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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP over 40

Got your BFP at age 40 or older? We definitely want to hear your story! Send us your symptoms through this contact form.

What a shock!

My husband and I started trying to conceive when I was 39 and he was 42. After 3+ years of trying, we finally got our first BFP on Sunday! We decided 2 years ago not to pursue any fertility treatment and to just let nature take its course. Neither of us wanted the stress or pressure that we had seen friends and family go through. We investigated the adoption route and hadn't ruled it out but hadn't really pursued it either. We were sort of in a holding pattern, not without any hope, but deep down thinking it probably wasn't going to happen for us. We're raising my daughter (nearly 17!!) from my first marriage, so it wasn't like we weren't experiencing parenting together. Still, it was always there in the backs of our minds and making us both a bit sad. We didn't do anything special this month - I've long stopped using OPKs, counting days, etc - and we actually only bd twice. We've both had a stressful time at work lately and it really wasn't first on our list of priorities this month! I have no idea how many dpo it was or even when I ovulated. I guess the time was just right for us. And maybe it was the not worrying about it that finally let it happen. I hadn't been thinking about the possibility of being pregnant, and didn't feel any differently than I do every month just before AF, but on Sunday, DH and I had a huge row (so unlike us) when I reacted completely overly emotionally about something trivial (so unlike me!). We were both left wondering what on earth was wrong with me. It was then that I remembered some waves of nausea earlier in the week and that I'd been feeling extremely tired. I checked the calendar and realised AF was 2 days late (she's NEVER late) and decided to take a test. We had a faint positive line that afternoon, confirmed by a 'pregnant' result on a digital test the next morning. What a shock! I can hardly believe it and have to keep looking at the photo we took of the digital test to convince myself it's real and that it just happened - the old fashioned way! So here we are, nearly 43 and 46, sending one off to university in a year's time and expecting a baby! We couldn't be more joyful!

Late BFP

We have been trying for 6 months and was beginning to get dicouraged. I know 6 months isn't long, but it's an eternity when you are 41 and ttc. I thought I was out this cycle due to the fact that I started testing at 10 dpo and just kept getting BFN after BFN and then FINALLY got a very very faint BFP at cd 33, two days past when AF was due. Even though I'd been having pregnancy symptoms for at least a week...waves of nausea, tiredness, heartburn, vivid dreams, etc. I didn't truly believe it until I went to my dr (the same day) for a blood test. Due date is January 26th and I couldn't be more excited!! Baby dust to all you ladies ttc!!! I hope you all get your BFP's real soon!! :)

Finally a BFP Agnus Castus and Hyperprolactinaemia

I finally got my BFP last Friday after 2 years of trying and 1 miscarriage March 13. I have hyperprolactinaemia - which causes infertility, I am 42 years old next week and this was my last chance to try. I began taking Agnus Castus 3 months ago, the new 1 a day version from Holland and Barrett which reduced my prolactin down from 3800 to 307 in additiona to my cabergoline medication. I used ovuulation strips from the internet and found that I had a strong positive for 3 days running (no idea why), implanatation spot on 6dpo. So I am pregnant HCG levels rising nicely, Progesterone at a good level. Feeiling quite sick and very tired but all that is good.

46 and first pregnancy!

wow, I am so surprised and can hardly believe it! After fertility testing and treatment, (shots, no IVF) we gave up, and gave it to The Lord last summer-fall.... now, out of the blue - I am pregnant at 46! What an unbelievable gift! A real mix of emotions, as DH and I have longed for a child for so many years, and figured it was not meant to be, and were coming to terms with it... Now - amazing! exciting! scary! I know i am high risk, and I pray to be able to carry this cherished baby safely to term - and for a healthy baby... I still can hardly believe it is true... Thank you all for sharing your stories, it is so encouraging to me. If you would also, please keep me in your prayers! Best of wishes and blessings to you all! JR
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Age 40 2nd cycle TTC

Very lucky it didn't take long. Usually 29 day cycles give or take a day. We BD every day and I stayed quiet for 20 min or so afterwards. Had really bad right side cramp at 6 dpo. I think this was implantation. 7 and 8 dpo noticed blue veins on my breasts, and mild cramping...similar to AF cramps. This whole time my nipples hurt, that was another big clue because usually the whole breast would be tender while waiting for AF. Started feeling nauseated in the evenings at 9 dpo, and lots and lots of bad gas! Took a test at 10 dpo negative. Took another at 11dpo with FMU, negative but when I checked it a couple of hours later it was faint pink line(frer). 14 dpo used Clearblue, got a positive straight away...followed up with Clearblue Digital, indicated 1-2 weeks. Baby due Dec 25!!
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42 years old, BFP, conceived naturally

