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BFP Stories

Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP on a Break

Isn't that just the way it goes: you try for month after excruciating month to get pregnant, but to no avail. Then you decide to lay off for a bit, take it easy, re-charge the battery… and voila – you're pregnant!

Those are the types of stories you'll find here. And if you have one to submit for inclusion, we want to hear from you! Send us your symptoms through this contact form.

I cant Believe it!

So we've been TTC for a few months now, with m/c in Januaray. This cycle we went on vacation to Cuba for a week. The week we were away was my O time. We used PreSeed the whole time we were away and yesterday morning I got my BFP! I retested again this morning with a brand name test to be sure. So I guess I need to make a doctors appointment!! Is it normal to be scared? Im mostly so worried about money and not working for a year. I went to school to be able to have a decent job but with school comes a school loan and I have a car payment. I hope that were financially ready. I guess if were not itll have to do.

I still can't believe it!

So it's hard to say how many dpo anything occurred, because after 7 months of ttc, I gave up completely after a hysterical meltdown of epic proportions when AF arrives after month 7. Now of course I know that 7-8 months of ttc isn't terrible in the great scheme of things, but I am also a doula & childbirth educator-which made the process that much more difficult to deal with. Month after month I am supporting women as they give birth to their own babies, and teaching women all about the process of pregnancy and childbirth-while secretly yearning to start my own family. It became stressful quite quickly, even despite my original promise to myself not to get "too crazy" about ttc. So after 7 months, I gave up-defeated. I was doing everything right, healthy weight, healthy diet, exercise regularly, drinking herbal teas, I had even tried ovulation tests & preseed to no avail. My DH and I had been doing the baby dance 3-4times per week, every week, for 7 months...I was exhausted and it wasn't fun anymore. I admitted defeat and my supportive husband said "no no! Don't give up! We'll just try harder-we'll do it twice a day!" "Darling, my sweet amazing husband-I have no interested in doing it twice a day-I'd prefer to take a break all together, take it easy." So during month 8, we did it 3 times total. I didn't check my CM, I didn't check my cervical position. I couldn't, I was done-I was done caring. It was all too stressful and I needed a break. Ever since we had started trying my cycle had gone kinda haywire anyways. I started going for acupuncture in month 6, and it had regulated it a little bit, but then month 7 was 6 days late and BFN! In fact, every time my cycle was late, once I took a pregnancy test and got a BFN, my period would come within 24hrs-almost as though it would convince my body "okay, you're not pregnant-get over it" I continued acupuncture in month 8, but didn't put too much hope into it. AF was due on 4/4. Never showed up. I didn't look into it too much, just figured it was late again. Had typical AF symptoms, swollen breasts, light cramping...still waiting for AF to arrive. By 4/8, my bloating, swelling and cramping were accompanied by very mild one sided lower back pain. I thought maybe I over exerted myself at yoga or something. On 4/9, I decided to take the one remaining HPT I had in my cabinet-I wasn't even taking it hoping for a BFP-I took it so that at least when it said "not pregnant", I could go back to convincing my body that it was time for my period to come. I took the test, brushed my teeth, did my hair, made some coffee-after 20min I came back to check the results-and to my absolute ASTONISHMENT it said "Pregnant" Plain and day. I didn't believe it. I had a false positive once before and it broke my heart. I went out that afternoon and bought 4 more tests. I took all of them that evening (despite knowing my urine is most potent in the morning) ALL 4 of them were positive! So that's my story. I still don't believe it And I honestly don't feel very much so far-no nausea. Some slight shooting pains in the breasts. When I checked my cervix yesterday, it's still slightly firm in the center. So all those symptoms I lost my mind over for the past 8 months, don't even apply to me (at least not just yet). Lesson-don't give up....or actually-GIVE UP! It's the best thing I did. Total meltdown aside, I felt better after I let go of dissecting every tiny thing I thought I felt. I wish each and every one of you the same good fortune I had, however long awaited it may be. Baby dust to you all!
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16dpo, didn't test before as i thought no chance!

