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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP over 40

Got your BFP at age 40 or older? We definitely want to hear your story! Send us your symptoms through this contact form.

First BPF ever at age 40 thanks to IVF-FET

Hi everyone! Some of you may know me already. I'm Adventurer from the TTC boards. I started my journey a little over a year ago when I had just turned 39. I had never been pregnant (but also never tried). Since I met my DF later in life, we decided to go straight to a fertility clinic to get (me) checked out due to my age. It's a good thing I did because my first AMH done to assess ovarian reserve put me in the low fertility category (not that I was that surprised given my age). It was 12.7 pmol/L (in Canadian units) and 1.8 pg/ml (in American units). I had a total of 7 antral follicles, 4 on my right ovary and 3 on my left ovary. My initial FSH was 8.3 so in normal range. My day 3 LH and other tests were within normal except for my TSH which was a bit high at 5.43 so my RE put me on a very low dose of thyroid supplementation which corrected me to between 1.0-2.0. DF's SA was normal with 5% normal morphology (greater than 4% is considered fine). In the interests of time and maximizing chances, we decided to proceed straight to IVF. Since my SHG revealed a polyp, I underwent a hysterscopic polypectomy. My RE insisted we wait 2 months before doing IVF so we did an IUI with few expectations since this is not the way to manage a 39 year old with slightly diminished ovarian reserve! But we thought, what the heck - you never know. Well, it turned out as expected - BFN. So on to IVF. IVF Cycle #1 for a freeze all was in February of this year and the results were ok. FSH had climbed to 11.1 which is borderline high meaning I was edging towards premenopause faster than initially believed. On an antagonist protocol with 225 units Gonal F and 75 units Menopur, we got 7 eggs retrieved, 5 fertilized by ICSI and 4 blasts which were biopsied for PGS and were a disaster because we only got results on one out of 4! The one was abnormal. What a waste of $$ but I will not discuss this part further. IVF Cycle #2 was in April and by this time I had been on vitamins and supplements including DHEA, ubiquinol, vit B6, vit D, vit E and royal jelly for at least a month. Plus, in mid March I began doing weekly acupuncture for the first time and starting drinking Chinese medicinal tea. I swear the acupuncture made a difference because my antral follicle count for April cycle was 16 (8 on right and 8 on left)!!! I couldn't believe it. Again on antagonist protocol (this time I insisted on starting Cetrotide on same day as stims even knowing it may slow growth) using 300 units Gonal F and 37.5 units Menopur, we got 19 eggs, 16 mature, 13 fertilized and 5 blasts for freezing. No transfer. We did not opt for the PGS this time. IVF cycle #3 was in June and AFC count was 12 (6 on both sides). I had asked for my AMH to be repeated fearing that 2 IVF cycles would have depleted my egg supply but to my astonishment it came back in the normal range, almost double my initial AMH: 23.4 pmol/L or 3.3 ng/ml!! I almost entirely credit this to acupuncture but that's just my feeling. I'm sure the vitamins and supplements helped too, particularly vit. D. On the same protocol as in April, we got 16 eggs, 14 mature, 10 fertilized and 4 blasts frozen. No transfer again. They triggered me a day too late and I lost at least 2 of my leader follies (those eggs degenerated).
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BFP at 44 Au Natural!

Well a bit of a surprize to find out I can actually still get pregnant at this age! Have always tracked my cycles so I knew I still ovulated but after having an ovary and fallopian tube removed 8 years ago and being told there was scarring on the other did not think it was possible. Only stopped using contraception at the end of last year and really didn't think it was possible. Every month from ovulation on (I get quite bad ovulation pains lasting around 6-12 hours) I get lots of symptoms. My breast start to hurt straight away which get worse during the next 13 days leading up to AF as well as increase in size, firmness and pinker, firmer nipples. All this then disappears and spotting starts followed by AF 1 1/2 days later. This month. Only BD once and didn't think I was ovulating but had very mild (much milder than normal) ovulation type cramp a few hours after which didn't last long at all. Sore breasts didn't kick in until 5 dpo and were not as sore as normal. The sore breasts then disappeared around 10 dpo again. No symptoms or nausea at all. A bit tired which I always am. Being a peeing on a stick addict I started testing around 7dpo and got a few indents as always then by 10 they were stark white. On the evening of 10 DPO I noticed a small amount of spotting in my underwear which had a bit of red blood in it (not usual it normally is tan/brown/pink). Did not think a lot of it as the breast pain had gone and my spotting had occasionally started this early. Next morning on panty liner there was a few bronze coloured streaks. darker than normal but was sure AF was en route. I even stopped testing day 10 as was sure I was out. As the day went on it became watery light pink but only on wiping. 12dpo the spotting became even less and I thought this is a bit strange. Boots had a 2 for 1 deal on FRER's so bought 2 packs for my next cycle. When that evening the spotting had all but stopped and I had a bit of a hot flash I decided to use my Frer and there was a faint but definite light line. I honestly thought I was imagining things so next morning 13dpo when AF was due and still no sign I used another and the line was more obvious. That afternoon I got a positive on a clear blue weeks digital :-) This month I was particularly busy and although I took my temp I missed lots of days, didn't use OPK's and missed most of my vitamins so cant explain why this month it happened when the months I put the most effort in it didn't? If it can happen to me at my age it can happen to any of you. Baby dust to all x

