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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP over 40

Got your BFP at age 40 or older? We definitely want to hear your story! Send us your symptoms through this contact form.

42 BFP 4 x misscarriages

So after 7 years of marriage & trying for a baby since day 1, we are pregnant again! It takes me 1 whole year to get pg each time! I had 2 missed miscarriages (at 8 & 10 wks) before having my beautiful DD (now 4yrs) & 2 more subsequent missed miscarriages (at 9 & 9 wks). Oh plus a failed IVF attempt 2 years ago. We were due to have another round of IVF in Jan but got BFP & am now 6 wks 4 days. Due to my history, I'm having an early u/s in 2 days time. This will tell me whether there is a heartbeat - the point each previous pregnancy has failed. I have been having lots of strong pg symptoms this time (unlike all the others!) so hoping for the best. If you can find it in your hearts to say a little prayer for us, we would be so so grateful! Thank you all!


Hi everyone, just to let you know with God all things are possible. I am so grateful to be pregnant again. I was pregnant naturally at 40, had a missed miscarriage after 3months, became pregnant naturally again 3months after the miscarriage, with multiple fibroids and had a healthy baby boy at 41 1/2yrs. Today at 43yrs 2months, with multiple Fibroids, after trying for 8months I got another natural BFP. Please rejoice with me. I am sooo grateful. Goodluck to you all.


I'm 40 and my partner is 39. I've never tried to conceive before as I hadn't found the right person until now. As much as I wanted a baby I just figured it wasn't meant to be for me. We've been trying 4 months and had booked in to see a fertility specialist in May next year. In previous months I'd felt all sorts of symptoms and searched through this website to find out if any matched, but each time we were disappointed. Last month we used an OPK and as I didn't have any symptoms whatsoever this month I figured it didn't happen. I tested two days before my period was due and got a negative and did it again just for the hell of it the next day and up came the faint positive. :) I've done probably 15 tests since then and all positive and it's still hard to believe. :) I've had two sets of blood work done at the doctors and it's progressing as it should so fingers crossed. From looking at my chart I would be about 4 weeks along now. I think the first sign I had was really vivid dreams, which I never had before and constant exhaustion. It's a long road ahead and I'm terrified of m/c, but I never thought I'd be posting here. Good luck to everyone trying. :)

I just knew it!!!!

Me: 41yo DH: 39yo DS: 17 DS: 14 DS: 17months My husband and I have been TTC since January of this year. In February we got our BFP with our 2nd child together. We were excited to say the least. Unfortunately, I miscarried in April. We were devastated, but still wanted to continue trying. AF didn’t return for a while and we just were able to begin trying in July. Now, here’s where the story gets good… A couple of months of trying the way my husband thought we should do it… and nothing. September rolls around and I tell him he needs to listen to me and we need to BD every time I tell him. He liked the little bit of control I was showing. ;) Anyway, we did what we were supposed to, by the book, and low and behold at 11 DPO, BFP. Ok, maybe not the BF part, there was a very light line on the First Response test. I called my doctor and I went in to get my levels checked. Mind you, I still continued to take HPTs. On 12 DPO, she came back and said, I’m sorry, the blood test is negative. Your HCG levels were only 4.7 and your progesterone is only 3.5. You should expect AF to arrive soon. I told her the HPTs keep saying positive and keep getting darker. She said that can’t be and that I am using faulty tests. 2 different brands and 6 tests tell me yes and she was telling me no. I told her that I was certain my HCG levels would increase and I said I wanted to take progesterone supplements. I did way too much research and thought that if nothing else, it wouldn’t hurt. So she reluctantly prescribed me the progesterone and agreed to retest at the 48 hour mark. So on 13 DPO I go and get another blood test. I am a nervous wreck. I am trying not to get excited. Waiting and waiting for them to call me with the results. I am getting impatient and decide to call them. She pulls my record up… “CONGRATULATIONS” she said!!! Your numbers have more than doubled and your progesterone is rising. I couldn’t be happier!!! I am ecstatic. My husband cried. We did it again. Moral of this story –1. trust your gut first. 2. First Response is even more sensitive than the 25units they claim to be. 3. When you go to get a blood test and it says negative, get your HCG number. If it is close like mine was… re-test the standard 48 hours… not in another week – 10 days. And 4. Keep trying for your BFP, that is supposed to be the fun part!!!


