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BFP Stories

Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP on a Break

Isn't that just the way it goes: you try for month after excruciating month to get pregnant, but to no avail. Then you decide to lay off for a bit, take it easy, re-charge the battery… and voila – you're pregnant!

Those are the types of stories you'll find here. And if you have one to submit for inclusion, we want to hear from you! Send us your symptoms through this contact form.

Finally!! Best to Stop Trying....Who Knew?

After a year and half of unsuccessful not-preventing-so-let's-see-what- happens, we decided to seek professional help. I was 37 at the time (now almost 39) and my husband 43 (we found each other a little late in life). Neither of us have children and I never tried to get pregnant before so didn't realize how difficult it really is!! I do have endometriosis so figured I may have some issues so when we found our RE we thought that it would be pretty simple with a little help. 5 rounds of Clomid and 3 rounds of IUI and nothing. I did have a chemical pregnancy on our 2nd IUI but nothing at our 3rd. At that point my RE recommended other options but since I was not considered a good candidate for IVF (low reserve) we thought about egg donors but it was just too much!

Our last IUI was in March 2012 and we decided to not try anymore. The whole thing became just too disappointing and stressful. So, we figured, we love our life and each other and we could devote our time to other family members and activities and maybe spend our lives doing things our friends with kids can't. :-) It actually sounded pretty good to us so we booked a cruise and planned a great trip to Europe in 2013.

I got a BFP on 5/22/2012 and the best part is we only did the deed once after my LMP on 4/20/2012. Yeah, once. We were in the midst of planning our wedding (married 5/11/2012) and had A LOT going on.

At 4:15am on 5/22 I decided that being 4 days late warranted a call to the doc b/c I have NEVER been late but maybe I should rule out pregnancy. I didn't know the lines showed up that fast. I barely put the test down and it was all aglow with PREGNANT!!!!

As for symptoms = sore BBs; occasionally a wave of nausea comes over me and I'm pretty dang tired. But it's not even every day. Just when I think, oh no, I feel nothing, what's wrong? The next day I spend 3 hours nauseous.

My HCG levels have been rising nicely and my first U/S is in 2 days and I can hardly contain myself. I am trying to be positive but the lack of symptoms freaks me out so I remain cautious but extremely hopeful!

It can happen and I just think you have to be willing to accept either outcome. Be willing and happy to have children or willing and happy to move on without children. Your life will be fantastic either way. I know, regardless of the outcome of this pregnancy, I will be so grateful for my life and my husband and that I found the love of my life at 37. I'll be holding out hope that the next love of my life will arrive in about 7.5 months :-)

Here's to all those women trying and my hopes and prayers to us all for success!

Our first Blessing :D

Just got our first BFP ever 2 days ago:)

We decided to NTNP on February....learnt to temp (BBT) and using OPK +PreSeed+Robitussion+ BD EVERYDAY on March but No luck! At last on April we decided to take a break on TTC due to travel plan next month...

I did not notice any symptoms during 2WW, actually I did travel few times around 2WW, running here and there on HIGH HEELS and work out like mad..4 times a week and we only BD twice (that may possibly lead to the BFP) once is days before "suspected O - based on FF last month I O on CD15..but this month I did not temp, OPK etc so I was not sure) and once on the day I suspect O is done....(but probably it is the O day?)

SORRY TMI, I read somewhere about saliva, positions and prop your butt right after but thissss lucky one was happened against all (tmi) saliva was included, not propping butt, and I am on TOP! Thus we were so surprised when the HPT turned positive in minutes!!! But of course we are thankful :)

Now after 2 days getting the BFP results...I started feeling nausea (sometimes) and some mild cramp (just like menstrual cramps) and my nipples are sore..that's all so far:) going to see practitioner end of next week :)

All we do this cycle, we actually prayed together...after second cycle (that lead to NO BFP even we did BD 10 straight days!!!!) and affirmed that we've received the gift and we left it up to God about the perfect timing....besides this time I really "make love" instead of BD and thinking about position (I was always trying to end up with the best positions based on articles..and propped my butt for 30-40 minutes just like what I do YOGA!:)

So we believe that it will be beautiful on His time..and we are so blessed with this little one...Baby dust to all ladies here and DO not give will happen!

BFP Can Hardly Believe It!

Wow. I am seriously in disbelief! And a little scared cause I'm still a day before AF is due, but I'm 12-13 dpo (for once I didn't keep track exactly!) and I've taken SIX tests since yesterday all BFP! Even still my DH doesn't believe it.

