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BFP Stories

Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP with Clomid

Good old Clomid. Many is the BFP story that references Clomid at least somewhere along the way. And here you'll find a whole mess of them in one place. If you're taking Clomid and looking for some inspiration, look no further. This page is for you.

And when you get your BFP while taking Clomid, we want to hear from you! Send me your symptoms through this contact form.

feeling complete, Clomid 1st time got our BFP

1 DPO: painful cramping and backaches
2 DPO: nipples sore
3 DPO: QUEEZY, acid reflux, nipps sore
4 DPO: white loation cervical mucus with no scent. Increased urination, hot flashes
5DPO: IRRITABLE, increased urination, white loation cervical mucus, emotional
6 DPO: cramping on sides of abdomen, white cervical mucus that shows up dry on panties now. Tiredness during day hours. Dizziness in the am. Very vivid scary dream about aliens, not like me at all!
7 DPO: no symptoms in am, in pm boobs became sore nips continue to increase in soreness. Abdominal pain, acid reflux, more vivid dreams!
8 DPO: sore nips and boobs, inc urination, tiredness, and spotting! Barley noticed it bc it was light pink and a speck on some TP, and had to check a 2nd time, and then noticed brighter pink on TP. Yay!
9 DPO: bloating, sore nips and boobs, cramps, cervical mucus still being noticed but just dry on panties and smaller amounts.
10 DPO: inc urination, fatigue, worst gas ever, and a BFN on clear blue preg test. Feeling crazy.
11 DPO: cramps and tiredness, increased boob soreness and nipps very sensitive, BFP on first response.
Husband and I are extremely excited! Praying for our miracle.

BFP on first cycle of clomid Day 2 to 6

I have been stalking this page from last 1 year and would always think of writing my bfp story soon. So here I am with my bfp story.. It was a truely a miracle!!!!!!!

History :- I am 28 and DH 29. We were trying to concieve from past 1 year. Started thinking about baby in May 2013 after our 3rd wedding anniversary.
After nearly 9 months of trying, I visited Gyne and she did all basic tests. Tests were LH and FSH on day 3 and Progesterone test on Day 21 of cycle, my hubby also did semen analysis. All tests came back positive. Doc advised using OPK and try for more 2-3 months or to proceed furthur with the treatment and have follicular study by inducing ovolution etc....
We decided to give it a shot naturally.Even after more 4 months of trying with no result we went to see the Doc again. She prescribed me fertomid (generic Clomid) from cycle day 2 to 6 and asked me to do HCG test the same cycle on Day 9.

HCG Experience :- I went for HCG test after reading all the horror stories on web, I was sooooooooo scared and anxious that I could not bear the pain and doc had to stop the test. (she has not started the test yet but was just trying to insert a speculum). She said my cervix is very tight and she can do the test but I have to bear the pain. I could not take it and opt out from test. (Luckily we got our money refunded).

Miracle :- Remember I took clomid from day 2 to 6 in the same cycle but I didnt used OPK and we bd every other day from day 11 till day 16.

BFP by cycle Day :-
CD 1:- Peirods started
CD 2:- Took clomid in night before going to bed.
CD 3:- Took clomid in night before going to bed.
CD 4:- Took clomid in night before going to bed.
CD 5:- Took clomid in night before going to bed.
CD 6 to CD 9 :- No Symptoms
CD 9:- Went for unsuccessfully attempt of HCG test. Was very sore in the evenng.
CD 10 :- Still sore down there... Not in mood to bd. Was very upset as I couldn't take the test.
CD 11,12, 14,16:- We just bd on these days in entire cycle. (wasn't sure when I ovoluted as I didnt use OPK) but breast didnt started getting sore, I get really sore breast after ovolution every cycle. This cycle I was feeling fine till CD 23.
CD 23:- Breast started getting sore and fuller. I thought I ovoluted late and missed the chance this time too and didnt bd after CD 16.
CD 24:- Sore breast, tiredness.
CD 25 to CD 29:- Very tired in the evening.. Boobs still sore. No Sign of AF (Usually my breast stop hurting after CD 27 and then I get my AF)
CD 30:- Searched web and found thaty clomid can delay your cycles. So was waiting for AF to show her ugly face. Still sore breast and tired and started feeling minor AF like cramps.
CD 31-CD 34:- Was just waiting for AF and was convinced that Clomid made my cycle long and irregular. Felt AF like cramps, was very tired and sore breast didnt disappear.
CD 35:- I was loosing Patience and Did HPT and it came back strong positive with afternoon urine.

I hope this long story will help you. :) Lots of baby dust to you all..... I am currently 12 weeks pregnant.

