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BFP Stories

Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP on a Break

Isn't that just the way it goes: you try for month after excruciating month to get pregnant, but to no avail. Then you decide to lay off for a bit, take it easy, re-charge the battery… and voila – you're pregnant!

Those are the types of stories you'll find here. And if you have one to submit for inclusion, we want to hear from you! Send us your symptoms through this contact form.


Hi all, so i last wrote something on this board over a year ago now, before i resigned myself to spend more time on the little things in life and let the big things take care for themselves.
i am 35 and DH is 31 and we have been TTC #1 since August 2010. We have never had a BFP until this year! I am actually 12 weeks pregnant as of today (had my scan today, and baby is fab!), but wanted to wait to make sure all was well before i posted anything (i didn't want to jinx it!)
So my last period was on the 7th December, and i believe i ovulated around the 21/22 of December. We DTD on the 17/18th and 21/22nd. It didn't even cross my mind that we might be in with a chance, after trying for so long, and with a strange, heavy, spontaneous bleed after we DTD on the 18th.
After being a TWWer and symptom spotter for a very very long time, i though i would know off the bat that i was preggers. i was wrong! It was my LACK of symptoms that made me POAS! Up until the first day of my missed period, i had NO symptoms. I normally spot 2-3 days before i start my period, and there was nothing, not even a show. My boobs were tender but this is standard practice for me every month. I had no nausea, food aversions or any other "early pregnancy symptoms". I didn't know i was pregnant until I POAS, (4 of them to be exact as i couldn't believe my eyes when a BFP popped up on the first three at night!)

So, in short- don't read too much into symptoms, it could be the lack of them that gives you the clue you need. Also don't give up hope, and don't let other things in your life take a backseat if it doesn't go your way straight away. in this past year, i have started an amazing job, had a lovely holiday with my DH, and made sure we spend as much quality time together as pçossible and got a kitten named Pippin (who is a year old on April 1st) I cant wait to welcome our newset addition into our family!!

The pic i have attached is from my 4th BFP, this was the one i did with FMU, and I was shaking so much i pretty much missed the stick!

Blowing lots of lucky, sticky rainbow baby dust your way TTWers! xxx

Natural BFP After 2yrs of Failed Fertility Treatments

Hey ladies! I'm so thrilled to finally post here. I began lurking in the shadows of this site back in 2012 when my husband and I originally began ttc. Here's my timeline:

October 2012: Began trying to conceive

December 2012: Noticed (now that I was tracking) that I begin to spot sometimes up to five days post ovulation and continue to spot through to my period. Negative.

December 2012-April 2012: Negative

April 2013: Began seeing an RE due to spotting. Negative

May 2013: Diagnosed with PCOS (even though I've never had an irregular period) and a luteal phase defect. Clomid. Husband's numbers look more than perfect. Negative.

June 2013-October 2013: Clomid. Negative

November 2013: IUI with Clomid plus trigger. 2 healthy looking follicles. Negative

December 2013: IUI with Clomid plus trigger. 2 healthy looking follicles. Negative.

January 2014: RE believes I have endometriosis...awesome. -_- Negative

February 2014-May 2014: Continued trying naturally. Negative

June 2014: Laparoscopic surgery for removal of large amounts of endometriosis; however, what is there isn't very deep. The doctor also discovered that my left fallopian tube was being blocked by scar tissue. Luckily, she was able to re-open the tube. Cleared for continued ttc.

July 2014: IUI with Letrozol plus trigger. 2 healthy looking follicles. Negative

August 2014: I said, "SCREW IT! I'm done! It is what it is. I'm over it. If it happens, great.. but I'm DONE!"

August 2014-January 2015: Went back to college. Quit trying to conceive. Got a 4.0 my first semester back. Made peace with the idea that I wouldn't be a mommy.

**Here's the fun part**

January 2015: Begin working out and I'm loving it.

