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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP over 40

Got your BFP at age 40 or older? We definitely want to hear your story! Send us your symptoms through this contact form.

BFP after stillborn 3 years ago

I have been waiting with prayer for almost 3 years to be able to post on here my BFP story. I have a son that is from my first marriage that will be twenty this year and a daughter that will be eleven. It took my second husband and I more then 18 months to conceive our daughter and after such a hard time with put off having another one until 2010. We started trying again and after 15 months we became pregnant with our son. At almost half through at our regular appointment there was no heart beat. Our hearts were broken. Through the storm I always wanted to know or not miss the purpose of our son's death. We had started trying with the aid of fertility medications without success and after a year of the emotional roller coaster I choose to give it to God. Now today not far along 4 weeks and 3 days and just over 40, I am confident in God that he has given my family a second chance and I want to give hope to those that have went through a similar journey. Always take it to God in prayer and keep praying. God knows if you trust him and what is in your your heart. Once you give it to Him you can't take it back and expect results. These were my symptoms 7 days before my period it started with light headed and dizzy. I had trouble in certain sitting and lying positions. I just felt off. I took a test at the end of the day 2 days before and it was negative. I took one the next day a first response and didn't wait and walked away. The next day when no period still increased dizziness, I went home and checked the bathroom trash( don't act like you haven't done it,LOL) and found a faint positive. I thought no just evaporated and I'm wasting anymore money on these tests. Sunday came and no period so Sunday evening tested again walked away and DH walked in and said I see two lines. I took another one this morning and the line is darker then yesterday some cramping but feeling that our Faith and Trust in God got us through our storm because at the end we are getting our rainbow! Prayers to all of you!

Baby #5 at 42, hoping for #6 at 45 :-)

Proud mama of 5, four older kids are 20, 19, 18 and 15 from previous marriage. I remarried at 40 finally finding my perfect partner. Got pregnant right away but lost him 17w5d with cord x4 tight around his neck. At 41 I got pregnant again naturally no fertility or supplements. I ovulated on day 12, so day 11 and 13 BD. On a 28 day cycle day 23 I had implantation spotting and mild AF cramps and a dull ache. I knew I was pregnant but waited until I officially missed my period by 2 days to not get my hopes up then torn down. I had a beautiful pregnancy and delivered Vera c section at 38 weeks. She is awesome. At age 2 I'm still breastfeeding and think this month might bring baby #6 ... have to wait another week at least but crossing my appendages! I live in Turkey and eat clean organic foods from villages and never eat out. Successful pregnancy starts from day 1 but can be affected by a lifetime of bad eating so my advice is eat raw foods and sleep, but be happy. Good luck, ladies!

BFP with every possible SYMPTOM.

