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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP over 40

Got your BFP at age 40 or older? We definitely want to hear your story! Send us your symptoms through this contact form.

By the Grace of God!!!

I am 42 and have been trying to conceive #8 for 9 months. Last night I was brushing my teeth and my gums hurt. I thought "hmmm, this is new" so I tested this morning. I think I am about 10 dpo but not sure as we had actually quit trying. We only BD'd once this cycle so far (I have 7 children, homeschool, and have 4 playing baseball. My husband is coaching one of the teams. We're busy. And old. And tired.) With every pregnancy, I have had only one symptom that stands out and it has been different every time. My recipe: Get really mad about constant BFNs and throw away all the supplements, go online and buy hundreds of dollars worth of new clothes (not maternity!) and thank God for the many blessings He has given you. Truly Praising God for His grace and mercy.

40 Years Old and 2nd BFP in 9 Months...

So here’s my story. I hope it can give some ladies hope, hope that I needed many times over this trying to conceive journey! I was pretty iffy about having children, but when I was getting close to 40, I thought “why not?” So we started trying (I wanted to wait to try until after my 40th *surprise* birthday party). I got pregnant the first month. I was really shocked that it happened so quickly because they say it can take up to a year for a couple to get pregnant, right? I guess the fact that I had never been on any sort of birth control probably helped. Anyways, had my 6 week appt, saw and heard the heartbeat, everything was fine. However, my dr did say “I would still wait until first tri is over to spread the news”. Of course, I agreed, that is what my husband and I had decided. Fast forward 3 ½ weeks and I had a missed miscarriage. Meaning, my angel’s heart had stopped growing at a certain point, probably at least a couple of weeks, before I started cramping and bleeding at 9 ½ weeks, which was my clue that something was wrong. To this day, I wonder if my dr saw something that she didn’t like at the first appt, or if the heart beat was low (I never asked her what the hb was) or if she was just being cautious because of my advanced maternal age. I was devastated and thought it was such a cruel joke-to get pregnant so quickly, yet have it snatched out of my hands just as quickly. Why?? I asked God that many times… I got my period 30 days after my miscarriage, and it got right back to normal, except that I had dark brown spotting during my luteal phase. I am positive I had NEVER experienced this before. After I did more research, I was convinced that I was low in progesterone. And it’s very difficult to get pregnant when you are low in progesterone. But my dr. didn’t think that I was low in progesterone. To help my egg quality, in January I started taking the following supplements: COQ10, Vitamin D with fish oil, vitamin B6, royal jelly, wheatgrass, and spirulina. They say it takes 90 days for any vitamins to start working. Or is it that the egg/s you ovulate were produced 90 days prior? Anyways, I also started temping and using Fertility Friend to confirm and track my ovulation. In March I also bought raspberry tea leaves and dong quai from Chinatown and brewed and drank it for the first half of my cycle. I also used ovulation predictor kits and bought a ferning microscope. We tried for 6 cycles, and nothing happened. Finally, in April I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism. My TSH was 2.4, and although it is considered “normal”, I had read that Fertility Specialists like to see your TSH below 2, before they will treat you. So, I asked my primary care if we could try out a thyroid rx and she agreed to put me on the lowest dosage. I also took soy isoflavones (nature’s clomid) during my April cycle, but I didn’t get pregnant. At the end of April, my ob gyn performed an endometrial biopsy (which came back normal). She said since I had just started my thyroid rx, to take a break from trying to conceive. Once my thyroid is normalized, usually within a couple of months, to come back to see her and if I am still not pregnant, she would do a Hysterosalpingogram. Well, I knew that it would take at least 5-7 days to recover from the endometrial biopsy, and I knew my anticipated ovulation date would be right around that time and I may not even be able to try to conceive. For that reason, for May’s cycle, I decided not to take the soy isoflavones (I didn’t want to go through the side effects for no reason-why do that and then not even be physically able to try to conceive)? So I kind of looked at my May cycle as a “lost cause” and that I was taking a break. Ultimately, we were able to have sex the day before I ovulated. However, my temps were really rocky, both before and after ovulation, out of character from my previous month’s charts. I only temped for 3 days after ovulation, just to confirm my ovulation, because I was taking a break, remember? Those 4 temps after my ovulation were so rocky that Fertility Friend said it suspected that perhaps I didn’t even ovulate in May!! I was so freaked out! I thought that the soy isoflavones I took in April messed up my May cycle. I didn’t symptom spot during the two week wait, because I didn’t have any expectations AT ALL. On 12dpo, I tested using an internet cheapie, and it was negative.

OMG! IVF #1 Worked After All!! 41 and a Bun in the Oven!

