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BFP Stories

Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP with Clomid

Good old Clomid. Many is the BFP story that references Clomid at least somewhere along the way. And here you'll find a whole mess of them in one place. If you're taking Clomid and looking for some inspiration, look no further. This page is for you.

And when you get your BFP while taking Clomid, we want to hear from you! Send me your symptoms through this contact form.

Odd symptoms this time BFP

I wanted to share my symptoms for others because they were very significant and totally different than my previous two pregnancies.

Had no issues conceiving one and two. #3 took 9 months and I was in my fourth round of Clomid and did a trigger shot. It worked! I also used preseed.

5 to 6 dpo I had a feeling I was pregnant, like a suspicion or gut feeling. I also felt bloated and had abdominal cramping.
Extreme acid reflux and heartburn 7 dpo plus fatigue
Pain and extreme bloating mixed with a little brownish discharge 8 dpo.
9 to 14 dpo this stuff subsided a bit and then I started thinking maybe I'm not pregnant. I did feel extra hungry and vaginal discharge continued.

And that is that. No painful breasts like I had before and I have almost never had heartburn in my life till this pregnancy.

Hope this helps someone.

Also I got faint lines on dollar store tests at 11 days, faint ept test 12 days. 13 and 14 pretty solid lines on both types of tests.

God bless!!!

BFP after 8 months of ttc

1-5 DPO : No symptoms
6 DPO: AF like cramps
7 DPO: AF like cramps
6 DPO - current: Bad headaches and slight creamy CM(Have never had creamy CM in my life)
11 DPO- BFP on FRER!

Also had sore breasts and low back pain which are common symptoms during my pre-AF period anyways.

bfp?? not sure waiting on blood work help !

Help!! I took the top test we'd 9dpo 9 pm and bottom 10 dpo at 10 am..sorry they look terrible I took them out to read them better !.. are these positives ??..I thought it would be blank if negative but I'm scared I've read horror stories on blue dye tests!!

My bfp story at 8dpo

3 DPO: Nausea, mild cramping, fatigue, light headed
4 DPO: Gas, tingling BBs, fatigue, food aversion
5 DPO: extreme fatigue, gas, mild cramping
6 DPO : period like cramping , tingling breasts, started prenatals
7 DPO: glob of lotion like CM when I wiped in the morning, itchy down there,mild cramping, UNGODLY fatigue,gas, tender breasts.
8 DPO: faint BFP w/wondfo, freq urination, fatigue, mild nausea, difficulty breathing, mild cramping, tender breasts , itchy down there - started progesterone
9 dpo : ruptured cyst - visit to ER confirms pregnancy with 6.5 beta , 2.5 cm endometrial lining.

Positive Thoughts-BFP Amen (Clomid & Progesterone)

Hi Everyone,

This has been a long journey but I will keep it simple. I am 33, DH 34; our first. Avg <26 day cycle, 11-13 Luteal Phase.

2012-Laproscopic Surgery to remove 7 Fibroids & Text Book Endometriosis. Dr. said start trying!
2013-Took things lightly trying. No pressure, no real rush but started to feel anxiety
2014-TTC 3 (March, April, August): Went to one doctor she said Clomid would not work, referred me to Fert Specialist and he told me IVF was my only option; I cried and was devastated. Decided to go the semi-natural route. He said it was possibly my tubes, I had chlamydia in the past and it could have never been treated, he never checked to see if I was ovulating or checked my hormone levels.

August 2014-
I didn't give up hope so I started taking pre-natal vitamins
1. I did the fertility cleanse (70% disciplined on that)-Natural Fertility Shop (uterus cleansing)
2. Went to see a massage therapist - 2 times (1 x per month-it's expensive), started enzymes to help my body break down food.
3. Went to a nurse practitioner who worked for several fert specialist in the city; she gave me clomid and progesterone prescription.
4. I took clomid day 3-7, progresteron 5 days after color change on opk. Small amounts of EWCM, and later after ovulation I had Creamy CM.
5. I am 17DPO and I tested 09/15/14 (2x's) , last period was 08/16/14 and I am preggers. I was petrified to test but I did. I will get a blood test tomorrow.

