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BFP over 40

Got your BFP at age 40 or older? We definitely want to hear your story! Send us your symptoms through this contact form.


So I am 37 in 2 weeks, my husband is 39. We have a little girl Ella and she is 5yrs, she was conceived with no problems at all. This time around I also thought it would be easy and quick. 1,2,3,4,5,6 months and nothing, all my friends either preg or with babies. I was so despite for a baby. Due to my age I was told I needed to seek a specialist after 6mths of trying. I had been using ovulation test, temping and I was an addict with testing for ovulation and HPT a real shocka, always being disappointed. On Monday I took my referral letter and tests that I had done to the specialist and now I just had to wait my turn for an apt: a lot of money and a wait list. My husband had his semen checked I had just started getting all my tests done. That night I got my BFP this was 2 days ago at 11DPO, it was negative in the morning and + at night. The only symptoms I had was a gurgling lower tummy which always happened 2 days before my AF anyway. My AF was due that day and felt like for sure it was coming I even saw one pin size dot of blood. I had + ovulation tests from days 17-22 blazing, I thought I ovulated around day 17 as I felt O twinges we had sex days 8,12,14,16,17,19,20 I was so sure I was out this month and was so surprised. I was always on the forums and seeking all these BFP and was getting so depressed and down. I was not uptight but I always trying to calculate the best timing so when people tell you to just relax, go ahead and slap them. lol Do what ever makes you comfortable. I just got a call prior to writing my story with my blood results. I AM HAVING ANOTHER BUBBA YIPEEEE.

BFP @ 41, Trying For #2 After 1.5 yr, 1 Ectopic & 1 Miscarriage

We have a lovely soon to be 4 year old who was conceived Jan 2009, a few months after first time pregnancy that turned out to be ectopic. Then had another ectopic pregnancy April 2011. Started to try again Jan 2012 and finally got BFB March 2013, over a year later, but then miscarried a few weeks later. Doctor told me at my age, I could try naturally for another 3-4 months, then I needed to call her for an appt to talk bout IVF. DH meanwhile left for an overseas trip. We BD the day he left, and it was 3-4 days before I ovulated, and thought, I am out again this month, there is no way I will conceive with him gone, and time is ticking, so set up an appointment for to IVF clinic set for tomorrow. Here are my dpi symptoms: Day 1-6: A lot of CM, and breaking out on face and chest! Day 7: Emotional, more CM, Day 8: Insomnia. Cannot get to sleep until 2 am, then so tired in the morning Day 9: Temperature dip a whole degree!, insomnia continues, hungry Day 10: Insomnia, hungry, nipples a bit sore. This is when I first suspected Day 11: Insomnia, same sore nipples, hungry and tired Day 12: Insomnia, sore nipples, hungry and tired. Tested BFN Day 13: Insomnia, sore nipples, hungry and tired. Tested faint positive! Husband returns tomorrow and will test again! After 3 losses, BD only 3-3 days pre-ovulation, turning 42 in 3 months. Can't believe it. Looking back, I think what may have helped was that I took Robutssin (google it) to keep my CM thin (longer sperm survival) an that I had sort of given up o ever naturally conceiving again and was focusing on preparing myself to go the IVF route.

Many Months of Trying... Surprise BFP!!

