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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP over 40

Got your BFP at age 40 or older? We definitely want to hear your story! Send us your symptoms through this contact form.

Bfp but no baby yet

I have a 20 years old son, had a few abortions in my 20ths, but as I got older wanted another child. Conceived at 41 but the pregnancy had to be terminated as the baby had trisomy. I conceived at 42 again but that one was a missed miscariage at 10 weeks, then again bfp but no heartbeat and miscariage at 7 weeks. Since then I had 3 chemical pregnancies, done all the checks with no obvious cause found apart from my age. My partner's Sperm test shows bad morghology of 2%, I don't know could this be a reason for my miscariages? I am 43 now and feel so sad and heartbroken, sometimes I feel like stop trying,but I want a child so much... If anyone can give me any advice on checks or anything that I could try?

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pregnant at 41

I was naturally pregnant when I was 40 but had missed miscarriage in 9 weeks.Started trying to get pregnant after 2 regular cycles in Feb 2011.
Got pregnant in Nov.2011.I am a Happy Mom of 30 month Old toddler boy.
My husband keeps travelling and I wanted to get pregnant asap before he goes away for months.
This is what I tried-
Wheat grass juice shots everyday
3.5 miles walk 5 times a week
Bee pollen
monitored cycles with ovulation kit
Took help-Dr.Jerome Check practising at NJ/PA
I have gone thru' the stress for 9 months of TTC and want to give my 2 cents to those who are trying to get pregnant.
I would strongly recommend Dr.Check.His staff is not very friendly still the results are very amazing.
He is not a statItistics minded doctor like most of those I met in NJ.
If you are over 40 with FSH higher than 12 most of the MEAN STATISTIC minded Drs. like RMANJ and IVFNJ will sure discourage you and will keep pushing towards donor egg.In such negative surrounding Dr.Check is the only one who is ready to experiment ,tweek the treatment and give you realistic hope:)
I hope my story helps, inspires many of you!



I'm 43 years old and my husband and I have been married for almost 3 years. I have two kids from my previous marriage and my husband none kids. We have been TTC since we got married with no luck. Been on clomid 50mg days 5-9 5 cycles in a row, took a three month break then went back on it 3 cycles still no luck. I became so discouraged that I just basically gave up hope. After a long break from clomid we decided to do one last try clomid cycle but took the liberty to up it to 75mg dys 5-9. On CD16 I had a major ovulation so painful but still BD.
CD:11,14 ,16 and 18-BD
CD: 22- Stomach cramps and runny ( sorry tmi)
CD:23- sore throat
CD:24-brownish signs when wiping. (Sorry tmi) and bad sinus attack lasted a week
All along had period pain like cramps on lower back and abdomen. Cravings took over, frequent urination and fatigue. I missed my period on 20th Dec 2014 to date. I decided to take a test at 1am this morning I couldnt believe my eyes it was an immediate and fat BFP. My husband just broke down with excitement and joy. If you are trying, dont lose heart it will happen. A miracle took place for both my husband and I and I am grateful to God.

I wish all the ladies TTC God'grace.


IVF DE BFP 1st try

5 years TTC
DH - 31 excellent sperm!
Me - 44 three past full term pregnancies, eggs to old now

2009-2014 Four attempts at stimulated cycles with natural BD, poor egg stimulation numbers. Only 2-3 at a time. BFN

Moved on to DE
20 harvested, 18 fertilized, 8 keepers!

Date of transfer 2 5d blastocysts, grade A and B. Stopped IM progesterone, moved on to suppositories
Day 1 a little crampy, pressure in uterus, peeing tons, bloat
Day 2 more cramping, got worse that evening, peeing a lot, bloated, POAS BFN
Day 3 super bad cramps, like AF, no bleeding, tired now, sore boobs, more bloat
Day 4 cramps tapered off, tired, slight nausea, bigger boobs, POAS BFN, last one till beta
Day 5 feel great, tired, slight nausea, sore boobs, pee, pee, pee, lots of bloat
Day 6-8 feel great, tired, slight nausea, peeing, sore boobs, bloat
Day 9 Beta test 7 am, feeling the same. BFP!!!! Beta was 260, progesterone 70, possibly twins. Next beta in 1 week and ultrasound on January 12.
Crossing fingers for sticky embies!
Honestly I don't really feel pregnant other than some uterine pressure, slight nausea and bloating which I attributed to the progesterone I use 4xdaily.

