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BFP over 40

Got your BFP at age 40 or older? We definitely want to hear your story! Send us your symptoms through this contact form.

Bfp at 40 after ttc 10 mths

Hi all I wanted to share as I have looked at this site for inspiration and hope over the last few months. I started trying at 39 3/4 casually at first and then got the pregnacare vitamins, opk tests the works basically. That was up to xmas and all I had to show was spotting days before cycle, bloating and a a feeling of failure. After the holidays I went to the drs who took day 3 and day21 blood tests which were all normal. As I have always been regular 24 to 27 day cycle he told me to relax, chuck out the opks, vitamins except frolic acid and aim to BD every other day from day 6 to day 18. Took a couple of months and spotting for days stopped (convinced that was the vitamins) until one day before af as before. Still nothing and a friend suggested reflexology so I had 3 fertility sessions and thought ok give it a break until after my holiday. Anyway 4 days before holiday on cd28 I took a test and got a bfp. Sorta thought I might be pregnant after cd24 as no AF symptoms and still none at cd38. Only now starting to feel a bit of nausea and loads of cm which was dry before bfp. My cycle only folic acid and reflexology x3 Cd 1-4 AF Bd cd8,9,10,13,15,16. Think I O'd cd15 as ewcm disappeared on cd16 but had been around cd12-15 1-5 dpo nothing 6dpo to bfp at 13 dpo bloating, some headaches normal pms stuff I hope this helps all you ladies to not give up. This will be my first time ever bfp and hopefully full term pregnancy to be a mum at 41 and a shotgun bride to boot! We had booked our wedding as I didn't want to put it off any longer just in case it never happened and it has. Perhaps I just needed to chill out and let go before nature took over.
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BFP one month before 43rd birthday

Hello all, I wanted to give some encouragement particularly to older women who are trying to conceive. I got a BFP in March of this year, one month before my 43rd birthday. I had been trying to conceive for 15 months but my attempts had been patchy at best, for instance I had completely missed out trying some months and during other months had only BD once or twice, so I would not describe my efforts as consistent. I am now almost 23 weeks pregnant and all scans and blood tests have come back normal (i.e. a normal low-risk result for downs syndrome). I was diagnosed with breast cancer 4 years ago and since then had made some real lifestyle changes, e.g. avoiding alcohol and emotional stress; yoga, transcendental meditation, swimming (though I go for long periods of time not keeping up with exercise!); Generally I eat very healthily, with occasional lapses and had been having regular acupuncture as well as herbal medicine (western and more recently Chinese herbs for fertility); I have been trying to heal from childhood trauma and I believe this helped in my conceiving. I am by no means an orthodox Christian, having become interested in aspects of many religions and I'm undecided about the nature of God, but I had started to pray and I had found this to be powerful. Both my mother and only Aunt had children into their 40s and only stopped because they did not want any more children, rather than Mother Nature putting an end to things! I hope this gives encouragement to all, especially to older women who are trying to conceive. Blessings and Baby Dust to you all! X

Natural BFP after years of fertility treatments

Hi all. I am four weeks pregnant and wanted to share my story, because I have been stalking this site for years. I always vowed I would post if I got my BFP as I have found the stories of others so inspiring. So, I am 41. I have a 5 year old daughter, conceived with IUI. We have unexplained unfertility. We struggled to conceive a second child using natural method, IUI and even a shot at IVF. We started the adoption process. We thought we would give it a while longer naturally, whilst waiting for the adoption assessment. My symptoms were similar to all these months, where I was convinced it was positive, but never was. Anyway here is what I observed: 1-5 DPO - nothing to report 5 days onwards, some mild cramping and subtle waves of nausea 10 DPO - wanting to gag after spraying strong smelling toilet cleaner. Also a couple of hot flushes . . but the weather was warm so I wasn't quite sure. . . ! 13 DPO - By this time nausea is becoming more noticeable on and off during the day. I had to HPTs so tested with an OPK and two lines came up. Holy cow. I want straight to the chemist and did the Clearblue Digital, which said Pregnant 1-2. In my possession I have lubes and sprays and monitors and multivitamins . . . but didn't use any of these this month. It was just pure luck and goes to show you that Mother Nature can deliver you what seems like the impossible. I never imagined writing my story on this site, as some of you reading this probably feel too! Good luck and keep trying.

