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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP over 40

Got your BFP at age 40 or older? We definitely want to hear your story! Send us your symptoms through this contact form.

BFP 11dpo No Symptoms to Speak of

Just did a test at 11dpo, not fmu - did it at 11.20am and had only been for a wee an hour earlier! I have just had a 'feeling' that it had worked this month, ever since we dtd, I don't know why! I wasn't stressing as much about whether it had worked, as much as I had in other months, because I really wasn't bothered if it didn't happen this month - don't really want an August birthday as it will be youngest in its school year! But hey ho! I turned 40 last month and we have only been trying 4 months, also missed trying last month as my cycles went all weird but seemed back to normal this month. I think my luteal phase is between 9-11 days, but I only started taking my temp last cycle and like I said it was a v weird one (ovulated just after af finished and next af only 19 days later!) I haven't really had any symptoms yet to speak of, just sore boobs but I always get sore boobs as soon as I ovulate so that isn't really any different for me (maybe they have been a bit more sore around the sides, but nothing too different.) My nipples look the same as usual, I haven't had increased cm (in fact in the previous months of trying I had more cm during my luteal phase than I have this month!) Haven't felt sick yet. Very very mild cramps yesterday and today but so mild and I only get them when I am thinking about being pg so may be all in my head! Now I am just hoping it's not multiples as I already have fraternal twins and I think the odds increase as you get older!!
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Miracles Can Happen, BFP After 6 Years TTC No. 2 Baby!

Well, I lurked on this site for hope many times and read into every little symptom and promised myself I would write an update if I was lucky, so here I am! Some background; Conceived dd over 7 years ago after just 2 months, and she's been a joy. After a few months we decided to try for another. After 6 months I went to the GP and he sent me to the local hospital for tests. I had a hysteropingogram and all was clear, so the hospital put me on clomid along with monitoring of follicles to monitor best chance of conception. I did this for a year. (Even though I'd read that if clomid hadn't worked in 6 months, it was unlikely). I felt the NHS at this point had little sympathy as I already had a child. And in fact, after the year, they pretty much said, we can't help you any more. You don't get IVF as you already have a child. I understand as there are people who need the treatment for their first. Still, a bit heart breaking at the time and we had a break from thinking about another. We then looked into private IVF at the Lister Hospital in London. Initially we did one round of IUI, which I felt was a waste of time and just a money collection idea for them. Then we did 3 rounds of IVF over the course of a year. All unsuccessful, it seemed although plenty were fertilising, they weren't strong enough to make blastocysts. Due to the heartache, we decided to count our blessings and forget about it, however as you will know, that's easier siad than done. All in all, to this point was about 5 years. Eventually this year, I said to my dh, that as a last ditch attempt why didn't we consider alternative therapies. He agreed. I went to a holistic clinic, where they looked at overall well being and made recommendations. I was already taking royal jelly capsules, and COQ10, and pregnacare conception. They recommended Shatavari for women, and milk thistle complex. So I was taking about 11/12 supplements a day. I then began acupunture with a wonderful lady, who also said to stop eating or drinking cold food or drink, I struggled with this but did it! And then I began Mayan abdominal massage, the first time is by a practitioner, and then you continue it for the first half of your cycle. I also monitored my fertility with Clearblue sticks (they only worked in the afternoon for me!). I followed this regime for 5 months, and then we went on holiday in August, where I was drinking and eating cold things, kept forgetting my tablets and generally forgot all about it. When we returned I carried on the regime, and a few days after had a smiley face for conception. I was going away the day after, so at the time thought, we might as well, but it's not exactly likely after the month we've had. (Have you noticed romance goes out the window a bit?!). A couple of weeks after we moved house, and on the moving day, I had some spotting, nothing unusual at that point as I was about 13 dpo (smiley face), and often have spotting before af. But, what was unusual is that I only had that tiny bit of spotting once and then it went. I remember thinking that's strange, and kept looking out for af. After another week and no af, I began to wonder, but it seemed such an impossibility, I ignored it. I mentioned I was on day 37 of a cycle to acupuncture lady and she said to hold off a bit. I think I lasted another 3 days, as we were due to go out and I'd have been drinking. So on day 40 I tested (my cycles vary between 31 and 35, sometimes longer or shorter). Needless to say it was a BFP!!!! I couldn't believe it, neither could my DH. We were over the moon, 6 years TTC, and within 6 months of starting my alternative therapies, I was pregnant! I can't say it was definitely down to that, but it's too much of a coincidence! Symptoms wise, none, apart from the spotting once. Which was unusual for me. However about 2 weeks after BFP, I started to feel very ill with morning sickness and went off all my favourite things. That stopped at about 13 weeks. I'm now 15 weeks and 2 days. I wanted to wait til the first scan was done to post, as I'm 41 and a high risk for various things. But all is well and looking healthy, I hope very much all goes well, I still worry after waiting such a long time. But please, please, do not give up hope, it can happen. And usually when you least expect it, I mean 6 years?! Who'd have thought? Wishing you all the luck in your quest,xx

