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BFP Stories

Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP on a Break

Isn't that just the way it goes: you try for month after excruciating month to get pregnant, but to no avail. Then you decide to lay off for a bit, take it easy, re-charge the battery… and voila – you're pregnant!

Those are the types of stories you'll find here. And if you have one to submit for inclusion, we want to hear from you! Send us your symptoms through this contact form.

Still in Disbelief!

I promised myself I would announce my bfp on this website and here it is! On December 7th, I finally got my dream. 3 sticks all positive :) My husband and I had been trying for over a year to get pregnant, even taking Clomid, unsuccessfully in the Spring for 3 months. I have an endometrioma cyst on each ovary and on November 6th, had an HSG. Ouch! Turns out that HSG did the trick! I became pregnant that cycle :D
I am due August 13th and so far, everything looks great with the baby. The only negative would be my Hyperemesis... Feels like it will never end. In the end though, it's all worth it.
I used to go on this website all the time while we were ttc and it really gave me hope and some peace of mind. I hope my post does the same for you. Best wishes for everyone!

Husband: 29 (super sperm)
Myself: 25

2 Years TTC - BFP 14DPO After 5 BFN's!

DH and I have been TTC for 2 years. I'm 30, DH is 34. I absolutely did not think I was pregnant this month. I have had almost no symptoms except for some light infrequent nausea and fatigue. I had no implantation dip in my BBT and no implantation bleeding. If it wasn't for the positive HPT's and blood tests, I wouldn't have believed it. Please don't give up!

DH and I have been seeing a fertility specialist since February 2011. Except for a thin uterine lining which was dealt with pretty quickly through meds, DH and I were perfectly healthy and ovulated every month on day 14-15. Why oh why could we not conceive then?! I had one chemical pregnancy, which was so brief I'm beginning to think it was a mistake on my part, but other than that no BFP's. My HSG test showed some possibly blocked tubes, but for some reason my idiotic fertility doctors missed that in my reports for almost 10 months. I was supposed to schedule a laparoscopy this month. I was on Clomid, Letrozole and occasional HCG injections and had 2 IUI's. Nothing- although I do think the medication helped stabilize my cycles. The doctor doubled my dosage of letrozole and I began to ovulate way too early (on day 10 and then later on day 6 the following cycle). I said enough.

I finally took a break from the meds and the IUI's and concentrated on my Acupuncture and herbal medicines. I still went for cycle monitoring just so I could know for certainty what my body was doing. I started to ovulate later and I credit the herbs, vitamins, Pre-Seed, 50 shades of Grey (snicker) and most importantly the power of prayer, for my pregnancy. I asked God to let his will be for me to be pregnant and for his will to be done to me.

We BD on days 10, 12, 14, 16, 17 and I elevated my hips after each time for 15-30 minutes. I really tried to (ahem) enjoy it too. I ovulated on Day 15 (we suspect). I tried to keep to the SMEP, but it was really tough. This was our first full cycle on Pre-Seed as well. BUY IT!!!

Day 0: insomnia, night sweat- BBT 36.2

Day 1 DPO: insomnia - BBT 36.5

Day 2: no symptoms - BBT 36.2 (I think this was low from the insomnia);

Day 3: feeling tired and unwell. Flu is going around so I assumed it was that. Bit of a headache. BBT- 36.6

Days 4-9: still feeling unwell. I have a rash on my face (ew) and I can't think straight. So tired and sick! BBT - 36.8 for all days and BFN on days 8 and 9 using a 10 HCG internet HPT;

Days 10-11: still unwell. Feeling some pressure in my abdomen on my left side (I ovulated on my right side). Sleeping is uncomfortable. Tired. BBT- 36.9. BFN with sensitive internet cheapie on both days again.

Day 12-13: still sick! Nausea is on/off, but I get this during my period so I'm thinking that's what it is. BBT- 36.8 and BFN on Day 12. I think I'm out with a possible fever. I start taking medication (feeling guilty now) and cut back on my herbs to conserve them. I drank a medium coffee on both days (a lot of caffeine for me), eat sushi and pretty much just lived my life.

Day 14: Still feel foggy. BBT- 36.8. Faint BFP on internet cheapie. What the what?! I don't tell DH because I think it's a mistake, I'll test again tonight. Another BFP in the evening and then I break out the big guns and use my last decent early pregnancy test (life brand I think). Clear BFP in 5 seconds.

Day 15: stomach keeps churning. I keep gagging and feeling "crampish" in my stomach. BBT - 36.8 and another positive HPT. See my doctor- Positive Blood test- 164. :-D

I hate it when people say to relax and just let it happen. I think I had to work at this by taking charge of my fertility, making peace with God, improving my overall health through Acupuncture and herbs and by ensuring we BD'd enough (which isn't easy when you've been trying for so long). The pregnancy was a surprise, but everything up to it was very deliberate and calculated. At the end of the day I hope that my wait means that I will just have a healthier baby. I'm sure that's what it will mean for you.