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BFP with Vitex! One year of TTC

I am so excited and still somewhat in shock to be writing this. I am 4 weeks today, and this will be our third child. But, after one year of trying it's hard to believe that I'm finally pregnant! Hoping for a healthy pregnancy.

I started seeing a fertility specialist a couple months ago who diagnosed us with secondary unexplained infertility. He put me on clomid last month to see how I reacted. Well clomid was terrible for me! I have severe ovulation pains for 6 days, crazy moody, hot flashes, etc and still a BFN.

After last month's cycle I decided to see a naturopath. She's done great things for me in the past. After reviewing my history she put me on a tincture of vitex and false unicorn root. And, a pill called Simplex F. I started taking these on CD 1, ovulated on CD 17 (I think), and got my BFP 9DPO!! Over the moon! :) And, vitex had no side effects for me except for the nasty taste.

In the past year I've had a lot of symptoms which I thought were early pregnancy symptoms...but turned out to be nothing. This month I didn't notice much out of the ordinary except:

Extra tired
Emotional (cried hard 8dpo because I thought I was out)
Sudden hunger

Some other things I did differently this month:
Less stressed (had a couple mini vacations this month)
Cut out coffee
Only very light exercise (no running)

I hope this was helpful to someone out there! I know I came to these boards often for inspiration. Babydust to everyone! Don't lose hope!!

BFP 11 cycles ttc 14 dpo on Clomid

Still in shock over our BFP!!! DH and I (married almost 3 yrs) have been ttc for 11 cycles. (I'm 30 - DH is 29).

Around 6 months we had all the basic tests run and the doctor said everything looked great.

This month the doctor prescribed me Clomid 100mg, & I took it cd 5 thru 9, we BD every other day cd 10 thru 20, (we also had a fertility statue from my mother under our bed, lol).

Normally I've been a POAS addict, but opted not to do that this month. I even decided not to test at 14dpo the day AF was due and was going to wait until the next day. I got to work at 7 am and got sick about a handful of times. I came home early around 12pm to rest, took an hpt, and there it was our BFP that we've been waiting for!!!

my only symptoms during the tww started around 8 dpo (I wasn't charting anything (cm or bbt), and I didn't even use opks this month) were extreme tired ness, super sore bbs (almost feel like they are going to pop off, lol) and nausea.

Bunches of babydust to everyone in their tww - always believe something beautiful is about to happen :)

1st clomid round - BFP!

Along with everyone else, I wanted to share my two week wait! I have been trying for about 2 years..after 1 year went to see a fertility specialist that found 2 ovarian cysts that had to be removed by laparotomy.
My operation was in february, then decided to take a break from trying because I was recently promoted at work. Doc said my hormone levels are off and that I shouldn't wait too long therefore prescribed 50mg of clomid from CD3-7.

Clomid side affects are awful but manageable - anxiety, hotflashes and MAJOR mood swings... ( crying and laughing at the same ) = Crazy BI***! lol

1-3 dpo - Clomid side effects

4 dpo - Slight headache & Burping
6 dpo - CM & Nausea
8 dpo- Slight cramping & Nausea
9 dpo - pimples, bloating & neg shoppers drug mart test & Nausea
11 dpo - cramps & ned shoppers drug mart test & Nausea, burping, gas
12 dpo - all of the above + anxiety, burping, gas
13 dpo - positive first response early result!!!!!

Praying that it sticks... not quite sure what to do now but will call doc monday lol!!


By the mercy and grace of God! 2nd Round of Clomid, 13DPO BFP!!!

I am 28, DH is 25, we have been TTC for 11 months. Last week my only sister in law announced she was pregnant with her second baby. Two days ago my little sister and her husband came over to announce they were pregnant with a honeymoon baby. I cried for 24 hours, then decided to get over it and just be happy for them.

Hubby and I prayed everyday together last month that God would grant us a child soon, even that month. So when this month began and the two other family pregnancies were announced I felt a little rejected by God and prayed a little less often. I know... great plan right? I did cry out to him several times to remember me and not leave me alone in pain. I read a book called Supernatural Childbirth that taught me to pray the promises of God from scripture and claim his blessings and promises to his people of fruitfulness on my life.

We were at my aunts lake house when I ovulated, and I got 2 positive ovulation tests on cd 16 and 17. I think I ovulated CD 17 or 18. I didn't have my thermometer that week, so I will assume it was CD 17 but I could be off a day. We BD CD 16 and 18.

I used Preseed as an external lube only this month and didn't use the applicator. I was swimming a lot and very relaxed during O week. I never did get EWCM, just watery for a few days before and after O.

1-5DPO Nothing of interest. Around 3 DPO I started using progesterone cream at night in case I was pregnant to sustain pregnancy.

