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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP over 40

Got your BFP at age 40 or older? We definitely want to hear your story! Send us your symptoms through this contact form.

BFP at 44

Oh, how to abbreviate my journey... Starting ttc at 40.5. After 45 BFN's, had first BFP at 44 resulting in daughter. 1st Conventional IVF Clinic 7 IUI's 2 IVF's Unexplained infertility. Diminished ovarian reserve, low antral follicle count, hormones at normal levels, did not respond well to stimulation meds. Given 1% chance of conceiving speech - Dr. told me I must have bad eggs because of DOR and age, so I should go straight to egg donor - even picked one out for me before ever having the DE discussion. 2nd Conventional IVF Clinic Additional tests. Poor AMH levels. Only 2 antral follicles on U/S that month (lowest count ever). Given 5% chance of conceiving speech. Didn't feel this clinic would do anything different from 1st clinic so didn't cycle here. 3rd Mini IVF Clinic FSH levels had begun to rise. Dr. told me if I could make blastocysts (5-day embryos) I would have approx. 20% chance of conceiving - same as naturally. Did 9 natural IVF cycles and retrieved 7 blastocysts. 3 cycles - BFN. Had full autoimmune/coagulation panel testing done. Tested positive for Antithrombin and heterozygous for MTHFR C677T. Dr. put me on Lovenox (blood thinners) for 4th cycle and finally had first BFP! The successful egg was retrieved when I was 43.5 and my FSH that cycle was 56. And we have two more blastocyst left.....

Trying Something Different

It's has been such a long and painful journey, physically but mostly emotionally. I am sure many of you can relate. For those of you in a boat like mine, I hope you find pregnancy or at least a little peace of mind. I am 43, my partner 43. I was diagnosed with infertility at age 22. It was quite a blow even though at the time I wasn't at all ready to begin a family. After a laparoscopy exam to determin why my monthly cramps were so terrible at age 22, the doctor informed me that my Fallopian tubes were completely blocked. A dye test was used to make this diagnosis. The doctor believed that I must have had pelvic inflammatory disease and been unaware. The same doctor suggested a major abdominal surgery to attempt to remove the scarring on my tubes only to get a post operation incision infection that needed to be swabbed and packed daily. A year later after having a large ovarian cyst removed in emergency by a different doctor, through a laparoscopy, I was told that my body had healed too well from the first surgery, my tubes were blocked again. I was also diagnosed with thyroid disease and at age 19 had an appendectomy. The doctor that removed the cyst offered to try the major surgery to remove the tubal scarring again because he thought he would have better luck. I agreed. A year later I was told the scarring had returned. I was told that IVF would be the only way I would get pregnant. By this time, I was married. My husband wanted nothing to do with interventions that would help me conceive if it wasn't going to happen naturally then he didn't believe it was meant to be. His feelings did not curb my maternal instinct. For ten years we remained married and for ten years, as a teacher, I loved caring for other people's children always going home and feeling empty. After many marital disappointments and much heartbreak, I left my husband. I stopped dreaming of ever becoming pregnant. I remained single for 4 years with only pipe dreams of ever being a mom. I got a message on Facebook from a friend I went to elementary school and high school with who now lived in another county! We became friends and dated, fell in love and are now engaged. We realized early on that we both wanted to be parents together. We had concerns about our age and couldn't marry because of our citizenship statuses. We began two years ago with our first fertiltiy appointments and a tubalectomy was recommended to help with our IVF success. Yet another surgery! I had major reservations about this surgery, even though it would be less major than other surgeries I had had. There was something about mutilating my body for a chance at pregnancy which was a new level of maternal desperation I hated to admit to. It wasn't like the other auguries. I felt like a pivotal part of what makes every woman a woman was to be torn from me. I tried to focus on the long term goal. A year after our first fertiltiy appointment I was finally ready for my first cycle of IVF! After the first couple of weeks of monitoring my mother died from ALS. My body stopped responding to the drugs, I did not produce eggs and on the day of her funeral I was told to give up this cycle. Inexplicable loss. Two months later we were trying again. Five eggs were retrieved and fertilized. After day two only two eggs remained and they were struggling. On day three they both died. These two cycles cost over $15,000 in medications and treatment expenses. We were told that my eggs were of poor quality and that although there may be good eggs in my ovaries the chances of my releasing those ones were slim to none. The doctor recommended egg donation. More devastation and loss. We decided on a clinic that guarenteed a baby for a hefty financial investment. We chose an egg donor. We waited for our cycles to be in sync. Our donor produced 11 healthy eggs, three of which were good for transfer and freezing, on day five. We decided on a two egg transfer and to freeze one egg. Throughout the two week waiting period I had lots of cramping, blue discharge from Estrace, and some groin pain early on. During this whole procedure I changed my diet, had accupuncture, gave up all harsh chemicals in my house and cleaned with vinegar and water! I tried to take it easy and not be stressed. I was sure it was going to work! I was picking out maternity clothes and the list of names was growing and ever changing. We told our closest family and best friends. I took a pregnancy test and it was negative but I tried to remain positive. The pregnancy did not take. We were both upset. I took this news very badly. I cried pretty hysterically for two days. I didn't want to talk to friends or family. My fiancé and I could only be together on face time.
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42 and Pregnant After a m/c 4 Months Ago!!!!

