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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP on a Break

Isn't that just the way it goes: you try for month after excruciating month to get pregnant, but to no avail. Then you decide to lay off for a bit, take it easy, re-charge the battery… and voila – you're pregnant!

Those are the types of stories you'll find here. And if you have one to submit for inclusion, we want to hear from you! Send us your symptoms through this contact form.

BFP while on a break from IUI treatment!

Like many others have said, I can't believe I am writing this about my own BFP, after being only a "reader" of this wesbite for so long! I almost feel like I memorized some of the entries on this website! I never thought it would happen to me. My almost 2 year TTC journey has seemed so long and endless. I feel like I really grew as a person during this journey though. And I believe I was meant to wait in order for this growth to happen.

My husband and I are both 35. We started trying naturally 2 years ago with no success after 1 year. So then we went to see a fertility specialist and were diagnosed with the frustrating "unexplained infertility." We started with clomid + intercourse for 3 cycles, then 2 cycles with clomid + IUI, then 1 cycle with follistim + IUI + progesterone suppositories. For the last 2 IUI cycles I concurrently started seeing an acupuncturist who would do needling and medical massage every week, also giving me particular herbal supplements and diet suggestions for every point of my cycle. I really feel the acupuncture treatment helped and it was pretty neat that I could actually see the improvement of uterine lining and follicle size when I would go in for my IUI scans.

I was so hopeful for all of my cycles, only to be disappointed every time. It was just month after month of devastation! I was always so convinced I was pregnant each cycle because of progesterone symptoms. I would furiously be online checking message boards comparing my symptoms to everyone else's. It was so difficult to deal with, especially with all my friends starting their families. I felt so discouraged, so rejected from the life I thought I deserved. I kept questioning, why?

Then my mother in law directed me to Joel Osteen podcasts. I don't normally like the idea of televangelists but I liked his particular constant message. Do not wallow in your troubles. God has put you there because you are meant to work through it and will come out wiser and stronger because of it. It is up to you how you decide to view and work through everything. Don't be short sighted and just see the troubling place you are in, for it is that very dark place that will direct you to the life you want.

After receiving this message, I began looking at things differently. I became more optimistic and positive that things will work out, that I just had to be patient. I started appreciating my life as it was: my husband, our house, my job, the beautiful trails I would run and bike. This love and sense of appreciation carried over to the way I treated others - with just pure positivity and love. We took a spontaneous trip with another couple to Europe which was almost life changing to me. I reveled in the fact that we didn't have kids and could just drop everything to take off to beautiful countries!

I decided to take a break from treatment because it was pretty stressful dealing with the shots, suppositories, taking time off work, not knowing if my follicles were good enough, enduring invasive procedures. We still tried naturally (using pre-seed like we normally had been doing) but "just for fun" and "just to see" and this is the cycle that I got a positive!

My symptoms:

I got increased hunger and boob soreness 1 week before my period and decreased bowel movements per usual. Usually, though, when my period comes the hunger and boob soreness will dissipate and my bowel movements will be come more frequent and loose. The only thing different this time that made me test is of course the missed period but also the persistent boob soreness, hunger, and constipation.

I honestly believe our souls have a purpose in life to learn and grow. This sometimes cannot happen without disappointments and failures. Do not be short sighted! See the great future that you have ahead!

BFP on cycle #3 after almost 10 years on birth control

I am 30 years old with a 9.5 year old daughter. I have been on the pill religiously since I had her in 2006. I got my BFP in my 3rd cycle off the BCP on July 7th 2015. We only BD'd twice in that cycle, once during my fertile window. I wasn't even using my OPK's or preseed. 2 days before my BFP I had my normal AF is coming lower back pain. I even commented to my fiance that she was headed my way. According to FF I was 12dpo when I got my BFP, and all three of them were SOLID dark tests that popped up right away. The ONLY reason I tested was because I had been soooo constipated for the last 2-3 days. That is NOT at all normal for me. I am super regular.

Since then, I have been super nauseated (did not have that with my daughter either) and so tired. My boobs just started hurting a few days ago. First OB appointment on August 3rd. For us, it really did happen when we stopped trying. The 2 prior cycles we were BD'ing constantly during my fertile week.

