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BFP Stories

Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP with Clomid

Good old Clomid. Many is the BFP story that references Clomid at least somewhere along the way. And here you'll find a whole mess of them in one place. If you're taking Clomid and looking for some inspiration, look no further. This page is for you.

And when you get your BFP while taking Clomid, we want to hear from you! Send me your symptoms through this contact form.

BFB Day 12 after IUI

My wife and I just did our 9th IUI (1-3 negative, 4 & 5 positive but resulted in early MC, 6-8 negative, and #9 another BFP!)

This was our first cycle with clomid and I produced two follicles (so probably 2 eggs released) and yes I am slightly terrified there are two in there!

Anyway triggered day 14, IUI day 16, started progesterone day 19.

1-2 DPO: bloated and uterine pressure (this happened with my second pregnancy, and not the other 7 tries so I was hopeful!)

3-6 DPO: no symptoms

7 DPO-now: sore breasts, this always happens but usually stops at day 10, so when they stayed sore day 11 and 12 I was hopeful!

9 DPO-now: very bloated and lots of uterine pressure, it's constant. Also low grade fever. since day 10, around 100.2 but I feel fine!

12 DPO: tested with a FRER in AM (not FMU though). Very dark BFP (so I knew it was NOt the trigger) this was 15 days past trigger and you can see the photo attached, nothing faint about it!

It's a long hard process but stick with it and trust your body. I'm nervous after two losses but I'm also hopeful and feeling grateful to be PG again. Baby dust to all!


Finally just under 2 years of trying!

Finally received our BFP!! After many months broken down into two weeks intervals I can finally be the one sharing our news!
Never did I think I'd see the diagnosis of "infertility" on my chart having text book 28 day cycles since starting my period almost 15 years ago.
After a year and a half of not even as much as a faint line (mind you I stopped taking 'early' tests after about 3 cycles because for whatever reason it was more disheartening to me to see a BFN than AF...b/c even seening the BFN I'd talk myself into believing "maybe it was still just too early") I finally admitted to myself something was up. Lab work last September all came back great. HSG in December showed one side def. cleared, questionable on the right - but as the OB said, you only need one to get the job done. Not that I hoped we'd find something wrong, but at least maybe that would have meant something could have been fixed.

SO while this news was great, I still didn't feel much better...
So we started one Letrozole 2.5mg in January. Cycles 1 and 2 were a bust, but definitely felt more clear signs of ovulation and right on time. This month, didn't feel any different. Was sure AF was coming. I normally start cramping 2-3 days before AF. This month was no different The day before she was due I was cramping heavily thinking she was even coming early....went to the bathroom and had some dark brown spotting... I NEVER spot before AF and AF never starts out brown, and usually starts out full flow. Day of expected AF. Nothing, no cramping. 1 day after expected AF: no cramping, no spotting...I'm. never. late. Tested on WONDFO that night. Positive.

I know I read all the time, never give up home and it's not over until AF shows. I know I'd symptom spot, just as I'm sure many of you do. An honestly, no month was the same after ov. Sometimes my nipples would be sore after ov. Sometimes not. Sometimes I'd have lots of EWCM. Sometime barely any. Sometimes lots of CM after OV. Sometimes nothing. Sometimes I'd cramp intermittently from ov to af. Sometimes nothing. I never temped (as I work insane hours and I get up multiple times throughout the night to pee anyway. And for me personally, I just felt like it was something else to obsess over). I did use OPKS for the past 6 months when I decided to give it the good ol' college try to before investing lots of time and money into potential testing and treatments because I wanted to go in with what I felt like was factual information about my cycles and my body.

I never get sore boobs at any point I my cycle and am just now at 5 weeks starting to get anything different than usual. The only difference this month was the brown spotting the day before AF which I never have and still some intermittent cramping. Since the day I've found out I've had headaches to varying degrees all day everyday. That is free to stop at anytime ;) Drawing quant HCGs next week.. praying for good news...and praying for all of you to receive the same soon!! Best of luck to all of you!

BFP after 1st IUI

I read so many of these stories and they really helped me feel calm about the 2WW. I thought I would share mine in case it helps anyone else. I began TTC 15 months ago. I have one daughter that was conceived naturally after about six months of trying. For our second we did not anticipate problems and I was really resistant to fertility treatments. My husband's semen analysis came back normal except for high viscosity, low volume, and high agglutination. We naively thought we could just get the IUI done without any other interventions, but were very firmly told that the RE only did IUI with a protocol of bloodwork, an HSG, ultrasounds, clomid, and possibly a trigger shot of Hcg. We were both frustrated but felt like we did not have a choice. In the end, the whole lot of testing and the IUI came to around $2000, and so the thought of it not working was really frightening. I am so excited to report that it worked! I am now 14 days post-IUI with confirmed pregnancy by serum Hcg beta count. Here is my day by day report:

Cycle day 2: ultrasound showed 11 follicles, estrogen normal
Cycle day 3-7: clomid 50mg, no symptoms whatsoever
Cycle day 7: HSG normal
Cycle day 10/11: tested OPK with clearblue (-)
Cycle day 12: OPK -, ultrasound showed 3 dominant follicles ranging from 11mm to 14.5mm
Cycle day 13/14: OPK -
Cycle day 15: OPK -, trigger shot 8pm
Cycle day 16: no symptoms
Cycle day 17: partner sample at 8:30am, some twinges in ovaries but nothing big, IUI at 11:30am, bloating/fullness the rest of the day
1 day post-IUI: lots of bloating and fullness, a few light cramps but no spotting, lots of stretchy CM
2-3 days post-IUI: more bloating and fullness, a few twinges
4-7 days post-IUI: absolutely nothing! normally at this point in my cycle I have breast swelling and fullness
8-9 days post-IUI: some light cramping but no other symptoms, worried that I had no breast changes
10 days post-IUI: BFN using FRER at first urine, BFN using clearblue digital 3 hours later, BFP using FRER (very faint) and clearblue digital (1-2 weeks) 3 hours later! Slight pelvic cramping and a some tingling in breasts. Frequently hungry.
11 days post-IUI: BFP using FRER at first urine (very faint), tingling in breasts, some light cramps but no spotting, light CM. Very tired with afternoon nap.
12 days post-IUI: BFP by serum Hcg (38), breast swelling in afternoon and light cramps, very tired
13 days post-IUI: more cramping, no spotting, breasts slightly tender but nothing like my first pregnancy
14 days post-IUI: BFP by serum Hcg (doubled). YAY!

Final cycle of Clomid BFP

My husband and I were TTC since Jan '13. I got pregnant a couple of months later before having a miscarriage at 7 weeks. Continued on our journey and was finally booked in for a fertility specialist when I got pregnant again only to miscarry the day after my cancelled appointment. I was less than five weeks.

I eventually got diagnosed with PCOS after chasing up a new specialist when I moved towns. I was put on metformin 1500mg daily and 50mg clomid days 2-6. I ovulated every cycle.

On the last cycle, of 6, I gave up. I was researching IVF and put money aside. I was completely defeated and exhausted. I booked my an appointment with my Dr to get the IVF ball rolling. I had all my AF supplies packed for my trip away but I havent needed them... I got my BFP and am now 5w2d due 15 Nov 15. Fingers crossed this is finally my turn!

11 Months TTC- BFP First Round Clomid!!!

Back story: I just turned 27 and my husband is 29. Stopped taking BC last April. Irregular periods or absence of periods while on BC. Period came back within weeks of stopping BC. Regular 27 day cycles from then on. Tried and tried for 11 months. Used several fertility tracking apps and tracked CM religiously. Every month resulted in a negative result. When my easy going husband started worrying that something was wrong I decided to visit my OBGYN. My Doctor gave us three options: HSG testing, sperm testing or Clomid and in whichever order we felt comfortable doing it in. My husband and I decided to try Clomid. I had suspicions about ovulation because of the issues I had while on BC but ignored those thoughts for the last 11 months!

I started 50mg Clomid on CD 3 and took my last Clomid pill on CD 7.

Because of what I had read about Clomid pro-longing cycles and making ovulation sooner or later than what it normally is, we decided to use a digital ovulation prediction kit.
High fertility on CD 12-13 and peak fertility CD 14-15. This is normally when I would ovulate on my own so I was skeptical as to if the Clomid really did anything... ????

Baby danced all 4 days of high and peak fertility. No big change in CM from taking Clomid like some reports say.

1 DPO - Nothing to report
2 DPO - Terrible bloating and indigestion
3-6 DPO - Bloating and gas
7 DPO - Start of sore nipples and sharp pain in uterus that woke me up in the middle of the night
*I read that Clomid could cause sore nipples so I tried to ignore this as a prego symptom!
8-14 DPO - Sore and sensitive nipples that started to also get huge! CM was very unlike what my CM was like before getting a period. Not a ton of creamy CM, more so clear and wet. One thing I did not get this cycle was yellow creamy CM like I normally do. A constant feeling of movement down in uterus area. Tightness around my belly button. Very calm cramping, not like period cramping. My stomach was constantly growling and hungry! Like I would think to myself, how can I be hungry again???? Indigestion. Bloating. Gas. Very slight nausea. Getting full fast. Hot flashes (crazy hot flashes everything of day!) Insomnia, fall asleep and then wake up in the middle of the night and not be able to fall back to sleep.