So our background. I am 39 yrs old and my DH is 49 yrs old. We already have a 10 and 5 year old thanks to ICSI. We had unexplained infertility issues and our whole 20 year marriage has just been a roller coaster of emotions, due to it proving practically impossible for us to conceive. After a MC over four years ago, we decided to try naturally for 2 yrs, as I could not face anymore IVF treatments. I did not fall pregnant. I became very depressed and my health suffered. We decided to give up and actually to avoid BD during my fertile period, as I could not cope with the TWW stress every single month. At that time, I changed my career and started a new job within the nutritional supplement field, and my health dramatically improved. Fast forward quite a few years. Only 6 weeks ago I had a consultation with an american lady who lives here in France, as she helps eliminate trapped emotions which block us from moving forward. I have always wanted another child but have been both panicked and excited by the prospect. Towards the end of 2014, I asked my husband if he wanted to take some risks again as I now felt that I was in great health, especially as I was now exercising quite alot. He wasn’t sure because of our ages, but wanted me happy. Well AMAZINGLY we only BD on cycle Days: 9,10,14,16, 22 during the month of February. My breasts always swell from Day 14 but this time they began later on Day 18. For me this is a sure sign that I have ovulated. I also had a fluttering in my vagina area, just behind the public hair region. I thought, "hey I have NEVER had that feeling before". Day 19/ 5 dpo: Nausea, a fluttering sensation behind my belly button, again this weird fluttering feeling in my vagina area, plus one spot on my shoulder & neck. I usually have perfect skin. Day 20/ 6 dpo: Nausea, gagged during bd - « Hey that is weird I thought", and again this strange fluttering sensation in my vagina. Day 21/ 7 dpo: Nausea, stomach cramps and CRAZILY a brown stain in my pants. I never spot before a period. So I thought: "This must be implantation". Plus my ankles began to swell. Day 22/ 8 dpo: Nausea. Dizzy! Nearly collapsed in a clothes shop. Day 23/ 9 dpo: Nausea and night sweats. Day 24/ 10 dpo: Cramps. Day 25/ 11 dpo: Cramps, exhausted. Day 26/ 12 dpo: Cramps. Day 27/ 13 dpo: Cramps, night sweats. Day 28/ 14 dpo: Peeing all the time panic attacks, night sweats. Day 29/ 15 dpo: Positive pregnancy result. :) Due in November 2015. I also experienced the following symptoms. Dry nose, occasionally blood in nose, very dry mouth, sneezing, vivid dreams, heartburn, underarm side boob, lots of discharge. All of which are not normal for me. I also only was totally sure from 13 dpo as even though I was pretty sure I was pregnant earlier on, I was still finding excuses as I always have terrible nausea etc , but from 13dpo I just "felt" pregnant. I hope this helps somebody out there. If you ever want details on the supplements I use, or the name of emotion code healer feel free to mail me: I just can't believe I feel pregnant a) naturally and b) so quickly! Baby dust and best wishes to you all! xxx
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Gonna be a 42 yr old mommy cant wait!!!!!

hi everyone I cant count times ive been on this page symptom spotting but hey here I am 13dpo and BFN! my story so far is I have a little boy now 5 which I had by doner sperm ( the turkey basting method) got caught first time. thought that was it for me. But ive met the most amazing women and we wanted another child both of us trying this time. so we did' ive been blosated right after insemination burping tired so very tired. my stomach feels like its need s to pop! lol 9dpo my lower back was killing thought maybe been sitting to long now I know prob inplantation. I never got the implantation bleed on my first nor now so don't give up. 12dpo BFN flip but het this morning big fat BFP gonna spend couple weeks relaxing now as had mc last yr and really don't want that happening again. im so excited im shaking want to tell the world but it is early days. my message to you however your trying keep at it have faith in god and lots of baby dust xx pp the wife gonna test later today having similar symptoms so fingers crossed twinnies with different mommys xx
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How quickly things can change

BFP stories on the internet are beautiful. A giant library of women sharing and supporting - and getting support. Even if we know symptom spotting is rather pointless, and even if the risk is high that I'll mcing, I will still share my story: I'm 40. OH left me 4 yrs ago, just when we had decided to try for a baby. I got depressed and realized after a year that I didn't have the energy and strength to work on yet another relationship. Instead I spent my time coming to terms with living a life without kids. This was a difficult process, and one that I never had thought I would had to go through. Fast forward to now: I eventually realized that my last chance of getting preggo was soon as I for the last couple of years have noticed pre-menop symptoms. I also knew OH wanted me back, and wanted a child. I decided that I would regret not taking this chance so I invited him over two months ago for a 3-nights' stay. That month I got a faint BFP with strong symptoms - headache, v sore breasts, sore throat, etc, and a Massive night sweat (prev unheard of) the night before I started bleeding, around 2 days overdue. Then bfn. I was however mostly puzzled that we had conceived, and I am still not sure it was a proper bfp. I don't chart or temp but I am fairly regular, so I invited him back last month for a 5-night stay. We BDed three times; twice doggy s. I fell asleep afterwards without going to the loo. I remember tossing and turning a bit. I could tell that when he came he made an effort to stay deep inside of me, and 'move around'. I think this is absolute key to our 'success' - his effort. Anyhow, I got BFP (again!) four days ago and this time I feel pregnant, like 'stable', unlike last month which was mainly a havoc of hormonal imbalance. since i don't chart i'll say dps (days post sex) and still this is just an estimate 1-3 dps - uterus felt 'full', or a 'slight pressure' 3-4 dps - more appetite than usual 5-8 dps - nothing 9 dps - white discharge, unusual for me, slight headache, also unusual 9 - now - uterus felt 'full', or a 'slight pressure' again 10 dps - white discharge again, sweet smell, tested bfn 10 dps - freezing in the afternoon 12 dps - faint bfp pink dye 13 dps - slightly stronger bfp, I actually trust my own eyes for once. I couldn't stop Eating that evening. 13-now - there is a smell around me (coming from me), which I feel constantly, not bad but not nice. milky, sweet, old, murky Today is 15 dps no AF yet, normally I spot for several day before F. I haven't taken any more tests because I do feel pregnant and solid. White discharge today, pulling sensation in lower abdomen, slightly sore breasts, Appetite. I still haven't told OH, I will wait a few more days since I'm very likely to mc according to stats. But Hey, look how quickly life can change.
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Almost 40, BFP following miscarriage 7 months ago.

