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BFP Stories

Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP on a Break

Isn't that just the way it goes: you try for month after excruciating month to get pregnant, but to no avail. Then you decide to lay off for a bit, take it easy, re-charge the battery… and voila – you're pregnant!

Those are the types of stories you'll find here. And if you have one to submit for inclusion, we want to hear from you! Send us your symptoms through this contact form.

BFP After Nearly Two Years

I hardly can believe I am sharing this, but here I am.

I had my last lapraoscopy for Endometriosis in January of 2011 and have been trying ever since then. In April of 2011 I started seeing an infertility specialist where I went on to do 5 rounds of Clomid, 1 round of Femara and 6 rounds of follistim injections and a total of 8 IUI's I believe which resulted in three soul crushing early miscarriages. (The furthest I ever got was 5 weeks I believe.) My fertility specialist told me that my next step is naturally IVF, we couldn't afford it at the time so we took a break from August until now. We literally have not been trying or anything, and my sex life isn't much of a sex life. Originally my problem was that I was not ovulating on my own, but I noticed ever since the follistim injections that mid-cycle I get ewcm for several days. The only difference this month is I jumped my husband as soon as it showed up. I haven't been feeling any symptoms besides I felt so crampy since Monday that I was prepared for AF to show, to the point I was even wearing pads in prep for it to rear it's head. I was surprised when it didn't come. The cramps continued, but nothing. I had a spare FRER laying around from when I was doing my infertility cycles. I took it just for laughs and could you imagine my face when the test line showed up before the sample line? The line was just as dark. Needless to say I woke up my husband screaming "I'M PREGNANT". I took another FRER and a digital with the same result. So far symptoms are just cramping, chest pain, some heart burn, keep waking up hungry/thirsty and it's almost like I have restless leg syndrome now. I'm so scared but excited at the same time. Hopefully I get good news from the high risk OB tomorrow. Miracles do happen!

Yes, Yes, Yes

Back story: we lost our daughter at 21 weeks 12 weeks ago. We decided not to wait. The first two months I was very upset when AF showed. So this cycle I paid no attention to ovulation or timing sex. I picked up a 2nd job and tried to deal with our loss and continue with our life. Well Wednesday, I went to hospital for my gall bladder and was crushed (even though I'd decided I would start bc with my upcoming period) when he said test was negative. That night I made a bowl of lucky charms and dumped it bcuz it tasted like metal. Then the next 3 days I threw up.. a lot!! Well yesterday I went back to the ER cuz I was feeling awful. They ran all the tests again. Doc came in and said the only thing different in the past 5days is your pregnancy test is POSITIVE! We are so excited (and nervous)! Praying this one is healthy.

Stopped Trying and Got BFP!

Hubby and I started trying last cycle and did everything by the book, I worried and wrote down every symptom, took 5 tests and swear I saw lines lol, all to no avail. So this month I said I'm not even going to try at all, and so we just did it when we felt like it which was only like 3 times spread out (since we already have 3 kiddos, we're tired) and during the two week wait I barely thought about it and just relaxed.
Here are my symptoms generalized since I didn't write them down by dpo this time:

Got severe acne all over face!! looked terrible! (thought it was pms)
SEVERELY irritable..... everything was annoying me and I showed it (my poor husband)
Had an emotional breakdown/crying spell one night (normal for me pms week)
Right breast hurt a little behind the nipple only when I bent over (not normal)
Really hungry between meals but then couldn't eat a lot
Couple of sharp headaches
A day before BFP had 2 hour nap mid-day and could not get up, felt like a brick (usually normal for pms)
Have no pre-af cramps (should have them by now)
Sharp twinges in right side
Got two throat infections and one sinus infection (weakened immune system?)
Felt achy and miserable
Lips extremely dry, sore and chapped (from the sickness?)
Felt dizzy when stood up fast
Night before BFP had restless leg syndrome before bed (had this only in prev. preg)
Night before BFP had dream my boobs hurt and were being squeezed so hard lol (my bbs never hurt)
Day of BFP have light cramping and increased cm

BFP at 14dpo

I had posted two AIP posts on here and got 'no' on both of them, but turned up pregnant at the end of the month! After resigning myself to wait for a few more months to TTC, our Squishy burst into life with these symptoms:

Cd 8: EWCM for the first time in my life.

Cd 12-14: Oed harder than ever before. Constant cramping!