I'm Still in shock!

Hi Ladies! I've been stalking the TWW for a while now and kept reading everyones BFP stories. I never thought I would be posting on here myself. :P I thought I would share my little story, so for those in the same boat as me, can relate. Well, for starters, the reason I tagged over 40 is because my bf is 43 but I'm 21. (Go ahead and disagree, but that's not what we are here for.) We did conceive the all naturale way. I'm currently attending school an hour away and come home every weekend to work. So our only times to DTD was on weekends, so that didn't give us much of a window. And we weren't even trying to get pregnant, it just happened! Another note, I was getting the DEPO shot, for about three months. HATED the way it made me feel so I stopped. I know that, depending on the woman, it can take a while to get pregnant again, thought I would throw that in there. So, I really didn't notice much symptoms during the TWW, but some things that were different. CD 14: DTD (This is the only significant day that I remember that we DTD, can't remember what other days we did. lol) CD 15: O'ed. (I could tell because I had EWCM, this is going to be a bit TMI but, just hanging there when I went to the bathroom.) 1 DPO: Sore bbs like BAM! (this usually never happens that quickly.) 3 DPO: Moody after I took a shower after work at 10 pm, I have no idea why. 5 DPO: Moody again, for no reason at all. 10-11 DPO: I usually start craving chocolate for something salty before AF shows up. Didn't really have that. 12 DPO: After I got off of work at 8pm, I had this really bad cramp right above my right hip. It was so bad, I couldn't move a certain way and ended up crying for a little bit. And then when I got home, I got a random wave of nausea, had to lay down for a bit. Later in the night (We went to see Thor at 11pm), I was really moody and crying a lot. 13 DPO: BBs stop hurting. Starting to get mild cramps, on and off. 14 DPO: AF supposed to come, no show. Still cramping on and off. 15 DPO: Still no AF, cramping on and off. 16 DPO: Still no AF, cramping on and off. Did have a vivid dream of taking a pregnancy test, the results came super quick and it was positive! Had to take another one. 17 DPO: AF never this late. Cramping on and off. So I decided to run to the store to pick up a test. It was after the morning pee, and sure enough, it was a BFP. Later after I got home from working till 10pm, I took another test, the one I attached, and sure enough another BFP. I know I should probably take one a different day but I was just to anxious to see if it read the same results. I'm still cramping on and off. I did notice my smell has been heightened, I'm peeing a bit more frequently and I'm a bit more hungry than normal. Throughout the TWW, I did have very vivid dreams but that's normal for me. One night, I did dream of a mermaid and sea life. That's the only one that stood out because I read that seeing water or fish in your dreams is a sign of pregnancy. My bf and I are thrilled to the max! I'm going to be making an appt today :D Baby dust to all you ladies in the TWW! And a congratulations to all the women that got a BFP this year! :D
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Final Blessings

