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BFP Stories

Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP on a Break

Isn't that just the way it goes: you try for month after excruciating month to get pregnant, but to no avail. Then you decide to lay off for a bit, take it easy, re-charge the battery… and voila – you're pregnant!

Those are the types of stories you'll find here. And if you have one to submit for inclusion, we want to hear from you! Send us your symptoms through this contact form.

BFP on 5th Month with Short Luteal Phase!

So excited to finally be able to contribute my own story! Here it goes: I am 27 and my husband is 30. This is our first pregnancy. I actually charted BBTs and documented pregnancy "signs" for 4 months. Last month (month 4), I was 4 days late and had a negative hpt, but hcg blood level of 4, which according to my doc is "indeterminate". I think I had a very early miscarriage or chemical pregnancy, because the doc had me take another blood test 3 days later, and the level was back down to almost 0. I was very disappointed and depressed and decided to take a month off from charting and documenting my every symptom. We even booked a vacation for April, and went on our scheduled vacation for October. I really tried not to stress and didn't check this site at all. I noticed I ovulated on CD 22 because I had O pains, and confirmed the temp rise the next day. My luteal phase is always 10 days and on day 11 I didn't get my period, and noticed my boobs were unusually sore. Like if I jumped, they would hurt. They also hurt on the bottoms/sides when I gently pushed them. Also, I had/have a lot of random twinges of pain in my uterus, but not the normal period cramps. I have no other noticeable symptoms. Today, one day late (12 DPO), I took two dollar store tests in the middle of the day, both with faint positive positives! I went to CVS for a digital one and will take it tomorrow morning just to confirm, but I am positive I am! My husband is still doubting/in shock haha! I think once he sees the readout of "PREGNANT" it will sink in more. Good luck to all of you. When people say to "just relax", it's SO annoying but it was true/worked for me!

BFP The Month We Weren't Trying!!!

DH and I had been TTC since November 2011 with no luck. After AF showed in late September 2012, I just said to hell with it and got rid of everything TTC related. BBT, opks, everything! I was just fed up! The whole month of October we had sex freely and just because we wanted to. I had no idea when I ovulated, didn't check CM or anything. The last week of October, the 26th to be exact, I decided to test with an $.88 test from Walmart. I only wanted to test because I was going out to a Halloween party the next night and knew I would be drinking. So I tested, and there was a faint line! I tested again the next day and another line, but darker! I then used a digital and saw those wonderful words "PREGNANT". I'm so pleased and couldn't be happier!

OMG Still in Shock!

I have a little girl turning 2 in 4 days! We were not even trying but one night after sex I was online looking up stuff about ovulation. Come to find out after using an ovulation calculator I was ovulating that night! So I began stalking this site just waiting to take a test, not really thinking anything would happen. I began taking tests @ 5dpo! Don't try it. Big waste of money! This morning I got up and used my trusty frer and after 2 min it came out bfp but extremely faint. So of course I did not believe it. This evening I took another one and another bfp! Btw, I used the rite aid brand e r that come in the pink box thinking they were fr knock offs. They are not @ 8 dpo I took them and got blue evaps within the time frame and I know that bc the next day I took a frer and bfn! So steer clear ladies! Symptoms 1-3 dpo breast tenderness 4 dpo twinges in uterus and nausea and gassy in the morning 5 dpo nausea and gassy in the morning 6 dpo fatigue and breast tenderness 7 dpo nothing! 8 dpo pink spotting-implantation? Yay I had that with my last so I basically knew! breast tenderness nausea and fatigue 9 dpo breast tenderness, nausea, fatigue, burning sensation in head? Head aches!!! Horrible 10 dpo breast tenderness, fatigue, nausea morning only, and head aches, then BFP!! Good luck ladies. Stickiest baby dust. Prayers and thank you for the wonderful site to read and get me through the tww!!

Still in Shock! PCOS, 1 AF in a Year!

I still can't believe I'm on here sharing my story after constantly looking through sites like this! I've got PCOS and my last period was about 8 months ago the one before that was about 1 year. I was so upset, all I wanted was a family of my own. I have done countless tests and every time bfn. Hospitals just got me down. I'm 23 been with my OH 5 years. Anyway, after two years trying I gave up, soon as I gave up I fell pregnant. Couldn't believe it. My SYMPTOMS were: Smells - I could smell things that weren't even there Boobs - boobs were very sore Tiredness - felt tired a lot but couldn't sleep Emotional - cried at everything Just stay positive try not to stress out easy said than done. I thought I'd have no chance at all with my situation, I get my first scan next week still nervous hope everything is ok. You will get your bfp when the time is right for you :) any questions welcome xxx

Finally Expecting!! Over The Moon..

