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BFP on a Break

Isn't that just the way it goes: you try for month after excruciating month to get pregnant, but to no avail. Then you decide to lay off for a bit, take it easy, re-charge the battery… and voila – you're pregnant!

Those are the types of stories you'll find here. And if you have one to submit for inclusion, we want to hear from you! Send us your symptoms through this contact form.

obese, bfp after 1 year ttc

hello everyone,
i have been a silent reader for more than a year and finally i got to share my bfp story. i am 28 and dh is 27. i am obese with bmi more than 40. i was diagnosed with high bp but normal blood sugar level.

dh and i were married in november 2013 and i got pregnant right away (i was about 20kg lighter). sadly, i had a miscarriage in january 2014 and started to gain weight. i waited for about 2 months after my d&c and start ttc (charting, opk, etc) . fyi, i usually have 35 days cycle and i got my period every month. after months and months of ttc, i thought i am infertile due to my weight.

i started to take daily supplements of 3000mg of fish oil, 1 tablet of similac pramilet and black seed oil (in october 2014). and still nothing happen. the only difference was i started to get shorter days cycle around 33-34. oh and less painful menstrual cramps too. i gave up hope and we decided to stop ttc in february 2015.

i got my usual period on 20th march 2015 and 3 days later i decided to go for wet cupping (hijama) cos i heard that it gives lots of benefits to our body such as improving blood flow. but it was for the muscle pains that i suffer from. and on 5th april 2015, we bd twice and that was it. i didnt even know when did i ovulate and such.

since last weekend, i noticed that i crave for unusual things and i want it like immediately. and my husband dreamt of having a son, the first time ever, earlier this month. and my bestfriend told me last week that she had a dream about me getting pregnant. and the thing that really made me think i was pregnant is that i started to have really really sore boobs since monday (but i was still debating with my thoughts saying that its pms cos im so tired of being frustrated with lots of bfn few months back). i also noticed that i got really hard nipple over the weekend.

so, today i went to pharmacy to get a hpt and poas and immediately i saw the long awaited second line of bfp like in 2 seconds. i didnt have to squint like i used to do in past cycles. it just appear straight away!! i hope that this one sticks to full term and i dont get any complications. alhamdulillah for this miracle that i thought would never happen again. so ladies, never lose hope. when the time comes, youll get your bfp. baby dust to all.

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Age 45 BFP Naturally

I hope my story brings hope to everyone. I'm 45 and DH is 40. We've been ttc for almost 3 years. All the fertility tests for both of us were completely normal so the only factor was my age (old eggs). In the last year we did 8 IUI's with Femara or Clomid and trigger shot at the Kaiser REI clinic. It didn't work for us. Finally, my doctor tried to convince me to do IVF with donor eggs. The estimated cost was $30,000-$40,000. So, I looked into doing IVF with my own eggs in Mexico. We went to visit a clinic in Nuevo Vallarta called Liv Fertility Center. It was brand new, spectacular and at the beach, across from the Hard Rock Hotel! The total quote for IVF everything included was $7,000. So our plan was to go in June and stay for 21 days. But, BIG CHANGE OF PLAN. I kept hoping this cycle would be successful so I used the Clearable digital ovulation sticks. I kept getting the flashing happy face and it never turned solid. So we just BD every other day, while it was flashing. I wasn't very hopeful due to it never turning solid. However I did notice that I had much more CM since not taking the Clomid. I started doing the HPT on CD11 with the Dollar Tree test and there was a faint BFP. The next day my husband came home from work with the First Response 6 days earlier tests and they were positive too. Finally, I got a positive blood pregnancy test at Kaiser. We are so excited and still can't believe it!

A DADS STORY; how blessed we are, the strength of a woman is amazing!!!

Firstly I am a 26 year old full time primary school SEN teacher, I am also a dad of two beautiful boys born 01.01.2013 and 26.07.14 who mean the world to me and I have the most wonderful and supportive wife and family! I have posted in the past on this website and it was assumed I was the first dad to post on the website ever! I posted for the first time back in 2012 titled; BFP Thank You So Much! On the 28 April 2012 regarding my DW BFP and again in 2013 titled; BFP After Early MC and BF "A DADS STORY" on the 8th November 2013; most recently I posted in the IVF forum on behalf of my aunty titled BFP ICSI/LOW EGG RESERVE after 3 years TTC at age 38 on the 25th October 2014).

