck, I'll check just to prove him wrong. I took 2 tests today, one at 12:30 and the other at 3 and poof, it looks like my BFP! Not 100% sure yer because the lines are very faint. I had a similar incident where the line was faint but when I had taken the next one, the line was completely gone so I just figured it might have been an evaporation line. But on these they BOTH were faint. Just to be sure I'm taking one tomorrow with FMU but I have a feeling that this is it!

Total Surprise! My Miracle Bean!

For the last 3 years, me and my fiance have been trying for a child. My cycles were never normal so I knew something was not right. I was diagnosed with PCOS March 27th of 2012. My OB said my chances of conceiving without the help of a RE was slim to none. We tried 4 emotional cycles, filled with Clomid, trigger shots, IUI, and constant monitoring. I ovulated 3+ follicles each cycle with all BFN results. I was an emotional wreck and honestly couldn't take it anymore seeing how everyone around me was pregnant. We stopped trying in August and I proceeded with the normal routine of Provera to induce my cycle.

Shortly after, my fiance and I broke up. I found myself with a new partner and he was very considerate of my fertility situation. As we became sexually involved, I got on birth control (Ortho Tri Cyclen Lo). The side effects were HORRIBLE so I stopped taking them because I knew I could not ovulate without Clomid. December 12th, I started having horrific period like cramps that had continued until the 17th with no spotting or indication of a period. I finally decided to go to the hospital because the cramps were the most painful thing I've ever experienced! There, they did blood work and took me in for an ultrasound where I was notified I was 4 weeks pregnant. What?!?! Impossible! I thought it was a joke! They said the cramping came from my uterus stretching making room for baby. In shock, I went home and took 8 pregnancy tests, all positive! Today, I am 9 weeks due August 26, 2013.

I am a true testimony of how God works in mysterious ways! Put your faith in God and he will give you what you desire! Baby dust to all and congrats to the ones already preggo!!

BFP On A Break, After Ectopic!

Hi everyone,

My DH and I have been TTC for 19 months. I have been diagnosed with PCOS and had problems with irregular periods. I was on all doses of Clomid (50, 100, 150mg), had an HSG, DH's sperm are great, OPK's every month, and we began seeing a fertility specialist after many frustrating months of trying on our own and Clomid not doing the trick for us either. I had an IUI in August 2012 which resulted in an Ectopic pregnancy. My tube was saved, and needless to say after that, we took a step back from trying so hard for a bit.

I was on no medication last cycle (December) and we got through the holidays like normal. We were on vacation the last 2 weeks of the year so we were both pretty relaxed. I didn't feel any symptoms at all...none, until what I now guess was about 13 DPO when I had some spotting which I naturally assumed was my period.

I was thrilled that my period was going to start (weird, right?) because I hadn't taken any Clomid that month and it seemed I was getting my period all on my own for once!! But then my period never actually started, the slight spotting went away. When I realized it wasn't going to be starting I figured I should rule out a BFP because that's what I do every month just in case. I was fully prepared when I took my test at 19 DPO to toss this test in the trash with the others!

But to my shock, I had a full out BFP staring me straight in the face! So far as of today (27 DPO) all is going well! I have had good HCG numbers (831 and 4000) and it's all working out!

Again, let me re-iterate...up til that ectopic pregnancy, I could literally not think about anything other than getting pregnant, I was obsessed...and low and behold with no help at all, we did it on our own when I wasn't thinking about it at all. All those people that say "just relax and it will happen" truly are right...even though it's next to impossible to fully relax when TTC!

I hope my story can help give someone hope...if you've had an ectopic pregnancy, been trying a long time, etc....I hope my story helps!!

Still Can't Believe it... A Year of Trying Then it Happened Without Any Effort

My husband and I went off birth control (Paraguard) in Sept. 2011. I imagined we would be pregnant the within a couple months as I have regular periods and conceived before.... unfortunately worry and fear took over when it did not happen as quickly as I expected. In August 2012, I had an appointment with my OBGYN to schedule fertility tests. The week later we got a positive pregnancy, but it unfortunately was ruled an ectopic pregnancy a week later and was treated with medicine no surgery required. We continued with the fertility screenings, but felt convinced something was wrong and was scared we would not be able to conceive naturally. Over the 12 or so months of trying, I used vitamins, teas, OPKs, and the fertility awareness method. Every month, I would search for symptoms and convince myself I was pregnant. Finally, me and my husband were exhausted by the process and decided to take a break. I put everything away, stopped using OPK, stopped taking vitamins, stopped obsessing about everything I ate/drank and just decided to not worry for a while and that we would consider Clomid in a couple months. My cycle started Dec 17, and we were traveling for the holidays. The only indication I was ovulating was that I noticed some EWCM on Dec. 25th, 26th and 27th but then was sticky/creamy on the 28th. We had sex on the 25th and 26th and 28th. We have been training for a half-iron man triathlon so we were too tired on the 27th to BD and when my CM was sticky on the 28th, I thought we probably missed our chance. I honestly didn't feel really anything for the next two weeks except that about a week before my period I usually know its coming and I didn't feel like it was this time. I also had some strange cramping at about 6-9DPO but because I had convinced myself of symptoms every month, I really didn't get my hopes up. However, I did take a test on the 7DPO which was of course negative. At 13 DPO, I tested with Clearblue Digital and got a "Pregnant" read. We were leaving for our triathlon that night, so I didn't want to tell my husband because I didn't want to make him nervous and I wanted to be cautious about being too optimistic after the ectopic. I called my Dr and had my blood tests scheduled for following and she had me start a progesterone supplement. 14 DPO, I told my husband I might be pregnant. We tested again and it was Positive! I completed the triathlon the next day and despite a little dizziness and nauseousness on the run, I felt fine. I have experienced some mild cramping, nausea, headachey, and fatigue off and on, but nothing crazy. Breast and nipple tenderness just started at 4 weeks 5 days (19 DPO).
Also, Blood work on 17DPO = HCG level 858 and Progesterone 35.5.
Blood work 19 DPO = HCG level 2023!
The doctor says the levels look great and I will have a Ultrasound next week to confirm baby is in the right place.
Good luck to all. Practice patience and love with your partner and this process.