Hang in there and don't give up. You never know which month will be yours. I hope this bean sticks and I'm sending you my baby dust.

Yay! BFP 12 dpo While on a Break From Treatments

I am so excited and shocked to be actually getting to share a BFP story on this site. We have been ttc for two years and had three failed clomid/IUI cycles last fall. The clomid caused my lining to be really thin (5mm last time at day of iui) and so I was worried that it would take some time to recover from that. We had met with our RE and decided to move on to IVF in February (and get some required testing done during my January cycle). I have been ovulating early - like day 11 or 12 for almost a year and this month did not get a +opk until day 14, so I am assuming I ovulated on day 15 or 16. I was truly not expecting to get pregnant during my cycle off and so was totally shocked to get a very faint BFP 12dpo on an internet cheapie test. I then took 3 more tests that morning - all positive (and about 10 tests since then, still in shock! :)
I truly credit my work with my acupuncturist for the success. I've been seeing her since September and she has really helped me with reducing stress in my life, improving my diet and getting rid of some "stuck feelings" that I think were getting in the way of conceiving. In addition I was taking CoQ10 supplements, L-Arginine (during 1st part of cycle), prenatal, fish oil, spirulina, B vitamin supplements, and royal jelly. Who knows what really did the trick. I also got the Circle + Bloom natural cycle relaxation recordings which I think are awesome, although I only used them for about 2 weeks before I got the old BFP.

Like all of us, I have looked for any minor change/pregnancy symptom during many twws. This time - virtually nothing! I had some minor heartburn in the evenings around days 9 & 10 and the evening of day 11 I actually drank a giant margarita and woke up during the night with crazy heartburn and nausea and thought I was going to puke. Since then I have just been super tired.
One tip for you all - when you get your BFP - do not share the news with your 3 year old until you are ready to tell everyone in the world (including the lady in line and the bookstore!)

TTC 3yrs.... On a Break Before IVF

First of all, I've been stalking this site for three years and I want to thank everyone for posting! Like everyone says, I literally had more symptoms when I wasn't prego. Here is my story.
I had a septum in my uterus which was the original diagnosis back in 2010 of why we couldn't get pregnant. I had surgery to remove the septum, which was severe, and is still not completely gone. Then we had a several tests and treatments, hsg, blood tests, clomid, iuis, with and without injectables etc over 2011 and most of 2012 at our infertility clinic. Which of course caused me to go into a deep depression, and I wanted to punch every friend that announced she was pregnant in the face. Mainly bc we were now considered unexplained infertility and nothing was working. In June of 2012, since nothing was working, our re recommended IVF and would do our first cycle in Jan/Feb and start saving:(

Fast forward to December, I decided I was going to go back to church and give it all to the Lord. I saw a bible verse from a previous post, I think Luke 18 that spoke about not making you suffer, that really helped me. Then I slowly began visiting my friends with kids and shopping in the baby section for Christmas presents. The only sign that I was pregnant is 12 days past Ovulation, I had a meltdown bc my husband cancelled his dinner reservations for his birthday bc he wasn't feeling well. Then the next day 13 days past ovulation, I doing last minute Christmas shopping and a guy was hitting on in the line. I went home and told my husband and he told me I was "glowing." Now that was a tip off.

The next day, my period did not show up that morning, so I did one of my internet cheapie tests and went in the shower. When I got out I saw a faint line, still not convinced, I went to Walmart on the way to work and bought two different digital tests and took them in the bathroom. Which note* is an awful thing to do, bc when they all showed "pregnant" I was alone crying in a Walmart bathroom. We are over the moon, please pray for a sticky bean and good to luck to all of you TTC! If it happened for me it can happen to anyone. The best advice I can give anyone, is keep reading these positive stories and pray, it will happen.

Just When We Were Calling it Quits :)

Hey ladies, I just got my bfp today around lunchtime. I actually took it to just prove to myself that I wasn't pregnant so I could move on.
I honestly didn't really have any symptoms leading up to my bfp.
I have more "prego symptoms" on months I ended up getting my af.
I did start getting lower back pain 10dpo (3 days before af) this is when I got my bfp.
And cramping (I was sure af was going to show up any day)
I did have spotting (just a small spec the size of a pencil head) on 8dpo with slight cramping.
And I've had HORRIBLE dreams for past few days as in dreams I'd wake up crying and sweating.

Good luck ladies!! :)

Christmas Miracle BPF!

