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BFP Stories

Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP over 40

Got your BFP at age 40 or older? We definitely want to hear your story! Send us your symptoms through this contact form.

BFP At 42 Naturally!

Just wanted to share the fact that getting pregnant after 40 is very possible. This is my 2nd baby after 40, first one is a girl born when I just turned 40 & just got another bfp yesterday 2 days before af due. The strange thing is the months I was sure I was pregnant and then got bfn had me give up trying and worrying about getting pregnant again. Then reading the statistics of women over 40 conceiving just threw me off so I was shocked to see a bfp. Maybe a week ago I was getting out of my car hurriedly & I felt a sharp pulling similar to round ligament pain, but I ignored since I assumed I should have other symptoms but nothing stood out other than I could fall asleep sitting up, just plain exhausted but I attributed it to stress. Then the day before I got bfp I'd actually had a dream the night before and a woman came to me saying you're pregnant...just like that and I asked her how did she know and she said you are definitely pregnant. I thought what a strange dream, so it prompted me to go to the $ store & sure enough within a minute 2 lines. Then I got a rapid response and all 3 at night had bright pink lines. So ladies I will say if you watch your ovulation and get to know your body because I know when I'm ovulating because it's the time of the month I'm the horniest like the urge is telling me to bed DH, and sure enough I'm preggers. I ovulated the day before my af, I woke early 9/1 like I was in hear ready to bd and at the end noticed blood and knew my af had arrived. We did not have sex on my calculated ovulation so I know now for a fact you can ovulate right before n during your af. Baby dust to all!

44 and Pregnant - Naturally

I wasn’t even trying. I am 44 yo mother of two. I first conceived when I was 37 and my 2nd when I was 40 (delivered at 38 and 41). I also had a pregnancy in the middle of my 2 boys. This was a non-viable pregnancy at the age of 40 and was a chromosomal reason following genetic testing.
So now I found I was pregnant today. I wasn’t checking so much the cycle. And I knew after 35 days from my last period that the "possibility" was a "reality." The week before I had some weird stomach cramps. Was extremely sensitive to certain foods processing in my stomach. I thought nothing of it. My breasts were tender but this is also common before my period. The difference when I reflect now is the timing. My breasts become tender almost 5 days wasn’t that obvious but I also wasn’t counting or monitoring as I could typically do so. Now the tenderness is mild, slightly larger. The most obvious difference was constipation. Even buying a flax seed health product which I would never think of doing. Another sign was "everything" baby came back to me. oooohing and aaaahhing at pics of my 2 boys as babies... that’s when I knew... that happened to me with my 2nd!! And the funny thing today - baby is due on my birthday!

BFP @ 40 (and a half)

After trying to conceive naturally for 4 cycles I got my BFP at 9dpo !!! Everyone said my chances were slim so I took a truckload of supplements and spent a small fortune but was well worth it. This is what I took each day:

Soy Isoflavones 150mg from CD1 to CD5 only
Folic Acid in high dosage 2000mcg
B Complex
CoQ10 in high dosage 600mg
Macca Power
Royal Jelly
Vitamin D
Multivitamins in the morning and extra Magnesium, Calcium, Zinc and Vitamin C at night
Fish Oil

I also drank lots of water and lowered my carb intake.

My 2WW symptoms:
3dpo: pain and aching to hips, groin, thighs, vagina and shooting pain to my left butt cheek.
7dpo: cramps and nausea

Good Luck everyone, baby dust! X

46 and Pregnant Naturally!!!!

WOW!! Just found out I am pregnant at 46!!! I am in shock! I have a 28 year old and a 21 year old!! Uhhh ohhhh!!!! WOW!! I am at a lost for words!

BFP Naturally at 42!!!!!!!!

First off I'd like to thank the 90% of you who voted me pregnant when I submitted my "Do you think I'm pregnant story". Not only were you encouraging but you guys know your stuff!!!!!! I already have 4 children but this was the first time I think I ever tried to conceive. The only thing I did differently was seriously get in tune with my body. Honesty it's the place to start. Never did I understand CM or Cp or even where ovulation may fall in a 30-day regular cycle. So from Cycle day 1 I began checking my cervix (I know, yuck) but at least I new what it felt like. Without that how would I know what SHOW was???? So when I felt changes I BD every day but 1. So from cycle day 12- 20 I did the deed except for cycle day 15. (I know, I got totally bored) hahaha. But it worked. Within days my boobs hurt. They never hurt. And I felt crampy and tired. 10dpo I saw light pink after peeing and I just knew. Never did I have a pregnancy without implantation bleeding. From then until now I've been crampy tired sore boobs daily. On 12 dpo I took a test with First Response and saw a light pink line which was later confirmed by my doctor thru a Beta HCG. And my new best friend my Cervix???? She's high and soft which isn't where she usually is before my period. So hopefully my age (107 in baby making years) will not play a factor in this and I will be able to continue on this journey. I feel very lucky. I hope all of you no matter what your situation get YOUR BFP soon, and experience the gift of motherhood!!!!! Baby Dust!!!!! Xxxxxooo!