Above all other symptoms........ I knew I was pregnant. I felt it deep down inside my heart. I knew this cycle was our cycle. I never experienced this feeling with any other cycle. I was still cautiously optimistic though.... Terrified of seeing another negative test and of having to try another round of Clomid.

Yesterday at 13 DPO I decided to take a ClearBlue Digital early pregnancy test because I needed to know!!! **** Finally! Our big fat POSITIVE!!!! *******
It is still a holy shit type of feeling!! My husband and I both can't believe that our first round of Clomid worked!!!!

My Advice: Believe!!!!!!! And stay positive!!!!! My husband and I played a role in getting pregnant but the big man upstairs played the biggest role. I believe this is a blessing. If it wasn't for our faith, I would have been so heart broken several cycles ago that I would have given up. Also, remember that every woman and every woman's body is different! Try not to read too much into things.... I learned the hard way on several cycles! If you are on the fence with Clomid.... Give it a good try! You never know!!!

Thank you everyone and Two Week Wait for your BFP stories!!! They helped greatly over the past 11 months!!

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Iui #2 BFP!!!

After having unexplained infertility for 18 months, we finally got our BFP tonight! I'm 3 days late, so I decided to test. No symptoms besides vivid dreams, nausea, and mild mood swings. We did iui #2 with 100 mg of clomid for an extra boost. Just pray. I honestly didnt know if this would happen for me! (Btw, that top test was my opk)

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BFPx3 , Is this real ??

So I was put on femara cycle days 6-10. I went in for follicle monitoring on cycle day 14, the doctor determined I had 1 very large follicle and I would ovulate the next day (based off transvaginal ultrasound). She had me take a 250mg shot of Ovidrel. And scheduled IUI for the next day. On the way home (2hrs away) she called and said my bloodwork came back and my LH was 103, and that my surge was happening right then. Therefore, she canceled the IUI and encouraged us to BD (timed intercourse). Anywho, I started testing the Ovidrel the same day with cheapies to see when it left my system. The test was positive for a few days and then negative for a few more. I decided to test yesterday afternoon (9dpo) with a FRER and got a faint but very visible second line . I tested this morning (10dpo) and again got the same thing , I tested again when I got home and the same thing. Is it possible that I am indeed pregnant or could it still be the Ovidrel ????

Symptoms so far :

0-3dpo - Nothing

4dpo- couldn't finish a bag of popcorn because my tummy was upset.

5dpo- Gas

6-8dpo- Nothing

9dpo- BFP , ate wayyy more food then usual.

10dpo- BFPx2 , ate wayyy more food then usual and was still starving afterwards.

***Also, I've noticed myself burping a lot lately and I never burp. I've had some "weird" pinching and short sharp pains in my uterus. Found a streak of blood in my panties. Ovaries have continued to hurt since Oday.

If I am pregnant this would be my first baby.

BFP after 18 mos TTC/MC; Help from Femara!

We finally got our BFP at 13dpo! We feel truly blessed and thank God. We are saying lots of prayers that this one sticks!

Back story:
I am 29 and DH is 30. I stopped taking bc in April of 2013. We weren’t trying by any means but we were okay with getting pregnant too. No period in May, June, July… Finally called my OB and she prescribed Provera to induce periods in hopes of inducing ovulation. Took provera August, Sept, Nov, Dec, Jan… Still not getting a period on my own and not ovulating. At this point we were scared because we don’t even have a shot. Went to OB in Jan. and decided to try a few more months but start taking Clomid in April if needed. It was needed because I still wasn’t getting periods on my own.

Got pregnant after 4 cycles of Clomid! We found out in Sept. 2014 and sadly miscarried at 7 weeks in October. We were devastated and I wasn’t sure I could cope emotionally.
As time passed, I started to feel better. We decided to start trying again in Nov. 2014 but were now seeing an RE. He prescribed Femara (similiar to Clomid, but less side effects and higher preganancy rates)

Took femara and actively ttc for 4 cycles and got our BFP on cycle 4! 4 must be a lucky number for us! We are overjoyed and feel so happy to have another shot.

I was a hot mess for a while and I decided this month that I was going to mellow out and just let nature take its course. I felt calm and very positive from CD1. I did not stress over symptoms and did not read stuff on the internet like a maniac. We also said lots of prayers and asked others for their prayers too. I really think that made the difference this month.

1-10DPO: Nothing. I was not looking for anything and nothing was too noticeable.
11DPO: Felt some cramping. Thought AF was maybe on her way.
12DPO: Cramping, nipples tingly, couldn’t sleep, lower back pain, peeing a lot
13DPO: BFP on First Response and Clear Blue! :)

I am saying prayers for everyone out there still trying. It will happen for you no matter how down you feel. This is such a tough time and you never imagine that it will be this hard. I know how it feels to see so many others around you getting pregnant just wish it was you and wonder why it’s not you. You must keep the faith and stay mellow. It will happen! <3

BFP on second round of clomid!