39yrs- low egg reserve, 6 months TTC, clomid, instead cups: 10dpo BFP

I was diagnosed with low egg reserve 2012. I went in cause some things changed in my cycle and I am very aware of whats happening. sure enough, FSH was 14 I believe. I even had once cycle where I didnt ovulate at all. But typically I get + opk and feel pain that day and next day followed by low shut cervix and white mucus. we had been trying 6 months. I have had many pregnancies prior so I get pregnant easily but I was divorced and was not getting pregnant with my significant other. I redid my FSH which was better. however, still no pregnancy and didnt see anymore eggwhites (especially with all the sex) so that concerned me too. in prior months I swayed, I tried some herbs, instead cups one month and preseed in a tiny amount and even clomid self perscribed at 25mg w out sucess. I get alot of white sticky mucus but I knew I needed stretchy fertile stuff. so this month I didnt think it was going to work. wasnt even going to try. Then I went ahead and did 12.5mg clomid days 6-9? or maybe 7-10. I only had 4 doses. I had no signs of ovulation other than really in the mood. then I got a test and just randomly tested and it was a near +. cd 13. cd14 +opk BLAZING dark. BD cd 11, 13 (2x), 14, 15 Ovulated cd 14 (pains and sex too painful/achey) 3dpo feel wet but its cold. throbbing in belly a bit then gone. 4dpo so much mucus 5dpo sex burns. plus I have a tad bit of a yeast infection (from so much sex deposit) really emotional. plan to give up on trying. maybe Im not meant to have another. 6dpo thick throat feeling/phlemy, gagged at night brushing teeth. crabby, eating alot at night before bed. belly gurgles 7dpo very gassy and loud (not like me) cervix very long and firm. phlemy and thickness in throat and fullness in ears. hot cold waves. nausea before bed. 1st night I took progesterone. 8dpo woke up feeling pukey and thought, ok I could be pregnant even tho I only have this symptom. (and since i just took the prog i know thats not making me pukey) I said if I cant taste milk, I dont even need a test. sure enough, whole milk tastes blah or like water. very creamy mucus. pooped a ton then had cramps after for hours in abdomen. acne. very hungry and thirsty for days now. 9dpo super hungry and mainly for meat. peeing more often and alot. my back is broken out! super crabby at other peoples kids. a baby was really crabby near me and I was annoyed (thought I would be terrible mother again) questionable FRER today. it has a line but no color. the one from last night has a even lighter test line but no pink. as day goes on, I think- this is a + even tho no color. take a clearblue and a target =/- at night and both FAINT + but then disappear 30 minutes later. read that is normal w those brands. take a FRER and its NEG with same pee. 10dpo. peed at 6am then woke at 7:15 w nausea. temp 98.1 (norm is 97.1) STARVING (ate 5 eggs and 2 slices of ham) peed at 7:30am and tested w that. +FRER within 2 mins. so obvious but still faint. much darker within the hour. clearblue at noon and its a + within 40 seconds. had one spec of pink today. cervix low and softer. very thin watery white mucus. no boob pain, no green lines, no gagging, not overly tired, NO CRAMPS. Just irritated easily. dont really feel pregnant but then again its early. still sinking in. i was waiting to feel implantation or see some spotting. nothing like my norm. it was our 6 month trying. I had JUST made an appt to do an IUI in 2 weeks. LOL I added nordic naturals oil pills daily, vit d, ultra mega GNC pils (green ones 1 x a day vs 2) also b12 disolving tabs at 1500mg? drank more water. no sway. used instead cups 2-3 times this cycle and only had about a 3 drops of preseed so I put that in too. I did try to have an o after he finished, and I had my hips up when I did it. and again, used clomid at 12.5 mg days 6, 7, 8 and 9? i have very strong pains this month and 3 days of wicked dark +opk. partner will be 40 next month. he had a sperm sample done in Oct and showed 8% normal morphology but 220MILLION sperm. so we should not have too much of an issue w all those guys! I didnt have my hopes up so I cared less this month. maybe thats what did it :)