I hope this helps, don't give up and waiting for my beta was much better than the disappointment of POAS too early.

Christmas Miracle

I wanted to share my story as I am hoping it can offer some hope. I really enjoy reading the BFP stories! I am 40 years old and have been trying to have a baby with my husband for 7 years. Last October, I finally bit the bullet and went to an RE. When I had my initial blood work-up, they called to tell me I was pregnant! I was having a lot of pain and spotting the whole time (I thought I had my period). Unfortunately that turned out to be a chemical pregnancy. I then went on to try IUI and IVF and I conceived a baby in July via IVF. All bloodwork and initial ultrasounds were good...saw my little bean and the heartbeat twice. Unfortunately when I went for my first regular pre-natal visit at 9 weeks, the baby had passed. I had to have a D&C and I was devastated. I never thought my heart would heal.

Fast forward 2 1/2 months, my husband I decided to go to Barbados for Thanksgiving. We really needed a time of healing and restoration. We had a great trip and came home rejuvenated and feeling healthy for the first time in a long time. I began having some cramping and spotting on cycle day 25 and thought my period was coming early.....then nothing.... I started getting headaches that were a sign of pregnancy in the past and cervix was very high. I also had bad heartburn during the day a few days. I missed my period by two days and decided to test this morning. BFP!!! I felt like I couldn't breath! I am cautiously optimistic but just feel blessed in this moment and am making a conscious decision to soak it in. What I learned from my last pregnancy, however brief, is that it can be the most beautiful, happy time of your life if you let it. It was the hardest time of my life when it ended, but I don't regret letting myself feel the joy.....and that's what I'm going to do now....because worry is not going to change anything. I am going to get my levels checked in the morning than in 72 hours. Please pray for me and I will for you too!

Pregnant after a full health make-over

After having my son at 38 we waited a year and a half and then decided to try for our second. I became pregnant after about a year of trying (I was breastfeeding and nearly 40 so wasn’t surprised) but I had a very early miscarriage (blighted ovum). I thought it would be easy after that but month after month the tests were negative. We tried from Feb to December with no luck. The obsession grew quickly and I spent many many hours on Two Week Wait, Fertility Friend, temping, symptom spotting etc. The highs and lows of the two week wait were excruciating. We tried Femara and AI through my gynae twice with no results. I was still breastfeeding my two year old and was generally rundown and using a lot of sugary foods to pick me up. In January 2014 - after getting temporary ashma and feeling horrible over the Christmas break - I decided to kick my health into gear and did the following:

• gave up breastfeeding (I am a big fan of extended breastfeeding and attachment parenting but it really does sap a woman’s energy and I felt almost instantly more energised after stopping – I don’t say it is necessary for everyone to stop and definitely don’t think it’s impossible to get pregnant while nursing. For me though, I think it had to happen.)
• weekly acupuncture: expensive but felt wonderful and the therapist was a real support
• yoga two or three times a week: I told the very experienced instructor why I was there and she gave me plenty of special exercises which I did at home too, mostly aimed at getting lots of blood flowing to uterus
• changed my diet, initially to whole foods and fertility boosting superfoods and then – in the month I fell pregnant - I went totally gluten-free. I have had lots of stomach issues (which I read can inhibit fertility) and some low level depression – both disappeared instantly and I felt immediately better. I slept way better too.
• Chinese herbs: given by acupuncturist to balance body’s chi as well as folic acid and pregnancy vitamins

I began to feel wayyyy better physically and emotionally but still wasn’t pregnant. We went to a fertility doctor (tests all fine) and decided that if nothing had happened by late May we’d go for IVF. I so wanted to avoid IVF, the expense for one was so high and I also really wanted all my hard work to not be for nothing. So in April I launched an all-out assault to get pregnant. As well as sticking to my health routine I introduced:
• using a hotwater bottle to warm my feet and uterus (the Chinese medicine belief is that a cold uterus is a cause of infertility and warming extremities and uterus sends lots of blood there, boosting fertility)
• taking baby aspirin to thin the blood
• taking Clomid for the very first time to boost the eggs
• taking extra estrogen for a few days before ovulation to thicken uterine lining
• taking progesterone suppositories as soon as ovulation confirmed
• going gluten-free as previously mentioned

We BD as much as possible once ovulation tests positive (once early in the week before test, then day of positive test and both days after). After many months convincing myself I was pregnant because of false symptions, this month all was very quiet so naturally thought I was out. Here are my ‘symptoms’:

DPO 1 – 8: nothing whatsoever
DPO – 8: pain on the outer sides of both breasts
DPO – 12: still no symptoms except the breast pain, but tested just to know if could go off progesterone to ensure normal cycle would resume. Very faint BFP. Hubby and I both did not believe it for a minute after so many false alarms. But of course the hope was there.
DPO – 14: managed to wait two days and then took another test. Still pretty faint but a line for sure.
DPO – 15: another positive test, blood test confirms

Symptoms kicked in about two weeks later. I’m now 34 weeks along with a girl and all going great.

