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BFP Stories

Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP with Clomid

Good old Clomid. Many is the BFP story that references Clomid at least somewhere along the way. And here you'll find a whole mess of them in one place. If you're taking Clomid and looking for some inspiration, look no further. This page is for you.

And when you get your BFP while taking Clomid, we want to hear from you! Send me your symptoms through this contact form.

First Clomid/IUI round

A short back story: I'm 36 and started trying for my first baby at the beginning of this year. I had been tracking my ovulation for a few months, so I thought I knew when to time things so that I'd get pregnant fairly quickly. I had been on some form of birth control since I was 19, and most recently went off Depo Provera a year ago. I had regular periods and no signs of concern. I got pregnant after 3 months of trying, only to sadly end up having a chemical pregnancy and losing it before I even made 5 weeks. I decided to see a fertility specialist when I hadn't become pregnant again after 6 more months of timing things perfectly. I was SO frustrated and scared. Month 9 of this journey was my test month. I had an ultrasound, blood/urine tests and an HSG exam to rule anything out. Everything came back normal with me and my husband - we had "unexplained fertility". I was almost hoping for something specific that would explain why we weren't pregnant yet, but this unexplained thing was so irritating. My doctor decided since I was older and already had 1 miscarriage, she would start me on a round of Clomid at the lowest dose of 50mg. I would then have an IUI done after tracking with opk's at home. The Clomid/IUI round when pretty smooth. Clomid made me pretty uncomfortable, though. By the time I had my folicle ultrasound check, my ovaries felt so incredibly sore and swollen. Having sex was so painful, too. My ultrasound did show i had 3 very mature follicles (which explained my pain). I when home and got a positive opk that evening, called the clinic and scheduled my IUI for the following morning at 11am. I was slightly concerned the timing may have been too early, since it was less than 24 hours from my positive LH surge. We BD that night and i was feeling myself ovulate overnight (so much pain!!!). I was also concerned we screwed everything up doing that, too - since my husband had less than 24 hours to "remake" a good sperm sample. Well, after he gave his sample the next morning, I went in for the IUI and the nurse told me beforehand he gave a fantastic sperm sample! LOL I guess the refraining for 48 hours thing didn't apply after all. My IUI was painless and took about 3 minutes total. I've had more discomfort having IUD's inserted to be honest! I went home and rested that day. I know we probably should have BD that night as well, but my stomach was in so much pain still from ovulating 3 huge eggs, I just could not handle it again. Fast forward to 10 days post IUI and I was feeling soreness in my boobs. I normally didn't start feeling PMS symptoms until closer to my period, and I was still 4 days away from my test date. I thought that was strange, so I decided to test early expecting nothing to happen. To my shock, I got a faint positive that morning!! I tested again the following two days. Every time, the lines were getting darker. I decided to call my fertility clinic and they had me come in for an HCG beta test at 13DPO. My level was at 98!! I came back 3 days later and it had increased to 350. They said there was no need to keep testing, I was pregnant. I'm still in shock after 9 months of stress and trying, it worked on my first IUI try. I think the combination of multiple eggs and the IUI was the key for us. All along I suspected maybe I was deficient in fertile CM, which would explain this being successful for us. Who knows??! I am now almost 6 weeks and feeling hopeful this is the one. Hope this brings someone some hope as well. I felt so discouraged while trying - but just know it'll happen for you eventually. Stay active, eat healthy and take supplements. I also went to acupuncture to regulate my hormones every month. Don't be afraid to seek out help sooner than later, doctors have lots of things to speed up this process for you.

After 1.5 years!!!

Hi everyone! I am very grateful to all women posting their stories during my struggles ttc. Every month was such a disappointment. So here’s my story and hopefully it will be of some help! Some background: I’m 29 and husband is 32. I had long cycles and after a year of ttc without success, went to the gynecologist and got clomid (sometimes I would ovulate and sometimes I wouldn’t. No PCOS). 50mg round 4 of Clomid finally got me the bfp!! Ovulated CD 14 (measured with temps, ovulation tests didn’t work for me). BD with the sperm meets egg plan (every other day around ovulation time). The symptoms: 1-7 nothing 7-14 more frequent urination (at night). Husband joked that maybe I’m pregnant (as we’d been ttc for almost 1.5 years I didn’t believe him). Gassy. Boobs are sore but they were sore before due to ovulation/clomid. Difference is that before, my boobs stopped hurting one or two days before my period started. This time the sore (actually, just sensitive) boobs stayed. CD 32: Missed period!! Start feeling excited but scared to test. CD 34: BFP!!! Things done differently: the last two months, besides prenatal vitamins and clomid, I used preseed, drank pomegranate juice almost every day and ate pineapple core once on CD 17 (after ovulation to help implantation). Also, a MAJOR one: I started eating LESS SUGAR. I believe this helped a lot. Good luck to all of you. Ttc can be such a struggle. Stay strong and positive and it WILL happen to you!!!

15th cycle and 2nd round of Clomid, No symptoms

I’ve visited this message board a lot over the past 15 cycles so I wanted to share my experience in hopes that it could help someone else out there! I’m 31 and this is my second round on 50mg Clomid (monitored), and I received a BFP on 13dpo! I’m not a frequent tester after being let down so much, I waited until I missed my period to test. My husband and I both checked out just fine and were about to go to a RE next month if nothing happened with round 2 at my obgyn’s office. We were assuming more advanced fertility treatment was in our future. But I wanted those of you who are getting frustrated to know that there IS hope!! I’m still cautiously happy since we've been trying so long, still wrapping my head around it, but the proof is in the BFP! The funny thing is that so many times before this cycle I thought I had pregnancy symptoms, time after time I got my hopes up, but this time I had absolutely ZERO typical symptoms and nothing resembling my PMS symptoms either so once I missed my period, I knew something was up. I think that’s the red flag, for my body at least, the lack of symptoms is what was different and what led me to the BFP. :) I hope this helps anyone who does not have any symptoms know that a BFP is still possible and after 15 cycles it’s possible as well!!

BFP 36 One Ovary Clomid 2nd Cycle

God is so great! I had a larascopic oophorectomy in December and had left ovary and fallopian tube removed due to previous ruptured cyst year prior as well as severe adhesion's from endometriosis. My cycles were shorter but it appeared my right ovary was ovulating. I tried for 6 months and it was causing strife between my husband and I due to stress. We took a break focused on clean eating and went to couples therapy. I started clomid 50 mg 5-9 and took at night. Month one was emotional and I thought I was pregnant but never got a positive test. The next month I prayed everyday. I asked God to show me his will if this was not my plan. I also focused on joy for other women conceiving and prayed for other women struggling. Focusing on how I could help others made me less stressed during cycle two. I committed to no crazy early testing (like testing before implantation is even possible) I BD every other day and three days in a row after CB digital positive ovulation.(Eight days after last pill) I drank Pink Stork Fertility tea till ovulation, took Evening Primrose oil and snacked on Organic Brazil nuts, I also took plant based COQ10 and Pink Store Prenatal. I never thought I would have my BFP this month. Side note I had strongest ovulation as I really felt and my progesterone levels are excellent. I have six week ultrasound next Monday and am nervous and ecstatic. I pray for all the brave women who stuggle and continue to try. Bless you and Baby Dust! Below are some of the things I noted during tww. 1 -3 dpo Nothing 4 dpo Strong pelvic pains started to worry had cyst. exhausted, starving, craving bad foods, lotiony cm, kind of horny, gas 5 dpo Pelvic pain went away, in good mood, Still tired, bm multiple times hard and not soft like normal, lots of creams cm when checking, water discharge early am and lots of gas 6 dpo not much gas..loads of gas 7 dpo not much gas..loads of gas..argument with DH. Angry when normally more weepy before AF 8 dpo Gas :(, at store shopping ran to bathroom and barely made it due to huge soft bm, sorry tmi (usually go to bathroom a lot right before af) 9dp-10dpo Convinced AF is coming light cramps no pregnant feeling, but I had odd tickling under belly button. I had a glass of wine and noticed heart rate is elevated. Now that I look back resting heart rate went up and stayed up after pregnancy. 11dpo (two days before af) take test convinced negative want to get out of the way line on FRER under two minutes 12dpo BFP on CB Digital and Confirmed Beta 17 HCG 14 dpo Beta 157 18 dpo Beta 1,758

BFP on IUI #1

DH and I have been together over 10 years now; married in 2014. I wanted to wait to have a baby until we bought a home (not thinking it would take long to get pregnant). Went off birth control pills in September 2016 since I was on them over 10 years, I figured I wanted to give my body a good 6 months or so to be off of them before getting pregnant (plus we planned on buying a home in the spring). So we weren't trying, in fact I "thought" I was appropriately tracking my cycles to not BD during my fertile window because we had a big trip to Mexico in January 2017 with friends. In April, we officially started trying. After two months of nothing I decided to buy OPKs, and realized I was completely off in timing my fertile window. So June 2017 was the first month we finally timed intercourse correctly. Fast forward to March 2018, still no BFP, after trying everything under the sun (preseed, all sorts of vitamins, the stork, softcups, mucinex, legs in the air/laying for 30 mins after BD, etc. etc.) and saw my OBGYN. Had cycle day 3 bloodwork done, all came back normal except slightly elevated testosterone, so I freak out that I have PCOS, and my OBGYN convinces me I don't even though I have super irregular cycles, she said I'm ovulating every cycle so its most likely not PCOS but wants to have an ultrasound and HSG done on me. OBGYN also puts in request for DH to have an SA done. DH's SA comes back with 54 million at 32% motility. Urologist asked for a repeat which came back worse at only 18 million with 60% motility. They run bloodwork on DH and determine he has low testosterone levels and prescribe 25mg of clomid to take Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. My ultrasound and HSG come back completely normal. OBGYN finally prescribes me 50mg clomid cd3-7 in June, which greatly helped regulate my cycles. DH and I both took our clomid for 3 months, DH had bloodwork 30 days after starting clomid and his testosterone levels more than doubled! Also put DH on fertilaid and countboost and COQ10. After 3 months of no BFP, I decided it was time to go to the RE (kept putting it off because our health insurance doesn't cover reproductive medicine and we were already drowning in medical bills). RE told me based on all my tests and cycle tracking that she believes I do have PCOS (which is what I thought all along). RE suggests IUI (which is what I figured/ wanted to try). First IUI cycle I continued to take 50mg clomid cd3-7 (she said she would have done letrozole but because I had been doing good on the clomid already she wanted to keep me on it for at least the first go around). I went in for an ultrasound cd14, and only had 1 follicle around 15mm, so they decided not to trigger, and told me to come back in 3-4 days if my OPK did not turn positive. The very next day cd15 my OPK was positive, so they set the IUI for the following day cd16 at 11:30AM (I tried to get a later time because according to an article I read 'in the northern hemisphere 90% of women ovulate between 4PM-7PM July-February'... and it was September). DH's sample improved slightly (was still on his clomid and vitamin regiment) to 27 million with 67% motility but only 20% progressive motility- Postwash ended up being 13.8 million with 52% motility and 43% progressive motility (~6million progressive). They told me the sample was fine but I wasn't convinced especially since I knew I only had 1 follicle. The IUI procedure itself was pretty fast, RE had to switch out the catheter and use a more firm one she said but it didn't bother me at all. I laid on the table 15 minutes after the procedure and went home to rest (decided to take the whole day off since I didn't know what to expect for first IUI). I barely had any symptoms during my tww, just the typical PMS symptoms I always have, semi tender boobs but barely, backache, and cramps. I thought for sure my period was coming. I told my husband 9dpiui I felt my period was coming however I did have a significant backache this day but it went away about 2 days later and thats when my typical af cramps started. The only big difference in the tww was I didn't spot at all. I always start spotting either 10 or 11dpo and usually spot for 2-3 days and get my period after 13dpo. I decided to wait to test because I couldn't handle the disappointment of another BFN. Woke up at 2am on 14dpiui and had to pee, I didn't want to because I wake up about 5:30am for work, so I knew I had to test now if I wanted the strongest urine. POAS and watch the control line pop up and I'm totally disappointed, keep watching and slowly see a faint line appear next. BFP, no way? Take 4 more tests like a crazy person.. all positive. Wake up DH and we are both so happy we can barely go back to sleep. I do another test at 5:30am also BFP! Went in for beta HCG at 57. Take another few hpts the next morning at 15dpiui and they all come back significantly darker! Total real BFP not even a little faint on FRER.

1 year after a loss, pregnant with our Rainbow

Like most who come back here, I’ve been stalking this site for a while! Checking my symptoms with all the others and hoping this would be the month! We suffered a second trimester loss a year ago and have been trying ever since. We’ve had two chemicals where the BFPs disappeared and AF came. But not this time! Finally, this is it! Here’s my story/symptoms I took clomid CD 5-9. Got a positive OPK (advanced) on CD 14 and CD 15. I O’ed somewhere in the night between the two. O day- intense cramping. I’ve had two IUIs (different cycles) and one of them had intense cramping. It was just like that. 1DPO intense cramps continued. I felt like it was on both sides, like I could feel my Fallopian tubes contracting. 2-3DPO nothing 4 DPO creamy CM 5 DPO and 6 DPO more cramping. More like AF coming, but I knew that was too soon. 5-9 DPO CM was wet Breast tenderness began to intensify by 7dpo At 8dpo I got a vvvfp on an OSOM SMU. I was hopeful. 9DPO a faint positive on OSOM and First Response and Internet cheapie. Tests have only gotten darker. 10 and 11 dpo. Trouble sleeping. Sick at my stomach. I’m so excited I don’t know what to do. Hoping this little One grows big in there and stays strong for 9 months!

BFP with Clomid 33y with low motility

This site and board helped me so much during my obsessive waits. Ive been ttc off and on for a couple years, I do have a 5 year old dd. I have several autoimmune disorders so many times i would quit trying due to flares. This go we have been trying 4 months. I was getting discouraged with trying to temp, temps were so low... high 96s pre O and never above 97.5 after O. I assumed I wasn't ovulating and told the Dr., He suggested clomid and due to my age 33 he didn't have a problem with getting a head start before a year of trying naturally. Long story short BFP first round of clomid cd 4-8. I honestly couldn't tell if it was clomid symptoms or pregnancy symptoms.... *Do take clomid at night side effects would have definitely been untolerable if I took during day. The meds made me down right hateful and around time of O i was crampy but as not severe as natural cycles and then it just kind of died down. I didnt have any CM with clomid so I used preseed but only just a little externally it seems to stir up BV for me if I use too much. I did prop up for a few minutes after BD I honestly didnt have my normal symptoms after O i just felt normal no breast tenderness or cramps after about 2dpo. Usually I am not one to test early its so disappointing... but for some reason I had a feeling... I test at 8dpo with IC and it was so faint figured it was shadow or evap so went out and got FR and got a definite positive. And of course within a day I was already feeling nauseus and breast pain> I guess If I had any advice trust your bodies ladies and listen to them. We have lived in them our whole lives and the Dr just uses statistics. I feel confident that i was in fact not ovulating and I would have tried and tried for many more months without intervention if I hadn't spoke up. If your not sustaining a temp rise tell them its not normal. Good luck ladies and GOD BLESS!

2 years of trying, BFP at 18 dpo

I have been searching through this website for the past 2 years trying to find anything to give me hope of having a positive. I finally got it and I wanted to help others that struggled like me. I don’t have anything medically wrong with me but my doctor prescribed me clomid 50 one time I got pregnant that cycle. 4 DPO: I marked that I was feeling very sick and chalked it up to clomid side effect also tender boobs started which is super weird because I usually don’t get it until a week before my period. 5-9 DPO: night nausea. I felt perfectly fine through the day but once the sun went down I felt horrible, my coworkers smelled terrible, I constantly felt like I was going to puke 10 DPO: got a really strong cramp in my left ovary that made me double over, it lasted about 30 seconds, later that evening I felt a pull sensation literally in my vagina and it hurt to walk. 11-17DPO: ANXIETY, oh lord I’m snapping at coworkers, I’m snapping at hubby, I’m snapping at the TV I am so ANGRY and my stomach feels like it’s in knots! Days 14 and 16 and had LOADS of this bright yellow cm in my underwear, no matter how much I wiped there was just an abundance of yellow cm. It went away the next day 18 DPO: I already had a doctors appointment so when they piss tested me it came back dark positive within 10 seconds. I probably could’ve tested way sooner but I wasn’t getting my hopes up.

It CAN happen!!!

am in tears as I write this me and df have been the for about 9 years! Me 27 df 30.... It has really been a long stressful painful journey! I have read through these stories I know a million times!! I just knew one day I would get my bfp and I finally have!! Df didn't believe me when I took the test until he seen me shaking and crying!!! Lol I've always been the person in the family who love kids and babysits everyone kids! I have 4 God kids but they still went home and the end of the night to their mama! I took Clomid 50mg days 3-7 and got a positive test 16 dpo! Girls when I say it will happen IT WILL HAPPEN!!! First round and it worked after almost 9 years.... 9 YEARS I'm having my own baby!!! I hope he or she sticks!!! Baby dust to everyone keep God first and don't stress and worry about the next person having kids it'll happen to you!!!! My symptoms were cramping... CRAMPING like af was on the way... very creamy white cm.... no sore boos... tired... No appetite... and my perood was late and that never happen!! This is my FIRST pregnancy EVER and today is my 27th birthday I'm beyond Happy!!! The beat gift I could have ever received!!

Success on Clomid

I knew that when I finally got my BFP, I just had to share my story. My journey hasn't been as long as it is for some, but it was much longer than I naively thought it would be. I figured my husband and I would have success in the first couple of months. After those first couple of months, I started tracking my bbt. I timed our bd-ing each month and felt I was doing everything right, but with no success. Tracking helped me discover that I had regular cycles but my luteal phase was a little short, and my temps didn't always rise and stay up the way all the "good" charts show. After 8 months of ttc, I visited my OB and was put on 50mg Clomid when my progesterone level came in at 7.4. It helped my luteal phase issues and raised my progesterone to 14.7. I was ovulating before Clomid and with the 50mg, but I had never had ovulation signs or symptoms besides ewcm. I didn't realize that many women know when they ovulate, that they can feel it and whatever. My doctor had me do 3 cycles of 50mg, take one cycle break, and then tried 50mg one more time. With no success, he bumped me up to 100mg. Well the 100mg cycle was different than any other from the start. On 50mg I just had night sweats, no other side effects or signs of fertility. On the 100mg I had night sweats and was very moody for a couple of days. I work at a school, and I felt bad for my students those couple of days. My husband and I bd-ed every other night from CD9 to CD17. I also used Preseed the two times closest to ovulation. I'd normally ovulate by CD17, but this cycle I ovulated on CD18. I can pretty much always see my ovulation on my bbt chart the day after ovulation when my temp rises. I also usually take one OPK and can verify that ovulation is coming up. The difference this cycle was ovulation pain. I actually felt it this cycle for the first time ever. I nearly cried when I realized what I was feeling, because I was so happy. It was this strange kind of dull but kind of sharp pain on my left side. I had been working with some kids at the time it started, and I was like "what is this?" It took me an hour or so to realize what was going on. The next day when my temp rose, I knew I wasn't imagining things. About a week later, my temps were still up (as usual after I ovulate), and I noticed more strange feelings in my abdomen. It was on both sides and sometimes was higher and sometimes lower. I also started seeing scant Brown/pink color on tp when I wiped. I so badly wanted it to be implanation. But I was reading online that Clomid symptoms are often confused with early pregnancy symptoms. It could go either way. My one source of hope was the little bit of color I was seeing on the tp, which shouldn't be related to Clomid. It started on 8DPO, and it continued to 11DPO. I was worried it might be my period coming early, but then it stopped and I was hopeful again. At that point I started thinking about when to test. I decided I'd wait to 13DPO, but then I decided I'd test on 12DPO if my temp rose more. It hadn't when I woke up early (2:30) to use the bathroom, so I knew I should wait. By 6:30am I couldn't wait any longer. I wasn't optimistic as it wasn't the FMU, but I gave it a go. And I got my BFP for the first time ever! Two days later I had blood work that confirmed it. My hcg level was at 384 at 14DPO. I anxiously waited almost another week to get my level re-checked. In that week, I read more posts and articles about hcg levels than should be legal. I was making myself crazy with it. I was really nervous because other than an occasional pulling sensation in my abdomen, I've had no symptoms to speak of. My breasts have never ever felt tender or sore in my life, so maybe pregnancy won't change that. I haven't felt more tired than usual, no nausea, no nothing. It was freaking me out. Well today I talked to the nurse about my blood work, and she told me the doctor is really happy with the way my hcg is rising. She didn't tell me the number, but I am going to be content with that. I want to enjoy my pregnancy, especially as long as I'm feeling good physically. So that's been my journey. It would seem the low progesterone was our only problem in getting pregnant, and the Clomid worked its magic. I'm cautiously optimistic that we'll be able to welcome our first baby into our family come January. Good luck to all those ttc!