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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP with Clomid

Good old Clomid. Many is the BFP story that references Clomid at least somewhere along the way. And here you'll find a whole mess of them in one place. If you're taking Clomid and looking for some inspiration, look no further. This page is for you.

And when you get your BFP while taking Clomid, we want to hear from you! Send me your symptoms through this contact form.

BFP finally after 3 IVF & 2 FET!!!! There is always hope....

Me: healthy, 35
Dh: low sperm counts (2-11 million), 32

We tried naturally for 11 months and I just new something was wrong. I took my temp & used opk's but I was so regular I knew within hours when I would ovulate--so frustrating!! So my dh agreed to get tested and the results were heartbreaking. I left that appt hopeful that the clomid my dh was prescribed would def work. 3 months later and his numbers were the same. Next came the fertility dr, I thought he would say let's try IUI, but we left that appt with brochures explaining IVF. We were devasted! I had no idea how we were going to afford IFV since my dh was working partime and I work for myself= no insurance that covers IVF. A few months later-- Lots of praying and lots of luck,my dh got on full time with full benefits. I was beyond ready so we got started right away. I responded GREAT to all the drugs and had 13 eggs retrieved (round 1), 14 eggs (round 2), and 15 eggs (round 3) but nothing worked. Each time we put back 2 great looking embryos but every time BFN! I was at a loss....we had 1 more chance that insurance covers for a lifetime so I did some research. I wasn't overly happy with my current dr and the way he ran his practice-- soo many patients and he didn't even know my name on my 3rd surgery. I found a new dr and it just felt right!! We did a fresh cycle then froze the 2 best embryos right away and gave my body a month to rest.

Got my BFP 9 days later!!

Only thing I added this cycle was baby aspirin and COQ10
I was very open about the process this time around and actually filled out a prayer card at church-- I literally said it out loud and prayed like crazy!
I'm 14 weeks today but going thru all the ups & down of infertility it still seems unreal.
I'm not gonna say "It'll happen, don't worry", because sometimes it doesn't happen- you need some assistance. I'm just glad I didn't wait, didn't stay with my old doctor, and didn't take any breaks. Taking the drugs was a part time the car, in a restaurant bathroom, shots in the stomach, in the ass.... But you just do what needs to be done!

If you're in the Chicagoland area-- check out dr springer in crest hill :)

8 Years and 2 IUIs Later!! BFP!!!!

I'm a major stalker of this site, and you've all given me such hope for a BFP. I can't believe I'm posting my very own BFP story! I truly have so much to be thankful for in this Thanksgiving season.

I'm 35 and my husband of eight years is 55. We have age working against us for sure and have been TTC ever since we got married. Over time, we've discovered a myriad of reversible health issues on both our parts. I've lost 150 pounds since fall 2013 and, though I'm still overweight, I'm at a range where pregnancy is not a terribly high risk.

I had my first IUI this past September with only one mature follicle and progesterone at 13 on the day 7 check. It yielded a BFN. I had to skip a month due to my travel schedule, and our next IUI was done on November 11. This cycle, I took 200 mg of Clomid on CDs 3-7 and had a 250 mcg Ovidrel trigger shot the day before the IUI, although I was told I would probably ovulate that same day (November 10). I ended up with 3 big follicles, two on the right and one on the left.

Here are my symptoms (or lack thereof):

IUI/1DPT: Got a massage to relax, since I was so stressed about this process.

1DPIUI/2DPT: No symptoms.

2DPIUI/3DPT: No symptoms.

3DPIUI/4DPT: No symptoms.

4DPIUI/5DPT: Severe cramp in the big toe of my right foot. My toe involuntarily started pulling toward my knee and it HURT. No other strange happenings.

5DPIUI/6DPT: No symptoms. Tested out of Trigger.

6DPIUI/7DPT: No symptoms.

7DPIUI/8DPT: Progesterone tested at 25.1. No symptoms.

8DPIUI/9DPT: No symptoms.

9DPIUI/10DPT: Breasts starting to feel mildly tender, gassy, tired, freezing cold and sneezing like crazy.