My husband (32) and I (29) had been trying for over 6 years, married 9 years. In April 2012, I was diagnosed with mild Endometriosis through a laparoscopy procedure. I had regular 26-28 day cycles and ovulated every month using OPKs. In October, with the holidays approaching we decided to take a break for a couple months and start fresh in the New Year. Then on Christmas Day I decided to test (POAS addict) and saw a faint line! Since we weren’t trying I really didn’t pay attention to any of my symptoms. All I can say is that it can happen to you when you least expect it! Good luck to all!

BFP Nite After Engagement!!

Wow I can't believe I got my BFP!!! On Dec 17th my boyfriend asked me to marry him, and of course I said yes! Then on Dec 18th I took 2 hpts and they both were positive. I went to the emergency room and they said that I wasn't preggers.... I felt sort of down, but I knew my body. So I came home and took another one and that was positive, then the next morning I took another one and that 1 was positive! I was sure that I was preggo! I had been cramping off and on so I knew something was up. We stopped trying after 6 months and BOOM that's when it happened! On Dec 22nd I took a first response test, the 6 days sooner one and as soon as I took it I got 2 lines! It's still unbelievable but thank god for our miracle!

After 18 Months NTNP --- BFP!!

Long story short. I had Mirena taken out last year in June. My husband and I have been NTNP since. I just got my BFP yesterday and since this site helped with my TWW, I figured I would contribute.

O-day> EWCM, cramps, increased sex drive BD
1dpo> slight cramps, increased sex drive BD
2dpo> nothing, BD
3dpo> nothing
4dpo> nothing
5dpo> dizziness, slight fatigue
6dpo> extreme dizziness
7dpo> dizziness, fatigue
8dpo> dizziness, full feeling in lower abdomen
9dpo> tight ab feeling
10dpo> light pink cm, thought AF showed early
11dpo> light brown cm, negative IC test
11dpo> light brown spotting
12dpo> nothing
13dpo> cramping, spotting, faint positive IC
14dpo> cramping, positive FRER
15dpo> sore boobs, nausea, full feeling, Positive Clear Blue Digital

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BFP, CD33 After TTC #2 For Over a Year

I'm in shock.... I can barely breathe :) Today is CD 33.... my periods usually go anywhere from 28-32 days....last month it started on CD 33. We didn't even try this month!! We had sex THREE times...CD 7, 8, and 11......I remember being very frustrated because I thought SURE we missed our "window"....and then we had this big talk about how we would take a break for 3 months because this has really been straining our marriage. I have stalked this site like a nut case. I have imagined every symptom out there, every month. Taken way too many tests. A couple months ago, I quit taking my vitamins, started drinking coffee again...quit temping...what an exhausting journey!!! With our first, she just happened!! No "trying" at all! Then here we've been, busting our butts ;) and the month I thought we missed it.....Oh my gosh.

I took a Dollar Tree test this morning, with FMU. BFP, thick and dark, right away. Waited 3 hours and took a FRER test, 2 dark lines right away!!!!!!! AAAUUUUGGGHHHHH!!!!!!! :D

My clues were my boobs, for sure. They have been extra tender and sensitive and have hurt. Got a bear hug from DH last night and OWW lol. Also, on Sunday, I felt OFF. Best way to describe it, I just felt really weird. Not exactly sick, just OFF. That made me start "paying attention"....and I decided no coffee this week. UGGHHH I'm rambling lol. I'm in shock!!!! I CAN NOT believe I am actually posting on this site!!!!!! WOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! :D

BFP After Miscarriage - On a "Break"

Hi ladies! We started ttc on February 2012 and got pregnant right away. On March 13th I had a miscarriage at 6.5 weeks. :-( We ttc right away. OB-GYN had me taking Prometrium 200mg once a day, 4 days after ovulation but months went by with no bfp. Depression kicked in and we decided to go on a "break"; no more OPK's, no more Prometrium, no more scheduling and counting days!

On Monday night (2 days ago) we went to dinner and it so happened that my OB-GYN was having dinner at the same restaurant. Haven't seen him in a few months. I guess seeing him made me look at my calendar and think that although my period isn't due until this Friday, maybe I should test in the morning (I was having a beer when I saw him, and felt guilty! lol)

So, I woke up at 5:30am and took a test and to my surprise---BFP right away!!!

I went to the lab right away to check my HPT and Progesterone levels. Got the results this morning-- 47.3 hcg and 28 prog. with no Prometrium!

Went to see OB-GYN today and he still put me on Prometrium just in case... I am feeling very positive about this pregnancy!!

Symptoms: Can't really tell 'cause I was not even charting or paying attention! I do have really sore bbs, more visits to the bathroom than usual, and pretty tired! :-)

All positive vibes are welcome!!!

Baby dust to all!