CD 15-17 - It's obvious (just by my body's signs) that I'm ovulating.. but who cares? I can't get pregnant! BD random days.
(10 DPO): Boobs hurt, bloated, cramping lightly. Begin spotting like usual..just brown stuff. I ALWAYS spot before my period. Here's she comes!
(12 DPO): Spotting is gone... and I mean GONE! I'm talking.. nothing.. nada.. it's just gone.
(13 DPO): Still no spotting... this is strange... but my boobs still hurt. Maybe I'm skipping a period due to working out so hard?
(14 DPO): Still no spotting... boobs really hurt and here's something new... I can feel little electric jolts in my boobs. Weeeirddd. "Let's just test so I can get this over with and know that I'm NOT pregnant and then I can take my mind off of it."

*Tests and throws it on the bathtub ledge while I'm taking a bath* I look over.. and there it is.. plain as day. No squinting.. no holding it to the light... it's just there.. the two lines I'd never seen before.. right there.. staring back at me at 1:30am while I soak in a bath.

HCG levels were checked the next day and were at 298, more than doubling to 536 in 48 hours. My first ultrasound is next week and I'm now currently 5 weeks. Prayers, ladies.

The pain of infertility is real. I promise to keep you all in my prayers while I'm thanking God for this miracle. Stay strong and I love each and every one of you! <3

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BFP on 9 DPO

So I thought I was out this month because I literally had NO symptoms, but my husband and I were hoping to get pregnant. My periods are very irregular and the last one feels like it was forever ago (maybe the beginning of January?), so I think it's safe to assume that I ovulate SUPER late. I had a bunch of ovulation tests left over from last time we were trying to conceive, so I decided to take one on Feb 12th and there was no mistaking that it was positive, since it was the darkest two lines I've seen yet.

We had BD'd about three days before, then the morning AFTER the positive ovulation test. Then I had no symptoms, literally. Nothing. I started by taking a couple ovulations tests just to see what they would look like- and they looked very light, so I figured there was not way I was preggo. Then I decided to take a dollar store pregnancy test on day 9 (DPO) and there was the FAINTEST second line, I had to squint a lot and my husband couldn't even see it- he thought I was crazy. Then I took one that same evening and it was super faint but my hubby could see it by that point. Now I've taken quite a few dollar store tests and they're all positive, no mistaking it :) By my calculation I'm due Nov 5th. Since 9 DPO, I've been feeling mostly bloated and really tired. I can also see the veins on my chest are getting darker. Best of luck to all of you!

The attached picture was taken at 10 DPO

:) visiting this forum after almost two years :) happieeee

So leme start my story...i was like u guys who visited this forum evry single day...was happy reading all d bfp stories :) n was wishing for my day to write the BFP story...n i got time after two years :) yes now here i am with my little baby gal who is 14months old :) jus cudnt blive ...evrything was like a dream...n two years jus flew away :)
Started trying for baby since march 2012 ..which was almost four yrs after wedding...months passed ...three cycles positve result...tats when i got al kind of panic attacks :)like anyothr couple we approached gynac who did al series of tests n came back wid d usual result saying evrything is normal. Perfect wid both of u keep trying for anothr three cycles :) we were relived somewhat cos no major pblm was hidden...then we planned for a trip ...njoyed our holidays..days passed...three cycles over no positve result...went back to d doc...she said lets start wid IUI...blive me gals this s sooo stressful...alt days vaginal scans injections oh stressfull...did IUI twice no use...then was asked to do d tube test..this s one more hell...soooooooo painful...result came one tube blocked stil thr r chances cos othr side s doc asked us to b ready for the next cycle of IUI...again pains cries use AF came ..doc said lets wait n repeat IUI for next cycle...thy usualy do it five times ...but i hubby said enuf s enuf..lets leave al these shit ...n keep trying...let it happen wen it has to happen...n so v decided not to go to any doc was month of november 2012.we kept trying..dec2012 cycle also no use...jan 2013 .AF came..feb 2013 AF came...full frustration...lost al hopes..cried cried cried..but v both had sex al these cycles...v kept trying...then came by march 2013 as usual was waiting for AF to show up...but it come...two days over 4 days went a week went ...ten days over no AF ... :) :) two weeks gone no AF no preg symptoms as it was weird...ok so jus like tat decided to take preg test at home...gaudddddddddd BFP :) yup i got it ...v got it :) anyways my hubby wanted to get it confirmed wid d hcg test...til then fingers v went did hcg nn. Yup it was positve :)d hormones jus raised like anything...we were so happy ...we were al set to start d new chapter of our life...:) i delivered a cute little baby gal on nov 25th 2013 :) is so colorful now...v r njoying each n evry min...guys jus keep trying don lose hopes n pls pls pls pls pls think 1000 times b4 gng thru treatments...i feel its waste of time n money...jus hurting pls jus blive in god n keep trying u wil get what u want at the ryt time :) sorry for such a lengthy story of prayers for u :)