I want to share my experience as I believe it may help a hopeful mom to be that has suffered a loss due to m/c or is an older mom to be. My DH and I are both 42, we have been together for 12 years. We both decided that we didn't want children from early on in our relationship. When I was 35 I came of b/c and we discussed our options. We decided that we leave it in the hands of destiny as we had decided that we were open to having a child but did not want to start charting etc., if it happened it happened. I became pregnant last July after 7 years of thinking we weren't going to be parents. It was a total shock to us both and to our families. I had a m/c when I was 8 weeks. My body's way of telling me it needed time to heal was that my period took 10 weeks to return, which gave my DH and I time to heal and think about what we wanted to do. We decided to go ahead and try again in Dec of this year. I spent the whole month analyzing every twinge, reading up on pregnancy symptoms so when a/f showed up on the 5th of Jan this year I decided to change my mind thoughts. We decided that we would just bd every 2 days and I wouldn't check symptoms. So from memory this is how it went: I believe I ovulated on the 17th or 18th of this month as I noticed EWCM a couple of days before. My cycles since the m/c are 26 days. My pms has changed due to the m/c. Before my boobs would get sore just after ovulation and I would break out in spots on my chest or a few on my chin. I would notice ovulation pains. I would have no c.m after ovulation Now I do not get sore boobs, do not notice ovulation pains and hardly break out in spots so it was quite challenging getting used to my body again. DPO 3: Noticed a lot of saliva DPO 4: Had to travel due to work. I travelled most of the day and noticed I was very tired. I lay on the bed thinking “I can't go to the dinner”. I did but didn't want to drink wine which I usually love!!! DPO 5 /6: Woke up with a cold and a temp. Still lots of saliva and tired but thought it was due to cold. DPO 7: Noticed in the shower that my nipples were sensitive and had blue prominent veins. My boobs didn't hurt nether were they bigger, just the nipples. DPO 8/9: Still very tired, lots of saliva. I noticed period like pains for about an hour which could have been implantation pains. DPO 10: Still tired, not so much saliva, also loss of breath which I thought was coz of my cold. Broke out in spots on my face. Thought that I was out and that my normal pms was returning. No c.m. vivid dream about becoming pregnant. DPO 11: Went to Dr for an ear infection and asked him for an appointment for DH to check him out as I wanted to make sure that we were both ok to conceive. Dr told me not to worry and that it would take time…. DPO12: Big gob of c.m in the morning and nausea during the day. Decided to buy HPT and test in morning. I bought Digital Clearblue. DPO 13: BFP!!!! Managed to get an appointment with my Dr and he confirmed it. So the big indicators for me with this pregnancy were: Lots of saliva Sensitive nipples and prominent blue veins Spots Vivid dreams More c.m the days before a/f when I usually have none This pregnancy has no common symptoms with my first one. Then I only suffered from sore boobs which is what I don't have this time. Being over 40 means according to stats that you have a 5% chance of conceiving each month. This is what made me feel that we had missed our chance to become parents and was worrying me. Since I decided just to bd every 2 days and not worry about anything else it only took one month for us to become pregnant. I feel very blessed and hope this one sticks!!! I wish lots of sticky baby dust to you all!!!

BFP at 43 Au Natural

I wanted to share my story since I am always such a lurker on this site. I am a mother to two small kiddos, and suffered a stillbirth about a year and a half ago. Had m/c after that. Still wanting that third child so hoping this one will stick and be healthy & happy to term. Here are my very unscientific preg tips: It's all in the timing! Pay attention to cm and you will know when the timing is right. Can't have too much nookie during that time period. Here were my symptoms: About 10 dpo felt a little pulling low on left side. Lots of cramping days 10 to 13. More generalized and in waves than pms cramps. Hot flashes, increased body temp. Weirdly, my daughter said to me yesterday. "mommy, why is your belly so fat? There's a baby in there." This was totally out of the blue. I am definitely bloated! I hope this gives someone out there some hope. Wish me luck, and I wish all of you lots of love, luck, and baby dust!