I am happy to be sharing my story after so many months of reading other happy stories looking for some hope! I have to first say that we were not trying at all, in fact we had stopped several months ago due to lack of success for 2 years. I had figured since I am 40 that I was done. My mother went in to early menopause and I hear the daughters usually follow. I have 3 boys now and each of those pregnancies happened on the 1st or 2nd try so after years of trying and reading what to do with no success we stopped. I had been temping to make sure I knew when I ovulated so we would be safe just in case, although mistakes never turned into anything. Last month I must have ovulated early because when I took my temp on CD 12 and it was already over 98. I didn't think anything of it. I kept temping and noting a few symptoms like a sore throat out of nowhere and being crampy a day or 2. I continued to temp and after 22 days of temps over 98 I felt something had to be going on. I did notice also that my boobs got a bit heavier so I said hmm could I be pregnant? I bought a test after being 2 days late and took it at 130pm and it was positive instantly. I was very surprised, yet very excited. I have been very nervous and emotional these last days. I am hoping for a girl, but just want it be healthy. Since I stopped trying several months ago we didn't anything different at all. In looking back at the days we had sex, it was once in the am and once in the pm. In each instance, I got up right away. Nothing special at all. I do recall in the months that I did try I had almost every symptom imaginable, and now I have very few. Each person is different in how they conceive and how it affects their body. Each pregnancy is different within the same person, I know mine were. I guess sometimes it just happens when it is meant to be. I have been out of work for almost a year and started a wonderful new job a few weeks ago, my older son is going to college next week and now I am blessed to be adding to my family. I am so thrilled and wish all of you much love and success. Here is to a happy and healthy 9 months!
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46.5 Years Old and Just Discovered I am Pregnant

Hi ladies! I just found out two days ago that I am pregnant with my third child. This is the biggest surprise ever for me in that it occurred naturally. My daughters are 23 and 16, plus I have twin grandchildren who will be seven in September. I am so shocked and scared to death. My boyfriend is 50 and has two daughters, 26 and 16. He is not too happy in that we were looking at traveling and spending time together as almost empty nesters. I am also concerned about my age and having a healthy baby. However, I just want you ladies to know it can happen at any time, especially if you think you are too old. God Bless you all, and I wish you all success at conceiving and happy, healthy babies.

BFP at 40 After Removal of Left Ovary and Tube

It's just over 3 and a half years ago that I discovered that I had fallen pregnant (not planned). DH and I were numb for several weeks but grew to like the idea of having a third. Visited OB/GYN at 8 weeks and had a scan. No heartbeat detected - we were devastated. Another scan at 9 weeks confirmed no heartbeat so booked into day surgery for D&C. I woke up in a private room in a ward all confused and in pain, OB/GYN had ruptured my uterus during the procedure and had to repair with a LAP so D&C was not carried out. Sent home to MC naturally and after another 2 weeks MC'd and ended up being admitted to hospital again (trip in an ambulance). Follow up with OB/GYN a couple of weeks later revealed a large ovarian cyst (size of an orange) had grown on my left ovary. To top it all off, due to all of the exams and internal scans over those weeks I developed an intolerance/allergy to latex. Took months to figure this out as I was on antibiotics after the rupture and then had a nasty chest infection followed by ear infections that wouldn't go away so I kept on thinking that it was thrush due to the antibiotics! I was put on BC to try and reduce the size of the cyst over 6 months but it didn't work so back to hospital to have the cyst removed. After everything that happened I wasn't keen to have a third! 9 months ago, 2 days before I turned 40 and a day before I flew out of the country for my planned 40 bday celebration in Thailand, DH asked for another! Totally unexpected! I always wanted 3 but was very happy with the two beautiful boys that we have and had thought we were past it as boys are 10 & 9 (15 months apart). Told DH I wanted a check up with GP before committing to trying. Blood work revealed all ok with me and the GP gave us the thumbs up to start trying immediately and he tried to tell me when to start TTC (like I didn't already know)! After 5 months TTC, due to our age and my cycle going haywire since we started trying we booked into see a fertility specialist in late Feb as I knew it would take a bit of time to investigate everything and we weren't spring chickens! The day before our appointment I had the most horrific nausea and pain. Standing seemed to make it worse and somehow I knew something wasn't right and after hours of vomitting drove to my dr. She was at a loss but suspected divaticulitis (family history) and since I was seeing GYN the next day she suggested I talk to him and start on antibiotics just in case. I wasn't able to stand for more than 5 min the next morning and cancelled GYN appt as I was too ill. The next day I couldn't stand the pain any more so went to the hospital where they scanned me and found an ovarian torsion on my left ovary. Rushed appt with GYN had me booked in for surgery a couple of days later. Left ovary, cyst and tube had to be removed due to lack of blood supply from torsion. GYN thought that torsion probably occurred in Sept/Oct last year when we first started TTC as that is when my cycle became irregular. I had more bloodwork done and had to book DH in for tests but things got busy and we didn't get around to getting my results or booking him in for tests before we headed off on a family holiday overseas at the beginning of July. Periods were due while we were away. BBS had been killing me for over a week but didn't think too much of it. Period didn't arrive on day 28 so told DH 50/50 chance in the morning and 60/40 that night. Next day still hadn't arrived, BBS were really painful and heavy. Told DH the % was now 70/30! After an exhausting day at Universal Studios riding roller coasters I decided to do a HPT back at the hotel - BFP!!! Came out from the bathroom and whispered to DH that % was now 99/1! DH will be 40 when due and I will be 41! Dr has now confirmed pregnancy at booked into OB/GYN in Aug.
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Finally BFP