After 2 miscarriages within a 12 month time and 4 months of ttc (temping and acupuncture included), I am thrilled to be able to share my timeline: DPO1 - Woke up with explosive cramping - (don't remember ever feeling that before, and I really do believed we conceived the night before). DPO2-7 - Cramping constantly / severe gas / periodic nausea (just slight waves) after eating / frequent urination / breast feel heavy but not painful / metallic taste / pressure in my uterus when I leaned forward / periodic leg cramping DPO8-10 - Cramping ceased / gas eased some / appetite picked up / cm still not heavy /have off and on sensation loss in my left butt cheek - (I kid you not!) / Had a dream on night 10 that I had a just had a baby! DPO11 - Cramping began again (like AF) - never had a severe temp drop (98.5 has been the lowest) and never had bleeding (in any of my conceptions) DPO12 - Took $ preg test which have all worked well for me and got BFP 4 days before my expected AF!!! During this entire time frame I have had a sense of calmness that has made the process so much easier. I am thrilled to have this Thanksgiving blessing to share with my DH! I am staying positive that this pregnancy will continue this time. ***Wishing you all much baby dust!!!!*** Stay strong.....

40yo IUI #3 w/Clomid + Estrogen BFP

Can't believe I made it to BFP stories board. Here I am with just seeing our second faint line since 4am. After TTC for two years and finally seeking help, we are BFP at 40 and him at 41. Here's how the successful try went: Day 2 cycle: Begin Clomid and E Day 3 cycle: Begin being insane from Clomid Day 4 cycle: Can't think at work, feel paranoid no one likes me, sensitive that I'm fat. Drank several glasses of wine, went a bit crazier. New discovery--- don't drink on Clomid. Doesn't make it better. Live and learn. Day 5-6: Clomid crazies. Hope this works in my body because I can't work at work! Imagine yourself back at say, 15 years old when the world was stupid and you feel like stomping and slamming doors. Welcome to Clomid Crazies! Day 7-10: Estrogen, Dr. Watching and counting follicles. Day 10: Left ovary has four follies. Largest at 19, next one down is at 18. Please no twins. But bring what may. Doc gives us the trigger shot and husband and I are laughing all the way through the lesson in how to administer the shot. I'm terrified of needles and he's so sensitive. We wonder how we will accomplish this. We have the nurse put a dot on my belly where the needle goes. Day 12: We do trigger shot when I get home from work and then we went to get a bottle of wine to settle the nerves. As husband came toward the belly dot with the needle, I chickened out and just had to do it myself. Which I did! So proud. Had sex. Day 13: Little sore around the area of the shot and a histamine reaction making it red. No other symptoms. Day 14: Big O time! Exactly 38 hours after the trigger shot and my legs are in the air for our IUI. Husband holds my hand. His numbers were at 12mill. Doc tilts the bed so that head is much lower. We stay there for 15-20 mins. We talk about our love for one another and welcome the baby into it. Day 1-9 past IUI: A bit tired but nothing severe. Refusing to take my basal temp each morning because it stresses me out. Day 10: What the heck, I said, let's POAS. BFN. Called the clinic to ask them next steps since it didn't work. The nurse was so sweet when she said there's is still so much hope and the fat lady is nowhere near singing this cycle. Especially with IUI, test on day 14 for the realness. Day 11: What was that? A twinge in my nipple? Hmm. Day 12: BOOBS. Sore, nipples itch and then burn and then itch again. Husband put his arms around me from above and behind to say I love you and he barely grazed my nips and holy moly! I jumped. He was like what's all that?! I smile and explain my nips are super sensitive. He grins, cautiously. All day with more boob action and that night I look in the mirror and there's a dadgum blue map across both of them. I have never had that before. Wild. Also a flash of metallic taste in my mouth driving to work. That night we had sex and after I couldn't get my balance back. Felt very dizzy and woozy that lasted until the next day. Day 13: Spotting, very light cramps. I'm so confused now. Brown spotting can mean AF is coming for me but all the boob stuff? Went to breakfast with the hubs. Ordered heuvos rancheros. When it arrived I thought I was going to upchuck all over the table due to the smell. All I could say is, "the onions, no no no." I ran outside. Hubs sweetly scraped all the onions and took them to the garbage. I came back in and sat down and "oh geez, the beans are atrocious!" Barfy beans! Husband grabs his breakfast and says let's just go. I've never left a whole plate of food on a table before. We just left. Everyone sitting near us must have thought we were nuts. I just couldn't smell it anymore. Hubs tries to eat his messy croque madam sandwich on the walk home and it's just dripping egg all down the street. I'm laughing so hard I'm bent over wheezing while trying to stave off nausea because eww. Funniest moment since all this began. Day 14: Today. Woke up at 4am to pee. POAS and got the faintest BFP line but it's there! Woke up hubs and he couldn't see it, he believe me though. I kept getting back up to look at it again and again. Finally I got my iPhone flashlight on it and then he could see it! We hugged and cried and tried to go to sleep but we were just so stunned. Holy crap, it worked! Woke up at 7am and again, POAS and got another faint BFP line! Still spotting a little bit. Now, waiting for hubs to wake up. Wondering if we should call the clinic today or wait until I'm officially late. Supposed to start today but only spotting and no deep, AF type cramps at all. I'll check back in to confirm the clinic's HCG levels.