Wow, I can't believe I get to post my BFP story here! I'm still finding it hard to think of the looooong journey it was just to get to this stage. A HUGE thanks to this site for feeding my obsession and keeping me going throughout the 2 years of TTC- ing, and the emotional roller coaster it is TTC. I met my husband late in life, and we started trying straight away...we were eventually diagnosed with unexplained infertility- which I call the "Limbo" period, where we came to terms with it. Anyway after a lot of frustration and emotions our first time IVF "nail biter" has brought us to this point, where I had my BFP today. Didn't have dramatic symptoms, and at times I doubted there was anything going on at all. I had itchy nipples, slight bloating that I thought was the drugs I was taking, tired and very emotional- which I took out on DH and he was pretty much the punchbag to my hormones (poor thing) Today- this morning I did a HPT because I wanted to be prepared for the blood tests and there it was- the plus sign! I still doubted it- and it wasn't until the nurse called with the news that I allowed myself to believe. Now I'm still in shock, but so happy and thankful... To everyone out there- never give up and don't loose hope. Its a numbers game, and you have everything to gain
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Three Times IVF, Two Plus Hopefully One More Time BFP!

I wanted to share my symptoms as I think this board has been so helpful to me! I had a 3 day transfer of 5 - 4 cell grade a embryos. I am 41 and hubby 38, unexplained infertility and endometriosis. Day 1pt- gas, bloated headache Day 2- same Day 3- same Day 4, 5 and 6 pt- cramping, dreams ,sore boobs Day 7- same as above but dark aeroelas and slightly more erect nips. Was preg but later lost baby after 8 weeks. Also did 5 day transfer I noticed a big difference between the symptoms of 3 day and 5 day transfers. The 5 day transfer I felt the cramping and pulling on the first 3 nights post transfer as well as fatigue and darker nips on 3 days past 5 days transfer. I know that progesterone also gives u the symptoms of pregnancy but u think I can tell the difference by now! As soon as I take a supp or the oil injection, I get cramping and fever of 99.5 approx shortly after but notice the times when I do not take it the cramping feels more of burning and pulling. Hope this helps. This turned into a chemical preg but am pleased that I did get preg. On to the next.... Am on my 3rd ivf, 3 day post transfer similar embryos to previous, all good to excellent quality but not many cells more than 5. Day 1, 2. Bloated, headache, gas Day 3 today. Bloated, creamy mucus, slight cramping but not pulling like the other times so worried may be the progesterone and not preg this time. I do know implantation doesn't begin until tomorrow for a 3 day transfer so fingers crossed. Good luck to all. It is so hard going through this but I know in the end it is going to happen with time and patience and love.

BFP at 44 Naturally!

Last year around this time DH and I fell pregnant on our very first try. Not to mention, we only had time that month to BD once! I was 43, he was 44. At 6 weeks it was found that I had a blighted ovum, however, we felt very happy that we were able to get pregnant in the first place. I have to say, that understanding how common miscarriages are and reading other women's experiences, was comforting. We were sad, of course, but not devastated. Our bodies can do amazing things, including determining when something is wrong and stopping the process. We waited a little while before starting to try again. The past 3 months we were really committed. On the third cycle, we are pregnant again! I have just turned 44. I decided to take the logical approach to being an older woman TTC. "Hey, I get my periods regularly and ovulate regularly as far as I know, there really is no reason I am not able to get pregnant. All it takes is one sperm and one egg." I understand the risks. I am not naive to the facts about egg life and "old eggs", etc., but I like to think of my eggs as mature and at a point in their lives where they really know what they want. ;) With this, I stopped reading the statistics. We are not statistics. We are individuals, so pay no attention (or do whatever you want as a grown up person. lol) So I just wanted to offer my story. If you are over 40 and want to have a child, it can be done naturally or with help, of course. And why shouldn't it be done when the parts are still working! Silly how much pressure women face with all areas of their bodies. I say, enough! Ok, I am done preaching :) It is still early. I am hoping this one sticks. If not, we will keep trying. Woman over 40 are just as viable as younger women TTC, except we are lucky enough to have years of experience behind us! That said, my symptoms are pretty strong right now. Bloating, a little cramping (no blood,) tugging, pulling sensation in belly, heartburn and so sleepy. In general I feel like I am just about to start my period (good times,) but I don't! I also believe I experienced implantation cramps 3 to 4 days before I tested positive. Further, I took the test a day too early and it said negative, so I waited one day after my period should have come and BFP! So don't get discouraged if you test early. Ok, I have gone on long enough. Good luck to everyone! I love all of the support on this site, thank you!