I was convinced this wasn't our month. Tried OPKs for the 1st tune but couldn't get a positive result. None of the usual ovulation symptoms (i have pretty clear cramps on one side always). Also i had been exhausted- a couple of nights I was fast also when DH came up and said no, not thought. So thought there was no chance and didn't symptom spot, although I did have a bit of heartburn which I had never had before. About 12dpo felt like AF was imminent but every time I went loads of CM and nothing else. Thought I'd seen the faintest tint of pink on the loo roll but just figured it was the beginning of AF. was so convinced of that that i didn't bother testing. Then the next day...and the next day...all with a feeling of heaviness and look, this is about to start any moment, but it never did. Also AF had been due Monday and my mum came to stay on Tuesday so didn't really want to test while she was there! By now i was regularly waking in the night needing a wee. Finally decided Weds night I'm gonna test in the morning whenever I wake up. Try half 4. Ugh. Dragged myself to the bathroom and grabbed a test (last one) instantly got this. Obviously I didn't go back to sleep after that and was trying to wake up DH as early as possible! Thanks for all the stories and support, you guys are ace!

In shock!! BFP yesterday!!!

My husband and I have been trying since last June, and with many heartaches...AF kept coming each month. In January, I was CONVINCED that I was pregnant. I had every symptom in the book and then some and yet, she still came. I FINALLY stopped worrying and trying to hard, and this month I randomly went and purchased a test because I was 6 days late...which isn't unusual...and BAM!!! Pregnant!!! After 4 positive tests yesterday, I finally got to surprise my husband!! We are OVER THE MOON right now and we're just hoping and praying that we have a successful, healthy pregnancy and that we get to meet our little nugget in the beginning of December! Symptoms this month....tender breasts-that is it! Any other new mommas out there expected to have their bundle in Dec??

How I got my BFP after 2.5 years of TTC

Hey ladies. I am so amazed that I finally got my BFP after 2.5 years of TTC. I want to share my story in hopes it will help others who are struggling with fertility issues and to encourage you to never lose hope! Background: After TTC for 1.5 year natural with no luck (no chemicals or miscarriages either), I saw a fertility specialist for 1 year and tried Clomid and IUI. Nothing worked. DH and I had every test under the sun and everything came back normal. We were diagnosed with "unexplained infertility" and told IVF would likely not work for us. So we quit the fertility treatments. I refused to give up, so I decided to do the only thing i hadn't tried before - natural remedies. I thought this was all BS but figured it couldn't hurt and I was so desperate. To my shock, it worked! I got my BFP! Here is what I did starting from CD1 until the day I got my BFP: 1. Grapefruit juice: 2 large glases a day. This is supposed to help regulate ovulation and make you ovulate sooner in your cycle. I used to always ovulate CD20, but this made me ovulate CD14! It also helps strengthen the uterus and create fertile CM. 2. "Fertile CM" from Fairhaven Health: 3 pills a day. You take one in the morning, afternoon, and evening. This helps create EWCM and also helps make the uterine lining "sticky" and aide in implantation. 3. OvaBoost from Fairhaven Health: 4 pills a day. You take all 4 pills at once before bed because it makes you drowsy. This helps with egg quality. 4. Co-Q10: 1 tablet a day. Aids in implantation due to its ability to help with cell generation and energy. 5. FertilTea from Fairhaven Health: 3 cups of tea a day (8 oz cups). This is supposed to be all around supportive of reproductive health. It has green tea in it which is really good for maintaining optimal uterine lining. 6. Water: I drank a ton of water. Seriously, I was constantly drinking water-probably around 16 8-oz glasses a day. Dehydration can play a major role in infertility because it dries out the cervical mucus, making your body hostile to sperm. 7. I gave up caffeine. I had already drastically cut back on caffeine and was following the pregnancy guidelines of under 200mg a day, but this time I completely cut it out. This is the hardest thing I have ever done! I was so addicted! Caffeine can dry out your CM and cause early miscarriages. 8. Put more emphasis on temps and EWCM than OPKs. My temps and CM indicated a fertile window before I got my +opk, so we BD during that time and then again when I got my +opk. Looking at my temp chart, its most likely I actually ovulated before my +opk (Please don't leave comments telling me this is impossible. I know its highly unlikely, but it is possible I caught my LH surge at the tail end). 9. Used Pre-Seed lubricant. I had used this before on the "male part", but this time I used the female internal/vaginal applicator method. 10. Took a "BFP Brand" HPT form Fairhaven Health and got my BFP on CD 20 / 6 DPO (temp chart indicated implantation at 4-5 DOP).