Keep the faith! Good luck to all of you.

after one year of ttc we got our BFP

oh my gosh. we have been ttc for over a year. it took such a toll on our relationship and there was so much disappointment. I am 30 and he is 27. we have had four children, plus we have two angels. we had so many times we thought this is it!!! but although the "symptoms" were there no bfp. this time around we made sure to try for the week prior to ov and he took a day off before the fertile day. I kept having an increase in smell and dismissed it from ov. also I started craving marshmallows and toasted them on my electric stove in desperation. but I always get hungry before af this time we didn't think about it too much. and every time I felt symptoms I wouldn't let them convince me due to all the bfn we had. but I started testing with dollar tests around 9 dpo. after the ten minute mark I kept getting what I thought were evaps I had those in the past and got my hopes up. so as I kept testing every day I would keep getting them even on the dreaded blue dye from rite aid. so I decided to take a break from obsessing and tested again the day before af was due. it was a quick thick pink positive! still slightly light. today I took another one and it is a huge blaring BFP. I am so.excited. we can't believe it. I have period like cramps, my favorite energy drinks taste like soap, I can't stand coffee anymore. I have obviously quit the caffeine completely now. I'm tired, my breasts are bigger and tender. I get hungry but then nothing seems appetizing. my advice is cliche but very true, one you relax and enjoy your partner and don't stress about it, it happens. this is the longest it has ever taken to get a bfp for me all of my other pregnancies I planned seemed to happen right away which added to the disappointment. good luck to all you ladies ttc and baby dust to all!

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BFP after 6 months TTC!!

Hello All!

I am Kelly I'm 28 my fiancé is 28, and here is my BFP journey!

We decided to start trying in Jan of this year. We were new to the scene and wasn't quite sure WHEN to do it, I downloaded a few apps and learned all the TTC lingo pretty quickly!

I found out we were pregnant Feb, Friday the 13th, and immediately started bleeding...March 1st I went to ER, as my OBGYN refused to see me until 8 weeks, I was told nothing to be seen on scans, HCG "too low" given a prescription for Percocet and sent home terribly sad.

My cycle didn't correct until April, and we started charting and checking CM and really making a go of it. The TWW is really excruciating, and getting BFNS month after month is so discouraging, the only thing that kept me hopeful was this site and all the BFP stories!

This month my fiancé said NO APPS, NO CHARTS, NO TEMPS, NO TESTS (until I miss my period)

We had sex every other day starting the day after my period ended.

Because we didn't chart I didn't know when I ovulated, but I my breasts were sore and I've been super tired, not sleepy, just tired. My period is on time like clockwork, and set to start 07/05 I cheated and took a clear blue test on 07/04 around noon, very faint and almost evappy looking line came up. (Knowing the reviews about blue dye tests) I immediately went and got FRER and got the same faint line..

I waited for today, & had no period. AF didn't show! ( I'm like clock work) tested again, line is darker!

I am very excited and hoping for a super sticky baby! This is my 2nd pregnancy but the first time I've EVER missed a period!

Thank you all for being my light at the end of the tunnel, this site has kept me very hopeful and excited.

Wish me luck!

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Shocked and Happy!

Wow!! Can't believe at 39 I am posting this here!! We were NOT trying to get pregant. We have three precious children and were content and trying to avoid pregnancy. God had other plans!! Had sex on CD7 around midnight. Started charting temperatures because I was a little concerned that I could get pregnant if I ovulated early. I ovulated between CD11-CD12. Not sure exactly because BBT didn't rise abruptly like it normally does. It was a slow rise. Gonna go with CD12 for now.