About 2 1/2 weeks ago I took a pregnancy test and it was positive. I knew something was going on, because morning sickness hit me strong and early. I was also spotting very lightly. I called my Dr and he ordered a hcg quant as well as progesterone. I went in for my blood work and felt a little off. That night I went to bed and early the next morning started bleeding. Went to the ER concerned that I was having an ectopic. Ultra sound showed no signs of ectopic and of course no baby for it was too early. Went home and the cramping and bleeding started and it was heavier than a period. I knew that I was no longer pregnant so the Dr ordered another quant to make sure they were decreasing. I was extremely sad and felt like I had to stay positive. The bleeding lasted 5 to 6 days. My quant in the ER was very low, lower than a digital pg test will read. I did have a positive one. I knew it was over. I worked on recovery and started playing Hockey again. I was feeling good again and was planning to try again. In the meantime I never heard back from the doctor. I finally called yesterday and got a little annoyed because they didn't get the results. To my surprise my quant had gone up, so they did another quant it was up even more. Dr said he is pretty sure I am pregnant with a viable pregnancy. I told him that I will believe it when I see an us and a heart beat. I have an appointment on Tuesday! I am hopeful, but cautious! Now I am starting with the morning sickness!

got a BFP at 45 with 2 nd IUI please don't loose your hopes

Hi Everybody, I have been seeing fertility specialists and heard similar stories that for my age it is not possible to get pregnant with my eggs but donor eggs (Which was very stressful to hear because I did not have any babies ) and my chances are 1%. I was hopeful and determined so I did not give up my hopes- infact I told the Doctor and Nurse that "I feel I am going to get pregnant" for more than my belief I was just hoping that they would stop any discouraging words when I say so :) I believe in self confidence, nothing works for me without it. If you ladies would like to know anything about tww and other little tips I followed I am glad to share 'cos its too much to mention here. I was diagnosed with a uterus polyp and the doctor recommended me to do a laporascopy to remove the polyp and me and my DH was very nervous but that was the best decision I ever made in this journey. Right after the lap I did the 1 st IUI and the next cycle which is the 2 nd IUI in which I got pregnant.I prayed everyday and cried asking for a one baby regardless of all negative comments from fertility specialists and nurses.

Conceived naturally at 42!

I just got a bfp this morning at the age of 42 and au natural! We have been ttc for 15 months and had a chemical pregnancy in February. I know it is early but at least we know we can conceive and hopefully this one sticks! After hearing time and time again that my eggs were "old", we finally had a consultation with an RE in early August. He basically told us our chances of conceiving on our own was slim and our best chance would be with IVF and would most likely have to use donor eggs. The only change we made this cycle was to use an opk and I started temping and charting for use by the RE in his evaluation at our followup. CD12 positive opk :) CD13 some cramping and nausea at bedtime CD14 Huge temp spike, fertility friend determines this is my O day, cramping and mild nausea off and on 1-3dpo mild nausea and cramping off and on, huge temp drop on 3dpo 4-7dpo dull headache that just won't go away, feel like I'm getting the flu, just an overall feverish and achy type feeling, cramping and nausea off and on, temp spikes back up on 4dpo then dips again at 7dpo. Start to wonder if we might have got it this time. 8dpo headache finally goes away, sharp stabbing pain in lower abdomen when I wake up lasting just a few seconds, mild cramping and nausea continues, breasts slightly tender/full feeling, temp back up, tired throughout the day. 9dpo wake up with this feeling that I just know I'm pregnant. Temp still up, took a dollar tree test and had the faintest of faint line, not convincing. Throughout the day noticed no cramping, only one bout of nausea, feeling pretty good except I feel I could fall asleep at any minute! 10dpo temp still up, took another test, definite pink line within timeframe! Pretty nauseous throughout the day, breasts more full and still tender, extremely tired. Thanks for reading my story. I hope it gives some hope to others over 40. Keep trying!!