Symptoms: Very little-thirsty, boobs, lil cramping (very mild), metal taste for a few minutes, gaging when brushing my teeth. I use fertility friend and that help pinpoint ovulation and my cycle.

God is good. I can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Baby dust to you all who are trying. I know how you feel. Things I did differently-I didn't overly temp after I ovulated to lower my stress level. I also kept thinking positive thoughts; trying to envision being pregnant.

Keeping fingers crossed

Hi everyone, being trying to conceive for over two year, never got pregnant but was diagnosed with pituitary adenoma about a year and half ago. DH has a child from previous marriage and he's been the best support system I can every ask for. Now am hoping I get good feed backs from you guys from the pic I just posted. My question now is does anyone see a second line or is it just my eye cause I can't tell if am pregnant just by how am feeling because I don't av any symptoms other than swollen boobs and sore nipples and I also feel like am bloated and a burning feelings in my stomach. By the way, today is the 14day after I got a positive sign on the ovulation kit. So please can u guys look and tell me if u see a second line or is it my imagination. Baby dust to everyone and congratulations to those that av gotten their bfp. Thanks guys

BFP after 2.5 years!!! Clomid

Hi everyone, I've been trying for my second baby for 2.5 years. I was giving up hope, all my friends were getting pregnant but me. With my first I got pregnant the first month of trying so wasn't expecting such a long wait. I seeked help at 2 years- all tests were normal. We were put under unexplained infertility and was told to try IVF, the cost was £8000 but worth it so we found a clinic. My consultant offered 3 months of 50mg clomid- we tried this before IVF and it worked the first month!!! We used it with preseed. I am 9 weeks at the moment and very happy- no sickness this pregnancy just feel tired all the time.
I had some spotting last night so had a early scan done- everything is normal. I saw the heartbeat flickering!! Baby dust to everyone out there. Please try clomid if u haven't - it worked for us the first month. X

It happens when you least expect it to!

I have been reading through everyone's struggle to conceive and relating to just about all your stories....

Well here's mine...

My husband and I have been trying to conceive for the past 2 years, first year I had my mirena removed and was told by my gynae that as a result from the mirena I had very thin walls which would make it very difficult to carry a child so we should have protected sex for at least 3 months. - Which we did -was weird considering we're married. I had heard that folic acid helps to thicken the lining of your uterus walls so I started taking them.
After 3 months we started for several months to no avail :( we were so disappointed went back to my gynae and her said all was fine with me have we considered having my hubby checked, he recommended a urologist. After doing his first S/A we found that his count was less than 1 mil I was devastated and as you can imagine so was my hubby. Was told to wait 3 months a he suggested my hubby take Staminagrow a vitamin. After 3 month we went back and his count was worse than the first S/A at this point I had lost all hope and got frustrated when the he told us to come back 3 months again. When we came back again his count was 0.5mil his testosterone levels were slightly low too. At this point the Urologist said that it looks like ICSI is our only option and it's best we look for a fertility specialist. I was in tears. My gynae gave me clomid even though I didn't have a problem with ovulation I took it in June X5 50mg the first 5 days of my period. Nothing happened, got my period like clock work at the end of July forgot to take the clomid the day I started took it only twice. Ended being admitted to hospital for chronic bronchitis. They were pumping me with steroids as my lungs had basically collapsed and different antibiotics I was there for 4 days - knew it was my ovulation week so told hubby we needed to BD LoL he was like where...lets just say I made a plan -desperate measures calls for drastic moves :) we felt like teenagers again.
Took all the meds that was prescribed to me just wanting to get better so we could continue TTC.
2 weeks later I was waiting for AF to arrive and nothing, not wanting to get too excited over nothing and sure didn't feel pregnant I am usually a 28-29 day cycle when we eventually got to 32 days I still didn't want to test in fear of the BFN I called my gynae and he told me to wait till I was 10 days late then call him to make an appointment, boobs were sore, lil bit of nausea, increase in appetite, insomina and terrible mood swings was snapping at everyone which is so unlike me.
On my 37th day I was seeing a ENT specialist and found out that they are going to have to operate on me and he asked if I was pregnant to which I replied not that I know of however I am late and he asked me how long is my cycle and so forth and he said he thinks I am pregnant however he cannot operate on me till we know. So called my gynae told him I needed to know he told me to do a blood test as it would be best considering the time frame with me and my Op.