Hello ladies I'm so happy to FINALLY be able to post my BFP story.. I am truly a living witness that if you just let go and let God everything will happen in due time. Here's my story.. I had a Mirena in place for 5 years and once I had it removed (Sept 11) I started with the Nuva ring until the end of the year. Jan I had withdrawal bleeding and Feb I had what I thought would be a normal period (I used to be a 28 day girl) I had a cycle but I found from month to month they were irregular.. DH and I started trying in Feb with no avail.. I have a 9 year old daughter from a previous relationship now 9 cycles later (9/14) I'm pregnant with my second child and his 1st.. Here are a few of my symptoms OD-10/2 BD DPO- 1-5 Nothing DPO-6 hungry and heartburn DPO-7 EXTREME hunger,heartburn,blew my nose and blood on tissue. DPO-8 Nothing DPO-9-13 Insatiable HUNGER!!!!! Slight spot of red in EWCM (implantation?) Boobs are REALLY sore w/ shooting pains. DPO-14 (expected cycle 10/16) Angry, Starving,Sore boobies, constant bathroom breaks. I kept feeling like something was up and tested when I got home... Is that a faint BFP...Yes it is EEKKKK! DPO-15 Test w/ FMU another faint BFP... OMG can this really be happening.. Went to Wal-mart before work to grab another couldn't wait til later.Took it on one of my many bathroom breaks... BFP!!!!!! Went to Dr today, confirmed pregnancy and I'm 4 weeks and 2 days.. DH and I are over the moon.. He's waited and wanted for so long I am happy to be able to carrying this little bundle of joy.. For those of you that are still trying, keep your faith, God has a plan for you. Baby dust to you all!!
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I Hope This One Sticks!!

I just got my 2nd BFP on Monday, 10/15/2012! I am so caustiously optimistic because I've been here before, in July and miscarried. I was devastated. It was an early miscarriage, but it was still very traumatic. For some reason it feels different this time. So I hope that's a good thing. I wasn't really "trying" this month so I have no idea when I ovulated. My cycles are kinda irregular, usually 24-29 days. Here are my symptoms: CD 30- moments of dizziness. POAS BFP! Yay! Super faint. So I made Hubby POAS to make sure the box of tests weren't bad. Sure enough his was negative! LOL! CD 31- super hungry, exhausted, very creamy CM, crampy on and off CD 32- hungry, tired, BBs firmer, still cramping. This is it so far. The cramping is starting to scare me. It's not painful, just annoying. I know other people have cramps and it turns out fine, but not always. Good luck everyone!

I Just Gave Up and Bam

I had been trying to get pregnant for 2 1/2 years, using opks, Pre-Seed, prenatal vitamins, all that crap. When one day I just said the hell with this, I'm going to live my life for me. So I decided that I was going to continue my education towards becoming an R.N, I also decided that I would try to loose 60 lbs by next year so I got a gym membership and signed up for college classes. I completely forgot about having a baby, I was just doing me. I stopped counting my cycle days, threw away all the opks because I was ready to move on with my life.... I had sex with my husband one time that month and to my knowledge he didn't finish...... So here I am working out HARD at the gym and starving myself in order to loose weight. I started getting crazy headaches! Like never before!!! I had to sit down between work outs and the headache would follow me home and last for hours I took Motrin for the headaches (opps). I continued my workout routine and still would get these crazy headaches. I swear I had a voice in my head pop in and say "TAKE A PREGNANCY TEST" I thought to myself there is no way I'm pregnant, there is just no way! I went to the store and got two, peed on it and bam it said "Pregnant" I was shocked! I thought how can this be??!! I felt guilty about not eating all the working out and taking Motrin...I stopped doing all of that! And now I'm 26 weeks pregnant with my first baby! And he's doing just great! My symptoms before my missed period were: headache, breast tenderness, cramps (just like af)

Is That a BFP??

Yay! I finally got the wonderful bfp! Praying now that its a sticky one.