Hello everyone, here's my story; Me: 40 perfect with No problems, fsh: 7 DH: 49 MFI, severe morphology problems, count not that bad. Ivf#1 14 follies, 14 eggs, 12 fetilized, 2 embies 3dt BFN, No frosties Ivf#2 14 follies, 16 eggs, 14 fertilized, 2 of 5 day blasts transferred. BFP! BHCG 267. Termination at 20 weeks due to chromosomal abnormality which happens 1/50000 ! Devastated. Ivf#3 11 follies, 6 mature :( 5 fertilized. 2 embies transferred at day 4. BFN :( No frosties. Ivf#4 11 follies, 11 mature, 11 fertilized ( excellent quality eggs with dhea, coq10, vitD) 2 blasts transferred at day 5 . BFN . 4 blasts frozen :) HSG No problems. FET #1 all embies survived thaw, 2 blasts transferred. BFP with FMU at 6dp5dt, bHCG number at 9dp5dt is 323 yayyy. Next beta is in 2 days. Symptoms: I am an experienced ivf er here, so I know most of the symptoms are because of ER, stimulation and progesterone. I had far more symptoms in my BFN cycles. Only difference were; severe headache, burning sensation at inguinal area, cold symptoms. I had occasional cramps. Good luck to everyone out there, you're in my prayers and never loose hope...
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My BFP Story @ 40

Hi, I have beden married late in life and started ttc at 39. Me 40 years no problems but age. Fsh 7.2 DH 49 low morphology, excellent health, has a son from previous marriage with IUI (10 years ago) Ivf #1 14 eggs 13 fertilized, 3dt of 2 embrios, bfn no frozen Ivf #2. 16 eggs 14 fertilized , 5dt of 2 embrios , BFP ! Termination at 20 weeks due to chromosomal anormality. Happens 1 in 50 000! Devastated :( Ivf #3 6 eggs ( wwhattt????) 4dt of 2 embrios BFN :( Ivf #4 11 eggs, 11 fertilized ( 3 months of 75mg dhea, coq10, vitD) 5dt 2 embrios, BFN :( 4 blasts frozen :) HSG everything normal FET #1 all blasts survived, 5dt of 2 blasts. BFP at Hpt fmu at 6dp5dt. 9dp5dt bHCG 323!! We are so happy ! Symptoms; experienced IVF'er here. I know now most of the symptoms are from ER, stimulation and progesterone as I had far less symptoms at FET cycle. Some of my symptoms were: severe headache, warm feeling, eye twitching (strange) and AF cramping that comes and goes. Oh and most important I had a burning sensation at inguinal area firts few days post transfer. I hope this one (or two !) is a healty baby/ are healthy babies :) Good luck everybody please do not loose hope :)

BFP 20 DPO - Unusual "Symptoms" Didn't Think I Was!!

