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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP over 40

Got your BFP at age 40 or older? We definitely want to hear your story! Send us your symptoms through this contact form.


We had been TTC for 9 months, and every month I'd read TWW and it would give me hope. I just turned 41, and DH is 41 also. This will be our second child. I had gone for my annual OB/GYN appointment in July, and asked Dr about Clomid. He didn't seem concerned and said, and I quote "Just have fun!" ( Wanted to smack him! lol) And I will add I am insulin resistant (but not PCOS) and on Metformin 500 mg once a day. So, AF started Sept 6th. We did BD on 17th, (stressful month unrelated to ttc, only time we did BD!) Used Pre-Seed. It was Rosh Hashana.. Mazel Tov! 3-5 DPO.. No real symptoms. 5-7 DPO.. Sore boobs, vivid dreams. More tired than usual. 7-13 DPO.. Sore boobs, more tired. Slightly nauseous. feel.. pregnant! OCT 1st.. Stopped at Dollar tree.. yes 1 dollar pregnancy tests.. yay! Went home, both BFP!! So excited! So then ran out to drugstore and bought First Response Early.. why I spent the extra $ I'm not sure.. BFP again. Very happy and feeling blessed. Baby dust to you all!

Natural BFP

I am thrilled to post here again! I posted here in middle of July or so when I got my natural surprise bfp! We struggled for four years before we did 5 ivf and conceived our son in Jan 2011. In about October 2011 we decided to try for baby no 2 naturally until our little frozen embryo was used in March, we got a bfn on that try. Suddenly in June I conceived naturally – I was shocked!!! We where so very happy. My little baby had no heart beat after 3 months and we were shattered. We have found out that our little angel was very sick, Trisomy18. I thought I would never be so lucky again to fall naturally but we decided to try for a few months and here I am…..8 weeks after my D&C I got BFP again!!! Totally amazed and thrilled and scared and hopeful……so many feelings are there… It just feels like a dream; now when I am 40 I suddenly am fertile!!!! ov day – BD plus 3 days earlier. 1 dpo - Nothing 2 dpo – Tired 3 dpo – Nothing 4 dpo – Nausea and backache 5 dpo – Nausea and dizzy ( to early!!!! LOL) 6 dpo – Headache 7 dpo – Really really depressed. 8 dpo – Nothing. Bfn (what was I thinking) 9 dpo – Huge temp dip. Lots of pinching. Bfn in the morning. Bfp at 4pm 10 dpo – BFP, cramping and pinching feeling. 11 dpo – Line getting darker!!! Tiny bit queasy 12 dpo – Line getting darker! Little bit of cramp 13dpo – Tired 14 dpo – Line darker than control line whooooo!!! What I did this cycle; dhea for the last 8 weeks; coq10; folic acid and pregnancy vitamins and 2 fish oil tablets. I hope this little bean is healthy and very sticky…..
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BFP at 14 DPO

I finally got my BFP today - I have not had any noticeable symptoms this cycle, other than being very tired, which I figured was because I've been working 12 hour days for the last month. I tested at 10, 11 and 12 DPO - all BFNs. Added with the lack of symptoms I counted myself out. Today AF was due and I woke up feeling nauseous, so I tested and there it was ;) I am 41 and we have been TTC for the past 18 months. I did have 2 m/c - the last one 8 months ago. What we did differently this month: we did not start until I got a positive ovulation test. We did it that night and the 3 following nights. Could be a coincidence but the other months we would start a few days sooner. We have also been using Pre-Seed for the last 2 months. Good luck to everyone ;)

Pregnant For First Time at 44

Hey I just found out I’m pregnant after 10 months of trying at 44! I had the blood tests and internal scan done and all came back ok, but then doctor said they could do nothing else for me as I was 43 about to turn 44!
So I was taking folic acid, royal jelly and C0Q10. And after 10 months of trying I finally got my BFP today at 18dpo! SO please all you ladies over 40 please don't lose hope
Here are some of my symptoms:
7dpo dizziness in the middle of the night total room spinning dizziness and again in the morning when I got up.
8dpo temp dip on the night felt like I was getting a cold
9dpo light pink show when wiped only once
10 dpo felt bloated and gassy farted and belched like a set of bagpipes!
11 dpo took test BFN felt gassy and tired but not totally exhausted by 4pm
13 dpo cramps mild period style cramps sure period is going to start soon
14 dpo cramps still mild and all over tummy area boobs slightly tender but that could be from poking them to check if they are tender!
15 dpo day of period no show! Really crampy and tired and emotional. Convinced period is coming felt sorry for my boyfriend who took the brunt of my bitchy then tearful state!
17 dpo 2 days late now still crampy and boobs slightly tender, slightly tired but not exhausted. Been wearing pads for 2 days waiting for period
18 dpo at work cramps more like twinges in lower belly really gassy and exhausted by 3pm. Leave work early by old fashioned pee stick pregnancy test and modern clearblue digital type. Test when I get home with 1 of each just because I am nosey and cannot wait for first pee of tomorrow morning! Both come back BFP within 2 mins digital says 2-3 weeks! Totally shocked and gassy and literally nearly pee myself with excitement. Thank the heavens for this blessing!
After being told by my doctor my eggs are probably too old and at 44 chances are virtually zero naturally here I am sitting with 2 pee sticks waiting for my boyfriend to come in from work to tell him!
Don't ever give up or stay focused, I bought all the baby magazines even though people said it was tempting fate! I hope for you all BFP whatever your age xxx


I've been obsessed with this site for a few months now. Just to let you know I have just had my first BFP!!!! This month I didn't bother with symptom watching as I’ve been on holiday. I actually ovulated while I was there, a momentous holiday I must say lol.