Am I Seriously Pregnant? Do You See a Faint Line?

I am 40 years old and I think I got a BFP today. I should be around 10-12dpo. Please let me know if you see a line or am I crazy? Thanks!
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Donor Egg Success 1st IVF at 47

After a bitter divorce, ugly custody battles, I had gotten re-married to a man with whom I share a very deep connection. We've been together for 9 years, married for 6 years. I got a tubal reversal 4 years ago. We TTCed naturally for many years and tried chlomid but never had the money for IVF. We had a ton of stress too. By the time the recent recession ended and I was ready to start thinking about IVF and even started medical testing but then, I got in a life changing car accident and was out if commission mentally and physically for several months and it took me 2 years to fully recover physically. Then I changed careers and my finances changed. Then just as I had the money together I started feeling sick and found out I had a tumor and had to have a surgery and got that removed. Then I finally felt well enough to get pregnant but much time had past and I turned 47. I had pretty much given up. For health reasons we had quit drinking any alcohol and we started to eat pretty healthy mostly. Our relationship had suffered a lot trying to get pregnant and with financial difficulties. Also I'm a sexual abuse survivor coming from a background of trauma and was in counseling but had a lot of stuff come up for me in the last years. We started marriage counseling a year ago which helped a lot, but still no pregnancy. As soon as we had the money for IVF finally and our marriage was on a healthy track we decided to go to Europe for IVF but originally planned to try first twice with my own eggs then donor only if we failed twice. All my physical stuff was A OK - healthy uterus, etc. we decided to go to Prague Fertility Centre and they were super nice, super professional and a brand new and very clean facility. I had a local RE work me up for all the testing prior but when they found out I was going to Europe they weren't very helpful so we couldn't get the medication we needed and I had to go to Prague early. Only a week before we left we changed course and decided to go with donor eggs. We paid for 2 donor egg cycles and it was only $6,000.00 with guarantee of 2 fresh and 2 frozen for a second time if needed or wanted. We went to Prague and it was the most romantic place I've ever been to and I've been to Europe several times. The donor decision was made at the last minute because I couldn't bare the idea of failure knowing I'm running out of time and knowing I needed to stay focused on the goal of giving my husband a child. I came home one day only a week before leaving and am told go it was the right thing to do. All I knew was that it was the right thing to do- at a gut level, I just knew. From the moment we made that decision we never turned back but I had spent the next weeks in Prague looking around at all the people in Prague wondering what my child would look like. Would it look like one of these people? It was a weird paranoid feeling I kept having. I got really freaked out about it for a whole because I hadn't had any time to reconcile my feelings. So I went online and read other people's stories. Some good, some bad. It's an anonymous donor program in Prague and I was suddenly faced with trying to figure out how transparent I wanted to be with family members and with the child (ren) I told only my Mother who had reacted in an unexpected way and sent my husband a letter about how we shouldn't keep any secrets. It hurt me deeply that she didn't tell me she was sending the letter to him because I had confided in only her and it was unlike her to betray my trust. I felt devastated, confused and alone. Eventually I recovered and confronted her and we had a good long talk about it. It was cathartic because it gave me a chance to sort out my feelings. I loved the 2 embies from the moment they were made and I love them still. It's an indescribable feeling after hundreds of pregnancy tests to finally get a BFP. We are 12 dp3day fresh transfer and due to medications I've had very few symptoms I can really point to. I took my first home test on 7dp transfer and got bfn. Then yesterday I took 3 Walgreens brand tests and got 3BFP's but they were blue dye so I didn't trust it. I went to pharmacist and explained that the lines were super faint. She said try a digital. So I tested 4 more times with 2 digital and 2 regular and got all BFN. Then, today since the tests i had taken were all blue dye tests I thought they could be wrong and decided to try the pink ones.