44 and 20w5d!

I have been trying for the past five years. Got pg first time at 39. Ended in blighted ovum. Tried naturally for a while and decided to go to RE. Saw the stats and went the donor egg route. Did our first cycle. Ended in a chemical. Next cycle natural pg. ended in early mc. Did another donor cycle and NOTHING! Six months later pg again, naturally. Ended in mc. One year later to the day pg again at 43! Thought for sure this wasn't going to make it. However, here I am at 44 20w3d with a healthy (so far) kicking baby girl. Pretty uneventful pg. Unbelievable. Once I stopped trying here I am pg. I cannot believe it and I won't until she comes out screaming. :). God bless you all. It CAN happen!

BFP after failed 1st IVF

This site has helped me patiently get through my 2WW and I am happy to say that I have great news to post for my fellow readers. I am 41 and DH is 36. My issues are obviously age and high FSH/diminished ovarian reserve. DH had no issues and his swimmers were tested as excellent. After meeting with my 1st RE, he had me go straight to IVF with 300 iu Follistim and 300 iu Menopur (aggressive treatment.) This ultimately resulted in about 8 follicles. Two fertilized (one mature, one matured JUST in time for my transfer.) After a LONG 2ww, BFN. I decided to change my RE to one that specialized in diminished ovarian reserve. He told me that my body may not respond well to aggressive treatment and felt strongly that I should do a much less aggressive IVF cycle. Bad news was that the lab was closed for cleaning in July, so I would need to wait till Aug for my 2nd IVF cycle. He suggest that I not waste the time and just give IUI a try. He said, it was a long shot, but that it would be worth it just to see how my body reacted to Clomid. So we did an IUI cycle with just Clomid. The results were about the same amount of follicles (which was amazing since I hardly took any medication for the IUI cycle) Here is the daily breakdown: * Trigger (had sex the night before...JUST in case) * IUI 24 hours after Trigger. Also had sex the night after IUI and the morning after - esp since the IUI was only 24 hours after trigger. Definitely felt cramps throughout the day. I never felt cramps with ivf, must be a good sign. * 1dpiui - First time I've slept through the whole night. Had some minimal cramping * 2dpiui - No symptoms * 3dpiui - No symptoms * 4dpiui - Some white milky discharge * 5dpiui - No symptoms * 6dpiui - A little cramping * 7dpiui - Woke up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom (never happens). Felt a tugging type of cramping on my left side. Also slight heartburn and gassy * 8dpiui - Bathroom again in the middle of the night. Feeling very hungry. * 9dpiui - Took cheap Wondfo HPT. There could be a really light line? Maybe not. I think i'm seeing things. * 10dpiui - Wondfo HPT gave me a very very very faint line. Still don't want to get excited. More cramps/tugging on left side. * 11dpiui - Definitely seeing a faint line. Things are definitely looking good. * 12dpiui - Took FREP and its a solid line!!!! Strong tugging on my life side * 13dpiui - Wondfo HPT giving me a stronger line. Weird tugging now on my RIGHT side. First time i'm feeling anything on my right side. Also felt a tightness around my ovaries during the night. * 14dpiui - Beta came in BFP!!! HCG levels are high at 356. Nurse said I should prepare myself for the slight possibilities of twins. Will need to check 2nd beta at 16dpiui and ultrasound a week later. I don't even know how this is all possible (thank you GOD). With a failed IVF, I can not believe my first IUI was a success, especially at 41 years old. For everyone not give up or lose faith.

Bfb @ 40 after miscarriage, 5 months of trying!!!