6-13DPO Sore nipples. Same as last month. (Progesterone cream?)

Somewhere around 6-9DPO I started getting in the mood for eating pickles. I ate THREE on 7DPO. Wasn't HUGE craving, just sounded yummy. We've had the big jar in the fridge for a month and I hadn't eaten any. I must've eaten 7 or 8 that week.

11DPO BFN No symptoms except sensitive nipples, drank a glass of wine after dinner because most people have BFP by 11DPO on here. Took Metformin that night after the wine and felt nauseated till I fell asleep. Assumed it was the wine and metformin disagreeing.

12DPO Two of the faintest Wondfo pregnancy tests I've ever seen. Thought I had a bad batch that was giving me evap lines. Wouldn't even show up on a photo. Negative Digital Clear Blue.

Boobs started aching this night and I noticed when I leaned on the washing machine they felt almost like they were bloated and achy. Not bad at all though, nothing like ladies on here describe it.

13DPO This morning, took a digital with first morning urine, fully expecting a BFN again. When Lo and Behold... BFP! PREGNANT sat there proudly on the screen.

I cried and cried. God is so merciful and good to me to not leave me barren while my sister and sister in law are pregnant. My sister and I have dreamed of this our entire lives.

May God be so gracious to each one of you and thank you for your stories, you have kept me hopeful and in good company while I struggled to hope and wait. I would recommend the book Supernatural Childbirth if you are a Christian woman. It really gave me a new perspective of the power we hold before the throne of God because he loves us and hears us when we cry.

Low progesterone and still got BFP!

I promised myself I would write my story once I got my bfp, so many stories on here helped me survive through the past 8 months of ttc.
I found out in January I have PCOS and I was put on clomid in April. First 50 mg, then 100mg for May & June.
I took my dose days 3-7 and went for the ultrasound on day 14. The doc said everything looked great two mature follicles and that I should ovulate.
On day 21 I went and took my blood test day 23 my doctor called and said my progesterone was at 7.5 and that I infact did NOT ovulate. I was devastated. This was my last month on clomid due it's god awful side effects!
Low and behold, the day I was suposed to get af I had an extra test and decided why not take it, and it was positive! I had no symptoms, every month I thought I could have been I had every symptom. I am now almost 6 weeks confirmed by on and the only symptom I have is sore breast and tired.
Listen to your body it's the best at telling you what's really going on. Baby dust to all xoxoxo


I know everyone on this site is looking for hope! as i have been for the last 2 years and finally here is my BFP !! yay!!! im sooooo happy and nervous at the same time.

my background i only have one tube due to an ectopic pregnancy in the past. so i knew since thn my chances of getting pregnant were lower but not impossible. after TTC on our own for over a year i dicided to go see a fertility Doctor. im not sure why but for me it was kind of embarassing to go to a " fertility doctor" i felt like i had failed a woman
(completely crazy thoughts i know) but we did and he gave us all the options available. he recommended i started with a dye test to check if my only tube was open. Since i was still in denial i told him we would try on our own for 2 more months and wait for after the holidays to start this process. well january was here and no baby bean yet. so i called to schedule my appointmet for a "dye test".

01/2014 dye test results came back good we had one good working tube!! yay
02/14 i had irregular cycles so AF decided not to show this month
March-april -first cycle on clomid =BFN
April-May cycle= after blood work was diagnosed with PCOS was put on Metmormin 50/100/150mg increasing dosage over 3 weeks. had to be on metoformin for 6 weeks before i can do clomid again= all of this equal a BFN on metformin alone

June 2014 now on metforming did my second round of cloind 100mg on CD 5-9. wnt back for sonogram on CD 12 and had 2 follicles one on the right side 20mm and one on left 18mm
06/26/14 trigger shot
06/27/14 IUI
06/28/14 BD

3DPIUI i developed 2 mouth cold sores ( strange)
4-7DPIUI moody/angry
8DPIUI- AF like cramping was starting to feel sad
9DPIUI-sored/heavy boobs
10DPIUI-(TMI alert) foul smell with FMU felt like a yeast infection was coming. tested with dollar tree cheapie BFN
11DPIUI- urine was back to normal on its own. moved on from issue
12DPIUI-i prayed and prayed and asked God for the blessing of being a mother one day. i told him i didnt understand why this was happening but i would try to understand his plan for me. so once i got up i tested with dollar tree cheapie first thing in the morning and got my first very faint Positive! i tested again in the evening same results
13DPIUI- tested in the AM again and the line had a bit more color ( yay) tested at night time with a digital clear blue test and it said " pregnant"

im so excited and nervous just praying everything goes good. i have my blood test today to confirm pregnancy.