Happy Birthday!

Last year I was TTC at 39+ - my husband and I had been working apart, so we got a late start. We had been trying for five months, and I visited a reproductive specialist for the full workup (on my husband too, since he is a testicular cancer survivor and had a testicle removed). We had no health problems, but both very stressful jobs. I used OPK and temping to time things right, and we had only one opportunity to try that month, the day after the positive ovulation test (after both of us staying up half the night working - I hate deadlines!). I thought that month was a loss, and just waited the few weeks for the doctor's report on the fertility tests. Almost a week after my missed period, and few days before the doctor's visit, I got my BFP! So, I was sitting in the doctor's office with him telling me my hormone levels were low and things might be difficult, etc., and I told him I was pregnant. He didn't quite believe me, but after a BFP from the test in the doctor's office, I was sent home with congratulations from everyone there. It was just a week before I turned 40, so I definitely had something to celebrate! My daughter was born happy, healthy, and active, and we love her immensely. PS I thought I would also mention that I spotted every day from about week five (the day of my BFP, in fact) to week ten. All of the other tests were fine, but I was on edge for the whole month thinking that a MC might occur at any time. That (thankfully!) ended, and the rest of my pregnancy went great.

BFP at 41 - Spotting - Secondary Infertility

My story is primarily for those who are having problems conceiving again which is not often specifically dealt with on websites such as these. I had my daughter at the age of 38 after being diagnosed with unexplained infertility - it took 13 months to conceive. I am a chronic spotter anything from about 5 days before my period starts when I am trying to conceive. The only time I didn't spot was when I wasn't trying to conceive or the month I got pregnant. I thought that what made it happen last time around was Chinese herbal medicine and acupuncture which I had started in month 12 of trying to conceive. As a result, this time around (at age 39.5) I thought I would start the Chinese therapy sooner, after trying naturally for about 6 months (with temping etc). I completed about a year of acupuncture and herbs at great cost but to no avail. We had all the tests and again were told that there was nothing wrong with us both but my age (now nearly 41) was clearly a big factor this time around. We then investigated the possibility of help but became frustrated by the view of the specialists that the only option was IVF which seemed to have not much more of a chance of success than IUI and was more invasive and costly. During this process I was tested for egg reserve and was told that I had a very low level of AMH for my age. Despite this I was advised that they were willing to go ahead with IVF anyway! We had already decided that we would not go down such an invasive route and were only really interested in IUI but given this result thought we would just leave any question of intervention. It has been a really hard process the second time around - there is very little out there in terms of support for secondary infertility and especially if you are older. All of my NCT group conceived easily and have had their second child during this time which I found very difficult. People just didn't consider how awful it was not being able to have another child or had little sympathy i.e. I had one child what was I complaining about? I went through a period of real sadness about my inability to give my child a sibling and I guess a lot of anger with my body - why was it so hard for me to get pregnant? In the end, I had some counseling