After the birth of my second son I made it my priority to aid my aunt/uncle with their dream of becoming parents in October they got their positive result fortunately on their first fresh cycle but at Christmas sadly they lost their IVF twins at 10weeks! This Easter break I once again supported my aunty in her journey for their final frozen embryo transfer and thus this is where my story begins!

Upon helping my aunty I was focussed upon her medication and appointments and ensuring her diet and vitamins ect ect were all in place and I had not really thought about my own wife and how our own fertility journey may be going! My wife was still breast feeding and there was no signs of AF, she is also a firm believer in natural contraceptive methods reluctant to try the pill, coil, iuds ect it is important to identify however we do not believe anything is an accident everything is meant to be and we firmly believe in the grace of god and his blessings and as a couple we had decided long ago we would love a large family and would just allow nature to take its course as long as all were healthy and happy.

As my aunty began her treatment at the beginning of the Easter holidays my wife began to feel tired and her appetite began to increase, followed by breakouts of spots and then finally increased cervical mucus! The day of my aunt’s transfer two weeks ago we found out we were expecting our third baby however our happiness was tinged with a sadness developed from empathy for my aunt and her individual journey! We saw this as a good sign and although initially reluctant we decided to share our news with our aunty who was over moon for us and also took this as a good omen! It coincidently happened that her test day was due on the same day we had been given an early ultrasound appointment today the 15.04.15! We went for our ultrasound today and saw our baby who is 8wk2days and a beautiful beating fetal pole. Sadly my aunt’s test came back negative and this cycle is deemed to have failed. Although we are so very happy it can’t be described the pain we feel for my aunt and uncle, her strength and happiness for us humbles me and as I sit writing this I am brought to tears. As we came home this afternoon she asked how the scan went after sharing her news I was reluctant to share our good news as I did not want to further upset her and she saw this. She very bravely said “Do not worry and do not be upset, I am blessed and fortunate to have a family who loves me and I am fortunate to be surrounded by your babies who I see every day and who love me just like I’m their mother, your happiness brings joy to my heart, that you do not have to struggle as I have and that you happily take the blessings that god provides brings me joy, anyone having the gift of pregnancy and a baby is a very fortunate person it should be celebrated, I am grateful that I got to say I was pregnant and see a test and experience pregnancy with the twins (miscarried at Christmas) I will cherish those memories”.

I write this story due to my own conflicted feelings at my aunt’s struggles and our happy news. To also share how even whilst breast feeding one can become pregnant but mostly because this forum and the network of ladies are so supportive and strong and your strength is exemplified when I consider people like my aunt. I wish all baby dust and ask for prayers for my aunt and my wife and our little baby bean!!!

So Excited and Scared all at once!

Hi all, well we've been trying for a few months now and in January we had m/c. This cycle we went to Cuba during my O week (just worked out that way) and have been back for just over a week now and I wasn't due for AF for another few days but decided that since my boobs were sore and I was really emotional this past weekend that Id POAS, just a cheapie I had. It was positive! So I couldn't wait to tell DB but I wanted to make sure! So I bought a clear blue with weeks indicator because my line was very dark for testing as early as i did. I used it this morning and behold.... 2-3 weeks pregnant!

I'm so excited to start this journey and hope that this one sticks! Im worried about it sticking, im worried about keeping this a secret! it definitely feels different this time, compared to last time. I have more symptoms this time. slight cramping, sore boobs, emotional, fatigue, and cant stand some smells.

Im mostly worried about money. Taking a year off work seems impossible and when planning all this we thought we were financially ready but what if were not? I guess if were not well have to make due.

Good luck to everyone trying and just relax! my BFP happened when I stopped charting, stopped testing 1DPO and stopped worrying about looking for the symptoms! I used preseed and enjoyed making love with my DB while on vacation, before we left and after we got back. Baby Dust to All TTC! And Happy Healthy 9 to all you lucky expecting ladies!

I cant Believe it!

So we've been TTC for a few months now, with m/c in Januaray. This cycle we went on vacation to Cuba for a week. The week we were away was my O time. We used PreSeed the whole time we were away and yesterday morning I got my BFP! I retested again this morning with a brand name test to be sure. So I guess I need to make a doctors appointment!!

Is it normal to be scared? Im mostly so worried about money and not working for a year. I went to school to be able to have a decent job but with school comes a school loan and I have a car payment. I hope that were financially ready. I guess if were not itll have to do.

I still can't believe it!