40 Years Old and BFP After More Than 2 Years of Trying

I am so grateful I’ve fallen pregnant again, I hope this is a sticky bean, so far it looks like it’s here to stay. This will be my first. I started TTC when I was 38 years old with a private donor (friend) but after 6 months of home insemination nothing had happened other than a chemical pregnancy. I was freaking out about my age and having read so much horror stories online, I was sure my age and old eggs was the issue. We went to a fertility clinic for IUI treatment and blood work and examinations and it turned out I was fine but my donor had rather bad sperm count and low motility, but not so low that we had to go directly to IVF/ICSI. The doctor was convinced that my age was not a problem as my numbers were all great. Yet in the next many months I had two more chemicals and nothing else happened. Finally after 10 months of trying with Chlomid, Puregon, trigger shot and IUI I finally got that BFP!! Unfortunately I miscarried at 5 weeks pregnant just few days before my 40th birthday. I was devastated. Again I was sure advanced maternal age had something to do with it, women over 40 miscarrying more often than younger women and so scared it was now too late and I would never fall pregnant again. Again the doctor was sure it had more to do with the quality of the sperm rather than my age and kept telling my numbers were perfect. For the next four months we tried again but nothing happened. Having had three chemicals and a miscarriage I was send to an expert in recurrent miscarriage. Before our appointment was due my friend backed out and decided not to be a part of it anymore. It was another blow. We had been in this together and now I was all alone. The new doctor too thought my numbers were too good to be the issue and with no blocked tubes and a very high AMH and low FSH he told me my age was not likely to be the cause of recurrent miscarriage but probably had to do with the quality of the sperm as bad sperm quality is more likely to result in miscarriage than healthy sperm. He suggested trying IUI with a donor a few more times and then go on to IVF Having read even more bad stories of older women trying to conceive for the first time I was not convinced. I was freaking myself out with stories of old eggs and problems conceiving. Then I started loosely dating a guy for a short while and used the break from the treatment to think about my situation, if I should continue with IUI with a donor or if I should go directly to IVF. The date and I found out about a month into it that it just wasn’t the of us and I was ready to move on to donor Ivf. While waiting to begin treatment again I bumped into the ex-date and after a night with drinks (too many) we ended up in bed. Well AF never arrived and there was no need to start donor ivf – I was pregnant! Completely unexpected, although I had this gut feeling from the start that I might be pregnant. The guy even ended up being quite thrilled about it, even though we are both sure we are not going to date again. Miracles do happen – and I guess the doctors were right, I do not have bad quality eggs. I think I ovulated 4 days after having sex because I felt ovulation pain that day but looking at my dpo timeline, it looks like I O’ed a few days earlier. 1 dpo – absolutely nothing 2 dpo – sudden strange sensation in both ovaries 3 dpo – AF-like pain and more ovary sensation?? 4 dpo – vivid dreams, woke up from a nightmare. 5 dpo – again woke from a nightmare in the middle of the night. 6 dpo – suddenly nothing at all. 7 dpo – woke up in the middle of the night crying, overly emotional all day, strangely heavy breasts, sore nipples, feels like the beginning of a cold, sore throat, sneezing. 8 dpo – suddently nothing, soreness gone, throat fine - what??? 9 dpo – constipation, hot and cold, stabbing pain below, not sure if it’s my intestines, my lower back or my uterus, it just feels all sore down there. 10 dpo – vivid happy dreams, more pain in pelvic area, suddenly ewcm like around ovulation?? 11 dpo - had a vivid dream about hanging out with a group of soldiers who all appeared to be very fertile (somehow I knew they were in my dream) – what a weird dream!! Woke up from that weird dream in the middle of the night, fell asleep again and dreamed the exact same dream again. Woke up with AF pain and thought it would arrive three days early, it freaked me out because shortened periods is a sign of declining ovarian reserve. Everything is so weird I decide to poas and do a leftover ovulation test – it’s positive!!! I’m quite sure I’m pregnant but unsure a pregnancy test will show two lines as clearly as the ovulation test this early. Decide to wait a few more days. 12 dpo – brown spotting, sure it’s all over. Period is too early. No need to take a pregnancy test.

Glory Be to God!

I want to start off giving thanks to God. We have been trying to conceive for 14 months, with male (36) and female (40) fertility concerns, and I have stocked this site from the start. Although my doctor thought I should use donor eggs because of my age, we were looking into IVF with my own as our next step. This was our second month with timed intercourse and fertility drugs. My RE felt like this was a waste of time because of my age and lack of success on my own, but it is what my insurance covered, so we prayed and tried it. The first month we used Menopur, Braville and triggered with Lupron. This month we used Repronex and triggered with Lupron. Both times I began to ovulate on my own and had to trigger early. This month my follicles were so small (three 13+ and one 14+) that I felt like it was a hopeless cycle. This brought more heartache for us, because my husband was scheduled to deploy the week after ovulation and not return for about 7 months. The progesterone and estrogen supplements mimic pregnancy/PMS so there are really no real indicators. I took a test because this month’s symptoms were not as bad as last months, and I was still hopeful. Glory be to God! I got a BFP 12 DPO/trigger. I have an appointment with my RE to confirm tomorrow. Pray with me that this is a viable pregnancy and my husband will return to the delivery of a healthy baby. Do not let doctors or anyone else discourage you ladies. The final say is not up to them.