O day:97.3 Bad O pains hit around 3:30. Sore nipples immediately. Last day of EWCM
1DPO:97.5 Tiny bit CM pasty CM. Cervix closed/tilted. Sharp pain low pubic bone right side. Constipation.
2DPO:97.5 CM white/sticky/creamy but stretches and holds shape. Temp 99.2 afternoon.
3DPO:97.77 pasty CM, normal. Cervix closed. Ovaries feel strained/pulling. No breast or nipple tenderness. Got stung by two honey bees. Awesome.
4DPO:98.1 CM same.
5DPO:97.9 Lots white thick pasty creamy cm with some bits in it. Intermittent breast burning and feel kinda sore on sides like had done pushups. Periody feeling down low.
6DPO:98.1 Very white thick creamy CM my me of crumbly. Headache all day, dull. Increased sex drive
7DPO:97.9 Cm milky/creamy evening and some thick stretchy. Small twinge felt bladder located. Boobs aching on sides under armpits. Vaginal aches.
8DPO:98.03 Cm opaque/yellow ewcm. Boobs aching sides/armpits. Cramping to left of pubic bone area and above at night. Light vag aches.
9DPO:98.12 Few light twinges same place as yesterday. Light vag aches. Some very white/yellow thick snotty cm. Leaking colostrum??!?!? What? TEST BFN
10DPO:97.87 Vivid pregnancy dream involving telling my sister I was pregnant. Cm drying up. Late night:sharp shooting pain up crotch and rectum.
11DPO: 98.25 POAS and while waiting had sharp shooting pain up vag and rectum. Oh, and a BFP!!! Shocked!!! Take two more test, all positive. Husband in denial! Coming around now though!!

Didn't know sperm could live that long to be honest. Thought we were in a safe zone but obviously we weren't!! Husband had a vasectomy after our second was born and then reversed it five years later and we had our third who is almost 4. We were told his reversal was unsuccessful and we wouldn't be able to conceive. I was already pregnant when they told us that and now I am again!! God is great!!!! We would have never tried for another baby, but God has blessed us with one anyone!! A friend had told me last month that he loved all my kids and any other kids God may bless us with. I asked him why he said that and he said maybe Jesus laid it on his heart and here we are a month later! Wow!!! I also saw a baby in the clouds 2 weeks ago. stopped and took a picture! God speaks!! Awesome! Good luck to all of you ladies!! Trust God!!!

Finally BFP @ 13dpo!!

Been TTC for 6 months and the month I stopped caring so much and didn't temp or use OPKs I got my bfp! Here's what I did different this month. Began taking 2 evening primrose pills, 1 vit c 1000mg, and 1 B6 100mg. I produced more EWCM than I've ever seen!!! So apparently it worked.... I also didn't have a lot of symptoms, just noticed my nipples and boobs hurt WAY sooner than normal (around 7-8dpo) and around 9-10dpo I had implantation spotting and I've NEVER had that happen so thought something might be up. I had two different days where I felt yucky after eating and around 4-5 dpo I came down with a phlemy cough and runny nose that lasted over a week!

I tested the night of 12dpo and saw nothing on the test so got upset and threw it away. I thought for sure since I had spotting that I'd have a positve by now. Then the morning of 13dpo I took one of my cheap clinical guard tests and again didn't see anything right away and got really upset and threw it away and just figured I'm not pregnant. Well, later that day something sparked me to look in the trash and check out my test and when I held it just right I could see the FAINTEST line. I got a little excited so I held my pee for 4 hours and tested again later that day on 13 dpo and got a bfp!! I have tested many times since then and my line is soo much darker and makes me happy!! AF hasn't even shown the slightest hit its comming so fingers crossed. My first dr appt isn't for another week but by then I'll be around 6.5weeks according to when I ovulated.

Apparently it's true when you stop caring so much it happens!!! Hope this baby sticks! It's our first :)

1st BFP

I have never posted anywhere before but have been reading these posts religiously as I've thought I could have been pregnant a few times since coming off BC but never was! Sorry in advance if this is a lengthy post but it's been a roller coaster!

I went off BC a year ago in May 2014 because my thyroid was slightly elevated and my PCP said this could contribute to this and the anxiety I was experiencing. After going off of BC AF was all over the place. Some cycles were 6 weeks, some were 3 weeks and every where in between. We were not actively trying to conceive because I wanted my body to chill out! Then I started synthroid after my TSH was still slightly higher than ideal for conception according to my doc and AF became nonexistent, aka barely spotting (sorry tmi). I stopped taking it in February after another visit with my OB who said to just take my prenatal and use OPKs for a month to make sure I was in fact ovulating. It took almost 5 weeks but received a solid pos OPK in March, temp increase and normal AF two weeks later. After that I decided to just stop paying attention and agonizing over what was or wasn't happening. DH travels a lot for work so he was gone most of April. In May we went on vacation together and to my surprise!