I am 36 and this is a first. I have been TTC for about 14 months total over the last 2 years. I always used a lot of tests, never a BFP. For a while I even gave up TTC and used birth control again because I would get so so stressed near the time AF was due and didn't want to have to even think about it, I needed a break from even *secretly* thinking about it, which is what happens when I try to pretend I don't care. I am very VERY obsessive and I know myself, so for a few good months we used BC. Last summer I wanted a free summer without TTC because of how stressed it made me! Also, I have actually been a bit back and forth whether having children is the right thing for me. I very much enjoy my life the way it is, and so it has never been a do or die situation. But- my sister (age 35) recently got pregnant with her first so I have to say I've been having some preg/baby envy! And I come from a big family and I know that family is so very good and fulfilling and very wonderful.

We only BD'd ONE TIME during my OV time so don't let anyone tell you that THAT can't happen! It was only one time, but it was a special, different kind. The kind that was because I wanted to and not because I wanted to TTC. You don't have to do it every day like crazy (like most of my GFs told me I did!) It just took a little extra sensuality :)

OK, symptoms (I know that's the real reason y'all are here!:)

First off, I had LESS twinges, pains, and weirdness than most other months! Nothing hardly! I have ovarian cysts that get pretty huge, and cause a lot of pain, but nothing really this month, besides a little regular ovulation bloaty pain. I didn't notice ANYTHING til maybe 6 DPO-when I had really weird dreamish visions -as I was going to sleep- of lizards and mice and other small animals digging themselves into dirt. It was TOTALLY random and bizarre and the idea of a sperm to an egg did cross my mind.

7dpo- Crazy dreams, super memorable and vivid.
8dpo- went running and got really sick to my stomach. Never really happens. CRAZY DREAMS! So vivid!
9dpo- CRAZY DREAMS! BB really really tender.
10dpo Woke up stomach growling, so so hungry in the AM, which never happens. BBs really really tender. Still having insane dreams.
11dpo- Woke up ravenous! while driving ate a PB &J and a hardboiled egg. Was starving before but felt sick after. Have a stomach of iron so thought that was weird. BBs still super sore, in the middle. Had 1.5 glasses of wine, felt totally DRUNK! (Sorry I am not a stickler to the rules as far as no drinking whatsoever when TTC).
12dpo- OK this was the thing that stood out. I have read that some women get a sore throat but other than that feel pretty OK. My left side of my throat was hurting, and my mouth felt sensitive and weird. But my glands on my neck weren't swollen. Usually, if I am ever sick it's the right side that hurts first or the most, so I thought this really odd. Took a HPT around 2pm, faint line but BFP, COULD NOT BELIEVE it!!!! Drank more water took another- still BFP! Also, DH and I BD'd in the AM and there was a tiny bit of pinkish on tissue. It was pre- the HPT so I thought for sure I was starting AF early. Later, a possible symptom, I had a dizzy spell while sitting working on homework, felt like I was going to faint! Then- Late at night, one last HPT, BFP.
13dpo- woke up no sore BBs! Weirded out and scared took a HPT again. Positive! BBs started hurting again tonight. Other than that and a mildish headache here and there I feel nothing much. Not hungry, no cramps, nothing! Oh, a tiny tiny bit of pink on toilet paper.

I sure hope everything is in working order! But I know that God/ the universe has a way of making everything happen when it is meant to. I truly believe that. I hope this one sticks but even if anything happened I am so grateful to know that I CAN get pregnant in the first place! I bet most of you can too! Just keep your thoughts positive and know that you WILL have the life you are meant to live. You will. There is so much goodness and richness and love all around you. 

BFP! TTC For 1 Year And A Half, Pcos, And On A Break.

Holy Smokes! I can’t believe I am posting on here, I've stalked it for about a year and a half. My story is pretty crazy. I have PCOS, so I don’t ovulate very often. I spent all last year on Clomid and letrezole, and had to drive an hour to my fertility specialist twice a month. I ovulated on both Clomid and letrezole but never could get pregnant. The stress was really starting to get to DH and I, so we decided to take a break. About two weeks ago I noticed some slight nipple tenderness and I thought maybe I’m ovulating. I decided not to tell DH because I didn’t want to put too much pressure on him. Well the next day I found an ovulation test under my sink and thought I just go ahead and see. Well it was positive! My niece is staying with me so we didn’t get another chance to BD so I thought for sure we missed our chance. I still had the nipple tenderness so I Just figured my AF was coming. Two weeks and 3 HPTs later.. BFP! Here are my symptoms:

0DPO: Nipple Tenderness (BD)
1DPO-6DPO : Nipple Tenderness, Positive OPK
2DPO-6DPO: Nipples less tender, VERY gassy (sorry if TMI)
6DPO-13DPO: Nipples are tender off and on, still gassy, Breast begin to swell (that has never happened before AF).
14DPO: Breasts still swollen and its very noticeable. They are tender on the bottom when poked, almost like a sore muscle. CRAMPS! I started cramping in the morning and all day I was sure AF was coming at any minute. I went to the bathroom constantly to check.
15DPO: Breasts still swollen, Cramping off and on all day. Still checking for aunt flow constantly. Sensitive to smells. My niece was eating something with hot sauce on it and it was like all I could smell was vinegar. It didn’t make my stomach turn but it was ALL I could smell. That’s when I decided to go to the dollar store for some HPT’s. I got a VERY faint positive on the first one. DH convinced me to take another one about 10 minutes later, so I did. Another faint positive. So we went and bought the digital test that says the word “pregnant” and a few hours later, SURE Enough BFP!!!!!!!!!

We are so excited! We have wanted this for SO long! We are praying for a sticky, healthy baby! This just goes to show when you relax and stop stressing it does miracles. Everyone kept saying “take a break, relax and it will happen” I should have listened a long time ago.


Hi everyone. I know if you're reading this you must be frustrated with how slowly time is going and you are probably on the constant lookout for symptoms no matter how silly or small. I did that every month except this last month. This month I kinda went into the month without the same faith. I figured if I assume I didn't get pregnant then it would be less disappointing when I get another bfn.

That being said, I decided to take a test this morning for 'shits and giggles'. I honestly had no symptoms whatsoever with the exception of a headache. But I thought nothing of that. Anyway I decided to take a test on frer with morning urine and as I was doing it I thought this would be another waste of a test. I looked at it for about 10 seconds then as I was gonna put it away all of a sudden a faint positive line appeared. I was shocked. Because that was my last test I ran to store to buy 4 more and took them all within the next 3 hours. All faint bfp. I so couldn't believe it that later today I went to buy a digital test as I wanted to read the words 'pregnant'. Everything was further confirmed when it said pregnant 1-2.

Yaaaay I'm so excited I can't believe this is happening to me. And still NO symptoms except the headache today. So from my experience never rule out a month bc you don't have all the usual symptoms. I hope all of you that are waiting so patiently get your bfp soooooon. It will happen for you. God is good and works in mysterious ways. Trust that and know that timing is everything.

Baby dust to all you ladies. Sending my love. I pray that you all have healthy babies and I pray that mine will be healthy too. Xoxoxo

Still Can't Believe This....

I've posted twice before on this website to ask if my symptoms were pregnancy, neither time they were and I was devastated. We've been trying for ten months and at 39 years I thought it was never going to happen as my AMH was less than 4. We'd been told that we had no chance of conceiving naturally. We had 6 months on Clomid and despite ovulating there was no BFP. This month our consultant said to have a two month break whilst more blood tests were done and then we could have our last 3 doses of Clomid. It was during this break that I ovulated naturally on day 10 and we only slept together twice (much more on other months). We also went on holiday for a few days and I stopped obsessing with this website, any possible symptoms and my iPod app. Anyway, on day 20 (10dpo) I took a FRER test in the evening and it came with a faint positive. Next morning bit darker and this morning (12dpo) a good strong line. I haven't told anyone except my partner as still can't believe it, very anxious that this baby will stick as never believed it would happen. So it's true what they say, relaxing and stop obsessing really does do the job. We did far less this month, no Preseed, no cough syrup. Very few symptoms, just nipple soreness and backache. I hope you all get your BFP soon, relax and believe!

BFP Against the Odds!

Like many of you, I stalked this site every time I found myself in the TWW. I promised myself I would come back and contribute my story when I finally got my BFP! So here it is:

DH and I had been ttc our first for 18 months. Testing showed irregular ovulation, low progesterone and a stuck left tube that they opened up in the testing procedure itself. We did 6 months of Clomid and 2 IUIs that did not work. During the first IUI, my body produced only 1 follicle and 5-7 on the second attempt with an increased dosage. The RE told us we had only 0.5% chance of conceiving naturally. He recommended considering IVF as our chance with it was 70%. So, making the most of a holiday special, we paid our IVF treatment and were waiting for a couple of months before starting when I got my BFP!

