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BFP Stories

Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP over 40

Got your BFP at age 40 or older? We definitely want to hear your story! Send us your symptoms through this contact form.

BFP!!! After 16 Months!! Thanks be to God!! Prayers Answered

After 16 months and much prayer I can post here! This month I gave up alcohol, caffeine, started taking progesterone, aspirin, B6, B12, chasteberry & Pre-Seed and prayed so so much! Thank you ladies for all of your stories. Blessings to you all!

BFP at 40 After 6 Months TTC

I just turned 40 in December, DH 38. I have a DS 13, got pregnant 2 months TTC. And DS 3 took 7 months TTC. Went off BC pills in September '12 and had a chemical pregnancy in November. I noticed that my cycles and luteal phase seemed to be getting shorter, just by a couple of days and that I was having lots of luteal phase spotting. Started to wonder if my progesterone might be a little low. My husband and I had already decided that we would not seek any type of fertility treatment and that if it didn't happen naturally, it wasn't meant to be for us. We both felt already very blessed with our two boys and number 3 would just be icing on the cake.

So to the Internet I went and for the last two cycles I have been taking 100 mg of B6 with 500 mcg of B 12. Also 1000 mg Vit C and a baby aspirin daily along with my regular prenatal. My cycle lengthened to my normal 28 days with a 14 day luteal phase. My spotting decreased last month, though I still had it for 2 days.

So on to this month. I O'd on CD 14. BD'd on CDs 9,11,13 and 14. Used Pre-Seed. I believe in it! I also used OPKs and charted my BBT. During the previous 5 months I have symptom spotted like crazy. Cramps, sore bbs, chills, nausea, dizziness. This month I had almost no symptoms. No sore bbs at all. I had a little bit of cramping 10 and 11 dpo along with the tiniest amount of light pink spotting.

I got my BFP today at 12dpo with a FRER. It was somewhat faint, but no doubt about it. I have never tested this early before so I expect it will get darker in a day or two. It is definitely darker than the line I had with my chemical pregnancy at 14dpo, so I am hopeful.

Good luck to everyone! Don't lose hope!

BFP After Tubal Reversal in Dec 2012 and 40 y/o

I am so happy to be writing my BFP story. I am praying for a healthy sticky bean! I am 40 y/o and I had a tubal reversal done on 12/13/12 and thought it would take a long time for my to get pregnant. Well Lo and behold, two months later here I am PG!!

I charted but didn't temp, I used Pre-seed and OPK's (digi smiley face ones) We BD the day before and the day after our + OPK but that was all we could fit in, so I wasn't holding out much hope. I had not a lot of symptoms that were very obvious.

Getting Betas done Monday, prayers are welcome :) Average cycle for me is 29-32 days luteal phase is 14-16 days

Here is my month in a nutshell :)

CD1-12 not much going on
CD13 EWCM starts up...BD that night use preseed and elevated hips for 10 min
CD14 EWCM and + OPK
CD15 EWCM BD that night used preseed and elevated hips for 10 min
CD16 Think I O'd this day but no O cramps or pinching so who knows
DPO1 nothing
DPO2-5 nothing
DPO6-9 some zingers in my boobs but not really sensitive
DPO10-11 AF like cramps off and on for two whole days, ( implantation??) test both days BFN
DPO12, cramps gone, no symptoms, BFN
DPO13, nothing and BFN
DPO14, very very faint line on FRER with FMU, think I'm seeing things, but notice breast sensitivity and very hungry
DPO15, Big BFP!! cramping on left side and BB's getting sore now, but not much else!!

BFP at 41

Hi ladies... I've been on a long journey ttc#1. I've had 4 losses on the way, but I am not giving up hope that I will bring home my miracle baby.
My most recent m/c was 9 weeks ago, this is my 2nd cycle after m/c. This cycle I tried FertiliTea for the first time... and also started charting to pinpoint my actual o'day.
Cd12: positive opk (negative in the am - positive late at night)
Cd15: date of ovulation according to chart.
1dpo: nausea, bloated, acne (I always have nausea between ovulation and AF)
2dpo: nausea, bloated
3dpo: nausea
4dpo: nausea
5dpo: nausea, cramping
6dpo: nausea, cramping, runny nose, tested/bfn
7dpo: nausea, cramping, runny nose, sore breasts, light pink on tp just one time, tested/bfn
8dpo: nausea, cramping, runny nose, sore breasts, tested/bfn
9dpo: woke up and tested early, got very faint bfp... yay ; )
Now baby just needs to stick!
Good luck to you all xoxo