I am 42 and DH is almost 40. I have a 19 year old DD from first marriage and also had a m/c at 10 weeks in the first marriage. DH and I met, married, and started TTC right away since he has no children and I would love to have another with him, but given our ages (especially mine) we didn't want to wait. My GYN said that since I was still having very regular periods, 28 or 29 days and like clockwork, that I should still be ovulating but it may still take a while. It took about 14 months to get to this point, but there were some months when DH was traveling for his work that were my most fertile days so really we only had a good chance probably about 9 of those 14 months. Anyway - I started taking aspirin this month, had not done that before, but DH's Nurse Practitioner at his Dr. office got pregnant at 40 and recommended taking aspirin to increase blood flow to the uterus. I've also been taking prenatals for months and about once a week, doing yoga. I have been using Dollar Store OPK's but this month I sprang for the Clearblue smiley face ones. We also have tried Preseed a couple of times and used it again this month. Here is the breakdown: CD1 - March 3. Started taking one aspirin a day and continuing prenatals. Started Clearblue OPK's on March 10th. CD 12 - Blinking smiley face (high fertility) - BD CD 13 - Blinking smiley face, used Preseed, BD CD 14 - Blinking smiley face, BD CD 15 - Solid smiley face (peak fertility), used Preseed, BD, pretty sure this was O day and conception day CD 19 - 4 DPO - took afternoon nap, chalked it up to a long week CD 21 - 6 DPO - vivid dream of a positive pregnancy test, but then read 100 stories of women who dreamed of a positive test but were still BFN, so I didn't get hopeful. CD 22, 23, 24, 25, 26 - a little sleepy after work every day but the full on fatigue had not hit me yet, so I was still not really thinking this was from being pregnant. What I remembered from being pregnant before was being so exhausted I would lay down for a few minutes and wake up three hours later, drooling. That has not hit me yet. I did lay down to rest most afternoons but never more than about 30-45 minutes. I did not want to get too hopeful since being a little tired in the afternoon is not uncommon and I was not exhausted like my past pregnancies. Normally I would start testing like a fiend around 10 DPO but I held off this time. It's hard to see those BFN's all the time. The only symptoms I had during that whole week was I seemed to be having more BM's than usual. CD 28 - 13 DPO - at the beach for the weekend and had friends coming to visit, so I thought maybe I should pee on a stick before I sat in the sand with a drink in my hand for 6 hours, LOL. Took it around noon so it was not FMU, but it looked very faint positive. I showed my husband and he thought he could see something, too, but it was REALLY faint. I had another test to take in the morning and thought the FMU would tell for sure. But I noticed I had to pee constantly that day. CD 29 - 14 DPO - AF due today, had some faint cramps but not a drop of blood. Took the second test with FMU and this time a little darker but still looked like a faint BFP. DH said he thought I was not going to get my period because (TMI alert) we BD in the morning before we left the beach and he said my CM usually changed right when I was going to get my period and it had not changed. Peeing constantly, we had to stop every hour and a half on the seven hour drive home! CD 30 - 15 DPO - still no AF, but having cramps as though she would show up any minute. BFP with FMU, this time darker. Calling my doctor to get an appointment and confirm everything. Fx for all of us over 40, its still possible!! Praying for a healthy and happy pregnancy.

Natural BFP at 43, after high FSH

I started trying to conceive in December 2012, aged 43 yrs 2 months. I've had no previous pregnancies or miscarriages and am single but using a known donor (natural insemination). Almost immediately, my periods stopped, having had a regular 28/29-day cycle since age 13. I went for blood tests, FSH in mid December was around 60, then again in late January around 70. Doctors diagnosed early menopause and slim to no chance of pregnancy without donor egg. I continued to try to conceive naturally, disregarding recommendations for HRT (which has contraceptive effects). My period did not return, I was guessing at ovulation using temp, CM, and OPK (OPK didn't work for me even when I did ovulate). I had already cut out alcohol and started taking Pregnacare Conception multivitamins in November 2012. By February 2013 I stopped any high impact exercise (in case cortisol was contributing to any hormonal imbalance), cut out all caffeine (including chocolate) and started acupuncture once a week. Blood tests from Feb 26 showed FSH of 12. In March I started taking royal jelly and agnus castus. My period returned on 25 March, I had a relatively short cycle and my next period came on 18 April. Fluctuations in FSH and cycle length are symptomatic of perimenopause, so whether any of the changes I made contributed in any part to the reduction in FSH and the return of my period, I cannot say. I met with my donor the day before ovulation, the day of ovulation and the 2 following days to give me the best chance of conceiving. Apart from achy breasts and tender nipples I didn't really have any symptoms. I waited til 16 DPO to do the test (Clearblue digital) and got positive, 2-3 weeks. I stopped taking agnus castus and royal jelly, switched to Pregnacare Original, started taking Omega-3 fish oil and continued acupuncture weekly to 16 weeks to help prevent miscarriage. My combined nuchal screening at 12 weeks was 1/5700, from starting at 1/40 due to my age. Against most of the odds, my son was born on 28 January 2014. I wanted to wait until a healthy baby was safely born before posting. Like previous posters, among other things, reading positive stories here gave me hope while trying to conceive. I hope now that this story will encourage others to persevere if their instincts tell them everything is still possible.