BFP symptoms same as PMS symptoms!

Quick background - my husband and I have been trying for over a year. We are in our early 30's, and both in high stress/demanding careers. My cycles vary from 30-34 days I usually can tell when I am ovulating, and have actually had my ovulation confirmed by ultrasound. We were not on any fertility treatments, however my MD had discussed possibly starting a combination of Clomid and Metformin so that my cycles would be shorter and possibly produce more eggs. Because we were going through a lot of big changes in life (new job, selling our house and relocating to a new area) we decided to hold off.

My usual PMS symptoms: cramping approximately 7 days prior to period. Sore/tender breasts approximately 5-7 days before period, but the day of period the breasts go back to normal. Also, (and this is just a superstitious type thing) when I'm pretty certain I'm about to get my period I'll usually take a pregnancy test, and usually seeing a BFN usually starts my period that night. Maybe just a coincidence, lol.

Anyway, for my BFP!!!
I was convinced this was going to be another negative month, because I was out of the country on a vacation tour with mom and brother and away from my husband during my supposed ovulation window. However, I will note that I didn't really notice whether or not I ovulated because I was so busy site-seeing and having a good time so I really didn't bother paying attention, lol. Besides, my husband wasn't with me so even if I noticed ovulation I wouldn't be able to do anything anyway, so I didn't really care.

Because my cycles vary, there is a chance I could have ovulated while on the last days of my vacation, or if I was lucky the day of my return flight. However, due to jet lag, and just general vacation exhaustion, my husband and I were not intimate until 2-3 days after I returned, so I really thought my chances were unlikely. Also, since I was sure we missed ovulation, I didn't bother with any of the usual stuff like Pre-Seed or the soft cup (truthfully I stopped using the cup several months prior because it was uncomfortable and wasn't working anyway).

I started getting my usual PMS cramps almost exactly on schedule. A light cramping starting around 7 days prior to when period was due, and the cramping usually increases until the day of period. This time? EXACTLY the same. Breast tenderness also appeared a couple days later. Both symptoms were right on time for PMS. And both felt exactly identical to PMS. I am, of course, a symptom checker (much like most of us). My vaginal discharge was the same, I had no sore throat. The ONLY maybe different symptom was kind of weird - we had sex a few more times after the PMS symptoms started, and a few of those times I remember noticing that there would be a brief tickling sensation in my lower abdomen right as I had an orgasm - it almost felt like an itch deep within that I couldn't scratch. The orgasms were just as wonderful and intense as usual, there would just be that light tickle, like a mild cramp/itch for maybe like 30 seconds right after orgasm. I don't know how to describe it, and it really only happened during that week, and maybe the week after. When I tested it was probably 10-14dpo I really was just expecting a negative - I was actually hoping to get my period already so I could start my next cycle faster. It was a VERY big surprise to look down and see a BFP!! I never had any changes in vaginal discharge prior to BFP, in fact the only day I maaaaybe saw a slight pink tinge upon wiping was 1-2 weeks after BFP, and it only happened once.

