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BFP Stories

Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP with Clomid

Good old Clomid. Many is the BFP story that references Clomid at least somewhere along the way. And here you'll find a whole mess of them in one place. If you're taking Clomid and looking for some inspiration, look no further. This page is for you.

And when you get your BFP while taking Clomid, we want to hear from you! Send me your symptoms through this contact form.

BFP 12dpo after 4years TTC

Hey ladies... So excited to be able to tell my own story to encourage others TTC..little background history.. I have a daughter who turned 5 back in April.. I conceived her pretty easily 3months after I got married. Afterwards it just became impossible to conceive again.. I didn't think anything was wrong with me so I just kept trying for 2years.. I then went to the hospital and ran a bunch of tests...found out I had pcos, fibroids in my uterus actually acting as a contraceptive according to the doctor and one blocked right tube n partially blocked left tube.. I felt hopeless but decided to hang on to God and his words... This was in 2013. Fast word 2014 November, I went in for surgery to remove the fibroid.. Hysteroscopic Myomectomy-a less invasive form.. It was successful and I started TTC immediately I was done wit post op meds.. BTW I also read losing weight could help with treating pcos, so I started off wit exercise n healthy eating and lost 10kg.. I now weighed 60kg for my 5"1 frame... I went back to the hospital January 31 2015 and ran another bunch of tests... PCOS all gone, no fibroids, this time right tube open n left blocked by adhesions on the doctor told me my chances were good.. He started me off on clomid 100mg n triggered but all the eggs where on the left which was blocked.. So I was out that cycle.. I decided to take a break relax my body and loose some more weight. May 15,2015... New cycle. Started clomid 100mg days 2-6;menopur 75iu once a days 4-8.. Follicular tracking on day 11 - 3 eggs each on each ovary.. By day 14 the leading eggs were on the right so I knew I would ovulate on the right... Day 14- BD morning and evening Day 15- sharp pain on the right ovary...Ovulation but didn't know because the size of the eggs a day before where just 16.3mm Day 16- went for FT and all the follicles had collapsed so rushed back home n BD 3 times in a row.. Lol 2-6dpo- cramping and bad headaches.. 7-9dpo- mild cramping still..tested and BFN 10-12- very insane cramps had to call the doctor... Then had crying spells.. Found myself weeping uncontrollably for no reason..tested again at 12dpo and very faint bfp. 13dpo-- no cramps.. Faint bfp too.. 14dpo-- no cramps ..clearer bfp..AF due but no show.. 15dpo-- cramps, brown cm,sore boobs.. God is faithful.. Hang in there ladies with God all things are matter how long it will surely come to pass. Also did fertility massage in day 10.

PCOS, DH low Morph. Femara+Trigger+TI & IUI= BFP!!!