I am going to be 40 years old in June; I have 2 children from a previous marriage, age 10 and 11. Hubs is 39 as well, with no children, no previous marriages. We became pregnant unexpectedly last June. I had been using birth control at that time, but we went away just overnight to celebrate our first year together and, of course, I forgot to pack it...we took a risk and in July, I found out I was pregnant from that one time! I had a lot of mixed feelings initially, but then just as I was getting excited, I lost it. I was only about 7 weeks along at the time of the miscarriage. I knew that we were getting older, and if we were going to have a baby, we needed to do it soon. Hubs has always wanted a child of his own. I have 2 great kids, a boy and girl, and I didn't want to be selfish with trying to have another. However, I was open to the idea. We decided just to stop using birth control and see what happened. I tried to be casual about it, and let it play out, but try as I might, every single month since that miscarriage, I obsessed with symptoms and was convinced each month that I was pregnant. I would read these BFP stories obsessively and look at symptoms listed, and I swear, I had symptoms that seemed to be so specific to pregnancy. However, every month, despite being "casual" I would pee on stick after stick to be disappointed time and time again. I would get my AF, then I would be sad, but make peace with it, try to enjoy my kids and husband and I would move on...until ovulation time and the TWW. I would turn into a crazy lady...I think I have read every story, every site, every folk tale about how to tell if you are prego in the TWW...month after month...Fast forward 7 months. I got my BFP yesterday at 12DPO, using CVS brand early PT. If I compare this time to when I miscarried, I have symptoms that I did not have, and my BFP then was actually very faint at a week past my period. My BFP yesterday, 2 days before my period was faint, but darker than the one I got in the summer. In fact, in the summer, I didn't have any symptoms beyond missing a period. I am hopeful that this time will stick since I have some actual symptoms. (And, I think it may have been a CP, not necessarily a miscarriage in July.) On the night of ovulation, I had a dream, a very weird dream!!! It was so clear, seemed like I was watching a PBS special of a sperm meeting the egg. I woke up thinking that I had conceived that night, but like so many other months...I did not want to get my hopes up. Plus, I was scared that my crazy was reaching a whole new level requiring intervention!!! My BBs are always sore (sometimes very sore and swollen) from ovulation to period, and this time was no different. The only difference was that they sometimes become less sore as AF approaches, and this time, it stayed consistent. No blue veins to note, but that's because I already have them anyway. One other thing, that may help others, were that my nipples felt slightly tingly, like when you get cold and they get hard, but they weren't necessarily hard, they just felt that way. 5DPO woke feeling hot and sweaty (this sometimes happens before AF, but not this soon) 6DPO nipples felt tingly like when you get cold, BBs sore like before AF. Headache. 7DPO BBs more sore. 8DPO BBs sore, slightly more than previous day, and low back ache. 9DPO Low back ache again, BBs sore, indigestion!!! Indigestion, this was new for me and made me wonder...I just felt yucky after eating, overly full, and almost sick. 10DPO nothing other than sore BBs and tired. Fell asleep before DH, very rare for this to happen. 11DPO headache in the evening, woke up hot in the night, hot in the morning, and BBs still pretty sore still. Fell asleep before DH, never happens, especially twice. 12DPO BBs sore, Hot in the morning when waking, so tired despite being able to sleep in, tingly sensation is back in BBs. Took test in afternoon...BFP!!!! 13DPO tired, tired, tired! BBs feel enormous, heavy, sore to touch. So, the dream tipped me off, but you start to think you are crazy after all these months and I didn't really know if that was intuition or my insanity. The slight difference in tingly nipples, backache, and indigestion were the symptoms that gave me a reason to make the trip to CVS in the middle of the afternoon. I hope this helps someone. I want to thank everyone who posted things these past 7 months. It helped to read the stories of all of you who have struggled to conceive and then to see the BFP, it gave me some hope. Goodluck to all of you still trying!
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BFP At 40 After Multiple Miscarriages And A Son Born Sleeping - Please Let This One Be A Sticky Bean!