So ive also been reading here, almost daily and not getting much work done! here's the story... last year Oct at 39yrs old i unexpectedly fell pregnant. Shocked since my daughter is 15yrs old and even though i always wanted another deep down, wasnt planning on it and thought my time was up anyway. After finally accepting the pregnancy and seeing the very strong heartbeat at 6weeks, my world was shattered when i started bleeding at 9 and a half weeks. the baby's heart had stopped at 9wks. On the 4th December i had the d&c. I never realised how devastating it would be. Started trying again in Feb this year, but just seemed like it was never going to happen. My cycle changed and did some strange things. I knew my eggs were "old" and i havent lived a very healthy lifestyle at all. Also a smoker. My DP had a SA and the results were terrible. i then turned 40 in March!! All odds were against us. i Started taking fertilpil, superfood shakes every morning (which contain maca as well) Coq10 and stayed on the prenatal. i also dicovered fertivor which i took the last month only. Only BD the morning of day 9 and the evening of day 10 when i got the positive OPK. Thought we were out since i ovulated on day 12. 6 dpo started getting bad period pains and thought i was having another dudd cycle, the previous month i had a 19 day cycle which i knew was VERY wrong. 7 dpo stayed off work. the pains had been so bad i was awake all night and was still quite saw the morning. Worst period pains i'd ever gotten! 8dpo pains had gone. thought i had a luteal phase defect the previous month and almost took progesterone supplement prescribed by gynae. When i woke up to no period i presumed my progesterone had finally kicked it!! yay! Realised i had been constipated for the last 3 days and was tired. put it down to progesterone kicking in strong! 10dpo had a skin breakout which i havent had since a teenager!! and felt as if my blood sugar dropped making me very woozy and dizzy, had to lie down for half an hour. 12 dpo bad period pains came back, this is it, period coming any minute, but at least i knew my cycle was almost back on track. almost fell a sleep at my desk at work. 13dpo period pains still here and started putting the puzzle together. Also realised that i had been weeing more, felt dehydrated and the famous tell tale sign...feeling "wet"down there..... didnt think it was possible and i never test, i usually wait for AF to show, but had some free samples that came with the fertilpil so did 2 tests at the same time. Faint line on each after a minute!!!!! 2 days BEFORE AF was due to arrive as per my new cycle since d&c. went for a blood test straight from work to confirm 1 to 2 weeks pregnant!! So scared to get excited, cannot go through that again, but have decided to think positive with this one!! even going to buy booties or something!!! My daughter screamed and is over the moon!! DP says barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen again! :) i have prayed so much that this is the one. it will definately be my last chance at trying and the man above knows i cant go through that again! so, what i did differently this month? Fertivor was new, the rest i mentioned above. Also only bd day 9 and 10, oh and one more funny thing... i spoke to God, my tummy and my body. Told them this is it now, i dont care about anything else, i only want healthy sperm and you get in there and fertilise a healthy egg and go stick! come on, go implant nicely and Lord,only healthy egg and sperm!!! :) asking for prayers for a healthy 9 months!! :) :) :)

BFP at 41 after 2 negative tests!!!

Well I am 5 weeks today and feeling better about this pregnancy than I thought I would. I've had two MMC in the past year the last in March. I'm excited and very blessed and pray for a sticky bean as I have a 3 year old dd and would love her to have a sibling! here were my symptoms: I ovulated on CD 15 which I knew by using OPK's and CM and I also get strong mittelshmerz. We dtd CD 9, 11, 13 and 15 and I got a positive opk test on CD 14. 3dpo - heartburn hungry tired constipated so incredibly bloated and very emotional 4dpo - same but also dizzy and extremely bloated 5dpo- pink CM when checking cervix and period like cramps (I don't spot mid cycle ever) and sore back 6dpo- not much starting to feel depressed and like I'm out this cycle 7dpo - again feeling lightheaded, diarrhea and some teeny cramps but think its all in my head - feeling sad. One bout of nausea 8dpo - spot of red when checking cervix? AF due in 6 days this seems way too early? Cramps across lower front abdomen and ovaries, had a beer and felt woozy right away? Feeling sad and stressed and anxious and not certain at all 9dpo - big dizzy spell and strong cramps all day that Make me think I might be pregnant? 10-13dpo - each day a tiny bit of brown CM or pinkish red. Mild cramps and so depressed now sure AF is coming :( very bloated Had a dream about eating ranch dressing at 13dpo and woke up retching and almost threw up? Very odd. Some pulling and stitching in uterus now too Sat 14dpo - took a test and nothing right away but an hour later a pink line?? No more spotting not anything just extra CM? Crampy and uterus feels "full" and heavy. So confused? Sun 15dpo - no AF now 1 day late POAS BFN right away but again a light pink line 45 min later?? I pee on an opk and get a BLAZER? I am certain I am pregnant! Monday 16dpo - vary faint BFP within 10 minutes!!! It took me until 5 days past AF due to get a stronger pink line but I feel very pregnant and different from the other recent pregnancies. I'm praying this one sticks :)