BFP at Day 15 dpo

Hi all, I have really found these sites so helpful so thought I would share my story. I am mid 40's and have just found out I am pregnant. I got married earlier in the year and we have been TTC for about 5 months. I have been feeling very disheartened as I have had endometriosis and thought at my age nothing would ever come of things. I was even scheduled for a second laparoscopy in January 2015 to have any residual endometriosis removed, not only to help a possible pregnancy but because I was suffering greatly with my periods. I know it's early days but I really am hopeful that this BFP will remain a BFP and I shall test again tomorrow to be sure. This morning the line was faintly positive, but it was definitely there. Again this site helped me realise what to look for and that a line, however faint, means only thing. All I can say is that I have been eating a lot of broccoli! And lemon juice in the mornings and trying generally to eat well and keep active. Symptoms that I noticed up until now: I have noticed heartburn for the first time in my life (very mild, but enough to make me wonder). Gassy, but I wondered if that was due to the broccoli and/or supplements I've been taking (pregnacare). I also had an incredibly bad bout of cramps the week after ovulation, or around that time, to make me wonder if the endometriosis was playing its tricks again. As it happens, that must have been the good old implantation symptoms. Breasts hurt terribly for about 5 days and then suddenly subsided - ie today I have no pain, but they are full and I could have sworn I noticed three veins last night rather than the usual one which is usually always present before AF arrives. I have not had headaches or sickness or hunger, but I suppose it is much too early. Oh and dreams - very vivid and some nights I have hardly slept which has made me feel scratchy the next day. Cramps are there, occasionally severe enough for me to think that AF is definitely on its way, but so far no. I feel on top of the world, to think a little human is starting its course within me... I have found this site so useful because the 2WW can be daunting and bewildering, and with endometriosis especially you do wonder what on earth is going on. I was also suspicious because my BBT chart was triphasic this month and this morning my temp was even higher than it had been, meaning the oven is cooking.

Natural BFP at 41yrs 8mths after 3 years

I can't believe that I am writing my own BFP story! This afternoon, I finally got a BFP! You all are the first to know! I have been longing for a second child (My first is 5 years old), but after a missed miscarriage & D/C 3 years ago, there has been nothing except for phantom pregnancy symptoms each month. So what did I do differently lifestyle-wise? (1) acupuncture. After suffering from the worst flu of my life (bedridden for 2 weeks), I decided that I needed to boost my immune system and treat my digestive issues so I went to the TCM doctor. I took medicinal teas for about 1 month and weekly acupuncture for 3 months. I have read that acupuncture helps to get a BFP but never thought it would work on me. I just wanted to get my health back. (2) Cut down on coffee I love a nice big mug of steaming coffee each morning. But with my digestive issues, I decided that I should concentrate more on taking care of my body first. Instead upped the tea intake - peppermint/nettle/red raspberry infusions. (3) yoga 2 to 3 times a week for about 10 to 15 minutes. The TCM doctor suggested that I start exercising for my lower back pain. How were symptoms different this month? (1) Breasts getting larger in the last 2 weeks (2) tingling sensation running down my arms and legs at random times in the past few days (3) unusual dreams (4) feeling dry down there (usually few days before AF, feel wet and slippery) (5) runny nose, mild sore throat for the past 3 weeks (maybe due to immunity and cold weather?) (6) pinkish discharge at CD 25 BFP at CD27 (AF is generally between CD25 to 28] Thank you for sharing all of your stories! And baby dust to all those who are trying! Don't give up!
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42 BFP 4 x misscarriages

So after 7 years of marriage & trying for a baby since day 1, we are pregnant again! It takes me 1 whole year to get pg each time! I had 2 missed miscarriages (at 8 & 10 wks) before having my beautiful DD (now 4yrs) & 2 more subsequent missed miscarriages (at 9 & 9 wks). Oh plus a failed IVF attempt 2 years ago. We were due to have another round of IVF in Jan but got BFP & am now 6 wks 4 days. Due to my history, I'm having an early u/s in 2 days time. This will tell me whether there is a heartbeat - the point each previous pregnancy has failed. I have been having lots of strong pg symptoms this time (unlike all the others!) so hoping for the best. If you can find it in your hearts to say a little prayer for us, we would be so so grateful! Thank you all!