10DPIUI/11DPT: Very light line on FRER. Runny nose, shooting pain down there (I told the nurse it felt like electric shocks). Nurse tells me it's probably still the Trigger. Very mild cramping, thumping sensation near uterus, mildly tender breasts, freezing cold and sneezing like crazy.

11DPIUI/12DPT: Line still there on FRER. Mildly tender breasts, shooting pain near right ovary, felt dizzy after running up 11 flights of stairs (abnormal for me).

12DPIUI/13DPT: Based on previous cycles, I should have started spotting by now or at least getting pink tinged CM, but nothing. Twinges and slight cramps, cheap HPT now showing light line, diarrhea, freezing cold and sneezing like crazy.

13DPIUI/14DPT: Lower back discomfort, burping, gassy, mild cramping, very aware of uterus. Lines on HPTs getting darker.

14DPIUI/15DPT: Bloodwork! Beta is 200 and progesterone is 46... good and pregnant! Gassy, jaw pain/tension (and I was surprised to learn that this is an early symptom), mild abdominal cramping, tired, already starting to pee like wild.

AF isn't due for another two days, so I'm very pleased with my blood numbers so far.

A few things I did differently this time were having a massage the day of the IUI, taking Robitussin, and eating lots of pineapple. However, I think this BFP is most attributable to my extra thick uterine lining the month and lots of mature follicles.

Praise the Lord for the first BFP of our marriage!

39yrs- low egg reserve, 6 months TTC, clomid, instead cups: 10dpo BFP

I was diagnosed with low egg reserve 2012. I went in cause some things changed in my cycle and I am very aware of whats happening.
sure enough, FSH was 14 I believe.
I even had once cycle where I didnt ovulate at all. But typically I get + opk and feel pain that day and next day followed by low shut cervix and white mucus.

we had been trying 6 months. I have had many pregnancies prior so I get pregnant easily but I was divorced and was not getting pregnant with my significant other. I redid my FSH which was better. however, still no pregnancy and didnt see anymore eggwhites (especially with all the sex) so that concerned me too.
in prior months I swayed, I tried some herbs, instead cups one month and preseed in a tiny amount and even clomid self perscribed at 25mg w out sucess. I get alot of white sticky mucus but I knew I needed stretchy fertile stuff.

so this month I didnt think it was going to work. wasnt even going to try. Then I went ahead and did 12.5mg clomid days 6-9? or maybe 7-10. I only had 4 doses. I had no signs of ovulation other than really in the mood.
then I got a test and just randomly tested and it was a near +. cd 13. cd14 +opk BLAZING dark.

BD cd 11, 13 (2x), 14, 15
Ovulated cd 14 (pains and sex too painful/achey)
3dpo feel wet but its cold. throbbing in belly a bit then gone.
4dpo so much mucus
5dpo sex burns. plus I have a tad bit of a yeast infection (from so much sex deposit) really emotional. plan to give up on trying. maybe Im not meant to have another.
6dpo thick throat feeling/phlemy, gagged at night brushing teeth. crabby, eating alot at night before bed. belly gurgles
7dpo very gassy and loud (not like me) cervix very long and firm. phlemy and thickness in throat and fullness in ears.
hot cold waves. nausea before bed. 1st night I took progesterone.
8dpo woke up feeling pukey and thought, ok I could be pregnant even tho I only have this symptom. (and since i just took the prog i know thats not making me pukey) I said if I cant taste milk, I dont even need a test. sure enough, whole milk tastes blah or like water. very creamy mucus. pooped a ton then had cramps after for hours in abdomen. acne. very hungry and thirsty for days now.
9dpo super hungry and mainly for meat. peeing more often and alot. my back is broken out! super crabby at other peoples kids. a baby was really crabby near me and I was annoyed (thought I would be terrible mother again) questionable FRER today. it has a line but no color. the one from last night has a even lighter test line but no pink. as day goes on, I think- this is a + even tho no color. take a clearblue and a target =/- at night and both FAINT + but then disappear 30 minutes later. read that is normal w those brands. take a FRER and its NEG with same pee.
10dpo. peed at 6am then woke at 7:15 w nausea. temp 98.1 (norm is 97.1) STARVING (ate 5 eggs and 2 slices of ham) peed at 7:30am and tested w that. +FRER within 2 mins. so obvious but still faint. much darker within the hour. clearblue at noon and its a + within 40 seconds. had one spec of pink today. cervix low and softer. very thin watery white mucus.