AF started on 5/8 and ended 5/14 (I've always had 7 day AFs). DH and I were away from 5/15-5/26. I didn't use OPKs this cycle but I'm going to assume I O'ed on CD14 for the sake of symptoms and EDD (Feb 2016). We were on vacation so pretty much BD'd every day if not every other day. Used preseed for lubricant purposes maybe once. I am taking New Chapter PreNatals and a Vit D supplement and have been ever since stopping BC.

5/21 - O day?
5/22-5/25 - 1-4 DPO nothing to report
5/26 - 5 DPO felt twinges and exhausted but assumed it was from jet lag
5/27- 6 DPO exhausted and HOT. I am fair skinned and was bright red even through my tan!
5/28 - 7 DPO exhausted. BBT higher than I ever remember seeing it. REALLY sore BBs.
5/29 - 8 DPO exhausted. Thought it was just taking me a long time to get over jet lag.
5/30 - 9 DPO took BBT and still high. Really dry CM this entire time. Used a wondfo and saw a faint BFP. Thought it was an evap so took another an hour later and got the same thing! Line was so faint DH didn't believe it. Was very nauseous that night with horrible sore throat.
5/31 - 10 DPO went out for lunch with a friend and peed on a FRER when I got home. BFP appeared right away!
6/1 - 11 DPO sore BBs, HOT, nauseous, woke up to pee 4 times
6/2 - 12 DPO sore BBs and nauseous
6/3 - 13 DPO BBs calmed down today and so did the nauseous feeling. Was nervous that symptoms were going away. Then on the way home the smell of flowers almost knocked me over and I threw up after eating dinner. Creamy CM. Darker BFP on Wondfo.
6/4 - 14 DPO BBs slightly sore again, waves of nauseousness. Officially missed AF today.

Going to see my endo today to check TSH. Want to be excited but slightly terrified. I think every cramp means somethings wrong! (I've had lower back pain pretty much every day since 10 DPO.) Trying to take it all one day at a time. All I can say is that it happened when I stopped thinking about it. Easier said than done :)

BFP after chemical

Last month, I had three positives, but instead of getting clearer, they got fainter. A few days later, I got my period, and it wasn't spotting or a different color. It was clearly normal period blood. I was crushed. The next day, I passed a rather large clot, which was really unusual for me.
Skip forward a few weeks. My husband and I are in the process of moving, changing jobs, and my mom has some medical things going on herself. It's been a stressful month, to say the least. DH and I didn't even have sex much in the past month. Maybe 3 or 4 times. It's been that crazy.
So I want thinking about getting pregnant again, right after last month. I didn't know if I could. I knew there was a chance I wouldn't ovulate.
I noticed a few symptoms, but I brushed them off, thinking they were stress or wacky hormones from the chemical. I've been really tired, a lot earlier than normal, for about a week or two now. I've been unusually gassy, regardless of what I eat. And my nipples got really sore, and stayed that way. Hubby also said my breasts looked larger than normal.
And this past weekend, I expected my period. It's never been super predictable. Anywhere from 28-32 days. Yesterday was day 32, and no signs af was coming. No spotting, no discolored cm, in fact, very little cm for a few weeks now. What's there is milky and slick.
So I tested this morning, just for pace of mind, and lo and behold...

Unexplained Infertility Success Story!

Just got our BFP at 11 dpo, and still in shock! We had a MC at 10 weeks in March 2014 due to blighted ovum. We were unable to conceive after that and so after a year of trying, we saw an RE. All of our tests came back with good results and we were diagnosed with unexplained infertility. We were started on clomid and IUIs and continued for 4 cycles, which were unsuccessful, even the month I had three perfect follicles. After these failed, we met with our doctor in March 2015, and he recommended IVF. After thinking it over a few months, we paid our (very expensive) deposit this month. 3 days ago, I made my IVF appointments. We were just doing our thing this month, NTNP, no ovulation tests, no preseed. On a hunch, I took a FR test that same night, and got a very very faint positive! They've been getting stronger ever since! Can't believe this is FINALLY out month. Please send us your best wishes for a sticky bean.