Natural BFP at 40.5

I truly am amazed to be sharing my pregnancy story. I am 40 and a half years old. I have dreamed of writing on this site for many months. I check it multiple times each day to read peoples' stories. The pregnancy quest is so consuming and so heartbreaking at times - often heartbreaking every month when AF comes. This month was finally a month to celebrate. We had an appt. with the fertility specialist this morning to start our first IVF cycle. We were going to start extreme measures. What a pleasure it was to cancel that appointment!

A little about me. I got pregnant naturally in October 2011 two months before turning 40. At the 10.5 week ultrasound, we learned that the baby had a chromosome abnormality and it had no heartbeat. I had a d&c mid December. We were able to start trying again late January. After seven months/tries, it worked!

After a few months of no success, I started doing things like acupuncture, drinking red leaf raspberry tea and taking co enzyme Q10. No results. I started worrying that I was putting too much stuff into my body, so stopped it all except for taking pre-natal vitamins and B6 every day and vitamin D every other day. My husband started taking Fertility Blend two weeks before I got pregnant. The only new thing we did this time was used Pre-Seed. We do wonder if that's what did the trick. We BD on a Thursday, Sunday and a Monday. Positive OPK day was Sunday, July 22nd.

Here are my symptoms, which I consider to be pretty minor:
1-4 DPO - nothing
5 DPO - was in the car and noticed I yawned about 8 times in four mins - found this very odd. I didn't feel tired or like taking a nap, but was yawning continually.
5-9 DPO - nothing except the yawning bouts once a day, insomnia in the middle of the night or very early morning started 8 DPO and lasted until 14 DPO
10 DPO - definite dull AF cramping, kept going to bathroom and nothing there, just thought it was a slow arriving AF
11 DPO - definite dull AF cramping, still thought AF was going to come
12 DPO - definite dull AF cramping, started getting suspicious because I've never had this feeling for 3 days
13 DPO - feeling in stomach is there, but different now, hard to describe, but not pulling or tugging at all, decide to test at 1:00pm and POSITIVE

We are thrilled, relieved, excited and staying optimistic. Please don't give up and I hope your BFP comes very soon.

41 with BFP

6DPO - painful abdominal cramps. Possible implantation?
7DPO - slight nausea, dizziness, felt faint. Blood sugar 89 after eating lunch and candy.
8DPO - increase in appetite
9DPO - increased in CM
10DPO - sharp/stabbing pain in breast twice, continued increase in CM. Dizzy and light headed, blood sugar at 64 even after eating breakfast. Excessive bleeding after finger poke, very unusual.
11DPO - blue veins in arms very prominent, dizzy and faint again with two episodes during day. Faint BFP with first morning urine.
12DPO - congested, increased CM continues and increase in urination.

I'm 5 weeks pregnant as of today and have taken about 10 HPT and have had an ultra sound, so far so good!! This will be my 4th child, my other children are 16, 13 and 11 years old. As with my other pregnancies, this one was natural not actively planned but definitely a blessing :)

BFP at 42 Yrs Old and 1 Tube!