1-6dpo: Nothing.
8dpo: Tender breasts, BFN on First Signal (88 cents). Feel distinctly pregnant and not even bothered by the BFN.
9-13dpo: Two more BFNS on frers. bbs still sore, bloating and starved. Also very constipated and craving buttered cornbread.
14dpo: Faintest of faint BFP on frer! Take another that night, still faint. Heavy, sore bbs, drank a half gallon of milk. So tired! Seriously thinking about cornbread. Started to worry about it being a chemical or something gong wrong.
15dpo: Two more BFPs. Cramping and spotting.... afraid of early MC. All same symptoms plus nausea.
16dpo: No testing today. Still cramping and light spotting. Peanut butter makes me wretch at the slightest smell.
17dpo: Doctor said urine test was negative. Heart sinks, but she continues asking about my symptoms....she looks confused and says she's going to make sure the lab tested the right urine....comes back in embarrassed and practically hysterical wailing ' it's positive! I'm so sorry, they didn't wait long enough for the test to work!' whew! I burst into tears and laughed hysterically as she apologized for the emotional roller coaster ride.

Strange things about this month:
I talked to the Little Bean at random times without realizing it...even before my BFN at 8dpo.
I quit smoking at the beginning of October because it just felt like it was the right time for me.
I stopped drinking coffee every morning...just once a week or so as a treat...just because.
I have had a terrible cold...and just felt like not taking any more medicine.
I kept hearing and seeing babies and pregnant women everywhere!

Whew! After everyone I know (and don't know) telling me I wasn't, I am! We are expecting our first Nugget on July 17th, 2013! These stories have kept me sane for months of NOT ttc....think I must have caught a whiff of baby dust! Good luck! Sticky baby dust to you all!

BFP on 5th Month with Short Luteal Phase!

So excited to finally be able to contribute my own story! Here it goes:

I am 27 and my husband is 30. This is our first pregnancy. I actually charted BBTs and documented pregnancy "signs" for 4 months. Last month (month 4), I was 4 days late and had a negative hpt, but hcg blood level of 4, which according to my doc is "indeterminate". I think I had a very early miscarriage or chemical pregnancy, because the doc had me take another blood test 3 days later, and the level was back down to almost 0. I was very disappointed and depressed and decided to take a month off from charting and documenting my every symptom. We even booked a vacation for April, and went on our scheduled vacation for October. I really tried not to stress and didn't check this site at all. I noticed I ovulated on CD 22 because I had O pains, and confirmed the temp rise the next day. My luteal phase is always 10 days and on day 11 I didn't get my period, and noticed my boobs were unusually sore. Like if I jumped, they would hurt. They also hurt on the bottoms/sides when I gently pushed them. Also, I had/have a lot of random twinges of pain in my uterus, but not the normal period cramps. I have no other noticeable symptoms. Today, one day late (12 DPO), I took two dollar store tests in the middle of the day, both with faint positive positives! I went to CVS for a digital one and will take it tomorrow morning just to confirm, but I am positive I am! My husband is still doubting/in shock haha! I think once he sees the readout of "PREGNANT" it will sink in more.

Good luck to all of you. When people say to "just relax", it's SO annoying but it was true/worked for me!

BFP The Month We Weren't Trying!!!

DH and I had been TTC since November 2011 with no luck. After AF showed in late September 2012, I just said to hell with it and got rid of everything TTC related. BBT, opks, everything! I was just fed up! The whole month of October we had sex freely and just because we wanted to. I had no idea when I ovulated, didn't check CM or anything. The last week of October, the 26th to be exact, I decided to test with an $.88 test from Walmart. I only wanted to test because I was going out to a Halloween party the next night and knew I would be drinking. So I tested, and there was a faint line! I tested again the next day and another line, but darker! I then used a digital and saw those wonderful words "PREGNANT". I'm so pleased and couldn't be happier!

OMG Still in Shock!