BFP After Trying For 26 Months!!

I'm 43 years old and husband and I have been trying for 26 months. I had tubal surgery Nov 2011. We tried a year on our own (2012). Then the next year we tried different things including gonal-f shots with IUI. Nothing worked, not one positive. Then 9/13 we stopped trying, I had gained 20lbs in the last 2 years and I decided I needed to lose the extra weight before we continued. I had what I thought was my cycle 1/17 but it was very light. Then 1/28 I spotted a little and I thought that odd because I never bleed outside of my cycle and my breast were sore. So just to be safe due to a higher chance of a tubal pregnancy, I took a HPT first thing this morning. The test line was dark before it even got to the control line. I was confused at first and had to say "ok, that's the test line....and it's still there..."'
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BFP After 3 Month Loss 2 D&C Surgeries & a Chemical

I am 37 years with one daughter 6yrs we have been TTC #2 for 11mths since Feb 2013. I fell preg after 6mths of trying and loss the baby at 3mths preg no bleeding no warning the heart had just stopped. I had two D&C surgeries, it was a nightmare and heartbreaking. We started trying again in Dec and on xmas day I got a + test and gave it to my hubby at 11DPO that ended 2 days later with my period arriving so a Chemical, but I was so happy that everything was in good working order after the surgeries. I had heard that after D&C's you can often fall preg again quite quickly as you are all cleaned out inside LOL. So we are now Jan of 2014 and this is my year, it has to be. I just got my BFP at 10DPO and that was even on a digital, today I am 13DPO have missed period today and have been to the doctors and had it all confirmed & my progression is wonderful. I have a really good feeling this time. My best advise is to know when you ovulate using OPK tests. I have a 28 days cycle always and O around CD15-17 so from days 14-18 we are like rabbits lol. The best chance you have of becoming preg is 1-2 days before you actually ovulate as the sperm has a fair distance to travel to meet the egg and if it is sitting waiting and ready to fertilize the egg you have a much better change. Best of luck ladies baby dust to you all and so much needed for me too, it's hard to get preg and it's even harder to keep em with 1 in 3 pregnancies ended in M/C it makes it extremely tough. Oh & if this helps my first BFP was at 9DPO with clear blue plus, 10DPO with FR but barely visible, digital 10DPO + which shocked me. I knew I was preg my only sign was my tummy gurgles only at the time of implantation or when AF was coming & I knew it was way to early for AF. At times I feel a tad sick but no sore boobs like last time yet. That's it. Lots of blessing and prayers x

1 Year TTC Following 1 MC - BFP at 41 With PCOS and DH Fertility Problems

Hi everybody. Just sharing my story to give you some hope. I am 41 and DH is 46 - I got my BFP this morning after 1 year TTC.. I had an MC one year ago for blighted ovum and had a D and C at 10 weeks which I found so terribly upsetting. Until this one year of TTC DH and I had no problems conceiving- our little girl, aged 4 arrived after first month of trying- no charting, no OPK, au naturel just as did blighted ovum one year ago... After my MC I expected to conceive again quickly as in the past but as the months dragged by and nothing happened I just resorted to comfort eating to fill the terrible emptiness inside. I put on weight and my previously super regular cycle was all over the place. I had an appointment with my Ob/ Gyn in September 2013 who diagnosed PCOS and ordered blood tests and suggested that I take Chirofol 500 (Italian name) which is inositol and according to recent research works in a similar way to Metformin. DH gave up smoking. I cut down on coffee and sugar and had acupuncture twice a month which immediately calmed me and made me feel a lot better. My gynae told me to be patient and not to expect any results for at least 6 months. I had regular appointments but no ovulation and therefore no pregnancy. Around November I noticed slight weight loss and decrease in body hair. I had a vaginal sonogram on Christmas Eve and gynae told us that I was back in business and ready to ovulate so advised BD which we did... I had all usual PMS symptoms and AF was due last Friday: tbh there have been many other months when I was sure I was pregnant and was just greeted by BFN... This month I was not hopeful at all as DH has prostrate problems and his medication reaks havoc with ejaculation so I was just preparing myself for AF as usual ... Usual AF cramps on Fri, Sat but I realized that for past week I have been peeing more often than usual and breasts feel really heavy. Did test this morning and BFP!!! Praying that this one will be ok. Don't lose hope- age, health, PCOS etc the odds weren't good for us. Baby dust to you all! Anni
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2 MC's, 2 yrs TTC, and Finally BFP!