So it's hard to say how many dpo anything occurred, because after 7 months of ttc, I gave up completely after a hysterical meltdown of epic proportions when AF arrives after month 7. Now of course I know that 7-8 months of ttc isn't terrible in the great scheme of things, but I am also a doula & childbirth educator-which made the process that much more difficult to deal with. Month after month I am supporting women as they give birth to their own babies, and teaching women all about the process of pregnancy and childbirth-while secretly yearning to start my own family.
It became stressful quite quickly, even despite my original promise to myself not to get "too crazy" about ttc.
So after 7 months, I gave up-defeated. I was doing everything right, healthy weight, healthy diet, exercise regularly, drinking herbal teas, I had even tried ovulation tests & preseed to no avail. My DH and I had been doing the baby dance 3-4times per week, every week, for 7 months...I was exhausted and it wasn't fun anymore. I admitted defeat and my supportive husband said "no no! Don't give up! We'll just try harder-we'll do it twice a day!"
"Darling, my sweet amazing husband-I have no interested in doing it twice a day-I'd prefer to take a break all together, take it easy."

So during month 8, we did it 3 times total. I didn't check my CM, I didn't check my cervical position. I couldn't, I was done-I was done caring. It was all too stressful and I needed a break.
Ever since we had started trying my cycle had gone kinda haywire anyways. I started going for acupuncture in month 6, and it had regulated it a little bit, but then month 7 was 6 days late and BFN! In fact, every time my cycle was late, once I took a pregnancy test and got a BFN, my period would come within 24hrs-almost as though it would convince my body "okay, you're not pregnant-get over it"
I continued acupuncture in month 8, but didn't put too much hope into it.

AF was due on 4/4. Never showed up. I didn't look into it too much, just figured it was late again.
Had typical AF symptoms, swollen breasts, light cramping...still waiting for AF to arrive.
By 4/8, my bloating, swelling and cramping were accompanied by very mild one sided lower back pain. I thought maybe I over exerted myself at yoga or something.
On 4/9, I decided to take the one remaining HPT I had in my cabinet-I wasn't even taking it hoping for a BFP-I took it so that at least when it said "not pregnant", I could go back to convincing my body that it was time for my period to come.
I took the test, brushed my teeth, did my hair, made some coffee-after 20min I came back to check the results-and to my absolute ASTONISHMENT it said "Pregnant"
Plain and day.
I didn't believe it.
I had a false positive once before and it broke my heart.
I went out that afternoon and bought 4 more tests.
I took all of them that evening (despite knowing my urine is most potent in the morning)
ALL 4 of them were positive!

So that's my story.
I still don't believe it
And I honestly don't feel very much so far-no nausea.
Some slight shooting pains in the breasts.
When I checked my cervix yesterday, it's still slightly firm in the center.

So all those symptoms I lost my mind over for the past 8 months, don't even apply to me (at least not just yet).

Lesson-don't give up....or actually-GIVE UP!
It's the best thing I did.
Total meltdown aside, I felt better after I let go of dissecting every tiny thing I thought I felt.

I wish each and every one of you the same good fortune I had, however long awaited it may be.

Baby dust to you all!

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16dpo, didn't test before as i thought no chance!

I was convinced this wasn't our month. Tried OPKs for the 1st tune but couldn't get a positive result. None of the usual ovulation symptoms (i have pretty clear cramps on one side always). Also i had been exhausted- a couple of nights I was fast also when DH came up and said no, not thought. So thought there was no chance and didn't symptom spot, although I did have a bit of heartburn which I had never had before.

About 12dpo felt like AF was imminent but every time I went loads of CM and nothing else. Thought I'd seen the faintest tint of pink on the loo roll but just figured it was the beginning of AF. was so convinced of that that i didn't bother testing. Then the next day...and the next day...all with a feeling of heaviness and look, this is about to start any moment, but it never did. Also AF had been due Monday and my mum came to stay on Tuesday so didn't really want to test while she was there! By now i was regularly waking in the night needing a wee.

Finally decided Weds night I'm gonna test in the morning whenever I wake up. Try half 4. Ugh. Dragged myself to the bathroom and grabbed a test (last one) instantly got this.

Obviously I didn't go back to sleep after that and was trying to wake up DH as early as possible!

Thanks for all the stories and support, you guys are ace!

In shock!! BFP yesterday!!!

My husband and I have been trying since last June, and with many heartaches...AF kept coming each month. In January, I was CONVINCED that I was pregnant. I had every symptom in the book and then some and yet, she still came.

I FINALLY stopped worrying and trying to hard, and this month I randomly went and purchased a test because I was 6 days late...which isn't unusual...and BAM!!! Pregnant!!! After 4 positive tests yesterday, I finally got to surprise my husband!!