Hi everyone, so here I am again posting my second BFP story, I can’t believe it! I posted my first one in June 2013, but sadly it wasn’t to be as my son Frankie was born sleeping on 29th November 2013 when I was 33 weeks pregnant with him (I’ve tried to find my BFP story in the archive on this site, but I can’t locate it). I knew he was going to have a severe cleft lip and palate as that was picked up at my 5 month scan, but after he was born tests revealed that he had an extremely rare duplication on chromosome 15, which meant he would have been very severely mentally and physically disabled on top of the cleft lip and palate. I’d had six previous miscarriages at 6-8 weeks prior to my BFP in June 2013, but these were deemed to be as a result of a problem that my ex-husband had with a very high percentage of abnormal sperm. My son who was born sleeping was my first pregnancy with my second husband as I remarried. We had the year from hell last year as on top of losing our much loved and much wanted son we lost several close family members including my father in law, endured redundancies, bullying and betrayal by so-called friends so the whole year seemed nothing else other than death, loss, death, loss, death, loss – it was relentless. Thankfully things settled down a bit towards new year and lo and behold, now that all of that seems to be behind us, I get a BFP! I’m scared to death to be honest, I am happy and elated to see the word “pregnant” on the digital test but I’m petrified that the same thing is going to happen again. But I’m trying to be positive and change my mind set to truly believe that I will take this baby home and it will be my long awaited miracle as I’ve been trying for a baby since I was 28, and I’m now 41. So, here are my symptoms, which I hope will help any of you reading this hoping for your BFP: 1-5 DPO – nothing worth noting apart from sore BB’s, but I get that anyway before AF. 6 DPO – went a little dizzy/lightheaded when I bent down to pick up a book I had dropped. 7 DPO – exhausted, and I mean exhausted! I found an internet cheapie test in my bathroom cupboard and stupidly did it, BFN – obvious really as it was WAY too early! 8-9 DPO – thought I was getting a cold as I had a bit of a sore/dry/tickly throat, still really tired every evening. 10 DPO – still very tired. 11 DPO – thought I was out as when I wiped I had a bit of pink which usually signifies AF is on the way. Got disappointed and while out doing the weekly shopping stocked up on towels and tampons ready for the witch to arrive. 12 DPO – normally when I get a bit of spotting before AF my BB’s start hurting less. This time they didn’t, they hurt more. In fact they felt like they were on fire! 13 DPO - AF due to start, and nothing. BB’s still hurt like mad, still tired and I went light headed again while making a sandwich for lunch. Popped to the supermarket for a couple of bits I needed and bought a check and date clearblue pack. Promised myself I wouldn’t test until at least 15-16 DPO if AF hadn’t showed. 14 DPO – woke up feeling quite icky and sick. Had a carpet fitted in one of my rooms upstairs at lunchtime by one of my Dad’s mates, my Dad went out and bought fish and chips for lunch for him. The smell of it made me gag and normally I love fish and chips and the smell of them, so I decided to test. I used the ordinary clearblue test first – a line came up instantly – BFP!!! I couldn’t believe it! Decided to do the digital test that was also in the pack later to confirm – BFP 1-2 weeks! I didn’t really do anything different this month – last year I was a bit obsessed with getting pregnant again, trying to time BD’ing with my husband at the “right” times, using OPK’s, ate healthily, didn’t drink at all, did gentle exercise, I took pre-natal vitamins/folic acid, using pre-seed, leaving my legs the air afterwards, doing everything “right” – but nothing. I honestly believe that it didn’t happen last year because of all the stress and death and loss we went through. This cycle I didn’t use OPK’s and relaxed a lot more – lo and behold – BFP! I told my husband by going out to get a Valentine’s card, putting the two tests in and writing in it “Happy early Valentines Day....let’s stay positive, like these tests xxx” and I included the rhyme “Roses are red, violets are blue, if all goes well, October is when it’s due”. He opened it when he got home from work and he was speechless! I have a LONG road to go down with lots of milestones. I’m booking in at the doctors next week as I am going away for Valentines Weekend and a few days isn’t going to make much difference in the grand scheme of things. There isn’t really anything the doctor can do other than book me in for an early scan and even if I were to go now they probably wouldn’t see very much if anything.