no boob pain, no green lines, no gagging, not overly tired, NO CRAMPS. Just irritated easily. dont really feel pregnant but then again its early. still sinking in. i was waiting to feel implantation or see some spotting. nothing like my norm.
it was our 6 month trying. I had JUST made an appt to do an IUI in 2 weeks. LOL
I added nordic naturals oil pills daily, vit d, ultra mega GNC pils (green ones 1 x a day vs 2) also b12 disolving tabs at 1500mg? drank more water. no sway. used instead cups 2-3 times this cycle and only had about a 3 drops of preseed so I put that in too. I did try to have an o after he finished, and I had my hips up when I did it. and again, used clomid at 12.5 mg days 6, 7, 8 and 9?
i have very strong pains this month and 3 days of wicked dark +opk.
partner will be 40 next month. he had a sperm sample done in Oct and showed 8% normal morphology but 220MILLION sperm. so we should not have too much of an issue w all those guys!
I didnt have my hopes up so I cared less this month. maybe thats what did it :)

BFP after miscarriage, 5th round of clomid, DPO 15 after a BFN at DPO 14

I'm sort of embarrassed to be writing my story here, but I feel like you all are my anonymous friends and I drew so much comfort from reading your stories that I want to share mine, particularly because I had been feeling so sad and hopeless and because I think this story will provide a lot of hope for others.

Background: I am 34. I went off of birth control in June of 2013. I think I ovulated twice over the next 7 months. My husband and I started trying to conceive in November of 2013, but I didn't ovulate until I took clomid in February of 2014. I ended up getting pregnant my first try on clomid, but sadly that ended in a miscarriage at 8 weeks (blighted ovum). I waited to ovulate again after my miscarriage and it didn't happen. I ended up taking clomid 5 more times. This was the 5th round of clomid. I had basically given up hope and was planning not to take it again and to go see a reproductive endocrinologist. And because I had given up hope, I didn't really keep track of my BBT this month and I also didn't do an OPK like I normally do so my dates might be off. I'm fairly certain that I ovulated on 10/28/14 based on pain sensations; I may or may not have used preseed when we conceived.

DPO 1 - DPO 10 - no real signs of anything out of the ordinary
DPO 7 - 9 - I had a cold and was feeling very run down
DPO 10 - diarrhea
DPO 11 - diarrhea, upset stomach, nausea, increased acne and breast tenderness
DPO 12 - breast tenderness and cramping, kept checking for AF but it wasn't there
DPO 13 - more breast tenderness, decreased acne, obsessive checking for AF, bought a 3-pack of First Response pregnancy tests while at work, and took one around 5pm (negative), obsessive reading of twoweekwait for stories of people getting a negative at DPO 13 and then getting a positive and also obsessive reading of twoweekwait for stories of people getting a positive on their 5th round of clomid
DPO 14 - more breast tenderness, took second pregnancy test in the AM (negative), obsessive reading of twoweekwait for stories of people getting a negative at DPO 14 and then getting a positive
DPO 15 - more breast tenderness (though slightly better), light cramping sensations, still no AF - I was despondent thinking not only am I not pregnant but that I also did not ovulate this month on clomid, attempted not to read any stories online, called my gynecologist for a referral to a reproductive endocrinologist, filled out the paperwork for the referral on my way home from work, took the third pregnancy test and right when I had written it off saw a very very faint BFP out of the corner of my eye - I basically can't believe it - I really need to show it to someone to make it real but am home alone right now!

So - here's some hope for people who got a BFN at DPO 14 and also for those who are on their 5th round of clomid and also for those who had a miscarriage!