What I really learned through the process is that health and holistic physical and mental wellbeing is critical to fertility, especially for those past the height of their fertile years (I’m now 41). It was hard work and took tons of research but I really don’t believe I would be expecting right if I hadn’t attacked the issue of my fertility head-on.

Sending lots of baby dust to everyone.

BFP two days after turning 43

These boards have been such an inspiration to me in the past, I promised myself that I would post if I got a BFP.
My husband and I have been married 22 years and have seven children, ages 17, 14, 12, 10, 7, 5, and 2.5. We wanted children right away after we got married, but had four years of unexplained fertility before getting pregnant with our first. We were already very open to a large family, but that experience (watching everyone else around us get pregnant and thinking it would never happen for us) made us truly appreciate how precious each child is. I have had high-risk pregnancies (a minor blood antigen incompatibility), four 36 weekers, three of whom had stays in the NICU, three early miscarriages spaced between babies, and ridden the usual roller coaster of parenthood. While I wanted another child, I had made peace with the fact that it was unlikely. We joked that my eggs were probably expired and my husband's sperm were just floating on their backs. Between my husband's travel for work and the kids' weekend activities (I swear that troop leader schedules campouts according to my ovulation charts), it was really hard to time things correctly.
I had pretty much given up. I was turning 43 soon. I stopped taking my temperature, stopped looking for symptoms, and moved on. (Which is generally when I get pregnant.)
One morning, about a week before my period was due, I took my usual thyroid medication and felt like I might throw up. I took an ept, and it was a BFN. Two days later I took another. BFN. I figured that pretty much settled it. Finally, the morning before my period was due, I realized that I had been really short-tempered and tired. (My first pregnancy symptom is usually when the fact that my husband breathes, talks, and walks annoys me to no end.) I had an extra ept, so I went ahead and took it, thinking since it wasn't FMU, it would be pointless anyway. It was a faint blue plus sign. You get so used to seeing negatives, that a positive takes a while to sink in and feel real. I called my GP the next morning, because I remembered reading that if you get pregnant while taking thyroid medication, you need to immediately up the dosage to maintain the pregnancy. A pregnancy test at the doctor's office showed positive right away, and the results of my blood work that came in two days later were consistent with being 4-5 weeks pregnant. (Remember, the count starts from your LMP.) All hormone levels were good.
Pregnancy over 35 can seem daunting. (I had number seven at age 40.) Get used to hearing "advanced maternal age." Doctors tend to give you all these scary statistics, and it is hard to remain positive. All you can do is the same thing a pregnant 20 year old does. Eat the good, avoid the bad, and enjoy every minute of it. Take all the joy. Even if it ends sadly, you will still have had those days or weeks of joy.

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Let's hope the second time's the charm.

I had another BFP back in January, but unfortunately it ended in a chem a week later. Today, after my first cycle with injectible meds, I got my second BFP.

Okay, so: I took injectibles of Gonal-F on CD 3-10. On CD10, I went to my doctor's office for another ultrasound. It was not my usual doctor, but he was the guy on duty, so I went. Turned out he couldn't even find my follicles (this is not the first time this has happened with this guy), so he told me to make an appointment for the following day at the main office where there's a better ultrasound machine. I was annoyed. Later that afternoon, my nurse called me and told me that I should bring my partner with me to the ultrasound appointment. I was confused. Why would he need to come? But I brought him anyway, and my regular doc informed me that my bloodwork from the day before had told her that both of my follicles were due to ovulate literally any minute; we needed to do my IUI right then!!