Dh and I have been trying for months with no luck. Each month, I would have every symptom in the book and post them on here- sore bb, sore nipples, cold like symptoms, cm, headache, weird dreams... You name it and I had the symptom. But every month, bfn. It's really frustrating seeing one line when you're hoping for two.
This month, we decided we would just 'not prevent', take a break for the next few months and then start with opk's. So I ordered 100 of them from amazon figuring it would take me a few months to get the hang of them. They came with 20 hpts.
So yesterday, on a whim, I decided to take one since my period was due but it hadn't come yet. I took the test and as I was waiting for results I noticed brownish cm. Right there I knew I was out because that's how AF starts for me. So, I looked at the test and there was definitely a faint line!! I took a picture of it because I thought for sure I was seeing things.
An hour later, I convinced myself I had made it up (even though I kept checking the picture!) And tried again- darker Line!
This morning I tried again with a digital and there was the most wonderful word of all- pregnant.
Looking back, I can say my only symptom was fatigue. My bb's are sore- but they always are. And there was a really random dream about Harry Connick Jr...

The One Month We WEREN'T Trying?!?!

So dh and I decided in may to start actually TTC. Since I'm obsessed with Google and forums I decided to do everything. OPKs, check my CP and CM, temp, etc. did this for 2 months. ... Then said ok I'm over it and actually told DH I did NOT Want to get preggers this month because of conflicts around the time of my due date. Oh well, here we are 5 weeks along :P I guess what I learned is as soon as I stopped trying so hard and BD for fun... It happened (of course when I did not want it to lol) but we are thankful to God for the blessing anyhow :)
1 - 5 dpo .... NOTHING nothing. Nothing at all!
6 dpo...felt a little strange. Bbs sore and didn't want a beer when we were out. That was strange in itself. Haha
7 dpo ... Took test and swore I saw a faint +. Dh said I was crazy and seeing things.
8 dpo .... Took test and know I saw a faint + and Dh saw too this time. No other symptoms
9 dpo ... Yep it's a line for SURE. took a digi and sure enough "preggers" lol
Then the symptoms began. I would say it took about 15-16 dpo but then they all came on. Peeing ALL the time, very SORE BBS, mild cramping like day before period. I never had any spotting until I went for vaginal u/s then had a little but that was it. Thankfully I have no nausea and just one craving - Oreo cookies. Lol. So far ;). But those of U who are trying ... I know how u feel! Don't be discouraged. Keep having fun and try not to think about it so hard. That's what worked for us. Good luck!

Finally... In Shock!

I can't believe I'm typing this!
We've been trying for 6 months, but it was taking over all my thoughts (and I spent far too much time on this site...). So we decided to give it a break, go on holiday this summer, have fun and start trying again later in the year. My cycles were looooooooooong, anywhere between 40-55 days. Before we made the decision to have a break, I bought some FertilAid and OPKs from the internet. I took the FertilAid anyway thinking it could sort my cycle out for when we start trying again. Anyway, we did the deed a few weeks ago, not thinking for a minute it could lead to pregnancy, since it was about 2 weeks before I could possibly ovulate based on my cycles from the last 2 years. You can guess where this story is going. The next day I had EWCM, and the following day I used one of the OPKs.... which came out positive. Whoops!

Anyway, I have to agree with the ladies who say they had fewer symptoms this time round than when they got their BFNs. I have had sore BBs, but I get them every month and they have been no more sore than usual. Spending hours on sites like this, I assumed they'd be on fire, I'd have implantation bleeding, feeling nauseous, have metallic taste, the works! But nothing out of the ordinary really. Other than sore BBs, my symptoms were:
1-7DPO: Nothing
7-8DPO: Minor craming/pullng/twinges
9DPO: Creamy discharge, which is normal this time of the month anyway
11DPO: Nothing
12DPO: Husband out. Bored. May as well take another test, just so I can see BFN number 100000..... holy cr*p!!!! BFP!

So today is only 12dpo. Still very early days. I hope it sticks! I feel like I'm dreaming. After months of BFNs, seeing everyone around me pregnant or with babies, assuming there must be something wrong with me. I think the FertilAid did it, if your cycles are long, get on this stuff. We literally fell pregnant without trying!
I just looked on a due date calculator on the net, and our little one is due on our 10th anniversary! How special is that!
Now to decide how to tell my husband!
Please believe that it will happen for you one day- I thought I'd never get a BFP. And here I am. Babydust to you all xxxx