Hello Ladies! Finally posting my BFP story! It's been such a long journey and all women suffering from infertility are some crazy strong women! I was diagnosed with PCOS as a teen (Me 31 DH 39) so I knew it would be hard to get pg when the time came. 5 Years ago we decided to try and after 4-5 rounds of clomid we ended up with a BFP and had our DD. Since having her we were NTNP for years before we decided to REALLY try again. This time I was referred to an RE and this journey began! Ugh how exhausting it is to be infertile! I did a couple rounds of clomid that I didn't respond to until he switched me to femara. After 5 medicated cycles we finally got it! Thank you science, thank you to my doctors and nurses for all the hard work! :) Here's how this cycle went: CD 3 started Femara 7.5mg for 8 days (instead of 5 like my previous two femara cycles) so days 3-10. At my mid cycle u/s I had 3 good sized follicles (yay!) which is what my RE wanted from adding the extra days. I triggered on sat May 23rd and ovulated the morning of May 25th. We had our iui scheduled that morning. Here's my DPO: We Bd CD 11- CD 15 (day of trigger) skipped CD 16, BD CD 17 day of IUI. Ovulation Day! IUI - Pretty bad O pains, it was worse than the last two cycles. 1DPO - very uncomfortable from O, a bit crampy. No sensitive nips like I always get after O which I thought was strange. 2DPO - 5DPO Not much, maybe a little bloated and gassy. 6DPO - Trigger was pretty much out of my system already so I could trust my symptoms. I woke up feeling hungover! I had a headache all day, dizzy and fuzzy headed. My ears felt like they were going to pop. Maybe a little bit of nausea, gassy 7DPO - Holy Nausea Bat man! I had a quick wave of it as I was driving to work. Hmmmm.. I Got full quick after eating anything. 8DPO - Tired, bloated and gassy all day! Like I couldn't control my gas haha! oops! 9DPO - Finally My bbs are feeling something! I hadn't felt a thing until today, my right nip started to hurt like it usually does after O. Oh my!Sleepy, took a nap today, I never nap! 10DPO - Been having vivid dreams, I didn't think much of that since I usually dream. But these were different and constant. Feeling really full after eating and bloated. 11DPO - Bloated, gassy, Tender bbs and nips still. 12DPO - I was sure AF was on her way. Bbs are killing me! nips on fire! I was getting red dry skin on my chin which usually mean AF is close by. Annoying stabbing pains on my left side and some pulling. tugging behind bellybutton? Sleepy and heartburn. Went out had a few drinks, I was sure AF was coming. Had an outburst at DH bc I was sure this cycle failed. 13DPO - BBS still hurt, cramps, pulls and twinges and super tired. Took a test in the morning bc what the hell!? lol And I was shocked to see a super duper faint positive! WHAT?! Dang Wal-mart cheapies. 14DPO - BFP with FRER!!!!!! YAY!!!!!! Sorry This was so long! lol! I have waited a long time to post it! ;) I got my first beta (75) and I go back on Friday for another before I'm released to an OB. I'm so so so happy and wish nothing but the best for the rest of you ladies. Especially those dealing with infertility, it can be so difficult and frustrating. FYI I didn't relax at all this cycle, i was actually pretty stressed out. I didn't lay around all day after my iui, i went out and did some furniture shopping lol. I was on this site the entire TWW reading every story I could! I really didn't think the first IUI would work but it did!!! DH had a count of 10Mil and I had at least two mature follies rupture (maybe even 3!) Also I did use Pre-seed, Soft cups and I ate pineapple DPO 1-6. I'm wishing the best for all you ladies still waiting for your bfp and send you lots of love and baby dust!!!!

BFP on Clomid 14 dpo , 42 years old, with tubal reversal

Like most of you, I have been using this site every month, to review other women's experiences, successes, and challenges. I am in in the very early stages of my pregnancy - 4 weeks today, in fact - and because it is so early and anything can happen, I wanted to share mine in case it helps anyone who may be in similar situation. As stated on the title, I am 42, I have been on 3 cycles of Clomid, and I had a tubal reversal 1 year ago this month, and had an HSG back in November to see if the tubes closed again. The results showed that the dye spilled out beautifully out of my right tube, but there seemed to be slight blockage on the left side. This was a challenge because monthly ultrasounds would show that most of my eggs were coming from the left ovary. This is my second marriage, and I have 2 healthy kids, ages 16 and 13 from my previous marriage. My husband is 34 years old, and a wonderful stepdad to the kids, and we were hoping for an opportunity to expand our family. While on Clomid, I have been tracking my BBT daily, so I can tell you that CD 1 for me was on 5/13/15, and I am fairly certain of when I ovulated, which was on 5/27/15 (per temp peak on BBT). CD 1 was on 5/13/15 DPO 1-7: No obvious symptoms. CM would vary from creamy to yellowish. Quite moody and emotional - paranoid too. DPO 7: Sore nipples; fluttering on left and right side of uterus, again, not too obvious, but I did note it. DPO 8: Sore lower back; took an HPT (digital Clear Blue Easy) because I am impatient, and of course, BFN. DPO 9: A little tired, but I do BodyPump 3-4 times per week, so I attributed my tiredness to an extra hard class this day; nipples sensitive. DPO 10: A bit tired on and off; feeling anti-social at a birthday party for our friends' daughter - very moody; heartburn after dinner (1st clue). DPO 11: Not as moody as I had been; still tired on and off; sore nipples; slightly sore back; heartburn after dinner (2nd night in a row). DPO 12: Sore nipples; a bit moody; no energy after BodyPump; slight cramping in uterus; heartburn after dinner (3rd night in a row). DPO 13: Took another HPT (dollar store) before I went into the shower this morning; VERY, VERY faint line 6 minutes later. Could it be? Took another HPT after work, this time a different brand (Target Brand for CBE), and another VERY, VERY faint line; darkened area around nipples; cramping as if AF was coming; heartburn after dinner (4th night in row). DPO 14: Slight lower back pain; fluttering feeling in uterus; heavy feeling in uterus; took HPT (dollar store) when I woke up, same faint line as the day before. Took 2 more HPTs 5 hours later at work, this time First Response, and you can see the second line without having to squint. With the same urine sample, I also used a Target digital, and it came back as "Pregnant". It is so very early, and with my tubal reversal, there is a slightly higher chance of ectopic, due to the scar tissue that builds after the surgery. There's also my age (42), but I am pretty healthy and try to stay active every day. After a year of trying, and no matter what happens in the coming days/weeks, I am just so happy to know that at least I was able to get pregnant. When I had my 2 kids, it happened so fast and easily, so I foolishly expected to get pregnant right after my tubal reversal. After reading the stories here and all over the web, I see how lucky I was when I had my 2 kids, as there are women on this site who have been trying for 1...2... 5...10 years. The difference in this cycle was that the Clomid caused adverse reactions with my moods, so the last cycle was going to be the last time, and we just took a step back and stopped stressing about whether or not it would happen. And then I got my BFP....