BFP at 41+1 Month

My husband and I already have a 12 and 9 year old son and daughter. We have been using the rhythm method for past 9 years. I thought I had already ovulated and so went ahead and did the BD. The following day I started getting more O symptoms and realized my miscalculation. At that point, I knew I was PG:). Two days ago I took a test and saw extremely faint line. I could barely see it. Took another test yesterday and was slightly darker. Still not convinced because of my age. Today, took another test and there was no mistaking the line! My husband and I are in shock. I am worried because of my age. But we can definitely afford a new addition to our family right now. I have not told my 9 year old daughter yet, but she has been praying for a baby sister for over a year now. I pray for a healthy baby and pregnancy!

History- one ectopic pregnancy between kids. Ruptured and lost right tube. For all of you trying, don't give up and RELAX:)

My symptoms:
1-9 dpo nothing- maybe slight headaches and 1 migraine. (Thought it was my usual menstrual migraine)
10-13 dpo gas, bloating, vivid dreams, headache, ovulation type pain on left ovary

Is it Gas, or...?

I have been lurking on this site for the past few weeks, reading the BFP stories and the pregnancy symptoms and they really gave me hope! Ok, so I am 42, DH is 51. Obviously we are late bloomers. We started trying when I was 39. I got pregnant naturally after 2 months of trying. We were ecstatic! But discovered at 10 weeks that it was a blighted ovum. I miscarried naturally, but there was retained tissue, and I still had to have a D & C, which prolonged everything. I bled for 2 months straight and my hormones were out of whack for a long time. When that nightmare was over, by the grace of God, I conceived naturally after 2 months of trying again and we had a healthy daughter 14 months ago. 40 when I got pregnant, 41 when I gave birth. When she was about 9 months old, I mentioned to my DH that I would love to be a mother again, and give our precious DD a sibling. And if we were going try for another, it better be soon cuz my time was running out.

We sort of half heartedly tried for a few months... DH is under a lot of work and family stress, and is diabetic so he's not always up for BD. I was using expired OPKs that were left over from my last TTC. It was silly! I gave my DH a good talking to earlier this month about how I was never going to get pregnant if we just BD one time in a month, and how he should stop telling our friends that we were trying if he wasn't serious about it. And I resolved to do a better job of charting and get new OPKs.

Around a week past what I think was ovulation (I believe I o'ed on CD14 or 15-we BD'ed on CD 13) I felt a sharp pain in my uterus, which I believe was implantation. A couple of days later, a nasty metallic taste developed in my mouth, and I was very gassy, with cramps off and on. I also had very mild nausea, almost unnoticeable...but I just KNEW. Even though the cramps could have all come from gas, and sometimes I told myself they were gas, I still knew, in my heart of hearts that it was a little baby in there...not just a gas bubble.

Still, I forced myself to wait until I missed my period. And even though after my last pregnancy I sometimes have a 29 day cycle instead of 28 like I used to, I tested this morning on CD 29. BFP! We are so excited and happy about adding to our family and feel blessed beyond belief. Women over 40, YOU CAN DO IT. Think positively and just keep trying. Never give up. Best of luck to all of you and here's hoping for BFPs for one and all!

PS: So far, my symptoms have been very mild and almost nonexistent. I want to say that not all women have morning sickness, and big sore breasts. I had no breast changes at all with my last pregnancy, and so far, none with this one either.

Pregnant at 44 Naturally

I just got my BFP after trying for almost 5 years for our 3rd child. I had my first DD almost 13 years ago and my last DD 10 years ago. The last year or so, I have been experiencing hot flashes and since July, I have been experiencing shorter cycles. Both are signs or perimenapause. I tried not to become discouraged and scoured the Internet for hopeful stories. When my period was late I didn't want to become too hopeful. I know the statistics. I thought there was a greater chance of me being late due to hormonal changes than pregnancy. I braced myself to expect to see a Not Pregnant on the digital HPT but remained hopeful that even if, it may just be too early (I was 5 days late) as I had read that some woman don't produce enough HCG to register a positive right away and I would retest on the weekend. I peed on the stick and in less than a minute the test read POSITIVE! We are so excited. We are not going to listen to any of the negative statistics. I'm sure this is likely my last pregnancy and I want to enjoy every minute of it!