I had a lot more symptoms when we were undergoing treatment, so this month was a complete surprise. In hindsight, there were a few things that now seem very obvious.

Used OPK which turned positive on CD 13. We BD’d every other day from day 9 to day 16

1 to 7 DPO: nothing much.
8 DPO: light brown spotting, cramps, slightly tender bbs (nothing unusual for that time of cycle)
9 DPO: same as the day before. Very tired.
10 DPO: headache, brown spotting, tender bbs, very tired, went to bed 7pm.
11 DPO: headaches, indigestion, salty cravings, cramps, bloating, less tender bbs. I went for a run today and I couldn’t get my breath back. I thought it was because I’d been sick for 3 weeks with a bad cough and I hadn’t worked out in a long while. Exhausted, fell asleep at 8pm, but I woke up at 3am with insomnia.
12 DPO: Same as the day before. While grocery shopping I bought an hpt and took it in the evening and it came out positive. Still had a hard time completing my run, did not recover quickly. This was very odd. Could not believe it, so I went back out to buy another brand and it was still BFP!! Told DH when he came home from work and he was very excited… I was in shock.
13 DPO: a little pink spotting
14 DPO: Blood work confirmed BFP with high hcg level.
18 DPO: Follow up beta, showed still high hcg level.
First US is programmed for 2 weeks’ time.

Things that were different this month from others: I had a cough for 3 weeks, so I had to take Mucinex almost the whole month. My CM was the same as every other cycle, except that usually at the end of the cycle it becomes stretchy and clear right before AF, and this time it didn’t happen. I also meditated every day for 30 mins, visualizing what it had felt like in previous months when I was getting my hormone shots to stimulate the ovaries.

So, there it is! We had less than 1% chance of it happening naturally, and it did! So keep hope alive… it will happen :-)Hopefully, this will be a sticky bean!!!! Thank you to all the ladies for contributing their stories and making the tww less crazy!


BFP -- The Month We Decided To Stop Trying!

OH and I began TTC in November 2011.. After no success for 2 months, OH proposed on Christmas Day!! After this, we both decided to wait to keep trying, and organize the wedding first..

LMP was January 18, BD on CD13 and O on CD15... (trying to avoid pregnancy, as in the last two months we bd two days before O and nothing!!)

1DPO-3DPO: nothing unusual
4DPO: started having cramps as though AF was coming
5DPO: same AF like cramps, and more tired than usual
6DPO: woke up after having a very weird dream that my fiancé was pregnant... and I was going to be a mother :-/, more tired than usual, AF like cramps, and both BBS getting sore (bit unusual, usually become sore 1wk before AF).
7DPO: woke up after having ANOTHER weird dream that I had a baby... still AF like cramps, sore BBS, and extra hungry!
8DPO: Tested (WAAAYYYYY too early, silly woman) - BFN. Still sore BBS, hungry & itchy legs all day.. Also was experiencing ALOT of creamy CM, much more than usual after O.
9DPO: Another BFN. Still sore BBS and still creamy CM
10DPO: Still sore BBS. Very thirsty! Therefore peeing constantly.. Maybe bit of nausea and 2x dizzy spells. BFN!
11DPO: Still AF like cramps and sore BBS, thirsty, tired BFN!
12DPO: internet cheapie hpt with fmu.. went back to bed for about 3 hours then checked test: VERY faint bfp.. definitely colour in second line though.. but because I had waited so long, didn't get too excited about result. Had Clearblue digital in wardrobe.. tested and PREGNANT 1-2 WEEKS!!!!

Wanted to wait to tell OH but couldn't so texted him a photo of the test!! We are both very happy but also very cautious as I had a tarot reading done about 3 weeks ago & she told me if I become pregnant, it will not last.. Fingers crossed!!

Good luck to all you TTCers!!! To be honest, I have never been pregnant, never even seen two lines on a preg test.. so I wasn't even sure if I COULD become pregnant... I guess what I've learned it to HAVE FAITH because God has a plan for all of us!