Hi everyone, just to let you know with God all things are possible. I am so grateful to be pregnant again. I was pregnant naturally at 40, had a missed miscarriage after 3months, became pregnant naturally again 3months after the miscarriage, with multiple fibroids and had a healthy baby boy at 41 1/2yrs. Today at 43yrs 2months, with multiple Fibroids, after trying for 8months I got another natural BFP. Please rejoice with me. I am sooo grateful. Goodluck to you all.


I'm 40 and my partner is 39. I've never tried to conceive before as I hadn't found the right person until now. As much as I wanted a baby I just figured it wasn't meant to be for me. We've been trying 4 months and had booked in to see a fertility specialist in May next year. In previous months I'd felt all sorts of symptoms and searched through this website to find out if any matched, but each time we were disappointed. Last month we used an OPK and as I didn't have any symptoms whatsoever this month I figured it didn't happen. I tested two days before my period was due and got a negative and did it again just for the hell of it the next day and up came the faint positive. :) I've done probably 15 tests since then and all positive and it's still hard to believe. :) I've had two sets of blood work done at the doctors and it's progressing as it should so fingers crossed. From looking at my chart I would be about 4 weeks along now. I think the first sign I had was really vivid dreams, which I never had before and constant exhaustion. It's a long road ahead and I'm terrified of m/c, but I never thought I'd be posting here. Good luck to everyone trying. :)

I just knew it!!!!

Me: 41yo DH: 39yo DS: 17 DS: 14 DS: 17months My husband and I have been TTC since January of this year. In February we got our BFP with our 2nd child together. We were excited to say the least. Unfortunately, I miscarried in April. We were devastated, but still wanted to continue trying. AF didn’t return for a while and we just were able to begin trying in July. Now, here’s where the story gets good… A couple of months of trying the way my husband thought we should do it… and nothing. September rolls around and I tell him he needs to listen to me and we need to BD every time I tell him. He liked the little bit of control I was showing. ;) Anyway, we did what we were supposed to, by the book, and low and behold at 11 DPO, BFP. Ok, maybe not the BF part, there was a very light line on the First Response test. I called my doctor and I went in to get my levels checked. Mind you, I still continued to take HPTs. On 12 DPO, she came back and said, I’m sorry, the blood test is negative. Your HCG levels were only 4.7 and your progesterone is only 3.5. You should expect AF to arrive soon. I told her the HPTs keep saying positive and keep getting darker. She said that can’t be and that I am using faulty tests. 2 different brands and 6 tests tell me yes and she was telling me no. I told her that I was certain my HCG levels would increase and I said I wanted to take progesterone supplements. I did way too much research and thought that if nothing else, it wouldn’t hurt. So she reluctantly prescribed me the progesterone and agreed to retest at the 48 hour mark. So on 13 DPO I go and get another blood test. I am a nervous wreck. I am trying not to get excited. Waiting and waiting for them to call me with the results. I am getting impatient and decide to call them. She pulls my record up… “CONGRATULATIONS” she said!!! Your numbers have more than doubled and your progesterone is rising. I couldn’t be happier!!! I am ecstatic. My husband cried. We did it again. Moral of this story –1. trust your gut first. 2. First Response is even more sensitive than the 25units they claim to be. 3. When you go to get a blood test and it says negative, get your HCG number. If it is close like mine was… re-test the standard 48 hours… not in another week – 10 days. And 4. Keep trying for your BFP, that is supposed to be the fun part!!!


About 2 1/2 weeks ago I took a pregnancy test and it was positive. I knew something was going on, because morning sickness hit me strong and early. I was also spotting very lightly. I called my Dr and he ordered a hcg quant as well as progesterone. I went in for my blood work and felt a little off. That night I went to bed and early the next morning started bleeding. Went to the ER concerned that I was having an ectopic. Ultra sound showed no signs of ectopic and of course no baby for it was too early. Went home and the cramping and bleeding started and it was heavier than a period. I knew that I was no longer pregnant so the Dr ordered another quant to make sure they were decreasing. I was extremely sad and felt like I had to stay positive. The bleeding lasted 5 to 6 days. My quant in the ER was very low, lower than a digital pg test will read. I did have a positive one. I knew it was over. I worked on recovery and started playing Hockey again. I was feeling good again and was planning to try again. In the meantime I never heard back from the doctor. I finally called yesterday and got a little annoyed because they didn't get the results. To my surprise my quant had gone up, so they did another quant it was up even more. Dr said he is pretty sure I am pregnant with a viable pregnancy. I told him that I will believe it when I see an us and a heart beat. I have an appointment on Tuesday! I am hopeful, but cautious! Now I am starting with the morning sickness!