I had my iui nov 3 rd and the ttw is killing me.!! After reading previous post I hope I have the same good news. Good luck to everyone

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BFP After Two Years With PCOS, Low Motility/Morphology, on Clomid (both partners), plus HCG Trigger Shot and IUI

The Doctor just called with amazing news! My HCG level at 14dpo was 95 so I'm pregnant! I go in again on Wednesday to ensure that my numbers have doubled. I took three pregnancy tests from different manufacturers after I got the call though... All Positive! I am SO happy I will finally be able to give my Little Boy a little brother or sister. : )

Timed Intercourse and HCG Trigger Shot on Cycle Day 16
IUI on Cycle Day 18 - Husband's Motility and Morphology were even worse than usual which scared me, but his concentration was finally up from the Clomid. More timed intercourse.
5DPO - Tightness in pelvis before bed. Nipples tingly/sensitive.
6DPO - More pelvic tightness at bedtime.
8DPO - It may have been today that I dreamed about a nurse name Christy calling me and telling me that I was pregnant!
9DPO - It may have been today that I felt a sharp twinge in the front left side of my uterus. Implantation?
11 DPO - Weepy!
12 DPO - I found that I was irritable, weepy, and intensely hungry when I shouldn't have been. This made me start wondering, but at the same time I was wondering whether I was only weepy and irritable because I was so freaked out to hear another no in a couple of days.
14 DPO - The nurse (NOT Christy from my dream) called! My HCG level was 95! PREGNANT! I didn't know what to do with myself so I took three pregnancy tests from different manufacturers. All Positive, including the digital!

This was our third IUI cycle trying to conceive this child and they had already started throwing the work IVF around. I was SURE it was going to be another negative. : )

Online calculators say I will be due July 17th, and this baby will be about 2 years and 9 months younger than my Son. : ) We hadn't used protection since my son was born, and started actively trying a year ago, when he turned one.

Crossing everything I can cross and praying for a safe arrival!

Wishing you all much luck and much love!

BFP 14DPO with 4% Sperm Morphology! Don't sweat a bad SA!

Here's a chronicle by Cycle Day of this very volatile month, which has shockingly ended with a BFP!

CD 1 -- AF arrives on Sunday Oct. 5. We have been TTC since January, after being together since the end of 2009 and using condoms for protection around ovulation. I turned 33 in September, DH turns 40 in November. With so many accidents, we assume we are infertile. We are reconciled to infertility (at 7 billion and growing exponentially, there are too many people as it is), but think we would be good parents. We prepare for the "work up" of exams to determine cause of infertility.

CD 2 -- I go to my OB/GYN office to have hormone lab done. As I wait in the office, I overhear one young man, who is accompanying his very young and pregnant girlfriend for checkup, bragging to another woman that he already has three children by another woman. Want to throw up thinking about how messed up our society is.

CD 4 -- DH goes in to fertility clinic to get SA done on his way to work. He does not relish jerking off at clinic, but is being a trooper about it.

CD 5-9 -- I take first round of Clomid, prescribed by my OB/GYN even though I'm ovulating regularly.

CD 9 -- I go to Radiology department at hospital to have an HSG! On the news is the story about Nina Pham, the nurse at Dallas Presb. who has contracted Ebola from the Liberian, Thomas Duncan, who had been sent home from hospital earlier with antibiotics, despite the fact that he had recently traveled from the epicenter of the Ebola outbreak and was showing symptoms. I ask the nurse who is prepping me for the HSG if the hospital has been reviewing protocols for Ebola. She clearly has no idea what Ebola is and says they use the same procedures for all diseases. Unbelievable. A nice resident arrives to do HSG and wants to know if it's OK if a med student watches. Fine. So they begin. "That is the cervix," says the resident to med student, and away they go. The contrast spills out ovaries. The uterus and ovaries look surprisingly pretty all lit up on x-ray. No blockage. Infertility still a mystery.