BFP with PCOS and on a Break

We had been ttc for 3 months with MASSIVE BFN's. Now I know 3 months isn't a very long time but when you are ttc it feels like forever. Then I noticed my periods got more and more irregular which threw a curve ball in the mix. After stalking this site throughout that period I was determined to get to the bottom of this because I'm not a particularly patient person. DH is 34, I'm 33 and this year will be our 10th wedding anniversary. We had waited because we didn't feel ready and so for the first time in 9 years we felt now was the perfect time for both of us. This was the 'plan' so it was meant to go smoothly. Ha ha :-)

Anyway DH and I went to the see the Dr and he referred me for a scan, basically I was kinda insistent, but I got the referral which was great and now I just waited for the letter with the date of the scan. DH and I decide we would give it a break and just live for the next few month :-). In the mean time I thought I would give myself a kick start with a detox plan. I exercise regularly and I'm healthy but I suffer from cystic acne, nothing the doctors have given me has ever worked.

Anyway I went on a Lemon detox for 2 weeks (I wouldn't recommend this to anyone) I did this for me and I've done this before so I know my body can tolerate it. My scan was actually on the last day of my detox plan. I had both an external and an internal scan on the 18th of Dec 2011. With the festive period inbetween, I went back for my results to the Dr on the 30th of Dec 2011.

This is when I was diagnosed with PCOS. I started researching more on it and just trying to understand what I can do to help myself naturally. For my acne and to create a more alkaline balance internally I started taking 2tb spoons of Apple Cider Vinegar in my water daily, once a day. I also started taking chaste berry tincture to help regulate my periods. So I was waiting for AF before I could start using OPK's again.

My AF was late by 42 days but with my history of 48 day cycles and longer I just waited and actually felt frustrated that this chaste berry wasn't working. My acne on the other hand was improving drastically. My breast had become heavier and tender but again this was nothing new, it happened every time my AF was due. Bizarrely last Friday after work, I felt rather slippery wet down there. So I thought ah well maybe I'm ovulating and my cycle is just being it's usual weird self. I used a Clear Blue OP stick and there was a smiley face :-) Ran downstairs to show hubby and we BD'ed that very evening, next day I used another stick and again smiley face, so we BD'ed again. But something kept niggling me so I started reading about PCOS and misleading OPK's and pregnancy giving misleading results. So the next morning when I work up, I did the OPK pee, stopped midstream and did the cheapee internet pregnancy test strip pee and within 30 seconds the internet cheapee, had 2 fat reddish pink lines..... BFP. The OPK had another smiley face. Confused and excited I yelled down to DH as I went down the stairs holding both.

Right we are going to the shops right now for a pregnancy test hubby said, already peeling off his dressing gown. It was 9 am on a Sunday so we had to wait until the shops opened at 10. So we bought the CBDT 2 pack just in case. Got home and had to wait till I need to pee. After peeing within a minute BFP showing 3+. OMG we were stunned we weren't even trying that past month which means we conceived over Christmas.

Just been to the Dr today and he reckons I'm probably 6-7 weeks pregnant. Crazy thing is other than my tender breasts I had no other symptoms at all. Maybe they were there but because of our previous disappointment and the fact that we were not trying in this cycle, I didn't even think about it.

I filled in forms for the midwife today so am expecting her call anytime from today and the receptionists gave me a Pregnancy Pack...OMG. Still cant believe it, but we are both sooooo excited and grateful!!

Now we know women with PCOS have a higher chance of miscarriage so we are praying this little bean sticks around.
The main thing I can think of is that the detox helped as I lost about 6-8 pounds before I was even given the PCOS Diagnosis.

I hope this encourages everyone else with PCOS, it will happen for you too.
********Baby Dust to all**********

Bfp After 4 Years !!!

Wow can't believe it's really happening! Well what can I say , me and dh tried everything to try and help conceive turns out I have severe PCOS which causes me not to ovulate very often. Anywho after 4 years of disappointment we gave up in November 2011 decided we are lucky to have the one child already! Anyway here's a list of a few things that made me test, I can't tell you at what day what happened as I'm not normal and don't normally have 'cycles' but anyway

Tired sooooooooo tired having to have naps in the day
Very thirsty and a nasty taste in my mouth that would not go away
Couldn't stop eating! Never felt full though
Restless nights
SORE nipples now I mean just a cotton tshirt rubbing over them was agony
Lots of Ewcm sorry tmi :( kept thinking that I was due my period!
But what made me test was waking up in the night to pee! I never do that!
Done first test at ten pm positive then one the next morning positive!
Booking in with midwife next week!:) can believe it we had given up and I get my little peanut :D
Hope this helps and for the women who are always thinking 'let's try making a Baby ' try not to, just get on with it enjoy our time with your partner instead of thinking this might be making a baby an loosing the loving part of it ;) it will happen when u least expect it!:)