42 and BFP!!!!!!!!

Hi Everybody,

My husband and I have a 5 year old son. I had been taking bc since my son was born 5 years ago. I stopped taking bc in October, because my heart started skipping. I went to a cardiologist and he said that my bc could be causing the skipping because of the hormones in the bc. When I stopped taking the bc I felt so much better and the skips did stop. But my periods were so painful. I had a cycle in Oct, Nov and Dec. My husband and I were talking about having another but unsure because of age ( he is 46 and I'm 42 ).

Christmas Day I started cramping felt like cycle was coming but it was too early, so I took and ovulation test and got a smiley face. My husband was unsure about trying because he was still taking blood pressure medicine that can cause low sperm count and low mobility. Oh, my husband and I started drinking "Bolthouse Farms, Green Goodness" which has ALOT of vegetables and fruits ( it is VERY high in zinc). So, I had a smiley face on Dec. 25, 26, 27 and half on day on 28th. We did the dance on 24th and 26th. Took pregnancy test on Jan. 3rd and it was negative, too early. Took a clear blue easy dig. 9dpo and it said Pregnant!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : ) ) I had symptoms ever early...........

3dpo--- car motion made me sick, very dizzy, stomach felt nervous
4dpo---cramping, sick on stomach
5dpo---hurting on left side, sour throat
6dpo---not as sick, hair started changing, breaking out, gums swollen and sour
7dpo---had light cramping, morning sickness, and very tired, breaking out
8dpo---woke up around 4am pain on left side---
9dpo---took pregnancy test and it said PREGNANT

Products used: 

Over 40 High FSH/Low AMH BFP!!

Hi everyone,

I spent the last week or so going through these boards looking at the symptoms, and I promised myself if I got a positive, I would post my story.
I just turned 40. After eight months of no success, we were advised to undergo treatment with IVF. To my major disappointment, my fsh was high and AMH low and so it was suggested that I would not be a good responder to IVF. It turned out I wasn't: only 3 eggs were retrieved at collection, and only two of them fertilized. Thankfully, they were high quality embryos though: one 7 cell and one 9 cell with hardly any fragmentation.

I guess one (or two?) of them implanted because just a few days after my three day transfer, I started feeling a little "off".

Food aversions were my first real clue. I love pecans and was not able to eat them without thinking of cockroaches and gagging
I started having cravings for high protein foods like red meat and pork chops (I am normally not a fan of meat)
Breasts started getting larger and sore
A few night sweats
On and off nausea

My first beta was only 12 at 8dpt
I started getting worried the next day because some of symptoms (like the nausea) disappeared, but at 12dpt my beta was at 58.
At 12 days post transfer, I still feel breast soreness and my appetite is completely gone.

It's early days yet, but I'm desperately hoping that everything continues to go smoothly.

Good luck everyone!

43 Yrs Old, 4th Cycle TTC - Naturally

This is my 4th cycle and I got BFP today. I used Pre-Seed and OPK digital.

BD CD 4, CD 9, CD 10, CD 12

CD 10. Positive OPK. odd to ovulate early. Used Pre-Seed this day only.
CD 11. Crampy all day (not sure which day ovulated.)
1-7 dpo. EWCM
8 dpo. EWCM stabbing pains in both breasts
9 dpo. EWCM stabbing pains worse, light headache started (had this with 1st pregnancy) insomnia
10 dpo. EWCM stabbing pains almost unbearable, headache, insomnia, implantation bleeding (brownish pink) at night. Crampy
11 dpo. Woke at 3am starving, BBs are super sore and bigger, metal taste in mouth. Back ache. Light implantation bleeding - only when I wipe. Took HPT at 9am and positive showed right away.

Because of my age I thought this would take a long time because of reading the stats on the Internet. I'm in excellent health. I'm a runner as well.

My periods are usually a 28 day cycle without fail. I have no issues like endometriosis, etc.

Don't be discouraged by your age!!!