CD 10 -- OB/GYN calls me with results from hormone tests and HSG. Normal normal normal. The SA, on the other hand, shows only 4% normal sperm morphology. OB/GYN is sure this is the cause of infertility, and refers us to fertility specialist and predicts he will have us go right to IUI or IVF. I call DH with news and freak out. DH doesn't want to do IUI or IVF because the risk of birth or developmental defects. "If I can't do it naturally, then it probably shouldn't be done at all." I don't want to do such procedures either, but there's nothing like someone telling you you can't have a baby to make you want to have a baby.

CD 11-24 -- I begin obsessively reading medical literature about abnormal sperm morphology, or teratozoospermia. And I also discover this site and begin reading the stories of other couples dealing with low sperm morphology. The medical literature is fascinating. There are several case studies of alcoholics in which teratozoospermia has been reversed after three months of abstaining for alcohol. There are several population studies showing alcohol consumption negatively affecting sperm morphology. Although DH and I are very healthy, active, and abstemious during the week, we party hard on weekends. DH especially. DH is persuaded that he needs to cut way back on booze, maybe even go on wagon. He also begins taking a multivitamin, and 200 mg/pycnogenol a day. There is a 2002 study (with an admittedly low sample size) that showed men with low morphology taking 200mg/pycnogenol a day increased their percent normal sperm by 38% over three months. I make our already healthy diet even healthier.

CD 15 -- I get an LH surge on fertility monitor. We had soberly BD'd CD 12, 13, 14. We soberly BD again on CD 15 and 16. Previously we had been BD'ing every other day. But since DH has a high count (just a lot of weird sperm), we figure we would increase our chances by BD'ing every day around ovulation.

DPO 8 -- I begin noticing UNDENIABLE SYMPTOMS. Major nausea in the evenings. White, lotiony CM on underthings. GI weirdness/bloat. Usually a week before menstruating I feel bloated and have to exchange B cups for C cups because breasts get so much larger, but I've never experienced nausea like this.

DPO 9 -- Take a pregnancy test for the hell of it. There is a faint line that I decide is an evaporation line but am still suspicious.

BFP after 17 months ttc

I'm 28. After 17 months ttc, over a 22 month span, I finally have a BFP after my first round on clomid. 50 mg days 5-9.
I have a 4 year old and got pregnant with her the first month we tried. I thought the second would be just as easy but boy was I wrong! Unexplained infertility because all tests showed that everything was fine. Got a HSG test done in Aug and it showed both tubes were blocked. It was painful so I thought I spasmed, so repeated test in Sept, no pain, and 1 tube was definitely open and they think the other was too but they couldnt see the spill. So I'm guessing that HSG cleaning out my tubes + Clomid finally did it for me! Ovulated late on clomid, day 16 I got a positive OPK, had sex days 13 - 18. Very faint BFP 11 DPO on cheap test strip. Very clear BFP 12 DPO with First Response. Anxious for doctor to confirm pregnancy and find out if there is more than one baby! (hoping for just one)

Clomid Worked for me!!!

I just wanted to all of you ladies know that Clomid works! I am 35 have two children and have been trying for this third for over a year. I was diagnosed as unexplained infertility. The doc said I had low ovarian reserve b/c of my age. Was due for AF on 10/28 and got a BFP the next day!!! When women say they felt like it was their period coming on its so very true! I had cramps one week before AF was due and extremely moody. I was mostly moody b/c I though for sure that AF was going to rear her ugly head. It was like light menstral cramps and a constant dull pressure. I am not sure if Clomid helped with these symptoms or not. I never experienced any cramping with my previous pregnancies so I was pretty worried about it. It must have been implantation bleeding though. Good luck to all of you!

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Hi, me and dh was trying for 3 years. We then found out i had pcos. I started clomid the 1st October , days 2-6 its now cycle day 28 and i just got my BFP with a clear blue test on my very first round of clomid i still cant believe it! My symptoms were intense heart burn, frequent urination, sore boobs, cramping, and no energy whatsoever, my period isn't due for another 4 days so clear blue picked it up very easily and early.
I did the test just because i was curious! I actually didn't think i was pregnant i just though it was clomid side effects!
Good luck to you all!

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