Yay! Finally a BFP after a year of trying for baby #2 with secondary infertility due to PCOS. This was our second round of clomid (100mg) with a trigger shot (10000iu). I haven't had many symptoms, but here are the few I've noticed:

1-6dpo: nothing
7dpo-present: crazy tired! napping like there's no tomorrow!
11dpo: stabbing pain in left breast
11dpo-13dpo: cramps and twinges around ovary area
13dpo: BFP on digital (says 1-2 weeks) and on FRER!
14dpo: Darker BFP on FRER and beta came back at 74!

Also, a few things we did differently this cycle:

1) We BD'd 5 days in a row! 2 days before trigger, day before trigger, day of trigger, and the 2 days after trigger.
2) We used Preseed 3 of those 5 times.

I can't believe we'll be having a baby this October!! :)

AF Cramps, BFP, and IUI

I have been stalking this site since October 2014. We have been trying to conceive or at least ntnp from until August 2014. We went to see a RE in October 2014 and started clomid day 5-7, trigger on CD12, and timed intercourse which did not work. We didn't do medicated cycles for the next two months because u/s day fell on holidays. Background: I am 36 DH is 33, both our tests were on the high/low end of normal so close to abnormal I guess.

We decided to do IUI in January 2015. CD1 was January 8th and I started Clomid CD3-7. I was told to use OPK on CD11 which came out positive. I responded well to clomid given that I ovulate on my own anyhow. I went in for U/S and had two 17 mm follies on the right side. I was told trigger the same day at 3 p.m. and come in for IUI the following day. We collected the sample at home and it was rough. DH was under pressure and did not like the thought of IUI anyhow because he deemed it "unnatural." I rush to the lab with the collection in hand. Post wash, 1.5 million motile little guys. Yes, 1.5 million (WTF!). And I hadn't ovulated but they did the IUI anyway around 10: 45 a.m. and I also had to come back the following day for a second one. Fantastic! I get to do this all over again, but this time I have to go straight to work. I cramped all day and I felt like my ovary was on fire or swollen. It was not pleasant but not really painful.

So the next day, collection at home was much easier. Once again I rush to the office, and this time 6.4 motile guys and this time I the two follies were gone so I ovulated, but then a third 17 mm follie was in the process of ovulating. First of all, my RE said during our first visit they won't move forward with more than two follies so I was pretty freaked out when I learned there were three. Anyhow, I had second IUI done at about 8:30 a.m. I felt cramps and burning sensation in my ovary all day. I started vaginal progesterone suppositories twice a day that night and continued to practice yoga, but not until two days later.

DPO 1-4: Cramps and aches in the ovaries all from the progesterone I assumed.
DPO 5: Spotting if you can call it that it was like one thin like of dark blood (obviously I jumped to the conclusion that it was implantation bleeding) however, it was more likely that it was from the vaginal suppositories
DPO 6: Cramps and aches in the ovaries all from the progesterone I assumed.
DPO 7: The "implantation bleeding" (lol) necessitated POAS BFN, I knew it was too soon but what the hell
DPO 8: another BFN, obviously irrational testing given the time line
DPO 9: Not going to test, not going to test, cramps in toes, not going to test, bloating, not going to test, feel myself up, no soreness, not going to test, am I spotting again? Crap AF is coming because I always spot a few days before AF
DPO 10: Fine I am going to test, BFN
DPO 11: Arghh this blows another BFN, this didn't work AF is coming, AF cramps as per the usual
DPO 12: AF cramps still, exactly like AF cramps and bright green CM (WTF?) Google search, fantastic I have a bacterial infection from checking my CP, which by the way I could never figure out whether it was high, low, open, closed, soft, firm
DPO 13: AF show up already! Sore bbs, but like AF symptom, I hate my life, its never going to happen, I can't go through this again. I guess I will skip yoga and drink margaritas during happy hour tomorrow after my b/w
DPO 14: Stupid lab, stupid clinic, someone call me so I can go drink my margaritas on the rock, stupid AF cramps, 5:11 "We received your test results and you're pregnant HCG 95"
Me: Wait! What?
Nurse: You're pregnant
Me: I'm sorry
Nurse: Is this a problem?
Me: lol no, I have had AF cramps for the last week.

I will say this and I feel terrible saying this, when I saw people on this site saying it isn't over until AF shows I may or may not have rolled my eyes in the back of head. I am really sorry about feeling that way. I literally felt and still feel like AF is about to start. I mean for me, the cramping was exactly the same as AF cramps I mean exactly. I don't mean to give anyone false hope, but I thought I was out. I thought I was going to get bad news which required me to partake in a few delicious margaritas. Obviously I did without the margaritas. Hang in their ladies! Hope this helps!