Baby with clomid

Just wanted to share my happiness and success with clomid to give hope to anyone trying for a baby with pcos. I had been diagnosed with pcos some years ago and my husband and I were trying for a baby for sometime now. Both of us got tests done and it turned out that my husband too had sperm issues. I was put on clomid for 6 months n with every cycle I would have my hopes raised high. Finally during my fifth cycle we had an appt to see our consultant. I had taken a pregnancy test just before our visit which came back negative (still had five days before my period was due). So our consultant then recommended the next step forward (one I was dreading -IVF). Disappointed n stressed we came home n for the sake of it I took another pregnancy test (this time I used a First Response test) and voila!!! there were two lines!!! I couldn't believe and thought my eyes n mind were playing a trick on me so took a couple more that day n in the following days - all came back positive:) We now have a very happy n healthy baby Just want to tell everyone who is trying fora baby n have issues just keep faith n it will happen Clomid definitely worked for us Good luck!!!

Plus size, PCOS, TTC for 2.5 years, BFP!

My husband and I have been trying for 2 years and 8 months. He has really great sperm count and health. I have PCOS, am plus size, and usually only have a few periods a year so we knew TTC would be a struggle when we got married. Last June, one year ago, my super amazing OB put me on Metformin and Clomid. The first cycle was a bust, no ovulation, and it took three months to start my cycle naturally again. So she upped it to 100 mg in Sept/Oct and BFN. So she upped to 150 mg in Oct/Nov and again BFN. Because my cycles are long, between June and Nov I had only taken three rounds of Clomid and I was really bummed. I thought with all of the temping and OPKs and BDing that I had done everything and it just made me sad for it to not work at all. So I took a break. Suprisingly my cycle keep coming normally every 35 days off of Clomid and I kept ovulating so I didn't go back on Clomid right away. Then in March/April I had a 45 day cycle, and I thought to take just a 50 mg cycle of Clomid just to keep everything moving. We weren't really TTC anymore because we already had an appointment scheduled with my Dr to be referred to a specialist and I had really lost hope it wouldn't happen with heavier duty fertility assistance. So mainly I took the Clomid in April just to keep things moving along and keep my cycles regular. I didn't temp or take OPKs in May. I didn't time BDing. I was convinced that it wouldn't happen for us so easily. So it didn't really cross my mind till I started feeling off around CD35. I thought "wait... maybe... no, it couldn't be!" But in a few days, still no AF and still feeling off. So I decided to finally take a test. I took an old internet cheap Wondfo test I had and just about died when that second line came up immediately! I read the package and the test was expired so I took two more tests and both came up positive! I was in shock so I ran to the store and bought a FRER and it too came up positive with a really strong second line! So ecstatic! I had my blood tests, 3500 HCG at 4 weeks, 6 days! I have an ultrasound next week. It's all so hard to believe! I used to live by these PCOS success stories so I wanted to share mine with you. Clomid can work with us PCOSers, but sometimes not on the first try!

bfp 11dpo, hope it sticks!

