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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP over 40

Got your BFP at age 40 or older? We definitely want to hear your story! Send us your symptoms through this contact form.

1 Year TTC Following 1 MC - BFP at 41 With PCOS and DH Fertility Problems

Hi everybody. Just sharing my story to give you some hope. I am 41 and DH is 46 - I got my BFP this morning after 1 year TTC.. I had an MC one year ago for blighted ovum and had a D and C at 10 weeks which I found so terribly upsetting. Until this one year of TTC DH and I had no problems conceiving- our little girl, aged 4 arrived after first month of trying- no charting, no OPK, au naturel just as did blighted ovum one year ago... After my MC I expected to conceive again quickly as in the past but as the months dragged by and nothing happened I just resorted to comfort eating to fill the terrible emptiness inside. I put on weight and my previously super regular cycle was all over the place. I had an appointment with my Ob/ Gyn in September 2013 who diagnosed PCOS and ordered blood tests and suggested that I take Chirofol 500 (Italian name) which is inositol and according to recent research works in a similar way to Metformin. DH gave up smoking. I cut down on coffee and sugar and had acupuncture twice a month which immediately calmed me and made me feel a lot better. My gynae told me to be patient and not to expect any results for at least 6 months. I had regular appointments but no ovulation and therefore no pregnancy. Around November I noticed slight weight loss and decrease in body hair. I had a vaginal sonogram on Christmas Eve and gynae told us that I was back in business and ready to ovulate so advised BD which we did... I had all usual PMS symptoms and AF was due last Friday: tbh there have been many other months when I was sure I was pregnant and was just greeted by BFN... This month I was not hopeful at all as DH has prostrate problems and his medication reaks havoc with ejaculation so I was just preparing myself for AF as usual ... Usual AF cramps on Fri, Sat but I realized that for past week I have been peeing more often than usual and breasts feel really heavy. Did test this morning and BFP!!! Praying that this one will be ok. Don't lose hope- age, health, PCOS etc the odds weren't good for us. Baby dust to you all! Anni
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2 MC's, 2 yrs TTC, and Finally BFP!

Hi am 40 y.o., got married late at 38, fell pregnant one month after wedding, had MC, fell pregnant two months after MC, had another MC, and then couldn't seem to get pregnant again for the past two years. Ugh! It's been a frustrating, depressing, heartbreaking journey. Before marriage, I was diagnosed with stage 4 Endometriosis. I had a gigantic cyst on my right ovary, and the whole ovary had to be removed surgically, which resulted in an extremely low ovarian reserve of < .1. Fast forward to 3 months ago, and my RE diagnosed me with Adenomyosis, which is basically the same as endo, except the chocolate cysts are on the uterine lining. Double Whammy. No, actually it gets worse.... my CA125 (ovarian cancer marker) levels came back very high, so I was referred to gyn/oncologist. For the past 3 months, I have been seeing different docs, getting all kinds of tests, and was waiting to complete one more test that was scheduled next week (but I can't be pregnant to do this last test)... oh well! That's the "quick" back story, here's the symptoms (all the same symptoms as every month, really): BD on CD 8, 10, 11, 13 CD11: OV day 7DPO: breasts slightly tender (it's a usual symptom, but a little earlier than usual) 8DPO: lower abdominal cramping (started soon after dinner, so most likely digestive) 9DPO: breasts more tender 10DPO: breast extremely tender (this makes me wonder) 11DPO: light cramps, mild twinges, more creamy white discharge than usual 12DPO: lots of discharge; quick, intense stabbing pains when changing positions (sitting to standing, or any sudden move) 13DPO: cotton mouth 14DPO: severe cotton mouth; mild cramping 15DPO: one day before AF and breasts still extremely sore and temp still up (usually temp goes down and breast tenderness disappears); decide to test in evening because I started feeling a bit fuzzy while cooking dinner (not quite nauseous, just "off"). BFP!! 16DPO: AF due today, but temp jumped up, making my chart triphasic! Breasts still tender, but no cramping. What I tried differently this month than in the past 2 years: 1. Hypnotherapy (amazing experience, and only 2 sessions seemed to do the trick... first session to clear my mental blocks and 2nd session at the beginning of my cycle to affirm pregnancy this month). 2. We tried at home insemination for the first time ever. CD 8 and 10 was the good old fashioned way, and on CD 11 and 13, I inserted DH's swimmers directly into my cervix with a plastic syringe. For those of you who have been struggling for a long time, especially those of you who have "unexplained fertility" (which I did NOT) I definitely recommend giving hypnofertility a try, for no more than a few sessions. I will certainly be continuing to see her to affirm a healthy 9 months, and healthy baby, and no repeats of the past. Good luck to all!