I have a little girl turning 2 in 4 days! We were not even trying but one night after sex I was online looking up stuff about ovulation. Come to find out after using an ovulation calculator I was ovulating that night! So I began stalking this site just waiting to take a test, not really thinking anything would happen. I began taking tests @ 5dpo! Don't try it. Big waste of money! This morning I got up and used my trusty frer and after 2 min it came out bfp but extremely faint. So of course I did not believe it. This evening I took another one and another bfp! Btw, I used the rite aid brand e r that come in the pink box thinking they were fr knock offs. They are not @ 8 dpo I took them and got blue evaps within the time frame and I know that bc the next day I took a frer and bfn! So steer clear ladies!
1-3 dpo breast tenderness
4 dpo twinges in uterus and nausea and gassy in the morning
5 dpo nausea and gassy in the morning
6 dpo fatigue and breast tenderness
7 dpo nothing!
8 dpo pink spotting-implantation? Yay I had that with my last so I basically knew! breast tenderness nausea and fatigue
9 dpo breast tenderness, nausea, fatigue, burning sensation in head? Head aches!!! Horrible
10 dpo breast tenderness, fatigue, nausea morning only, and head aches, then BFP!!
Good luck ladies. Stickiest baby dust. Prayers and thank you for the wonderful site to read and get me through the tww!!

Still in Shock! PCOS, 1 AF in a Year!

I still can't believe I'm on here sharing my story after constantly looking through sites like this! I've got PCOS and my last period was about 8 months ago the one before that was about 1 year. I was so upset, all I wanted was a family of my own. I have done countless tests and every time bfn. Hospitals just got me down. I'm 23 been with my OH 5 years. Anyway, after two years trying I gave up, soon as I gave up I fell pregnant. Couldn't believe it. My SYMPTOMS were:

Smells - I could smell things that weren't even there
Boobs - boobs were very sore
Tiredness - felt tired a lot but couldn't sleep
Emotional - cried at everything

Just stay positive try not to stress out easy said than done. I thought I'd have no chance at all with my situation, I get my first scan next week still nervous hope everything is ok. You will get your bfp when the time is right for you :) any questions welcome xxx

Finally Expecting!! Over The Moon..

Hello ladies I'm so happy to FINALLY be able to post my BFP story.. I am truly a living witness that if you just let go and let God everything will happen in due time. Here's my story.. I had a Mirena in place for 5 years and once I had it removed (Sept 11) I started with the Nuva ring until the end of the year. Jan I had withdrawal bleeding and Feb I had what I thought would be a normal period (I used to be a 28 day girl) I had a cycle but I found from month to month they were irregular.. DH and I started trying in Feb with no avail.. I have a 9 year old daughter from a previous relationship now 9 cycles later (9/14) I'm pregnant with my second child and his 1st.. Here are a few of my symptoms
OD-10/2 BD
DPO- 1-5 Nothing
DPO-6 hungry and heartburn
DPO-7 EXTREME hunger,heartburn,blew my nose and blood on tissue.
DPO-8 Nothing
DPO-9-13 Insatiable HUNGER!!!!! Slight spot of red in EWCM (implantation?) Boobs are REALLY sore w/ shooting pains.
DPO-14 (expected cycle 10/16) Angry, Starving,Sore boobies, constant bathroom breaks.

I kept feeling like something was up and tested when I got home... Is that a faint BFP...Yes it is EEKKKK!

DPO-15 Test w/ FMU another faint BFP... OMG can this really be happening..

Went to Wal-mart before work to grab another couldn't wait til later.Took it on one of my many bathroom breaks... BFP!!!!!!
Went to Dr today, confirmed pregnancy and I'm 4 weeks and 2 days.. DH and I are over the moon.. He's waited and wanted for so long I am happy to be able to carrying this little bundle of joy.. For those of you that are still trying, keep your faith, God has a plan for you. Baby dust to you all!!

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I Hope This One Sticks!!

I just got my 2nd BFP on Monday, 10/15/2012! I am so caustiously optimistic because I've been here before, in July and miscarried. I was devastated. It was an early miscarriage, but it was still very traumatic. For some reason it feels different this time. So I hope that's a good thing. I wasn't really "trying" this month so I have no idea when I ovulated. My cycles are kinda irregular, usually 24-29 days. Here are my symptoms:
CD 30- moments of dizziness. POAS BFP! Yay! Super faint. So I made Hubby POAS to make sure the box of tests weren't bad. Sure enough his was negative! LOL!
CD 31- super hungry, exhausted, very creamy CM, crampy on and off
CD 32- hungry, tired, BBs firmer, still cramping.

This is it so far. The cramping is starting to scare me. It's not painful, just annoying. I know other people have cramps and it turns out fine, but not always. Good luck everyone!