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BFP 2nd cycle after years on the pill

I've spent majority of my time trying to conceive looking off and on this website, and i told myself that once i get my BFP I would share my experience and give you all trying some help and hope.

I've been on birth control for 7 years straight sometimes alternating between the pill and the shot depo provera. In november of 2014 i decided to stop birth control all together knowing that i wanted a baby within the next 1-2 years. I got my first period or I guess what would be considered break through bleeding on November 15, 2014 after taking my last birth control pill that same month.

The next time I got my period was December 23rd 2014. Me and the hubby decided to start trying to conceive the following month, in January of 2015. we didn't start trying until January 9th and pretty much baby danced the whole month through with 3-4 days in between. I was tracking my cycles using apps on my phone and I thought i had what was considered a 38 day cycle because of the bleeding in November and December, so we didn't try until the 9th of January thinking that would become my actually fertile/ovulation week with an expected period to be due January 27th.

To my surprise my period came a week early on January 23rd an exact month after the bleeding on december 23rd, at that moment i realized the bleeding i had back on November 15th was not a period at all just break through bleeding and my first real period didn't start until December 23 instead, which now put me at a 31 day cycle.

Now to the bfp…

Im not exacty sure when i ovulated during this cycle but here are the days i baby danced this month along with the symptoms that lead up to my bfp for February 2015:

January 23: AF started, was devastated because that meant no baby this time
January 27: AF ended, baby danced late afternoon
January 28: Baby danced
January 31: Baby danced
Feb 4: baby danced but pulled out we decided to put baby making plans on hold for a while to get over last month…
Feb 8: Baby danced but possible late pull out (we had drunken night of partying to clear our minds and have fun)
Feb 10: positive OPK, baby danced hubby ultimately decided to pull out again at the last minute
Feb 12: Baby danced no pulling out, decided we would just go all in positive OPK again which i found to be strange
Feb 15: Positive OPK once again and baby danced have been noticing extra creamy cm for the past week and nipples sore only when touched
Feb 18:slight nausea but not enough to throw up, took hpt and got a negative
Feb 19:took another hpt and got an extremely faint positive thought i was going crazy
Feb 20: another faint positive but this one was darker than yesterdays and could be slightly seen on a cell phone camera
Feb 21: When to emergency to a urine test and had a slight positive two doctors came to read the results and decided to do a blood test, blood test came back positive with level 50 HCG

basically my message is you can get pregnant off of long term birth control use, it took me only two cycles, i believe i may have conceived the week my period ended in January and the positive OPK were due to the actual pregnancy or i conceived around the 12th.. the only symptoms that threw me off was the constant wetness in CM and the off and on headaches. Stay patient, and have fun, conceiving is easier when you are at peace and not stressing about getting pregnant.

Finally!! bfp after 15 months ttc

Let me first start by saying, what a tough journey this baby making business can be. You always see everyone around you getting pregnant and you start to wonder what's wrong. It will happen at the right timing, and don't get too down on yourself. Just have faith..

Background: I got pregnant right away, the first cycle that we tried (of course, right?) We sadly lost that one, in september of 2013. It was a mmc at 8 weeks, and my doctor believes it was an unfortunate chromosome issue with the fetus. I never had any hormone or reproductive issues that the doctor could find. We tried so hard for over a year with no luck, and we were getting so devistated. I really had given up at that point. Skipping to the good part....

This month, what I think helped, is we stopped trying and just relaxed (we literally had sex once during my fertile time). I also just started a new job, so my mind was pretty distracted from baby making. We are waiting 3 months to tell everyone so it feels nice to at least tell someone,lol.


Dpo 1-6-- no symptoms that were peculiar
Dpo 7- my regular boob tenderness, hungry
Dpo 8-boob tenderness
Dpo 9- aweful acne breakout on face
Dpo 10- same as previous days
Dpo 11- boobs dont hurt as much, but my nipples are dry and itchy
Dpo 12- dry and itchy nipples, not spotting like normally do, hungry
Dpo 13- white cm (yay!)....period due today
Dpo 14- white cm but have dull af style cramping on and off, so start to think period
Dpo 15- more white cm!!, I know something is up now.....still having af like dull lower back pain/cramps
Dpo 16- decide to test on a frer and instant BFP :), super dark line (darker than last pregnancy).... still having lower back pain, on and off cramps, extreme bloating, forgetfulness, white cm, but no sore boobs and no nausea yet....