What a shock!

My husband and I started trying to conceive when I was 39 and he was 42. After 3+ years of trying, we finally got our first BFP on Sunday! We decided 2 years ago not to pursue any fertility treatment and to just let nature take its course. Neither of us wanted the stress or pressure that we had seen friends and family go through. We investigated the adoption route and hadn't ruled it out but hadn't really pursued it either. We were sort of in a holding pattern, not without any hope, but deep down thinking it probably wasn't going to happen for us. We're raising my daughter (nearly 17!!) from my first marriage, so it wasn't like we weren't experiencing parenting together. Still, it was always there in the backs of our minds and making us both a bit sad. We didn't do anything special this month - I've long stopped using OPKs, counting days, etc - and we actually only bd twice. We've both had a stressful time at work lately and it really wasn't first on our list of priorities this month! I have no idea how many dpo it was or even when I ovulated. I guess the time was just right for us. And maybe it was the not worrying about it that finally let it happen. I hadn't been thinking about the possibility of being pregnant, and didn't feel any differently than I do every month just before AF, but on Sunday, DH and I had a huge row (so unlike us) when I reacted completely overly emotionally about something trivial (so unlike me!). We were both left wondering what on earth was wrong with me. It was then that I remembered some waves of nausea earlier in the week and that I'd been feeling extremely tired. I checked the calendar and realised AF was 2 days late (she's NEVER late) and decided to take a test. We had a faint positive line that afternoon, confirmed by a 'pregnant' result on a digital test the next morning. What a shock! I can hardly believe it and have to keep looking at the photo we took of the digital test to convince myself it's real and that it just happened - the old fashioned way! So here we are, nearly 43 and 46, sending one off to university in a year's time and expecting a baby! We couldn't be more joyful!

Late BFP

We have been trying for 6 months and was beginning to get dicouraged. I know 6 months isn't long, but it's an eternity when you are 41 and ttc. I thought I was out this cycle due to the fact that I started testing at 10 dpo and just kept getting BFN after BFN and then FINALLY got a very very faint BFP at cd 33, two days past when AF was due. Even though I'd been having pregnancy symptoms for at least a week...waves of nausea, tiredness, heartburn, vivid dreams, etc. I didn't truly believe it until I went to my dr (the same day) for a blood test. Due date is January 26th and I couldn't be more excited!! Baby dust to all you ladies ttc!!! I hope you all get your BFP's real soon!! :)

Finally a BFP Agnus Castus and Hyperprolactinaemia

I finally got my BFP last Friday after 2 years of trying and 1 miscarriage March 13. I have hyperprolactinaemia - which causes infertility, I am 42 years old next week and this was my last chance to try. I began taking Agnus Castus 3 months ago, the new 1 a day version from Holland and Barrett which reduced my prolactin down from 3800 to 307 in additiona to my cabergoline medication. I used ovuulation strips from the internet and found that I had a strong positive for 3 days running (no idea why), implanatation spot on 6dpo. So I am pregnant HCG levels rising nicely, Progesterone at a good level. Feeiling quite sick and very tired but all that is good.