We are OVER THE MOON right now and we're just hoping and praying that we have a successful, healthy pregnancy and that we get to meet our little nugget in the beginning of December!

Symptoms this month....tender breasts-that is it!

Any other new mommas out there expected to have their bundle in Dec??

How I got my BFP after 2.5 years of TTC

Hey ladies. I am so amazed that I finally got my BFP after 2.5 years of TTC. I want to share my story in hopes it will help others who are struggling with fertility issues and to encourage you to never lose hope!


After TTC for 1.5 year natural with no luck (no chemicals or miscarriages either), I saw a fertility specialist for 1 year and tried Clomid and IUI. Nothing worked. DH and I had every test under the sun and everything came back normal. We were diagnosed with "unexplained infertility" and told IVF would likely not work for us. So we quit the fertility treatments.

I refused to give up, so I decided to do the only thing i hadn't tried before - natural remedies. I thought this was all BS but figured it couldn't hurt and I was so desperate. To my shock, it worked! I got my BFP!

Here is what I did starting from CD1 until the day I got my BFP:
1. Grapefruit juice: 2 large glases a day. This is supposed to help regulate ovulation and make you ovulate sooner in your cycle. I used to always ovulate CD20, but this made me ovulate CD14! It also helps strengthen the uterus and create fertile CM.

2. "Fertile CM" from Fairhaven Health: 3 pills a day. You take one in the morning, afternoon, and evening. This helps create EWCM and also helps make the uterine lining "sticky" and aide in implantation.

3. OvaBoost from Fairhaven Health: 4 pills a day. You take all 4 pills at once before bed because it makes you drowsy. This helps with egg quality.

4. Co-Q10: 1 tablet a day. Aids in implantation due to its ability to help with cell generation and energy.

5. FertilTea from Fairhaven Health: 3 cups of tea a day (8 oz cups). This is supposed to be all around supportive of reproductive health. It has green tea in it which is really good for maintaining optimal uterine lining.

6. Water: I drank a ton of water. Seriously, I was constantly drinking water-probably around 16 8-oz glasses a day. Dehydration can play a major role in infertility because it dries out the cervical mucus, making your body hostile to sperm.

7. I gave up caffeine. I had already drastically cut back on caffeine and was following the pregnancy guidelines of under 200mg a day, but this time I completely cut it out. This is the hardest thing I have ever done! I was so addicted! Caffeine can dry out your CM and cause early miscarriages.

8. Put more emphasis on temps and EWCM than OPKs. My temps and CM indicated a fertile window before I got my +opk, so we BD during that time and then again when I got my +opk. Looking at my temp chart, its most likely I actually ovulated before my +opk (Please don't leave comments telling me this is impossible. I know its highly unlikely, but it is possible I caught my LH surge at the tail end).

9. Used Pre-Seed lubricant. I had used this before on the "male part", but this time I used the female internal/vaginal applicator method.

10. Took a "BFP Brand" HPT form Fairhaven Health and got my BFP on CD 20 / 6 DPO (temp chart indicated implantation at 4-5 DOP).

After 5 Years of Tears...

I finally got my BFP :ptl:

We were on a break cycle from the fertility clinic and had an appointment to pursue IVF when to my total shock I got my BFP! We only had sex once I would say about 3 or 4 days prior to ovulation. Reason I got a pregnancy test was I was 4 days late for my period (I have been late before and was not pregnant). I took the test expecting to see what I had been seeing for years a bfn and was in total shock when I saw a :bfp: :omg: I have taken so many pregnancy test that during the 3 min pregnancy test wait DH had completely forgotten that I had taken a test. When I came out of the bathroom screaming "oh my gosh I'm pregnant" over and over again he was shocked. I actually pinched myself to make sure I was not dreaming, it was so surreal. I was so excite I could not fall asleep till 4am. Then when I got up in the morning I checked the pee stick again to make sure it was real and not a dream. I even thought maybe I had by accident I got an ovulation test and not a pregnancy test, I checked the test again, nope it's a pregnancy test, I'm really pregnant!

What We Did Differently
We both real the book Supernatural Childbirth and I emailed the ministry who wrote the book and asked them to pray and the next month I was pregnant.

4 day late period
Boobs hurt more than usual
Very tired
Nauseous and dizzy thought I was coming down with the flu
Really thirsty (drinking lots of water)

Thank You Jesus!!! Praise God!!!

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