BFP and 40 years old!

I am so incredibly grateful. We have a 12 year old and a 14 year old and haven't used any protection for the past 13 years. I had about given up on my chances but still held out a glimmer of hope. My dr. diagnosed me with insulin resistance and put me on metformin a year and a half ago. Finally found some exercise that worked for me and the pounds began to come off. I'm down about 20 pounds from our beginning. This month, dh was mentally prepared to try (he said he's always had mental blocks in the past around conception) and we BD's on O day and the day after and used Pre-Seed. 2 dpo: The symptoms began. I immediately had sore nipples which made me think of what it felt like when I had been breastfeeding years ago. I also had a couple of dizzy spells and felt some pulling in my lower abdomen. 3 dpo: Slightly nauseous. Really sore nipples. Some pulling in lower abdomen. 4 dpo: Still really painful nipples; tired but really busy too; light cramps; light nausea and some dizziness. 5 dpo: Still those crazy painful nipples! Moods are pretty stable. Hot flashes are becoming my "norm." 6 dpo: Nipples feel like they have daggers in them; flushing hot a lot; nausea in the AM 7 dpo: Still hot but not as hot; nipples still have a pinch-like pain; some cramps and light waves of nausea 8 dpo: Nipple pain continues but now full breast soreness; the hot flashes are back; troublesome sleep; stomach cramps (from the metformin?) 9 dpo: Nipples still sore but maybe a little less? Nausea waves when hungry. Pulling in lower abdomen; I can smell water and it smells awful! Almost a metallic smell? 10 dpo: Breasts are definitely bigger. Nipple pain continues. Stretching in lower abdomen. Tired. DH says areolas are bigger, but I don't see it. But perhaps the biggest thing for me was a premonition. All of the sudden I just knew that not only was I pg, I was going to have a musician. Can't really explain that one! 11 dpo: Upper Respiratory tickle and cough; very sore breasts and nipples; Tired by 4 PM. Nausea this morning but not terrible. Abdominal stretching feeling. 12 dpo: BFP! Faint line on a generic POAS with FMU. I am so incredibly grateful!!! Breasts are huge. Still have this cold. Smells are really starting to bother me! Of course, I'm also starting to question it because I went back to the stick an hour later and the line had diminished to so faint I had to squint to see it. Will test again tomorrow.

BFP at 41 - 2nd Month Trying!

Can't really believe it! This site has been a savior for the past two weeks. I really enjoyed reading everyone's stories and being able to compare symptoms. I consider myself incredibly lucky - my first pregnancy at 39 was also conceived after only two months!! My cycle is usually 28 or 29, pretty standard. I used ovulation tests and was charting BBT. CD14 was O day according to my readings. We BD the day I had my surge (day before O) and 2 days before that. 9dpo I had a drop in temp (implantation?) but I had this the previous month as well? I was also experiencing dizzy spells around this point which I don't ever have. Other symptoms during the TWW that told me this month was different: Waking up in the night and not being able to fall back to sleep. This was usually around 3:30-4am. I was sleeping solid through the night last month. Vivid dreams. I don't usually dream or don't remember them well. I have been having some crazy a** dreams! I have been extremely thirsty upon waking - can't even think about coffe or tea before I slam a glass of water. Also increased appetite - been eating more than normal. And sense of smell sharpened. Peeing a lot and in the middle of the night. Fog brain :) and general tiredness but this is probably due to night waking. If you want to know days these symptoms showed up just ask me. I think 9dpo and on is when they really were noticeable. I had no sore bbs, no nausea - I think those came later in my last pregnancy too. I knew AF wasn't showing up because I typically get a backache the day of and didn't have that. Lots of funny twinges and slight cramping along the way as well. Good luck and lots of baby dust to all!!!
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41yrs Old BFP IVF

Just got our BFP today and I don't think it's sunk in yet. Soooo happy. We'd been trying to conceive naturally for 18 months but I have diminished ovarian reserve and scar tissure from a previous LLEDTZ procedure. Also DPs swimmers were sluggish. We used IVF/ISCI with donor egg and it was our first attempt. We had two 3day embryos transferred. They were a 7 cell and and 8 cell of average grade. The only symptoms were some AF type pain 5-6 days after transfer and some very mild nausea. No increased CM or anything. Hope this gives hope to all those in the awful two-week wait that no symptoms doesnt mean you're not pregnant. Baby dust to everyone !!!!!