I am so thankful to god for this miracle. I am nervous because of my previous miscarriage, but know that this little one will be ok. Sorry for the ladies that have gone through tough times and don't give up!

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Signs up to BFP!

I have been trying to have a 3rd baby for the last 13 months. I've charted everything and nothing seemed to work. In January of this year, I told myself to stop trying. So, the next cycle, I found out I was pregnant. I am 12 DPO right now. I was constantly symptom tracking, and now that I did receive my BFP on 11 DPO, I can tell the differences.

Here is a list of my signs and symptoms.

1-2 DPO: Nothing.
3-6 DPO: My breasts starting hurting. It is right under the armpit by the bra. It just feels like they are fuller, and are sensitive to the touch. This only happens a couple of days before AF, so I thought it was strange. Didn't want to get my hopes up yet.
6-7 DPO: Nothing out of the ordinary. Getting more CM in panties, but nothing crazy.
8 DPO: Felt twinges in my left ovary that lasted a couple of minutes. This has never happened before when I was symptom tracking. I started getting really tired.
9-10 DPO: Started getting very fatigued. Fell asleep at 8 PM on both days. I always stay up late but chalked it to me working hard on a really big birthday present for my daughter.
11 DPO: I was sitting at work at my desk researching symptoms. Felt something wet in my underwear. I go to the bathroom and when I look at my panties, it looked like white lotion was dumped there. It was about the size of a quarter. I knew something was going on then. Went to the dollar store and bought 2 tests. Tested, and within 2 minutes there was a pretty standard 2nd line. Was in shock! My friend had an extra FRER, and came over. Took the test, and it was a faint line.
12 DPO: Woke up this morning and took 2 more tests. One was a dollar store test, the other I went out and bought a digital. Digital said 1-2 Pregnant.

I noticed I didn't have as many symptoms this month. My BB hurt and were sore early on, extreme fatigue after 8-9 DPO and still have it, and the white lotion in my underwear was the dead giveaway. Now, I feel a little crampy, nauseous, and very tired.

Good luck and baby dust to everyone out there like me who was trying and seemed to go nowhere. I stopped symptom tracking last month, and this month got my BFP!

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Praise GOD! It's my Turn after 2 years!

First off I just wanted to Thank God for Answering my Prayers! I have prayed, and Had others praying for me! I give him all the Glory, Honor and Praise!

The only symptoms: Slight Indigestion off and on, Belching a lot, White Mucus Discharge (a little bit) of and on, Sore Nipples off an on and sometimes a sharp twing in the Vagina (LOL) Weird, but true! DPO: I don't know between 12-14DPO because I did Not Chart This Month, Just so happen I got Pregnant this month!

Let me explain my story, I have been married for 7 years (come June 2015). We both do not have any children of our own I am 33Years old and the Mr. is 35Years Old...and we have had 2 miscarriages. Our last Miscarriage was March 2013. After my miscarriage, I had a lot of Spotting and Bleeding, messing up my Luteal Phase, my Menstrual Cycle, etc... I thought it was just Hormones... It wasn't... It was Pre Cancerous Cells.... I went to the Dr and they found it, and I had a Hysteroscopy Summer of 2014. They cut out a small Piece of My UTERUS!

I found out afterwards that after the procedure everything is Fine and back to Normal, Praise God! That is a Testimony in itself all I went through, with that... So 2 months after that, We started trying again! Nothing.... I lost weight, I raised my legs after We made Love, I tried to schedule/Chart, I tried Fertilaid, Ovaboost, I tried having sex every 2 days, sometimes a week apart, etc.. I tried a lot of stuff! I finally said, Lord please help me! Enough is Enough! "If you did it before you will do it again!" You will make me Pregnant and it will not end in a Miscarriage!