As so many people, I've been a stalker on this site for months (16 months to be exact trying with hashimoto's and pcos) and these stories have helped me tons! cd 3-7 clomid (2 days 100 and 3 days 50) cd 17-trigger shot assume i ovulated cd 18 even though this was the first time ever I didn't feel ovulation and even emailed my doc to see if trigger could've not worked (he said no). 8dpo- decided to test out trigger, saw the positive second line and couldn't deal with the thought of seeing it disappear so didn't test next day 9dpo no test, strange diarrhea in the morning/afternoon (very uncharacteristic) 10dpo again diarrhea. decide to test on frer and saw a line. doc says it could still be trigger 11dpo no real symptoms. tested on frer and wondfo and both show second line; went in to do a beta and it's positive! so the 11dpo was a real BFP! 12dpo very faint lines on wondfo, keeping fingers crossed that it sticks. second beta tomorrow. so really few symptoms, except the diarrhea and psychosomatic fatigue (not actually unusual). Less appetite than usual, but that may also be unconnected.

My Route to Motherhood

Hello, ladies! I hope my story will encourage you to keep trying to have your baby. It may not happen on your schedule, but the Lord has His perfect timing and His perfect way to bring about His ideal family for you and your husband. Here is my story: About three years into our marriage, my husband and I decided that we'd like to start our family. We didn't go gung-ho at first. We simply stopped using any contraceptives, and if we get pregnant - great. We didn't think it would be too difficult, so we didn't put any effort into it. We got our first ever BFP a few months later after coming home from a Las Vegas vacation. We were happily surprised and very excited. We told both sets of parents right away, and they were beyond thrilled. Both our parents had wanted grandkids from us from Day 1. Unfortunately, this pregnancy ended in a miscarriage around the 6th week. My husband and I were devastated... but I think it hit me harder. Knowing that I was carrying a life in me for those precious two weeks that I knew I was pregnant was the ultimate high for me. To have my Baby Boo (our name for our little one) taken away so abruptly was the worst pain I’ve ever experienced. It was only by God’s grace and my loving husband’s support that I got through that dark period of my life. One of the hardest parts of the miscarriage was having to tell our parents and siblings that we were no longer expecting. It's one thing to have to go through heartache yourself, but it's quite another to have to break someone else's heart. We collectively were crushed. My obsession with trying to conceive started right after the miscarriage. I wanted to get pregnant the very next month! But, of course, it didn't happen. I know some girls are lucky that way, but it simply wasn't our timing. My husband and I then went crazy with TTC. We charted, did the deed every chance we could, took loads of supplements, and I devoured the Internet on all things TTC related. All the shows I watched on TV were about pregnancy and babies: One Born Every Minute, 16 & Pregnant, Teen Mom, etc. All the YouTube videos I viewed and books I read were about the same things. I didn't give myself a break. Two of the most difficult days my husband and I faced that year were: 1) our baby's would-be due date, and 2) the one-year anniversary of when we found out we were pregnant. Those two days rocked my world, and I had to ask my husband for a little outing. So he drove me 25 miles to a beach city and we just spent the day there. It felt like a mini vacation, which helped a bit. Unfortunately, no matter where I went, I would see pregnant women, babies and little kids EVERYWHERE. I was going crazy with envy. (Can any of you relate???) So a year had passed since the miscarriage, and still no BFP. I finally asked my husband if he would consider taking alternative methods like IUI and down the line, if that didn't work, IVF. He said yes, and thankfully, his medical insurance covered almost all of our treatments. We started the IUI process in April 2014. That first round, I took 50 mg Clomid and 2 mg Estrace. I was a nervous wreck. The whole process was very overwhelming, not only emotionally but logistically, too. When I got the negative pregnancy result that month via a blood test, I was devastated. My disappointment was almost to the same magnitude as the miscarriage. That negative pregnancy test was my last straw. I finally told myself that I couldn’t do this anymore… to keep obsessing with TTC. I just couldn’t go on living like this where my whole life was consumed with wanting to get pregnant. I FINALLY had reached the end of myself. That was when I told the Lord that it’s okay if I never get pregnant because I’m finally content. I told the Lord that I would still like to be a mother, and most likely that would happen via foster parenting or adoption. I had let go and let God take control. For my second round of IUI, my nurse practitioner increased the Clomid dose to 100 mg while everything else remained the same. I, however, was changed. This time, instead of worrying over every little TTC-thing, I literally didn’t give any of it a second thought. I had finally surrendered. I focused my attention on everything else BUT trying to get pregnant. And guess what??? My BFP came on that second round!!!!!!!!! That was in May 2014, and our baby boy was born late January 2015. He is now four months old and is the light of our lives. I’m so happy, my husband is so happy, and our little boy’s grandparents, aunties, uncles, and cousins are so happy. Because we’ve all waited so long for this bundle of joy, I think everyone dotes on him a little more than the norm. He’s quite spoiled, yet he’s still a sweet baby (if that makes any sense). I love discovering his personality more and more each day. I’m very fortunate to be able to stay home with my little boy while my husband works. I’m finally living my dream!