to help me come to terms with the fact that I was unlikely to conceive again and, more importantly, to reduce my guilt at not being able to provide a sibling for our daughter. We didn't give up completely at that point but I did give up noting every symptom on fertility friend, reducing how often I read this web page over the two week wait and stopped taking the prenatal vitamins. I have to say that taking my temp every morning for the first six months of TTC just made it worse and when I stopped doing that and engaged in the Chinese therapy it felt even better. Then when I stopped recording the symptoms at the end of the year of Chinese therapy I felt less stressed again. Basically, constantly monitoring my fertility increased my anxiety and I think reduced my ability to conceive. I know this sounds like that cliche of just relax or 'give up and it will happen' (which I hated) but I think that it is, unfortunately, true. The only problem is that I never knew how to do it - how could I 'give up' as a strategy when each passing month reduced my chances of success so greatly? In the end I just naturally got to that place where I was no longer sure that having another baby was the priority. I had started to pray/accept that this was His plan for me, think about giving away my daughters clothes, selling our buggy and putting my child into private school on the basis that if we only had one we could afford it. I have also had the most stressful month at work.

40 With BFP After MMC

I had my first 4 children (8 pregnancies) between 2000 and 2005. MC, Girl, mc & d&c, ectopic (lost left tube), girl, mc & D&C, boy, boy. Fast forward to 2013 after divorce and new marriage, here I am at 40 planning for another baby. We just thought we'll hope for the best and see what happens. Pretty much fell pregnant straight away but ended up miscarrying naturally at 8 weeks after ultrasounds confirming no fatal pole. I started charting and taking vitex, b6, vitamin D, CQ10, and a pregnancy multivitamin. Then I had two anovulatory cycles and two ovulatory cycles. This 5th cycle however was different. I included Tribulus from CD4 to CD13. My chart was different straight away, steady temps in the follicular phase, and slow climb on the luteal phase then huge spike and two dips, and is now climbing steady. 1 DPO - Temp only went just above coverline - feels like AF is coming already. 2 DPO - Temp dipped slightly - even closer to coverline - cramps are more noticeable - creamy CM. 3 DPO - Huge temp jump - cramps continue - creamy CM. 4 DPO - Temp still high - constant cramping - so tired - cream CM. 5 DPO - Temp is heading down - constant cramping - bloated and tired - let the POAS begin BFN. 6 DPO - Temp is back down near coverline - cramping, feeling better - BFN. 7 DPO - Temp tiny bit up - cramping - BFN - getting breakouts - creamy CM. 8 DPO - Temp back down - CRAZY dream last night. I was swimming and when I had a shower, I looked down and I'd 'given birth' to a watermelon sized amount of creamy CM. When I woke up I knew this cycle was different. BFN in the morning, but later that night, I POAS and came back about 20 minutes later - I know, not in the time frame, but there was the faintest of pink lines - not like the grey evaporation lines I'd been getting. 9 DPO - Temp gradually climbing again - BFP. I POAS about 3 times a day and it's getting darker throughout the day. 10DPO - Temp is gradually zigzagging up - BFP pink lines. I also got a digital PREGNANT 1-2 WEEKS on a Clearblue. 11DPO - BFP - test line is almost same colour as control line. 12DPO - BFP - test line is almost same colour as control line. I'm off to the doctor tomorrow to arrange HCG blood tests and Progesterone levels - but I know this one is a keeper. I wish you all the very best in your journeys for little babies.