I had and ectopic DUAL pregnancy about 4 years ago there was an egg in each tube the doctor said she has never seen anything like that in her entire career and she tried to show me pics!! I was mortified over her excitement but the end result was me losing my right tube and have some kind off shots in both leggs to flush the other tube out... I was told the tube I have left had to much scar tissue and pregnancy was not possible my husband and I tried for a couple years then I gave up when I turned 40 it was to hard and to depressing made me feel like I was not women enough to get pregnant... well today I got my BFP!!!! My husband and I had s** 1 X this month!!!! guess that is all it really takes!! I knew 2 days later here are my dpo....
0 dpo lots of leaking guess I didn't lay down long enough but it was 3 in the afternoon and I wasn't trying had no reason to lay there I jumped right up after...
1 dpo felt weird butterflies and nervous
2 dpo cramps, more butterflies and nerves, grouchy
3 dpo cramps, very dry usual have cm but dry as a sharp pains on left side
4 dpo cramps in the middle I never get that, still dry, butterflies, NAUSEA, dizzy spells thought it was from the heat, woke up to pee in the middle of night never ever happens. I never eat before noon but I woke up hungry and stayed hungry!
5 dpo shooting pains here and there just ripping there last a second but leave an impression like what the H... was that! Nausea on and off all day, woke up to pee at 3 am, boobs start to feel sore but that always happens right after ov till af this month started later...Hungry the hunger actually wakes me up now!
6 dpo boobs feel heavy right in the middle sore, woke up at 5 am in the middle of an "O" sorry tmi but it actually hurt I now know how my husband feels!! LOL and my stomach was growling!! Nausea is now full vomiting comes fast! then its gone! weird! stomach has weird butterfly's still like in high school first crush..? got a pimple NEVER BREAK OUT! blue veins showing up on boobs running through nipples , comes and goes I check every hour haha...
7 dpo symptoms are full on have everything peeing, nausea, dizzy , metal taste, hungry but nothing appeals to me, veins, hips hurting... BFN on an expensive clearblue test sad but think heck it's wrong I know it!
8 dpo same symptoms but butterflies are worse feel so nervous!!! not sure why nothing is different another test and another BFN....
9 dpo same symptoms just 2x increase in all of them peeing , hungry, cramps, veins they come and go as they please I check even at DD bathrooms :) that is the main symptom I am holding on to cause all the others I can find a different explanation but not the veins! so I check them several times and hour!!
10 dpo nausea has subsided starting to doubt myself just woke up feeling so NOT pg, but then the veins reassure me, boobs feel bigger and heavier I have fair skin nips are getting a little darker but think it’s my imagination maybe, horny like an aching horny starting to feel like a man in the morning when he gets a stiffy! lol sorry it's weird though and a little painful!
11 dpo decided to test everything is the same but symptoms are not as extreme so ran home from work bought a cvs brand 2 sticks peed on it nothing happened oops didn't pee enough guzzle a bottle of water pee on it again ... 30 sec BFN throw it in trash, go to bed at 5pm depressed.....
12 dpo wake up have to pee so bad 7 am get new stick 30 sec BFN throw it in trash, walk around the house feeling confused and sad 3 minutes I decide to get them outta trash to wrap them up so no one finds them when emptying trash and notice something.. BOTH are positive big + on both!! start to cry hysterically!!! can't stop 2 hours I cried!! then went and got a different kind that states the word pregnant or not pregnant.... 1 minute big PREGNANT!!! called doctor they sent me to lab for blood won't get that till Monday but who cares I know it's positive and feel so relieved that wait is over! pure torture 2ww is!!! I have a 30 day cycle and my af isn't due for about 3 days still ..
so to all those women that have more to overcome than just timing it can be done I am proof I am the most unfertile person I know have only 1 tube over 40 and it happened but all that trying is ruining it sometimes you gotta just hope and pray I prayed and God finale answered! Good luck to everyone may all your prayers be answered!

Will Be 53 in August - Just Got BFP

My second husband really wanted a baby with me. We each have 3 from our former marriages. I haven't had a period in about 2 years. Last year we had 2 donor eggs -> embryos implanted on day 3 but they didn't take. This time we started with 13 eggs, 12 were fertilized, 9 made it to day 3 but only 1 little emby remained by day 5. They cryo'd it and it was transferred last Friday. Beta test is scheduled for Monday morning. Today I did the CVS pee stick twice. Both positives. My husband and I are in heaven. I will be 53 when this baby is born. Wow.

Knocked Up at 41

I turn 41 in a few weeks. DH is coming up to 45. This will be my first. Been TTC for 11 months but spent the first few months trying around the wrong times and generally being ignorant. I was operating on decades old info and old wives tales. Re-educated myself and started charting and using OPK’s and cervix position, CM monitoring.
1-7 DPO nothing but boobs feel heavier than usual this luteal phase.
8DPO – a small amount of brown/pink cm accompanied by the usual self-doubt, so I disregard it.
9 and 10DPO – High, nervous energy like adrenalin resulting in numerous trips to the bathroom for numero 2’s. Also a few twinges in vaginal area.
11 DPO – Nothing, nothing, NOTHING.
12 DPO – Hello vaginal cramps, nice to hear from you again.
13DPO – Awake early and turning on my side activate an intense 1 sec cramp in lower belly. Fed up with the ambiguities I take a cheapie test (Innovacon). Nothing but wait…is that a line? I take a shower, check the test again. Yup it IS a very faint but colored line and even sleepy DH can see it too when I shove it in his face. Cautiously, we congratulate ourselves and I swear not to obsess until the blood test proves otherwise. How mature of me.
14DPO – I am obsessing beyond belief. I wake up every 2 hrs and think about the test. I dream about a test that is neg but upon throwing in the bin I see that it is positive. I get up and take a Clearblue Early-HPT. It takes a full 5 mins to see anything but the second line comes up and is faint but clear. I high five my DH and we act like this is a piece of cake as though to ward off the underlying worry about chemical pregnancies.
I have no twinges or cramps or sore boobs today (14DPO as I write) but I definitely feel pregnant, constant tiredness behind the eyes and my boobies are definitely heavier or something.
Like many people on this site – I started to believe the two pink lines would never show; that I missed out by meeting the right man too late in life; that I had too much wine and ciggies in my past etc and so forth. I didn’t think I’d be the type to get an early result and didn’t think I’d be the type to see implantation spotting. But check me out – we did it, just hope the beloved bean sticks. Best to you all.