My symptoms starting at about 8dpo were BAD moodiness and insomnia. Now I have headaches and nausea, sore boobs. Bring on the symptoms!


Like so many of you, I have been patiently waiting and scrolling these stories for hope and inspiration and positive thoughts that one day I would be able to share my own story. I even had to stop reading your beautiful stories because I gave up hope at one point.

My story began at age 15 when I started feeling very intense abdominal pain. I was rushed to the ER in the middle of the night, and after some testing and a laparascopy, I was told I had developed a cyst on my right ovary that was crushing and twisting my Fallopian tube and cutting off circulation to the ovary. The ovary and fallopian tube were removed and I went on about life with terrible, heavy periods that lasted almost a week each month. I got married at 22 not caring much about whether or not I could have kids, but knowing that since we weren't using protection, it would likely just happen on its own sooner or later. I always assumed it would take longer, but at age 25, still nothing. By the time my 27th birthday rolled around I was having a period every other week and could barely function because I had gained so much weight. A friend talked me into seeing her OB, he ended up referring me to a reproductive endocrinologist. That RE changed my life! He did all the necessary blood and ultrasound testing to diagnose me with PCOS. I was put on a strict diet (but a fun one I could stick to) 1500 MGs a day of Metformin and 100 MGs a day of spironolactone, as well as birth control. In one year I had dropped 70 pounds, my periods were normal, and I felt like a human again.

My husband and I decided it was time to go off birth control and start trying. Two years later, with not even a pregnancy scare, we were still without child. I went back to the RE in tears. Being ignorant of how much others go through to get pregnant (IUI, IVF) I thought it was the end of the road. He reassured me all would be well and prescribed 100 MGs of Clomid to be taken days 3 - 9 of my cycle. I took it religiously for three months. We missed the mark all three months, only BDing sporadically. I decided at the end of January 2015 that it just wasn't in the cards for us to get pregnant, and after the hot flashes and mood swings on the Clomid, I wasn't sure I could handle any more invasive treatments. My husband and I decided to give it a break for a few months. We bought concert tickets and booked road trips for the spring and summer. In February we decided to make it all about fun, so we went out and drank a lot, hung out with friends, and just generally lived it up. We had sex once around 2/6 and I recall it was very intense and satisfying for me. Valentine's rolled around. We had an amazing day exploring our city. We ate oysters and drank bloody Marys and cuddled. We didn't BD until the next day, so 2/15. I wasn't even tracking ovulation so I have no idea when I ovulated.

Around the 27th I felt some cramping and, with that old sinking feeling, figured Aunt Flo was coming. Cramping continued for two more days. I wiped once that third day and there was some brown discharge so I was sure I was starting. My husband ended up hurting his knee and slicing his hand open in the same week, so that next week was full of a lot of stress, a trip to the ER, and doctor's appointments. Still no period. I remember thinking I just felt off. All the other symptoms I experienced were exactly like PMS, so I won't mention them. The only thing that was different was that I felt calm, but sort of disconnected from everything. I was also extremely tired, like, go home and fall asleep on the couch at 4 PM, wake up at 7:30, eat dinner, and go right back to bed for another 8 hours. Friday morning rolled around, so almost three weeks since the last day we BD'd and I just felt like I needed to take a pregnancy test. My husband was outside drinking coffee and enjoying the morning, so I peed on that stick. The positive line showed up faintly right away, but the control line took FOREVER to show up. I thought it was defective so I sent a picture to my sister who is a labor/delivery nurse and has 3 kids to ask her if I should get another test. She instantly texted back a huge congratulations and then called me crying! Six tests of different brands were all positive. The RE got me in for a blood test that day and called me back to confirm it. HCG levels holding steady. We got to see our tiny precious baby and yolk sac and hear the heartbeat a week later.

I'm now 16 weeks pregnant and beyond excited. I really feel the Clomid stimulated my remaining ovary enough that I just needed to take a month off from planning and controlling everything and let nature work its magic.

Ladies - don't give up! Your struggles will make you a better mom, a more compassionate friend, and a stronger person.