Hi ladies - I wanted to post because I didn't seem to fall into any of the categories of normal symptoms and I KNOW alot of us lose faith so here's my story: The first week and a half after ovulation I felt NOTHING - no cramps or boob pain or anything. I thought this was a bit odd but I was trying not to symptom spot lol. Then around 11-12dpo started getting mild cramps which felt exactly like AF. I thought I was out for sure. Only thing off was lower back pain which I don't usually get with my period. I also felt nausea after eating in the morning on days 11 12 and 13dpo but I get this with AF. Tested negative on Sunday and wasn't surprised. Period was due Wednesday and by Sunday I was DRY below and cervix low and hard so I was super sure I was out. But I tested again on Tuesday and again a negative. I then just decided to wait for AF but by Friday morning still nothing? Now two days late, no CM no sore boobs no nausea only slight cramps and again the back pain. So I tested and there it was - my VERY faint line!!!! I had this happen with my last pg - took a bit for a strong pg test but usually by the day AF is due I get one so this was strange for me :) I'm still not 100% sold until I get a digital test that says you're pregnant lol. I still have a hard cervix and it goes up and down in a day - but does feel pretty closed. And still not much CM almost dry like before AF. No sore boobs, and I don't temp so can't answer that. I use an ovu kit and took evening primrose and robitussin which has worked for me in the past too :) I'm still having light mild cramping which is very normal - some More specific sharper pains on left side around that ovary so baby may be burrowing in there :) Anyways keep the faith because I didn't fit any categories at all and in my opinion you are never EVER out until AF shows!! Good luck everyone!!!
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BFP After 6 IUIs, at 40!

I love this site and was always checking it out for inspiration. Hopefully, you see something in my story to help you with your journey. I have no fertility issues, except I married a woman and our sperm needs to be purchased :) And I started this process at 39, now 40. My first 4 cycles were with Clomid days 3-7 and an Ovidrel trigger shot prior to the IUI. I usually had one, maybe two mature follicles anywhere from 16-26mm each cycle. The second cycle resulted in a chemical pregnancy and a cyst that required us sitting out until it resolved on its own. So, after 4 iui cycles and a discussion with our Dr, we decided to get more aggressive and move to injectibles and back-to-back iuis. The Clomid was giving me some nasty headaches and I don't think it was helping my lining either (always around 5-6mm). Cycle 5, I started Bravelle injections (75 units, which is one dose) days 3-8, then Ovidrel trigger, then back-to-back IUIs (24, 36 hrs after trigger). One follice at 22mm, lining around 8! But, no dice. Went right into the next month with the same plan, but upped the Bravelle to 150. This was going to be #6, our last shot! Bravelle 150 injections days 3-8, Ovidrel trigger day 9, back-to-back IUIs (16 hrs and 40 hrs after trigger). One lonely follicle measuring 18 at two days before the IUI, and my lining was over 9. It only takes one, right? I was trying to chill out this cycle and relax. I was preoccupied most of the time and I rather casually decided to poas the evening of the 9th DPO. It was a light positive. It really threw us for a loop, but we stayed pretty calm about a light positive. It was early. Of course, I didn't test the trigger out this time, but it's usually gone by dpo6. We also had that chemical pregnancy and knew if the line doesn't get darker, it might be an uphill battle. So I kept poas every day :) The line got darker around 12dpo, so then, on 13dpo, we got the digital positive! My beta number at 17dpiui was 500. This was it. At 6 weeks, we saw the heartbeat:) No symptoms during the two week wait with one exception. My boobs were SORE and swollen at the end of the first week. Never had that before. The only thing I did differently was to relax. I know, everyone says this, and it sucks because when you tell someone to relax, it is akin to saying "don't remember the number 116." The only thing you can think about now is '116.' But, I just lived my life during the 2ww. I had a couple glasses of wine (not all at once, I wasn't crazy:) and after the positive at 9dpo, NO booze), I stayed up late, and I didn't read the internet about the 2ww:) Honestly, there was nothing left for me to read. After 6 iuis and almost a year of trying, I found the end of the internet. Live your life through this process to the best of your abilities and have a plan if things don't work out. Having that conversation with your spouse early and in-depth was the best advice I was given. It helped me to really chill out the last two cycles because my wife and I sat down and discussed our course of action for our entire family plan, to include how many IUIs I would do, if IVF was a consideration for me, when she would try (the benefit of having another uterus in the family), etc. Having that in-depth conversation put my mind at ease for the rest of the process because I knew if this stage didn't work out, we were already in agreement with what was next. Good luck everyone!
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Tubal Reversal BFP!!!!!