BPF after 3rd round of Clomid and HSG test

Well like many of you I have read this site for months, trying to see if I was on the right path to a BFP. I have been off of birth control since August of 2014. Did not get a period for 4 months, doctor gave me progesterone to try to trigger my period, nothing happened. She did all kinds of blood work and everything came back fine. I have endometriosis so I did not have to wait the full year before trying something else. In November she gave me clomid to take day 5-9. First 2 months, I did ovulate, confirmed with blood test, but did not get BFP. Before the 3rd try she sent me to get the HSG test, did not have any blockages, but did have some minor pain so could have had minor blockages. This month finally BFP!!!!! Going to the doctor Thursday to check to see is twins! My symptoms were: 1-7-DPO nothing except lots of lower pressure in abdomen, I normally have very sore boobs after ovulation until period this time nothing 8-10 DPO stomach a little upset. boobs still not sore 11-14 DPO diarrhea off and on and tired Tested 14DPO- and BPF on 2 different brand tests!! I still can't believe it is really happening. Don't give up it will happen and if your doctor suggests the HSG test do it, was not very painful and totally worth it!!


Like so many of you, I have been patiently waiting and scrolling these stories for hope and inspiration and positive thoughts that one day I would be able to share my own story. I even had to stop reading your beautiful stories because I gave up hope at one point. My story began at age 15 when I started feeling very intense abdominal pain. I was rushed to the ER in the middle of the night, and after some testing and a laparascopy, I was told I had developed a cyst on my right ovary that was crushing and twisting my Fallopian tube and cutting off circulation to the ovary. The ovary and fallopian tube were removed and I went on about life with terrible, heavy periods that lasted almost a week each month. I got married at 22 not caring much about whether or not I could have kids, but knowing that since we weren't using protection, it would likely just happen on its own sooner or later. I always assumed it would take longer, but at age 25, still nothing. By the time my 27th birthday rolled around I was having a period every other week and could barely function because I had gained so much weight. A friend talked me into seeing her OB, he ended up referring me to a reproductive endocrinologist. That RE changed my life! He did all the necessary blood and ultrasound testing to diagnose me with PCOS. I was put on a strict diet (but a fun one I could stick to) 1500 MGs a day of Metformin and 100 MGs a day of spironolactone, as well as birth control. In one year I had dropped 70 pounds, my periods were normal, and I felt like a human again. My husband and I decided it was time to go off birth control and start trying. Two years later, with not even a pregnancy scare, we were still without child. I went back to the RE in tears. Being ignorant of how much others go through to get pregnant (IUI, IVF) I thought it was the end of the road. He reassured me all would be well and prescribed 100 MGs of Clomid to be taken days 3 - 9 of my cycle. I took it religiously for three months. We missed the mark all three months, only BDing sporadically. I decided at the end of January 2015 that it just wasn't in the cards for us to get pregnant, and after the hot flashes and mood swings on the Clomid, I wasn't sure I could handle any more invasive treatments. My husband and I decided to give it a break for a few months. We bought concert tickets and booked road trips for the spring and summer. In February we decided to make it all about fun, so we went out and drank a lot, hung out with friends, and just generally lived it up. We had sex once around 2/6 and I recall it was very intense and satisfying for me. Valentine's rolled around. We had an amazing day exploring our city. We ate oysters and drank bloody Marys and cuddled. We didn't BD until the next day, so 2/15. I wasn't even tracking ovulation so I have no idea when I ovulated. Around the 27th I felt some cramping and, with that old sinking feeling, figured Aunt Flo was coming. Cramping continued for two more days. I wiped once that third day and there was some brown discharge so I was sure I was starting. My husband ended up hurting his knee and slicing his hand open in the same week, so that next week was full of a lot of stress, a trip to the ER, and doctor's appointments. Still no period. I remember thinking I just felt off. All the other symptoms I experienced were exactly like PMS, so I won't mention them. The only thing that was different was that I felt calm, but sort of disconnected from everything. I was also extremely tired, like, go home and fall asleep on the couch at 4 PM, wake up at 7:30, eat dinner, and go right back to bed for another 8 hours. Friday morning rolled around, so almost three weeks since the last day we BD'd and I just felt like I needed to take a pregnancy test. My husband was outside drinking coffee and enjoying the morning, so I peed on that stick. The positive line showed up faintly right away, but the control line took FOREVER to show up. I thought it was defective so I sent a picture to my sister who is a labor/delivery nurse and has 3 kids to ask her if I should get another test. She instantly texted back a huge congratulations and then called me crying! Six tests of different brands were all positive. The RE got me in for a blood test that day and called me back to confirm it. HCG levels holding steady. We got to see our tiny precious baby and yolk sac and hear the heartbeat a week later. I'm now 16 weeks pregnant and beyond excited. I really feel the Clomid stimulated my remaining ovary enough that I just needed to take a month off from planning and controlling everything and let nature work its magic. Ladies - don't give up! Your struggles will make you a better mom, a more compassionate friend, and a stronger person.