Called him this morning and was told POSITIVE - I am officially pregnant!

So all I can say to all you ladies do ever loose hope - God knows best, His timing is always perfect.
From being told ICSI is our only option to conceiving naturally.

Baby Dust to all...

A hooray after 2 years!

My husband and I first tried getting pregnant July 2012, two years ago. I was 26 then (28 now) and our very first try we got pregnant (showed up 9dpo on FRER). Unfortunately it was a chemical pregnancy and a week later I miscarried. At the time I assumed it would be no problem getting pregnant again but month after month passed. We took blood and semen tests and everything was fine. I ovulate and we are healthy, active, and young. So for two years we tried Everything outside of medical assistance (vitex, chiropractor, took OPKs every month, checked basal temp, fertiliTea, had prenatals, no alcohol, dropped caffeine during tww, are organic, followed all the right steps). So now we are almost done getting our foster care license (which is still part of the plan regardless of this bfp!) and hubby says we should give Clomid a go for once. I'm hesitant on drugs (especially when I already ovulated) but gave in. First try: pregnant!! What a blessing for us!

This month what we did differently was trying Clomid and preseed (though I had tried preseed before) and honestly for the first time being distracted about it since I was so focused on foster stuff.

As for symptoms, Like others say on here it's true: I had way more "symptoms" on other no pregnant months. I'm now in my 6th week and still almost nada. But Here's the rundown:

1-8dpo: nothing abnormal. Boobs sore but they get that way every month. Perhaps a little moody but that was likely a combo of stress at work and the Clomid side effects
9dpo: watery cm... What? I shouldn't be having this so late. Take a test at noon and voila! A red line peeked on internet cheapie. Run to store and double check on FRER! Yay! Definite yes!
10-20dpo: biggest things are sore breasts and white cm. I've been sleeping more but can't be sure if it's just because I had the time last week to do so or not. I AM more hungry for sure but can't tell if it's my imagination. Definitely getting more acne (lame!)
Overall, my giveaway is the cm (and obvious lack of period)! Other than that it could all be imagination. I almost wish I had nauseau so I could really believe it! Also, props to Clomid! Had read all the research and was convinced it wouldn't help at all!

Praise God for this double blessing of foster care and bio babies!

BFP after PCOS and Fibroids and 2+ Years of Trying

My brand new baby is actually sleeping, I was too superstitious to post my story during pregnancy. I took comfort in reading other people's success stories and vowed I would post mine one day, so here it is! It was a long 2+ years of trying for my LO and I am so blessed that I can now call myself a Mama!

Here is the condensed version of my journey:

After coming off BCPs my periods were non-existent/ 50+ days. After 6 frustrating months I was dx'd with PCOS. My MD put me on 2000mg of Metformin and my cycles regulated to 31-32 days ( and I lost the extra 30 pounds I had been carrying). Still no BFP. At the one year mark I went in for an HSG and was diagnosed with fibroids. I had laparoscopic surgery to remove them, but my case was way too complicated. Talk about a crappy thing to wake up to after surgery. A month later I underwent an abdominal myomectomy (my MD threw in some bonus ovarian drilling while she was in there!). That was a big, tough surgery, but they removed over a 1/2 pound of fibroids that were preventing implantation and blocking my tubes. After I had three periods, I was able to start Clomid. 4 rounds of 50 mg and one IUI and I was still getting BFNs. I ovulated without a trigger, but apparently it was weak. On the 5th round I was bumped to 100mg and did an IUI and boom BFP! I couldn't believe my eyes!

Pregnancy symptoms before BFP:
Moody and really irritable (unusual for me)
Cramps ( thought AF was coming early, never got cramps until after she arrived)
Very tired
Slightly Nauseous (my hubby had a stomach bug and I was sure I had it too but nope it was my baby!)

It was a journey filled with lots of tears and lots of heartache. Physical and emotionally, I went through a lot but it was all worth it! The sound of my baby's first cry made all that I went through seem like a distant dream.