We Let The Lord decide

Currently mother of 4. Am 44 years old and was exhausted by trying to continue natural family 'planning' what was right for my husband and my family. I decided 4 months ago to stop natural family planning and just trust The Lord would give us the family he desired for us. Just found out today I am 4 weeks pregnant. I know there's still a ways to go until natural miscarriage risks are safely passed. Have experienced a 6 wk miscarriage and 12 week miscarriage before however, I keep my trust in Jesus that this pregnancy may be brought to full term with a healthy baby!

BFP with severe endometriosis

I still can't wrap my head around it because we've tried for 5 years and I've pretty much given up. I'm 40 yrs old and will 41 in Dec. I just started a new job in June so this was so unexpected. When I first was ttc 5 years ago, I did all the charts, opks and nothing was working. I had some severe pain with my cycles that ended up being a cyst on my uterus. I had surgery and that's when they found my endo. They had us try to conceive for 6 months after to see if it would work but nothing. I than did 6 months of lupron and it than took a long time for my cycles to start back up. When they did I try Fermara. After that didn't work I was told to seek help with a Fertility Clinic. My insurance doesn't cover it so I haven't tried. So years later I ironically work for a Fertility clinic. I've only been they for a little over a month and now pregnant. Not the best timing but I'm thrilled. This is my first so I couldn't be happier. I haven't been tracking anything but I know I was going to ovulate when we bd'd because of my cm. We bd'd 3 times around my ovulation. I guess it was enough. My only clue that something was up was my bbs were killing me at cd27. I normally start by than and my bbs normally don't hurt when I start. It's now cd29. No af. I average 25-26 days. I'm really tired and a fees cramps but otherwise feeling good. I needed to just know what's up so I stopped at the dollar store to get a hpt. And.....two pink lines. Please don't give up. Anything can happen

43 with BFP, only took 3 years...

Well here I am again - I posted a BFP in 2012 but that pregnancy lasted all of 9 weeks. Tried IVF one and a half times (first time had highly graded eggs but they did not implant. Second time the drugs didn't work at all). Just had an HSG flush as a final thing to answer any question about blocked tubes (they're all clear) 3 weeks ago. Heard the flush can help with boost the chances of conception so - this may be a reason, who knows. BD'd one day before and one day after ovulation which was CD13. Did it at night and lay there "in it" the whole night. Used a heap of Pre-seed. I use OPK's and the DuoFertility monitor - so it's pretty easy to pinpoint ovulation especially in hindsight. 1 to 8DPO - Big fat nuthin. 9DPO - Watching TV - had some pretty sharp pinching in the middle of my lower belly which I visualise as the uterus. Three distinct spells of pinching so noticeable that I unzipped my jeans to gaze at my navel as if that helped edify the situation. I decided that if this wasn't "it" then I'm going to lose faith in all things. 10DPO - Had two bizarre dreams each ending with me holding two positive early HPTS. Got up and tested at 7am - nope, BFN - but I'm no fool- I know that it takes at least a day after this pinching stuff before HCG shows up. I throw it in the bin and pull it back out to squint at it 700 times throughout the day because like I said I'm no fool. No sir. 11 DPO - Snuck out of bed at the crack of dawn to test - didn't see a second line and so went back to bed to sulk quietly. Decided to wake husband and tell him about how life is just one long farcical gag but check one more time in the dark and could see something. Threw open the blinds and saw a very, very faint line. Yelled my husband awake and he was very confused and then excited. We hugged for an hour. 12DPO - appropriately darker second line and possibly a tiny bit of spotting. I really hope this works out. I will say this - I upped the protein - heaps at every meal and good fats and fish oil and I left out the sugar and flour about 7 months ago - I did have a terribly low AMH (less than 0.5) and it elevated to 2.29 as a result of the new diet and hormones regulated. It also could be a bit of luck. Good luck out there y'all.