Baby Dust to everyone. i know it gets very hard but dont give up!!!

37 years old, PCOS, and pregnant from IUI!

I was originally a tww stalker 7 years ago when I tried to get pregnant with my first husband at 30. We tried for a year and a half-6 months on clomid, the last two at 150 with IUI's. I had a chemical pregnancy from the 2nd IUI, and then I stopped trying to get pregnant. After all that time I realized I was trying to get pregnant by myself, as crazy as that sounds, so I knew I had to figure out what was going on in my marriage before I kept going. My fertility journey at that time uncovered the problems my marriage had-I wasn't supported and I wasn't happy. It took about a year, but I left him after accepting that I might not have the chance to be a mother in a traditional sense. I knew I had to leave, so I had to let go of my want, obsession with, and dream of being a mom. I was 32, had PCOS, and didn't know if I'd remarry, at least in time to start a family. Fast forward a few years...I just got remarried in December to a wonderful, handsome, and supportive man 6 years my junior. He knew all of my pregnancy worries and drama when we met, and he still married me! God Bless him. So a few months after we married, I went back to the specialist as we had been unofficially trying since we were engaged. They put me on Metformin 50mg, and clomid 50mg, that didn't work. I then had a cycle with 100mg clomid and an IUI on mother's day, and we were both so confident that this was it. Nope. So we got started with an IVF consult, injectables class, and orientation all while doing another round of clomid 150mg and an IUI with a novarel trigger shot. I truly didn't think it was going to work, even though it was the same plan that got me pregnant 6 years ago. I didn't pay much attention to symptoms only because I obsessed the month before and it didn't happen. I decided to jump on the super hopeful train to IVF and that's where I put my energy. The only thing I would say is that my breasts didn't hurt all that much, I felt like I was getting my period, and that's it. On 13dpo, I took a test because I had one at home already and the second line came up in a few seconds. I was calm because I thought it might just be the hcg in my system from the shot, but it wasn't. The blood test the next day came back positive. I'm now at 19dpo and all my numbers are good right now, so I'm happy and shocked and grateful beyond words. My advice to all of you who are reading this is:

For me, I feel that the trigger shot was huge. The month before, they said I didn't need it, but I don't fully believe that so when they gave me the choice to use it this cycle, I chose to.
Ovulation sticks were bs for me. I used the expensive ones with the flashy electronic face, but they didn't work for me. They gave me positives at the wrong times. I believe they work, but the directions say PCOS can affect the effectiveness of the tool so just be careful if you obsess over those also. I know I did, but when they told me to ditch them, I was relieved.
I'm 37 and this worked for me. I know and believe that after 35, our fertility declines. But decline doesn't mean ends.
And lastly-if you feel unsupported on your quest to start a family, reconsider what's going on in your relationship. For me, that was a huge problem and it made me feel terrible. It felt so different with my new, upgraded hubby that I know if this blessing doesn't stick, he will be there for me as we push forward through IVF.

Still in shock...

Got my bfp this morning at 16dpo (ish) got fed up with charting etc so was having a break from POAS this month. Still took clomid but was advised to lose weight so shifted 10lb and then started clomid on next period cycle. I'm counting O day as when I noticed ridiculous EWCM when wiping. Had previous miscarriages so classed as high risk, just going to try and chill out and not get excited until past the safe mark.


O+ day -4 DPO lots (LOTS) of EWCM
5-9 DPO nothing
9-16DPO- strange twinges when moving in a certain way on left and right sides around ovaries. like an electric shock/stretching feeling almost. couple of times had to double over and wait 30 seconds for it to stop. very unusual but refused to think bfp was a possibility.
9-16 DPO- boobs have been RIDICULOUS this month. 9-11 dpo nipples were very very sensitive like usual then 10-16 dpo boobs felt very bruised when wearing a bra all day. i've been having to take it off as soon as I get home! Hurt when walking and if I press on them it seems to be around the sides is the most tender. Plus my nipples seem to be bigger but that's probably just me looking at them more than I usually do. I've never had this so was suspicious but waited patiently to POAS.
Also past couple of nights when me and hubby have BD'd I've been very, very sensitive to the point it practically feels like he's hitting my cervix. TMI I know but it's very bizarre and uncomfortable, had to change what we're doing (blushing so hard right now sorry).

Plus: told a colleague their salad stank of garlic and was grim then realised i'd had the exact same salad many times before and loved it. Had some vivid dreams i.e. one night I dreamed I was in a boat and fell in and could actually feel myself in freezing cold water. Plus, had to have a sneaky nap when getting home from work a couple of times this week (i'm a teacher I do not normally do this).

hope this was helpful, I've loved reading other peoples stories.


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