After 5 Years of Tears...

I finally got my BFP :ptl: We were on a break cycle from the fertility clinic and had an appointment to pursue IVF when to my total shock I got my BFP! We only had sex once I would say about 3 or 4 days prior to ovulation. Reason I got a pregnancy test was I was 4 days late for my period (I have been late before and was not pregnant). I took the test expecting to see what I had been seeing for years a bfn and was in total shock when I saw a :bfp: :omg: I have taken so many pregnancy test that during the 3 min pregnancy test wait DH had completely forgotten that I had taken a test. When I came out of the bathroom screaming "oh my gosh I'm pregnant" over and over again he was shocked. I actually pinched myself to make sure I was not dreaming, it was so surreal. I was so excite I could not fall asleep till 4am. Then when I got up in the morning I checked the pee stick again to make sure it was real and not a dream. I even thought maybe I had by accident I got an ovulation test and not a pregnancy test, I checked the test again, nope it's a pregnancy test, I'm really pregnant! What We Did Differently We both real the book Supernatural Childbirth and I emailed the ministry who wrote the book and asked them to pray and the next month I was pregnant. Symptoms 4 day late period Boobs hurt more than usual Very tired Nauseous and dizzy thought I was coming down with the flu Really thirsty (drinking lots of water) Thank You Jesus!!! Praise God!!!
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Severe MFI- Natural Pregnacy turned ectopic

Husbands SA's ranged from zero to 7 million with the average being less than 2 million due to severe varicoceles and high testosterone. We had been trying for 2.5 years and were planning surgery to try to make us eligible for IUI because we were only eligible for IVF with ICSI. CD:16- O day. Had sex after 5 days of abstinance(he was gone and just got home) and put a soft cup in after because I had one left over and laying around from a year ago that I wanted to get rid of. 1dpo- Typical progesterone triggered constipation and bloating like always. 3dpo- breast tenderness, of course progesterone again. 7dpo- CF yellow tinged which has never happened before. Felt an urgency to have BM's. Morning headaches. 8&9dpo- Same symptoms as 7dpo, but broke out in a rash on my hands(twice). I started becoming obsessed with avocados and started getting AF like cramps at 9dpo. 11&12dpo- my nipples became sore and sensitive, and overall tender breasts. I had extremely light implantation spotting and continued cramps. 14dpo- AF due but not here. I randomly took an hpt for the first time in a year and it was a BFN. I felt like I had just had a period without any bleeding. I was frustrated that I wasn't getting my period because I thought everything was PMS. I assumed I was wrong about when O was. 16dpo- AF still not here, and my nipples are ridiculously sensitive, darkened and enlarged. Something is seriously different this month. Took seven HPTs and all are BFP! 17dpo- Blood test is BFP 19dpo- Beta 211.3 21dpo- Beta 273.6 24dpo- Beta 355.9 4-5 weeks pregnant- Betas rising but not doubling, rate of increase declining. Hot flashes, fatigue(early bed time&naps), up early to eat, mood swings(cried easily) and continued TWW symptoms. Ultrasounds show nothing. 6-7 weeks pregnant- decreased appetite, some mild nausea and same symptoms as weeks 4&5 minus the cramping. Pseudo sac on ultrasound but can't locate gestational sac and baby. Brown spotting that then turned black and red. Progesterone and estrogen dropping. Received methotrexate injections at 7 weeks pregnant for highly probable ectopic. Started to bleed and cramp an hour later. Passed an enormous sac with a little baby inside. Sent to pathology, pseudo sac gone on ultrasound. Pathology didn't determine anything, doctor is guessing assuming the pregnancy was on my cervix. I have no idea where baby was.