Okay, we got my partner's sample prepped and washed and did the IUI. Awesome. Pretty sure I oved in the time we were waiting for his sample to be done, 'cause I couldn't feel the follicle any more after that. Okay, then:

1-3 DPO-nothing, really. Relaxed and took things easy.
4 DPO Headache! The kind that feels like it's connected to the flu. Like someone hit me in the head with a 2x4.
5-6DPO nothing
7DPO-felt really sick and had constant pinching and twitching cramps. Headache is back in a big way. Felt nauseated and grouchy too, but it was better when I got out with my dogs and walked on the beach for a couple hours.
8DPO- Pinching and pulling cramps all day. Still feeling sick.
9-10DPO-AF-like cramps. Grouchy.
11DPO-Nauseated. Had this idea that my uterus felt "slippery" or "precarious" and if I moved too quickly it would slide around. Weird, yes. Later on in the day, it started to hurt to lean against the table.
12DPO TONS of creamy CM
13DPO could feel two weird "spots" in my uterus, one on either side.
14DPO BFP! Very faint. Betas tomorrow.

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PG symptoms =PMS symptoms

This is my second pregnancy, 41, 2nd try! Very surprised !just thought I will share some symptoms
1 day before LH surge- BD
LH- surge day- nothing due to logistics
O day- BD
Used Conceive Plus gel both times
1DPO- 5 DPO no symptoms
6DPO- 11DPO- bloated and gassy, irritated- all usual PMS symptoms for me
12-13DPO tender boobs and really bad cramps- even took a painkiller as thought AF is coming
14-16DPO- no cramps, bloated, tender boobs

First BPF ever at age 40 thanks to IVF-FET

Hi everyone! Some of you may know me already. I'm Adventurer from the TTC boards. I started my journey a little over a year ago when I had just turned 39. I had never been pregnant (but also never tried). Since I met my DF later in life, we decided to go straight to a fertility clinic to get (me) checked out due to my age. It's a good thing I did because my first AMH done to assess ovarian reserve put me in the low fertility category (not that I was that surprised given my age). It was 12.7 pmol/L (in Canadian units) and 1.8 pg/ml (in American units). I had a total of 7 antral follicles, 4 on my right ovary and 3 on my left ovary. My initial FSH was 8.3 so in normal range. My day 3 LH and other tests were within normal except for my TSH which was a bit high at 5.43 so my RE put me on a very low dose of thyroid supplementation which corrected me to between 1.0-2.0. DF's SA was normal with 5% normal morphology (greater than 4% is considered fine). In the interests of time and maximizing chances, we decided to proceed straight to IVF.

Since my SHG revealed a polyp, I underwent a hysterscopic polypectomy. My RE insisted we wait 2 months before doing IVF so we did an IUI with few expectations since this is not the way to manage a 39 year old with slightly diminished ovarian reserve! But we thought, what the heck - you never know. Well, it turned out as expected - BFN. So on to IVF.

IVF Cycle #1 for a freeze all was in February of this year and the results were ok. FSH had climbed to 11.1 which is borderline high meaning I was edging towards premenopause faster than initially believed. On an antagonist protocol with 225 units Gonal F and 75 units Menopur, we got 7 eggs retrieved, 5 fertilized by ICSI and 4 blasts which were biopsied for PGS and were a disaster because we only got results on one out of 4! The one was abnormal. What a waste of $$ but I will not discuss this part further.

IVF Cycle #2 was in April and by this time I had been on vitamins and supplements including DHEA, ubiquinol, vit B6, vit D, vit E and royal jelly for at least a month. Plus, in mid March I began doing weekly acupuncture for the first time and starting drinking Chinese medicinal tea. I swear the acupuncture made a difference because my antral follicle count for April cycle was 16 (8 on right and 8 on left)!!! I couldn't believe it. Again on antagonist protocol (this time I insisted on starting Cetrotide on same day as stims even knowing it may slow growth) using 300 units Gonal F and 37.5 units Menopur, we got 19 eggs, 16 mature, 13 fertilized and 5 blasts for freezing. No transfer. We did not opt for the PGS this time.

IVF cycle #3 was in June and AFC count was 12 (6 on both sides). I had asked for my AMH to be repeated fearing that 2 IVF cycles would have depleted my egg supply but to my astonishment it came back in the normal range, almost double my initial AMH: 23.4 pmol/L or 3.3 ng/ml!! I almost entirely credit this to acupuncture but that's just my feeling. I'm sure the vitamins and supplements helped too, particularly vit. D. On the same protocol as in April, we got 16 eggs, 14 mature, 10 fertilized and 4 blasts frozen. No transfer again. They triggered me a day too late and I lost at least 2 of my leader follies (those eggs degenerated).

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