Bfp but no baby yet

I have a 20 years old son, had a few abortions in my 20ths, but as I got older wanted another child. Conceived at 41 but the pregnancy had to be terminated as the baby had trisomy. I conceived at 42 again but that one was a missed miscariage at 10 weeks, then again bfp but no heartbeat and miscariage at 7 weeks. Since then I had 3 chemical pregnancies, done all the checks with no obvious cause found apart from my age. My partner's Sperm test shows bad morghology of 2%, I don't know could this be a reason for my miscariages? I am 43 now and feel so sad and heartbroken, sometimes I feel like stop trying,but I want a child so much... If anyone can give me any advice on checks or anything that I could try?
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pregnant at 41

I was naturally pregnant when I was 40 but had missed miscarriage in 9 weeks.Started trying to get pregnant after 2 regular cycles in Feb 2011. Got pregnant in Nov.2011.I am a Happy Mom of 30 month Old toddler boy. My husband keeps travelling and I wanted to get pregnant asap before he goes away for months. This is what I tried- Wheat grass juice shots everyday 3.5 miles walk 5 times a week Bee pollen CoQ10 monitored cycles with ovulation kit Took help-Dr.Jerome Check practising at NJ/PA I have gone thru' the stress for 9 months of TTC and want to give my 2 cents to those who are trying to get pregnant. I would strongly recommend Dr.Check.His staff is not very friendly still the results are very amazing. He is not a statItistics minded doctor like most of those I met in NJ. If you are over 40 with FSH higher than 12 most of the MEAN STATISTIC minded Drs. like RMANJ and IVFNJ will sure discourage you and will keep pushing towards donor egg.In such negative surrounding Dr.Check is the only one who is ready to experiment ,tweek the treatment and give you realistic hope:) I hope my story helps, inspires many of you! WISH ALL THE READERS GOODLUCK!


I'm 43 years old and my husband and I have been married for almost 3 years. I have two kids from my previous marriage and my husband none kids. We have been TTC since we got married with no luck. Been on clomid 50mg days 5-9 5 cycles in a row, took a three month break then went back on it 3 cycles still no luck. I became so discouraged that I just basically gave up hope. After a long break from clomid we decided to do one last try clomid cycle but took the liberty to up it to 75mg dys 5-9. On CD16 I had a major ovulation so painful but still BD. BRIEF OUTLINE: CD:11,14 ,16 and 18-BD CD: 22- Stomach cramps and runny ( sorry tmi) CD:23- sore throat CD:24-brownish signs when wiping. (Sorry tmi) and bad sinus attack lasted a week All along had period pain like cramps on lower back and abdomen. Cravings took over, frequent urination and fatigue. I missed my period on 20th Dec 2014 to date. I decided to take a test at 1am this morning I couldnt believe my eyes it was an immediate and fat BFP. My husband just broke down with excitement and joy. If you are trying, dont lose heart it will happen. A miracle took place for both my husband and I and I am grateful to God. I wish all the ladies TTC God'grace. CD: