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BFP Stories

Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP with Clomid

Good old Clomid. Many is the BFP story that references Clomid at least somewhere along the way. And here you'll find a whole mess of them in one place. If you're taking Clomid and looking for some inspiration, look no further. This page is for you.

And when you get your BFP while taking Clomid, we want to hear from you! Send me your symptoms through this contact form.

BFP 2nd Round Clomid

I am 25 yes old and have been TTC for 3 yrs. I just started Clomid in Nov. The first round was unsuccessful, with my progesterone test coming back very low. I started on 50mg, so the Dr. Increased the dosage to 100mg which I took cycle days 5-9. I had some symptoms from the Clomid the previous month so was expecting some discomfort. On cycle day 21 I went for my progesterone test. A week later I got the results I did ovulate. I was to ovulate on CD 15.
11Dpo: sore breast
13dpo : cramping and tightness in lower left abdomen
18dpo: very emotional
So I decided to test. So nervous and reluctant to get bad news I just got a $ store test. And when I saw 2 lines I almost lost it. Sooo I am now 5wks pregnant. I have had 3 miscarriages in the past so my worrying is far from over but it just feels different this time. My husband is so excited but due to past disappointments, we chose to announce it on April fools day!! Thank you for the stories they gave me hope to keep trying. Good luck to u all

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my first bfp ever!

Ok like most of everyone on here i had been waiting to put my own story. Ive been trying to conceive for almost 3 years and im 23 and i got married last year.. So ive always had irregular cycles so i knew it was gone be hard. So i started going to a obgyn who specialize infertility so he prescribed me clomid and progesterone to start my cycle and metformin since im insulin resistance. So i was on clomid for almost 9months off and on the first month i started off with 50mg no o that month..The Next month went to 100 slight o but not good enough. The Next month no o was incresed to 150mg no o. And let me remind when u dont ovulate u dont get a period well i dont. So oct came i went in for my 21 day progesterone i o'd no bfp. So i got my period for nov. And dec. Came no period so i was gave progesterone to induce it started dec 30 started my clomid 3-7 which i had been taken 5-9 but i decided to change up because it couldnt get any worse. Negative after negative so i was expcting my period to come on tues cause the dr confirmed ovulation monday.Oh and another thing we did different we bd everyday after my last clomid pill til day 21 for my progesterone check. Took a test last night was a faint positive i thought my eyes where playing trick on me so i took a test tonight BFP.God has a time for everyone and im praying i have a healthy pregnancy baby dust to all...God is good.

BFP after a year

Hello ladies,
So let me tell you I have read each and every story on here. I thank all of you for sharing. I never thought I would be able to post my story. I'm 32 and he is 31 after not being able to conceive and several tests my doctor but me on Clomid. It was a miracle I got pregnant the first cycle. I have ran in to look at the sticks over and over. I have taken 3 with BFP.

Got postive opk 1/13
1/14 nothing
1/15 nothing
1/16 nothing
1/17 nothing
1/18 woke up to horrible cramps
( extremly painful) lasted 20 mins
1/19 back was hurting and had same horrible cramps for 20 mins
1/20 gums bleeding
1/21 back hurting throw up suddenly
1/22 had a temp of 99.6 back hurting
1/23 first faint postive
1/24 second postive
Keep trying girls !! It can happen !!

BFP 2 hours ago. No symptoms,after LEEP, after miscarriage

Hi ladies, I promised myself long time ago that I would share my story here if I get BFP, and hope my story would encourage and might be useful for others to learn as I have learned from others here. I read stories here almost every two week waits then left after AF showed. I want to let you know that if you don't have any symptoms, do not lose heart, when I read that some ladies post they don't have symptoms, I thought it might have to be any symptom, now I knew myself that no symptom could means zippo symptom.

Background: 37 years old, very irregular, 28- 42 days. miscarried April 2013, had LEEP to remove precancerous cells July 2014, TTC again since November 2014. Been charting and using Clearblue monitor since December 2013, and started using digital and advanced digital the last 4 cycles.

November cycle didn't work, so I learned from charting and thought I didn't bd enough. Then I started taking fertileaid, ovaboost, Elevit. And decided to take Clomid last cycle December on cycle day 3-7.
I really wanted and intended to try SMEP but missed a few times because I was tired and also getting sick. (Details below)

Here is my record.
CD3 - CD7 Clomid
CD 9 - start taking FertilCM. started CLearblue OV stick test - High (usually I would have at least a few Low to start)
CD 11 - BD, high on CLearblue monitor
CD 12 - high
CD 13 - high ( forgot to test but monitor shows auto high)
CD 14 - (New Year's Eve) BD, high
CD 15 - ( New Year) BD, forgot to test but high auto on monitor.
CD 16 - test high on monitor, blank circle on advanced digital and digital.
CD 17- test high on monitor, blinking smile on advanced digital.
CD 18 - test Peak ( as expected because my peak on monitor always showed just after advanced or digital) solid smiley face on advanced digital and digital. BD morning. Used pressed.

Not sure if I would count CD 18 or CD 19 an Ovulation day. But always know that period would start 13-14 days after first peak.

O day, CD19 - stops all ovulation rests. As it would show auto 2nd peak day.
Dpo 1, CD 20 - BD morning, used pressed. ( I really think I conceived from this date)

Dpo 2, CD 21 - dpo 5, CD 24
I was sick, actually I should have BDed on CD 19, 22 and 24 but too sick and not feeling like bd, I did try but too sticky)

Dpo 6, CD 25 - BD in case if real late OV but I guess it's too late.
Dpo 5 - dpo10, CD 24- cd 29 - nothing, dry.
Dpo 11, CD 30- a little wet and leakage. No cramps.
Dpo 12 , Cd 31 - getting sad feeling that AF would come, feeling a little wet, no cramps.
Dpo 13, CD 32 - expecting AF, feeling anxious and wishing AF wouldn't show, felt a little more sticky wet. If I survive today then I'm getting closer to getting bfp. Didn't sleep well all night being too nervous.
Dpo 14, CD 33 - a little leakage, I kept checking if it is AF, but never came. This day is considered one day late but I wanted to make sure and didn't want to be sad and disappointed because some cycles men's started late on dpo14. Waiting all day. Afternoon feeling backache, that was really a first sign but thinking maybe I laid down watching tv too long. End of day and no period I felt 99% happy and sure I have fallen pregnant.
Dpo 15, today - went to get a dollar tree one, after 4 drops and 3 minutes as instructed. >>> a perfectly strong BFP

Celebrated by taking my dog for a walk, not sure when to share the news to hubby and family...everything is still in a blur.

- no spotting. I spotted last time that ended in MC.

Please don't give up. I do understand how deeply sad it feels to see other women getting pregnant and then we are just in the cycles of TTC every month. Hang in there. I don't like when they say stop worrying, and relax. But it is the key. I worried. But you have to tell yourself to try or at least feeling happy, especially during fertile window.
Now I only hope and pray for a healthy pregnancy, can't imagine going through miscarriage again.

Baby dust to all. God bless you.

Ps. Feel free to respond or ask anything, I'm happy to share and if my experience can help.

Finally!! BFP with clomid.

I can't believe I'm getting to post! Your stories gave me so much hope these past months. Thank you all. My DH and I have been trying for 18 months. I have PCOS and this was my 4th round of clomid. I started on 50 mgs of clomid in September of 2014. I did not ovulate, so the next month I started 100 mg and they saw on an ultrasound I was going to ovulate. I have been on 100 mg since October. Had HSG in December and also ultrasound that confirmed I ovulated. DH and I BD every other day before so I felt ok that I already ovulated. I have no idea of when I for sure I ovulated and I didn't have much for symptoms except a little breast soreness and moodiness. Typical for my period too! This entire week I have been a ball of mood sings lots of crying and being frustrated. I have been having 29 day cycles every month, so when day 29 passed and no period I was skeptical. Tested on day 29 with wondflo test from Amazon and BFN! I was upset. Then the next morning still BfN. But I did look back later and saw what could have been the faintest 2nd line ever! I talked myself out of it being there though. Finally today day 32 I used FRER test and there it was! I am so happy. I'm cautiously optimistic though. Hope it sticks! I know how the people that have been trying forever feel. It's the most terrible feeling. Keep trying and it will happen! Baby dust!!

Almost too good to be true

Same as everyone else I stalked here and read almost every page looking for hope and over analyzing everything. I owe it to the women in my same shoes to add my story. First thing I have to say is that I had so many more symptoms during my BFN cycles than I had with the BFP: sore boobs, swollen gums, early AF cramping, heartburn, you name it. This time around I wouldn't have caught anything if I wasn't looking for it.

This was my first IUI cycle after 14 months of TTC on our own. Numbers were:

Clomid days 5-9
Scan on CD 11 - 2 follies at 19 and 20mm.
Ovidrel trigger on CD 12
IUI on CD 14
1 DPO: ovulation cramps
2 DPO: still some ovulation pain
3 DPO: nothing
4 DPO: nothing
5 DPO: could it be maybe some nipple soreness? I never get sore nipples, only sore boobs right after O
6 DPO: definitely some soreness, left nipple only
7 DPO: still kind of sore, pretty strange for me
8 DPO: still a little sore. Since I know it's too early for BFP, let me see if I still have the trigger in my body - Very very faint line
9 DPO: is the line darker? It's still so faint I can't even tell. Still think it's the trigger
10 DPO: don't even have to squint - BFP! BFP! Confirmed later on at my doctors office with a beta of 42.

Ladies this journey is cruel and heartbreaking, I know, but worth it!

Help! Ovidrel shot BFP

I am after some advise regarding the ovidrel trigger shot for ovulation and how long it stays in the system... Some say 10 days I've read it can be up to 3 weeks.
I got my first BFP yesterday 15 days after the trigger shot, and again today, is there a chance it could be a false positive and could it also give a false blood test ? The test line is strong and appeared within seconds. How long shall I wait for a blood test ? af is due today I have had af cramping on and off for 2 days( with a weird bloated feeling that has now lessened. ) and my temp hasn't dropped yet. So scared to get excited. This was my first round of clomid and ovidrel after almost a year of ttc. Anxious waiting for a call back from my doctors.

Trying to conceive

Hello everyone

I was diagnosed with PCOS in 2010 and my hubby and I are trying to conceive but without succes. My OBgyn said we need to try naturally which I did then I decided to see another OBgyn who referred me to a fertility doc who started me on Clomid 50 bid from day 5-9 which didn't work at all because the 1st doc tried on the low dose but saw follicles from day 3-7. So she wants me to try 3-7 but with an increase of clomid 150mg and an ovidrel shot waiting. Also I have an ultrasound scheduled on 1/17/15. I really hope this work.

I pray that our dreams come true on this year.

Best of luck.


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I'm 43 years old and my husband and I have been married for almost 3 years. I have two kids from my previous marriage and my husband none kids. We have been TTC since we got married with no luck. Been on clomid 50mg days 5-9 5 cycles in a row, took a three month break then went back on it 3 cycles still no luck. I became so discouraged that I just basically gave up hope. After a long break from clomid we decided to do one last try clomid cycle but took the liberty to up it to 75mg dys 5-9. On CD16 I had a major ovulation so painful but still BD.
CD:11,14 ,16 and 18-BD
CD: 22- Stomach cramps and runny ( sorry tmi)
CD:23- sore throat
CD:24-brownish signs when wiping. (Sorry tmi) and bad sinus attack lasted a week
All along had period pain like cramps on lower back and abdomen. Cravings took over, frequent urination and fatigue. I missed my period on 20th Dec 2014 to date. I decided to take a test at 1am this morning I couldnt believe my eyes it was an immediate and fat BFP. My husband just broke down with excitement and joy. If you are trying, dont lose heart it will happen. A miracle took place for both my husband and I and I am grateful to God.

I wish all the ladies TTC God'grace.


Pregnant with Clomid 7th cycle!!!

Hi everyone, like many girls here, I've read the clomid success stories here for several months, hoping it will work for me one day. First, little bit about me, im 33 yo, fit, living super healthy, doing sports since forever, TTC for 1 year and a half. After stopping the pill 3 years ago, I suffered from irregular periods (45 to 90 days), I've never been diagnosed with PCOS even though I suspect it. My journey started like many of yours, thinking I will get pregnant eventually, in 6 months max. After no success during 9 months, I went to see a OBGYN who was very unhelpful, told me to keep trying naturally and come back in 1 year (meaning when I am 34). It is very important to have a doctor you trust so I followed my gut and got recommended a fantastic doctor. He did a blood test and prescribed me with clomid, estrogen and duphaston. Cycle after cycle with no BFP I got more and more disappointed, I really thought it will work. I think I have read all possible tricks and helpful advices online (doctors and community). I bought preseed (used 3 months prior conception), softcups, drunk tons of raspberry leaf tea, other herbal teas for harmonizing the cycle and continued to eat healthy. I had a occasional coffee and wine, I tried to moderate alcohol and also cut it off for few months when it didnt help I started to have a glass/es as otherwise the TTC process gets too stressful. When I came to my 6th cycle of clomid, my doctor sent me to have a postcoital test because one of the side effects of clomid is acid and low CM. He checked my lining which was fine (2nd side effect). When i got the results I was heartbroken, no live sperm and acid environment. Pretty much a green light to have an IUI and IVF. I was really sad, I still thought we will conceive naturally (also my husband would struggle to go through the artificial insemination, he is quite traditional). Anyway, I got pregnant next cycle! I thought I am dreaming. Few hours ago I got a call from doctors office that my beta is 75!!! (tested 12 DPO with hardly visible line, 13 DPO with still faint line and 14 DPO I went for the blood test)
What did we do differently? - used lots of preseed (more than usualy), drank raspberry leaf tea (however it didnt show that it improved my CM), used soft cups all 3 days during ovulation. Laid down for MINIMAL one hour after BD or slept through the night. Also I was on my 2 week Christmas holidays and I started to pray, went to church to light a candel regularly this month.
Symptoms? Well not much really, I got a big heartburn about 8 DPO, continued for few days with lower intensity and I can still feel it a bit. I thought I am imagining it but my boobs were NOT sore after ovulation (I read few stories of BFP with same symptom), I only felt hardly noticeable burning on the sides.
GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE!!!! I will try to wake up from the shock now:) Miracles do happen! Babydust to all!!!