BFP on 1st Cycle of Clomid

Hi TWW! I have found so much hope and positivity through all the BFP stories I've read and I am so blessed to be able to share mine! A little background: I am 26 and my husband is 32. My cycles started out regular however when I started college they became irregular (every other month, sometimes every two months) up until I got married July 2014 which was when we started TTC. The first 8 months we tried to conceive naturally (while using OPK), however long before we were TTC I was already concerned that I would have a hard time due to my irregular cycles. After 8 months of disappointing BFN, I scheduled an appointment with my OBGYN and my husband scheduled a SA. After a lab test, my results showed a low progesterone level of 0.3 ng/mL, my OBGYN prescribed me Clomid to take on days 5-9 of my next cycle. My husband's SA showed normal for motility and count however morphology was at a low 4%. April 25th was day one of my heaviest flow so I started Clomid April 29th through May 3rd. OPK showed high fertility on CD14, and peak fertility CD15 and CD16 - BD all three days using PreSeed 1DPO to 3DPO - no symptoms other than normal amount of CM 4DPO - I had a glass of wine and it hit me right away (I am not a lightweight!), was dizzy and eyeballs felt like they were vibrating 5DPO - CM was thick, felt wet down there all the time. This was also my CD21 and I was due for another lab test to see how my body took to Clomid 6DPO - CM was abundant but curdy...ew. 7DPO - CM still thick and curdy, tired earlier than normal, the girls felt heavier and I had really bad backaches (have had back problems due to previous accidents, attributed backaches to this) 8DPO to 9DPO - same as above but CM lessened, frequent urination (normal for me as I drink a ton of water on a daily basis), some tiny cramps here and there. Also, received my lab test from my OBGYN and progesterone levels are now at 23 ng/mL! 10DPO - Took a FRER test with AM urine and immediately see a BFP! I was in disbelief sitting on the toilet for 10mins just jaw to the floor, shocked, looked around to see if anyone was seeing this (clearly, no one was). Went out and bought three other brands (CB digital, EPT and Walgreens) and tested with PM urine, all but the EPT were BFP. 11DPO - POAS this morning using FRER and CB, both immediately showed BFP! What worked for us - Prayers <3 PreSeed Cutting back on drinking (literally have had 3 glasses of wine since March) Find a genuine OBGYN who cares about your needs - two previous OBGYNs I saw about family planning told me not to worry after I expressed my concerns about my chances of infertility We are so grateful that God has blessed us with a little bean, we are no where near the safe zone but we are praying that this peanut sticks! Sending lots of baby dust and positivity to all of you!!