Pinknurse BFP After 40

Hi, this site helped me so much in my journey so I hope this post helps someone too. Second IVF (previous ivf produced 7 blastocysts from 13 eggs. 1 missed miscarriage. 1 chemical). Retrieved 5 eggs, four fertilised. Transferred one grade one 4 cell and one grade 2 3/4 cell. Taking progesterone and progynova 3x a day. 2dpo cramping and back ache after transfer 3/4 dpo gas and bloated 5 dpo a 'knock knock' sensation on left side. Some poking feelings 6 dpo feeling really flat. Uterine pains in arvo. Also few sharp pokes on left. But then later arvo sharp twinges on right but thought maybe gas but the Sharp twinges on right side ovary area continued all evening til bed. 7 dpo some AF type pains. Right ovary stabbing pain continued. Blood test revealed progesterone is 38. Feeling flat. 8dpo nausea and empty stomach feeling 9dpo nausea again. A lot of saliva. Cramps / tightness uterine area in afternoon 10 dpo temp went down but try to ignore as on meds 11 dpo bloated and more nausea and boobs feeling much fuller. Think I'm imagining it and can't hold out and do a ClearBlue test. Faint positive! Two hours later another faint positive on FRER Tiniest bit of spotting at night 12dpo positive blood test. HCG 73 Hurrah! Tiniest bit if spotting in morning. Nothing like what I had w previous preg. Some nausea and cramping /backache at night 13dpo AF type cramps


6 dpo big weird sharp tug in my uterus. 7dpo lots of white CM, and itchy skin 8dpo same as above. Nausea. 9dpo still itchy skin. "Orangey" CM. 10dpo bfp with asda cheapie with FMU. Stronger positive with FRER that night. 11dpo pregnant in clearblue digital. What worked for us finally after 18 months of trying was DH stopped putting his laptop on his bits, and we used Duo fertility. Expensive, but well worth it. He stopped putting the laptop on his lap when we started using the monitor, 2 months later, BFP.
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TTC #2 While bf Toddler and 39 Years Old BFP!

Hi acupuncture worked for me. I had two blighted ovum which resulted in two miscarriages and then a third miscarriage before trying acupuncture. I went for one treatment and got preg the next cycle. That was two years and nine months ago. We now have a beautiful toddler! Still nurses at night we co sleep and during the day for naps. Ttc number two while still bf toddler and did acupuncture again this month for three sessions. Boom. Preggers! After not being able to get pregnant for the last year. I will be 39 in the spring. My ovulation was pushed back to day 26! I normally ovulate. on day 18-21 in a 28 day cycle. I got a faint bfp on 10 dpo and no other symptoms. 14-17dpo and spotting a bit on and off. First brown then red then pink only when I wipe and it's minute. Keeping fingers crossed that this sticks just have to wait it out now. So far I 4 weeks one day pg.

BFP Age 41 14 Months After Tubal Reversal!!!

I'm so excited to share here. The stories on here really helped me get through the last several months. After having a tubal reversal 14 months ago, I was beginning to wonder if my one corrected tube was going to work. It did!!! The first few months of ttc were really exciting and then when it didn't happen I began to become concerned that it wouldn't work and I believe that's the biggest reason why I didn't become pregnant until now. Every month I thought I felt cramps, pinching and sore breasts I believed we had caught and every month just showed a BFN. :( In fact last month I noticed colostrum came out of both nipples during PMS, which it never happened any other time I have tried. When I got my cycle I was horrified! This month, I didn't really notice any cramping but tested early because #1. Very vivid dreams every night since about 2dpo. They were extremely realistic. #2. Around 3-4 dpo I ran outside because I thought I was going to vomit. I realize that it was too soon for typical morning sickness and blew it off. #3. Cold like symptoms accompanied with a yucky cold sore broke out at 9dpo and I began to wonder if something was up. #4. 12 dpo felt slight pinching and because it was so close to af and didn't feel like af cramps I ran to the store in the evening and tested right away. It was the first faint positive test in the last 11 months so I knew we were pregnant. #5. 13 dpo tested again and darker faint positive (picture attached). I haven't tested again but am now 4 days past the expected arrival of af and all is well. :) This month I quit doing acupuncture, taking herbs and worrying at all. Instead, I went for a walk every day and affirmed that my subconscious mind created me from nothing and that it could create my baby! I trust in the infinite wisdom and power of my subconscious mind to recreate a perfectly healthy uterus, fallopian tube, and cervical mucous while making sure my hormones are perfectly perfect!!! And voila! In less than a month we tested positive. All I can say is that GOD is soooooooo good. And when you affirm what you want vs. focusing on what's not happening it will make conceiving more possible. Good luck to all and hoping for your BFP too!!!
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Pregnant After 10 Years of Trying

I got positive test today. I stopped trying for a while no joy I just wanted to adopt ohhhhh finally preg naturally I'm 44 years so happy

42 and Less Than 5 Months After Tubal Reversal - BFP!!!

I am 42 with 2 grown children (20 and 23) and my BF is 41 with 2 ages 8 and 11. We were sweethearts 25 years ago, and 4 years ago reunited through Facebook. We both loved the idea of having one together, but the odds were stacked against us. I'd had my tubes tied in '96 and the odds of a successful reversal at my age (according to age and method of sterilization) were only 26%. However, after talking it over and many prayers, we decided to go for it. It was expensive, but not as expensive as IVF. Plus he and I didn't want to go through the stress of IVF. I decided that if it was meant to be, it would happen naturally. So I had the surgery done July 1 and here I am less than 5 months later looking at a table full of positive HPTs. I did take Clomid 50mg this month but my Dr. wasn't very optimistic. Ha! It's still early for me and I'm not completely out of the woods, but for anybody out there who thinks it can't happen over 40 - IT CAN!