January 2015 I went on a Spiritual journey in regards with my Faith and I joined a church that was fasting for Breakthroughs in their lives, (Daniel Fast) I just did it and I still prayed for about 3 weeks, the Fast ended 25January2015. Also, my hubs and I went on a mini vacation to Monterey, CA. I did not chart, do anything this month, just prayed, and BELIEVED! During that Time I had been having VIVID dreams of being Pregnant, etc... on 29Jan I woke up and decided to test around 4AM, I took a Clearblue test (the one that said Pregnant/Not Pregnant) and a Dollar Tree Brand (Assurex) brand.

The Clear Blue Test said NOT PREGNANT, so I laid down the Cheap brand and went back for nap before work... I woke up for work and saw the test on the bathroom sink, and there was a Faint Pink Line, but it had Pink in it, it was not an Evap... so I showed my husband and he saw it, so the next morning, 30JAN I woke up at 5AM and tested with First Response (6 days early test) and there WAS NOTHING there!

I dipped with the same Urine a cheap Dollar Tree (New Choice brand) test and the Walmart (.88cent) brand and they both had pink lines (just not dark).... so my husband, didn't want me stressing out and told me to wait a WEEK to test, I said NO! (LOL)

so today 01FEB I woke up at 4AM and tested with a Cheap Dollar Tree (New Choice Brand) and a Clear BLue Estimator Brand and they both were Positive (see pic). We are so Excited, I praised God for Answering my Prayer! I have been in Awe! (Cloud Nine) because Other than a few Random Symptoms, I am not sick or anything, I was Sooo SICK, the last Pregnancy! I prayed to not be sick either this time, and My husband and I are Happy and We believe this is our Miracle! DUE DATE~ OCTOBER 2015!

*Nobody in my Family doesn't know yet* Looking for cute ideas online to present to our families when we fly to go see them at the end of the month* I have read this website for YEARS! Longer than I have been actively trying, and I can FINALLY share my story! I enjoy reading all the stories!


**sorry this is so long! Trying to be as detailed as possible!**
I've scoured this site so many times since DH and I began ttc. Many times I had hope because I'd read about someone who had symptoms similar to mine, but AF would inevitably arrive. What seemed like years actually turned out to be only 4 months. Two days ago, we finally got our BFP! We'd been trying since our wedding in September. At first I tried nothing else other than prenatals, and then the second month I gave Vitex a try. I was using it until I got my BFP. Granted, I don't know for sure if I had low progesterone, but according to my app (Ovia Fertility app is amazing!), my luteal phase seemed really short, and because Vitex is all natural, I figured it couldn't hurt. But when the next cycle arrived with a BFN, I decided to try using progesterone cream in December to give myself that extra push. My body sorta freaked out a little, my face broke out more than it has in a while, so when AF arrived, I stopped the cream and decided to skip it the next cycle. Come January, I was just over it. I forgot to mention that I had been temping since October, and I had text-book Tri-phasic curves. In January though, I decided to take a mental break from temping and even reading this site. DH and I BD'd a few times during the fertile window, but I just had a feeling that we had missed our opportunity somehow... But I was wrong. I had a bout of what I THINK was food poisoning, and it may have been true, but the whole week following, I had full pain in my lower abdomen. EVERYDAY. I thought it was repercussions of the food poisoning, but it must have been implantation pain. I took a FRER test the Saturday following the pain, but got a BFN, so I was thinking I was out this cycle. Then this week, I just felt.. Off. No other symptoms, just a little weepy the day I took my test and got the BFP. I wasn't even sure the second line was real, I had to ask DH and then we bought more tests.. All positive! I forgot to mention that I was using ovulation tests but never got a positive, I think my timing was always off.

I wish you all the same kind of luck I had!! And I know it's easier said than done, but be patient! And take a break every now and then :)