Hi am 40 y.o., got married late at 38, fell pregnant one month after wedding, had MC, fell pregnant two months after MC, had another MC, and then couldn't seem to get pregnant again for the past two years. Ugh! It's been a frustrating, depressing, heartbreaking journey. Before marriage, I was diagnosed with stage 4 Endometriosis. I had a gigantic cyst on my right ovary, and the whole ovary had to be removed surgically, which resulted in an extremely low ovarian reserve of < .1. Fast forward to 3 months ago, and my RE diagnosed me with Adenomyosis, which is basically the same as endo, except the chocolate cysts are on the uterine lining. Double Whammy. No, actually it gets worse.... my CA125 (ovarian cancer marker) levels came back very high, so I was referred to gyn/oncologist. For the past 3 months, I have been seeing different docs, getting all kinds of tests, and was waiting to complete one more test that was scheduled next week (but I can't be pregnant to do this last test)... oh well! That's the "quick" back story, here's the symptoms (all the same symptoms as every month, really): BD on CD 8, 10, 11, 13 CD11: OV day 7DPO: breasts slightly tender (it's a usual symptom, but a little earlier than usual) 8DPO: lower abdominal cramping (started soon after dinner, so most likely digestive) 9DPO: breasts more tender 10DPO: breast extremely tender (this makes me wonder) 11DPO: light cramps, mild twinges, more creamy white discharge than usual 12DPO: lots of discharge; quick, intense stabbing pains when changing positions (sitting to standing, or any sudden move) 13DPO: cotton mouth 14DPO: severe cotton mouth; mild cramping 15DPO: one day before AF and breasts still extremely sore and temp still up (usually temp goes down and breast tenderness disappears); decide to test in evening because I started feeling a bit fuzzy while cooking dinner (not quite nauseous, just "off"). BFP!! 16DPO: AF due today, but temp jumped up, making my chart triphasic! Breasts still tender, but no cramping. What I tried differently this month than in the past 2 years: 1. Hypnotherapy (amazing experience, and only 2 sessions seemed to do the trick... first session to clear my mental blocks and 2nd session at the beginning of my cycle to affirm pregnancy this month). 2. We tried at home insemination for the first time ever. CD 8 and 10 was the good old fashioned way, and on CD 11 and 13, I inserted DH's swimmers directly into my cervix with a plastic syringe. For those of you who have been struggling for a long time, especially those of you who have "unexplained fertility" (which I did NOT) I definitely recommend giving hypnofertility a try, for no more than a few sessions. I will certainly be continuing to see her to affirm a healthy 9 months, and healthy baby, and no repeats of the past. Good luck to all!

Pinknurse BFP After 40

Hi, this site helped me so much in my journey so I hope this post helps someone too. Second IVF (previous ivf produced 7 blastocysts from 13 eggs. 1 missed miscarriage. 1 chemical). Retrieved 5 eggs, four fertilised. Transferred one grade one 4 cell and one grade 2 3/4 cell. Taking progesterone and progynova 3x a day. 2dpo cramping and back ache after transfer 3/4 dpo gas and bloated 5 dpo a 'knock knock' sensation on left side. Some poking feelings 6 dpo feeling really flat. Uterine pains in arvo. Also few sharp pokes on left. But then later arvo sharp twinges on right but thought maybe gas but the Sharp twinges on right side ovary area continued all evening til bed. 7 dpo some AF type pains. Right ovary stabbing pain continued. Blood test revealed progesterone is 38. Feeling flat. 8dpo nausea and empty stomach feeling 9dpo nausea again. A lot of saliva. Cramps / tightness uterine area in afternoon 10 dpo temp went down but try to ignore as on meds 11 dpo bloated and more nausea and boobs feeling much fuller. Think I'm imagining it and can't hold out and do a ClearBlue test. Faint positive! Two hours later another faint positive on FRER Tiniest bit of spotting at night 12dpo positive blood test. HCG 73 Hurrah! Tiniest bit if spotting in morning. Nothing like what I had w previous preg. Some nausea and cramping /backache at night 13dpo AF type cramps


6 dpo big weird sharp tug in my uterus. 7dpo lots of white CM, and itchy skin 8dpo same as above. Nausea. 9dpo still itchy skin. "Orangey" CM. 10dpo bfp with asda cheapie with FMU. Stronger positive with FRER that night. 11dpo pregnant in clearblue digital. What worked for us finally after 18 months of trying was DH stopped putting his laptop on his bits, and we used Duo fertility. Expensive, but well worth it. He stopped putting the laptop on his lap when we started using the monitor, 2 months later, BFP.
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