Natural Conception at 43

5 week, 4 days pregnant, hope it sticks as I had a CP in December. I also had a baby at 42 (conceived at 41) and it was a totally problem-free, really wonderful pregnancy. I can tell my fertility took a dip though as I got pregnant just 1-2 cycles after getting off birth control when I was 41 and it's taken 8 months to get to this BFP at 43. I was shocked when I tested and got a positive this month since I had tested at 9 DPO and 10 DPO and was really disappointed to see a BFN. I really didn't believe that I could test negative at 10 DPO and still get pregnant that cycle. I've been taking Ubiquinol (Now Foods brand from Amazon) and Evening Primrose Oil until ovulation to help with cervical mucous. Symptoms: 9 DPO: slight dizziness at dinner 10 DPO: slight dizziness at dinner I will update with comments to confirm the viability of this pregnancy as we have a higher rate of MC in our 40s. Good luck everyone!

Almost 45 years old and natural BFP

I will be 45 in April. DH is 29. We had been trying for 11 months when we got our first BFP in August. Unfortunately, it ended in miscarriage at 6 weeks. We were blessed with another in January and I am now 12 weeks 2 days. All tests so far have been great and I've had no problems! I had stark white tests both times until 11 dpo where I received faint positives. Both BFP's were cycles where we just decided to take it easy and stop obsessing. You hear about that all the time and now it's hard for me NOT to believe it. In fact, we've had two consults for donor eggs and, at both of them, I was pregnant and didn't know it....crazy! Early symptoms (5 dpo and on) were night sweats, sore breasts and a skin breakout. From 9 dpo until my BFP - some fatigue and dizziness. Now it's full on morning sickness, constipation, heartburn and fatigue like I've never known. What I was taking for months preceding...nothing too fancy: prenatal w/dha, ubiquinol (for egg quality), one baby aspirin, extra vitamin d, vitamin b complex and calcium. In the interest of "not trying so hard" this time, I stopped doing OPK's and started checking my CM. What I realized was that I had it in abundance, but it wasn't necessarily visible unless I did some "investigating". Highly recommended. I continued temping for several days pre- and post-o until I confirmed ovulation. I loved reading about the over 40 BFP's and remember how much hope it gave to me each time. I hope this story can be that kind of inspiration to you.
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Over 40 BFP Au naturelle & NO SYMPTOMS!

So where to start. My BF and I decided to start trying last year but at that point I wasn't using OPK's etc. After a few months I came across this site and started to look more into vitamins/supplements etc. Nothing happened and then in May I had what I think was a chemical. We were quite ok with this as at least it proved I was ovulating. I decided I wanted to wait a few months after that to get a family wedding and holiday out of the way. And so we resumed in August time. And nothing happened. So I began with the OPKS and before I knew it I was spending a fortune on acupuncture, Chinese medicines etc and still nothing. We let Christmas pass with out trying and then resumed again this year. By this time I was getting concerned that at my age 39 ( I turned 40 at end Feb) it may not happen. My BF is only 33 ( go me!) so I was sure it wasn't him. So for Feb cycle I ordered the clear blue monitor and waited for my Af to arrive so I could begin using it. I also put my BF on maca smoothies (which he hated). I tested at 8dpo and was negative and as I had zero symptoms I was convinced I was out. So I drank wine ( not loads but a glass or to) and waited to be able to use the monitor. My cycle is usually 28/29 days. The due date came and went and still no AF. I thought this is a new kind of torture! I tested the day I was due on and still BFN. Four days late I had to get up 4 times in the night to pee. That morning I had a wee before I left the house and by the time I had got into town ( about a 5 mins walk) I needed to wee again. So on a whim I bought a test. And so I found out I'm preggers in my local shopping centre toilets! Not at all glamourous! I of course had to go and buy a digital and do another test and yep 2 to 3 weeks pregnant. I went into work and had to wait the whole day until I got home to tell my BF. It was his birthday the next day so I told him I had an early birthday message for him and lifted up my t shirt to show I had written 'Hello daddy' on my tummy! The only symptoms I can say I had where as follows: More numbers 2's (TMI) I had sore BB's but I get that anyway from Ov to AF and I had a few hot nights but again I get that in the run up to AF. I am now nearly 6wks and I have sore BB's but not overly so. My tummy is very bloated and hard and I have back pain and insomnia :-) I had NO extra CM, no food aversions/increased smell/Metallic taste/ no implantation cramps/no spotting nothing. The only advice I can give is I did a juice cleanse in Jan and Ive taken Coq10 for months to. They say it takes 3 months for any changes to affect the eggs so that may have helped. I don't smoke, im a fairly healthy weight and my diet is very good. As I said last year I tried everything and nothing was working including pre seed etc. I also had two sessions of counselling with cranial sacral massage and this may have helped. Also do it doggy style ladies :-) I wish you all the most love and luck in the world. Im very cautious as we have a long road to go but I feel very very lucky. Oh and if anyone wants a brand new, un used Clear blue fertility monitor plus 20 tests let me know!