I knew i wasnt going crazy!!! ive always been an early tester and always got a bfn along with AF right around the corner .. but this time i knew something was off when my bbs hurt Soooooooo bad the day AF was expected .. took a test that day and thought i was going crazy with the tiny tiny faint line but decieded to just wait it out .. friday morning i peed and i THOUGHT the witch had arrived .. i then went to put a tampon in and when i thought i had to change it . there was no blood at all !! thats when i thought i was pregnant foreal this time . my DH told me to take a FRER test since i was so late and the Hcg strips were giving me a line but faint and there it was . the line that symboled my beloved baby (: im so excited its unreal . DUE DATE : November 30th .
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BFP with Male Infertility

I'm writing this to hopefully inspire and encourage women that it is possible to get your BFP. Believe me I was definitely to the point of thinking it would never happen to us. It took us 2 years and 3 unsuccessful IUI's, plus a lot of dough before we got our BFP. It was a complete SHOCKER!!! After about a year of TTC with knew there was an issues. I had a bunch of test ran and they all came back normal. So on to the husband, he had his sperm checked and unfortunately he had low morphology (2%), but his count and motility were on point. We decided to see a fertility specialist. The doctor stated that we would have no issues conceiving with the help of IUI. He assured us if it didn't happen with the first IUI, it would definitely happen with the 2nd IUI and we trusted him. Well, 3 IUI's down and still not pregnant. We were heartbroken. So we decided to take a break and save some money. I heard on the internet about this fertility lube called Preseed. I heard some good things and some bad, plus it was $20! BUT we decided to try it... Hell it couldn't hurt, right?! The first month of using it, we had no success, but it felt good so we used it again the next month. At about 13dpo I thought to myself "I have had heartburn with every meal for the last 3 days, plus some unusual cramping. BTW, I am not an HPT freak and haven't taken one at home in forever. I said to myself "what the heck, I'm going to take a HPT". In seconds of taking the test those two beautiful pink lines showed up. I was so in shock, that I took another one. I COULDN"T BELIEVE IT! After all this time we are finally PREGNANT!!! Well I had my first doctors apt today and we are 5 weeks and 2 days. So Ladies... IT CAN HAPPEN.... STAY POSITIVE!!! Baby dust to you!

BFP with Short Luteal Phase!

Hi girls! I've been reading all of your awesome BFP stories for the past few months, and they've encouraged me so much. Since it's finally happened for me, I thought I'd post my story in case it brought encouragement to anyone else :-) I had TTC in 2009-2010 with my ex-husband, right before we divorced, without any success. I realized through charting that my luteal phase was short (9-10 days, 11 days if I was lucky), so I tried B6 vitamins, progesterone creams and changing my diet. Still nothing worked. Fast forward to now, very happily remarried since June 2014. Knowing my past struggles with my short luteal phase, I thought it would take us a really long time to get pregnant. DH and I decided in early January to start TTC, and I had already been taking Vitex off and on for about 3 months. I got more serious about Vitex, taking 1200 mg daily (at night, to avoid the headaches that sometimes come with Vitex) and began drinking strong infusions of Raspberry leaf and nettle leaf tea almost daily. In January, my luteal phase went up to 13 days and I thought it was finally being corrected. But in February, it dropped down to 8 days. I ordered Maca supplements and Carlson's Elite Omega-3 and began taking these about 5 days into this past cycle and decided to relax and stop tracking my cycle (it was driving me a little crazy ;-). We also had sex every other day during my suspected ovulation window (as opposed to daily in the past cycles), not on purpose but just because we were traveling out of state and vacationing with family so it was a little trickier :-). And this was the cycle I finally got my very faint BFP at around 11 DPO, on my birthday! I thought it was defective since it was so faint, so re-tested with a pink dye test a few days later (I'd used a blue dye one the first time and read they are less reliable) and it came back nice and dark. Before testing, I thought for sure AF was coming on. I had all the regular AF symptoms, except my boobs hurt more than normal (they felt sunburnt, like they were on fire), but that went away right before AF was due. I had absolutely no other symptom beside my regular AF ones. No spotting, nausea, fatigue or any of that stuff. I've been feeling very mild PMS-like cramping for the past few days, my boobs are slightly sore at night when I take off my bra and I have a good amount of energy (my grand-ma and her grand-ma were also like this through all their pregnancies, including the first trimester). It still doesn't feel real! And I'm so grateful that it's finally happening and I'm hoping with all my hear that it sticks! Good luck to you all!