BFP 11dpo No Symptoms to Speak of

Just did a test at 11dpo, not fmu - did it at 11.20am and had only been for a wee an hour earlier! I have just had a 'feeling' that it had worked this month, ever since we dtd, I don't know why! I wasn't stressing as much about whether it had worked, as much as I had in other months, because I really wasn't bothered if it didn't happen this month - don't really want an August birthday as it will be youngest in its school year! But hey ho! I turned 40 last month and we have only been trying 4 months, also missed trying last month as my cycles went all weird but seemed back to normal this month. I think my luteal phase is between 9-11 days, but I only started taking my temp last cycle and like I said it was a v weird one (ovulated just after af finished and next af only 19 days later!) I haven't really had any symptoms yet to speak of, just sore boobs but I always get sore boobs as soon as I ovulate so that isn't really any different for me (maybe they have been a bit more sore around the sides, but nothing too different.) My nipples look the same as usual, I haven't had increased cm (in fact in the previous months of trying I had more cm during my luteal phase than I have this month!) Haven't felt sick yet. Very very mild cramps yesterday and today but so mild and I only get them when I am thinking about being pg so may be all in my head! Now I am just hoping it's not multiples as I already have fraternal twins and I think the odds increase as you get older!!
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Miracles Can Happen, BFP After 6 Years TTC No. 2 Baby!

Well, I lurked on this site for hope many times and read into every little symptom and promised myself I would write an update if I was lucky, so here I am! Some background; Conceived dd over 7 years ago after just 2 months, and she's been a joy. After a few months we decided to try for another. After 6 months I went to the GP and he sent me to the local hospital for tests. I had a hysteropingogram and all was clear, so the hospital put me on clomid along with monitoring of follicles to monitor best chance of conception. I did this for a year. (Even though I'd read that if clomid hadn't worked in 6 months, it was unlikely). I felt the NHS at this point had little sympathy as I already had a child. And in fact, after the year, they pretty much said, we can't help you any more. You don't get IVF as you already have a child. I understand as there are people who need the treatment for their first. Still, a bit heart breaking at the time and we had a break from thinking about another. We then looked into private IVF at the Lister Hospital in London. Initially we did one round of IUI, which I felt was a waste of time and just a money collection idea for them. Then we did 3 rounds of IVF over the course of a year. All unsuccessful, it seemed although plenty were fertilising, they weren't strong enough to make blastocysts. Due to the heartache, we decided to count our blessings and forget about it, however as you will know, that's easier siad than done. All in all, to this point was about 5 years. Eventually this year, I said to my dh, that as a last ditch attempt why didn't we consider alternative therapies. He agreed. I went to a holistic clinic, where they looked at overall well being and made recommendations. I was already taking royal jelly capsules, and COQ10, and pregnacare conception. They recommended Shatavari for women, and milk thistle complex. So I was taking about 11/12 supplements a day. I then began acupunture with a wonderful lady, who also said to stop eating or drinking cold food or drink, I struggled with this but did it! And then I began Mayan abdominal massage, the first time is by a practitioner, and then you continue it for the first half of your cycle. I also monitored my fertility with Clearblue sticks (they only worked in the afternoon for me!). I followed this regime for 5 months, and then we went on holiday in August, where I was drinking and eating cold things, kept forgetting my tablets and generally forgot all about it. When we returned I carried on the regime, and a few days after had a smiley face for conception. I was going away the day after, so at the time thought, we might as well, but it's not exactly likely after the month we've had. (Have you noticed romance goes out the window a bit?!). A couple of weeks after we moved house, and on the moving day, I had some spotting, nothing unusual at that point as I was about 13 dpo (smiley face), and often have spotting before af. But, what was unusual is that I only had that tiny bit of spotting once and then it went. I remember thinking that's strange, and kept looking out for af. After another week and no af, I began to wonder, but it seemed such an impossibility, I ignored it. I mentioned I was on day 37 of a cycle to acupuncture lady and she said to hold off a bit. I think I lasted another 3 days, as we were due to go out and I'd have been drinking. So on day 40 I tested (my cycles vary between 31 and 35, sometimes longer or shorter). Needless to say it was a BFP!!!! I couldn't believe it, neither could my DH. We were over the moon, 6 years TTC, and within 6 months of starting my alternative therapies, I was pregnant! I can't say it was definitely down to that, but it's too much of a coincidence! Symptoms wise, none, apart from the spotting once. Which was unusual for me. However about 2 weeks after BFP, I started to feel very ill with morning sickness and went off all my favourite things. That stopped at about 13 weeks. I'm now 15 weeks and 2 days. I wanted to wait til the first scan was done to post, as I'm 41 and a high risk for various things. But all is well and looking healthy, I hope very much all goes well, I still worry after waiting such a long time. But please, please, do not give up hope, it can happen. And usually when you least expect it, I mean 6 years?! Who'd have thought? Wishing you all the luck in your quest,xx