I've had hardly any symptoms, they are,
sore boobs.....ouch!!!!!
bad cramps....really thought AF was on her way, still feel it now
watery cm.

There have been no dark veins showing or any of the multitude of symptoms I presented all the other months, just those main 3.

I’m 42 in 3 weeks and its my first pregnancy. Ladies don’t give up hope. I never thought it would be possible at my age. Hope this little one sticks (a very scary thought of miscarriage). Baby dust to you all xxxxxxxxxxx

BFP At 42 Naturally!

Just wanted to share the fact that getting pregnant after 40 is very possible. This is my 2nd baby after 40, first one is a girl born when I just turned 40 & just got another bfp yesterday 2 days before af due. The strange thing is the months I was sure I was pregnant and then got bfn had me give up trying and worrying about getting pregnant again. Then reading the statistics of women over 40 conceiving just threw me off so I was shocked to see a bfp. Maybe a week ago I was getting out of my car hurriedly & I felt a sharp pulling similar to round ligament pain, but I ignored since I assumed I should have other symptoms but nothing stood out other than I could fall asleep sitting up, just plain exhausted but I attributed it to stress. Then the day before I got bfp I'd actually had a dream the night before and a woman came to me saying you're pregnant...just like that and I asked her how did she know and she said you are definitely pregnant. I thought what a strange dream, so it prompted me to go to the $ store & sure enough within a minute 2 lines. Then I got a rapid response and all 3 at night had bright pink lines. So ladies I will say if you watch your ovulation and get to know your body because I know when I'm ovulating because it's the time of the month I'm the horniest like the urge is telling me to bed DH, and sure enough I'm preggers. I ovulated the day before my af, I woke early 9/1 like I was in hear ready to bd and at the end noticed blood and knew my af had arrived. We did not have sex on my calculated ovulation so I know now for a fact you can ovulate right before n during your af. Baby dust to all!

44 and Pregnant - Naturally

I wasn’t even trying. I am 44 yo mother of two. I first conceived when I was 37 and my 2nd when I was 40 (delivered at 38 and 41). I also had a pregnancy in the middle of my 2 boys. This was a non-viable pregnancy at the age of 40 and was a chromosomal reason following genetic testing.
So now I found I was pregnant today. I wasn’t checking so much the cycle. And I knew after 35 days from my last period that the "possibility" was a "reality." The week before I had some weird stomach cramps. Was extremely sensitive to certain foods processing in my stomach. I thought nothing of it. My breasts were tender but this is also common before my period. The difference when I reflect now is the timing. My breasts become tender almost 5 days wasn’t that obvious but I also wasn’t counting or monitoring as I could typically do so. Now the tenderness is mild, slightly larger. The most obvious difference was constipation. Even buying a flax seed health product which I would never think of doing. Another sign was "everything" baby came back to me. oooohing and aaaahhing at pics of my 2 boys as babies... that’s when I knew... that happened to me with my 2nd!! And the funny thing today - baby is due on my birthday!

BFP @ 40 (and a half)

After trying to conceive naturally for 4 cycles I got my BFP at 9dpo !!! Everyone said my chances were slim so I took a truckload of supplements and spent a small fortune but was well worth it. This is what I took each day:

Soy Isoflavones 150mg from CD1 to CD5 only
Folic Acid in high dosage 2000mcg
B Complex
CoQ10 in high dosage 600mg
Macca Power
Royal Jelly
Vitamin D
Multivitamins in the morning and extra Magnesium, Calcium, Zinc and Vitamin C at night
Fish Oil

I also drank lots of water and lowered my carb intake.

My 2WW symptoms:
3dpo: pain and aching to hips, groin, thighs, vagina and shooting pain to my left butt cheek.
7dpo: cramps and nausea

Good Luck everyone, baby dust! X

46 and Pregnant Naturally!!!!

WOW!! Just found out I am pregnant at 46!!! I am in shock! I have a 28 year old and a 21 year old!! Uhhh ohhhh!!!! WOW!! I am at a lost for words!

BFP Naturally at 42!!!!!!!!

First off I'd like to thank the 90% of you who voted me pregnant when I submitted my "Do you think I'm pregnant story". Not only were you encouraging but you guys know your stuff!!!!!! I already have 4 children but this was the first time I think I ever tried to conceive. The only thing I did differently was seriously get in tune with my body. Honesty it's the place to start. Never did I understand CM or Cp or even where ovulation may fall in a 30-day regular cycle. So from Cycle day 1 I began checking my cervix (I know, yuck) but at least I new what it felt like. Without that how would I know what SHOW was???? So when I felt changes I BD every day but 1. So from cycle day 12- 20 I did the deed except for cycle day 15. (I know, I got totally bored) hahaha. But it worked. Within days my boobs hurt. They never hurt. And I felt crampy and tired. 10dpo I saw light pink after peeing and I just knew. Never did I have a pregnancy without implantation bleeding. From then until now I've been crampy tired sore boobs daily. On 12 dpo I took a test with First Response and saw a light pink line which was later confirmed by my doctor thru a Beta HCG. And my new best friend my Cervix???? She's high and soft which isn't where she usually is before my period. So hopefully my age (107 in baby making years) will not play a factor in this and I will be able to continue on this journey. I feel very lucky. I hope all of you no matter what your situation get YOUR BFP soon, and experience the gift of motherhood!!!!! Baby Dust!!!!! Xxxxxooo!